The Heroes of Olympus Another Percabeth Story

Aphrodite100 posted on Mar 23, 2012 at 02:16AM
Summary: Annabeth Chase is a famous sixteen year old actor. She goes to Goode High School in disguise so she can have a normal life, but is one of the most popular girls in Goode.

Percy Jackson is a regular sixteen year old. He's the most unpopular kid in school, with only one friend; Nico.

Two different worlds, but what will happen if they collide?

Annabeth Chase
Percy Jackson
Paul Blofis
Sally Jackson
Nico DiAngelio
Katie Gardener
Travis Stoll
Connor Stoll
Jason Grace
Piper McLean
-Rick Riordan owns the characters. Any other characters you recognize, R.R. owns them!

Maria Jackson (first name is mine in Spanish XD)
Kassey McCoy

might add more OCs as I go ;D

ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE MORTAL! No demigods this time.

warning: R.R's characters may seem a 'little' OOC! or a lot! XD

Alyta and Chaos used to be the ones to be writing this story. Now it's Alyta and Ares2002. if there is ANY confusion for new readers, just go ahead and read the story. Don't worry too much about it unless Chaos decides to write another chapter. So as of June 11, 2012, Chaos is no longer the co-writer of this story.
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over a year ago GOLDEN1GIRL said…
Yeah dot let this story die please guys.
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
1) I am the co-authur I don`t need permission to post chaus
2)I`ll try to post in a day or two
3) GOLDEN1GIRL- I don`t want that to happen as much as everyone
4) thank you to everyone for waiting, a month? for the update and still commenting
over a year ago GOLDEN1GIRL said…
I agree ^ (first point) ad second, who's posting??
over a year ago seaistruth said…
I know I'm not an author but could we pretend that creeping chapter with Luke an Annabeth didn't happen? This is just a suggestion and I don't have much of a rite to control ur story but its really disturbing on another note who is posting?
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over a year ago teamleo said…
just finished reading the story and i love it!!!! also i am confuzzled about the whole luke annabeth percy chapter. Anywho, PLZ POST SOON!!!!
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
the chapter with luke whipping annabeth is not real ok

onto the book!!!!

Annabeth`s P.O.V.

Silena bought the entire mall. Well, most of it at least. She bought me a fancy dress, and a whole wardrobe for herself. Then, we got our nails done, and while we were there , I got my hair curled(I didn`t get why, but silena insisted). When we were finally done, we went to her house and i collasped on her couch.

"Now for makeup!" exclaimed Silena gleefully. I couldn`t help but groan. "Non of that, you want to be perfect for Luke, don`t you?" I nrealised she had a point. Luke and I had slowly been growing apart. He was so secretive, and whenever I askd him about it we ended up fighting. So, I relunctly agreed.

"It has to be light though." When I was ll ready I noticed that our date was in 15 minutes! I quickly texted(a/n not demigads so they have phones and stuf) luke an dtold him to pick me up at Silena`s.

SOrry its such a filler and i didn`t post cause im a lazy bum ALso I know chaus isn`t going to post for a while but ho ong
over a year ago seaistruth said…
Nice thanks for Erasing that seen this is good post soon
over a year ago teamleo said…
big smile
Thnx for posting!!!!! Post again soon
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
I`llpost sometime over the weekend
over a year ago seaistruth said…
YAY thanks hopefully soon this weekend *wink*. ( that was a wink for 0 reason)
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
i lost my muse i am sorry here is a teaser

Luke finnaly picked me up, and brought me to his ferrari car. we talked about random things. When we got there, the first thing I noticed was the fancy lettering on the sighn. The p\lace was called Oh La LA. It had flashing neon lights adn it was the place you would expect a girl in a ski9n tight clothes and boa go.

?Everything was fine untill the `show` came out.

"Oh you`ve got to be kidding me."
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
anyone who guesses what it is gets 3 props
over a year ago teamleo said…
Its a stripper show huh? IT is isn't it! I really don't actually care but i do want you to POST SOON!!!
over a year ago corrected said…
why r u posting about strip clubs??????
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
it is not a strip club!!!!!! it was supposed to show a fancy resturant!

Now here is the chapter. mutters* honestly...stripper..unbelivable*

Annabeth`s P.O.V.

I watched as four people came out. One was carrying a bass, the other a guitar. The other two quicly came in front of the mic or drums.That was fine. The part that wasn`t fine?

