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Hello everyone! This is me Reyna4ever25!

I am going to write my own version of Mark of Athena. I hope you all enjoy it! I have titled my fanfiction as The Road to Rome.It is the same as Mark of Athena – only that I have changed the title so that it will seem more like a fanfiction and not like I am trying to write the actual book.

And I have gotten a point from the official mark of Athena chapter – Jason wearing the Praetor robes because it is necessary for my story.You’ll see why.

All rights for the Heroes of Olympus series belong to Rick Riordan and co.
All the names of characters,the setting of Camp Jupiter,the amazing mythical creatures and the character themselves are creations of the genious Rick Riordan. All credit goes to him!

So go on and read it! Please leave your comments below. If many people like it and continue with my story. Don’t forget to leave your opinions and suggestions.They are valuable.

I had posted it as an article but now I am changing it back to a forum. Here is my first chapter - if you like it then continue reading my other chapters too.


Chapter one:


Jason was nervously walking back and forth on the ArgoII, pondering over the things that had happened to him in the last eight months.

Waking up in the middle of a bus with a super-hot girl who claimed to be his girlfriend and a mischievious weird boy who claimed to be his best friend had been weird for Jason in the beginning. But eversince having returned from his first quest ever at Camp Half-Blood, Jason had grown to like Piper and Leo much much more than before. They were like a family to him now.They were the best side of the ordeal Juno had put him into.But unfortunately Jason couldn’t tell the same for the others at Camp Half-Blood. He still felt like they didn’t completely trust him. He hadn’t voiced his views out but he knew it. He couldn’t blame them though. Who would trust a boy who had come from another Camp belonging to another world(atleast to them as they had never known the existence of Roman demi-gods). But he didn’t care much about that part now.

Over the months, Jason’s memory had come back. He could, now remember every single significant thing that had happened to him back at Camp Jupiter. He remembered his friends Hazel,Bobby,Gwen,Dakota,his arch enemy Octavian and all his deeds against Jason. He could remember Reyna now. Reyna had been his co-Praetor.Jason remembered how they had worked together to bring down the Titans and how he had started to feel there was something more than just friendship between them. He knew that Reyna had the same thoughts too. But neither of them had spoken out their thoughts. They had both stood at the brink of starting a relationship. But then everything had been shattered. Jason had never gotten around to tell how he really felt about her. They had not even had any real relationship at all. But still the thought of meeting her made Jason anxious and a little guilty. Even if he hadn’t had any solid relationship with her, he was worried whether Reyna had other thoughts.

What if she hadn’t given up on him? But again,Jason thought he was being unfair in her case. How could he blame her for still liking him if that was what she did now?

But then, would his feelings themselves change once he saw her? He wouldn’t have been so confused if he hadn’t met Piper. Earlier on he had restrained himself and kept away from her knowing what she had seen was an act of the mist. But after their quest they had come closer. Jason loved Piper and Piper loved him back too. He could not leave her. They were on such close terms that everyone at Camp Half-Blood called Piper his girlfriend openly.

But he had doubts about how things between him and Piper would turn out if ever they managed to get out of the mess of the Giant war and what not? Would Piper accompany him to Camp Jupiter or will she ask him to stay at Camp Half-Blood? She had no problems there as she belonged there. But try as he might, Jason could never think of that place as his family. His true family was Camp Jupiter. That was were he had grown up, learned to fight, learned the ways of a true warrior, the place where he had been respected and honoured and loved by people. Camp Jupiter was his real family and he belonged there.

Apart from his messed up feelings about Piper and Reyna, Jason had a more pressing matter ahead of him. Going back home. He couldn’t stop getting worried about what will happen. Will they hear Jason and his friends out? Or will they attack once they see the ship itself? Would they accept him?

Leo had sent his message scroll – the modern one which he himself had designed but Jason doubted if that would prevent the Romans from attacking the crew.

