The Heroes of Olympus Alyta's Mark Of Athena

alyta2000 posted on Apr 22, 2012 at 05:07PM
Title: Alyta's Mark of Athena

Type: Adventure, Mytholgy

Prophecy: Son of ocean and son of sky,
Will send the good side's battle cry.
Son of hammer and son of sword,
Will stop evil from reaching it's reward.
Daughter of dove and cursed of jewels,
Will help stop evil from turning cruel.
Wisdom's daughter walks alone'
The mark of Athena burns through Rome.

Characters: Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Frank, Hazel, Piper, Leo, etc. Meh, I don't know if I'll have any OC's.

Synopsis: Percy, Jason, and the gang have to go to Rome to save a certain son of Hades from the Doors of Death and then get on their journey to Greece. But is a traitor in their wake?

Disclaimer: All character's other then my own belong To Rick Riordan.
A/N: Hey, Alyta here. I'm twelve and I'm gonna make my own fan-fic. A version of Rick Riordan's book yet to come called The Mark Of Athena. My book goes on to where The Son of Neptune ended. The Point of views go in this order.
I will try to post whenever I can and if I can't for a while I will let you know. I get hit with writer's block quite frequently so if you have any ideas that I could use inbox me! :D
Don't let this fool you. I'm a very happy-go-lucky person and I'm VERY sarcastic. You'll see when You start reading! So start! XD
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over a year ago universalpowa said…
:D yay can't wait!

and italics is [ i] and ends with [/ i] (no spaces) to make italics just place the [ i] one first and the [/ i] one last. dont use the spaces, im using that to show you

bold is the same thing, except with b in the place of the i. and u is underline, etc...
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
Sounds good. Post soon. We can never have enough MOA Forums.
over a year ago alyta2000 said…
big smile
Thanks Uni! :D I'm posting now. I did 2 and a half chappies today! XD
Chapter 1

As I leaned on the Argo II I couldn't help but thing of Percy. Does he remember everything? His family? His friends? Me?
Not only would I be heartbroken but we would be in danger if he didn't remember. I was really lost in my thoughts so I was startled when Piper came to me.
"Hey," Piper said."Sorry to startle you."
"No.It's alright. Just thinking."
"When aren't you thinking." I chuckled
Right then, Thalia came over. Artemis let the hunters off duty so Thalia could come with us. She's been moody ever since we got into the sky. She was really mad about something.
"Hey Thals," I called her over." What's wrong?"
"My stupid,arrogant,jerk of a little brother is what's wrong."
"What do you mean? What did Jason do?" Piper asked.
"He asked me about Percy and I told him that he saved the his mom, Grover, Me, Annabeth, and the world. He didn't believe it and said those stories were fake. I got mad and blew up in his face. I said that next time he called Percy a liar he would have to fight with me."
I believed Thalia would say that. Percy and her are like brother and sister. Piper looked confused. "What exactly did Percy do?" She asked. "Well," I started "When he was 12, he defeated the Minotaur with no weapon or training whatsoever,got claimed son of Poseidon, got accused of stealing Zeus' master bolt, got offered a quest to find it, found it, defeated Lord Ares in battle, and stopped a war between Zeus and Poseidon."
Piper's mouth gaped open. "And that's not including details." Thalia finished.
"Well," I sighed. "I guess I'll talk to Jason." I finished.
" Good Luck!" Thalia shouted as I made my way to his room.
Next is part 2 of the first chapter. Hopefully I got the bold/ italics thing right!
over a year ago beba157jello said…
i love it really good keep posting:)
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
Nice Thalia! She and Jason r already acting like brother and sister.
over a year ago universalpowa said…
^ dittooooo lol xD
post soon ;)
over a year ago alyta2000 said…
big smile
Okay. Here's Part 2. And I want to explain something. Jason isn't gonna act like a jerk and a snob for the whole book. It's just his Roman side. Romans are know to be power hungry and like it. *cough* Octavian *cough cough* So that's why I did it.
I walked until I found Jason. He looked angry.
"Hey Jason. You okay?" I asked.
"No I'm not. How could Thalia fight her own little bro for a hot-shot guy like Percy?" I felt my temperature rise. I needed to stay calm though. But still, How could he say that about MY boyfriend? "Jason," I sighed."Thals and Percy are like brother and sister. Without Percy, Thalia would still be a pine tree."
" So that story she told me about Percy saving her. It's true?"
"Yes it is."
"Gods Annabeth, I'm sorry. I should go apologize to Thalia."
"Yes you should. Now go" I ordered. Jason mock saluted me and I laughed. 'He's cool.' I thought 'I hope he gets the whole Piper thing settled.'When he walked out Leo's voice came on over the speakers." Hello this is your awesomely awesome and sexy single commander." "REPAIR BOY!" Yelled Piper. I laughed "Shut up beauty queen! NO! DON'T HURT ME HEEEELLLLPPPPP!" I cracked up. Piper's voice came over the intercom. "Leo will be taking a ....nap. Yeah that's right, A nap! So he wanted to tell you that we will be landing in 5 minutes. BYE!" I was doubled over laughing at this point. Always at it those two. I got ready to leave and finally we landed. I got out of the Argo II and saw familiar Sea-green eyes and a mop of messy Jet black hair. He saw me and mouthed "I remember everything." Those three words made my day. I got ready for my confrontation with Percy when suddenly two Venti came.
Chapter 1 finished! Yeah! Poor Leo. I'm so cruel sometimes.
over a year ago universalpowa said…