They were all dressed in black, had rip jeans, and in all honesty, they looked as if they just came off the road. They looked like a stereotyped hard-core rockband. That wasn`t even the the worst part. That would`ve been okay. I couldv`e tried to ignore that. But no, the thing that blew me off? Everyone, and I mean everyone, even Lukje, suddenly took off the dreses or tuxes and started dancing. Luke looked at me, and smiling, said


"Luke," I tried to controll my emotions," di you plan this?"

"Of course I k new you would love this!"he said, mistakingly thinking I was

"Luke, I hate rock music, and surprises, I look like a misplaced snob, ANd did you really think that I would magically bring rock clothes. This was supposed to be romatic.!" Luke looked at me stunned, bu that almostimmediately dissapeared, replaced with a mask of fury.

"You told me you love rock music, i happened to bring clothes for you. Your always reading, and you just demand this, and demand that. You need to lay back have some fun, and just ly off."

"Lay of? LAY OFF?Did you really just say that? I haven`t seen you in a week and you tell me to lay off? Fine. I`ll lay off. Luke Castrelle (spell?) consider yourself SINGLE!" I stormed off, and at the boorway , i turne back and said, I`m taking the car."

Witout even paying attentin I found mylf at Percy`s
over a year ago teamleo said…
Awww! So cute at the end! Stupid Luke. Btw his last name is Castellan. Please post soon!
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
I am sorry for neglecting my duties as an authur. In all truthness, I was going to discontinue this, but I could not bear to do that twice in one night. So, anyone loyal enough to keep reading this, enjoy.

Annabeth`s P.O.V.

I stoped abruptly, my mind spinning. On one hand I knew Percy would know what to say to comfort me, but on the other, his crush on me would make it awkward, he could end up trying to beat up Luke, and Luke never really liked him. Most of the time I would end up yelling at him that Percy was a fine person, but if he knew I had come to him for comfort it would ruin any chance at getting back together. Yes, you read that correctly.

Now that my mind wasn`t fogged up with anger, I could think clearly. So,I analyzed every tiny piece of `evidence', then looked at it as a whole. I came up with this, I overreacted. After all, Luke was trying to be nice, he just didn`t have the right information. If I had liked rock music, one would assume that I prefered to stay away from fancy resturants. Which was partly true. I would hate to live the life of a Semi-known celebraty, but a night out never hurt.

My pride, however, refused to forgive him so quickly, and kept pointing out that he had pretty much said I was nerd who needed to get a life. Before I could get into an argument with my coniesness, a worried voice broke the silence.

"Hey Anabe- Woah! Are you ok? You look like you just cried. And you makeup is all messed. Wait, your dressed fancy. Did Luke break up with you? I`ll kill that-"

"PERCY" He stopped mid-rant, and looked at me like he was waiting. I attempteed a weak smile, which probally ended up looking like shut-up-before-I-end-up-crying-again. I took a deep breath in, and then out again.I then reached up and wiped the wetness that was gathering under my eyes away.

"I think I need some hot choclate." Percy nodded and helped me out of my car. He led me to his mom and his apartment, which was on the 4th floor.

Not once did I think of all the reaons I came up with not to talk to him.
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over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
P.S. Chaus, are you goin tocome back, or do you want to give your co auturship o somone else
over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
big smile
over a year ago GOLDEN1GIRL said…
Hey guys, I'm so glad you finally posted- I know I haven't posted on my story but I have already posted the next chapter. I'm back and thanks for posting!!
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
I`ll update in a day or two.
over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
Percy`s P.O.V.

Annabeth had just finished teeling her story.

"Do you want me to kill him?"

Annabeth rolled her eyes, but said eyes had mirth in them. 'Score for Pery' I thought.

"No. I overreac-"

"He pretty much said you were a loser!" I realised how that sounded, and tried tofix it." I don`t think that. Your very smart and pretty too. What does loser mean anyway? Is there a definition? In fact, what`s the defination of defination? I don`t know, Do you? Of course not, noone does. And-" My ADHD acted up when I was nervous.

"SHUT UP!" Annabeth shouted.I realised I probally confused her, which she hates.

"Sorry. Hey, doyou want me to ask my mom if you can spend the night?" A flicker of indecision came over her, but was gone so fast I wasnt sure if i imagined it. That happened more often than you would think


Constructive critisism welcomed. Sorry it is mostly a filler.
over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
great chappie! dunno what i can say... POST SOON!!!!
over a year ago ElizabethJane said…
Great Chapter and i am new ( FYI Elizabeth Jane is NOT my real name its a roleplay one)
But i am loving this story even if it shifts alittle but its AWESOME!!! To bothe girlygirl and Load Chaos

Have some cake!!
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
Thank you for the cake. Here is the chapter.

