The Heroes of Olympus Taken By The Earth (COMPLETED)

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DISCLAIMER: All of the original characters and places belong to Rick Riordan.

SUMMERY: During the second Giant War, Percy sacrifices himself to destroy Gaea. But before she disappears she takes Percy for revenge. When Percy awakes, Gaea is of full power again. Now he has to escape her clutches and help his friends and family before its too late.


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A Rueful Wish

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What seems good turns bad, what seems bad turns good. It is an endless cycle.
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over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
big smile
short or not, i will always enjoy this story.
cant wait for the next chappie!!!
over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
but no one is here...
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I iz hear over a year ago
over a year ago i-am-evil said…
Awesome chappie! Pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooost
over a year ago corrected said…
no offense but this story is horrible.. POST SOON!
rainbow_girl commented…
what?? u dont make any sense over a year ago
corrected commented…
i know over a year ago
corrected commented…
what i meant was this story sucks but im still going to continue reading it over a year ago
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U I weird over a year ago
over a year ago kayleegurule said…

“How about we crash here for the night?” Will suggested.
I nodded. Will helped me sit on the floor and I was thankful. It seems like the longer we’re in this stupid Labyrinth the worse I’m getting medically. I’m not sure how long I can really continue this journey but I don’t want to give up.
Every time I consider just letting go, Annabeth’s face pops into my head. Her eyes, her hair, her face, and the way she’d smile at me whenever I’d do something stupid. I want to believe that she’s looking for me but a part of me doubts it. Annabeth is smart, beautiful, kind, and can be extremely successful so why would she wait for me when she could have any guy she wanted.
Looking back on our time together I realize just how much I was happy with her. I mean that’s the reason I proposed. She made me happy . . . and I guess love does factor into the equation. But either way, Annabeth has always been there. She actually used to have this saying. She’d say: Each day is a gift and not a given right. I guess I never really understood that until now.
Each day is a gift. I mean I missed five years of my life. But I still beat the odds and managed to survive. Will even said that he seriously doubted I’d survive past four days when we were prisoners, but we did. I survived. For me though, each day with Annabeth is a gift. Every moment with her I was at my happiest. And now I have a reason to try and survive. I have a reason to fight. She gave me a reason to live.
If only I’d known that on my last day. If I knew that that day would be my last then I’d have made it worth it. I mean, yeah, I was able to propose, but I wasn’t able to marry her. And I still want to. If I’d known, then I probably would have married her that morning. I used to tell Annabeth that I wouldn’t die until we were married and I was looking into her gray eyes. Now though, I may have to break that promise . . . especially if we can’t get out of here.
But that just makes me fight harder. I don’t want to die. I won’t die until I am at least looking into Annabeth’s eyes again. I won’t. I forbid myself. I’ve lasted five years; I can last a little longer. But then again if you saw me right now, you’d check me into a mental hospital. I mean my body is basically eating my own hair. I am literally skin and bones. I am sickly pale, and even though I am 23 I wouldn’t be surprised if I had gray hair. My mud covered clothes from five years ago are hanging off of my mangled body.
Even if I do manage to survive, it will take life time long recovery to get my healthy again. I’ll probably never be the same again. Heck, Will says I’m waking up in the middle of the night sweating and screaming about nightmares. So as it turns out I may have PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) as well as everything else.
“Will?” I croaked my voice cracking.
He came forward and kneeled beside me.
“How long do you think I have?” I asked him.
“Tell me the truth, Will,” I interrupted him. “How long do you think I have to survive?”
“Honestly I’m not sure,” Will stated. “I mean, you beat my expectations before.”
“You’re best guess?” I pressed.
Will sighed sadly and wouldn’t meet my eyes, “A week . . . maybe two.”
“Is there any way to save me?” I wondered.
Will shrugged and shook his head lightly. “I’m not sure. Either way, though, we won’t find it down here. We’d have to get back to camp, for sure.”
“What about the camp’s entrance through the labyrinth?” I thought.
“Wasn’t that destroyed?” Will questioned.
I shook my head. “Chiron never saw a reason to destroy it because the labyrinth was supposed to be ruined forever. So it could still be open.”
“We’d just have to travel through the tunnels,” Will said.
I nodded.
“That’s suicide,” Will declared.
“I know, but we don’t have much of a choice,” I decided.
“Okay, then let’s get moving,” Will stood up and helped me up.
I groaned, but tried not to register the pain in my weak legs.
Back into the labyrinth we go.
over a year ago i-am-evil said…
:o! Awesome!
over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
big smile
plzzzzz post soon!!
over a year ago corrected said…
over a year ago corrected said…
Click that link and comment
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been able to post lately. I've been extremely busy with finishing school. The sixth is my last day. Now I am definitely going to be able to finish this story before the end of summer. I can't wait to begin posting some of the other stories I've been working on. I'll post either this weekend or early next week. Again sorry for the wait!
over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
its ok! cant wait for ur post!
over a year ago kayleegurule said…

Here it is. And again sorry for the long wait. But I will be posting a lot more once school ends. Until then, stick with me.

