The Heroes of Olympus Taken By A Long Shot

SeaBrat posted on Apr 27, 2012 at 03:06AM
Annabeth Chase is a junior in highschool and of course is in love with the famous Percy Jackson. He sort of feels that way about Annabeth, he just doesn't know it yet. The only thing holding these two back is Percy's sweet girlfriend, Catarina. And if Annabeth and Catarina are best friends? What will Annabeth do about Percy?

Rating: K ( idk it could change)
Characters: Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace, Nico (maybe others)
All rights go to Rick Riodan, I do not own Percy Jackson

Chapter 1: My life is a living hell hole
My day starts when my alarm signals. With one quick hit it is off and I make my way to the bathroom to shower. My golden curls tumble down my back after the hairbrush undos the knots. I slip on skinny jeans, a navy blue tank top that has lace for the back, undertank top so you can't see my bra, and bright pumas. I apply under eye to my lids so I don't have racoon eyes and quickly dab my lashes with a minimal amount of mascara and a dash of light eyeliner. Yup a normal day. I jogged downstairs to see my stepmother finishing the last scraps of a large breakfast. Typical. She smirks as she drains down her coffee and demolishes her eggs, toast, coffee roll, sausage, and bacon, a lot of food for a small woman. That makes sense right? I ignore her and grab a health bar chugging it down with a glass of milk. I don't even give her one glance when she insults me and I walk out the door, my backpack on my shoulder. Home sweet home. I slosh through puddles on the sidewalk as it begins to rain and finally make it to the school. My friend Thalia joined me at the front door and we walked to our lockers in silence. Thalia's sharp electric blue eyes looked dull under the fluorescent lights and her black spiky hair sagged against her collarbone.
" I love school," her voice was dead.
" Ya. late night?" I asked her. She nodded. Suddenly I stiffened as something sharp scraped against my neck. I turned around and half smiled.
" Real mature Percy," I sighed and looked up to his full height. He grinned impishly and tried to look innocent.
" Don't you try that Jackson," I smiled wider.
" I think I left a mark," he had a satisfied look on his face.
" You what!" I quickly looked in the my mirror in the locker and groaned. On my neck was a large bite mark left by Percy's white teeth.
" You! You!" I faced him again.
" You know you love me," he grinned.
" ....." I blinked.
" Hey Annabeth," I mentally whimpered. Percy then wrapped his arms around the slim slender figure of his beautiful girlfriend, Catarina. Her golden eyes looked up to him and snuggled her head to his shoulder. Percy took pieces of her black wavy hair and twirled it in his fingers. She then tilted her head up and kissed him gently and lovingly. I have to admit it was sweet. Her large eyes locked to mine and she pulled a gorgeous smile and said to me,
" See ya in class," ya she was pretty and smart. That's just the beginning of it.
Catarina was one of the most beautiful girls in town, she was almost as intelligent as I am, she is in student council, leadership, and T.I.E.S. She is amazingly athletic and is a basketball player and a fast hurtler. Her drawing skills are incredible, but she desires photography. She is also on the poms team, super wealthy and just plain sweet as can be. How can you hate her? Oh ya, you can't. She talked about Percy and made him seem like such a "god" I found myself to fall for him when I had him in my classes. But I could never break those two up for my one personal game right?

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over a year ago kayleegurule said…
I like it. It's definately different and it has potential. Keep going.
over a year ago shubham06 said…
Seabrat is bak with anotner similar stry.... What happened to ur earlier stories?
Anyway dont stop posting on this one....
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
Possssssssst sssssssssssssoon!
over a year ago SeaBrat said…
Thanks for reading!
Also I just needed a break. Then all these ideas immurged from my mind!
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
Its good. I love the idea but.........

I hate ur OC (or her name) for reason that will not be said. But also like I said its a really good idea, and I love it and cant wait to read more!!
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over a year ago SeaBrat said…
Thanks guys! Kaia do you have a better name for the oc?
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
No no. Its okay. U can keep the name how it is. I'll live.
But if want to change it. I don't really care. Its ur story and u r in charge of it.
Which means u can do what ever u want with it. So it be ur choice weather or not to change her name.
Like I said before. I will live.

Cant wait for ur post though. I hope its really soon!!
over a year ago SeaBrat said…
Should I post more?
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
big smile
over a year ago beba157jello said…
i love it plz post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
Yes please!! Post soon!!!!
over a year ago SeaBrat said…
"What's the answer to number 1?" Catarina asked me.
" I believe it's prime," I told her. She looked down at her paper then frowned.
" Oh, I thought it was zero," her eyebrows pulled together.
" Ya, so did I until I noticed that it was a binomial," I said. She nodded then shut her book abruptly.
" Do you like Percy?" she suddenly asked. I blinked with large eyes.
" What?"
" Just answer my question," her gold/bronze eyes searched intently on my face.
" Well, I... u don't,"
" Annabeth it's ok really. I don't care," she shrugged. " It's natural," she licked her lip.
" Catarina I...."
" Annabeth your my best friend. It's ok. I'm ok. By the way Percy is too stupid to know you have feelings for him, so don't sweat it," she smiled.
" I guess your right, I'm just his best friend, nothing more," I sighed. Her eyes were apologetic and she mouthed sorry.

