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First of all, hi. Sometimes I say 'sup so if you want to think of me saying that, it's all cool.
Sooo, icuSTALKER here and yes, a lot of you have probably seen me before:D. It may be from acquaintances, fans, forum posts, whatever. Mostly, everyone knows me by my comments on their forums. :) A lot of people find me funny, probably childish and immature:D. And there's NO WAY they think I could be good at writing. I'm too flimsy and too random that I could never EVER write a story. So I'm thinking that you're thinking this: 'icuSTALKER? Writing a story??:OO SHOOT ME NOW.'
BUT I am willing to try because I am a Mexican!:D DO NOT ASK IF I AM RACIST BECAUSE THE ANSWER IS NO. :D
So here it goes. :D
Synopsis: Romans and Greeks are prepared to solve two problems:
a) find Nico
b) save the world
But what they're not ready for is to solve their own personal issues or figure out what the prophecies mean. Oh, and, traitors are amongst them. Not ready for that either.
So, I know this has been done a million times, but I figured that if my writing really was good like I've been told, people would notice and I would know if my writing is good, and what's wrong with it. Then people would pay attention to this forum.:) just a theory.
If there is any discrimination against Leo, I will personally ask Santa Claus to postpone your present's arrival:D
Leo is awesome. Period.:D
These are Amphitrite's rules, Reposted: link
If you're a fan of the Hunger Games, maybe you'll like this new story I'm working on but maybe not:D
Rating: C, for some violence (it's Percy Jackson, dudes!!) but no language.
Type (Genre): Adventure, Romance, Mythology, maybe Humor (I'll try)
Disclaimer: All rights to Rick Riordan 'cause he rocks and I'd feel so mean claiming I wrote his story because mine is way worse.
And by the way, spam is legal here. Please keep the cussing to a minimum. Thank you.
I am a religious person and paranoid about some ideas:P. If you find me annoying, that's good, because it means I'm doing my job. Kidding.
Characters: Ella, Tyson, Percy, Octavian, Jason, Reyna, Piper, Leo, Annabeth, Clarisse, Chris, Frank, Rachel, and a ton more that you probably can think of off the top of your head but I can't.
OC's: Heida, Cody, Kenneth, maybe some more as the story progresses:)
I will post when I have time, when I am bored, or simply when my sister screams at me to.
Please criticize as much as you feel the need to.
Thank you.
A few of my favorite forums:
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And sooo many others:).....
*~Hayalim Kedoshim~*
And that's only a few:)
TwigmanFTW and I just want you all to know…
End. Of. Story. :):D
*This message has been approved by Chuck Norris.*
[A/N]: Special thanks to those who have helped me and the following:
Wisdoms_Child for staying faithful to this story...
Aphrodite100 for being nice about everything she does...
universalpowa for sticking by me and being a great friend...
percyroxz for being one of the first ones to comment and encourage me...
lovespercy for her valuable criticism and help with my writing...
annabeth523 for always being here and never giving up...
oceanlover123 for never leaving and encouraging me...
kristalovepercy for being a great friend and helping me be happy...
TwigmanFTW for being so very cheerful and being one of the best friends I could ever have...
megon4ever for making my day with her comments and reading no matter what...
...and EVERYONE ELSE WHO IS READING THIS FORUM!:D:D:D:D You guys are awesome!!!!

:D Thank you sooo much!!!:D

*'I'm Chuck Norris, and I approve this message'*
Quote from Leo, the Lost Hero: Humor was a good way to hide the pain.
Peace out.:D

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I will post either tonight, in thirty minutes, or tomorrow:D. I'm so glad you guys like this:D
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Yes, it’s me again, yes I know I’m annoying, and no, I don’t have my fluffy tacoz:(. Twiggy took them:O.
