The Heroes of Olympus The Mark of Athena sneak peek (revealed May 1, 2012)

TibbiToo posted on May 02, 2012 at 11:17PM
Have you seen the NEW MOA SNEAK PEEK/FIRST CHAPTER? If you haven't, you can find Rick reading it at <link>.

Heck Yes.


1) What do you think Athena's "present" to Annabeth is?

2) What do you think their arguement was about?

3) What is that terrible thing that Annabeth is feeling?

4) What do you think about Annabeth's POV?


6) Anything else I missed cause I was spastic!


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over a year ago GreekRULES515 said…
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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I AM FREAKING OUT!!! Yes Piper and Jason are dating first of all AND WII CONTROLLER LEO YOU MAKE ME LAUGh and YES PERCY JACKSON how dare he end the chapter like that AAAAAAH I NEED THAT BOOK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!! Oh no this means Annabeth might go to Rome and all that stuff since Rick wouldn't out down her point of view just like that

okay so we know it's usually three POVS and Annabeth is one of them I'm thinking
Percy or Jason
and Leo or Frank

as the second and third POVS but Rick always surprises us sooooo

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over a year ago GreekRULES515 said…
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Also he gave us HINTS on the owl and that other thing am I the only one hyperventilating over this SNEAK PEEK?
over a year ago trivia101 said…
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over a year ago darkrai6543 said…
not hyperventhilating but ya awesome, i barely understood what he said though. i was never a good person to listen to another speak at a preview. others are so noisy. lol.
over a year ago Im_rock4ever said…
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I CANT DO IT! i really badly want to click that right now but, im doing this on my dsi and i cant watch videos on it... *sigh* its 10:30 so ill have to wait till morning. WAAAAAAAAAAAA! i cant wait though! and my mom got me the serpents shadow from amazon... but i have to wait 10 days. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! im crying right now. I CANT WAIT! rick really does, do this to people. to his fans. hes one of those great athors who you cant get anoth of... I CANT WAIT TILL MORNING! im setting my alarm to 5:30am so i can watch it quicker. CANT WAIT!
over a year ago universalpowa said…
1.) The Mark of Athena. o_o duh

2.)Um...maybe Annabeth was like "I DONT WANT THIS!!" maybe...idk

3.) The feeling she doesn't belong there, and a feeling something bad is about to happen. Maybe creepy stalker mother earth is being creepy and stalker her o_o


5.) YESH!!! HATIN ON JASON!! I LOVE YOU ANNABETH!! Okay, not major hating, but still. I AGREE ANNABETH!! okay im done :D
i missed Percy in TLH becuase he was 'replaced' by jason so :P



over a year ago seashell7 said…
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My response to the Mark of Athena sneak peek:
Before reading: Yes! Thank you Rick Riordan! I LOVE you!
After reading: No! I HATE you Rick Riordan! Make your book come out faster!
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
I died and came back to life and died again when I saw the sneak peek and this is my ghost writing this cause I'm sadly dead! (>*-*<)
over a year ago emilykuru said…
1) I guess she gave her some mark or something to either protect her or give her strength to do something.

2)Obviously Annabeth would have protested and Athena would have thought that as an insult.

3)I read a few speculations and earlier on people were speculating that Ouranos might be back. Gaea is back right. What if Ouranos was back too? And he is the sky God. So maybe he is possessing Jason and Annabeth kind of feels something is wrong about him.

4)To be honest, I didn't like it in any special way. But I was eager to read it because we never really got to see what runs in her mind. But I prefer Percy's POV.

5)The same as point 3)

6)Will Annabeth be the seventh demi god? Just because she has a POV doesn't mean that she is one of the seven Prophecy demi gods. Maybe she has some other important role to play - something much more riskier and tougher than what the seven demi gods are about to do.