Being the son of Hephaestus, Leo could create anything. Leo had been the mastermind behind the Argo II. They had worked months and months for this moment but as it came closer, Jason couldn’t help but feel soemthing was going to go wrong. He had dressed himself up in the clothes of a Praetor hoping that it will remind them more of what Jason meant to them. He didn’t want them to see him as someone different and panic. He wanted to be there in front of them as he had always been. He hoped that, this way they would hear him out. They would believe him. All he could do was hope for the best.

He turned around to see Piper,Leo,Annabeth and Rachel all looking as nervous as him.More people had wanted to come, but Annabeth had insisted that the ship alone was enough to make the Romans mistrust them without having about thirty people coming out of it. But she agreed on taking Rachel along as she might speak out a prophecy anytime.

Piper said, “Don’t worry everyone. Everything is going to be alright!”
As soon as she said that Jason felt a reassuring feeling. Ofcourse everything was going to be fine! He thought. But after a few moments even that feeling melted away as Piper’s charmspeak wore off.

Annabeth was muttering the plans to herself going through them again and again. Leo walked around in a crazy way checking if all the gears and other parts of the ArgoII was alright.Rachel just stayed quiet and stared out at the sky.

The size and grandeur of the ship worried Jason as much as they amazed him. What would the Romans make of that huge warship.Surely they weren’t going to take it friendly. But there was no going back now. They had to go face them now.It was the only way.Besides,Percy Jackson was there and Jason couldn’t help being worried of what would have happened to him there. If Percy was in trouble, it was Jason’s part to save him out of it. Only he could convince them Percy was no an enemy.

As all these thoughts went around again and again in his head, the ArgoII flew over a valley. At ones the horns sounded. His friends back at Camp Jupiter must have spotted them. Jason felt a mixture of excitement and panic. His stomach was twisted in a tight knot.

Leo made the ship descend down. They had planned to land near the river Tiber (which Jason had told them about). The ship slowly descened, suddenly things went completely wrong.

Here are the links to the chapters:

Chapter 1,2 and 3 click link

Chapter 4 click link

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Can only read if it's percabeth!
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omg love it! post more please!
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Ok, the second chapter will be up today!
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Yay :D
Its Goooood!
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Here is chapter two! Enjoy! I will try to post chapter three tomorrow.
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I can only read percabeth stories!
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I am not going to reveal anything about my story. I want to keep it a surprise. SO if you like my story keep reading. I am not going to tell things like it is a Percabeth story or not. Telling that will reveal the plotline. I want it to be a surprise till the end.
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Chapter two:


“Leo!Do something!Orelse we are going to crash!” Annabeth shouted. True enough the ship had suddenly went out of control. They were going to crash land definitely.

As the ship spiralled out of control and headed down Annabeth couldn’t help worrying about those below the ship too. Just before this problem had started Annabeth had seen the whole of the Roman camp – about two hundred people with armor and weapons standing ready to attack them. What if the ship plummeted straight into the river? Or even worse, crash land on the Romans itself? Annabeth didn’t think they would appreciate the ship crushing half their forces. And then, they themselves were in trouble. Will they survive this crash? What if the ship was blown to pieces along with them inside it? All these thoughts flashed through her mind in a few seconds.

“I am trying!”Leo shouted, “I don’t know what happened. Come on, come on, why aren’t you working?” He kept pushing the buttons of control he had installed.

“Oh my God! We are going to crash into the river. Jason, do something!” Piper ordered.

Jason shouted, “All I can do now is fly out taking only one of you with me and that won’t help us.I will try something.”

“ARGHHHH……..” Rachel shouted as the ship hurtled towards the little Tiber at full speed.

But suddenly the ship stopped. It was as if it was floating in mid air.

“What is happening?” Piper whispered.

“I don’t know but it is obvious that our direct ticket to the underworld has been cancelled” Leo said.

Rachel stifled a laugh. Annabeth gritted her teeth. Trust Leo to come up with something lame like this in a life-or-death situation.

Slowly the ship began to rise again.It rose a few inches and hovered in the air. But at the same time some kind of pressure was felt at the base of the ship.

