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Percy Jackson
Leo Valdez
Jason Grace
Piper Mclean
Thalia Grace

Synopsis: Percy is ignored as his life falls apart. The gods and campers have found someone else to admire and look up to as the giant war has ended. Will he be able to overcome the pain of his loss or will it burn him up inside until it all comes out. Read to find out! :P

Rating T just in case for some cussing and bloody scenes


synopsis: Join Percy as he battles the evil forces of the universe, follow him through the many twists an turns that eventually lead to new Chaos. And emerging from it, new Order.

(Not the greatest summary I know :P)

All rights go to Mr. Rick Riordan

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Thanks for the comments everyone :) I am writing the chapter now but I had started earlier so it might be up in about half an hour? If not an hour :D
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This is the longest chapter I have ever written and most likely will ever write. I hope you enjoy it :)

Chapter 55

Third Person Pov

They group had been walking non-stop for an hour and they were currently marching up a hill that to Percy seemed to just carry on rising. He wasn’t tired or anything it was just the fact that he hated walking, jogging and running was great but walking was just too slow. He carried on walking though not uttering a word to any of the rebels as they all had straight, serious faces. It reminded the assassin of the Second Titan war when the entire population of Camp Half-Blood had driven home after the war had ended against the evil Titans. It was the same aura of pain and loss but it seemed more intense to the young immortal with these rebels than with his fellow demi-gods. He shook that of and just looked ahead to see the hill start to level off a bit and within 10 minutes they had reached the top of the hill, breaking through the foliage and he was shocked. In front of him, was a massive plain which was covered in white, pitch up tents. The flat land was about the size of two football pitches and the area was surrounded by woodland. He came out of the slight trance he as in and noticed that his escorts were half way to the centre of the plain were a tent the 10 times the size of the others was put up. He ran to catch up to the others and it felt good stretching his legs a little. He caught up to them just as they were about to enter the massive tent and as Percy ran through the camp he knew why Chaos has asked him to put his hood up when he arrived here. At least half of the rebels here were women and Chaos knew that it would help the groups cause if they all kept fainting when he talked to them. The hood did not however stop the curious glares he got from the other rebels as he ran through the camp to catch up with the others. They all walked in together through the flap and Percy was lost for words for the second time in the space of 5 minutes. The hall was decorated elaborately with gold and other jewels which made the inside of the tent glow. Crystals were also hung on the walls but they were not like any Percy had seen before as they emitted such vast quantities of light. There four of these crystals on each wall of the tent and they were enough to illuminate the entire tent. Percy must have been staring as he heard laughter coming from the centre of the tent. Percy quickly snapped out of it and faced the centre to find a man, in his early fifties, late forties sitting on a chair made entirely out of diamonds. There was probably not enough crystals, diamonds or any other precious metal on earth, to make all of the things within this tent.
“I guess you like our base tent, assassin.” Asked what Percy guessed to be the leader of the rebels. He could only nod in reply and he laughed once more.
“How did you find enough of his stuff to make these things” Percy asked the man honestly. He heard a few snickers from behind him and turned around to see his escorts snickering at the question. He looked at them questionably but after a while turned around to their leader for an explanation. The leader gave them a hard stare before telling them to get out and stop snickering. The soldiers quickly got out of the tent and once they had the man turned to Percy and smiled.
“Let me first introduce myself, my name is Tiberius Skull and I am the leader of the rebels, just like my father was before me and his father before him and so on and so forth. To answer your question, our planet is abundant of these metals that you think are so rare and I guess that the planet that you originated from?” Tiberius asked him. Percy nodded in reply and this got him thinking. If there are worlds with abundant amounts of materials then could there be a planet made of water? Would this water be like the ones on Earth? If there was one thing he missed the most from Earth it was defiantly the sea. The sea on Chaos’s planet was good as well but it was no comparison to the one on Earth. Something about the water there was so relieving and calming to him, that he actually missed the feel of the sea when swimming in it or just walking by the shore on the beach and the water just touching your feet. He made a mental note to check out the sea here when the whole assassin job was finished. He was brought out of his trance by the leader of the rebel. “May I know your name?” He asked Percy after smiling at him first.
“My name is Percy, Percy Jackson.” He replied which made Tiberius smile.
“Well Percy it must have been a long day for you, if you would like I could someone in to show you your tent for the time you spend here?” Percy just nodded in reply and the leader whistled. Almost immediately someone stepped in through the flaps and it was the girl from earlier, Skylar. “You must have met my daughter, Skylar, from when you arrived here. Skylar dear please show Percy to his tent.” Skylar nodded and looked at Percy asking him to follow her. The rebel leader smiled as the boy walked out and sat back down on his chair, hoping to the creator that he was the one to end this war, so that he could bring stability back to his beloved world.

