The Heroes of Olympus Demigod Truth or Dare

klyonsm2 posted on Apr 27, 2012 at 10:58PM
hey, guys! i decided to make this forum cause i thought it would be fun so i hopes you like it!

all rights go to rick riordan

characters: most pjo, and a few oc like: jess rodgers(daughter of neptune) and isabel johnson(daughter of zeus) and a few more.

summary: Camp half-blood and Camp jupiter start playing a huge game of truth or and see what happens............

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over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
im about to write the first one..plz comment!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
"conner, this isnt star wars. jez i think your just a little bit obsessed with that movie." annabeth said.
"well, i always knew there was something messed up with him." isabel said, sitting down in the giant circle they had made.

"shut it, sparky. cant i just enjoy the moment?"conner asked
"nope." jess, said sitting down next to isabel.

everyone had gathered for a huge game of truth or dare. even camp jupiter had come.

"ok, lets start.ill go first," rachel said (and yes, rachel was there too.)
"ummm...percy.truth or dare?"
"i dare you to let jason take you 2,000 feet in the air!"
"you heard me. now get flying barnacle breath."
"nice one." jess said, fist bumping rachel."but if you dare me to do that, ill kill you."
percy stood up, jason grabbed percy's shirt, and they took could tell percy didnt like this.

"ok, whos next?" rachel asked.
"ill go," leo said "umm..thalia. truth or dare?"
"i dare you to kiss me."
"is it true your totally in love with me?"
"false.not happening,ever."
"what about if-"
"NEVER.n-e-v-e-r. never."
"OK,before thalia ends up mauling leo, which we all know is going to happen someday,lets move on. ill go next." piper said.
just then percy and jason landed. percy's eyes were huge. he looked terrified.
"never,"percy said, "ever make me do that again. never.". he went and sat down next to annabeth.
"ok, back to the game, ummm....jess, i dare you to let isabel shock you...."piper said.
"50 times."
"wait," jess said "WHAT?! 50 TIMES?!"
"you already said "ok." kelp-for-brains, so you have to let her do it."
isabel was smiling evilly , warming up her hands.jess looked at isabel nervously.
"this," isabel said "is going to be fun."
_________________20 MINUTES LATER._____________________
"48..49.....50." the group chanted.jess's clothes, hair, and skin looked charred . as soon as isabel finished the last one, jess fell backwards and didnt move.
"is she dead?" annabeth asked
"no," nico said "she not but i think we should lay off with the shocking unless you want her to be."
"wow, percy, you were lucky. you only had to go 2,000 feet in the air." jason said.
"ok, can we get back to the game?" drew asked
before anyone could kill drew for only thinking of herself, reyna said "sure, ill go."
"umm," reyna said "...jason. truth or dare?"
"i dare you to kiss piper."
jason started to looked a little nervous, but him and piper started leaning in. right as they were about to kiss, travis blew an air horn right between their faces. they jerked back.
"get a room!" travis said, laughing.
jason and piper looked really embrassed.
"ok, back to the game. whos next?"
over a year ago Blackjack-Arion said…
lol^^^ great story... pls post soon :)
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
"ok,i think ill go."a girl named parker said. she had came to camp half-blood a couple weeks ago. she was daughter of ahrodite. no one really liked her. she was a stuck up brat, and yes,even worse than drew. about as many people liked her as the number of people who liked octivian,which was a big fat zero.
"isabel," she said "truth or dare?"
"i dare you to put on all pink and act like an ahrodite camper for 10 minutes."
isabel had to choke back vomit."make it 5 minutes." she said.
"sure, but this better be good."
isabel got up and went into the ahrodite cabin .
"ok,lets keep going."jess said."leo,truth or dare?"
"why does everyone keep picking dare? but anyway i dare you to let me and percy soak you in a bunch of salt water."
"wait your going to extinguish my hotness?"
"sure,whatever floats your boat,leo."
"okay," leo said standing up. "im ready."
jess and percy dumped 3,000 gallons of salt water on leo,then made the water flow back into the sea.
once they were done,leo was shivering.
"im freezing." he said.
"you want me to freeze you too?" jess said
"no! no, im good."
then leo caught him self on fire, and started smiling like he just the best-swagg award.everyone facepalmed.
"hey thalia, im so hot im on fire."
"umm," thalia said "no.just no."

just then isabel came back, covered in pink and zebra stripes. she was even wearing heels.everyone gasped. everyone looked completely horrified.the whole ahrodite cabin squealed except for piper,who was horrified with everyone else.
"hey,guys.what are you all staring at?" isabel asked. then she pick up a piece of her hair and stared at it."oh my gods,my hair is wretched! and i soooo have to go to the salon for these horrible nails.oh, and maybe i should go to the mall later!!"she said as she sat down.
everyone scooted at least a foot away from her.everyone was silent and completely freaked out.isabel just kept going on and on, until the timer went off.
"finally!!!!!!!!" isabel yelled.
"that was....horrible." jess said
"how do to you think i felt!!!the worst 5 minutes of my life!!"isabel said. she took off the heels and threw them to the ground."leo, i dare you to set those on fire!!!"
"ok." leo said. he went over to the heels and they caught on fire. the ahrodite cabin (except for piper) screamed like it was them being burned instead of the heels.isabel ran off to change.she came back 5 minutes later in normal jeans and a t-shirt.
"ok," parker said smiling."jess truth or dare?"
"tsk,tsk, you people never learn. jess, i dare you to dress like an ahrodite camper."
jess glared at her for a minute, then her eyes lit up.
"sure parker. ill be right back." she said with a smirk.5 minutes later she walked out of the ahrodite cabin wearing all dark colors and a ski jacket.
"what is that?! i said ahrodite camper!!!"
"you," jess said "said a ahrodite camper, not which ahrodite dressed like piper, the only awesome child of ahrodite.the rest of you, except for 2 exceptions, are spoiled brats."
"im one of the exceptions,right?" parker said
"nope, actually your the exact opposite. its the 2 that helped piper before her quest.they actually know what the word "nice" means."jess said
parker grumbled for a minute.

"ok, my turn. i have a dare for conner and travis." isabel said.
"wasnt this originally truth or dare?" conner asked.
"conner," isabel said "shut it. now you and travis come over here."
so isabel,conner, and travis all went off to the side.
"umm...should we be scared?"nico asked
"ummm....probably."jess said.