For this chapter, I’m changing it up a little bit. It might not be this way in all the chapters, maybe none after this, but I’m going to have at least two PoV’s for this one. Time for you to enter Frank’s brain…and meet Heida.:D
WARNING: This is the longest chapter yet. Read carefully. It may not be the best I've written, but I tried. Please give constructive criticism if you can. I really need it:).
Happy Fluffy Tacoz!!!:D:D:D:D
Chapter 13
Frank retreated from the Forum as quickly as possible.
Percy and Jason probably hadn’t even seen him there, but he had been there. Hazel had been there. Leo had been there. Reyna, Annabeth, and Piper had been there. The red head hadn’t come. What was her name? Oh yeah. It was Rachel. Or was it Rafael?
He shook his head. No, it had been Rachel.
After that good scolding, he had bolted from the Forum. Never, ever, in his life had he seen two demigods gain so much power in such a short time span. It scared him. His knees had trembled. He was sure his face was extremely pale, more so than usual. Great. Just another reminder of his own cowardice. He was scared. Of his friend.
Gotta admit, Frank Zhang, he thought. That’s dumb. Even if he is Percy Jackson. He didn’t really know Jason, but Jason was scary when he was mad. Just like Percy.
He could hear Hazel yelling his name, Leo yelling something about…tacos? Frank wondered what kind of tacos: tofu, supreme, beef, vegetable, or fluffy. He ignored them. But he couldn’t come to them even if he tried; the crowd’s panic was like the restless sea. Or the angry rainstorm. It carried him so far away, and so very quick, so that he stumbled a few times and lost his footing despite his bulky physique.
Nevertheless, he struggled to go in one direction. The area he felt at peace the most. Frank headed toward one of his favorite places: Hannibal’s stall.
Most people asked him, how could you fit an elephant in a stall?
That was one of the reasons Frank loved to go visit Hannibal. The elephant had his own little stable near the unicorns. Scratch that. Huge stable. It was the size of the Chrysler Building. Frank had never been there, much less New York, but he wanted to, and besides, he had seen pictures. That was enough to know how big it was.
Like a boss, he thought as he trudged toward the stall. He’d been running before, but his pace had gradually slowed. The crowd had dispersed, hustling toward their own activities, and he managed to slip out and take a hike for Hannibal’s. He needed to clear out his thoughts, organize them. Let’s see, hm, this thought goes into ‘trash’, and this one into ‘remember later’, and this one in ‘think about now’…
He snorted. What a dumb, sparse imagination he had.
He could already hear Hannibal trumpeting in his stall, waiting for someone to take him for a ride or feed him or something. His heart sped up and he broke into a jog. The want to see the elephant grew inside him and he felt like he would burst. He wanted something to hug that wouldn’t be crushed, something to talk to that would understand. He could’ve gone to Hazel, but he had a feeling he wouldn’t be able to talk to her without getting tongue twisted or making himself look silly. He wanted one that was just like him: bulky, clumsy, and naïve. Yes, he knew he was naïve. Everybody knew it, but the difference between him and them was that they didn’t think he knew it. They thought he was a stupid ox that can’t do anything right. Who knows? Maybe he was.
He reached Hannibal’s place, his mind spinning.
The animal was snuffling around in hay, straw, and peanuts, making each material fly sky high. For a moment, Frank was blinded by yellow and brown. He spit out a peanut and gagged on a piece of straw. That also was spit out. His tongue tasted salty, and a blast of hot air blew through his hair.
He squinted. Big brown eyes bore down on him, but he wasn’t intimidated. Hannibal’s trunk nudged his shoulder, none too gently, and Frank stumbled, nearly falling over. Once he regained his balance, he ran his hands along the tough ridges on the animal’s trunk. Hannibal snorted and let out a small sneeze.
Frank’s shirt became covered in snot. Gross, he thought. Elephant snot. He ignored it. Hey, maybe he was mad at Frank for accidently giving him indigestion that one day.
