The Heroes of Olympus Taken By A Long Shot

SeaBrat posted on Apr 27, 2012 at 03:06AM
Annabeth Chase is a junior in highschool and of course is in love with the famous Percy Jackson. He sort of feels that way about Annabeth, he just doesn't know it yet. The only thing holding these two back is Percy's sweet girlfriend, Catarina. And if Annabeth and Catarina are best friends? What will Annabeth do about Percy?

Rating: K ( idk it could change)
Characters: Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace, Nico (maybe others)
All rights go to Rick Riodan, I do not own Percy Jackson

Chapter 1: My life is a living hell hole
My day starts when my alarm signals. With one quick hit it is off and I make my way to the bathroom to shower. My golden curls tumble down my back after the hairbrush undos the knots. I slip on skinny jeans, a navy blue tank top that has lace for the back, undertank top so you can't see my bra, and bright pumas. I apply under eye to my lids so I don't have racoon eyes and quickly dab my lashes with a minimal amount of mascara and a dash of light eyeliner. Yup a normal day. I jogged downstairs to see my stepmother finishing the last scraps of a large breakfast. Typical. She smirks as she drains down her coffee and demolishes her eggs, toast, coffee roll, sausage, and bacon, a lot of food for a small woman. That makes sense right? I ignore her and grab a health bar chugging it down with a glass of milk. I don't even give her one glance when she insults me and I walk out the door, my backpack on my shoulder. Home sweet home. I slosh through puddles on the sidewalk as it begins to rain and finally make it to the school. My friend Thalia joined me at the front door and we walked to our lockers in silence. Thalia's sharp electric blue eyes looked dull under the fluorescent lights and her black spiky hair sagged against her collarbone.
" I love school," her voice was dead.
" Ya. late night?" I asked her. She nodded. Suddenly I stiffened as something sharp scraped against my neck. I turned around and half smiled.
" Real mature Percy," I sighed and looked up to his full height. He grinned impishly and tried to look innocent.
" Don't you try that Jackson," I smiled wider.
" I think I left a mark," he had a satisfied look on his face.
" You what!" I quickly looked in the my mirror in the locker and groaned. On my neck was a large bite mark left by Percy's white teeth.
" You! You!" I faced him again.
" You know you love me," he grinned.
" ....." I blinked.
" Hey Annabeth," I mentally whimpered. Percy then wrapped his arms around the slim slender figure of his beautiful girlfriend, Catarina. Her golden eyes looked up to him and snuggled her head to his shoulder. Percy took pieces of her black wavy hair and twirled it in his fingers. She then tilted her head up and kissed him gently and lovingly. I have to admit it was sweet. Her large eyes locked to mine and she pulled a gorgeous smile and said to me,
" See ya in class," ya she was pretty and smart. That's just the beginning of it.
Catarina was one of the most beautiful girls in town, she was almost as intelligent as I am, she is in student council, leadership, and T.I.E.S. She is amazingly athletic and is a basketball player and a fast hurtler. Her drawing skills are incredible, but she desires photography. She is also on the poms team, super wealthy and just plain sweet as can be. How can you hate her? Oh ya, you can't. She talked about Percy and made him seem like such a "god" I found myself to fall for him when I had him in my classes. But I could never break those two up for my one personal game right?

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like it
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Post soon like the story
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over a year ago SeaBrat said…
Should I post in Percy's view for the next chapter?
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u knw its like 1.22am over here so i might not be able to read tht anyways awesome chapters !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Amazingly awesome chapter. It was really good.
I loved it!! <3
And I can not wait until u post again. I hope its really soon!!!!
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I woke up drowsy to find Annabeth staring at me, a confused look written across her face. She looked kinda funny.
" What?" I asked her. She frowned then shook her nogin.
" Nothing," was her pathetic response. I decided if she wanted to tell me, she would so I didn't say anything about the subject.
" Let's go to camp today," I made my way to my room before I got an answer. I slipped on cargo shorts, my camp t-shirt and put on my blue Nike's.