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over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Awsome! But wait. Reyna likes Jason what's with the dare to kiss piper?
over a year ago Blackjack-Arion said…
big smile
lol^^ loved it :) pls post soon... even though you just posted :)
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
^^ umm..idk. it was just a random thought and i couldnt think of anyone else. and ill try to post a.s.a.p.
thanks guys!
over a year ago darange said…
ohh my gods that was so funny! post more when ever you can
over a year ago lcrs50 said…
Post soon!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Oh ok but it's still awsome.
over a year ago Rickfan said…
post soon!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
ok,ok. im about to start writing one now. and btw, THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS!! HERES CAKE FOR YOUR AWESOMENESS!
over a year ago percyrocks54321 said…
awesome post soon
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
_________10 mins later______________
conner and travis headed to their cabin or something. isabel came back to the circle and sat down.
"ok," she said."back to the game."
"umm..should we be scared of whatever you just dared conner and travis to do?" percy asked
"umm..most of you,no. but some of you," she looked at octivian "should be terrified."
"ummm...ok then." rachel said
"whos next?" nico asked.
"i'll go." jess said." or dare?"
"wow, really, truth? you would think the son of hades would go for dare or somethin-"
"i said truth."
"ok, little creepy 13-year old. it true you like thalia?"
"what?!no!! ewww!!gross! she's my cousin!"
"ill go next." leo said
"ok, but no picking thalia." isabel said
"awwww...umm, ok, i pick...piper."
"oh joy.." piper groaned.
"truth or dare?"
"ok...i dare you to wear pink for a week.starting now."
"what?! no! i hate pink!"
"i dared you, so you have to do it. go get your pink on,beauty queen."
conner and travis pov

"did you find them yet?" travis asked
"no.wait..hold on...found them!" conner said
"cool. this is going to be so fun!"
"ikr.and who knew we just had 2 random bear suits laying around our cabin?"
"i dont know, but i cant wait to see the looks on their faces.."
___________________meanwhile in the circle______________
*piper walks out of ahrodite cabin*
"beauty queen! your not wearing pink!" leo said
"yes am i."
"no,your not!"
"yes i am. on my sock. see?" *shows leo pink sock under converses*
"that doesnt count!"
"yes, it does. you told me to wear pink for a week, and im wearing pink." piper said.
leo grumbled.
"ok,lets keep going. ill go." isabel said "nico, truth or dare?"
"wow, really? because you'd think,you being son of hades and all, that you would pick dare or someth-"
"i said truth!"
"ok,ok, calm down. ok, is it true that your emo?"
"nico, when you pick truth, your supposed to tell the truth."
"IM NOT (censored) EMO (censored)!!!!"
"sure ," jess said. "whatever you say."
"(censored)." nico said
just then conner and travis came out of the hermes cabin and.........
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over a year ago Blackjack-Arion said…
big smile
lol^^^ awesome post :) pls post soon.... even though u just posted :)
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
hahah funny!!!!!!!!!! AND I GAVE YOU THAT IDEA
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Lol who agrees PIPER RULES!
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
Klyonsm2 said I could post something since I gave her a lot of ideas on here.

just then conner and travis came out of the hermes cabin and said,"I'll be right back." She ran and about five seconds later we heard her scream. It was a high pitched scream that not even an Aphrodite camper can pull off. She ran and she looked terrified.

"What's wrong?" asked Jess. Then we heard it.

"Yahm Yahm yahm!" two giant teddy bears came up and walked toward Octavian. He got up and screamed like the little two year old girl he is!

Izzie burst out laughing! We all joined in. After Octavian left,Conner and Travis unzipped the teddy bear suits and fell out laughing. Izzie was still snickering.

"That was hilarious!" said Percy.

Octavian came back and he looked really pissed. He said,"Izzie I will kill you,you Greek!" He came at Izzie. BAD IDEA! She shocked him! He just sat down and glared at Izzie.

"Back to the game." said Nico.

"I'LL GO!" said Izzie. She had evil look in her eyes.

"This can't be good!"

"Nico..Truth or dare?"


"too bad. I'm gonna choose for you you wimp. I say you choose dare."

"WHAT?! NO!"

"YEP! I dare you too....let Leo light your jacket on fire!!!" Izzie said.

"WHAT! NO!" screamed Nico.

"Yes Emo Death dude!!! DO IT!" said Izzie.

Nico took off his jacket and handed it to Leo. Leo lit it on fire. Nico looked really pissed. Percy drenched the jacket and Nico got it back.

"MY JACKET!" said Nico.

"That's what happens when a jacket catches fire! You just learned something new!!" said Izzie.
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
ROFLMAO, NICE.ill they to post as soon as possible!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
big smile
Awsome but who's point of veiw is it ??????(my Bday is in a couple hours.)
over a year ago JJFlowers said…
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
(ok now I'm 12) so who's point of veiw???
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
its not really anyone point of view unless i put ________ pov.i try to write one today if i have time
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
I was talking about tortillialuvsrr. NE way UR POSTS ARE BOTH AWSOMNESSS!!!!!!!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
"ok, while nico's mourning over the death of his jacket, lets continue." travis said
"wow,travis actually has a good suggestion for once." annabeth stated
"yeah," conner said "dont expect it to last long."
"wow, your such a supportive brother." travis said sarcastically.
"my jacket.." nico whined.
"shut it, emo boy. no one wants to hear you whine about your jacket." isabel said
"IM NOT EMO!!!!"
"whatever you say ,nico" the whole group chanted.
"come on lets keep going." jess said
"ok,ill go." travis said "conner, truth or dare."
"wow, really? you'd think, you being son of hermes and all, that you'd pick dare or som-"
"ok whatever. so is it true that....YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON KATIE GARNER?
"what! no, not at all!" conner said, looking sort of nervous.
"oh, really? then why does it say you do...IN YOUR DIARY!!" travis says, holding out a book that could be nothing but conners diary.
"*gasp* HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT!!!!!" conner said. he started to chase his brother, either to kill or get his diary back. or both.
"OK,while they're off killing each other and what not, lets continue!ill go!" Reyna said."umm....percy, is it true tha-"
"wait wait wait!" percy said " i didnt even get to chose!"
"too bad, get over it! is it true that camp jupiter is better than camp half blood?"
"umm well im not going to answer that considering it could cause another civil war between demigods."
"reyna! language!" rachel said
"shut it prophecy girl! percy answer the question!"
"ok! from some peoples point of view, camp jupiter is better. from others, camp half blood is better. but im not going to justify which point of view im looking from. or maybe im looking from both."

