The Heroes of Olympus Forbidden (Remake)

rapunzeleah123 posted on Feb 28, 2012 at 12:37AM
So… yeah. I decided to do a remake, now that I have time and better writing skills.
I was bored, decided this would be a good thing to do in my spare time, and… I miss this spot. <3 I remember when there were 600 fans. Those were the days. xD
Anyway… Alex is still my editor. If you guys have any advice/constructive criticism, please do not hesitate to message me about it.
Okay! Well. The curtain is rising on Forbidden once more.
Disclaimer: Camp Half-Blood and Percy, Annabeth, and the gang are not mine. They belong to RR only. The OCs are a different story. ;)

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I mean it.
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over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
I'm writing the first chapter now, P.S. ;)
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
Chapter One

A bush rattled. I almost fell out of my tree. Out of the mulberry bush scampered a squirrel, and I relaxed. Placing a small hand over my eyes as shade, I surveyed the campers. They were going about their business as usual, but there was a rigidity to their stances that made me roll my eyes. They were… apprehensive of us.They respected us personally, but they also thought we were, as a whole, a pointless joke.
"Thalia!" I whispered back into the trees. "They are ready."
There was a flash of silver, a glimmer of dark eyes. I nodded. The signal.
We hurled ourselves out of the trees by use of nimble feet on signal from Thalia.
I swear, a half dozen basketball players and archers jumped out of their skin. I chuckled and high-fived the lieutenant.
We knew Chiron was away on duty for Olympus for the next month, along with Dionysus and the rest of the gods, and we had been assigned with the task of "babysitting" the demigods. Or as Artemis put it, "giving the demigods no credit for being able to take care of themselves and sending Hunters to guard them."
Responsible campers? Yeah right.
"You'll think twice next time you set up traps," a light-haired nymph named Maris announced to the gaping campers, raising a tangle of wire that crackled with electricity.
"Boys," Thalia snorted.
I could've sworn Maris cast me a scared look. I frowned, but it passed like a shadow.
I wasn't surprised at the "trap." It was obviously the work of inexperienced hands. (AKA boys.)
An elfish boy with brown hair and mischievous eyes boldly approached our group.
"Hello, ladies, cute redhead. Connor, son of Hermes here," he said, winking at me at an attempt to be smooth. I glared. "We heard you were coming. Now, one of our boys will show you to your—"
I had an arrow notched and pointed at his nose before he finished his sentence.
"Our cabins?" Thalia's voice was steely. "It seems to me that you believe I'm incapable of finding the Artemis cabin on my own." She pointed to the silvery cabin not a hundred yards away. "I think you can just head back to your cabin, Connor, or I can have 'this cute redhead' here let loose her—"
The Hermes kid had fled before she finished her sentence.
I didn't lower my bow, but declared, "You set traps, we hit back."
The others scattered. I saw one dive headfirst into his cabin.
I turned to Thalia. "I can go put our stuff in the cabin," I offered.
"Let Rilee go with you," she replied absentmindedly. Her gaze was fixed on a point in the distance.
"Got it." I motioned to the dark-haired girl.
She stared grimly ahead as we strolled to the cabin, but kept casting me anxious glances.
Finally, I stopped. "Okay, what's up? You and Thalia and Maris keep making weird faces."
She snorted. "You don't know about the prophecy?"
I stepped back. "There's a prophecy? About what?"
She looked panicked. "Never mind. I shouldn't have said anything."
She yanked the rest of the stuff out of my arms and raced off to the cabin.
If there was a prophecy, everyone should know about it. Right? Obviously, I was involved in it, somehow. Otherwise they wouldn't have kept it from me.
And if there was one thing a secret daughter of Artemis didn't like, it was not knowing a secret.
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
Should I continue it…?
over a year ago precious211 said…
hahhha this is awesome!
You should continue
this is so fantastic!
over a year ago ZanderAlex said…
big smile
Fantastic story!
I love the chapter!

Yes, continue it!
over a year ago shubhamsingh24 said…
good story ....liked it very much and yes plzzz continue soon
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
I'm writing the next chapter. It should be up today. :D
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
Up soon—turns out I got grounded the day I was supposed to post. Sorry, guys!
(I was always like this. Hopefully I can be more consistent.)
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Love the chapter.
Cant wait until u post again.
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
@rhgbdhfbg - No, it isn't. Don't worry. There'll be Percabeth, don't worry.