which is why i see Liper to be so logical o_O
... xD
awesome!! :D possssssst sooon :P
over a year ago alyta2000 said…
Great! I really don't know. I fully support Liper and I think that Piper is a little obsessive of Jason. But I just DON'T LIKE REYNA! Even though I don't like Jason THAT much I still think he deserves someone cool. Who knows, Maybe I'll make out my OC and have her date Jason. Anyway, I actually wanted to see if you could help me Uni. As I said, I get writer's block VERY often. I try to deal with it but it's hard. I absolutely love your forums so maybe you could go ahead and help me come up with cool ideas. I try to think like R.R because it gets on my last nerve when fan girls make totally unrealistic percabeth reunions. Would R.R have them make out in front of both camps? NO! Annabeth would punch him in the gut and yell at him. I'm not the only person who thinks this. Right?
over a year ago Nemisis said…
love it, post asap
over a year ago universalpowa said…
^^ LOL! i agree, they wouldn't just make out in front of both camps. More like Annabeth would punch him, and THEN kiss him. XD lol

anyways, as to solve writers block I have one solution to banish it:
listen to songs.
about the only thing that works for me, really. I don't have an idea? Find a random song and crank it up! And I can help with ideas, just send me a message if you need an idea ;D I'm full of plenty I don't use in my forums...
speaking of my forums, SHOOT i gotta get the posts ready! o_O

LIPER! <3 I see the logic, because it reminds me of Percabeth kinda or like..idk.
post soon!
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over a year ago alyta2000 said…
^ Yay! I'm not the Romance hating wierdo! So many people hate it when I tell them that! I'm just like "They wouldn't make out in front of both camps!" And my friends are like" You hate Percabeth!" I'm just like."What the crap is wrong with you. Who in the world hates Percabeth!?" (Rhetorical question)
As for the music thing. That works for me too!
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
I listen to songs when I write too. It just works as background music. And yeah Annabeth would punch Percy and than kiss him. About the thinking like RR thing. Don't try to write like him try to write like yourself. Everyone has their own style just try to bring yours into your writing.
over a year ago alyta2000 said…
big smile
Ok so I'm gonna post now (I'm trying out typing on my father's iPad)
Chapter 2

I got out my dagger and started slashing and stabbing. Jason was manipulating the winds, Thalia was shooting lightning, Leo was shooting fireballs, and Piper was fighting next to me. The Romans weren't doing anything." Why aren't they doing anything?" I thought. I saw Percy and he had his famous lopsided grin on his face. He had his arms around two people. They both looked equally scared of Leo. Onewas a girl who looked around 13 that had a caramel colored tan. She had dark hair that was curly and went to her shoulders. She also had bright gold eyes. The boy had a face of a baby. But he also had the build of a body builder. He had a crew cut and looked Asian. There was a girl standing next to him. She was a really pretty girl. She was wearing a purple bed sheet like Percy and I couldn't help but think "is this Percy's new girlfriend?" I finished up my Venti as the others finished theirs.
"Hello my name is Annaneth Chase, Daughter of Athena-" I started but I was rudely interupted.
"Archutect of Olympus and my girlfriend." Percy finished while smiling at me. I looked at him and chuckled.
"Do you know how stupid you look while wearing that." I asked. He looked surprised. I walked over to him and said "But all joking aside," I punched him in the gut and he doubled over. "PERSEUS JACKSON! YOU LEFT ALONE FOR EIGHT MONTHS YOU SEAWEED BRAIN!!!!!!" Chuckles escaped from both sides. "Hey Kelp Head." Thalia said. " You're gonna get it later from both me and Annabeth." Thalia finished. Percy looked at her and smirked. "It's Annabeth and I not me and Annabeth. I think the longer you stay immortal the more of a Pinecone Face you get huh Thals?" Thalia scoweled and said " Grammar Nazi. I think this camp is getting to him." This whole time I was thinking of something." Hey Percy? Don't you still have the Curse of Achilles?"
"No." He answered." Kinda got washed away."
" Great. Now instead of you getting killed In one place you can get killed in other places."
The pretty girl in the purple bedsheet gasped. "Percy? You had the Curse of Achillies and you didn't tell us?"
"Well, I didn't really have that much time did I?"
"Well, You must tell us at the senate meeting later."
Percy looked defeated. This girl must be stubborn.
"Fine." And we started walking towards a huge building.
Part 1 of chapter 2 done! Yay!

