The Heroes of Olympus Taken By A Long Shot

SeaBrat posted on Apr 27, 2012 at 03:06AM
Annabeth Chase is a junior in highschool and of course is in love with the famous Percy Jackson. He sort of feels that way about Annabeth, he just doesn't know it yet. The only thing holding these two back is Percy's sweet girlfriend, Catarina. And if Annabeth and Catarina are best friends? What will Annabeth do about Percy?

Rating: K ( idk it could change)
Characters: Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace, Nico (maybe others)
All rights go to Rick Riodan, I do not own Percy Jackson

Chapter 1: My life is a living hell hole
My day starts when my alarm signals. With one quick hit it is off and I make my way to the bathroom to shower. My golden curls tumble down my back after the hairbrush undos the knots. I slip on skinny jeans, a navy blue tank top that has lace for the back, undertank top so you can't see my bra, and bright pumas. I apply under eye to my lids so I don't have racoon eyes and quickly dab my lashes with a minimal amount of mascara and a dash of light eyeliner. Yup a normal day. I jogged downstairs to see my stepmother finishing the last scraps of a large breakfast. Typical. She smirks as she drains down her coffee and demolishes her eggs, toast, coffee roll, sausage, and bacon, a lot of food for a small woman. That makes sense right? I ignore her and grab a health bar chugging it down with a glass of milk. I don't even give her one glance when she insults me and I walk out the door, my backpack on my shoulder. Home sweet home. I slosh through puddles on the sidewalk as it begins to rain and finally make it to the school. My friend Thalia joined me at the front door and we walked to our lockers in silence. Thalia's sharp electric blue eyes looked dull under the fluorescent lights and her black spiky hair sagged against her collarbone.
" I love school," her voice was dead.
" Ya. late night?" I asked her. She nodded. Suddenly I stiffened as something sharp scraped against my neck. I turned around and half smiled.
" Real mature Percy," I sighed and looked up to his full height. He grinned impishly and tried to look innocent.
" Don't you try that Jackson," I smiled wider.
" I think I left a mark," he had a satisfied look on his face.
" You what!" I quickly looked in the my mirror in the locker and groaned. On my neck was a large bite mark left by Percy's white teeth.
" You! You!" I faced him again.
" You know you love me," he grinned.
" ....." I blinked.
" Hey Annabeth," I mentally whimpered. Percy then wrapped his arms around the slim slender figure of his beautiful girlfriend, Catarina. Her golden eyes looked up to him and snuggled her head to his shoulder. Percy took pieces of her black wavy hair and twirled it in his fingers. She then tilted her head up and kissed him gently and lovingly. I have to admit it was sweet. Her large eyes locked to mine and she pulled a gorgeous smile and said to me,
" See ya in class," ya she was pretty and smart. That's just the beginning of it.
Catarina was one of the most beautiful girls in town, she was almost as intelligent as I am, she is in student council, leadership, and T.I.E.S. She is amazingly athletic and is a basketball player and a fast hurtler. Her drawing skills are incredible, but she desires photography. She is also on the poms team, super wealthy and just plain sweet as can be. How can you hate her? Oh ya, you can't. She talked about Percy and made him seem like such a "god" I found myself to fall for him when I had him in my classes. But I could never break those two up for my one personal game right?

