The Heroes of Olympus Demigod Truth or Dare

klyonsm2 posted on Apr 27, 2012 at 10:58PM
hey, guys! i decided to make this forum cause i thought it would be fun so i hopes you like it!

all rights go to rick riordan

characters: most pjo, and a few oc like: jess rodgers(daughter of neptune) and isabel johnson(daughter of zeus) and a few more.

summary: Camp half-blood and Camp jupiter start playing a huge game of truth or and see what happens............

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over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
im about to write the first one..plz comment!
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
"conner, this isnt star wars. jez i think your just a little bit obsessed with that movie." annabeth said.
"well, i always knew there was something messed up with him." isabel said, sitting down in the giant circle they had made.

"shut it, sparky. cant i just enjoy the moment?"conner asked
"nope." jess, said sitting down next to isabel.

everyone had gathered for a huge game of truth or dare. even camp jupiter had come.

"ok, lets start.ill go first," rachel said (and yes, rachel was there too.)
"ummm...percy.truth or dare?"
"i dare you to let jason take you 2,000 feet in the air!"
"you heard me. now get flying barnacle breath."
"nice one." jess said, fist bumping rachel."but if you dare me to do that, ill kill you."
percy stood up, jason grabbed percy's shirt, and they took could tell percy didnt like this.

"ok, whos next?" rachel asked.
"ill go," leo said "umm..thalia. truth or dare?"
"i dare you to kiss me."
"is it true your totally in love with me?"
"false.not happening,ever."
"what about if-"
"NEVER.n-e-v-e-r. never."
"OK,before thalia ends up mauling leo, which we all know is going to happen someday,lets move on. ill go next." piper said.
just then percy and jason landed. percy's eyes were huge. he looked terrified.
"never,"percy said, "ever make me do that again. never.". he went and sat down next to annabeth.
"ok, back to the game, ummm....jess, i dare you to let isabel shock you...."piper said.
"50 times."
"wait," jess said "WHAT?! 50 TIMES?!"
"you already said "ok." kelp-for-brains, so you have to let her do it."
isabel was smiling evilly , warming up her hands.jess looked at isabel nervously.
"this," isabel said "is going to be fun."
_________________20 MINUTES LATER._____________________
"48..49.....50." the group chanted.jess's clothes, hair, and skin looked charred . as soon as isabel finished the last one, jess fell backwards and didnt move.
"is she dead?" annabeth asked
"no," nico said "she not but i think we should lay off with the shocking unless you want her to be."
"wow, percy, you were lucky. you only had to go 2,000 feet in the air." jason said.
"ok, can we get back to the game?" drew asked
before anyone could kill drew for only thinking of herself, reyna said "sure, ill go."
"umm," reyna said "...jason. truth or dare?"
"i dare you to kiss piper."
jason started to looked a little nervous, but him and piper started leaning in. right as they were about to kiss, travis blew an air horn right between their faces. they jerked back.
"get a room!" travis said, laughing.
jason and piper looked really embrassed.
"ok, back to the game. whos next?"
over a year ago Blackjack-Arion said…
lol^^^ great story... pls post soon :)
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
"ok,i think ill go."a girl named parker said. she had came to camp half-blood a couple weeks ago. she was daughter of ahrodite. no one really liked her. she was a stuck up brat, and yes,even worse than drew. about as many people liked her as the number of people who liked octivian,which was a big fat zero.
"isabel," she said "truth or dare?"
"i dare you to put on all pink and act like an ahrodite camper for 10 minutes."
isabel had to choke back vomit."make it 5 minutes." she said.
"sure, but this better be good."
isabel got up and went into the ahrodite cabin .
"ok,lets keep going."jess said."leo,truth or dare?"
"why does everyone keep picking dare? but anyway i dare you to let me and percy soak you in a bunch of salt water."
"wait your going to extinguish my hotness?"
"sure,whatever floats your boat,leo."
"okay," leo said standing up. "im ready."
jess and percy dumped 3,000 gallons of salt water on leo,then made the water flow back into the sea.
once they were done,leo was shivering.
"im freezing." he said.
"you want me to freeze you too?" jess said
"no! no, im good."
then leo caught him self on fire, and started smiling like he just the best-swagg award.everyone facepalmed.
"hey thalia, im so hot im on fire."
"umm," thalia said "no.just no."

just then isabel came back, covered in pink and zebra stripes. she was even wearing heels.everyone gasped. everyone looked completely horrified.the whole ahrodite cabin squealed except for piper,who was horrified with everyone else.
"hey,guys.what are you all staring at?" isabel asked. then she pick up a piece of her hair and stared at it."oh my gods,my hair is wretched! and i soooo have to go to the salon for these horrible nails.oh, and maybe i should go to the mall later!!"she said as she sat down.
everyone scooted at least a foot away from her.everyone was silent and completely freaked out.isabel just kept going on and on, until the timer went off.
"finally!!!!!!!!" isabel yelled.
"that was....horrible." jess said
"how do to you think i felt!!!the worst 5 minutes of my life!!"isabel said. she took off the heels and threw them to the ground."leo, i dare you to set those on fire!!!"
"ok." leo said. he went over to the heels and they caught on fire. the ahrodite cabin (except for piper) screamed like it was them being burned instead of the heels.isabel ran off to change.she came back 5 minutes later in normal jeans and a t-shirt.
"ok," parker said smiling."jess truth or dare?"
"tsk,tsk, you people never learn. jess, i dare you to dress like an ahrodite camper."
jess glared at her for a minute, then her eyes lit up.
"sure parker. ill be right back." she said with a smirk.5 minutes later she walked out of the ahrodite cabin wearing all dark colors and a ski jacket.
"what is that?! i said ahrodite camper!!!"
"you," jess said "said a ahrodite camper, not which ahrodite dressed like piper, the only awesome child of ahrodite.the rest of you, except for 2 exceptions, are spoiled brats."
"im one of the exceptions,right?" parker said
"nope, actually your the exact opposite. its the 2 that helped piper before her quest.they actually know what the word "nice" means."jess said
parker grumbled for a minute.