As he marched around, putting down new bedding, he thought. Maybe he’d judged wrong about Percy. Well, he knew the guy was powerful, but he didn’t know he would be short tempered. It was scary, and Frank didn’t like this Percy who had cropped up. He almost didn’t seem human, like a literal killing machine.
And all of those thoughts combined with Jason as well.
And together, the both of them could wipe out the entire Twelfth Fulminata and all five cohorts. That was great and all to defeat the enemy, but if someone in the camp set them off…
A sudden thought about getting them mad enough to wipe out Octavian crept up in his mind and he laughed aloud. Man, how much he would pay to see that...
Then he scolded himself. That’s mean, Zhang. That’s real mean. It was barely him. Sure, he hated Octavian’s guts, but go far enough to kill him? No. That’s just not Frank Zhang, he chided himself.
Hannibal stood stock still and watched Frank put down the rest of the bedding. He filled the food can with elephant food (he didn’t know what it was; he didn’t dare ask) and Hannibal dove right in contentedly. Frank watched him. Another reason he loved Hannibal; they both loved food. And neither cared what anyone thought of that fact.
He stroked Hannibal’s side as it ate. The elephant grumbled in appreciation and Frank sighed, nearly as content. This moment was perfect. No complications. No anger. No fights. Perfect sereneness.
“Right now there is,” a voice said behind him.
Frank gave a little jump and whirled around, bow ready and arrow notched. What he saw was not expected.
It was a guy. A regular teenage guy in regular blue jeans and a regular white T-shirt. He was lean, muscular, about nineteen or so. He was leaning on the side of the stall, leisure and patient, his arms crossed in a nonviolent gesture. When he smiled, both rows of blinding white teeth showed. His blond hair was windblown and he wore a simple cowboy hat, shading his eyes. His blue eyes were calm, gentle, friendly. He had skin that wasn’t dark nor light; somewhere in the middle, like he had gotten a nice tan this summer on a beach in Florida. The exact appearance of modesty and outgoingness. Frank felt his shoulders relax but he forced himself to keep his weapon ready.
The guy laughed, a musical sound, like wind chimes. “I guess I should’ve said hello first.”
Frank felt his whole body relaxing now. “Maybe you should’ve,” he said, trying to make his voice cold and hard. It came out squeaky but kind. No! he thought. You can’t just trust a random stranger! Yet he was.
The guy didn’t flinch or laugh at Frank’s attempted surliness. “Well, then hello.”
Frank couldn’t stop it. He put away his bow and arrow, even though his brain fought him. “Hello.”
“May I have the pleasure of knowing the name of to whom I am speaking?” Normally to Frank, that would’ve sounded cliché, like formal British people would talk like that on the phone when the person on the other line picks up. But he didn’t feel like that now. Somehow, this dude made it sound like a friendly invitation, like asking him if he wanted to drive by McDonald’s and grab a cheeseburger.
Frank heard himself say, “Frank Zhang.”
The smile was brighter. “Well, hello Frank Zhang. What a pleasant name.”
“Um, thank you,” said Frank. His uneasiness had vanished, only replaced by a sense of trust, ease, and a glow of pride. “And you are?”
With a content sigh, he pushed himself off the wall, his arms uncrossing. Frank’s first thought? Man, that dude is tall. Not only was he tall, but he could’ve been Apollo, he was so perfect. The golden locks, the brazen muscle...yep. Could definitely be Apollo.
He walked over and extended his hand in a sign of friendship. Frank shook it. “Kenneth. They call me Kenneth.”
“That’s a nice name, too.”
“Why thank you!” Kenneth laughed. “My brother Harold suggested it to my parents.”
“I see.”
“Yes, but Frank is a fine name. One of many I like.”
“Thank you. My mother gave it to me.”
“Ah, your mother. How is she now?”
Frank’s eyes dropped to the ground. A wound reopened that he had been trying to cover for a long time. “She’s gone.”
Kenneth’s eyebrows furrowed. “Gone? What do you – oh, I see.”
