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Dementors have been recently terrorizing the students which made Dumbledore banish them from Hogwarts. Hogwarts is now vulnerable so he asks he`s old friend Chiron for help by sending him his best warriors to be the temporary guardians of the school while he looks for replacements.
Percy Jackson is one of these warriors but not just as a guardian but also one of the guards of Harry Potter, so is Nico di Angelo and Jason Grace.

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ok ima post again because this is not the part i wanted to do but i had to fill in the space.
hope you enjoy!!!!!

I was at lunch with Ron and Hermione. I wasn’t that all hungry. I was still wondering how those muggles defeated the monster in the woods. And what were they talking about when they said ambrosia. That Leo kid was the weirdest of them all like who calls Dumbledore dude. Well I think Hermione was thinking this too because she wasn’t eating her food either.
“That Leo kid is really weird I mean he called Dumbledore dude. Who does that?” says Ron.
“Well Ron they are muggles so they won’t know who he is.” Hermione added.
“But you can admit they are weird.” I said thinking of how they all looked especially that Nico kid or the one who had color changing eyes.
“Yeah so Harry who do you think was the hottest.” He said which earned a glare from Hermione.
“Well I don’t know but if I had to choose I guess that girl with the color changing eyes she I don’t know there something about her that’s different from all the other girls she came with.” I said which was true I mean I just couldn’t help but look at her and listen to her words.
“What about you Ron?” I asked him.
“Well I got to say it would be either that Goth girl or the one with black pony tail or the one with the eyes or the blond one.” Ron admitted.
“Ok than.” Hermione said in a low voice.
Just then Fred and George came in and were in deep conversation. They sat right next to us and kept talking.
“What do you think she meant when she said maybe?” asked George.
“I don’t know it can be anything. But what about when she said they can turn us into jack elope and murder us and be undateable.” Fred said drinking some pumpkin juice.
“What are you guys talking about?” asked Hermione getting into their conversation.
“You know that guardian Goth girl.” George replied.
Hermione nodded. “Yeah Thalia.”
“Well me and George were talking to her and introducing our charming self.”
At this Hermione rolled her eyes.
“So you were hitting on her than.” Ron says.
“Yeah but she says to stay away from her but you know how we don’t listen to orders,” we nodded,” well she said that if we didn’t we would be turned into jackelopes and she would murder us and that she’s undateable.”
“Wait how is she going to turn you into jackelopes if there muggles?” I asked.
“But that’s not the worst she said she would tell us who and what she is.” Says George.
“She said she not human.” They both said in unison.
“What of course they are Dumbledore said so.” Hermione replied not entirely sure.
“But she said maybe and she smiled and left us their freaked out.”
At this Thalia came in with that kid named Leo.
The went to sit at their table but as they walked by they were talking in some other language. It souned really old and they were getting weird look from the students. “Oh my god.” Hermione muttered.
“What.” I said to her.
“There talking in Greek.” She whispered.
“Ok.” I said to her.
“You don’t get it that language was lost thousands of years ago.” She looked alarmed. That must have been something big because she was muttering things I couldn’t make out.
“If it was lost thousands of years ago than how do you know?” I asked her again.
“I learned some basic from it in our third year when I took that class that talked about some lost languages.”
“Oh…” but I was lost in track because Umbridge and Dumbledore started to talk about the centaurs aloud.
“If the ministry cuts there land anymore they will get angered.”
“The centaurs don’t have the power to show emotion and are vicious dirty animals they are worthless and id…” she was interrupted by Thalia. Thalia and Leo were glaring at her. And I was glad that I wasn’t on the other side of the glare.
“Centaurs are not worthless, vicious, dirty, idiotic, and they do show emotion so if I were you I would shut your trap before my friends hear you!” She said harshly.”
Umbridge just smiled and started talking to her,” How would you know if you never laid eyes on one?”
“Thalia dear you do not need to explain yourself until Friday please continue eating your meal as I advise all of you.” Dumbledore said. She seemed to calm down a bit but it was the word dear that made her clamed. I wondered if she even had anybody that called her dear. But there was a lot of whispering. You hear people around say,” How does she know…..Who are these people… What does she have to explain till Friday.” I was wondering that too. First she says shoes not human, she’s talking in Greek, and is defending centaurs. I know muggles have never seen centaurs which is surprisingly that she is defending them.
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Great chapter! Anyone else who wants to take over the forum, you have 2 more days to post!
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Percys POV

Well, this school was deffinently weird. The staircases moved, the students used wands, and they called ua muggles. What is a muggle? It was really hard to fight in these robes, but i managed. The headmaster, just called ua to the office.
Once i got there, i saw all of my friends come in shortly after.
"I need you to pick three of the best guardians to protect a certain student. Ill give you all until tomorrow to decide."
We went back to our room. Once we were there, we all sat down on the couches.
"Alright, percys deffinently one of them." Leo said.
thalia, annabeth, frank, and hazel nodded.
"I vote percy and jason." Nico said.
"Okay, percys one. Anyone object to jason?" Thalia said.
""I can gaurd the kid at night. I mean whos better for the night job? I love night." Nico said.
"Percy, jason, and nico it is." Annabeth said grimly.
i felt kind of upset too, because that means i wont see annabeth that much during the day.
"Lets just go patrol the corridors." I said taking annabeths hand.
we got up and left.

Harrys POV

i saw the guardians walking around the corridors. The kid with the black hair and green eyes was walking with the girl with the blond hair. They were holding hands. They both had a frown on there face, and were talking quietly.
I listened.
"...i know annabeth, but this is the headmasters orders. Ill see you at the meals, plus we both have the day shift, so i can see you at night." The boy said.
"Percy, i know its always get in danger when im not around."
"I dont find danger though, danger finds me. Besides, we are here to protect the school from danger so, ill run into danger on the way." The boy said with a small smile.
The girl sighed. "Percy, your so weird."
"Come on, lets go find.." he stopped.
"What is it?" The girl asked with a worried look on her face.
"Someones listening." He pointed at me. My eyes widened.
The girl starred at me with fierce grey eyes. It was horrifiying. She moved quickly. She had a dagger pointed at my neck.
"Why were you spying?" She said feircly.
"Come on annabeth let him go. Hes not worth it." Percy said. He looked mad though. Then a smile crept onto his face, "besides, i think your scaring the crap out of him."
she let me go and smiled too. Then i thought, how can i be scared of her. Ive faced voldemort plently of times.
"Im not scared you know." I growled.
They laughed. Why are they laughing?
The girl turned serious. "If you knew who we are you would be." With that, they turned and walked away.
Who were these people?
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big smile
cool! can you post the chapter were they explain themselves? plz it's going to be so cool i can tell! :)
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annabeth543 is right! I can't wait to see their faces when they said that they are children of the god!!!!!!!
This is the best story ever about Percy Jackson meet harry potter!!!!!!!!!!! I vote for the second writer to continue not that the first one is not as good is that the second one make demigod sounds stronger than Wizard!!!!!
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Why don't ten good arthur post at once cause it kinda boring to wait for everything and I always hate wating when I am feeling impatient.
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you sure love the spotlght don't you? You remind me of Elsie Jang my classmate. She Never wan't her hard work to be wasted and she s also a good arthur.
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