"ok......." jess said "well, percy im pretty sure you just confused every one, which must be a first for you, so lets just move on. nico, truth or dare?"
"truth. why do you people keep picking me? my poor jacket.."
"ok, nico is it true your in denial of being emo?"
"so ,its true. ok, lets go on. whos next?"
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over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago JJFlowers said…
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
big smile
P. O. S. T. S. O. O. N.

over a year ago Rickfan said…
post soon!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
big smile
^You mean
P. O. S. T. N. O. W.

over a year ago Blackjack-Arion said…
big smile
lol post soon :)
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago darange said…
hahahahahhahaha love it post more please
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
hey, guys! sorry i was at a friends house this weekend, but im starting one now! enjoy!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
wow...........Nico............I swear.................
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
she probably talking about the first chapter thingy-ma-bob on this is in such denial......still working on chapter! wouldve had it finished but i got my laptop taken up......but , anyway, working on it!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
"ill go!" izzie said "percy,travis,conner,jess,and leo. i have a dare for you."
"wait, cant we pick truth?" jess whined.
"no. now come over here." isabel said.
isabel grabbed them all and dragged them over to the side.
"what is that about?" annabeth asked
"i dont know.." rachel said smiling evily, like she did know.
"ummm..ok then...lets continue before something happens,like giant teddy bears.i guess i'll go." nico said "ummm....annabeth.truth or dare?"
"well, knowing your evil little mind, truth." annabeth said.
"is it true that you think im hot?"
"no. no, just..just never. gross. just disgusting." annabeth said. then she started gagging and everyone burst out laughing.
"ok, before she actually pukes, i'll go." thalia said "you..umm..reyna's sister? hylla, right? truth or dare?"
"i am," hylla said "the leaders of the amazons, so of course i pick dare."
"ok..t.m.i.? so anyways,hylla i dare you to.....let the ahrodite cabin give you a makeover!"
hylla got mobbed by ahrodite could tell reyna was trying not to laugh.
"ok," drew said "im next."
everyone groaned, even the ahrodite cabin.
"dang," nico said"you just got dissed by your own cabinmates."
"at least i have cabinmates, emo boy."
"keep telling yourself anyway,um...piper.truth or dare?"
"dare." piper said
"ok...i dare you to....say you want to marry leo."
"you heard me. now do it."
"you," piper said, grinding her teeth."are the evillest person i know." then she took a deep breath and said "i want to marry leo. NOT!!!"
"ok..before someone *cough* drew *cough* get punched in the face, lets move on. whos next?" rachel said.
"ill go. " nico said "ahrodite cabin. i dare you to go throw every thing you own that is pink away."
the whole ahrodite cabin sang a chorus of "WHAT!"s and "NO!"s, except for piper who said "YES!!"
"i dared have to do it." nico said.
the cabin reluctantly got up and went to their cabin. but the moment they stepped in the door, they screamed like they were being murdered . the rest of the group went to go check it out and they saw.....
over a year ago Rickfan said…
post soon!
over a year ago Blackjack-Arion said…
big smile
lol.. post soon :)
over a year ago JJFlowers said…
CLIFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POST SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please?
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
big smile
Oh ok and awsome post!!! :D
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
ok about to post. writing chapter now. thanks peoples! sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger but im about to post so yeah..
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
lol i just noticed=
-the rest of the group went to go check it out and they saw.....

Rickfan said-post soon!
over a year ago Magic1799 said…
post soon!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
^wow, cinnominbubble...but anyway, heres a chapter!
the group stared into the ahrodite cabin. ahrodite campers were running around screaming and freaking out, except for piper who was all like "yes!!finally!"
inside the ahrodite cabin, the walls, that used to be pink, were now jet black. all the posters of Justin Bieber, Cody simpson, and piper's dad were all taken of the ahrdotie campers opened her chest where her clothes were, and saw all of her clothes were black.the rest of the cabin checked their chests and screamed,except for piper who just shrugged.
"nico," drew said,holding a knife up to his throat. "what. did. you. do?!"
"i didnt do any thing! i swear on the river styx!" nico said
drew slowly backed away from him.
"hey, guys." jason said "wheres izzy,jess, percy,conner,travis, and leo? shouldnt they be back yet?"
"probably." annabeth said "i guess we should go look for them before we get pranked." then she yelled to the whole group "GET YOUR GEAR ON,PEOPLE!"
everyone automatically started putting on fire-proof armor,helmets, and gas masks.
first, they checked the one there.
then they started checking the cabins. in all of them,they found nothing.
then they got to nico's cabin. they looked inside. nico screamed and passed out on the floor. the walls of his cabin were pink. everything black inside his cabin was now pink. everyone bust out laughing. percy,jess,izzie,conner,travis, and leo all came out from behide his soon as the ahrodite cabin saw them, they all charged at them with daggers (except piper,who was still laughing).
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
i know its short, but i was busy taking state tests this week...ugggghhhh...
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
^*facepalm*wow..... ok,im about to write one going to give you cake!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
soon,they regrouped and gathered back in their huge circle.hazel and frank had to drag nico, who was still unconsious,out of his cabin. conner and travis had drawn on his face, while piper put makeup on him.everyone was laughing ,but trying not to wake him up at the same time.
"so..." thalia said inbetween laughs.
"i guess....ill go.." percy said, who was laughing too."ok,"percy said as he tried to put on a serious face."jess,truth or dare?"
"dare.wait no....knowing you,truth."
"is it true the most awesome brother ever in existance?"
"sure percy..sure."
"ok,before percy figures out that jess was using sarcasm, lets move on. ill go." piper said "repair boy,truth or dare?"
"ok, i dare yo-"
"wait a sec," percy said. then he turned to jess."you were using sarcasm?"
"noo..i was being completely serious. i didnt use sarcasm at all, just like im not using sarcasm right now." jess said sarcastically.
"you are so mean to your brother.." jason said
"thank you.thats my job." jess replied.
"ok,back to the game." piper said "leo, i dare you to try to wake nico up."
"ok..."leo said . he inched over to nico. he shook nico to try and wake him up.
"5 more minutes.." nico said in his sleep. he waved his hand like he was shooing leo away.then a skeleton warrior came out of the ground and turned toward leo.
"holy (censored)!!" leo said. then he screamed like a little girl and ran away.
"ok, lets move on. ill go . piper truth or dare?" reyna asked
"i dare you to dare someone else."
"wow, really reyna? ok....ummm...jess, i dare you to try to wake nico up too."
"oh come on?! does it have to be me?" jess complained
"yes, now do it!" piper said
jess walked over to nico and shook him. his eyes slowly came open.
"ugggghhh.." he said
"wow,you look so pretty,nico." thalia said
"thalia, dont you mean nicole?" percy laughed
"huh? what? what are you guys talking about?" nico asked
"that sharpie mustache really suits you,nico." jess said, then burst out laughing.
"what?" he asked
the whole group burst out laughing. nico just sat there,confused. leo was somewhere,still being chased by a skeleton warrior
"what?!what are you guys looking at?" nico demanded
"nothing...nothing.." jess said inbetween laughs
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over a year ago JJFlowers said…
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! POST SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
ill try to post tonight if i have time...
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
big smile
Yay!!! I am sooooo excited right now!!!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
haha, i claim the 60th comment!!
i didnt have time to post yesterday,so im about to start working on one.
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
so, the entire group was still laughing, even the romans and the Athena still had no idea what was going on.then there was a scream.
"what was that?" nico asked.
"oh," piper said "probably just leo."
"why would leo be screaming?" nico asked
"dude," percy said "you sent a skeleton warrior after him in your sleep."
just then leo ran past, still being chased by the skeleton warrior.
"oh." nico said. then he waved his hand and the skeleton warrior crumpled into bones and melted into the ground.
"hey...." leo said, still trying to catch his breath," good..."
piper got a mirror from one of her siblings and passed it to nico. nico saw his reflection,screamed, and passed out again.
"well,that was....entertaining." thalia said.everyone nodded in agreement.
"hey guys....i got an idea.." leo said,smiling evilly.

