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Seaweed_Brain12 posted on Feb 06, 2012 at 01:28PM
Hey Guys....
Posting yet again another fanfic

After the war with Gaea, Percy was expecting some peace and quiet for once but what he doesn`t know is that another war is starting to stir up.
Few weeks later, his parents where attacked by a monster; they were sleeping on their own pool of blood.
Distraught, Percy didn`t speak to anyone during the past days.
One friday night during Capture the Flag, His friends betray him by trying to kill him because he is the son of a traitor;later He learned the truth about how they felt toward him.
He runs away and swears never to trust anyone ever again. The fates took pity on him by offering him immortality then later trains himself for 50,000 years before the next great war.

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Hey Guys....<br />
Posting yet again another fanfic<br />
<br />
After the war with Gaea, Percy was e
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No One POV.

The Hero of Olympus has been betrayed by all of his loved ones and friends. Both mortal and God Parents( you know what I mean) are both dead, leaving him to run to no one else. On the way the fates give him a visit and his offered immortality (not godhood) like the Hunters except Death cannot retrieve him , he accepts this and is instructed to travel to Alaska for his special training . The fates provide him with everything; food, shelter, supplies, money and weapons, It is up to him to use these for his advantages. Percy does not trust the fates but just let things be.

Annabeth POV

50,000 years have past since We the six have achieve Godhood for aiding the Gods in battle against Gaea, same goes for both camps; Camp Hal-Blood and Camp Jupiter who receives immortality. I have been made Goddess of Architecture and Logic and here I am sitting on my own personally designed throne inside the Council Room.
"LEO!!! I`M GOING TO KILL YOU" shouted Jason; God of Swordsmanship and Leadership
"For what?" Leo asked innocently; God of Fire and Machines
"For eating my LAST cookie!!!" oh well so much for leadership I thought
"Come on man.. It was just one cookie!"
"IT WAS THE LAST ONE! I was saving it for later..." Jason cried, I saw Piper and Artemis roll their eyes.I was about to comment how ridiculous their argument was when Ozone intensively filled the air. Zeus barged in the room and stumbled in his throne with both worried and grumpy face.
"What`s wrong Father?" asked my Mother, his worried expression caught her attention. The room was silent
"Remember the declaration of war from Chaos?" we nodded
"Well I think it has begun because both demigod camps are on fire." he said calmly as if it didn`t matter
"WHAT!! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?" Athena said "WHY NOT PUT OUT THE FIRE IMMEDIATELY!" she gestured to Triton who was playing with a starfish... Weird
"Fine, Triton put out the fire immediately." he ordered. Triton got up and said "Right, My Lord" and he left
"I like it when he says that." Zeus mumbled. I rolled my eyes. Dumb ape I thought. Athena glared at him
"Explain." she said as here eyes stormed. Zeus cowered but hid it well
"You see, I was in the woods-"
"Why were you in the woods?" Hera asked suspiciously
"Well.... I was looking for some women." he confessed. Hera groaned while Artemis fixed her gazed at Zeus.
"I smelled smoke and saw Chaos`s minions scattering fire everywhere in camp`s trees that surrounded them. I quickly made my way here but I kinda forgot about it." he said I rolled my eyes. Stupid Ape I thought.
Suddenly a bright green light scattered the room, so bright that I had to cover my eyes. As the light died down, three old ladies stand before us in the middle of the room. the fates
"Zeus" they said "stupid as always, and hello to the new Gods of the council." they said but there expressions were blank
"My Lord!." said Triton us he barged inside and knelt in front of Zeus, ignoring the fates. "The task is done." he says panting
"You did well, know take a sit." then he sat
"We have heard of your problem about the declaration from Chaos." they continued " And we have a special person in mind that could help you and him alone." we waited
"He is more powerful than you, more powerful than Typhon himself."
More powerful than Typhon? I thought
As if on cue, A guy about 18 appears in the middle of nowhere;wearing black jeans, a white shirt, a black jacket and black converse high-tops which had some stains of red is that blood?. He had messy black hair and pale skin like he as not seen the sun in years and a hockey mask that pretty much covers his entire face. He had a small poach on the back of his belt full of knifes, a pair of bow and arrows strapped to his back along with a long, shiny Celestial Bronze sword that emits a faint glow of light around it. He looked like an assassin that could slice your head off in the matter of seconds, mostly he radiated power that made my skin itch (even though I was the second to the last from the door).
"Well, what do you think?" asked the fates

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