Chapter Two
A Friend

I flopped down on my bunk.
So much raced through my mind: Prophecy? About me? When? How? What?
I didn't ask why. Somehow I knew this had to do with my parentage.
I'd never told anyone. I knew, obviously, but Artemis didn't want me to tell, and I didn't want to. Not even Thalia knew—this secret was the difference between my life, her reputation, and death.
I sighed and got up. 2:30 was archery.
Braiding back my hair, I picked up one of the others' bows. My fingers itched to use mine, but I knew that couldn't happen.
Another secret I couldn't tell.
"Anna, you coming?"
Thalia poked her head in the door. "Training's in five. You coming?"
I replied my assent, and she disappeared. Sometimes being the lieutenant's lieutenant was an annoying job.
I walked outside, bow in hand. I could already hear the twang of arrows slicing through the fresh spring air. The thwack of the tip puncturing the target.
"Okay, everyone!" Thalia announced to the attending campers. "Pick up your bows."
The campers obliged, and for the next hour and a half, they shot, positioned, and strategized until they were groaning with exhaustion.
"Chiron never worked us this hard!" one boy complained.
"Chiron," Thalia replied, staring daggers at him, "was never a Hunter of Artemis."
The Hunter and campers all eventually gathered their things and left, except one girl.
"Need some help?" she offered distractedly. She wasn't even looking at me, but staring off into the distance.
All I had was the bow I'd used. "No, I think I'm good."
She shook her head quickly and blinked, as if waking up from a trance. "Right. Only one bow."
"Hey. Weren't you—"
"—the girl who was completely and totally losing her mind with a bow and arrows?" she chuckled. "Yeah. Not my strong point."
I shrugged. "Not everyone has 'The Gift', as my mother would say."
Before I could scold [kill] myself, the blonde was already asking who my mother was.
"Oh. She's–she's mortal."
I didn't think she believed me, but she turned around and faced the sunset.
"Mine is too. Who's your dad, then? Apollo?" she asked, referring to my archery skills that were, to some degree, more refined than those of my sisters. (A/N: Anna will use this term often to refer to the Hunters.)
"Oh… yeah," I said, deciding to just go with it. "I'm Anna Archer, ironically. Lilianna, technically, but it's girly. I just go by Anna."
She nodded. "I'm Dawn," she replied. "Dawn Marshall. Daughter of Hermes. Master of daggers." She grinned as if recalling a good memory, but it passed as quickly as a shadow, replaced by one of sadness.
I tried to highlight on the dagger part. "So you're good with daggers? I do okay. I use them if I absolutely must be in close combat. Otherwise," I patted the smooth bronze arch of the bow, "I use these."
She nodded. "I can handle a sword, too."
I laughed. "Don't ever give me one. When I went to camp here, I almost chopped down the Big House. Chiron was furious."
She smiled. Then she frowned. "You've been a Hunter for a while, haven't you? I know everybody at camp. Been here since I was five. But I don't remember you."
"Yeah. Been a Hunter for fifteen years. Best years of my life."
She opened her mouth as if to say something, but just then a voice was heard that wasn't hers.
"Anna! We got a problem with the pegasi!"
I flinched. I always got the animal jobs.
"That's your call," Dawn said. She stood up. "Hey, feel free to drop by the Hermes cabin anytime. I'll tell the Stolls to lay off the crude jokes."
"'Preciate it," I laughed. "See ya."
And jogging to the stables, I smiled. I'd made a friend.
One, whispered the voice of my mother, who plays a large part in the prophecy.
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over a year ago Kaia143 said…
A-ma-z-ing-ly Awesome!!!!!
I love it. It was amazingly good.
Cant wait until u post again. Hope its soon!!!
over a year ago Alex13126 said…
Little mistake with the word my *cough cough*

over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…

over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
Okay broskis.
I think I'll be posting by tonight -yay- so be prepared! I already wrote most of the chapter. Just gotta figure out how to end it.
over a year ago rapunzeleah123 said…
Chapter Three
An Unwanted Encounter

