The Heroes of Olympus Another Percabeth Story

Aphrodite100 posted on Mar 23, 2012 at 02:16AM
Summary: Annabeth Chase is a famous sixteen year old actor. She goes to Goode High School in disguise so she can have a normal life, but is one of the most popular girls in Goode.

Percy Jackson is a regular sixteen year old. He's the most unpopular kid in school, with only one friend; Nico.

Two different worlds, but what will happen if they collide?

Annabeth Chase
Percy Jackson
Paul Blofis
Sally Jackson
Nico DiAngelio
Katie Gardener
Travis Stoll
Connor Stoll
Jason Grace
Piper McLean
-Rick Riordan owns the characters. Any other characters you recognize, R.R. owns them!

Maria Jackson (first name is mine in Spanish XD)
Kassey McCoy

might add more OCs as I go ;D

ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE MORTAL! No demigods this time.

warning: R.R's characters may seem a 'little' OOC! or a lot! XD

Alyta and Chaos used to be the ones to be writing this story. Now it's Alyta and Ares2002. if there is ANY confusion for new readers, just go ahead and read the story. Don't worry too much about it unless Chaos decides to write another chapter. So as of June 11, 2012, Chaos is no longer the co-writer of this story.
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over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…
^nope, all human! I'll try to get a chappie up, but I just got home from giving a tour (long story), but good news is some of it is already typed! :P
posting soon :D
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
that chapter was really funny. and i loved it!!
and i can not wait until u post again!! i hope its really soon!!
over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…

I knew the 'I'm scared Percy, can we change this?' act would get Percy. Smirking, I changed the channel.

"Joanne!" Percy whined.
"Percy!" I mimicked, realizing I was still holding his hand. I blushed and let it go abruptly.

Percy crossed his arms, oblivious to my blushing. Cross that. He looked over at me and smirked. He was thinking hard, and I didn't like the look on his face. His cheeks got a little pink, but nonetheless, he leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

I dropped the remote in shock, and Percy took the opportunity to change the channel back to NCIS. I groaned loudly, over my shock. Looking at the clock, I saw only half an hour had passed. I wanted my revenge on Percy. But how?

I didn't realize the time had passed so quickly until I looked at the time. It was nearly five. Suddenly, I got an idea.

"Percy, can you drive me home?" I asked, getting off the comfy couch.
"Sure sure," he muttered, following me out of the door. He drove me to my house (missing the turn too many times) and pulled into the drive.


I looked at Joanne, waiting for her to get out of my car. She was messing with something in her purse. When she finally finished, she looked up at me and kissed me lightly on the lips.
I sat there, frozen, while she smirked and got out of my car. Dozens of thoughts ran through my mind. I was shocked. I sat there for five minutes before I put my car into reverse and drove away, certain she was smirking at me through the curtains.

hope you liked it! sorry it took so long to post! ;)
over a year ago theocean5566 said…
big smile
Post when ever you can even though u just posted
over a year ago jojo12313 said…
lol is this a revenge story lol
over a year ago horse22133454 said…
Lol love it post soon
over a year ago wisegirl778 said…
the epicness radiates off of your story like heat from a fire and ike a fire that can't tamed
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
That chapter was HILARIOUSLY AWESOME. XD. I loved it!!
And I cant wait until u post again! I hope its really soon!!!!!!!!
over a year ago Rickfan said…
post soon!
over a year ago jojo12313 said…
post soon
over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…

I ran into my house, beet red. I just KISSED Percy Jackson. The minute he drove away, I ran to my room and screamed into my pillow. When I finally calmed down, I noticed my dad was watching from the doorway.

"Hey, Annie," he said nonchalantly.
"Why're you screaming?"
"That's not an answer."
"'Cuz...'Cuz I...I just met a really nice lady!" I lied, snapping my fingers lightly.
"Really?" I could tell my father didn't believe me. "Who drove you home?"
"Percy Jackson..."
"Ah, the one who wants you to come to his place for dinner?"

I nodded. "He's really nice, Dad. We just argued like normal teens and messed around. His mom's the nice lady. Her name's Sally Jackson."
My dad nodded. "Are you...involved with...Percy?" My father spit his name out. I flinched. Was something going on between me and him?
"No. Really Dad, we're not," I muttered. "I'm going to just go up in my room, listen to some music."

I ran up into my room and grabbed my CD case. I had plenty of CDs. I selected a Now That's What I call Music CD and put it into my karaoke machine, then listened most of the songs. I skipped the ones I didn't like. Finally, I got to my favorite song; Glad You Came by The Wanted.

I was singing the chorus, jumping on my bed, with the volume on full blast when my father burst into the room.

"Turn that down!" he shouted.
"I'M GLAD YOU CAME!" I shouted, not hearing him.

Fredrick Chase walked over to the karaoke machine and turned it off.
"Daaaaad, what was that for?" I whined, falling to my knees, completely oblivious to the 'You're in trouble, you know that right?' look he was giving me.
"Why were you jumping on your bed with the music so loud?" he asked, his voice dangerously low.