Percy’s Pov

Skylar showed me to my tent. We had walked in silence all the way and the only time she talked to me was when she said goodnight and walked off in the opposite direction towards her tent most likely. Percy walked into his tent and was surprised at how cosy it was. The tent walls were decorated like the main tent but it was less elaborate and only one crystal was needed to light this one. There was a shower, sink and toilet at the far d of the tent half disclosed behind a doo made of rhodium. I didn’t know how I knew all these metals but it must have been the blessing Chaos had given me. There was a bed, which had a frame made of crystal, and a desk made of platinum. I walked over to the desk and started to run my fingers over it, ‘It will take a long time to get used to this’ I said to myself.
“Yes it will” said a voice from behind which made me jump. I turned around to find Chaos standing there wearing a white suit with a black tie. Black holes seemed to be moving across his chest and torso making his suit very captivating, I was used to this though so it no longer affected me.
“How can I help you Chaos?” I asked politely.
“NO no, Percy I was checking in on you” he replied. “I Spoke to the leader before coming here and he sad that he is very confident in you and your ability to get this job done and war over. He believes in you and so do we, all of us, we are all very proud of you.” Chaos said this with such sincerity that any doubts that I had had earlier were now gone.
“Thank you sir”
He scowled at me “What did I Say about calling me sir, Perseuse” he broke out into a grin afterwards. Chaos and I had become really close and he was like a second dad to me. I smiled as well. “Now I also came here to tell you that your tent had been enchanted by me so that no one can come in without your consent. You may only reveal yourself in another form until the war has ended, so that the rebellion is focused for the battle ahead and not on your, so called, hot looks.” This made me blush and Chaos laughed at my expense. “I must be going now, Percy good luck and your family is very proud of you.” This made me smile and before I could say anything else he vanished into a black hole. I took of my hood knowing that no one will be able to see me and went straight to bed where a dreamless and peaceful dream awaited me.

