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Authors: KayleeGurule & WatchOutPeeps & Rainbow_Girl AKA Rainbow_Goddess

Summery: Campers from Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter are teleported to a room where they read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus series.

Characters: Annabeth, Percy, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, Hazel, Reyna, and almost everyone form Rick Riordan's first series.

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Disclaimer: RR owns this

Authors: KayleeGurule & WatchOutPeeps & Rainbow_Girl AKA Rainbow_Goddess
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I GOTZ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took me a long time but I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some snickers from the group.
Leo, Travis, and Connor snickered.
"Why?" Frank asked.
"Well it said some snickers from the group." Leo sorta explained.
Behind me, Nancy Bobofit
"Ha, bobofit." Leo said, chuckling.
Nico did the best thing. He read.
mumbled to a friend, "Like we're going to use this in real life.
"If your a demigod you are!" Clarisse shouted.
Like it's going to say on our job applications, 'Please explain why Kronos ate is kids.'"
"And why Mr. Jackson," Mr.Brunner said, "to paraphrase Miss Bobofit's excellent question, does this matter in real life?"

"She just got owned!" Leo said.
"Busted," Grover muttered.
"Really, Grover." Leo said shaking his head. "You could've done better."
"Shut up," Nancy hissed her face even brighter red than her hair.
"I would've paid to see that." Thalia said.
At least Nancy got packed too, Mr. Brunner was the only one who ever caught her saying anything wrong. He had radar ears.
"You mean hoarse ears." Leo said.
"I didn't know at the time." Percy defended.
I thought
"Great to know you have my back cuz." Percy muttered.
about his question, and shrugged. "I don't know sir."
"Yes! The world is not ending today!" Nico said.
Percy gave Nico a glare and Nico smiled. Percy gulped.
"I see," Mr. Brunner looked disappointed. "Well, half credit]/b]
"Somebody call the police. Percy got half-credit on an assignment. In class." Thalia said.
[b] Mr. Jackson. Zeus did indeed feed Kronos a mixture of mustard and wine

