The Heroes of Olympus The Protogenoi’s Assistant

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Percy Jackson
Leo Valdez
Jason Grace
Piper Mclean
Thalia Grace

Synopsis: Percy is ignored as his life falls apart. The gods and campers have found someone else to admire and look up to as the giant war has ended. Will he be able to overcome the pain of his loss or will it burn him up inside until it all comes out. Read to find out! :P

Rating T just in case for some cussing and bloody scenes


synopsis: Join Percy as he battles the evil forces of the universe, follow him through the many twists an turns that eventually lead to new Chaos. And emerging from it, new Order.

(Not the greatest summary I know :P)

All rights go to Mr. Rick Riordan

Spaming is ok with me just dont get too carried away! :)
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Hello people and thanks for the comments they were great! I am about to start typing a chapter now so give me an hour or two and I will post
over a year ago son_of_cratus said…
I am sorry but something has suddenly come up and there fore I will be posting now in about 3-4 hours, I hope you understand and I will post a chapter a today so until later.
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Hello, the chapters a bit short but I got stuck for some reason during this chapter and I couldnt quite think of the words. Anyway I hope you enjoy it

Chapter 45

Third person pov

Percy spent a whole week practicing and mastering the powers over the air that Phusis had showed him on the first day. After that week ended he could summon storms that could engulf an entire planet without even breaking a sweat. Phusis told the young hero that his powers over air are stronger than even hers as he also has Ouranos’s blessing which contributes to his air powers. The next training session Phusis told Percy that they will now practice his powers over plants and wild life. As soon as she had finished a big brown bear appeared out of the bushes, curiously sniffing around in the air. Percy was first shocked and scared but as he looked over at Phusis he saw her smiling and tilting her head towards the bear whilst nodding as well. He got the message and he took a big intake of breath to calm himself down before he approached the 400 pound beast. He slowly walked towards it and as he did the bear looked at him with his brown eyes and tilted his head in a questioning way. Percy got within 10 feet of it before he stopped
“Talk to it as you would do to any creature on your fathers domain” Phusis told him. Percy obliged and tried to communicate with the wild animal.
“Err hello there Mr. Bear, please don’t kill me” he mentally said. There was a sudden, deep boom of laughter which surprised Percy and that was followed by a voice.
“Kill you my Lord, why I would never!” exclaimed the bear and Percy face palmed himself.
“Please don’t call me Lord, just call me Percy.”
“Thank you Si... Percy, this is a great honour! In return please do not hesitate to ask me for anything, I will gladly oblige.” Percy smiled at this and he thought he saw the corner of the bears mouth turn up as well in an attempt to smile. Without another word, or thought, the bear turned around and took off into the forest. Percy turned around to find Phusis with a huge smile on her face and Percy smiled too, although that was terrifying, Percy enjoyed making contact with an animal. After a while Phusis told Percy of another gift
“Just like your powers of the sea, you can turn into any animal in the universe. All you have to do is to have seen that animal before in person or in a picture and imagine yourself changing and becoming that animal. It is no different than when you change into a sea animal in the way you do it, so now concentrate and imagine yourself becoming that animal.” Percy closed his eyes and imagined the Peanut, the massive elephant at the Roman Camp and before her knew it he felt himself change, growing in size and mass. He felt his nose and ears grow and his arms and legs becoming the same size and he felt himself standing on all fours. After the feeling went he tried to speak but instead of words coming out he heard a trumpet like sound being released not by his mouth but by his long trunk. (How can you describe and the sound an elephant makes?) He was startled at first before he heard the voice of his protogenoi teacher in his head.
“Do not be frightened, Percy, you have successfully turned into your first animal on your first attempt. A feat no one has ever done before in the history of the universe. Now to change back imagine yourself...” But she stopped half way through as Percy changed back into himself. He spent the next forty-five minutes practicing this power, he changed into an lion, hawk, snake, monkey and loads more but one thing that stumped the commander of the greatest army in existence was that when he tried to change into the Nemean Lion, nothing happened. He thought about asking Phusis but before he could utter a word she spoke “Now that you have had a mess around with that, lets move on with something else, plants. My blessing means that you can control any type of plant life and make it do your bidding. You could kill it, grow it, wrap it around some ones leg and so on and so forth. To start off with I want you to grow a rose in front of yourself and to do this just imagine the rose popping up out of the ground and it will appear.” Percy closed his eyes and thought of a rose appearing in front of him and after a few seconds he opened his eyes and looked in front of him to find, nothing. He frowned before he looked up at Phusis, who was holding the rose in her hand and smelling it. Percy smiled and so did Phusis and so Percy spent half an hour just making random flowers pop out of the earth. After that Phusis said that that was all for today and so Percy wind travelled back to his house and went straight to bed.
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Awesome chapter as per usual :D
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Amazingly Awesome! I loved it.
Its was really good.
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really really really fantastic chapter
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Thanks for the comments everyone but I wont be able to post for sometime. My dad has took my laptop off of me and so I wont be able to post any chapters. I dont how long it will be until Ipost agian as he hasnt told me sorry.
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thts kk hope ur dad gives u ur laptop back soon AWESOME chapter by the way!!!!
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GREAT CHAPTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Percy's training! Sorry about your laptop but if you can please try to write out chapters so all you to do is type when you get your laptop back.
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