~1 hour later~
nico began to wake up again.everyone else was hiding behind stuff ,waiting. they had scrubbed the makeup and marker off his face,only because they were going to do worse stuff to him.
he fully woke up and looked around. he noticed he was laying in a kiddy pool filled with shaving cream.
"what the heck?" he asked. then he looked down and saw his clothes. he was wearing all bright pink. he screamed again. but right before he could faint again, the campers pelted him with water and paint-ball guns.
sorry it was short but oh well. tortillia, do you want to post next?
over a year ago JJFlowers said…
POST SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

over a year ago Rickfan said…
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…

"that was an amazing idea,leo."said izzie. "thank you"said leo. "who's next?"asked thalia. "ME!"said Izzie. "Oh no."said Percy. "Wimp."said Jason. "Jason,truth or dare?" "dare" "I dare you to wake Nico up." "okay,easy." Jason went and electrocuted nico. Nico shot up and sent like ten skeleton warriors after Jason. "You love your brother don't you?" Piper said sarcastically. "Aren't I the best sister?"said Izzie. "Yes." said Thalia. Jason was hovering trying not to get killed by skeletons. Nico went to change. "Well that was entertaining." said leo. "I'm next." said Percy. "Truth or dare......Izzie."

"dare...duh!" said Izzie. "I dare u to.....go cliff diving with me and jess." "okay." They walked to a cliff in the woods. The water was 100 feet below them. "Percy don't make her do this." said Thalia. "No,I'll do it,but Percy remember,I'm awesome at revenge." "ok" said Percy. "1..2..3..JUMP!" said Jess. They all jumped off. A few minutes later Izzie came back soaking wet. "I CANT BELIEVE U DID THAT!" said Thalia. "I was dared. I always do a dare!" said Izzie,"now...DRY ME OFF!" yelled Izzie. "ok gosh." said Percy. A minute later,Izzie was dry. "Lets go." They all sat down on the beach in front of long island sound. "I'm back." said Nico.

"I dare Nico to give me his phone!" said Izzie. "NO!" said Nico. "Yes,my way or the less painful way?" asked Izzie. "I'm not giving you my phone!" said Nico. "My way then." Izzie got up and walked over to Nico. Warning,ALWAYS LISTEN TO IZZIE AND JESS! Izzie stepped on Nico's foot,twisted his arm backwards,shocked him,and flipped him. He was now on the ground saying,"GODS WOMAN! THAT HURT! OW!" "Good!" The Izzie took his phone. It was an Iphone 4. "Now,here's what imma do to ur phone." She fried his phone with her electricity powers. Then She got Leo to set it on fire. Then Percy and Jess poured 10 gallons of water on it. "Here's your phone!" Izzie said. "MY PHONE! FIRST MY JACKET NOW MY PHONE?" Nico was mourning over his now dead phone. "NICE!"said everybody else!


over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
NICE!! ill try to post soon, but i probably wont be able to post this weekend. i might ask tortillia to,though .but anyway, NICE!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Good job!!! Je est triste...
over a year ago Rickfan said…
post soon!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
hey guys i couldnt post this weekend but im about to post so..yeah.
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
soon they gather back in their circle.
"my phone..." nico said
"shut up death boy and lets get back to the game." izzie said
"you guys are so mean..." jess said
"just like how your mean to your brother??" jason said
"shut up lightning boy." jess retorted
"okay.." thalia said "lets get back to the game before something bad happens.."
"thalia, you know something bad is going to happen no matter what we do." piper pointed out.
"true.." thalia said
then leo said "thats why im here to protect you thals." and he went over to hug thalia.before he could even touch her, she electricuted him.
"#1." thalia said "dont touch me. #2. DONT CALL ME THALS."
"okay okay, " leo said "calm down thals."
after that thalia had to walk away so she wouldnt kill leo. and then they put leo in cage and put duck over his mouth. they also tied his hands behind his back and tied him to a chair so thalia wouldnt kill him when she came back.