"I'm never having mustard again." Nico said, gagging.
which made him disgorge his other children, who, of course, being immortal gods, had been living and growing up completely undigested in his stomach.
"I might throw up." Nico said, holding his stomach.
The gods defeated their father, sliced him to pieces with his own scythe, and scattered his remains in Tarturus the darrkest part of the Underworld. On that happy note, it's time for lunch. Mrs.Dodds, would you lead us back outside."[/b]
"Yep," Nico said. "I'm gonna throw up." He ran into the bathroom.
"Who wants to read now?" Thalia asked. Annabeth raised her hand and Thalia chucked the book at her.
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Good job, Jasonfan. And all praise for finding the book.
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I love this story! So much like my faves!
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Hey everyone i'm tping the chapter now, so expect it in an hour or so, maybe sooner maybe later.
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over a year ago kayleegurule said…
When Nico had finished puking his guts out he came back into the room holding his stomach and looking as green as Percy’s eyes.
“Nico, are you sure you’re okay?” Hazel, his sister, asked.
Nico nodded unable to speak.
“Maybe it’s morning sickness,” Conner suggested.
Everyone, including Travis, looked at him as if he were insane.
“What?” Conner said stupidly.
“I’m not pregnant!” Nico yelled. “I’m a guy!”
“Are you sure?” Conner asked.
“Shut up before I send skeletons after you,” Nico threatened. Conner did the smart thing and shut up.
“Um, I’m going to read to fill in the awkward silence that Nico created,” Annabeth announced.
The class drifted off, the girls holding their stomachs, the guys pushing each other around and acting like doofuses.
“Is doofuses a word,” Frank asked.
“No,” Annabeth scowled at the horrible grammar. “It’s not.”
Grover and I were about to follow when Mr. Brunner said, “Mr. Jackson.” I knew that was coming.
“You were psychic?” Conner said in shock.
Percy shook his head in disappointment of his friend. “No, I don’t have Rachel’s power, idiot.”
“Just checking,” Conner said sounding hurt.
I told Grover to keep going. Then I turned toward Mr. Brunner. “Sir?” Mr. Brunner had this look that wouldn’t let you go-
“I hate that look,” Leo, Conner, Travis, Chris, Percy, and Jason muttered.
intense brown eyes that could’ve been a thousand years old and had seen everything.
“He hasn’t seen everything,” Annabeth mused.
“No, but he has seen a lot,” Thalia reasoned.
“Who are you talking about?” Reyna, Hazel, and Frank asked in unison.
“You’ll see,” Percy told them.
“You must learn the answer to my question,” Mr. Brunner told me. “About the Titans?”
“You already answered that one, Prissy,” Clarisse rolled her eyes.
“Prissy?” Reyna asked.
“Clarisse’s nickname for me,” Percy explained.
Reyna nodded in understanding.
“About real life. And how your studies apply to it.” “Oh.” “What you learn from me,” he said, “Is vitally important. I expect you to treat it as such. I will accept only the best from you, Percy Jackson.”
“Harsh, much?” Rachel said shaking her head.
“Tell me about it,” Percy sighed.
I wanted to get angry, this guy pushed me so hard. I mean, sure, it was kind of cool on tournament days, when he dressed up in a Roman suit of armor and shouted: “What ho!”
“What ho?” everyone wondered.
Percy and Grover just shrugged.
And challenged us, sword-point against chalk, to run to the board and name every Greek and Roman person who had ever lived, and their mother, and what god they worshipped.
“Oh my gods! My own mother can’t even do that,” Annabeth said stunned.
But Mr. Brunner expected me to be as good as everybody else, despite the fact that I have dyslexia and attention deficit disorder and I had never made above a C- in my life.
“Really?” Rachel said surprised. “I expected lower.”
“Thanks, Rach, so nice to know that you believe in me,” Percy muttered.
“Truthfully, Percy, I think we all expected lower,” Katie reasoned.
Everyone who knew Percy nodded in agreement.
No-he didn’t expect me to be as good; he expected me to be better. And I just could learn all those names and facts, much less spell them correctly.
“I hate dyslexia!” All of the demigods except for Frank and Leo growled.
“Ha ha,” Rachel teased. “Sucks for you guys.”
Grover nodded in agreement.
I mumbled something about trying harder, while Mr. Brunner took one long look at the stele, like he’d been at the girl’s funeral.
“He probably was,” Will said.
He told me to go outside and eat my lunch.
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I'm pretty sure It's WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER over a year ago
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The class gathered on the front steps of the museum, where we could watch the foot traffic along Fifth Avenue.
"Yeah because watching traffic is soooooooo fun," Hazel said sarcastically.
"Well that's better than listening to Annabeth drag on about the history of Greece." Travis muttered rubbing his temples.
"With a thirty hour PowerPoint." Connor added. Guess which two sons of Hermes were on the floor.
Overhead, a huge storm was brewing, with clouds blacker than I've ever seen over the city. I figured it was global warning or something, because the weather all across New York state had been weird since Christmas. We'd had massive snow storms, flooding, wildfires from lightning strikes. I wouldn't have been surprised if this was a hurricane blowing in. Nobody else seemed to notice. Some of the guys were pelting pigeons with Lunchables crackers. Nancy Bobofit was trying to pickpocket something from a lady's purse, and, of course Mrs.Dodds wasn't seeing a thing.
Nico had come back. "Hey Percy, isn't Mrs. Dodds Alecto?"
Percy was signling to cut him off because he hadn't explained to Annabeth.
"What is Nico taking about?" Annabeth asked glaring at Percy.
"I don't know. Nico is sick," Percy nervously said. "I'm gonna take Nico to the hospital. He's hallucinating."
"Percy, we can't leave this room until we finish these books."
"DANG!" Percy roared. Percy was trying to come up with something so he didn't have to explain to Annabeth. He punched himself. Percy was lying unconscious.
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