And wait, is the exploding statue Terminus? lol.
over a year ago Zelda4Efas said…
LOL Leo, XDXDXD Complex controls, can I use your Wii? XDDDDD

Use No:487 of a Nintendo Wii; Flight controls XD
over a year ago Rickfan said…
When I clicked the link, it didn't work.
over a year ago daedae26 said…
First of all I could NOT believe he left us at ANOTHER cliffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­! Then Leo and his freakin amazing ship!!! Then her "present"!!!! THEN JIPER JIPERJIPERJIPERJIPERJIPERJIPERJIPER JIPER JIPER JIPER JIPER JIPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got up and did a happy dance and woke up my sister freaking out about them dating!!!! YES VICTORY FOR ME!!!! YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! MAKE TIME GO FASTER!!! I WANT MAO!!

ps. thank you for hatin on Jason... we all know we hate him deep down.... he just isn't as good as Percy... and perfection at camp halfblood..... i bet him and the stolls clashed a lot!!
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over a year ago kaitie85386 said…
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I found the transcript, for those who don't want to watch the video!

Chapter 1:
Until she met the exploding statue, Annabeth thought she was prepared for anything.  She paced the deck of the Argo II, checking and double checking the ballistics to make sure they were locked in on.  She confirmed that the white flag was flying from the mast.  She reviewed the plan with the rest of the crew.  And the back-up plan, and the back-up plan for the back-up plan.
Most importantly, she pulled aside their war crazed chaperone, Gleeson Hedge, and encouraged him to take the morning off in his cabin watching reruns of a mixed martial arts championship.  The last thing they needed, flying a Greek trireme into a potentially hostile Roman camp, was a middle-aged satyr in gym clothes waving a club and yelling “DIE!”.
Everything seemed to be in order.  Even that mysterious chill that she’d been feeling since the ship launched seemed to have dissipated.  At least for now.
The warship descended from the clouds but Annabeth couldn’t stop second guessing herself.  What if this was a bad idea? What if the Romans panicked and attacked on sight? The Argo II definitely did not look friendly.  Two hundred feet long with a bronze hull, flaming metal dragon for a mast head, mounted repeating crossbows that could fire explosive bolts powerful enough to blast through concrete.  Well, it wasn’t the most appropriate ride for a meet and greet with the neighbors.
Annabeth had tried to give the Romans a heads up.  She’d asked Leo to send one of his special inventions, a holographic scroll, to alert their friends inside their camp.  Hopefully the message had gotten through.  Leo had wanted to paint a giant message on the bottom of the hull, “Wazzup?” and a smiley face, but Annabeth had vetoed the idea.  She wasn’t sure the Romans had a sense of humor.
Too late to turn back now.  The clouds broke around the hull, revealing the golden green carpet of the Oakland hills below them.  Annabeth gripped one of the bronze shields that lined the starboard railing.  Her three crewmates took their places.
On the stern quarterdeck, Leo brushed around like a madman, checking his gauges and levers.  Most helmsmen would have been satisfied with a pilot’s wheel or a rudder.  Leo had installed a keyboard monitor aviation controls from a leer jet and dubstep soundboard and the motion control sensors from a Nintendo Wii.  He could fire the ship by pulling on the throttle or fire the weapons by sampling an album or raise the sails by shaking his Wii controllers really fast.  Even by demigod standards, Leo was seriously ADHD.