“Jason is that you manipulating the air currents and holding the ship up?” Annabeth asked.

“I am doing that alright…but I never thought my powers would be enough to do it. It is like someone else…some other very strong power is helping me too.” Jason said.

They all ran to the deck and looked below. The water from the Tiber was holding them up. At the same time the air around the ship also helped keep it from crashing.But to Annabeth it was pretty obvious how it had happened.

“Whoah! Who managed to summon those waves and help us?” Leo said in awe.

“Wait, oh my god! Is the water shaped like two massive hands? This is unbelievable!” Piper said.

“Who is doing that?” Jason asked in shock.

“Only one person can do this. The Son of Poseidon, my close friend…” Rachel began.

“Percy Jackson” Annabeth finished.

Sure enough, Annabeth had spotted Percy on the grounds. He was concentrating with all his might – his hands were spread out in front of him. And the waves too mimicked whatever he did.Annabeth almost laughed. From when did Percy do that? He was wearing a purple cloak and a toga-wait was that a bedsheet? And two medals adorned his chest. This didn’t make sense to Annabeth.Wasn’t those the same robes which Jason wore? The symbols of the Praetor?

“Hello…this is Percy Jackson out here. I will be mighty thankful if the driver of the ship can now land it safely. I can’t hold it much longer” Percy called from below.

“Or we could send help if you are unable to do it” a girl with dark black hair and piercing eyes and matching robes like Percy called out. She stood near Percy, looking above with concern.

Leo immediately picked up the controls and yelled back,”I got it in control. You can now release the waves.”

Sure enough, now Leo could easily control the ship. What had gone wrong earlier on? Annabeth pondered. Slowly the ship descended. Once the ship landed, immediately the Romans surrounded the ship. Annabeth didn’t like it at all. It was the first sign that showed they didn’t trust them at all.

Leo lowered the ramp he had attatched to the ship. Slowly one by one they descended. First to go out was Jason – which drew gasps from the crowd and shouts of Jason!Jason! Piper went next and grasped Jason’s hand. This drew many stares from the Romans and Annabeth felt this was a wrong move. Leo went next.He waved at the army around them - a gesture which no one returned. Annabeth followed them out.Then finally Rachel came out.There were so many people around, but Annabeth’s eyes were only for the black haired boy in the middle – Percy.

She wondered if she should run to him at that moment and hug him. But would he remember her? Who was that girl with him? Was she …No…Annabeth stopped herself from thinking the worst. You are just getting paranoid! That’s all. She said to herself. And even if Percy did remember her, she had something else to worry about. Her last meeting with her mother. After that fateful meeting Annabeth had decided to put her relationship with Percy on hold. If whatever Athena had told her was true, she couldn’t risk it.

But at that moment Percy met her eyes and smiled at her. Relief washed over her. She smiled back at him but didn’t run to him.

But looking at Percy standing there in front of her – after eight months, she couldn’t help but think about throwing aside her restrictions and running to him. But she stopped herself.No! She thought to herself. I must do this for Percy’s good. She convinced herself. It was for everyone’s good.She had to hold herself. Later, if fate permitted she would join Percy like before. But not now. The thought was too painful to her but there was no other way. Very reluctantly she pushed aside those thoughts. They were for later. For now she had to be content about finally seeing him. She focussed on the Romans now.

The tension in the air was palpable. What was going to happen now?Annabeth wondered. She hoped that whatever it was let it be good. But was it really going to be good and smooth?

Jason stepped forward to speak to them. At once the place became dead silent.
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OK, chapter 2 is up, do read and leave comments, suggestions etc.

As I said earlier I will try and post chapter 3 tomorrow.
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you are awesome i will read tomorrow. Will you read mine? It's two together prophesy in the articles
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So here comes chapter 3. I warn you, its quite big. I mean it when I say big. Read and enjoy. Especially the ending.
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Chapter three:


Percy examined the small party which had come to see him as they came out one by one. There was a blond haired boy who donned a toga and purple cloak just like what Percy was wearing. As soon as he descended down and came into view Reyna whispered, “Jason.”