We drove in silence all the way to camp. Annabeth practically flew up the hill to her sibling's, Malcolm, arms. Well I feel left out

Will finish
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Post soon
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Awesome preview. It was really good.
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Grrr! Mental break down!!! My whole chapter was deleted! My IPod died before I could post most of it!!!!!
Srry if I take long to post!
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its okay just post soon
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In honor of our arrival, Chiron made it Capture the flag for today's activity. But we all needed lunch first.
Percy and I sat together at the Poseidon and made small talk.
" I love camp," I looked around and sighed happily.
" ya," Percy took a bite of his burger. " Feels good to be back,"
" I missed everyone. I miss Thalia," I said. Percy nodded his thinking face on.
" I wonder how Cat is doing," I secretly vomited in my mind as that name came to my ear. Percy called Catarina Cat. " And her sister Hazel,"
" Oh ya, eighth grade right?"
" ya," Percy sipped his blue coke thoughtfully.
" Do you love her?"
" Excuse me?"
" Not hazel," I giggled. " I ment Catarina,"
"Oh," he slightly frowned. " I don't know. I haven't really thought about it,"
" Oh sorry for asking," I blushed.
" No, no it's fine Annabeth, I really don't think I do though. She isn't some one I would spend the rest of my life with,"
" Why is that Perce?"
" Well, Catarina is sweet, beautiful, caring, smart, humorous, rich, and athletic but it's just highschool. We aren't going to get married or anything. I don't feel like it is a relationship that will last for that. I will never forget her but I think my heart is meant for someone else," he furrowed his eyebrows. I blinked.
" Really?"
" Annabeth, we haven't even had sex. I don't think that we are in for that. It's just not us," he shrugged. So he wasn't in love with Catarina. Point to Annabeth!
" Oh, I really don't know what to say seaweed brain,"
" it's ok, do you love anybody?"
" Ummmm......" my face beat the color of cherries. " ....yes, I do. I am in love. I'm in love with a boy. I know for sure I love him. He is my other half," I dared not to face him and stared out to the strawberry fields.
" Let the games begin!" Chiron announced. I sighed ready to leave this awkward situation. All the campers exploded in cheers and ran to the woods waiting to see who's team they were on.
Let the games begin
The teams were split up and I grimaced. Percy was on the other team. I ran into the woods with my siblings followed by the Aphrodite cabin, Demeter, Ares, and Hermes. The other team was Apollo, Poseidon, Heacte! Hephaestus, Nico, a Zues kid, and the newest daughter of Pan. Seemed unfair but we had more team members. This would be an interesting game. I took ready taking my dagger out and waiting for the bullet. The blue teamcheered and I could hear then clomping through the woods. I waited watching for a mop of black hair or a 3 foot long sword that glowed in the sun. Suddenly the Aphrodite cabin came screaming from the trees and hid in fear behind a rock. My puzzlement was solved when 50 griffons and elephants surged through the underbrush. I sat wide eyed when 70 clones of a Hecate child, Collette maybe? carried bows and arrows and started to shoot at the Ares cabin. I rab past them and jumped onto a boulder just before a child of Zues shot a cast lightning where I was just standing. My heart thundered and again I had to duck as Apollo children shot arrows from the trees. Clarisse came next to me, her hair was singed and mud on her clothes looking enraged.
" Collin has had some fun," she growled. I gave her a confused look. She nudged her head to our territory and saw a fire breathing dragon, and cannons that shot Greek fire. Of course Collin sat on top of his creation. Collin was another Hecate child, just as dangerous as Collette. I groaned and tripped a young Apollo kid running by.
" We have to cross the river," I told Clarisse. She nodded and looked at her spear.
" Run!" Malcolm's voice came from the left. He sounded frightened even if this was only a game. Clarisse and I ran forward getting closer and Oder to the river which divided our territories. We sprinted until we were 20 feet away from the river where a skeletal army was waiting.
" I got them," Clarisse muttered and motioned me to go ahead. The Hermes cane running from the enemies' territory.
" Annabeth you don't stand a chance," Travis's eyebrows were burnt, his hair frosted with ice shards and his arms had large cuts on them.
" What? How?" I granted his shoulders trying to shake the terror from his eyes.