over a year ago universalpowa said…
:D yay !
post soon LOL great percabeth reunion ;)
over a year ago alyta2000 said…
See! I think it's MUCH more entertaining then a love fest. I'll try to post later but maybe in like, 2 hours. My dad's gonna start yelling at me if I don't get off the computer. I just yelled at my older sister because she hasn't read The Son Of Neptune yet though I lent it to her in JANUARY! She blamed it on reading The Hunger games but all together those THREE books are like 1,000 pages. Meh, whatever. She doesn't know what she's missin.
over a year ago JasmineValdez said…
Great story! :)
over a year ago puppies76 said…
cool story!!!!!!
over a year ago alyta2000 said…
big smile
Okay, so here's part two. I probably won't post again today. Possibly really late or tomorrow after school.
I looked at the buildings.A lot of them had serious damage. "Percy.How do I have the feeling that you caused a lot of that damage."
"Hehe. Yup." He replied popping the 'P.'
We walked to the senate while I was getting info on the architecture.When we got inside we introduced ourselves
"Annabeth Chase,Daughter Of Athena or Minerva. Architect of Olympus."
"Thalia Grace, Lieutenant of Artemis or Diana.Daughter of Zeus or Jupiter.
"Jason Grace, Son of Zeus or Jupiter, Complete Brother of Thalia, Defeater of Krios."
"Wait Thalia, You never told me you had a brother." Percy interrupted.Thalia shrugged."I thought he was dead."
"Anyway,I'm Piper McLean. Daughter of Venus, Charmspeaker."
Reyna glared at her. Uh-oh I smell trouble.(A/N Hey! that rhymed xD)"Leo Valdez, Son of Hephaestus of Vulcan the awesomeness that is the best god of the gods-"Jason cleared his throat."Fire-user."Leo finished."Frank Zhang,Son of Mars or Ares, Ancestry of Poseidon, yes I said Poseidon.Shapeshifter."Percy muttered something about unfair blessing."Dude! I thought we went over this! You can cause miniture hurricanes and earthquakes!"
"Sorry about those two.We have this argument once a day. My name is Hazel Levesque, Daughter of Hades.Jewel bringer."
"Wait, Your half- brother is Nico Di Angelo?" I asked.
"Yeah? How do you know Nico?" She asked back.
Percy's face went dark. "Little twirp goes to Camp Half-Blood. When I was here he saw me and pretended he didn't know me."
"Anyway," I sighed."Percy it's your turn."
"Percy Jackson. Son Of Poseidon. Praetor of the Twelfth Legion."
"Woah,Woah,Percy wait. That's all you say? Percy you've done more than all of us combined." Thalia said.
"Thals, it's fine."
"No it's not." I said.
"Fine." Percy sighed rolling his eyes.
"It all started when I was 12..." Percy didn't get to finish because this guy who looked like Luke came in with a maniacal look on his face holding a knife and a Teddy bear game in.
"How can you believe these greacus praetors?!"
Suddenly I heard a growl. I huge wolf came out.
"Octavian. Stop being hard headed." "Why do you trust them Lupa?" "The most powerful demi-god alive is Greek.Percy Jackson. He saved us ALL from danger TWICE and now he's gonna do it again." "Lupa. I'm not that powerful."Percy said blushing.
"Modest now are we? You are very powerful Percy.Don't doubt it. "Percy, How about you tell us some of your stories." Reyna said. "Yes Percy, tell them" Lupa chuckled. If that's possible. Percy was bright red now. "Okay madame Lupa." Wow since when has Percy had a sense of respect?
over a year ago alyta2000 said…
^Oh and the idea of Lupa saying Percy Jackson is the most powerful demi-god and every thing going on with Lupa and Camp Jupiter cam from The Mark Of Athena* by BlacknBlue. It's really good. You guys should read it.
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
I have read it. Keep going I want to see how the romans will react when Percy says his titles.
over a year ago alyta2000 said…
Ok. I will keep writing tomorrow in the morning but I probably won't post until tomorrow about 5:00ish. I have hw and I like to relax afterschool.
over a year ago Percyfan44 said…
big smile
Hey like ur story but can u put like both parts of the chapters into one part but otherwise no complaints
over a year ago alyta2000 said…
big smile
^Yeah, I'm gonna do that when I post that next.It's the fact that these are the opening chapters so I really didn't know where it was going. I didn't follow the chapters I wrote on paper. Starting today or tomorrow I will start posting FULL chapters.
over a year ago Nemisis said…
okay! post soon!