So this was Jason, the famous man of Camp Jupiter, ex-Praetor.

And he was wearing the robes, obviously he thought they hadn’t replace him. This made Percy feel uneasy. Was he going to demand Percy to give back the post to him? Percy will give it back if he wanted it but would Jason get compromised at that. The way he had worn them and come to Camp showed how much he valued his post as Praetor.Uh uh there was a problem coming there.

Percy automatically scanned the crowd to see Octavian’s face. Octavian’s face was wiped off the smirk that it had held. He stood dumbstruck on seeing Jason. Hadn’t he been telling Percy was lieing about Jason? Octavian had come with a teddy bear tucked to his belt and a knife in his hand. No doubt, trying to turn things bad.

After Jason came a girl with choppy hair. She looked beautiful.She was beautiful without making an effort at all. Her eyes were like a kaleidoscope changing colours continuously. At this thought Percy guessed – she must be a daughter of Aphrodite. Once the girl came down she joined hands with Jason.

Percy understood what this meant. He took a small sideways look at Reyna. And Reyna was positively fuming. She tried very hard to mask it but it showed clearly on her face.

The Aphrodite girl did not withdraw her hands from Jason even after getting intimidating stares from the assembly of Romans. She had to be quite assertive Percy concluded.

But whatever the case this was not a sign of being tactful. It made it look like she asserted her rights for Jason. A way of silently showing he belonged to her. Maybe she meant it to be a sign that Jason knew her well and so the Greeks were not their enemies. Percy could say it didn’t work out well.

The boy who came next was a dark haired boy with elf like features. He had an impish grin on his face as he made his way down. This must be the boy who had earlier confirmed himself as Leo. The one whom Hazel had called Sammy.

Hazel had been absolutely confident it was her boyfriend from her past – before she had died. She had said That is Sammy and not he looks like Sammy.

Leo/Sammy waved at the Romans but no one waved back. Percy felt compelled to wave to him, he didn’t want him to be disappointed. But he didn’t. But to his surprise the boy was unfazed by the lack of reaction. He stood grinning.

After him came a pretty blond haired girl with gray eyes. Annabeth.
Percy felt over joyed at seeing her. He smiled at her and Annabeth returned the smile. He could see the relief in her eyes.

He expected for her to come running at him, but nothing of the sort happened. Maybe Annabeth was restraining herself after seeing the reaction the Romans gave to Piper. Yes that had to be it, Percy concluded. But somewhere deep inside he felt something was wrong.

It took Percy a moment to notice that Rachel was there too. He grinned at the sight of her. Rachel grinned back too. Percy thought about what Octavian’s reaction would be on knowing about Rachel was an oracle. He had to try very hard to stifle laughing. However this wasn’t misssed by Reyna. She gave him a reproaching look. Not an harsh one but one that told him this wasn’t the time for laughing.

Then Jason stepped forward and the place went silent.

“Hello my dear Romans. I am glad to see you all after such a long break. I am sure you all remember me. And in case you have any doubts, it really is me, Jason Grace, Son of Jupiter, your Praetor.”

At those words the crowd of Romans burst into shouts of “Jason!Jason!Our Jason!Jason is back!” But Jason’s eyes traveled to Percy and his face held a slight frown. Not an expression of anger or annoyance but rather mild surprise.

Jason lifted up his hand to silence them. Immediately the whole area went silent again. Percy had to admit it. This guys had the natural ability to lead people. They listened to him. Being a son Zeus it wasn’t much of a surprise. Apart of Percy wondered whether Jason too was a bit stuck up like Zeus. No, Jupiter! He corrected himself. Jupiter must be different from Zeus.

“I am sure Percy Jackson here would have told you everything. So I think I need not repeat things” he said and introduced the choppy haired girl as Piper and the elfish boy as Leo. He also introduced Annabeth and Rachel.