“What’s up with you?” Thalia asked me, as we sat next to each other on the plane back to America.
“I don’t know what you mean,” I lied. Although I did lie, I do know what she means. I have been quiet and distant from everyone for the past day or so.
I didn’t want to admit it. I couldn’t admit it. Everyone would be asking me questions that I don’t have the answers to. I don’t want to tell them. I can’t tell them. But I have to. Unfortunately it’s both good news and bad news and I don’t know how anybody is going to take it.
Sometimes I really wish I wasn’t a son of Hades. It gets depressing having to feel multiple people die at once almost every second of the day. When I first began to feel the deaths I’d actually flinch from the pain the knowledge sent me now, though, the most I feel is a slight pinch. Only the stronger my relationship with the person the harder the pinch is. So when I felt like someone punched me in the shoulder I knew something was up.
I knew he wasn’t gone . . . but he was close.
He was very, very close.
We have to find him.
“I’m not sure how to say it,” I admitted to Thalia.
“Is it bad?” She questioned, watching me carefully.
I looked her straight in the eye and muttered, “Very.”
“Percy’s dead, isn’t he?” She guessed.
I shake my head looking out the window. “No, but he’s close.”
“We have to find him,” Thalia said.
“I know,” I nodded. “How do I tell Annabeth?”
Thalia released a deep sigh, looking at the ground. “We do what we’ve always done.” She paused. “We do it together.”
“Thanks,” I said. “You know it’s been really hard to have Percy gone, I mean he’s the closest thing I have to family besides Hazel, I’m just happy you’ve been there for me too.”
“I know the feeling,” Thalia admitted, sending a small smile.
“So when do we tell everyone?” I asked her.
“When we get back to the apartments,” Thalia answered. “That way if anyone’s upset then they can go to their rooms.”
I nodded, agreeing with her.
I looked out the window and watched as we flew over the Atlantic Ocean. It’s crazy to think that Percy’s dad rules all of that and more. It makes me wonder if he’s so powerful, then why can’t he find his own son. I mean, I know gods can’t interfere in mortal affairs but seriously can’t he find his own son.
It makes me angry how the gods can just ignore us. I mean sometimes it seems like they just don’t care. I know they do, but it’s just hard. When Percy and I first began to be friends, he always took care of me no matter what. I even called him at two o’clock in the morning once because I was arrested and I needed him to bail me out. He came straight out and paid the fine.
I’ve never told him this but I really do think of him as a dad. He’s the closest thing I have to a parents and it’s been really hard not having him around.
But he will be found.
That much I can guarantee.
over a year ago corrected said…
nice post! though a tad too emotional
over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
awwwwwww. this makes me sad. *sniff sniff* it was amazing, as usual! but just.... soooo sad......
but dont worry, i like emotional stuff.
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
It was about one in the morning by the time we got back to the Olympian Apartment building. Everyone broke off and went to their separate rooms. I went straight to my bedroom. I sat on the edge of my bed and rubbed my face tiredly.
I wasn’t physically tired as I was mentally and emotionally.
I fingered my engagement ring consciously. I sighed exhausted before getting up to change into my pajamas and go to bed. Only I would not be getting any sleep with the dream I was about to have.
In my dream I saw Percy.
Only it didn’t look like Percy.
This Percy was taller, but skinnier. It was almost as if he had no muscle whatsoever. He was basically skin and bones. He was so pale, his skin was almost transparent. His hair was matted with dirt and clumps of mud. There was grime on Percy’s face and he had a five o’clock shadow growing.
Percy was running with a limp. He kept looking behind him. It was as if he was checking to make sure no one was following him. He was breathing heavily from the running and his eyes showed something I’ve never seen before in him.
His eyes showed true terror.
Percy looked back in front of him and attempted to pick up his speed. His sword, Riptide, was in his hand. Which was a relief to know that he got it. Suddenly, as if his legs gave out, Percy collapsed to the ground. His body shook like he was the Arctic.
He looked up and gasped.

“Percy!” I shot up out of bed, wide awake with tears running down my face. “Percy. . . . Please, come back,” I sobbed into my pillow.
The only sound in my apartment was my heartbreaking tears.
“I love you. . . .”