" It's Percy, he is ferocious," he shook his head making snowflakes fall from his hair. " He's not a seaweed brain today,"
" I can handle myself," I told him and charged across the river. I ran across the grass until the Earth swallowed me. I tried to get my head up out of the soil, fighting for air. The ground opened up and I managed to escape from my chest up before the Earth closed agin. I struggled and tried to pull myself out until I was slapped in the face with a mud ball.
" Sorry Anne," Kitth appeared from the bush. Kitty was the daughter of Pan and could control. She was a freak of nature, literally.
" Kitty let me go!"
" I'm afraid I can't do that," she sprinted to our territory tangling the grass onto my team members' feet. Irritated I used all of my strength and actually pried myself out. That left a big gopher hole I though. I ran looking for the flag. An arrow hit my armor but I kept going. The sun blinded me and I had to stop. A red flats came across my vision and I saw Alive drop from the tree. Her thick flaming red hair cascaded around her as she regained her footing and looked at me with sky blue eyes her bow ready.
" Surprising I know," she watched me take out my dagger. " Percy was..." she stopped and froze. I turned my head diagonally. Pain shot through me and the ground became closer as I fell. Brandon, Alice's 6'6 foot half brother stood above me strong as a boulder.
" Sorry," was all I heard before I blacked out. When I awoke I was standing. Confused I looked where I was, tied against a tree, my dagger was 10 feet from the tree sticking out of the dirt, tempting me. I growled.
"Frowning is bad for your complexion," a voice joked. I sighed and rolled my eyes.
" Let me go Percy,"
" I could, but I'm not going to," he came out from behind an oak and into the sunlight. I turned my head so he wouldn't notice my blush. His glossy raven hair shines, his tan skin was smooth, white smile, and bright humorous, beautiful, seagreen eyes were like emeralds. He was probably the only one who could look good in armor. To me, Percy could put Adonis to shame. He kicked my dagger toward me and walked back a good 20 feet. I managed to reach it after some difficulty and released my bindings glaring at Percy as I made my way toward him. He smirked as river water gathered at his feet, waiting to revive him. I charged and swung at his head to get him off balance. He ducked and stabbed at my shoulder with a great force. I blocked his sword and slashed at his feet knocking him onto his butt. He has wide eyes as he somersaulted across the grass and hit my thigh with the flat of his sword hard. my eyes watered, yup that's going to leave a mark, and hobbled into a rock. Percy smiled and flew at me like a bullet the water raised him above ny head. He fell at me and slashed at my armor then parried and attacked at my arm. I made a move toward his face. He landed on the rock and accidentally pushed me down for balance. I almost laughed while I rolled away getting back on my feet in a fighting stance. He charged and I blocked, I struck, he ducked. We went on and on like that, leaping over swords and rolling around in the dirt. Soon we were covered in sweat and our breathing ragged. Percy swung his sword and connected with mine and twisted smiling as my dagger fell to the ground. He came and put his sword on my neck his face grinning slightly. I just blinked at him as he walked closet to me, his green eyes never wavering from my face. he was so serious it even made ME confused.
" I win," he whispered in my ear, his sword placed sideways on my neck.
" No duh," I laughed. He just smiled the dark lines under his eyes disappeared as his eyes crinkled with amusement. I thought about kissing him but thought better of it. Gods I love him. His face became distracted as he looked at a butterfly. I took that opportunity and and shoved him to the ground, but he grabbed my hand and we went tumbling to the ground. I fell on top of him, and call me weird but it felt amazing as my hips accidentally throbbed against his as gravity pulled me down. Our faces were so close I could see each individual of his eyelashes. He had his arms hooked around my waist and started to lean forward, I did too, reaching my hands up to his hair. Cheers broke out just as Percy's lips touched mine. Nothing more than touching someone's arm. It wasn't kissing, his salty lips just touched mine and he pulled away as his team ran across the border holding our flag. DAMN IT!
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Awesome chapter i wonder if annabeth is goin to end up telling perce the truth
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