“Yeah.” Frank felt his bow slap his back as he walked over to scratch Hannibal at the withers. The creature sighed in appreciation. “She’s gone. Afghanistan war.”
“Oh, I see.” Kenneth followed Frank to Hannibal and watched them. “So has my mother. Leukemia.”
Frank blinked. He kept stroking Hannibal, willing himself not to cry. “Oh.”
“Yes,” replied Kenneth. “I feel your pain. I suppose we are much alike, are we, Frank Zhang?”
“I guess,” agreed Frank. The lump in his throat dissipated. “So, are you a new camper?”
His new friend seemed taken aback by the question but recovered with ease, so much that Frank hardly noticed his initial reaction of something he couldn’t quite place his finger on. Surprise? No. More than that.
He shrugged it off.
“I’m…not a new camper,” said Kenneth. “Rather an old one. I drop by from time to time.”
Frank’s words were finally formed. “An old recruit? Don’t get much of those.”
Kenneth’s shoulders rolled back some more and he smiled again. “I’m one of the very few who visit sparingly.”
“Unfortunately.” His eyes darkened and he turned away so Frank couldn’t see his expression. “I decided to retire, go out on my own. Lupa didn’t stop me. In fact, she encouraged it.”
Frank’s fingers stopped moving along Hannibal’s skin and Hannibal stopped eating, craning his neck to see what had happened. Frank quickly resumed his massage and Hannibal resumed his snack with satisfaction. “Encouraged it? That doesn’t sound much like Lupa.”
“No,” Kenneth agreed. “But I was somehow…special.”
His voice tightened. “I – I cannot speak of it.” He faced Frank again, his smile just as bright as before. “It was nice to meet you, Frank.”
“You too, Kenneth.”
And in the blink of an eye, Kenneth was gone. Frank felt his spirit dampen slightly but he kept stroking Hannibal. He shrugged off Kenneth’s behavior. He’d figure it out later.

Cold. Dark. Menacing.
It tugged at her, insisted to turn back. She didn’t. Her skin crawled and her heart beat faster, but she didn’t stop. The clawed talons reached for her…reached to grab her…
She ran faster, her feet tapping quietly on the concrete. A sob rose in her throat, but she pursued, ignoring It. She kept her hood up, concealing her face. She felt raindrops patter on her hood, but they were a vague
tap, tap. It felt like tiny bouncy balls falling on her head, rolling over her to get in her hair.
She was soaked.
She reached it. The Place. Ducking into the dark tunnel, she hustled to the ledge. It was a rock cutout, a flat piece of boulder placed four feet off the ground, leaning on the tunnel walls, so she could barely reach it.
She was thirteen.
Her tennis shoes squelched with the water in them, making her toes feel funny. She hurriedly grabbed the cheese block from inside her thin jacket and carefully set it on the ledge. He didn’t like it when his sacrifices were damaged.
A shudder ran through her body. Why, oh, why had she agreed to do this? Just for a loaf of bread a week?
She was just about to go when a rough hand shot out of the blackness and snatched her by the hood. She managed to scarcely keep her cries from escaping her throat as she was yanked onto the boulder. A cold steel knife was placed at her throat; the hand kept her pinned to the wall.
She gasped for air. Yeah. This was normal for her. But that didn’t mean she had to like it.
A raspy breath and a snarl. Shuffling on the dirt. A satisfied grunt. The knife pressure loosened and she dragged in oxygen. More shuffling, then a surprised, confused voice cursing.
She winced. He had found out.

She moaned. Inexpressible pain flared in her ankle, and when she tried to move it, her muscles punished her for the idea. Wave after wave of running feet changed their course and jogged around her. Dirt flew. Sneakers rushed, a blur of red, yellow, blue, purple, etc.
“Hey! Earth to Heida!”
She glanced up. Her vision was red around the edges, but she could vaguely see Bobby Granger standing over her, frowning disapprovingly.