“All I say is that the Greeks are not our enemies” Jason said. “We must believe -“

“I object this” Octavian cut across him.

From beside Percy Frank gave a groan. Percy hadn’t noticed Frank come to stand beside him. Hazel was standing next to Frank. Percy glanced at Hazel and wasn’t surprised to see her staring unblinkingly at Leo.

“What do you object Octavian?” Jason asked.

“I object you saying the Greeks aren’t our enemies” Octavian paused and turned to Reyna expecting her approval, when he didn’t get it he turned and addressed the Romans instead, “Come on, we all know that the Greeks are our enemies. It’s been like that for centuries. Don’t forget the Trojan war. What they did to our hero Aeneas-“

“The Trojan war led to the founding of Rome. Do you say you regret that, blond guy with a teddy bear?” Annabeth said.

Octavian flushed a little but quickly regained himself.

“See!Exactly what I was telling about. They do not see the wrong they did. They try to justify it. So what if we hurt Aeneas and sent him away?-Look at how they treat it. Exactly what I was telling you about. They never had or have or will think of the Romans as friends – why should we? You heard it from the Greek girl’s own mouth.”

The way he said Greek showed his contempt for them. His tone made it seem like they were some sort of nasty thing. Annabeth became furious at those words. But thankfully Jason intervened.

“Forget about the past. Now we have a more pressing matter on our hands. Defeating Gaea. Orelse the world will be destroyed. The only way to defeat her is for the two Camps to unite” Jason said.

“A Camp?A Greek Camp?Is that were you have been all these months Jason? Fraternizing with the enemies?” Octavian sneered.

“Look here Octavian, first stop calling them our enemies. I am…” Jason faltered then continued, “or atleast was your Praetor once. You should believe me.”

“Give me a reason why I should” Ocatvian said.

“What did you say?” Jason said. “A reason to believe me? Haven’t I did enough for this Camp? Didn’t the people here elect me as their Praetor?”

“A Praetor who disappeared within few months of taking up the post – One who didn’t even help in fighting the Giant army invasion which threatened Camp Jupiter” Octavian said.

“Giant army invasion?” Jason asked stunned.

“Oh yes, an army led by the giant Polybotes. Thanks to our new Praetor Percy the enemies were thwarted” Octavian said.

Percy thought Octavian really wasn’t thanking him. He was only turning Jason against him.

“Octavian” Reyna interrupted, “This isn’t the time for that. It was not Jason’s fault that he wasn’t here.This is a matter for later.”

“Sure Praetor” Octavian said, laying emphasis on the word Praetor.

“But I am right in saying we shouldn’t believe Jason. He has obviously been brain washed if you ask me. Wouldn’t eight months be enough to turn him against his own Camp? I wouldn’t count it beneath the Greeks to do this. They have been known for their…ah cunning means” Octavian said.

“No!Don’t listen to him!Jason is right.We are not your enemies. Lower you weapons and listen to us” Piper said.

Immediately all the male demi-gods in the Roman army lowered their weapons. They stood dumb founded at what they had done.

“What did you do girl?” Octavian asked apparently mystified.

“It was just charmspeak. A gift given by Aphrodite to her daughters. It is…” Annabeth began.

“This girl is controlling us all. Romans, didn’t I tell you all along? She has been controlling Jason the same way. ATTACK!” Octavian screamed.

The Romans stood momentarily shocked at what had happened. Then they all raised their weapons ready to use them against the Greeks.

“NO!” Annabeth,Percy,Reyna,Jason,Piper,Leo,Hazel and Frank shouted. Percy and Reyna took a few steps towards the Greeks.

“NO!You can’t do this” Reyna shouted at the Romans.

“Lower your weapons, we should hear them out” Percy said.

“We have heard enough Percy Jackson. I knew all along that you were on their side and plotting our downfall. And now Reyna has joined you two” Octavian said.

