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son_of_cratus posted on Jan 28, 2012 at 06:07PM

Percy Jackson
Leo Valdez
Jason Grace
Piper Mclean
Thalia Grace

Synopsis: Percy is ignored as his life falls apart. The gods and campers have found someone else to admire and look up to as the giant war has ended. Will he be able to overcome the pain of his loss or will it burn him up inside until it all comes out. Read to find out! :P

Rating T just in case for some cussing and bloody scenes


synopsis: Join Percy as he battles the evil forces of the universe, follow him through the many twists an turns that eventually lead to new Chaos. And emerging from it, new Order.

(Not the greatest summary I know :P)

All rights go to Mr. Rick Riordan

Spaming is ok with me just dont get too carried away! :)
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