“You don’t look good,” Thalia said the next morning when she handing me a cup of coffee. “Did you get any sleep?”
“Not very much,” I mumbled honestly. I looked at her and said one simple word, “Nightmares.”
Thalia nodded in understanding.
Thalia shifted uncomfortable as if not wanting to ask something. She took a deep breath before releasing her question.
“Annabeth . . . what are you going to do if we – if we can’t find Percy?” Thalia asked stammering slightly. She wouldn’t look me in the eyes which is I knew she wanted a serious answer.
What would I do if we couldn’t find Percy?
I have no idea.
For years I’ve had Percy in my life. I was happiest with him. He made my life worth something. These past few years without him have been utter Hades. I just want him back. All these years, a part of me has always hoped that he was out there somewhere but if we knew for sure if he was dead. I’m not sure what I would do. I doubt I could move on. I mean sure it’s possible. Several demigods lost loved ones in the war and still managed to move on. For example: Travis lost Connor, Malcolm lost Miranda (Katie’s half-sister, they dated for a year before the war), and Leo lost Lacy. It is definitely possible that I could move on, but honestly I’m not sure if I want to.
So I gave Thalia the truth, “I don’t know.”
Before she could say anything else Frank, Leo, Jason, Nico, Malcolm, Clarisse, Chris, Travis, and Katie came into my apartment.
“Let’s get started,” Malcolm said.
over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
awwwww. thats soooo sad. but amazing, too.
plzzz post soon!!!
over a year ago corrected said…
still too emotional. post soon
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
When I awoke, I was all alone. Will was nowhere to be found. The only sound in the tunnel was the series of footsteps that were coming my way. My eyes snapped open again. I listened carefully. The footsteps sounded like five pairs and they were all heavy. There’s no way that could be Will.
I managed to stand up and did my best to begin running. But the more I ran, the more exhausted I became. I was in no condition to fight if it came to one. I thrust my hands into my pocket desperate to find something that would help me. My fingers curled around a familiar ball point pen.
I smiled in relief as I pulled Riptide out of my pocket.
At least now I’d be able to handle myself.
Suddenly, a fire-like pain erupted in my right leg. I fell to the ground and found a spider on the ground in front of me. This spider though was as big and hairy as a grizzly bear, except it had eight eyes.
I uncapped Riptide and thrust it at the spider. I smiled when I managed to cut the spider in half. It immediately turned into a pile of yellow dust. I sat up slightly so I could take a look at my leg. This would be a really good time to have Will around because I have no idea whether that spider was poisonous or not. The bite wound was small, but it was gushing blood. I took off the jacket I was wearing and managed to tie it around my leg.
It wasn’t perfect but it would have to do until I could find a healer. I slowly stood up, trying not to hurt my leg any more, and began to walk. Only now I’m walking with a limp, so I’ll be even slower.
I don’t know how long I travelled for. I just walked, and walked, and walked until I couldn’t walk anymore. I slid down one of the walls and stretched my injured leg out in front of me. I untied my hoodie so I could check on the wound.
It had stopped a lot of the bleeding, but now the wound was turning a sickly green color. My worst fears were confirmed: Poison
Maybe I should just give up now, I thought.
I’ll never make it back to New York and even if I manage to, it may be too late. There is no way I’ll be able to find a healer in time to cure me of this poison. I’ll die all alone down here. To me that seems like a depressing way to die.
I closed my eyes to rest. I’d think of a plan in the morning.

I was in a large bedroom. In my middle of the room was a California King sized bed, with a tall, white haired man lying in it. He was wearing a sleeping cap that had stars on it. Almost like the kind that wizards are supposed to have. Up on the opposite wall was a huge screen with about a hundred different programs running at once. Only the programs weren’t TV shows, I don’t know how I know, but I knew. This guy was watching other people’s dreams.
“You’re Morpheus,” I said to the guy. “The god of dreams.”
“That’s right.” His voice was groggy as if he’d just woken up from a nap.
“Why am I here?” I asked him.
“I owed your father a favor,” he said. “He asked me to do this.”
“My father . . . wha-what did he ask you to do?” I stammered curious. I haven’t heard from my father in about five years.
“He asked me to show you what was important,” Morpheus yawned. Subconsciously, I yawned as well.
I shook my head to snap me out of it. “What do you mean?”
“You father doesn’t want you to give up hope,” Morpheus answered. “He wants you to remember the reasons you have to survive. He wants you to fight for the things that are important to you. He wants me to show you the life you could have after all of this is over.”
Morpheus then closed his eyes, causing me to close mine.
“Daddy! Mommy! Get up! Santa’s been here! Santa’s been here!” My eyes cracked open to find two little kids jumping on the bed.
Lucas Beck Jackson was eight years old. He had messy, blonde hair with bright green eyes. He had his mother’s intelligence and strategy skills. Sally Zoe Jackson was four years old. She had curly, jet black hair with her stormy grey eyes. She had her father’s water powers and was also able to talk to horses and their close relatives.
I groaned groggily and placed my pillow on top of my head.
“You are the one who wanted two children,” my wife murmured, sleepily.
“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” I whispered back.
“Mommy! Daddy!” The kids yelled excitedly.
“It’s your turn,” I mumbled.
“No. It before noon, before noon is your time,” she corrected.
I sighed before facing my kids. “Okay, okay. We’re up.”
“Yay!” they jumped off the bed and ran to the living room.
“Go make coffee!” I yelled after them.
We both got up and I happily watched my beautiful wife. She was putting her curly blonde hair into a messy bun and covering herself with her robe. I walked over and wrapped my arms around her waist.
“I think I see mistletoe over our heads,” I told her.
Annabeth looked up and smiled. “There’s no mistletoe.”
“Let’s pretend there is,” I said, giving her a kiss.
“Ew!” Loud shrieks filled the room.
“What?” Lucas asked his sister.
“Mommy and Daddy are kissing,” Sally said.
“Ew!” They shrieked in unison.
We both laughed and followed after our happy children to watch them open presents.
This was definitely worth all those years of fighting.
My eyes opened to find myself back in Morpheus’s bedroom.
“Do you see now?” he asked. “That is what you should be fighting to have.”
He was right. I will fight. I will fight till my last breath. I will watch my kids open presents on Christmas morning with Annabeth drinking coffee next to me.