"okay, i guess ill go." piper said "percy truth or dare?"
"i dare you to.......let izzie shock you."
"50 times."
"WHAT?! wow, we're not really doing this again are we? i mean, seriously?"
"yes, now you have to do it."
~ 30 minutes later ~
"48.......49...........50." the group chanted..again.
percy fell backwards and passed out
"is he dead?" jason asked
"no," nico said "but hes getting there..."
"so reassuring.." annabeth said sarcastically "so reassuring......"
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over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Annabeth must have been crying!!!Nice Post!!!
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT I ALMOST DIED LAUGHING!!!!!!!!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago klyonsm2 said… a horrible person....dont ask if you dont know why........lets just say im flipping out...
^haha i made a pun (i know i probably didnt spell that right..). but ill try to post soon (as in ,like, tonight or tomorrow)
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
soon thalia came back and percy started waking up, so they continued.
"whos next ?" piper asked
"i'll go." travis said "conner , truth or dare?"
"why does every one pick dare? but anyway i dare you to come with me." travis said and the 2 boys walked off.
"ummm...should we be scared?" jess asked
"probably" annabeth said
"ok, everyone suit up." percy said.
and everyone got into their anti-prank gear, except for leo who left his gear in his cabin.
"leo, your suposed to keep your gear with you at all times. you never know when they're going to prank you." annabeth said
"well, sorry. gosh, i leave my armor in my cabin 1 time and i get yelled at." leo said
"yes, yes you do." jess responded
"leo, stop complaining and shut up." izzie said.
they started walked around trying to find travis and conner. sudden someone in the back fell down. lets just say, it started going as a dominoe effect. everyone ended up on the ground except one person : parker.
"PARKER!!you tripped us!!!!" jess yelled
"yeah," parker admitted "so? whatcha goin do 'bout it?" she said in a fake and stupid jersey accent.
both camps had to hold izzie and jess back from strangling her .
after they got izzie and jess calmed down enough, they kept looking.
they checked the hermes cabin. they found a gumball on the front doorstep.
"why is there just a random gumball on the front steps of their cabin??" percy asked
"who knows... remember this is conner and travis were talking about. they're messed up, even for demigods." rachel said
"HEY!" all the demigods shouted
"offensive, but true." jess said
all the demigods nodded in agreement.
"hey, guys. look." izzie said " another gumball."
will solace, who was standing outside of the group, pointed to the ground and said "heres another"
"guys," annabeth said "i think we just found a trail."
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over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Dun dun dunnnnn! Nice post! Ohh how about it leads to a random forest of NERF guns filled with gumballs... Not happening is it...…....
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
cake i had other plans...but it is a great idea *taking mental note* about to post so.......HAVE SOME CAKE!!!
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over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Yay cake¡!!!!!!¡!!!!!!¡
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
they kept finding gumballs. one after another, making a trail. they werent quite sure where it was leading to , but they knew it was leading to some where
"can i eat them?" leo asked annabeth, who was holding all the gumballs.
"no," annnabeth said "we need these."
"for what ?" leo asked "what ? are some kind of gumball collector now?"
"we just need them, okay leo?"
"plus" jess added "your too late. while you and annabeth were arguing, i already ate them." she said , then made a huge bubble. annabeth looked and saw there was only one gumball left in her hands.
"how did yo-" she started to ask
jess said "i picked up some tips from the hermes cabin"
"that would explain alot...." annabeth said
"got that right. last week she sneaked up on me and scared the hades out of me." nico said
"what the hades..?" percy mumbled/asked
"hey," nico said "dont say that. thats my dad."
"okay..." izzie said "so #1: how do you scare a son of hades?? #2: so its alright for you to say it, but not anyone else????"
"ummm....idk and yes." nico responded
everyone started to mumble something to them selves
"okaayy..." annnabeth said "lets move on..."
they followed the path up to the dinning pavilion. in the middle of the pavilion, was a single gumball.
annabeth stepped foward to pick it up. everyone crowded around her. she looked at the gumball. she read the word printed on it.
"ambush." she said. she looked up just as 2 tons of gumballs rained down on them.
over a year ago Blackjack-Arion said…
big smile
lol awesome!! pls post agai soon... even though u like just posted :)
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
okay i'll post soon
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
im about to post soon...umm..yeah. HERES SOME CAKE!!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
"conner! travis! " annabeth yelled.
"yes??" they asked innocently
"what in Hades do you expect us to do with all of these gumballs?!?!"
"ummm...i dont know.............." travis admitted
"hey!" conner said "we could take them and make a mountain. then we replace the rock climbing wall that shoots lava with this and-"
"conner" izzie said "just shut up.i think we all know that whatever your about to say is stupid."
"hey, guys," jess said "about the gum.....what if..we....oh, i dont know... chew it?"
"all of this? we have to chew all of this? " hazel asked
"no more questions asked." leo said and he jumped into the gumball mountain.
" i either have the greatest or the stupidest idea ever...." jess said.
"probably the stupidest. no offense." izzie said
"no its all right. it probably is the stupidest idea im going to soooo try it." jess said. then she grabbed a shield that was leaning against the pavilion. then she got up on the gumball mountain and .......... started gumball surfing?
"wow," izzie facepalmed "only jess would think of that...."
i know it was extremly short but i havnt had much time.....tortillia, you wanna post? if not ill post soon....
~ <3 , klyonsm2
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
big smile
SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
Sure...I'll post!!!!!!!!!


