The Heroes of Olympus Another Percabeth Story

Aphrodite100 posted on Mar 23, 2012 at 02:16AM
Summary: Annabeth Chase is a famous sixteen year old actor. She goes to Goode High School in disguise so she can have a normal life, but is one of the most popular girls in Goode.

Percy Jackson is a regular sixteen year old. He's the most unpopular kid in school, with only one friend; Nico.

Two different worlds, but what will happen if they collide?

Annabeth Chase
Percy Jackson
Paul Blofis
Sally Jackson
Nico DiAngelio
Katie Gardener
Travis Stoll
Connor Stoll
Jason Grace
Piper McLean
-Rick Riordan owns the characters. Any other characters you recognize, R.R. owns them!

Maria Jackson (first name is mine in Spanish XD)
Kassey McCoy

might add more OCs as I go ;D

ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE MORTAL! No demigods this time.

warning: R.R's characters may seem a 'little' OOC! or a lot! XD

Alyta and Chaos used to be the ones to be writing this story. Now it's Alyta and Ares2002. if there is ANY confusion for new readers, just go ahead and read the story. Don't worry too much about it unless Chaos decides to write another chapter. So as of June 11, 2012, Chaos is no longer the co-writer of this story.
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love it post soon
over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…
Chapter 5: Cancel This...Cancel That...

It was very annoying to tell everyone I was Joanne Chase. So by the time I got home, I asked my manager, Holly, to cancel my photo shoot and audition that were in Manhattan.

"Sure thing, Sweets," she answered before grabbing her phone.

I ran into my room and ran to the computer. No messages...
Sighing, I walked to my bed and flopped down on it.
I thought about my day. About Percy. Holly knocked on my door, and I pulled my blankets up to hide a blush that was settling on my cheeks.
"The dates had to get moved to next week. You're going to it," she warned.
"Got it," I said, praying Holly wouldn't notice the blanket. Either she did, and ignored it, or she didn't.
I shoved the blankets off of me and pushed Percy to the back of my mind. I couldn't afford to get distracted by him...


I walked into my apartment. The first person I saw was my mom, Sally.
"Hey, Mom," I said, grabbing a blue muffin. Don't ask about the blue.
"Hey, Percy. How was school?"
"As in...?"
"The usual," I said, shrugging. "We got a new girl, I showed her around..."
Mom nodded, observing my closely. "Is she cute?"
My cheeks started to burn. "Beautiful," I muttered, looking down.
"So, did you...?"
"Mom!" I groaned. "She probably doesn't even like me!"

Sally chuckled, turning back to the oven. She took out a tray of blue cookies and set the on the counter. I was eying them when she said something about asking 'the girl' to come for dinner.

"Say what?" I said, slowly turning to my mother.
"Ask the girl to come here for dinner tomorrow," Sally said, smiling.
"Mom, her name's Joanne Chase. I don't know where she lives, or anything about her!"
"Percy Jackson," Mom warned, her voice getting low.
"Fine! I' ask tomorrow," I said, turning around.
"Why not just look her up in the phone book and call her?" Mom said, taking a few cookies off the tray.
"Fine. I'll do it."

I grabbed the phone book and ran to my room. I grabbed my cell phone and started looking for 'Chase' in the phone book.

I groaned when I saw how many Chases there were. I dialed the number to the first one; Fredrick Chase.

(Percy Mr. Chase Annabeth/Joanne)

Hello, Fredrick speaking.
Hi, Mr. Chase. Is there a Joanne Chase there?
I heard a muffled sound, the a name. But it wasn't Joanne. It was Annabeth.
I frowned, but smiled when I heard, Hello?
Joanne? This is Percy.
Oh, hey Percy!
Hi. My mom wanted to know if you could come to dinner with us tomorrow night?
Sure! You can bring me to your house, and I'll just stay there until dinner.
Gotcha. See you tomorrow?
Ok. Bye.

I closed my phone. I just asked to most beautiful girl in school to dinner.

Score for Percy!
How do you like the chappie?
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I have got to get over that! :/
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Go Percy! Great chappie!!!

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nooooo!!!! I had a chappie typed up, but I accidentally reloaded the page, and it's gone!! and it was 2x longer than the one above! sorry, I'll try to type it back up ASAP!
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
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over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…

I smiled and tossed the phone on my bed. Percy Jackson just asked me to come for dinner.
I felt like jumping up and down in joy, but I didn't. My dad was waiting for me to give him the phone back.

"So, Annie, who was that?" he asked.
"Percy Jackson. He goes to my school, and he showed me around today," I said, picking the phone off my bed and handing it to him.
"Hmm. Is he handsome?"
"Um...Actually Dad, I have a homework assignment from Mrs. Dodds I have to do right now, so if you don't mind..." I lied, trying not to answer the question.
"Annabeth, will you just answer the question?"
"Nope, gotta do homework."

My dad grunted, but closed the door behind him. I rushed to my little table, grabbed my phone and started to text my friend, Piper McLean. It kinda went like this;

(Annabeth Piper)

Piper, u r not going 2 believe this
believe what?
The cutest boy in my class just asked me to dinner!
Cool! Does he know?
r u gonna tell him?