I woke up from my dream and smiled. I stood up, feeling stronger than before.
I was now feeling something I hadn’t felt in a long time.
over a year ago corrected said…
Post more. Is OK buy still to o emotional
over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. thats soooooo cute!!!!
i dont want percy to die!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago thanathos13 said…
Poooooooooossttttttt nowwwwww
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
Okay, guys change of plans. I was going to post today, but I have serious writer's block. I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out. I'll be gone for a week with no internet so I'll try and come up with ideas, but it may be hard. If you can please think about what you'd like to see happen or what you suspect could happen in this story and send me a personal message about it. It could give me some inspiration. Thank you all.

over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
well, ill try to think of something, but im leaving for vacation in 3 days, and im not gonna have time on friday.
kayleegurule commented…
R u going to update CHB&CJRPJS before you leave? If not then everyone will have to wait til I get back when is most likely sunday and I leave tomorrow. over a year ago
kayleegurule commented…
I'm going to my mom's BTW and she has no internet over a year ago
over a year ago kayleegurule said…

“Are you sure we’re going the right way?” Hazel asked me for the tenth time in the past half hour.
“Yes,” I insisted once again. You’d think they would trust me since I’m the only one who can actually maneuver the labyrinth.
I don’t know how long we’ve been travelling, but I do know that we’re going the right way. Percy is in this labyrinth and he’s most likely alone. The last person to enter the labyrinth alone went mad until Dionysus was able to cure him. Clarisse tells me that Chris still has nightmares about it sometimes.
Piper, Hazel, and I suddenly halted as a familiar scream filled our ears. I’ve known that voice for ten years of my life.
“Percy,” I mumbled dazed as he screamed again.
I broke into a run. Piper and Hazel came after me. I ran the fastest but also the safest way to Percy. When I found him he was lying flat against the floor. A familiar person was straddling his hips and had a sword against Percy’s neck.
“Will Solace,” I recognized. “What are you doing?”
He turned to look at me, only his eyes weren’t his and when he spoke Gaea’s voice came out. “I am not that stupid son of Apollo. That ridicules demigod is dead, has been for years. I simply used his body to gain this dumb demigod’s trust until I was able to kill him. He ruined me now I am going to ruin him!” The sword dug deeper into Percy’s neck, he began whimpering from the pain.
Piper and Hazel brought out their weapons but there wasn’t much we could do. If we so much as lunged, then Gaea would slit Percy’s throat.
“Gaea, put down the sword and let go of Percy,” Piper charmspoke her. Her voice was fierce and commanding. I noticed though, the light in Gaea’s eyes dimmed. She instinctively raised her sword slightly before placing it back on Percy’s neck.
“You cannot charmspeak me, girl!” Gaea yelled. “He can live . . . for now. But I will get him. When you least expect it you find him dead.”
Suddenly Gaea melted into the earth.
I ran over to Percy and he immediately buried his head in my shoulder. Hazel and Piper came over and watched shocked as Percy began to sob into my shoulder. I ignored them and comforted my friend.
He’d do it for me now I must do it for him.
over a year ago NymphsOfOlympus said…
Yeeeeey!!! They found Percy! I hope Annabeth will be able to see him again before Gaea will get him again! c:
over a year ago corrected said…
UMMM why didnt Gaea just kill him when she had the chance?
post soon!
over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
OMG!!!!! percy is safe!!! yay!!!!
but why didnt gaea just kill percy? i think there couldve been a bit more action or something that would cause gaea to let percy go.
but plzzz post soon!!!!
corrected commented…
ikr over a year ago
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
^ Like I've said in previous Author Notes, I have a lot of writer's block with this story so I use what I can and sometimes its not always the best but I try to write as much as I can. Sometimes its hard though.
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
Dear Fannies,

I have finished one of the stories I have been working on for about two months now. It is called The Undercover Hero. It is fifteen chapters long. Since it is completely finished, I will be posting it. Its premier date is June 18th (Tomorrow) at Noon. Keep an eye out!

over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
yay! plz post!!!!
over a year ago corrected said…
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
Okay everyone, here is a chapter. This chapter is dedicated to Rainbow_Girl because she sent me an idea which gave me an idea which blossomed into this. So thank you, RG!