"wow," izzie facepalmed "only jess would think of that...."
"Yep" said Annabeth.
"COOL!" said Percy. HE copied Jess. Everybody facepalmed.
"really,just really?"said Izzie.
"YES!" said Percy and Jess."This is awesome!"
"GUMBALLS!" said Conner and Travis. They started throwing gumballs at everybody.
"WAIT!"said Izzie,"I have an idea!"
"This could be good."said Conner and Travis.
"I'm scared."said Nico,"this could end badly."
"Have some faith."said Izzie,"Leo can you melt all these if Conner and Travis put them in buckets?"
"Yeah but what does that have to do with anything?" asked Leo
"We melt the gumballs then we set them up all over and in the Aphrodite cabin. They go near or inside the cabin,melted gumballs everywhere. Think of the expressions on their faces!" said Izzie.
"It's evil,smart,diabolical,and GENIUS!"said Conner,Leo,Travis,Percy,and Nico.
"Why Thank you."said Izzie.
"I'll video tape it!"said Piper.
"We'll get the buckets!"said Conner and Travis.
**********************************Two Hours Later*************************************­***­***­***­***­***­***­
Parker was walking into the Aphrodite cabin and melted gumballs went on top of her! Everyone at camp was laughing after she screamed like a cat in a blender.
"IZZIE!!!!!!" she screeched.
"Yes?" asked Izzie innocently.
"YOU WILL PAY!"screeched Parker again.
"I GOT IT ON CAMERA!" said Piper.
"YES!" POST IT ON YOUTUBE!" said Jess.
"I have a better Idea. Let's play it in front of the whole camp at dinner!"said Izzie.
"Good idea!"said Annabeth.
I know it's short but it's something
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
omgs, best.chapter.ever. ill try to post soon (like,today or tomorrow or whenever i have time). mwhahahahahahahahaha..........
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
i thought you might like it......Mwha mwhaha mwhahahaha!!!!!!!! I'm and evil genius at times
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Why dont they do BOTH????
over a year ago BitemeIVampire said…
Ballz....GumBallz! i wish i was an oc.......Tortillia and Klyonsm you so awesomes!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
thanks! ill try to post soon!!:P :D
over a year ago Rickfan said…
post soon!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
" hey," leo said. "question here. why post it on youtube or show it at the dinning hall.....when we can do both!"
"wow,leo actually had a good idea for once." thalia said
"awwww," leo said "you know you love me thals ."
"no," thalia said "just no. now, get away from me before theres an arrow through your head."
leo backed away from thalia.
"hey, lets pause the game until tomorrow because its dinner time.okay?" jess said
just as jess said that, the dinner horn was blown.
"wow," percy mumbled "perfect timing."
so everyone muttered in agreement and went to their cabins (the romans were put into the cabins of their godly parent).then they lined up and went to dinner.
Everyone sat down and started eating. then leo hacked into the camp's electricity system . izzie pulled down a sheet and jake mason set up a projector.
"HEY EVERYONE! WATCH THIS!" jess shouted.
the video of parker being soaked in gumball played. then they played it again. and again.
the whole camp was rolling on the floor with laughter. everyone except parker , who still had gumball in her hair.
"ITS.....STILL.....FUNNY....." percy said inbetween laughs
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
MY IDEA!! I <3 LEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
big smile
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
ok, so i was at tortillia's house this weekend so i didnt get to post. but im about to start another chapter-thingy-ma-bob . THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
they all sat down in their big circle.
"so , who starts? " rachel asked. no one answered . "oh my gods," rachel said "no one wants to go? ugh, i guess i'll go." she looked around for a minute .
"ok," she said finally "jess, truth or dare?"
"okay.....i dare you to.........sing infront of everyone at dinner."
"okay...and you call that a dare? anyway, sure. why not."
"whos next?" izzie asked
"i'll go...." jess said and smiled evilly "izzie ,truth or dare?"
"uggh, of course me....hmm...even though your evil smile is really telling me not to pick dare, im just going to go ahead and pick dare." izzie said
"okay," jess said "i dare you to....SING WITH ME AT DINNER!i would do it by myself, but i just know how much you love being infront of a crowd...."
izzie gasped and said "WHAT?! no , no i am not singing infront of a crowd, okay? no , just never. you cant make me."
"but i dared you." jess answered.
"but i dont wan-" izzie started to say, but got interrupted .
"GUYS!" conner said "i hope you know there's a rule book!"
"yeah," travis agreed "there's a rule book. its been in our cabin the whole time. me and conner will go get it."
"WAIT!" everyone yelled.
conner and travis turned. then annabeth said "you guys are not going to without someone to make sure you dont pull any pranks. jason, can you go with them?"
"sure." jason said
"what!?" the stolls complained "we dont need a babysitter!"
"yes, you do" annabeth said "now go."
they sighed and followed jason. soon they came back and sat down.
"jason , did they do anything?" annabeth asked
"well, they didnt pull any pranks , but th-"
"but they didnt do anything else either, right jason?"
"okay," jason said "whatever."
"okay, gosh. it says you can a couple chickens , but for every chicken you to let the whole group do something else to you.." conner said
"YES! " izzie said "im using a chicken. have fun jess."
"okay , now the whole group has to decide your punishment." travis stated.
"mwhahahahashahahahahahaha!" jess evilly laughed. but as soon as izzie glared at her, she shut up.
the whole group except izzie gathered in a circle off to the side.
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
ok sorry i havnt been on in 4 days. i've been sort of busy. today my dad took my computer hostage , so i had to do work to get it back. today i also am deeply afraid of poison ivy.*shivers* and i've seen alot of poison ivy today. *slowly rocking back and forth* so...........much........ivy..........
anyway im going to try to post soon, but i cant promise anything right now. my little cousin is in town so we are going to take him to a museum (its actually pretty fun there. you'd understand if you'd gone there) and then a movie so i probably wont be able to post tomorrow . then the day after that im busy im going to try to post today.
btw sorry i havent been on in 4 days. here some cake for the wait.
oh and....HAPPY 5TH PAGE!! i guess the cake s for that too...:P
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over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
ok got over the poison ivy spotting from 2 days ago. and i dont have poison ivy. i dont think. anyway, i'll be fine as long as i dont see poison ivy. i hate that stuff soo much!!
anyway, i said i was going to post and it turns out i do have time today so im posting right now. i would ask tortillia to post after me but her computer isnt working.or her phone. or her ipod. (i have no idea how she keeps breaking this stuff, but i dont think it was her fault. and i know who screwed up her phone.....)
anyway, here it goes.