Before I knew it I heard shouting outside my tent. I got up and saw natural light flooding in through the fabric of the tent. I listened closely to the shouting and realised that the Person was shouting my name screaming at me to get up. I quickly put on my hood and opened the tent flap to see Skylar standing there looking furious.
“I have been standing here for like ten minutes screaming your name, what were you doing!?” She screamed at me. I replied with “Sleeping” and a shrug of my shoulders which was probably the biggest mistake of life. Before she could hit me I closed he tent flap and she started to try and open it. Then she tried to cut through it before she gave up and exclaimed that she will be back in 20 minutes and that I better be ready and dressed for then. I smiled and went to the side of the tent to take a refreshing shower. I felt better after a shower and started to get dressed, or how most people would have perceived it as, thinking about getting dressed. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was in chino-shorts, a polo top and some boat shoes. I heard footsteps outside and quickly put my hoodie on before opening the flap to see Tiberius’s daughter walking towards my tent. She looked shocked to see me actually dressed and ready to go which I replied with a grin. You see the hood shows from around the mouth down only so people can actually see me grin and smile. For a slight moment I saw something other than sadness in her eyes but because it was so brief I didn’t get a chance to recognise it. She turned around without uttering a word and walked. I followed her in silence as well and we kept walking all the way to the other side of the plain, were the area was covered by benches and a tent, slightly smaller than the one in the middle. She motioned for me to go to the tent and so I did but this time she followed me. I walked into the tent to see it full with people, sitting down on chairs that glistened like tiny stars, staring at me. I smiled nervously at them in return and was saved from further awkwardness by Tiberius.
“Ah Percy, good of you too finally join us, this morning.” I blushed at this but because of the hood no one saw this. “Come here and let me introduce you.” I walked to the front and Tiberius put his arm around my shoulder “This here is Percy Jackson and he has been sent here by The Creator to aid us in the upcoming battle.” I inwardly frowned at this; I thought I was just going to be killing the leader? I put this out of the way deciding to speak to Chaos about this later. I looked at the audience’s reaction and noticed most of them had suddenly a look of courage and hope on their faces. The others seemed sceptical at first but as their leader spoke they seemed to be won over. Without another minute spared after the speech he announced breakfast to begin and everyone got up and went outside. Tiberius and about ten other people stayed behind including Skylar as one of the ten. A table was brought forth to the entrance of the tent and people appeared placing chairs around the table. The table was made of platinum just like the one in my tent and it shined with the little amount of sunlight that hit it. The rebel leader sat down on the chair in the middle of the table facing towards the benches and he motioned towards me to sit next to him. On the other side of him sat Skylar and the others seemed to just pick seats from there. A buff man with arms the size of tree trunks sat next to me, he had short, cropped brown hair and light purple eyes. I had to look twice to confirm it but yes they were purple and I reminded myself that I was on another planet. Kitchen staff brought the food to the table and once they were done the table was full to the brim with delicious looking food. Pancakes, eggs, fruits of all variety and other native food filled the table up. I marvelled at the food at immediately grabbed some pancakes and loaded them onto my plate where I smothered them in chocolate sauce. Tiberius laughed next to me to see my enthusiasm while the others on the table looked at me curiously and some even disgusted at my eating habits. I slowed down and wiped my face clean from the sauce. Yeah that’s right face NOT mouth. I apologized to them and started to eat a bit more human like. The other shook their heads and began to eat. Chatter erupted around me as they all began to talk about one thing or another. I heard snippets of conversation about the war, strategy, dates and some snippets of conversation about family matters or training. Suddenly an aircraft was heard coming from above us and people marching in a rhythm was heard as well. Within a second we were surrounded by soldiers wearing red uniforms and holing swords ready to strike down any opposition. Tiberius looked worried and so did everybody else around the area on our side. Suddenly a line of soldiers broke into two lines and walking through the line was another soldier, except he was wearing a grey uniform which was clad in medals and wearing a red hat that had lieutenant written on it. I looked at Tiberius and he looked at me sadly but I just smiled at him happily which confused him. I turned into water and slid out of chair and went into the tent. I envisioned their uniform in my head and closed my eyes, re-opening them and being in their uniform. I had changed my face as well to look totally different as to not arouse suspicion by wearing a hoodie. I had red eyes and a scar on my forehead barely visible through my blond hair, in the shape of a trident. I walked out of the tent but before I did I grabbed the sword from my belt and held like the others. The sword fit my hand perfectly and was the exact weight but it still felt a little weird holding it. I looked at my wrist and made sure that the spear given to me by Phusis was ready when I needed it. I walked out and started to casually make my way over to the lieutenant who began a long speech of triumph and how it was futile to run away as they would find us one way or another. I mentally rolled my eyes at the amount of times I had heard this speech and carried on secretly moving towards him. I thought about what Sophrosyne had taught me, about being patient and so whenever I aroused suspicion I would always stand still and just look forward. Then using my enhanced senses I would wait for the soldier to look away before continuing. A few minutes and close calls later I was within lunging reach of the lieutenant and I wasted no time in taking him down. Before he could utter another word or anyone could blink I lunged with my sword pointed to the lieutenants mid neck and sliced through it, my sword protruding covered in blood through his throat on the other side. People looked shocked at the rogue soldier, aka me and before anyone could react I started hacking down the surrounding soldiers. After a while they recovered from the shock and raised their weapons in defence so at this point I chucked away the sword and trapped my wrist. They looked an t me strangely for a second before a6 ft long spear appeared in my hand. I spun around slicing through soldier’s necks and mid sections, blood pouring out of the wounds I had produced and soaking the baked earth. Soon the rebels were running off and picking up the dead soldiers weapons and fighting back. I stopped when this happened and noticed that the rebels were indeed good fighters. Minutes later all but twenty of the soldiers were left and they had given up and surrendered. The rebels began cheering loudly but then the boom of engines was heard. The rebels looked frightened at this machine suggesting that they had never seen this kind of weapon before. But luckily I had and I knew the dangers it posed if these people knew not of how to destroy it. So without a second thought I jumped into the air twenty feet high and ordered the winds to carry and support me. The pilot saw me and recognised me as the main threat and so he turned his jet to me and the chase began. I led the pilot away from the rebels so to cause no harm when I take the plane down but the soldier did not know this. As I flew away I saw something glisten on the horizon and my sense started to tingle and that’s when I realized what it was. I flew through the air faster heading straight towards the glistening object the pilot unaware of what was about to happen. As I neared it I slowed down and waited for the pilot to catch up, taking a position about a mile into the object. I saw the pilot coming and smiled readying myself. Just as the pilot was over the water I created a massive ice wall and the jet crashed into it erupting into flames. The pilot had no time to react as they fried plane plunged into the sea the waves pulling it further and further into the ocean. I smiled and flew back to the rebel’s camp where I was greeted by thunderous applause and cheers.