“Get up, Heida,” he snapped. “A real Roman gets up after they trip.”
Hatred and anger filled her lungs instead of air, but she struggled up. Her probatio tablet bounced against her chest, just like those raindrops had fallen on her head.
By the time she was on her feet and ready, the crowd had dispersed, bolting toward their own activities. She cursed in Latin. Great. Her illness had done it again. Somehow she had been standing in the middle of New Rome, staring off into space, while she thought she was taking a mere fifteen seconds to stand up. Stupid illness.
She started walking. Not only had she frozen, but she had had a flashback. She hated flashbacks. They ruined her life. Not to mention they were hers and someone else’s too. She wanted to scream to the world, Why? Why did I get the brunt of the hatred of the whole entire you?
Of course, that would do her no good. People would think she was crazy.
Whatever. She already had her…illness to watch.
She trudged for the sword arena. She didn’t have a sword. Well, she could have a sword, or a dagger, or a crossbow, or whatever if she wanted. But no. she preferred its initial form. But she took a hike for the sword arena anyways. She could already hear the clang clang as she came closer. She heard the former praetor, Jason. She heard the new praetor, Percy, wasn’t it?
And she turned around.
She was not going where the praetors were. First, Jason would probably be wary of her, even though he had never known her before, but had probably heard rumors. That would make them all uncomfortable. Second, her disabilities would kick in and she would hate herself for the rest of her life. And third, she didn’t like sword fighting.
She walked towards the barracks. Her hand drifted on the weapon she kept in the folds of her thin jacket.
The same exact jacket that had carried that cheese.
She shook it off. No. She couldn’t risk thinking about that.
A flash of blond made her head turn and her heart leap when it did in the sense of danger.
Oh, danger all right. He leaned against one of the temples, flashing off one of his most perfect smiles. She yelped and fumbled for her weapon. Oh where is it, where is it?!
“Hey, Heida,” his voice said. Sweet, pleasant. But she knew the story behind that. She searched frantically for her weapon. “Looking for this?”
She looked up to see him dangling the possession between his forefinger and thumb. Her eyes widened and she could hardly breathe. That little son of a gorgon.
“Give it,” she snapped, trying to straighten her shaky voice.
His eyes sparkled with something other than friendliness. “Oh, your precious gun? So you can shoot me? I don’t think so. I’ve been looking for you, Heida.”
Her skin crawled as it had in the flashback. “Wh-what do you want?”
“Me? I want you.” He pushed himself off the temple and gave off his dazzling smile, taking one step forward. She backed up, ready to run. “Oh, come now, don’t hide,” he cooed. “I won’t hurt you.”
“That’s what you said three years ago.”
“But don’t you see? It was a test. Of course, you didn’t stay long enough to finish and gain my rewards.”
“I don’t want your filthy rewards,” she screamed, scrambling back. His pace quickened. His tennis shoes didn’t look so normal. She could see the holes, the holes where the spikes would come out.
He raised her weapon, a handgun that could shoot like a .44. “Heida, I don’t want to do this.”
She swore and pulled out her long whip. Her backup weapon, hidden in her jacket. She uncoiled it and flicked it in a warning: Stay away. Fire ran along its twisted features toward the end, where it sparked. “Get away. Get away from me!” Her voice rose higher and higher. “I can’t believe I ever trusted you, Kenneth Jake Johnson!” Her hands trembled and he noticed.
“Oh please,” he said, rolling his eyes. “You could never beat me. For five whole years, you worked for me of your own free will, happy to do the work if I let you have bread.”
“That was before I saw what you did to Jerry.” Her voice trembled more than her hand. “I didn’t want a part of that.”
“Oh, Jerry?” He snorted. “The kid got on my nerves, demanding for more than what I could give him.”