they all gathered in a group off to the side. evryone except izzie.
"hmmmm....what should we do?" percy asked
"maybe we could push her off a mountain!" Clarisse suggested
everyone turn to clarisse and just gave her crazy looks. some people even face-palmed.
"what?" clarisse asked "i dont like that kid."
"we are not pushing my sister off a mountain." Thalia said.
"we could cover her in the left over gumball." travis said
"we could dump her in the lake.." percy said
"no, she might actually enjoy that..." annabeth said
"we could lock her in the armory ...." conner said .
"conner," jess said "that is the stupidest idea i have heard all day."
"why?" he asked.
evervyone facepalmed
"conner, the armory has weapons in it. izzie knows how to use weapons. and we would eventually have to let izzie out. and izzie might want revenge......" jess said like she was explaining it to a five year old.
"ohhhhhhhhh......." conner said .
"yeah. now guys i just thought of a plan anyway..." jess said. "but we have to do when she least expects it..." she finished. then she explained her plan to the group.
"that...." annabeth said "is actually a really good plan...."
everyone nodded in agreement.
"one problem though." percy said "who exactly are we supposed to get the person, whos name i will not give away to the people reading this, here ?"
"trust me , i've got it." jess said .....
i know it was really short but the next chapter-thingy should be longer. im not giving away the plan just quite yet. and btw we might be looking for a 3rd writer soon. again might.
please comment and ask other people to read it if you can.
<3 love you guys. heres some cake
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
I WANNA WRITE!!!!! Really good! But I don't understand Percy's last dialog...
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Nvm I get it now!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
ok cinnominbubble, but i have to ask tortillia first. and i think i should maybe wait til me have more people reading this cuz your like one of the only ones......but i think i'll just do it now if tortillia agrees....
what eva...
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Really? I am like your biggest fan!!!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
hmmm...that is a really good way to put yeah. basically. high-five cinnominbubble *virtually high-fives cinnominbubble *
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­! Now my thumb hurts from tapping that out so much!(iPhone)
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
ok. im going to try to post tomorrow (too lazy/tired to tonight) but i have to go to a swimming party-is thing tomorrow. but im sure i'll at least have time after if not before. LOVE YOU GUYS :)
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
ok, so i have made a decision . i AM looking for a 3rd co-host. it may temporary, so just know that. if you want to be the new co-host, please message me.
(P.S. LOVE YOU ALL!! and even if you dont want be the co-host or just dont get the position, you can still message me ideas. "may the odds be ever in your favor.")
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
and btw, i might not be on for a couple days because i have to go to a funeral in another state so..yeah.
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Ohh^ poor dead person! I hope I mAke it...
over a year ago book-worm said…
Dead people are always so depressing
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
well, it was a funeral for someone in tortillias family and niether of us really knew him. we went to Texarkana , Texas/Arkanas . we had quite an.....................adventure . long story short, we got to spend 8 hours in arkanas when we were supposed to be home already..(our car broke down) .......... but it was still fun.
congrats cinnominbubble! you can go ahead and post your first chapter. (but you must check your inbox first)
thank you everyone for reading this! i love you guys and hope you enjoy this forum!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Thank you!!!!!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
All of the Demigods went back and they found Izzie talking to a random girl no one had ever seen before. "Oh sorry I'm Mariah, Izzie here was telling me about this place!"
Annabeth went up to her. " Who's your godly parent? Wait- You wouldn't know, Who is your mortal parent, Mom or Dad?"
" Seriously, I don't know, I ran away from the orphanage." She replied haughtily.
over a year ago book-worm said…
Woah!! Scary!!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Thank you! Is it ok???
over a year ago book-worm said…
Ya it's good's short):
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
cool, nice cinnominbubble. yeah i liked it. i think im going to post tomorrow sometime .... but you can keep posting for now. THANKS FOR READING! YOU ALL GET CAKE NOW!
over a year ago book-worm said…
Yay post soon!!!!!!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Im at school so... not now
over a year ago jordan333 said…
Hey ya gotta post soon
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
will do!

Suddenly everyone gasped and cowered, because Mariah's was draped in not one symbol but two! A sword- Ares and a lovely gown-Aphrodite!
(gtg my computer time is up)
over a year ago book-worm said…
Woah!! Didn't see that coming!! Is she a goddess or a nature spirit or....what?
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Doesn't come up yet!;)!!!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
"But-But!!" Annabeth Stuttered and murmured to herself,
Percy randomly brought out a pin.
"What!? Can't a boy learn how to sew!?!" He screamed.Mariah didn't notice.
He poked her but ordinary blood spilled.
"Ow?" She said uncertainly." Could we just get back to... That game thing?"
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over a year ago Ares2002 said…
post soon :)
over a year ago jordan333 said…
Woah bum bum buuuum
I have a secret it is:I like CHEESE!!!!!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
wow great secret! SCHOOLS OUT NEXT WEEK!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
omgs thanks everyone for reading this! cinnominbubble i think im going to post next.
and my school is already out. we've been out for a while.
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over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Ok (lucky duck^)
over a year ago book-worm said…
^^My school has too!!! Cinnominbubble what kinda jacked up school do you go to!?!

over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
"can we just get back to...the game thing?" mariah asked
"but-but-but-but-" annabeth started.
"hey," jess said " i agree with mariah, right?, i have no idea how or what exactly is going, but can we get back to the game? or at least go get lunch? or both?"
the whole group muttered in agreement.
suddenlysomeone in the back randomly yelled "INBETWEENERS DANCE! GO!"
everyone was silent and confused for a second.
then jess shrugged her shoulders and said "YOLO!" and started doing the inbetweeners dance. izzie started doing with her. then the rest of the group (except the athena,ares, and ahrodite cabins. that doesnt include mariah.)
then they all stopped and started laughing.
"okay.. okay," jess said,still laughing. "can we seriously play now?"
"i guess. but what the heck was that dance about?" annabeth asked.
"only some people get it....." izzie said
"ok,whatever thats supposed to , i guess, whos goes first?" annabeth asked
"oh,oh! me!" jess said ,raising her hand. "ok,nico? truth or dare?"
"i guess i'll pick dare. but i swear if you make me do something stupid...." nico said suspiciously.
"i dare you to let me tie you up and out duck tape over your mouth." jess said. before nico could even respond,izzie and jess started tying him to a chair and put duck tape over his mouth.
"now." jess said , pulling out a drachma ."percy could you make a rainbow?"
"sure." percy said, making a thick mist.
jess threw the coin into the rainbow and said "o' iris ,goddess of the rainbow, please accept my offering. show me persephone and demeter ."
"BHAT?!" nico yelled under the duck tape.
the iris message connected and showed persephone and demeter fighting.
"you just had to go and eat the pomegranate!" demeter yelled
"yeah and i've never heard the end of it since!" persephone shouted back
"hey, guys?" jess said into the iris message .
persephone and demeter both turned confused toward the iris message.
"what the-" persephone started to say.
"yeah," jess said " sorry to interrupt your argument, but-"
"argument?!" demeter scoffed " we were just having a nice conversation."
"yeah, um...whatever anyway....we seem to have a request from your step-son,persephone." izzie said
"A BEBUEST?!" nico shouted under the duck tape "BHAT BEBUEST?!?!?!"
"why is he tied to a chair?" persephone asked
"do you really care?" izzie asked
"true. so what request ?" persephone asked.
"well," jess said " he said he wants to spend ALOT more time with guys, talking about flowers and such. he even said he'd LOVE to work on a farm with you and demeter-"
"BHAT!!!! I BEVER SAID BAT!!! " nico yelled.
"and," izzie continued " he even said he would just love to be turned into a flower."
"BHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! BIZZIE!!! YOU BAR BBBOOOO BEAD!!!!" nico said.
"this is completely against his will isnt it?" persephone asked.
"maybe..." jess said
"okay, wish granted!" persephone said,then snapped her fingers. in a puff of smoke nico disappeared and then reappeared on persephone and demter's side of the iris message. he was kicking and screaming so loud the whole long island could probably hear it.
"hey guys," conner said " i just remembered, what about izzie's punishment for chickening out?"
jess smiled an evil smile and said "oh, he's on his way..."
^ dang that was waaay long than i expected it to be
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big smile
Gah it's so good but I NEED to know what they do it izzie!!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO POST SOON OR I WILL DIE!!!!!!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
I don't know what she is planning so don't ask me!Book-Worm our schools are like this cause we start later. Im from Canada.
over a year ago book-worm said…
Ooo a Canadian in our presence.....are there cannibals there? Like the laistrygonian ogres from SON?
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
I'm from Ontario so not close by no... But there are many pixies...
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Btw Mariah is pronounced
Maa Rîyah
over a year ago book-worm said…
Ya!! Are the pixies nice?
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Some of them are. Others keep stealing my cherries:(
over a year ago book-worm said…
Oh no!!!! I like cherries I think it would be cool to have a cherry tree
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
I jus plated one a couple. Weeks ago.
over a year ago book-worm said…
Oh really? COOL!!!!
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Haha (: I love laughing(: did you know that of you laugh, like legit hard core laughing, for an hour a day it can make you live longer.....don't you love that feeling you get when you laugh really hard for a long time? It's like abs are comin in....(:
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hey guys i'll try to post tonight. and trust i gotz something good in store for izzie
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Oh yay because I have no Idea of what she has planned!
over a year ago book-worm said…
*squeals* YAY!!!!
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Post soon
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Please post soon!!!
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cinnominbubble said:




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Your dying of writers block?
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ok ook ima working on it right now. btw HAPPY 7TH PAGE! HERES SOME CAKE!!
I also opened up a new forum called "the adventures of Hermes and Apollo" and i've only posted once so far but still. the title tells you what its about.
over a year ago book-worm said…
^^oh no!!!
^ YAY!!!! I love new posts and pages!!! Im looking for your new forum!!!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
^^Good luck on the new story!
over a year ago book-worm said…
You should check it out cinnominbubble it's great!!! It's way funny and...the best part...drum roll please *drum roll* I'M THERE!!!!! So you know it'll be a party!!!
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over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
~ 3 hours later ~
"hey izzie...." jess said "Chiron wants to go get something in the city for him..."
"again? ugghh..please dont tell me we have to pick up another crate of ogres for training..."
"no.." jess said " not this time.."
"alright , lets go." izzie said. then izzie held on to jess's hand and started flying. jess was absolutely terrified of this , but someone had dared jess to go with izzie to meet her "surprise." and jess was not going to risk using a chicken.
soon they were over Manhattan. 2,000 feet over Manhattan.
"where to?" izzie said.
"right there." jess said pointing at a building.
they landed and walked into the building.
"so....where is whatever we're picking up?" izzie asked
"oh..right in this room over here....." jess said and pointed to a room to the right of them.
"ok...come on.." izzie said and then walked into the room. jess started to follow her in, but then ran out and locked the door from the outside. izzie started pounding on the door
"NO!!!" izzie yelled "DONT LEAVE ME IN HERE WITH HIM!!!!!! NOOO!!!!!"
izzie was trapped in a room with justin bieber, who she hated. his music was also playing non-stop. by the time izzie got out, she would probably be mentally insane. jason and piper had also followed them here to get jess back to camp, cause when izzie did get out, she would be after jess.
jason,piper, and jess flew back to camp and watched what was happening on a movie screen the Hephaestus cabin set up. everyone watched izzie scream and yelled and try to pound on the door. everyone was bursting out laughing.
"best.......prank.....ever." conner and travis said inbetween laughs.
over a year ago book-worm said…
Hahaha nice!!! I love it!!! Justin Bieber is the best idea ever!!! Haha LMHO post soon!!!
over a year ago jordan333 said…
Awesome where did bieber (uggggghhhhh!!!) come from?! Monkey symbolises bieber
over a year ago book-worm said…
Remember? They called him a few chapters back.
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Lol Drew mustof been like- "Why is she screaming? I wish I were her!!!"
over a year ago book-worm said…
^Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Sooooooo true!!!!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…

I'll post after Tortilla okay Klsyonsm2?
over a year ago book-worm said…
I know I'm not klyonsm but that would be awesome!!!!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Oh bookworm...
over a year ago book-worm said…
What? *smiles innocently*
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
So can I?
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Why don't you ask klyonsm2? Hahahahaha Jk
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Hahaha not funny
over a year ago book-worm said…
I don't know I thought It was pretty funny
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Okay where are the hosts?
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
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im here. sorry i slept in cause im already out of school. anyway sure cinnominbubble. you can actually post now cause tortilla's laptop is still go ahead and post
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Yay!!! POST cinnominbubble!!!! POST LIKE THE WIND!!!
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After everyone lost the power to laugh, Piper croaks out"How much longer?"
"Umm... Two hours more or is that too much?" Annabeth asks ." Perfect."
"So no one has really answered my question. Can we PLEASE get back to the game?"Mariah asks impatiently
Piper answered by saying "sure.. Oh no look at the screen..." The door was ajar with Justin Beiber blacked out over his broken CD player. Judging by the lump on his head, he had been used to break open the door.
Leo cheerfully said"At least she won't be here for a while!" "Speak of the devil..." a voice from the door said
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
omgs roflmao. you can keep posting for a while , im a little busy. i should be able to get on tomorrow but not too yeah if im gone for a while..
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YAY!! Post soon someone!!!
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Gtg to school!
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SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? I thought you were out for summer!!!
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No tommorrow is the last day.
over a year ago book-worm said…
Awesome!!! Last day of school is the best!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
YaH all the grade sixes are RAPPING! I can't wait to rap!!!
over a year ago book-worm said…
Sounds like fun
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
big smile
It shall be...
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Haha!!! Some one, POST!!!!!!
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POST!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!! *clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite**clicks favorite*
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MCF2000 Stop. You have to post on The Harry Potter And Percy Jackson Rp too so do it and I will post...Probably...
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:'( okay I go....
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I posted can I come back now?
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At the door stood a very angry-and very wet-Izzie.
"Wow Izzie! Why are you so wet?" Leo asked, obliviose to the fact that she was so mad that steam was rolling off her body. In a matter of time, a certain of Hephestus lay across the floor, his eyes rolled back inside his head. "NOW,WHO PUT ME UP WITH THE CROSS-DRESSING GIRL!" Izzie screamed. Everyone was quiet until Travis decided to change the subject."So Izzie, Why are you wet?" in a few minutes he was laying along side Leo. "Anyone else?" Izzie smiled coldly. "Back to the game!'"Piper said."I believe it is my turn." Izzie walked along the circle. "Annabeth. Truth or Dare. No wait I'll pick for you. Dare..."
*Percy gulped* Annabeth remained calm