"ok, my turn. i have a dare for conner and travis." isabel said.
"wasnt this originally truth or dare?" conner asked.
"conner," isabel said "shut it. now you and travis come over here."
so isabel,conner, and travis all went off to the side.
"umm...should we be scared?"nico asked
"ummm....probably."jess said.

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over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Awsome! But wait. Reyna likes Jason what's with the dare to kiss piper?
over a year ago Blackjack-Arion said…
big smile
lol^^ loved it :) pls post soon... even though you just posted :)
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
big smile
^^ umm..idk. it was just a random thought and i couldnt think of anyone else. and ill try to post a.s.a.p.
thanks guys!
over a year ago darange said…
ohh my gods that was so funny! post more when ever you can
over a year ago lcrs50 said…
Post soon!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Oh ok but it's still awsome.
over a year ago Rickfan said…
post soon!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
ok,ok. im about to start writing one now. and btw, THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS!! HERES CAKE FOR YOUR AWESOMENESS!
over a year ago percyrocks54321 said…
awesome post soon
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
_________10 mins later______________
conner and travis headed to their cabin or something. isabel came back to the circle and sat down.
"ok," she said."back to the game."
"umm..should we be scared of whatever you just dared conner and travis to do?" percy asked
"umm..most of you,no. but some of you," she looked at octivian "should be terrified."
"ummm...ok then." rachel said
"whos next?" nico asked.
"i'll go." jess said." or dare?"
"wow, really, truth? you would think the son of hades would go for dare or somethin-"
"i said truth."
"ok, little creepy 13-year old. it true you like thalia?"
"what?!no!! ewww!!gross! she's my cousin!"
"ill go next." leo said
"ok, but no picking thalia." isabel said
"awwww...umm, ok, i pick...piper."
"oh joy.." piper groaned.
"truth or dare?"
"ok...i dare you to wear pink for a week.starting now."
"what?! no! i hate pink!"
"i dared you, so you have to do it. go get your pink on,beauty queen."
conner and travis pov

"did you find them yet?" travis asked
"no.wait..hold on...found them!" conner said
"cool. this is going to be so fun!"
"ikr.and who knew we just had 2 random bear suits laying around our cabin?"
"i dont know, but i cant wait to see the looks on their faces.."
___________________meanwhile in the circle______________
*piper walks out of ahrodite cabin*
"beauty queen! your not wearing pink!" leo said
"yes am i."
"no,your not!"
"yes i am. on my sock. see?" *shows leo pink sock under converses*
"that doesnt count!"
"yes, it does. you told me to wear pink for a week, and im wearing pink." piper said.
leo grumbled.
"ok,lets keep going. ill go." isabel said "nico, truth or dare?"
"wow, really? because you'd think,you being son of hades and all, that you would pick dare or someth-"
"i said truth!"
"ok,ok, calm down. ok, is it true that your emo?"
"nico, when you pick truth, your supposed to tell the truth."
"IM NOT (censored) EMO (censored)!!!!"
"sure ," jess said. "whatever you say."
"(censored)." nico said
just then conner and travis came out of the hermes cabin and.........
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over a year ago Blackjack-Arion said…
big smile
lol^^^ awesome post :) pls post soon.... even though u just posted :)
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
hahah funny!!!!!!!!!! AND I GAVE YOU THAT IDEA
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Lol who agrees PIPER RULES!
over a year ago tortillialuvsrr said…
Klyonsm2 said I could post something since I gave her a lot of ideas on here.

just then conner and travis came out of the hermes cabin and said,"I'll be right back." She ran and about five seconds later we heard her scream. It was a high pitched scream that not even an Aphrodite camper can pull off. She ran and she looked terrified.

"What's wrong?" asked Jess. Then we heard it.

"Yahm Yahm yahm!" two giant teddy bears came up and walked toward Octavian. He got up and screamed like the little two year old girl he is!

Izzie burst out laughing! We all joined in. After Octavian left,Conner and Travis unzipped the teddy bear suits and fell out laughing. Izzie was still snickering.

"That was hilarious!" said Percy.

Octavian came back and he looked really pissed. He said,"Izzie I will kill you,you Greek!" He came at Izzie. BAD IDEA! She shocked him! He just sat down and glared at Izzie.

"Back to the game." said Nico.

"I'LL GO!" said Izzie. She had evil look in her eyes.

"This can't be good!"

"Nico..Truth or dare?"


"too bad. I'm gonna choose for you you wimp. I say you choose dare."

"WHAT?! NO!"

"YEP! I dare you too....let Leo light your jacket on fire!!!" Izzie said.

"WHAT! NO!" screamed Nico.

"Yes Emo Death dude!!! DO IT!" said Izzie.

Nico took off his jacket and handed it to Leo. Leo lit it on fire. Nico looked really pissed. Percy drenched the jacket and Nico got it back.

"MY JACKET!" said Nico.

"That's what happens when a jacket catches fire! You just learned something new!!" said Izzie.
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
ROFLMAO, NICE.ill they to post as soon as possible!
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
big smile
Awsome but who's point of veiw is it ??????(my Bday is in a couple hours.)
over a year ago JJFlowers said…
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
(ok now I'm 12) so who's point of veiw???
over a year ago klyonsm2 said…
its not really anyone point of view unless i put ________ pov.i try to write one today if i have time
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
I was talking about tortillialuvsrr. NE way UR POSTS ARE BOTH AWSOMNESSS!!!!!!!