“That’s not true,” she yelled, her voice shrill. “He had a secret and you couldn’t risk him telling! Come to find out, you did it to all of us! I just didn’t know it, because you spared me why? Answer me that, Kenneth!”
She must’ve blanked out somehow again, because he was in front of her, holding her wrists. Her whip was down on the ground, writhing like a snake. She prayed for help to someone, anyone. Jupiter, Minerva, even Juno…
“The reason,” he breathed, “was because you were naïve. Too loyal. You would’ve made a great soldier for me and nothing would have stood in your way. The others weren’t like that. So I needed a way to force them into submission.” His grip tightened, nearly cutting off her circulation. “Until you came back early, not at all like I had expected. You saw. You weren’t loyal anymore. So I had to do it to you too, for the sake of the whole plan.”
“Stop it!” she yelped. “Leave me alone!” She gave him a good hard kick to the shin and he yelled in pain. His grip loosened and she wrenched free. She took off, hearing him shout curses to the sky. She ran as fast as her feet would carry her, but she knew. He’d been on her soon enough.
She ran, not quite sure where, but she ended up at the barracks. Better than nothing. She ducked inside and slammed the doors, stumbling backwards. As she retreated back, her feet tripped over something. She felt herself falling, and finally crashing onto the wood floor. She landed, landed on her right arm with a jolt. Groaning, she clutched it, the same way she had done that night. Her ankle still hurt a little from the fall in the middle of New Rome. That made her wince as she stood up. Her foot scuffed on something and it clinked. She looked down to see Gwen, lying on the floor, her face pale, eyes closed, and breathing ragged. Her dagger was beneath Heida’s feet.
“Gwen!” Heida knelt beside the former centurion. She grimaced as she pulled out some ambrosia from her jacket. She could fit everything in her jacket. She forced Gwen to take some and the girl’s eyes fluttered. She moaned and Heida let out a sigh of relief. She would be okay.
She heard a yell and Gwen’s fist shot up and into the air. Heida yelped and jumped back to avoid getting punched. Gwen was wide-eyed, bolt upright. “Where is he?” she yelled. “I swear, I’ll kill him!”
Oh, man, Heida thought. She was yelling and screaming. Heida feared Kenneth might hear. In desperation, she clamped a hand over Gwen’s mouth, who in turn screamed and struggled. She was much older than Heida, and when she rammed an elbow into her stomach, Heida fell back, the air knocked out of her. She curled up, gasping.
Gwen snatched up her dagger and wielded it, eyes wild. Then she saw Heida. “Holy Maximus! You!”
“And you,” moaned Heida, clutching her stomach.
Gwen’s eyes narrowed. “I thought I told you to stay away from me.”
Heida cursed and haggled to her feet. Her insides felt like they were being beaten to oblivion. Her head was spinning, her hair stray in front of her face. “Oh, so you don’t want me to help you after you fainted?!
“I can handle my own self just fine!”
“Not if you’re thinking about him.”
Gwen’s hands stilled and the glare in her eyes died. “How did you know?” she asked, her voice squeaky and trembling. The bravado was gone and Heida’s heart clenched.
“Because that’s the only time you faint,” she replied. “He’s here.”
“What do you mean?”
“I just saw him. I swear. He wants me again.”
Gwen’s hands shook visibly. “I think we should get out of here.”
“I think you’re right. He’s looking for you, too.”
“Yeah. Let’s go.”
They ran for the door, and Heida felt sick. Nausea swept over her like wave and she staggered. After she had righted herself, they both reached the door. Gwen thrust it open.
If Heida had expected them to be in the open, she was wrong. The first thing she saw was Bobby, frowning. He relaxed when he saw Gwen but snarled at Heida. Heida felt like spitting at him.
His wavy brown hair matched his eyes equally, as they were the same color and shade. His hands were rough from working in the Vulcan workshop by Hannibal’s stall, and freckles were splashed across his nose like cinnamon. A son of Apollo, he didn’t look like his personality was very bright.