I impatiently brushed my matted, rust-colored hair out of my eyes as the pegasus squealed in pain.
"It's okay," I soothed her. "You're going to be fine."
She settled down at this, and for the next few minutes, I pulled and prodded, gently, until—
"A colt!" I pronounced. "Crest, you have a colt!"
She whinnied with delight and laid her head down. I knew she'd be exhausted. Glancing up at Thalia, I inclined my head, and the brunette nodded. I rested my gaze on the delicate new creature.
The dewy, bright-eyed little pegasus stretched his short wings. He was a gold color, shimmery and beautiful, but his spindly, weak legs provided little support as he struggled to stand upright.
"Lay back down," I instructed. "You aren't strong enough."
The colt obeyed; and I wrapped a towel around him.
"I'm going to let you two alone. A mother belongs with her child. But first—a name."
I glanced at the colt's shimmery gold coat. "Drachma?"
They both snorted and lay down.
"I take that to mean you're satisfied," I chuckled.
We stepped out of the stable quietly. Thalia shook her head in disbelief.
"How do you do it?" she asked. "I mean… the Hunters are good with animals, but you can talk with them!"
"I've told you, it's not exactly like that. I mean… I can't hear what they think, but they understand me. They obey me."
Thalia rolled her eyes. "Whatever. I still think it's weird. Anyway, the sisters are going to assign jobs, then we'll go hunting. Wanna come?"
I didn't feel up to it, so I resignedly shook my head.
She shrugged and raced off to find Maris and report the latest pegasus birth.
I sat on the grass. Weird. That was all I'd ever be. Because I certainly wasn't normal.
Gods, I hated myself sometimes. My sisters definitely felt uncomfortable around me, too, I could tell. It wasn't jealousy, or anything else like that. It was just that they didn't know my origin. I hadn't told anyone if I was nymph or demigod. (No one asked if I was mortal. I think they figured there probably wasn't a good chance of that.) They didn't understand my weird powers that no other demigod seemed to have, and most figured I might be Roman. (Even though most of my cursing was done in Greek.)
My odd connection with animals suggested Demeter, but my love of the dark auraed Hades. Archery could've been Apollo or Ares.
I wasn't pretty enough to be Aphrodite, though. I was cute, but there was really nothing about me that was unique. Red hair, light skin, a sprinkling of freckles across my nose. No one knew about the colored contacts that hid my best feature: silver eyes. But they would've given me away. So I reluctantly accepted the brown ones given to me by my mother.
Honestly, I was surprised they hadn't figured it out. Then again, they didn't care enough.
I was thinking about so much. So much, in fact, that I didn't notice the sandy-haired (male!) teen walk casually over and plop down on the grass next to me.
That startled me out of my trance. "What are you doing here?"
"Sitting. Not against the law now, is it?"
"Sitting next to me is. The Hunters have friends in the Senate."
He grinned. "Damn, the New York legislature is getting pretty uptight."
"You betcha. Now go away."
He picked at his shoelace, ignoring my command. "So that means you could deport me?"
"To your cabin, at least."
"They don't want me there." The boy's green eyes darkened. "I'm not 'powerful enough'." He looked sullen. The stick he held traced a circle in the light mud.
Despite my hatred for men, I couldn't help but feel sorry for this one. I knew what it was like to feel left out.
"Look, you don't have to bother me with your problems. Got enough of my own," I replied harshly. Maybe too harshly.
"Really? Not a beautiful, perfect Hunter like the rest of your self-important little club?" he shot back. Ouch. That one hurt.
"If you think I'm so awful, why'd you come sit here?"
"Because I thought I might find common ground! If you're gonna be Camp Half-Blood's dictatorship for the next month, I'd like to be friends with the dictators!"
That did it. My pity was gone. I stood, furious.
"And to think, my opinion on makes had almost gone up from 'pigs' to 'dogs'!"
I stomped away to the Artemis cabin.
Now I knew. I hadn't just become a Hunter because of my mom. I had become one because males were pigs. No consideration, no sensitivity… and I hadn't even learned the kid's name.
In my frustration, I growled. Literally, growled.
"Hey." A familiar head appeared around the corner. "You growled?"
I cringed. Dawn had heard. "Sorry, just got frustrated…"
"I thought there was a wolf in here!" she laughed, but stopped short when she saw my face go dead white.
She rolled her eyes. "Oh, don't tell me you're a wolf. Oh, gods, that would be so cliché—"
"Shut up!" I hissed. "I shapeshift, okay? Don't tell anyone!"
She smirked. "Yeah. Not cliché at all."
"Look," I admonished, "it's not any animal. I can be a wolf, a falcon, or a mouse."
"A m—" Dawn covered her mouth with her hands. "Does anyone else know?"
I shook my head. "I have my own secrets. There are many things my sisters don't know about me."
"Obviously. Like your parentage?"
My eyes widened. "You—you know?"
She rolled her eyes. "As a daughter of Hermes, I make it my job to know details. I've noticed that you kinda cringe in the sunlight. That didn't exactly signal Apollo. You're awesome with animals, but you can't be a child of Demeter. They all have green eyes. All of them. Plus they can't shapeshift. You love archery, so I figured Ares, but you were too… I dunno, nice for that."
I closed my eyes. This was too much to handle. "Then the others have guessed, too."
"How should I know? Unless there's a daughter of Hermes or two mixed in with the Hunters, they probably haven't. Trust me, I know when people are lying. If they knew, but we're trying to keep it from you, I swear on the Styx that I would tell."
There was a seriousness in her eyes and a persuasiveness in her voice that convinced me she knew why my secret had to be kept and that she was telling the truth.
"And you swear you won't tell anyone my last power?"
She lifted a gold eyebrow. "I swear on the Styx."
The moon had just risen, a tiny crescent of silver in the sky, like a paper cut in the black velvet revealing the glory of the heavens, shone among the tiny stars, sprinkled across the sky like glitter and twinkling like it, too. Always breathtaking.
I closed my eyes and held out my hands, cupped together with the palms up, and concentrated.
In a few seconds, I could feel the silky coolness in my palms, quickly hardening to a marble-like texture. I lifted my hands and opened my eyes, not even squinting at the moonlight, now residing, sphere-shaped, in my palms.
I stretched and molded it, just for dramatic effect, then without warning, I hurled it out the window. It had a white tail, and it flamed briefly before slamming into a rock and smashing the boulder.
"Wow," Dawn remarked. "Good thing that was a boulder and not a tree. The dryads get angry in the spring."
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