“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked Percy again as Piper and I supported his weight. His arm was around each of us and basically had to carry him.
“I’ll survive,” Percy grumbled.
“How are we gonna get out of here?” Piper wondered looking at Rachel.
Before she could answer a voice said, “Maybe I can help with that.”
The four of us looked to find the god, Mercury standing in front of us with his caduceus at his side. Two snakes were handing off of it. Mercury was in his Roman toga, metal war helmet with wings on it and matching Roman sandals with wings on the heel on his feet.
“Hermes,” Percy watched the god with wide eyes.
“Hello, Perseus. Long time no see,” Mercury/Hermes replied looking at Percy.
“You guys know each other?” Piper asked confused.
“Yes, from long ago,” Mercury said vaguely. His mind was obviously elsewhere.
Rachel shook her head to focus before turning back to the god. “How can you help us Lord Hermes?”
The god looked at her with disbelief. “I am the god of travels, am I not? I can easily get you out of this labyrinth and back to your camp where he,” Mercury gestured to Percy, “can get the medical help me needs. After all, I did help you once already today.”
It suddenly clicked. It was weird how Gaea left so easily. It was almost like she was scared of something . . . or someone.
“You scared Gaea away,” I said knowingly.
“I’m not sure if ‘scared’ is the right word. Gaea, however, is far too weak to take on any god right now so I knew she would leave if I came. Zeus wasn’t exactly happy about it, but Pluto asked me to get you and your friends out of here, so I’m doing that.”
“Wait, my father asked you to get me out of here?” The disbelief and shock was probably evident in my voice.
“Well of course. With the eclipse coming up there’s no way any of you can be injured-”
“What eclipse?” Piper interrupted.
“You don’t know,” Mercury realized.
The four of us simultaneously shook our heads.
Before Mercury could even explain Rachel’s eyes glowed green a sign of a prophecy. Sure enough green smoke flowed form her mouth and her creepy Oracle voice began to recite one.

The great seven shall unite,
To combine what is greatest on the darkest night.
The seven powers must combine,
Until the sun is ready to shine.
True sacrifice will sway the prize,
Mother Earth to be destroyed or rise.

“When is this eclipse?” Percy asked Mercury.
“The eclipse is scheduled on the summer solstice. Only this one is very different from any regular eclipse. Some say an eclipse is when Selene and Helios would fight for power, but this one is quite different. They call it the Millenian Eclipse because it only shows up once every thousand years. The Eclipse is so powerful that if used right it has the powers to save or destroy anything in its power,” Mercury explained.
“So you’re saying that Gaea is going to use this eclipse to take over the world?” Piper checked.
Mercury nodded.
“Wait, so it can destroy anything right?”
Mercury nodded again.
Something sparked in Percy’s eyes. “Can it destroy Gaea?”
“It possibly could yes,” Mercury replied.
“You know what this means, right?” Rachel said, getting up from the floor where she’d fallen after she gave the prophecy. “We have to get to camp, help Percy, find the rest of the seven and figure out the rest of the prophecy all before this eclipse.”
“And we only have a month to do it,” Piper added.
“Well, I’ve had worse time lines to do the impossible before,” Percy commented.
“That is true,” Rachel agreed.
“Okay, demigods it is time to return you home. Hand on to the caduceus,” Mercury ordered. We all stepped forward and place a hand on his staff.
I felt a rush of power and suddenly everything went black.
over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
aww, thnx kaylee for the dedication!
this was an AMAZING chapter!!! plzzzz post soon!
over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
over a year ago kayleegurule said…

“Are you sure he’s okay?” I asked Rachel worriedly.
Rachel called me and the others at my apartment to tell me about her, Hazel, Piper, and Percy’s adventures and about the prophecy.
“Yes, he’s being checked out by a medic now. Piper and Hazel are also being checked on,” Rachel told me.
“Good,” I sighed with relief. “So you’re at camp?”
“Yeah, Hermes brought us here,” Rachel said. “When should we expect you?”
“We’ll leave now,” I told her, gesturing to everyone to go pack.
“Okay, we’ll see you then,” Rachel said. “I’m sure Percy will be excited about this news.”
“He isn’t the only one,” I replied quietly.
I hung up to find my apartment now empty from everyone going to pack. I went over to my coffee table and began to clean everything up. In all truth none of us had gotten very far. We were mostly brainstorming about where to find Hazel, Piper, and Percy when we got the call that they were safe and at Camp Half-Blood.
I threw all the maps and papers were using in my closet then went to pack my stuff in a bag. I was ready in twenty minutes. Not long after everyone joined me. Thalia, Jason, Nico, Leo, and I got into Nico’s car. Chris, Clarisse, Frank, and Malcolm got into Clarisse’s car. And Travis and Katie took their car.
The drive to camp usually takes about twenty minutes if traffic is light but it was heavy so it took about an hour. But it felt like two. Finally we pulled into the parking lot of Camp Half-Blood that I designed when I added the cabins after the Second Titan War.
Mostly everyone else went to their cabins but the first place Jason, Frank, and I went was to the infirmary. Chiron was waiting for us on the porch of the Big House.
“How are they?” Jason asked.
“Piper is okay. She has some cuts and bruises but they’re not bad,” Chiron told him. Jason went around him and into the Big House to find Piper. “Hazel is okay as well, but she is experiencing starvation. We are slowly giving her food so she doesn’t get sick.” Frank nodded then followed after Jason. Chiron turned back to me with a grim expression. “Percy has the worst of it. There are bruises and scars all over his body. He is shockingly weak. He’s dehydrated and is suffering from starvation as well. He also has some bruised ribs. It’ll take him a while to recover. At this point he can barely walk without passing out. He is currently on bed rest and must stay that way for a while.”
That was a lot to take in. “Can I see him?”
Chiron nodded and stepped aside. “He’s on the third door on the right.”
I walked inside and passed Piper and Hazel’s rooms on the way. Frank was lying on the hospital bed with Hazel as she rested her head on his chest. Their hands were connected next to them. Jason was sitting next to Piper and they were hugging. There was barely any space between, almost like they were scared to let go.
I stood outside Percy’s room for a minute taking deep breathes. For five years of my life I suffered thinking that Percy was dead. Now he’s alive and right in front of me. When I dreamt about this moment it was always perfect. But right now I’m just scared. It all feels like a dream. I know that if it was a dream, I’d most likely never recover.
I took once last breath and opened the door to Percy’s room.
He was lying on his hospital bed staring out the window. When he heard the door open he looked over and saw me. A smile immediately spread onto his face.
I couldn’t hold it in.
I wanted to but I couldn’t.
I rushed forward onto Percy’s bed and lay next to him and hot tears began falling from my eyes. Percy wrapped his arms around me and held me close. My head rested on his shoulder as the tears fell. For once, though, they weren’t tears of sadness. They were happy tears.
“It’s okay,” Percy whispered into my hair. “I’m right here. I’m here and I’m never leaving you again.”
“You better not,” I choked out.
Percy chuckled, but stayed quiet. I felt his lips place a kiss against my head. When he lifted his head, though, a tingle was left behind. The same feeling I got when we were teenagers.
“I love you,” I whispered into the crook of his neck.
“I love you too,” Percy whispered back. “I always have and I always will.”
I smiled. I was truly happy for the first time in almost six years. All of my doubt flew out the window.
I knew this wasn’t a dream.
A dream is good, but this is better.
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OMG!!! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!! soooooo sweet!! im glad they're all okay.
plzzzzz post soon!
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aaagggggggggghhhhhhhhh so much emotion....
over a year ago kayleegurule said…