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Amazingly awesome chapters. They were really good!!
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After that woman mortified us, it was hard to look at each other. Finally Percy broke the ice,
" Tomorrow we should go up to camp," he smiled shyly. I nodded slowly. " Want to watch a movie?" he opened the door to his apartment and strolled in.
" sure,"
" I will make some popcorn," he scrambled to the kitchen. I sighed and grabbed a random movie and set up the DVD player. I snuggled with a soft blanket and slopped on the couch. Percy came after the credits rolled with ice cream sundaes and a large bowl of buttery popcorn. He slipped on the same couch as me and got comfortable, I couldn't help but blush as his warm leg rested next to mine.
" Nice movie choice," he smirked. I flushed when I recognized this movie as the Titanic. Nice move Chase.
" We should change into PJs," I mumbled. He chuckled.
" It's only 7pm wisegirl,"
" So?"
" no, nevermind," he grasped my hand and walked me to his bedroom. He opened his dresser then threw a large orange t-shirt at me and a pair of his old sweatpants at my face. They fell to the floor as I failed to catch them. I dropped to my knees and picked them up from the carpet, as I got up I quickly dropped down again to hide my cherry cheeks. Percy's jeans slid to the floor as he pulled on PJ pants and unbuttoned his polo. He chucked his clothes at his hamper then smirked as I blinked several times while I stood up.
" Enjoying the view?" he placed his hands behind his head and flexed.
" Go put a shirt on Jackson," I rolled my eyes and walked to the bathroom. The t-shirt went down to my knees and the sweatpants were big around the waist, but I didn't care, and they smelled like the sea breeze. Together we made our way back to the couch. Things got awkward from there, I mean Jack and Rose are in love, always together and kissing and what not. Then the carriage part came, I swear I felt Percy rub my thigh, but he was on the other side of the couch no longer by my side. I looked over at him to see he was looking at me, studying my face. I could tell Catarina was not on his mind tonight. Score for Chase! He licked his bottom lip slowly and I couldn't help but stare at his lips. He crawled on his knees toward me and started to reach his hand out toward my stomach. I scooted down the couch closer to him until my little toes could touch his waist. He leaned forward, a longing look in his eyes. I managed to keep my heart in control. I closed my eyes waiting for him to come closer.
" This popcorn is really buttery!" I heard the crunching of popcorn as he accidentally hit my cheek with a kernel. He say away from me again the bowl of popcorn in his lap
" Percy!"
" What?" the problem with the Titanic is the ending, and the length, and the whole love part. Well for the love, it was just awkward timing. Anyway it's a 3 hour movie and sitting for a long time made me sleepy. Percy put on another movie but I'm not sure which one, the last thing I remember is some one's arms around me and the smell of the salty sea.

I awoke at precisely 6:30 sharp. I yawned and took my head off of the blue pillow, wait that's Percy's chest. Oops. I noticed my body was laying on top of his, his long arms wrapped protectively around me, his neck was burning hot from where I my head was laying. I put my lips to his ear and whispered delicately,
"Percy, Percy," he didn't move. " Percy let me go,"
"No Annabeth,"
" What?" I asked.
" Not again,"
"Not again?"
"I'm not going to let you go again,"
"What do you mean?"
" I made a mistake,"
" Percy what are you talking about?"
"Just forgive me,"
" For what?!"
" I'm sorry,"
" Sorry for what Percy!"
"I should have said something long ago,"
" said what?"
" It's too late now Annabeth,"
" For what?!"
" Just know... Just... Know.. That I... That I...." he started to snore and didn't finsih his sentence. Boys. So confusing

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This is going to be Percy's point of view just for fun! Just saying it is when he is at school so don't get confused.

Chapter 1: My life
I was starting to think my class was strange, but maybe I was just mental. My teacher absolutely hates kids but still teaches. Yup that makes sense. Her name was Mrs. Hate, not kidding, she has hair the color of sea foam that sticks out in tufts around her head, almost like dust bunnies. Her eyes were harsh and sunken in, maybe she was half dead, her nose was a long snout that curved into a beak. She smelled like old mail and her skin was withered and stretched. All, in all, pretty ugly. My classmates weren't much better. There was one girl with bubblegum pink hair up in a bun with a yellow bow, her neck was covered with plastic necklaces from Claires, and she had neon green laced tights. Another had chalky white chin lengthed hair, like humpty dumpty fell on top of her. Her eyes were surrounded by a sea of purple sparkles and thick black eyeliner, she wore shades on her head and star earrings. a boy had a dark spiky Mohawk with red tips and eyeliner? He reminded me of those quiet kids that never got noticed in middle school so they turned goth. I just met him so I don't know, but I have my suspicions. Then there's this chick that thinks she's a vampire, a little old to be thinking that in highschool I think, but it's her opinion not mine I guess. She has frizzy orange hair like sprayable cheese or those cheetohs that kids eat for lunch. She has these two freckles on her neck which she refers as her vampire bite. She even puts dried ketchup on the corners of her lips so it looks like she just ate her last meal. I try to stay away from people like that, but somehow they are drawn to ME. I don't know how, I don't know why, I guess it's just me life.

Chapter 2: Mr. Popularity
I don't have alot of friends at school, maybe it's because most of them are like that vampire girl or goth boy. Anyway, I was talking to my friend Justin who is actually normal compared to every other kid at this mental school. Justin has dark black spiked hair, like an axe blade, and electric blue eyes. He tries not to make friends, like me, to avoid our interesting classmates. Maybe that's why we became friends. Both trying to avoid reality as long as possible. Too bad he's not a demigod. Anyway, for now at this dump we call school, I'm Mr. Popularity.
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