He took his teddy bear from his belt. Ripped open its gut and announced. “The Greeks have come to attack us. If we don’t act quick Rome will fall. Don’t believe them!” he announced. “What are you all waiting for?It is now or never.”

“No, stop it!” both Percy and Reyna shouted together.

But the damage was done. There was no way they were going to get away with this.

“STOP!” a voice sounded. Everyone turned in the direction of the voice. Everyone collectively gasped at the person who had turned up.

Reyna clutched Percy’s arm. “It can’t be!” she whispered. Percy too was dumbstruck. The last person he would have expected to come to the Camp had turned up.
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Quite long right?Told ya so. Ok, since this is a very long chapter I will post the 4th chapter after 2 days.

Try guessing who turned up. The first person to guess right will get 3 props. Bye for now!
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Thanks for commenting and about ur answer, no sorry but u can guess again.
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And hey can u tell ur frnds to read this fanfic coz the no of people reading it is very small. I would like to have more people here.
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@icuSTALKER : Thanks very much! :)
@ahotsummerday12 : Thanks 2 u 2! The next post will be tomorrow.
@mjkcsk : Thanks for ur comment. And no, it is not Neptune. I guess he will cause more tension than which already prevails.

But a clue to those who are guessing. This person has been mentioned/appeared. And some main character has spoken about them coming to camp. There you go, a big give away. But hopefully someone finds out.
If anyone finds out I won't tell it directly but at the end of the post you will know urselves - then you will get props.
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Guys, thanks for reading and commenting. The next post will be up by tomorrow.But please keep up with the story and don't stop coming to read.
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I'm wouldn't be surprised if most gods didn't like the romans. I mean they come in with their beliefs changing alot of things that caused them to take on an whole new aspect, they even didn't get to keep their names, well except Apollo. I mean if i was a God i would be slightly narked with them.

Anyways thanks for story, Reyna4ever25.
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By today I will post the 4th chapter and as compensation for ur long wait I will post a preview of 5th Chapter.

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Here is the longest chapter yet - Chapter 4!
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Chapter 4


Reyna couldn’t believe what she was seeing . Of all the people to come to camp – it was Lupa who had come. Lupa – the patron of the Romans. The fierce one. Lupa who wouldn’t even come to their aid during the war with Polybotes because she believed in self-sufficiency.

Once the initial shock of seeing the she-wolf Lupa faded. People began to hastily kneel down and bow to her. Reyna didn’t realize she was clutching Percy’s arm until he said, “Erm, Reyna, would you please release me hand? You are cutting off the blood supply to it.”

Reyna quickly withdrew her hand from his. Both of them walked a few steps forward and knelt in front of her. Everyone knelt too – everyone except the blond haired girl,Piper,cheerful boy and the red headed girl. To them Lupa was a stranger.

Jason motioned them to do the same and they all knelt – except the blond haired girl with gray eyes.

Percy lifted up his head a little – met the blond girl’s eyes and silently asked her to kneel. She bent down reluctantly.

As soon as Reyna had seen her, she had identified her as the girl who had destoryed Circe’s spa with Percy four years back. Was she the girl friend Percy had mentioned earlier? Reyna wondered.

Lupa laughed aloud on seeing Annabeth’s reaction. “I knew this one was tough!” she said. Obviously she meant the blond haired girl.

“Romans, Rise!” she ordered. “I meant the Greeks too!” she added.

Slowly everyone rose. Reyna stepped forward.

“Lady Lupa, we are honoured to have you here today.”

“Um…Yes, it is a pleasure to see you here” said Percy.

“I guess, you are all very surprised to see me, more than being pleasured. Well, you have all rights to be, I have never set foot here. Then you may question why I have today. Given the…ah…special circumstances, I had to be here today”, Lupa said.

“Madam Lupa, I am glad you are here. I hope you will prove to the Romans of how dangerous the Greeks are” Octavian said. He seemed to be still in a half bow as if he was scared to face Lupa fully.