This has definitely been a long day.
First we get a call that Hazel, Piper, Percy, and Rachel are suddenly at camp, then we drive all the way there to see them, now we’re all sitting in Percy’s room having a war council meeting.
At least some things never change.
The seven, Nico, Clarisse, Chris, Katie, Travis, Malcolm, and I all managed to cram into Percy’s hospital room since he was on bed rest. Chiron (who was in his wheel chair) stayed in the doorway so he could listen to this meeting.
“Chiron, how come I’ve never heard of the Millenian Eclipse?” Annabeth asked.
“Because I never dreamt that it would happen during your time so I never thought it was worth sharing,” Chiron explained with a shrug of his shoulders.
“What’s the prophecy again?” Malcolm asked grabbing a pen and paper to write it down.
“The great seven shall unite, To combine what is greatest on the darkest night. The seven powers must combine, Until the sun is ready to shine. True sacrifice will sway the prize, Mother Earth to be destroyed or rise,” Piper recited.
“So ‘The great seven shall unite’,” Malcolm said. “Well, the seven from the old Great Prophecy is united once again.”
“What about ‘To combine what is greatest on the darkest night’?” Clarisse asked.
“What’s greatest to us or what’s greatest to Gaea?” Katie muttered.
No one had an answer.
“The darkest night part could mean when the sun and the moon are completely on top of each other. All the light goes out. It is almost impossible to see,” Chiron suggested.
“That could be it,” Jason agreed.
“That one line says that our powers have to combine. Is that even possible?” Leo asked.
“Yes, it is quite possible,” Chiron stated. “It has happened in the past. One or two demigods at a time have been able to combine their powers. Only there have never been seven demigods trying to do it at once.” Chiron looked at us with concerned eyes. “It may be too dangerous.”
“Can you teach us?” Percy asked. His voice was still slightly hoarse from lack of water.
“Of course I can,” Chiron sighed. “We will start working on it as soon as Percy is better. If we’re going to do this we’re going to need everyone at tip top shape.”
“‘True sacrifice will sway the prize’,” Hazel said. “I don’t like the sound of true sacrifice.”
“We’ll worry about that when we get to it,” Frank said.
I just hope I don’t lose any more of my family.
I won’t lose my family again.
I can’t.
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i luved it!! but the last few sentences kinda freaked me out...
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“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Annabeth asked Percy as they walked behind me.
Percy sighed. “Annabeth, I’ve said the same thing a hundred times already: Yes.”
“I just think it’s too soon,” Annabeth said. “You’re still hurt.”
“It’s been four weeks,” Percy argued. “If we wait any longer we’re not gonna have time to practice. Gaea will be here in two and a half weeks. We have to be ready.”
“I know. I just don’t want you to get hurt again,” Annabeth reasoned.
“I won’t be,” Percy promised.
Eventually we all made it to the fighting arena. Chiron wanted a big enough space so no one would get hurt. It would only be us seven and Chiron allowed in the arena. It wasn’t likely anyone would get hurt but Chiron’s always cautious.
When we arrived Chiron instantly spread us about ten feet apart from each other on both sides. Chiron stood in the middle of the circle we were making. He looked anxious. He probably never thought that he’d be teaching this to anyone and I don’t blame him. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
“Okay, Jason let’s begin with you,” Chiron said.
I nodded ready.
“First though, let me say this. What you will be doing is hard. And it’ll be using a lot of your power and strength. It is okay if you don’t get it for a while. Percy, when you exploded Mount St. Helens, how did you feel afterwards?” Chiron said, looking at Percy.
“I felt like I was wrapped in tin foil then microwaved. I looked like a scary hobo. And it took me a week and a half to recover,” Percy admitted.
“This, hopefully, won’t be as bad as that but that is an excellent example of how you may feel,” Chiron acknowledged. “Now, Jason, do it.”
I shifted my weight uneasily. “Uh, you never told me how.”
Chiron shook his head. “It’s not something I can show you, Jason. Don’t think. Feel. Control your power and bring it out.”
I didn’t quite understand, but I’d give it a try.
“Okay, I can do this,” I whispered to myself.
I took a deep breath then gave it a try.
I could feel the power that was inside me. I felt the wind pick up around me. The harder I tried the harder the wind picked up.
I opened my closed eyes and set my hands on my knees in exhaustion. It does use a lot of your strength and power.
“That was very good for your first try. Just remember its not as much about the physical aspect of your powers,” Chiron said.
I looked at him confused.
“We’ll try this again later today,” Chiron informed us. “Everyone take a break.”
I just kept my hands on my knees and worked to slow my breathing rate. This may be harder than any of us originally thought.
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thats great! is that just an intro, or the whole chapter?
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
That's the whole chapter. I know what I want to happen but for some reason my thoughts aren't coming onto paper properly so sorry if they're not the best.
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nice post
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
I should have about one or two chapters left of this story. After that I have more stories that I am currently working on that have not yet been posted but they may take some time to finish. So while I'm working on then I'll try to focus on finishing The Undercover Hero and working on Camp of Couples and Camp Half-Blood and Camp Juniper Read The Percy Jackson Series.