“Jones,” he addressed Gwen. Then with distaste: “Vargas.”
“Granger,” she muttered.
“Report, Bobby?” Gwen said quickly.
“There’s someone here to see you.” He glared at Heida. “Both of you. And he wants to talk privately.”
Gwen seemed as wary as Heida felt. “We’ll be in here. Send him in.”
Bobby shrugged. “He’ll be with you in a moment.”
“Good to know,” Heida muttered.
“Thanks, Bobby,” said Gwen. She closed the door as Bobby left. Then she turned to Heida. “Great.”
“We could make a run for it,” Heida suggested. But she knew; that wasn’t good enough.
Gwen scowled. “Let’s go.”
Heida barely heard it: a shuffle in the background.
“No need,” that familiar voice said. “I’m already here.”
She and Gwen spun around, snarling. Kenneth raised his hands in surrender.
“Hey,” he said, “I won’t hurt you. I just want to talk.”
“No need,” snapped Gwen. “We have duties to attend to.” The air became colder. Heida shivered, her heart rate once again speeding up.
Kenneth smiled in that friendly way. “I did say I would hunt you two down.”
“Sounds like heck you want to hurt us.”
“Oh but I won’t.” He reached out to grasp her wrist but she jerked it away with a hiss. He laughed. “I just want you two to know I’ll be visiting more often. Time for you to pack up.”
“We are not going anywhere,” Heida said once she found her voice. “Get out.”
“I’ll give you thirty seconds to decide to come,” he said kindly, as though he were offering them a snack, not their ensured deaths. “Our army is growing. You two could be useful.”
“Bug off,” Gwen said. Heida admired her courage.
Kenneth sighed. “I suppose we’ll have to do this the hard way.”
In a flash, he lunged for Gwen. Heida heard herself scream and Gwen fumbled for her dagger. Once she had it in her hands, she ducked under Kenneth’s arm, appearing behind him. He snarled and grabbed for her wrist and she stabbed at his hand. A puncture in the skin appeared and he howled, clutching his hand.
“Run!” yelled Gwen and Heida didn’t wait another second. They bolted for the exit, dizzy and afraid. Kenneth, cursing to the sky, scrambled after them. They reached the door.
Heida was just about to yank the door open when a bloody hand gripped her shoulder and spun her around. That knife, that same knife, was pressed at her throat. Gwen shouted and was just about to interfere when Kenneth glared at her and she stopped in her tracks, giving him a glare back. But she got the message. Heida reached for her gun, then realized it wasn’t there.
“Now,” Kenneth said in a low voice, “I have you both.” He dug the knife in deeper. “You don’t realize what’s at stake. If you don’t come with me, I’ll be killed. Understand?”
Heida started, “Do you think we give a-”
She was cut off by a loud bang. At first, she had no idea what happened, that was, until she saw Kenneth sprawled out on the floor, unconscious. The knife had fallen. The barrack doors were open and a Latino looking kid peeked in. He saw Kenneth on the ground, breathing ragged.
“Oh,” was all he said. He glanced at Heida and Gwen. “Was I interrupting something?”
Heida feigned surprise. She couldn’t believe it. This fifteen year old kid had knocked Kenneth unconscious…with the door. And just at the right time. Relief flowed through her and Gwen’s eyes were wide.
“No,” Heida said. “Not at all.”
“Oh,” said the kid. He looked her over and extended a hand. “I’m Leo. Leo Valdez.”
“One of the Greeks, right?” asked Gwen cautiously.
Leo grinned. “That’s me.”
Heida hesitated as she introduced herself and so did Gwen, but Leo just smiled. His eyes looked like they had just received ten hundred gallons of coffee.
“Nice to meet you guys,” he said. “Gals. Whatever. And are you sure I wasn’t interrupting anything?” He gestured to the guy on the floor.
Heida let herself smile for the first time today. “No, Leo. Not at all.”
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