The Heroes of Olympus Another Percabeth Story

Aphrodite100 posted on Mar 23, 2012 at 02:16AM
Summary: Annabeth Chase is a famous sixteen year old actor. She goes to Goode High School in disguise so she can have a normal life, but is one of the most popular girls in Goode.

Percy Jackson is a regular sixteen year old. He's the most unpopular kid in school, with only one friend; Nico.

Two different worlds, but what will happen if they collide?

Annabeth Chase
Percy Jackson
Paul Blofis
Sally Jackson
Nico DiAngelio
Katie Gardener
Travis Stoll
Connor Stoll
Jason Grace
Piper McLean
-Rick Riordan owns the characters. Any other characters you recognize, R.R. owns them!

Maria Jackson (first name is mine in Spanish XD)
Kassey McCoy

might add more OCs as I go ;D

ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE MORTAL! No demigods this time.

warning: R.R's characters may seem a 'little' OOC! or a lot! XD

Alyta and Chaos used to be the ones to be writing this story. Now it's Alyta and Ares2002. if there is ANY confusion for new readers, just go ahead and read the story. Don't worry too much about it unless Chaos decides to write another chapter. So as of June 11, 2012, Chaos is no longer the co-writer of this story.
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Pretty please post soon!!!!
over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…
I'm sorry!! I can't post until Wednesday cuz I'm extremely busy!! so far, I've got like 2 sentences typed up! I'll post ASAP!
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pretty sure its thursday and still no post .....
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Post soon! Please! Your story is awesome!
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This is awesome!!! Post soon!!
over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…

I turned around and started to go over to our lockers, Percy right behind me. I felt bad about him having to carry around my bags, but I couldn't do it.
"Percy, you don't have to carry my things around all day, I said, opening my locker. He nodded, but only put one bag in.
"I think I can handle it," he said, kissing me lightly.

I slightly smiled and followed him to our first class. The minute we walked into the room, I was bombarded with questions.

"Why are you on crutches Joanne?"
"I heard you and Percy are dating!"
"What happened?!?!"

And so on. I glanced at Percy. This was going to be difficult. Especially once I announce we're dating to the press.
Kids at school will think Percy's cheating on me. Which he won't be.

Sighing, I followed him to the two desks at the back. The interviews were going to be much, much worse than this.

Before I knew it, the day was over. Percy was going with me shopping, but he was going to have to carry the bags again. Poor poor him.

sorry if it's short...writer's block :/
over a year ago JJFlowers said…
I just found this and its AMAZING!!! Post soon!!!
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It's good and don't worry about its size!
over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…
thanks for your support! I'll definitely try to type up another chappie today!
over a year ago Aphrodite100 said…
Annabeth (After shopping is over with. Time for the interview! lol XD)

I followed Percy, much to his discomfort, as he led the way to the interviewer. She was a middle aged lady with brown curls that went down to her shoulders. Her eyes were nearly black, and she had a white flowing blouse and blue skinny jeans on. Not to mention she was very pretty.

I sat down on the loveseat and curled up next to Percy, leaving my broken leg down. I smiled at him, then grabbed his hand. It was shaking slightly, and he kinda looked pale.
"It's ok need to worry. I'll answer most of the questions," I whispered, smiling reassuringly at him. Percy just nodded, but some of the color came back into his cheeks.

I looked at the lady that was supposed to interview us and smiled, signaling we were ready to start.

"I'm Jordan Black," she said, holding out her hand. I noticed she had a British accent and smiled, shaking her hand.
"You probably already know who I am," I said, completely at ease. "But this is Percy Jackson."
Jordan looked at Percy, then shook his hand. "Nice to meet you."
"You too," Percy said, nervousness lightly coating his voice.

Jordan turned back to me. "So, Annabeth, where have you been? Everyone has been so worried about you lately."

"I've started high school this year," was all I said.
"That's excellent! What school?"
"I don't want to name it."
"Ok...Is that where you met Percy?"
"Yes ma'am."
"Is there something going on between you two?"

I looked at Percy, and he lightly nodded. That was my OK. We were 'going public.'

It was silent for a few moments. I looked at Jordan again. She was writing something on a small piece of paper.
Finally, she looked up and said, "Jake? Can you take this to Mr. Henderson? I think we've got the front page!"

Oh crap. I never even thought of that. I looked at Percy, who was looking like he was panicky. The front page meant a bunch of photos. And a bunch of photos meant a photo shoot.

This was going to be a very long day.

I posted another chappie for you!!! hope you like it! :D
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i HATE taking photos! Good job and post soon!
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^ikr? they are sooo annoying! idk how movie stars can stand it! It's like:
"Say 'Cheese!'"
Click! Flash!
lol :D idk if I can post today cuz math help :/ but I'll try!
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big smile
Yay post soon
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When I take pics this is what happens:
Me: No! My pictures suck!
Mom: Did you back talk me missy?
Me: Mom, we can't have a convo without me talking back so yes.
Mom: Whatever, you are still taking a pic.
Me: Ow! my freaking eyes hurt now!
Mom:Whatever. *Shows me pic*
Mom: That's why it's going on Facebook.
Me: -___-
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Photos shoot its the end of the world!
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^^LOL! I can't post til Wednesday unfortunately becuz I'm extremely busy! but please don't spam when I'm gone! you guys probably won't, but I'm saying it anyway.
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