Piper paced back and forth behind the main mast, practicing her lines.  “Lower your weapons,” she murmured, “we just want to talk.”
Her Charmspeak was so powerful the words flowed over Annabeth, filling her with the desire to drop her dagger and have a nice long chat. For a child of Aphrodite, Piper tried really hard to play down her beauty.  Today she was dressed in tattered jeans, worn out sneakers, and a white tank top with pink Hello Kitty designs.  Maybe a joke?  Though Annabeth really could never tell with Piper.  Her choppy brown hair was braided down the right side with an eagle’s feather.
And then there was Piper’s boyfriend, Jason.  He stood at the bow on a raised crossbow platform where the Romans could easily spot him.  His knuckles were white on the hilt of his sword.  Otherwise he was pretty calm for a guy who was making himself a target.  Over his jeans and his orange Camp Half Blood T-shirt, he had donned a toga and a purple cloak, symbols of his old rank as praetor.  With his wind ruffled blond hair and his icy blue eyes, he looked ruggedly handsome and in control, just like son of Jupiter should. He’d grown up at Camp Jupiter, so hopefully his familiar face would make the Romans hesitate to blow them out of the sky. 
Annabeth tried to fight it, but she didn’t completely trust this guy.  He acted too perfect, always following the rules, always doing the honorable thing.  He even looked too perfect.  In the back of her mind, she kept thinking ‘maybe this was a trick and he betrayed us.  What if we sail into Camp Jupiter and he says, “Hey, Romans! Check out these prisoners and this cool ship I brought you.”
Annabeth didn’t think he would do that, but still.  She couldn’t look at him without getting a bitter taste in her mouth.  He’d been part of Hera’s forced exchange program between the two camps.  Without warning, Hera had plucked up Percy Jackson, Annabeth’s boyfriend, wiped his memory and sent him to this Roman camp.  In exchange, the Greeks got Jason.  None of that was Jason’s fault, but every time Annabeth looked at him, she remembered how much she missed Percy.
Percy, who might be below them right now.
Oh god.  Panic welled up inside her.  “I’m a child of Athena,” she said to herself, “I have to stick to my plan and not get distracted.”
Then she felt it again, that familiar shiver, as if an evil snowman had crept up right behind her and was breathing down her neck.  She turned but no one was there.  It must be her nerves.  Annabeth wished she could pray to her mother for help, but now that was impossible.  Not this last month since she’d had a horrible encounter with her mom and had gotten the worst present of her life.
The cold pressed closer.  She thought she heard a voice in the wind, laughing.  Every muscle in her body tensed.  She knew something was about to be terribly wrong. She almost ordered Leo to reverse course.  And then, in the valley below, horns sounded.
The Romans had spotted them.
over a year ago _Aphrodite_ said…
big smile
Lol I feel bad for Leo for being the only guy in the 7 without a girlfriend. :D Who can agree Annabeth's POV is amazing !!!!! XD
over a year ago Kaia143 said…
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I don't think that's the whole chapter guys. It might be half or a third, but its to short to be the whole thing.
I thought it was really good. I think annabeth's present is the mark of athena and if it is, im really surprised he "introduced/hinted" it so soon.
And I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT until the book comes out!!
over a year ago Percabethteam said…
Maybe the Evil Snowman is Khione.
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago lovespercy said…
1) I think after the arguement, Athena gave Annabeth the 'Mark of Athena' (whatever that means)