I gulped. Uh oh, I'm in trouble.
"Well, I really, really like that song, Daddy," I said, acting innocent.
Fredrick's expression softened. "Don't do it again Annie," he said, smiling.
"Thanks Daddy!" I said, running over and hugging him. I felt kind of bad for acting in front of my father like I was, but I really didn't want to get into trouble. Being an actress really pays off.

sneak peek! I can't post on Tuesdays or Fridays :( because of tours (don't ask). So I'll tryyyy to post by Wednesday or Thursday! ;)
over a year ago theocean5566 said…
big smile
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
I love it. Its sooooo AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!
I love that song too!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I know like all the words!!
And I can not wait u.til u post again!!!!!! I hope u get a on wenesday!!
over a year ago Rickfan said…
post soon!
over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…
^^the song is amazing!! I beg my sister for the Now CD that has it every day! So, I hope to post tomorrow, but no promises. ;)
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
Ok. I hope u do.
I cant wait!!
over a year ago Nicolicious said…
big smile
Awesome story post soon :D
You should make Rachael a demigod then make her go to the high school and then... I'm out of suggestions
Your truly
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Pretty please post soon!!!!!!!!!
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over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…
lol I've been waiting for a semi-truck that's across the street to move (cuz it's got part of an airplane on it), but just found out there's a car in front of it that's broke down! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting, but I've been waiting for nothing! :/
over a year ago girlygirl1234 said…
lol well atleast u know now
over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…
it moved!!!
the airplane semi-truck moved this morning! I think it's going somewhere that's on the other side of ze mountain...

posting soon (hopefully)!
over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…
sorry for the long wait!! stupid writers block... :(



I pounded on the top of my alarm clock until it turned off. Today was the day I was going to have dinner with the Jacksons. It was also Saturday.

Why's the alarm going off? I thought, chucking it across the room. I rolled over and groaned. Now that I was awake, I couldn't go back to sleep.

Nonetheless, I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. After five minutes, I gave up and grabbed my iPod.

My life is brilliant...
My life is brilliant,
My love is pure,
I saw an angel,
Of that I'm sure,
She smiled at me on a subway,
She was with another man,
But I won't loose no sleep all night,
Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful,
You're beautiful,
You're beautiful,
It's true.
I saw your face,
In a crowded place,
And I'm not sure what to do...
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Yeah she caught my eye,
As I walked on by,
She could see from my face that I was...
High, and I don't think that I'll see her again,
But, we shared a moment that will last 'till the end.

You're beautiful,
You're beautiful,
You're beautiful,
It's true.
I saw your face,
In a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do...
'Cause I'll never be with you.

You're beautiful,
You're beautiful,
You're beautiful,
It's true.
There must be an angel,
With a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth...
I will never be with you.

I looked around, sure someone was watching. Frowning, I turned back to my iPod and searched through the music. When I finally found the one I was looking for, I smiled.

After about half an hour of listening to music, I finally got up. There was nothing to do. Sighing, I got dressed and got some breakfast.

"I'm going to the park!" I shouted, walking out of the door. I heard a faint "Ok!" as I closed the door.

I was sitting on the bench, doodling, when I heard a familiar voice say, "Hey."
I turned around, smiling. "Oh, hi Percy."

Percy grinned and sat down next to me. "Why'd you kiss me?" he asked curiously.
I blushed. "You kissed me, so I had to get back at you!"
"Sure, sure..."
I rolled my eyes, then playfully shoved him. "I did!" I giggled.

After a while, Percy put his arm behind me. A girl about fourteen ran up to us.

"Ooh, Percy's flirting with girl!" she squealed.

I blushed bright red. Percy glared at the girl. "Maria, go away!" he muttered, pulling his arm away from me.
Maria giggled, then ran off. "Sorry about that. She's my little sister..." Percy muttered, looking away.

The only thing I could think of to say was, "Oh..."

After a while of uncomfortable silence, Percy stood up. "I better go help Mom..." he said, walking away. Maria was already waiting by his car.

As soon as his car drove away, I felt this weird sensation in my stomach. I missed him. Already. And not just a little bit. I missed him a LOT.
I put my head in my hands. I was falling for Percy Jackson.

"You ok miss?"
I looked up. An old lady sitting in a wheelchair was looking at me.
"Yeah, just...confused," I said, looking at my hands.
"Boy troubles?" she asked. Her voice sounded fragile. She seemed to be really fragile, sitting in the wheelchair.
I looked up. "How'd you know?"
"Well, you're a young girl who's very pretty. There was a handsome boy over here that left. You put your head in your hands. Boy troubles," she said.

I nodded. "I'm going to his house later today for dinner with his family."
"Don't let him get away Miss...Miss...What did you say your name was again?" the old lady asked, tapping her chin.
"Annabeth Chase ma'am."
"Ok, don't let this boy get away Miss Annabeth!" With that, the old lady rolled herself away.

I smiled. I stood up and walked to my car, then drove back home.

Several hours later...

I knocked on the Jackson's door, then waited. I was wearing a blue dress that went just below my knees and black ballet flats. Percy was supposed to pick me up, but he called and told me he was too busy at the moment.
Sighing, I knocked on the door again. This time, Maria answered.

"Mom, Percy's girlfriend's here!" she shouted, just before opening the door.
I smiled kindly, trying to ignore the girlfriend comment. I wish I was his girlfriend.
"Hi Maria," I said, walking in.
"Hi Joanne."

At that moment, Percy walked in. He was wearing a black button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and blue jeans. He smiled when he saw me, then gave me a friendly hug.

"Sorry about not picking you up. I'll take you to the movies to make up for it," Percy whispered in my ear.
"Ok. Thanks," I whispered back.

Percy pulled away. His eyes quickly swept over me, and he blushed lightly.


Joanne looked gorgeous. I blushed, then walked back into the kitchen to help Mom with the food.
"Joanne's here," I said, grabbing a large bowl.
"I heard Maria say something about her being your girlfriend."
"I honestly don't know."
"Hmm...Can you take this out?"

I grabbed the bowl Mom was holding out to me and took it to the table. We were having burritos tonight.

Sighing, I looked into the living room. Joanne was sitting on the couch, doing something with her phone while Maria looked over her shoulder. They both giggled, and Joanne looked up, smiling. I grinned at her, then walked back into the kitchen.

so yeah, sorry about the wait! I hope that chapter made up for it!