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Chapter 56

Third Person pov

The applause died down after five and a half minutes and the whole population of the rebels began o clear up the mess created by the soldiers. They had trampled on everything in their path, squishing plants, tearing down tents and knocking over tables. They also cleared away the bodies of the soldiers that Percy had mostly decimated and they counted the bodies of their own. No one had died in the little skirmish but a few got nasty cuts that oozed blood and had the potential to become a problem if they went untreated. Percy helped with the clearing up and every now and then a rebel would come up and congratulate him on his display of skill. Percy smiled and thanked everyone that said his to him and some of them were a bit shocked as they had seen many go up to him before and they had expected him to become big headed and arrogant, his reaction was a surprise. After the clearing up which took about two hours Tiberius decided that they would have an early lunch which would take place at one in the afternoon which meant that Percy would have to go four hours without food and without eating a decent breakfast. The rebels all had straight faces and did not show any sign of annoyance which showed that they were used to this type of thing. Tiberius waved them all off and told them to go and train whilst he motioned to Percy to come to him. Percy obeyed the man and followed him through the camp and into the command tent. Inside all the people that had been situated at the head table at breakfast sat around a massive round table that had magically appeared here. Unlike the other tables Percy had seen this one was not made of gold, platinum or any other Earth ‘precious’ metals but made of mahogany. It had a sleek shiny surface which made it look brand new and it stood on five tree trunk like legs. As Percy got closer he saw that there were engravings carved into the table which depicted a massive battle between two forces. The engraving had two people in the centre both wielding swords that seemed to sparkle right out of the wood and behind both men were great forces of men that had war faces on and their swords also out ready to charge at a moment’s notice. Percy noticed that the man on the right had a shinier sword and as he came to the table’s edge he saw that the sword actually glowed a bluish, gold colour which startled Percy. He stopped staring as he sensed the other looking at him and looked at the rebel leader who motioned to a small throne type chair that was by his side, empty. Percy went and sat down as the meeting began.
“We are here to talk about tactics. We need to find a way to get Percy into the palace and close to the KING” Tiberius said this word with disgust which was followed by disgusted faces “so that he can kill, him any ideas?” Before anyone could say anything a voice began to talk.
“You don’t have to worry about getting me into the palace I can take care of that, all I need is someone to show me where it is?” Percy asked the others.
“I’ll do it” exclaimed a feminine voice from the other side of Tiberius. He poked his head round Tiberius to see Skylar with a determined and brave face on looking into the eyes of her father. The leader exhaled loudly and seemed to give up after having a mental conversation with his daughter. He rather sadly announced that Skylar may take Percy which made her smile at him which he returned. The others began talking about the final battle that would either win them or lose them the war and at this the assassins mind could not help but travel back to the two, life or death wars he had lead and token part in. He thought about all the good people he had seen die and he immediately thought about the rebels. He had known them for less than twenty four hours but he felt something towards them. He felt loyalty towards them but he was here as an assassin not a soldier and he didn’t know if Chaos would allow him to fight in a war just yet. He decided he had more reason to speak to Chaos now and so he had to talk to him today as tomorrow he would be heading towards the palace. Tiberius had said that it would be a two days walk from here which surprised Percy as he was expected to walk. Didn’t they have any cars in this army? He had asked himself which was kind of answered by an intelligent looking woman who had golden coloured hair and silver eyes.
“One thing worries me though, what was that contraption the soldiers were using?”
“That’s a great question, Sophia, what was that thing?” asked Tiberius again. Percy coughed which drew attention to him.
“That is what the people who come from my planet call a plane, or fighter jet in this case. Earth has thousands if not millions of them and the one we saw was used in the armies for fighting against other armies.” The rebels looked shocked at what Percy had just told them. First he thought it was the fact that he said that Earth had loads of them but that flew out the window with the next question.
“Your world has many armies, is it not together like ours?” asked the woman known as Sophia. Percy shook his head
“No, my world is split into many different countries, which are separate pieces of land which are controlled by different governments. They fight each other over greed, power and resources so that they can make a lot of money.” The ‘council’ seemed even more shocked.
“They fight each other over such petty things?” this question was asked by a man who had fiery red hair and vey light, almost white, blue eyes. Percy only nodded in reply and the others were just staring at him shocked. They had been at war for the past 20 years but that was for their freedom and the freedom of the people of this planet. Tiberius broke the seemingly age long silence and told everyone to go and train but told Percy to stay behind.
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