The Heroes of Olympus Make Any Type Of Demigod(Please Do This Its My First One) Even From Kane Chronicle

1999jacko1 posted on Apr 21, 2012 at 04:02PM
I have decided to make my first thing ever a FORUM to make a guy/girl use this:

Immortal parent:
Mortal parent:

rules/ 1 keep cussing down to a minimum 2 don't be mean to others 3 you can be anyone from both series even the Kane chronicles if you like

do not make yourself to strong and you can do anything like get married have a war ANYTHING
NOTE: this is a mixture camp with ranks from roman camp but you get cabin leaders and stuff

please try not to rank yourself as Praetor I am only taking one more Praetor in
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over a year ago killer24 said…
dude chill jakey or are you gollum haha
over a year ago crash14 said…
Shut up blake "I give him some metal"what your name again
over a year ago torrent said…
I give the new kid metal
over a year ago killer24 said…
you like me realy jakey dont you haha
over a year ago Jasonfan44 said…
"Names James. Thanks for the metal." I start building myself a weapon.
~Twenty Minutes Later~
"Done." I hold up a dagger.
over a year ago crash14 said…
I make a net and trap alex and walk away don't call me jakey
over a year ago killer24 said…
im blake not alex *use a arrow to cut throw the net* im out jakey
over a year ago crash14 said…
Forget you" I walk to my cabin"
over a year ago killer24 said…
ah your no fun man
over a year ago PsyrenDrifter39 said…
Name: Kira Elric
Age: 15
Immortal Parent: Hades/Pluto
Mortal Parent: Trisha Elric
Abilities/Powers: Necromancy, immunity to elements, elemental manipulation, Alchemy, Extreme Swordsmanship, Spirit Sight
Weapons: Elements, Twin Keyblades (Light and Dark), Alchemy, Death Note and Shinigami Eyes(last resort)
Likes: Death, Fighting others, killing randomly, Darkness and Shadows
Cohort: Meaghan Cummins, Daughter of Zeus, and Zoey Wilson, Daughter of Poseidon
Dislikes: Light, Cheerleaders, stupid people, annoying little siblings
Rank: Praetor
Pet: Chimera
Girlfriend: Meaghan Cummins, Daughter of Zeus
Story:Passed around from relative to relative, then finally abandonded at a foster home when i was 3. I found my cohorts and now girlfriend, the Daughter of Zeus, Meaghan, and the Daughter of Poseidon, Zoey. we ran away and made it to Camp Half-Blood, where we trained and honed our powers, became best of friends and became the ultimate fighting team. Switched with the Leaders of Camp Jupiter 3 months ago. Became Praetor after the giant Ephialtes was defeated...
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over a year ago Jasonfan44 said…
(Anyone on?)
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Will do a profile later.
over a year ago Nicolicious said…
Um gonna be a roman later
over a year ago PsyrenDrifter39 said…
if ur gonna be roman, then fight alongside me
over a year ago Nicolicious said…
Brown shoulder length hair with red streaks, tanned, about 5ft.4,
Kind, calm, speaks her thoughts
2 Gladius and a pilum and spatha
Has power death and shadows
Cohort 4
Has a 18hands baige horse called Coconut
over a year ago PsyrenDrifter39 said…
lets go kick some tartarus ass!
over a year ago PsyrenDrifter39 said…
is any1 even here?
over a year ago 1999jacko1 said…
(me) I play with the shadows in my room and I then walk out to see some new kids" well hello I am Praetor Zeke son of Artemis and I take it you are the new Praetor and*turns to cara*you are the new very powerful camper/legionnaire
over a year ago 1999jacko1 said…
(any1 there)
over a year ago PsyrenDrifter39 said…
Hey Zeke.... (sorry about the wait) Ready to kick some immortal hide?
over a year ago PsyrenDrifter39 said…
My name is Kira Elric. I specialize in alchemy, elemental manipulation, and Necromancy. My weapons of choice are the known elements (fire,wind,water,earth,light,darkness,meta­l,i­ce,­mag­ma, and wood), Twin Keyblades (Lumos and Necros), and as a last resort ONLY, the Death Note and Shinigami Eyes.
If anyone can defeat me in battle, with Praetor Zeke acting as referee, i will give 25 props to that person. My challenge stands as of NOW.
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over a year ago Nicolicious said…
"Um yeah I am and why did you say I was strong?"
over a year ago 1999jacko1 said…
you seem strong
over a year ago Nicolicious said…
"Oh I am?"
over a year ago 1999jacko1 said…
I have seen people like you the times I ran away from camp