2) Annabeth going to the Roman camp? Annabeth was planning on going and Athena didn't want her to go. Percy? Haha! Maybe Athena didn't like how Annabeth's project on mount olympus was going. maybe she didn't have enough statues of herself. jk jk.

3) That blessed Mark of Athena

4) What do you think about Annabeth's POV? IT IS AMAZING! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW HOW SHE THOUGH AND WHAT SHE THOUGHT!!! YAYAYAY! I've always wondered in every book. and it is epic actually seeing into her mind.

5) ANNABETH KINDA AGREES WITH US ABOUT JASON!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAT!? YES! YES YES! I don't really trust Jason either he's too . .. obnoxiously stiff. just lossen up dude, take life as it comes, you don't have to plan out every second of every day and make it so . . .military. HINT: BE MORE LIKE PERCY!

6) My thoughts on the seventh: it is gonna be annabeth. the book is about her. she's had so many revolving connecting points in the story's central plot.
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over a year ago hatepercabeth said…

over a year ago hatepercabeth said…
big smile
PS, I hope Reyna has one of the PoVs... and maybe... Octavian?
over a year ago hatepercabeth said…
PSS. I hate Piper soooooo much. What a bitch!
over a year ago percabethforevs said…
I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited, I just can't wait! I've been reading fan fictions like I'm insane, because I need something to keep me from exploding. I'm so scared that because of Percy's fatal flaw (loyalty) Annabeth's gonna have to make Percy hate her to keep him alive! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!
over a year ago fallenangel288 said…
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OHMIGOSH OMIGOSH!!! I Cant wait till it comes out! ive been DREAMING aboutthis book for months and i cant sleep!!!! PERCY JACKSON FOR THE WIN!! GOTTA DO HW!!! I LOVE YOU PERCY JACKSON(dont tell my bf) and LEO I WOULD DATE U IN A SEC!!! MWAH MWAH I HOPE RICK NAILS THE PERCABETH REUNOIN!!!!!!!!!(:
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
1) Knowing Athena some sort of doomsday device.... know seriously Athena doesn't mess around and that horrible guess is my best one
2)Something about Athena having a sure fire plan to get rid of Gaea and the giants but at to big a cost
3) Something about the mark of Athena burning through Rome and Juno's cryptic warnings of Annabeth's betrayal
4) sweet to get a more focused view of her thought's
5) Jason is kind of a twat with amnesia as an excuse for having no character hopefully Rick will correct that although when he charged porphyrion that was pretty kick bum lols

as for PoV's Annabeth, Percy, Jason, and Piper although i'll miss Leo's wise crack's he carried the first book also when everyone's making out in the corner he'll be flying the ship sipping coffee with a angry expression about to snap from all the noise maybe he'll date Reyna

so I'm not the only one that finds Jason to be completely lame so far if he doesn't rip out porphyrion's teeth one by one he'll be a meh person
i wish the Argo 2 had a actual crew
i hope Percy and Blackjack put that smug Roman in his place yelling "BYZANTIUM!!!" ALL THE WAY
pretty cool sight i think i'll check up on it regularly i think
over a year ago JaceVI said…
From what I read there is little more of the chapter written that Rick didnt tell when he read here it is While getting ready to land at Camp Jupiter, Annabeth Chase prepares by making sure the back-up plans are ready in case something goes wrong, as well as the back-ups to the back-up plans. While Leo Valdez was flying the Argo II with a control system that involved Wii remotes, a dubstep sound board, a keyboard, and a monitor, Annabeth tried to keep Gleeson Hedge from attacking the first thing he saw by making him watch reruns of mixed martial arts championships in his cabin. Jason Grace prepared by putting on a purple toga over his orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt and Piper McLean practiced her lines for when they landed. As Annabeth watched Jason, she wondered if this could all be a trap as she was still a bit untrusting of Jason as he seemed to be too perfect. She also was reminded of how much she missed Percy Jackson every time she looked at him.
Annabeth also mentions feeling a mysterious chill, as if "an evil snowman had crept up behind her and was peering over her neck." Annabeth wished she could pray to her mother, but this would be impossible as Athena had appeared to her about a month ago, an encounter Annabeth described as horrible. Athena also gave Annabeth the worst present of her life during this meeting. Soon, the horns from Camp Jupiter sounded below as the campers spotted the Argo II.

Annabeth Chase is amazed at the size of Camp Jupiter, which is twice the size of Camp Half Blood, and recognizes the landmarks that Jason has told her about. She sees evidence of the Romans' recent battle, including the cracked dome of the Senate House.

An explosion nearly knocks Annabeth overboard, and Terminus, the Roman god of boundaries, appears on the Argo II. He shrieks that he will not allow weapons inside the Pomerian Line, and grumbles at Jason for consorting with "the enemies of Rome", Greeks. Piper tries to charmspeak Terminus but he slaps her dagger out of her hands, with magic, for her impertinence. Since New Rome is stil recovering from the recent battle, Terminus announces that if he was at his full strength, he would have already blasted the "flying monstrosity" out of the sky, to which Leo takes offence. Annabeth tries to regain control of the situation and calm everyone down, by introducing herself to Terminus, who finds that Annabeth being the daughter of Athena, the Greek form of Minerva, is "scandalous". But before Annabeth can question Terminus on what he means, Jason interupts and asks for permission to land inside the Pomerian Line.

Then, Terminus tells them to "Surrender, then leave." and 'slaps' Leo's face for asking what the the options are. This interests Leo even more and he asks if he can take a look at Terminus' gears. Terminus makes Leo drop the screwdriver, announcing "Weapons are not allowed on Roman soil inside the Pomerian Line." as he includes the Argo II as a weapon. Annabeth spots Percy walking with Frank,"a boy with a black buzz cut" and Hazel, "a girl wearing a Roman cavalry helmet", like they're best friends. She also recognizes that he is now Praetor, as he is wearing a purple cape - her heart does a gymnastics routine.