“Dangerous? Are they? What makes you say so?” Lupa asked. Beside Reyna, Percy snickered. Clearly he was enjoying Octavian getting insulted. Reyna couldn’t help smile a little too –something which Percy noticed. He raised an eye brow. Oh right, he had never seen her smile for these kind of things had he? Reyna thought. Well, beneath the Leader that she was Reyna was a human too, but nobody understood that.

“The…t-th-the legends…they” Octavian stammered.

“The legends? Why do you value them by their past? See the present. They could have brought an army and attacked you – but aren’t they making peaceful talks?” Lupa answered.

“But how do we believe them? What if all this is a ruse? That girl (he pointed at the girl Piper) can control people. She has brain washed Jason somehow….I think that is why he is thinking they are good. And Percy Jackson here has been sent to spy on us” Octavian said.

“The girl’s gift is very useful Octavian – as you have seen today. It will benefit you all in future even more. I’ll say that. But as to Jason being brain washed or whatever is it that you claim, I will clarify it - Jason is talking of his own free will. As for Percy Jackson here, the fact that he has been made Praetor shows enough that he can be trusted. Now that I have said that, I think there should be no further doubts about them” Lupa said.

“Then is Gaea really rising?” Octavian asked.

“Yes, she is. And if a quest like what Percy Jackson mentioned doesn’t happen – the whole world will collapse and Western civilisation will be completely uprooted. It will signal the end of mankind. So, as you were said before, Seven demi-gods must undertake the quest and reach Rome. There they must close the Doors of Death so that Gaea cannot bring in villains from the Underworld into the present. Then finally they must sail to Greece and defeat the Giants with the help of the Gods” Lupa explained.

“But…” Octavian began.

“Don’t object - ” Lupa growled. Yes, literally growled. Many of the Romans including Reyna shivered slightly. Octavian literally began to shake.

“Y-y-y-es-ss m-my L-l-a-dy” he said and with that he shut up for the moment. He stood silently, his face flushed the colour of beetroot. Reyna felt like she could give a high-five to someone.

Whatever doubts she had had earlier about the trust worthiness of the Greeks vanished now.

“Reyna, come here” Lupa said. “Do you trust the Greeks?”

“Yes I do.”

“So you will listen to what I say?”

“Of course my lady!”

“Good, then announce to the Romans that the Greeks are trustworthy. That you, their Praetor accept Percy Jackson’s word and order them not to harm them as long as they stay here. You stand by Percy Jackson’s claim. Go on, announce that. And Percy Jackson you should speak too”

Reyna stepped back and faced the Romans.

“Romans, I , Reyna, Praetor of the twelfth Legion, accept that the Greeks are our friends and not enemies. I trust them and want you to trust them too. I believe in Percy’s word. I order you all not to harm them in any way as long as they stay here. And that, we, will support them in the quest they will undertake and help them as much as we can. Romans, I expect you to believe them too – as Lupa herself has come here and proved that we can trust them. Do you accept my words?”

“Yes! Yes we do!” “Yes I accept!” “Yes we believe” everyone shouted. Everyone except Octavian who mumbled softly.

“What did you say Octavian?” Reyna asked him.

Octavian mumbled something again.

“What did you say again?” This time it was Lupa who asked.

“I said, Yes, I believe” Octavian said hurriedly.

Percy was on the verge of laughter but he stopped himeself from bursting out loud.

Now Percy stepped forward as it was his chance.

“Romans, I thank you for believing what I said. I promise you that I will uphold your trust. The Greeks indeed are our friends. I have sworn on my life and I stand by what I said earlier. If anything wrong happens I will protect you. Once again thanks!” Percy finished.

Reyna noticed that at the mention of the words ‘sworn on my life’ the blond haried girl’s eyes were narrowed as if she disapproved of it even before knowing what Percy had sworn.

There were shouts of agreement from the Romans as Percy finished his speech.

“Ah, so one unnecessary commotion avoided.. Now it is time for me to go” Lupa said.