Annabeth`s P.O.V.

As Percy left to go ask his mother if I could stay, I suddenly remembered that I had decided that I WASN`T going to go see him. Well, so much for that. I wondered what had made me forget. I guesse when I saw Percy, I kind of just... relaxed? He did tend to make people calm. Well, at least made me calm.

"Hey, my mom said you could stay, but you may want to call your dad."

"Think of the devil." I murmured.

"What was that?" He asked. Oh no. If he knew I thought of him he may take it the wrong way. I quickly answered before he could think about it too much.

"Oh nothing. Can I borrow your phone so I can call my dad?"

"But I thought- nevermind. Er, yeah, here is my phone." I had conveinantly `forgotten` I had my phone in my pocket. Speaking of that, I should turn it on vibrate before Luke calls. I`d do thatwhen Percy left.

Of coarse, Luke decided to call then. Whoever controlls the universe hates me.


Luke`s P.O.V.

"I don`t get it!" I shouted in frustration. "why do I have to date Annabeth? Why is it so important?" I didn`t want to date her. She was like my sister, though I did have a small crush on her. It was hard to think of family looking into the cold face in front of me. The face that haunted my nightmares, black mailed me, and drove me to the edge of insanity. The face I loathed with the bottom of my heart. The raspy voice that belonged to the face made an appearance.

"Do not question me." I grit my teeth together.

"Yes master."

I ♥ reveiws. Please comment what you think will/should happen
over a year ago corrected said…
link click this link and comment
over a year ago extraordinary25 said…
Great twist to the story! Can't wait to find out who is controlling Luke. I'm guessing it's Kronos.
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
Thnak you for the responces. If you want to check out my other story it`s called truth or dare gone wrong.
over a year ago Rickfan said…
Yes, and I should make myself noticed now.
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
I`m so sorry! I thought I had already updated this! Well, for the wait, you get an extra long chapter!

Percy`s P.O.V.

I looked around in confusion. What was that beeping coming from? I could`ve sworn it was Annabeth`s ring tone, but why would she ask to see my phone if she had hers? She knew I was supposed to use my phone sparingly, but still, I sounded like the noise was coming from her pocket. I opened my mouth to ask if she heard the mysterious noise that I recognized as the Macarena. It was then I noticed her guilty face. A suspicion formed in my mind. What if she had her phone on her?

It was then I realized my mouth was still open and decided to close it. I quickly talked to try to hide my embarrassment.

"Are you going to get that?" I asked her in what I hoped was a smooth voice. It probably sounded like a dying cat. Her gray eyes clearly showed she was a deer trapped in headlights. For a second that is, after that they looked calm as can be. I had always envied her acting skills, especially after she tricked me in a game of capture the flag in 5th grade. The winners got ice cream! She had shared, but it just wasn`t the same.

Annabeth started talking, and her voice had worry in it. It almost oozed out. "Percy," She paused for a second here, "Are you okay? There's no noise."

The ring tone was blaring in the background, and was nearing the end. The cellphone would delete the call unless the caller left a message. Without thinking my hand darted out and pulled the phone out of her pocket. I looked at it in shock. Most of the time she would pulverize me for saying it. It didn`t help that `his` name was flashing on the cellular device. I felt my face pull back into a frown. Or a glare. I couldn`t tell the difference.

"Why is he calling?" I growled. She looked at me in surprise.

"I know your kind of angry at Luke-" I interrupted her. Most of the time I wasn`t that stupid, but hi name was sending waves of anger through me.

"It`s not Luke." I said shortly. A look of puzzlement came on her face. It was replaced by the face she had when she wanted to learn anything.

"Then who is it? No one else has my number except . . . "

"Ethan Nakamura"


How was it? Constructive Criticism wanted.
over a year ago Draco350 said…
Man, I haven't been on here for a while. I think this story is dying. Not as good as the other one. Peace out 😄
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
Does everyone think that the story is dying out like ^? Please say if you think so because I am willing to stop this,
over a year ago extraordinary25 said…
NO! Don't stop the story! It's good, and it's Percabeth. I liked the other one a lot, but this one is good too.
over a year ago corrected said…
u should stop
over a year ago NymphsOfOlympus said…
It's your choice. If you think that you have no more ideas or time for this, stop it. Don't give your fans false hopes. On the other had, if you're just feeling out of juice, stop it for a few days and then continue.
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
I was going to continue this, but as I tried to write the chapter, I couldn`t even think of what to write. I`m sorry, I just don`t have the inspiration. If someone wants to take over, that`s fine, but I just don`t know what to write.