So yeah. Piper has a boyfriend, Jason Grace, but only Piper knew my secret. Both are actors. I've known Piper since we were five. And now we're both sixteen. So yeah, a long time.

I groaned when I finally put my phone down. There was nothing to do. I looked at my clock. 4:05

I could take a walk around town...
I grabbed a sweater and put my contacts back on. "I'm going to go to the park!" I yelled, walking out of the door.

I pulled the hood of my sweater up. If the paparazzi didn't notice the eyes were different, they would definitely notice my hair. It had started to curl up while I was in my room, so now it was curly.

I walked past the biggest group. Then the next group. One more group...

Yes! I made it to my car! Just as I thought that, I pulled down my hood and climbed into the limo.
"Can we get to the closest park?" I asked the driver.
"Sure thing, Miss Chase."

I smiled and leaned back. My driver, Jasper, knew me even with contacts and my hair straitened.

I grabbed my iPad from the space next to me and started playing Angry Birds. Just as I won the level, Jasper said, "We're here."
I looked up and turned off the iPad. "Thanks Jasper!" I said, climbing out. "Can you come back around five?"
Jasper nodded, then drove off before anyone could notice the limo. Smiling, I turned around, but stopped dead in my tracks.

Percy Jackson had just seen me get out of that limo.

A/N that chapter was wayyy different from the one I was going to do, but I wanted to add some things and 'accidentally' got carried away. hope you like it! and sorry it's short!
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Nice chappie
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I LOVED it <3

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It was sooooo good!!!!!!!!
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over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…

I turned around when I heard a car door slam, expecting Nico. We were supposed to meet half an hour ago.

Instead, I saw someone else, getting out of a limousine. A girl. When she turned around, smiling, I realized it was Joanne. Her hair was curled (which I thought was cute for her), but her smile wiped off her face as soon as she saw me.
Shock was on her face. She quickly recovered and smiled at me.

"Hey Percy!" she said, walking up next to me.

sneek peek! i'll try to post later this week, but i'm gonna be really really busy :/
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Ah cliffhangers....... THEY SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the preview though. It was really good.
And I can not wait until u post again!!! I hope its really really really really soon!!!!
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Sorry for the wait guys:


I turned around when I heard a car door slam, expecting Nico. We were supposed to meet half an hour ago.

Instead, I saw someone else, getting out of a limousine. A girl. When she turned around, smiling, I realized it was Joanne. Her hair was curled (which I thought was cute for her), but her smile wiped off her face as soon as she saw me.
Shock was on her face. She quickly recovered and smiled at me.

"Hey Percy!" she said, walking up next to me.
"Hey Joanne," I said. Relief seemed to roll off her shoulders.
"So, what brings you to the park?"
"I want some relaxation," I muttered, earning a chuckle from Joanne.
"I can relate to that," she muttered under her breath.

I smiled a little bit. We walked in uncomfortable silence for a while, only interrupted by Joanne's phone.

"Hello?" she said, turning away from me. She sighed after a little bit, then grumbled, "I don't want to Dad...At the park, why? Crap. Bye!"
Joanne took the phone away from her ear and turned it off. "Can I meet your mom?" she asked, batting her eyelashes. She sounded innocent; so of course, I said, "Sure."
"Thanks Percy!"

I blinked. Shaking my head, I led the way to my car. I opened the door for her, then went to the driver's side.

30 minutes later...

I pulled up into an available parking spot in front of my apartment.

"Mom!" I shout as I walk into the doorway. "I'm home early! Joanne wanted to meet you!"

Sally came around the corner, wiping something off her hands onto the apron she was wearing.
"Hi, Joanne. I'm Sally, Percy's mom."
"Hi Sally. Could I stay here until...four-thirty, five?"
"Sure thing, Sweets."
"Percy, show Joanne around the house."
"Fine. Come on, Joanne."

I started upstairs, not bothering to open my bedroom door; it was a total mess in there. We worked our way down, until we were in the living room. I plopped down on the couch, but Joanne got to the remote before I did.

"I got it first Percy. Anyways, ladies first!"
"Joanne! Give me the remote!"
"Ladies first! You were such a gentleman earlier, anyway!"

I slumped back against the couch. Joanne relaxed, and I lunged for the remote, getting it.
"I win Joanne," I said, turning the channel to NCIS.
Joanne crossed her arms. "Not fair Percy."
"Was too."
"It was, and you know it!"
"Please, can I have it, Percy?"
"Nope, we're watching NCIS!"

Joanne finally gave in, or so I thought. Just as I began to get comfortable, she snuggled up against my arm. My hands started to sweat. Gods, what is she planning now? I thought.
Joanne seemed to know what I was thinking, but wanted to make it harder for me. She grabbed my hand, gripping it tightly in her own.

"C-can we change it Percy? P-please?"
For an answer, I gave her the remote. She smiled triumphantly, quickly changing the channel.

I shook my head. Twice, I had been tricked in the same day, by the same girl.

That's when I decided one simple thing: I loved Joanne Chase.

Did you like the chappie? ;)
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