Annabeth orders Leo to stop the ship, as she asks Terminus whether there is a rule against the ship hovering over New Rome. She explains that technically the ship will not be touching Roman soil and they will use a rope ladder to get down to the Forum, promising Terminus that all their weapons will stay on the ship, as long as the legion reinforcements will honor the same rules.

When questioned by Leo, who asks if this is a good idea, Annabeth clenches her fists to stop them from shaking. She feels the cold presence, which seems to be laughing at her and the bad choices she's making. But she knows that Percy is down there, and that she has to see him. She replies, it will be fine and Terminus will make sure that both sides will obey the rules, if Terminus agrees. Terminus sniffs, but agrees "For now." and allows them to climb down the ladder to New Rome, but pleads that they will not destroy his town.
over a year ago annabeth523 said…
big smile
plz take a quick look at this link


it has more of the first chapter of the mark of athena on it then what rr read to us!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
mo' sneak peak's rick get on it first three chapter's that's all I'm asking (pretty damn lot but i have an obsession it's this or Assassin's Creed 3 breaking into ubisoft edition don't make me do it)
over a year ago Iskandar06 said…
1.- I don't wanna guess that
2.- Her arguement is that she doesn't trust roman
3.- The chill is obviously that goddess of snow in the lost hero who wisper in the gods ear
4.- reasonable
5.- I don't know
over a year ago iheartkitkat said…
1) Athena present is oviously a coin or some object because in the summary in rickriordans site it says that its in her pocket. and its suposed to bring peace

2) Trusting percy or the romans

3) Khione

4) She sounds... like a GIRL

5) Thankmegods... I h8 jason. he is a boring idiotic freak from the romans

6) dont u think when jason sees percy with the preators toga on be jealous? i mean also humiliated. cuz he is also wearing a toga thinking that he will be able to just take over when he gets there.... but we havent heard anything from him POV so idk...

over a year ago corrected said…
plz read my new forum
over a year ago RickRiordans1 said…
big smile
go to link to read more of the book your welcomelink
over a year ago Fiyini said…
where is it???????????
over a year ago Portzoyboy said…
so the owl thing thats just the american one not the british one so he wouldn't just give you yanks out their a hint and not for britain withthem fighting on the argoII and not on horses wow people get excited over nothing
over a year ago KingCharlotte13 said…
big smile
OMG I can't wait for MOA!!! The only thing that can keep me busy for the next 21 days is commenting and posting on MOA stuff where everyone says they can't wait. Anyway an issue no one seems to be addressing is the fact that since Hazel was actually pretty old since she cheated death, like 70 years or so ago she had a bf named Sammy. And remember when they got that video of Leo saying they'd be there on the Argo ll soon? And in her mind she said he was actually Sammy? No one seems to be remembering that.... Anyway I hope Percy gets the spotlight :) Poseidon is so much better than Zeus. I mean what can children of Zeus do other than shoot lightning bolts?? Poseidon is the god of the sea, of horses, and of earthquakes. Percy coul do a lot more than Jason. Gooo Percy!!!!
over a year ago KingCharlotte13 said…
Remember on the boat in the Son of Neptune where Hazel told Percy that Jason had to fight Krios the Titan? Her exact words were : "Jason had to battle Krios--hand-to-hand combat with a Titan, if you can imagine."
"I can imagine," Percy muttered."
:D I was screaming in my mind that Jason may have defeated Krios, but Percy Jackson defeated KRONOS, the KING of the Titans!!! So proud of him.... they had no idea what Percy's accomplishments were.
over a year ago angeldawna said…
i think one of the POVs is actually nico. did you know he leads the quest? at least, thats what i heard......
over a year ago angeldawna said…
i actually kind of like jason. i mean, ya, hes perfect and all, but still. he didnt really hurt anyone, and, if he could put up with working with reyna all the time, and octavian, (but mostly octavian), the guy cant be that bad, can he?