" What would you do if I kidnapped you tonight?" Percy tapped me with his pencil again.
" Escape," I rolled my eyes.
" No you wouldn't," he said plainly.
" Yes! I would!" I said getting frustrated.
" I know you wisegirl, don't lie,"
" I'm not lying seaweed brain," I huffed.
" I bet you that if I kissed you right now, you would love it so much you would faint," he dared.
" Would not!" I growled.
" Your lucky," he suddenly smirked.
" Lucky?"
" That I have a girlfriend!" he simply states.
" Why?"
" Because I would totally intoxicate you," he laughed.
" No!" I yelled.
" I bet you a drachma!"
" On?"
" You will see...."
over a year ago kayleegurule said…
big smile
Nice, post again soon.
over a year ago cro0010 said…
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
Its like percy KNOWS that annabeth likes him............. that's wat makes this story sooooo HILARIOUS!!
I love it!!! Its sooooo amazingly good.
And I can not wait until u post again. I hope its really sooon!!!!!!
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over a year ago SeaBrat said…
They hardest thing about loving your best friend is that they know everything, well except feelings sometimes. Percy is stupid and doesn't know my true feelings. He jokes and laughs about my love for him, it's just he doesn't know I'm serious. He wraps his arms around me for hugs but doesn't feel a connection. He puts his chin on my head and puts his arms cross my face making me flush. He takes his pinky and wraps it with mine through the hall sometimes but forgets me when he runs to his girlfriend and they chat about the day. He takes me out to eat and smiles the whole time telling me he couldn't live without me but never considers me as his next girlfriend. He confuses me. Yet sometimes I feel that he can see right through me. So inconsistent. You know who he reminds me of? Kelso from that 70's show. Clueless, hot in the girls opinions, and stupid. But what can you do.

" Annabeth get down here!" and know my reality starts.
" Yes Suzanne?" I came down the stairs and waited for my step mother to yell at me.
" What are you doing up in your room?" she schrieked.
" Homework," I huffed.
" What was that?" she raised an eyebrow " Are you talking back?"
" No," I tried not to roll my eyes.
" Yup that's a lie!" she yelled at me.
" Suzanne what do..." I didn't get to finish the sentence as my step mom back hand slapped me.
" You Bitch!" I yelled and ran out the door slamming it after me. In a rush I dialed the number I knew all to well.
" Hollo!" called a deep voice.
" Percy I need to stay at your place for the weekend," I almost started sobbing.
" Ok. Ya! Another sleepover!" he cheered.
" Ya sure Percy," I let myself smile.
" This is gonna be a blast wisegirl!" I could hear his excitement. It made me blush.
" Can you pick me up?" I asked him.
" Ya! I love this!" he said happily.
" Ya me too," I smiled.
" See ya babe!" he laughed then hung up. Did he just call me babe? I shrugged it off. Just a Percy comment nothing more.
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over a year ago kayleegurule said…
IS everyone demigods or not?
over a year ago Nemisis said…
^ yeah I'm curious about that but
Post soon!
over a year ago SeaBrat said…
Ya I guess they are... Haven't gave it alot of thought....
over a year ago bukluvr17 said…
over a year ago trivia101 said…
big smile
you really should post! what about ur other high school one where annabeth is actually daydreaming about what happens? r u still posting there? i hope so! and u should POST HERE RIGHT NOW!
over a year ago precious211 said…
Wait Annnabeth watches the 70s show?
o.o Is that why she's being so sappy and lovey-dovey? That show is an awesome one yet bad influence.
XD Kelso<33
Aww Poor Annabeth:(
This is good post soon:)
over a year ago Nuralove said…
Interesting....pls post soon
over a year ago SeaBrat said…
I have been super busy! I owe you!

Percy showed up in his car. Hi uncles got him a car for his 16th birthday because they felt bad that his father was dead. The car was of course a Ferrari Enzo. (is that spelled right?)
"Hey," Percy smiled wide and took off his sunglasses. I hopped in the car and put my feet up. " No hey back?"
" Just drive seaweed brain," I looked out toward the street. We drove in a comfortable silence until we pulled up to his apartment complex.
" I hope you don't mind, my mom and Paul aren't gonna be home tonight," he told me as the elevator climbed higher.
" That's fine,"
" Are you ok?"
" Ya,"
" no your not,"
"Percy I'm fine,"
" Just tell me what happened,"
" Percy it's nothing,"
" Then why are you hanging with me?"
" Your my friend,"
" Not a good reason Annabeth,"
" I don't want to talk about it ok!" I then noticed how close we were to each other. Our noses practically touching. Suddenly I remembered I was yelling at my best friend, my best friend that only wanted to help me.
" Percy I'm sorry," I looked toward him.
" No it's okay, I shouldn't have asked," he looked at me with a small smile.
" No it's fine. You were just trying to help me. I was mad that you were up in my business, but you only wanted to protect me. I'm the one who is sorry," I said shaking my head slowly. Percy smiled and he snaked his arms around my waist and pulled me close. He placed our foreheads together and we looked in each other's eyes.
" I don't know what I would do without you Chase. Your strong and independent, you can care for yourself. Your the bravest person I know. Don't you ever change," his hands dropped from my waist and grabbed my hands and interlaced our fingers. " I will always be there for you, your my best friend and I love you. I will protect you Annabeth. It hurts to see you troubled. Don't be afraid to tell me what your really feeling," he blinked and I felt his eyelashes brush against my face.
" Thanks Percy," I kept myself from flushing when my lips almost hit his from saying his name, well the P part anyway. He smiled and closed his eyes. His hands returned to my waist and his position changed to an embrace. I hugged him back putting my head in his chest. We rocked a little and I felt comfort in his warm arms.
" Aaawwww! You two are so sweet together!" I jumped back and looked at a woman waiting at the open elevator. Percy an I blushed and walked out onto his floor. The woman beamed and stepped into the elevator.
" Be good to her Percy. Don't have sex!" was her last comment before the doors shut. Percy and I looked at each other and blushed even more. Ugh! Stupid lady! Why did she have to ruin this?
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…