“But my Lady, what about the other matters still to be discussed? We still have the problem of the Praetor – now that Jason has come. Then about the seven demigods-” Reyna was interrupted by the cheeky boy “Yeah, we have only six, who is the seventh?”

Reyna glared at him for interrupting her.

The boy said, “Only trying to help.”

“Interesting question – who is the seventh? I think you ought to figure that for yourselves. It is not in my power to tell you that. I am afraid Juno would be upset if I said it to you. She has taken quite an interest in this quest. She was the one who sent me knowing you will trust me completely. So, I guess, you have to figure it. Why don’t you call for a meeting tomorrow and decide on who is going to go? As for the Praetor problem, surely Percy Jackson knows what to do. Farewell Romans. And Percy Jackson – think about what Juno said, trust me, she wasn’t lying. And do your part well. Don’t disappoint me,Percy Jackson. I have great hopes on you.”

With that Lupa vanished. Percy’s fists were tightly clenched. The blond girl was throwing him an enquiring look. And a hush had fallen over.

Reyna ordered the Romans to disperse. As the crowd dispersed, Percy and Reyna went forward to speek to the Greeks.

Percy introduced the blond haired girl to Reyna as Annabeth.

At once Annabeth threw herself upon Percy with a tight hug that almost knocked him flat. Reyna could see something was wrong with that though. As if Annabeth had had a silent debate inside herself whether to do it or not.

“Percy Jackson…never…do…it…again” she warned Percy.

“Hey! It wasn’t my fault that Hera kidnapped me” Percy said defensively.

“All the same, I am not going to forgive you completely” Annabeth said.
“Oh, come on!” Percy protested.

Annabeth smiled at him and joined hands with him.

“And oh, this is Reyna, co-Praetor and the amazing warrior” Percy said.

“You flatter me, Percy” Reyna said but inwardly she felt happy at that comment.

Jason stepped forward. Reyna was nervous. What was he going to say?

But Jason spoke to Percy.

“You must be Percy Jackson” he said smiling a little. But Reyna could tell he was feeling a little annoyed that he wasn’t the Praetor.

“And you must be Jason – whom no one can miss talking about here” Percy said good naturedly. At those words Jason smiled, this time more happily.

“Hey, no one is introducing me “ the cheeky boy protested. Jason intoduced him as Leo. He also introduced Piper and the red haired girl who was Rachel.

“So, I hope this is touring time” Leo said.

“Sure, Hazel and Frank, can you take our guests round for a tour?” Reyna said.

“I’ll take Annabeth with me” Percy quickly offered.

“And I’ll take Piper around” Jason added. Reyna felt furious. She was hoping to talk to him.

“Then Frank and I will take …sa…Leo” Hazel said. For some stange reason Hazel looked tense.

“Alright then, I will go make arrangements for you to stay here” Reyna said.

“I don’t think we need them. I was planning on taking Percy back to Camp Half-Blood” Annabeth said.

“No, you can’t do that.” Reyna said.

“Why can’t I?” Annabeth said in a sharp tone which was unnecessary. Reyna hadn’t meant anything wrong.

“Because Lupa has said you have to stay” Reyna said getting flustered now. This girl had already caused Reyna trouble by destroying the Spa in which Reyna had lived. Now she takes a harsh tone unnecessarily.

“Reyna is right, Annabeth. We have the Senate meeting too” Percy said to her.

Annabeth nodded slightly as a sign of her acceptance.

“But wait, I wish to give you all a tour of ArgoII” Leo said.

“Ok, I guess a small tour wouldn’t hurt. Besides I want to see thee ship more closely” Reyna said and followed Leo along with the others.

But Percy and Annabeth remained behind for a moment. Annabeth asked Percy, “What’s her problem anyways? Why does she look daggers at me?”

This wan’t missed by Reyna who marched forward as if she hadn’t heard what Annabeth had said. She didn’t even wait to hear Percy’s response.

Reyna had a strange feeling that somehow she wasn’t going to get along fine with Annabeth.
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