It has been a couple of weeks since our first lesson to combine our powers. We’ve improved . . . slightly, but we’ve still improved. We’ve all successfully channeled our powers now we just have to combine them with everyone else’s. The only person who’s been able to do that is Piper.
“Okay, Piper, go first,” Chiron said.
Piper nodded.
She closed her eyes to concentrate. Soon a clear, while still seeable, bubble surrounded her body. We individually worked to channel our powers so before we knew it we were each surrounded by bubbles.
“Now, Percy try to spread out your powers towards Leo,” Chiron instructed.
I watched Percy as he attempted to do this. He lifted his right arm and held it straight out by his side so he was basically pointing at Leo. The bubble spread out closer towards the son of Hephaestus. Leo then did the same but with his left arm to finish off the connection. Their bubbles soon became one.
“Very good,” Chiron said looking at a tired looking Percy and Leo. “Now, Percy, if you tried you could set something on fire. Don’t do that but you could because yours and Leo’s powers are connected.”
“So you mean I could create a hurricane?” Leo struggled to ask.
“In theory, yes,” Chiron answered.
“Awesome,” Leo grinned.
“Leo, try and connect with Frank,” Chiron said.
Leo nodded and repeated the action that Percy had done. Soon Frank was in their bubble as well. We continued the process until everyone but I had combine powers with someone. Jason had combined powers with me so I was left to combine mine with Percy. So far we look like a large, see-through donate with a bite taken out of it. As soon as I’m combined it’ll look like a whole donate.
I narrowed my eyes in concentration. I struggled to lift my arm up when I did you could see that it was shaking from everyone’s powers. The bubble moved closer and eventually combined with the other side of Percy’s. We now looked like a whole donate.
Chiron nodded proudly as he stood in the middle.
“Excellent. The eclipse shall be any day now and we all know Gaea will not act lightly. She will bring something big to try and distract you all. You can’t let that happen. Let us handle whatever she brings while you work on destroying here. From now on it is up to you all to practice. I have done all that I can.”
“Thanks Chiron,” I muttered quietly.
I carefully pulled my arm down which separated my powers from Percy’s. Then I dropped the other one which officially popped my “bubble”. Everyone began to follow my lead and we were all separate once again.
As I lay in bed that night, I was really nervous. Gaea would stop at nothing to stop us. Last time we dealt with her she took away the person I loved. I just hope this plan works then we can destroy her once and for all and move on with our lives.
That’s what we all needed.

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ok vc vadf fgbbsbvb
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
This is the very last chapter.


The whole camp was tense with anxiety. It was the day of the Summer Solstice. The day of the eclipse and the day that Gaea is supposed to attack. Everyone knew that Gaea wouldn’t give up easily. Look outs are hidden all around the boarder to see when Gaea and her army will be coming. While some of the demigods kept watch every other demigod in the camp got prepared for battle.
And it wasn’t just the demigods from camp. The seven and Chiron sent out pleas for help for every demigod they know that’s not in camp, including ones that are in other countries. Some of them came from the other side of the world to help fight Gaea and her minions.
Their plea definitely didn’t go unanswered.
Chiron has never seen so many demigods in Camp Half-Blood at once before. There had to be thousands of demigods . . . maybe more. Then the gods showed up. They decided that they were not going to make the same mistake as last time. They were going to help protect their children even before the war started.
Jason even called Reyna. Reyna got every demigod in the Roman army and even called in some favors so some veteran Romans could help. Together they brought probably another thousand worriers to New York. They Romans and Greeks hadn’t worked together since the last war against Gaea so it definitely took some adjusting.
The seven were a completely different story. All day they’ve locked themselves in the arena to practice. If this is going to work correctly then nothing can go wrong. The only problem is they’re demigods so nothing can go right either. Eventually morning turned into the afternoon, and afternoon turned into evening, and evening turned into night. As soon as the clock stroked eleven, Leo’s brother Jake reported seeing Gaea’s army climbing up Half-Blood Hill.
Everyone moved to get into position. The Hephaestus kids set up the canons and began to chuck rocks at the monsters climbing up the hill. Some monsters would be hit and fall down the hill, others would be missed and continue climbing. Eventually the monsters crossed the border to camp; No one knew why the boarder wasn’t working. Maybe it was because there were so many monsters that it wasn’t powerful enough to keep them all out. No one knew why, but their main focus right now was fighting the monsters, so they didn’t give it much thought.
They fought against each other nonstop: Swords against claws, arrows against teeth, spears against spears. As soon as they killed one monster they moved to another. As they kept fighting the night only got darker.
It was about five minutes from midnight when the eclipse is set to start when Annabeth spotted Gaea sneaking away from the fighting. She got the rest of the seven together and followed suite. They followed her until she came to an open meadow.
Gaea slowly turned around to face the demigods as they stepped into the open. “Hello, demigods.” Her voice echoed with the wind. She looked at one in particular. “Nice to see you once again, Perseus. When I take over the world you will be the first demigod that I kill.”
“That’s not going to happen, Gaea.” Percy’s voice was strong not showing any fear. “Not if we have anything to do with it.”
Simultaneously the seven brought out their weapons and charged Gaea. They had to disarm Gaea and get her as far away as possible before the eclipse which began in just a few minutes so they could get rid of her forever.
Percy and Annabeth moved forward to fight Gaea. While they fought the rest of the seven stood to the side to take over for one of them. Since they had a while to go before the eclipse they had to stay energized. Annabeth and Percy then stepped back allowing Piper and Jason to take over the fight.
Suddenly the ground became to shake. Everyone looked at Percy silently asking if he was creating the earthquake. Percy shook his head denying that it was him. Everyone looked into the words at the sound of footsteps. The Olympians as well as Hades stepped out of the shadows. Poseidon kept beating his trident against the ground which was causing the earthquake.
“Take care of the eclipse, we can handle her!” Zeus boomed as they ran towards the Titaness.
The seven paused for only a second before moving into action. They got into position just as the moon and sun began to move toward each other. They called upon their powers and combined them together. They simultaneously held hands and kept their eyes closed the whole time. They couldn’t see what was going on. They kept one individual thought in mind as the eclipse happened: Destroy Gaea.
The longer they channeled their powers the faster they were weakening. They felt weaker than they ever had before. As soon as the moon and sun separated a horrible shock spread among the seven’s hands shooting them back and making them fall to the ground. They looked up to find only the gods looking at them.
“What happened?” Jason murmured exhausted.
“It worked,” his father answered. “You have done well. You destroyed Gaea and saved this camp. When Gaea was destroyed so were her monsters.”
“So it worked?” Leo asked.
The gods nodded in conformation.
“Why do I feel so week?” Percy mumbled. “I’ve never felt this week before.”
The rest of the seven agreed they were weaker than they should be.
“You remember when the prophecy stated ‘True sacrifice will sway the prize’, right?” Apollo asked.
The demigods nodded.
“Well, Gaea could only be destroyed by a great power,” Apollo said hoping they’d catch on.
“The eclipse took our powers,” Annabeth stated figuring it out.
“Bingo,” Apollo said.
The gods sent their children sympathetic looks.
“So like I can’t catch this whole forest on fire?” Leo said.
The gods shook their head.
Leo snapped his fingers to start a flame but it was true. No flame ignited.
“So we’re demigods but we don’t have any powers,” Frank stated.
“We’re sorry, children,” Athena said.
“Actually I’m cool with it,” Percy shrugged.
The gods looked at the son of Poseidon in confusion.
“I mean, look at it this way, if some other wacko titan threatens to take over the world you’ll all have to find some other demigods to fight them. We can move on with our lives for one,” Percy explained. “We’re free.”
“I guess if you look at it that way,” Poseidon muttered.
The seven all got up and hugged one another. For the first time in years they could be careless and happy. They didn’t have to worry about whether their loved ones were going to die or if some crazy immortal figure was after them. They could move on with their lives without worry. They could marry the ones they loved and have kids and have careers now.
They didn’t have to worry.
And that would be the last thing they’ll be doing for a long, long time.
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