The Heroes of Olympus The Mark of Athena (my version)

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Hi guys, this is my version of The Mark of Athena. I just reposted it on the forum section. I don't own any of these characters they belong to Rick Riordan. Hope you like it!

Chapter 1 Jason

Jason was nervous.
He was pacing back and forth, on the deck of the ArgoII his purple Praetor’s cape hanging on his back. What if Reyna had replaced him? He knew Romans were different from the Greeks. They did not like having an empty Praetor’s chair for long.
Reyna was also another problem. Ever since he came back from that quest, he had remembered a girl named Reyna—his Co-Praetor and girlfriend. If she had been searching for him as desperate as Annabeth was searching for this Percy guy, and he came back with another girlfriend, what would happen? Would the camp genuinely hate him for that? Maybe Reyna might even have him removed from Praetorship.
Leo came spinning like a ballerina, mumbling, “Camp Jupiter everybody! Romanssss! Grrrreeeks! Don’t you just love flowers?...”
Piper put her hand on Jason’s shoulder. She looked like she was trying not to laugh, “Funny how easy he was.” She said.
“You charm spoke him to do that?” Jason asked.
Piper smiled.
“Piper,” Jason said. “You know you’re not supposed to do that! You promised!” He was smiling too.
Piper showed him the edge of her hair. It was singed .“He’s not suppose to burn four inches of my hair is he? Don’t worry it will wear off soon.”
As Jason watched, Piper’s hair glowed pink and went back to its original form. It’s a good thing she’s the daughter of Aphrodite, otherwise she would look like a monkey cut her hair. They both went down to the bottom of the ship. Annabeth was there, hanging from the ceiling with a bungee cord looking down through the glass bottom.
“Looking for Percy?”Piper asked. As Jason helped her get strapped in, after her, he just flew next to them. Yeah, he can fly (being the son of Zeus and all)
Annabeth pointed down at a crowd of Romans staring up at them. Mrs. O’Leary was running around and barking up at them. Hannibal was playing tag with her. Many Romans gave them a wide berth so not to get trampled.
In the months Jason spent at Camp Half Blood, he had heard alot about this Percy character. He had defeated Kronos/Saturn last summer while Jason stormed the Titan’s headquarters on Mount Tam. Percy had returned his father’s master bolt the first year he had come to Camp Half Blood. All in all, Jason was no match for him.
The boat lurched forward. Annabeth and Piper swing from their cords.
“Welcome to Camp Jupiter everyone!” Leo said on the speakers. “Don’t you just love rainbows? They light up the sky after rain.”
Annabeth smiled, “What’s up with him?”
Piper burst laughing, “That’s what you get for burning my hair?”
Jason helped Piper down. “Need help?” he asked Annabeth.
“No thanks.” She pulled on the cord and unlocked her belt. She swung to the ladder, landing on it perfectly. She didn’t need flying powers.
Up on deck Annabeth ducked into her room and Piper removed the spell on Leo.
“Romanssss! Greeeksss! Flo—“Leo blinked. “What just happened?”
“Nothing much.” Piper said. “Just don’t mess with me again.”
Jason, Leo, Piper and Annabeth leaned over the side of the Argo II. After eight months...
Piper gasped, “Were here.”
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over a year ago fangirl-dianne said…
Chapter 2 – Hazel
Hazel knew Percy was excited. Ever since he got all his memories back, he could not stop smiling. Hazel knew it was because of Annabeth.
She squeezed Frank’s hand. Frank squeezed back. They stood behind Percy and Reyna watching the ship come to a stop. Mrs. O’Leary—Percy’s hellhound—was being chased around by Tyson—Percy’s Cyclops half brother. For the past hour, Mrs. O’Leary had been eating all the muffins and drinking all the coffee she could find. Hazel didn’t know her all that well but she did know that a hell hound her size did not need more caffeine. She almost ran over a couple of kids from the 3rd Cohort. Tyson had to jump on her to calm her down.
The ship hovered a few metres off the ground and 20 or so bright orange tube things popped out of the side of the ship. Hazel’s instincts told her to pull out her spatha but she trusted Percy, and these were his friends. The other Romans, however drew their swords and backed away. She couldn’t blame them, not every day a flying ship comes to their camp.
“Relax!” a guy’s voice came from the ship. “They are just slides!”
A blonde girl jump over the side.
“Annabeth!” Percy screamed.
She disappears into the first tube. Hazel could see her figure through the slide until she lands 20 feet in front of us. Percy and Annabeth’s eyes met but before they could do anything, Octavian had her at sword point.
“Octavian!” Reyna said, “Put your weapon away!”
“NO!” he answers. “This... girl is Greek! They’ve come here to destroy us! Do you really trust these people?”
Percy drew his sword, “Octavian!”
Faster than Hazel could’ve done it, Annabeth drew a knife out of her pack, knocked the sword out of Octavian’s hand and put her own weapon at his throat.
“Woah,” Hazel heard Frank whisper to Percy. “Some girlfriend you got there Percy.”
Hazel elbowed him, “I heard that!”
“Octavian!” Reyna said obviously angry. “You will be on stable duty for two weeks.”
Some snickers come from the crowd. Octavian picked up his sword and trudged away muttering to himself something like, “Stupid...graecus...try to help...stable duty...”
Annabeth ran over to Percy, and punched him. “Thanks, I missed you too.” Percy said.
“Eight months, Perseus Jackson! Eight whole months! Not even a single Iris message!” Annabeth scolded him. “I missed you.”
“I’ve been busy.”
Annabeth cursed in Greek. Thunder rumbled in the sky, “Eight months! What did you expect?” she shouted at the sky.
That was very daring of her. Just like Percy, she didn’t seem to care what the gods could do to them. She wondered if all Greek demigods were like that.
Percy pulled her in for a kiss. They only come up a minute later for air.
“Hey!” came the same guy’s voice from the ship. “I can see you down there!”
Both Percy and Annabeth turn a dark shade of pink. Annabeth clears her throat, “Come on down guys!”
Around 60 more kids come bouncing down. “Remind me to try that later.” Frank whispered.
Percy went over to greet his old friends with Annabeth. There were lots of hugs and pats on the back and there was this one girl, Asian with lots of bangles and bracelets. She kissed Percy full on the lips then she collapsed, Annabeth behind her.
Most of the Romans were just watching them, without actually doing anything. Those Greeks and their completely unorganized gatherings—yuck! Hazel enjoyed watching Percy and their friends. For the first time in a week, Percy truly seemed happy. Annabeth and Percy head over to Hazel and Frank, his hand around her.
“Annabeth,” Percy said. “I would like to introduce to you Hazel Levesque and Frank Zhang. Hazel and Frank, Annabeth Chase.
We all shook hands. Hazel was about to say something to make conversation but beside them, Reyna gasped and ran to the Principia. “What’s with her?” Percy asked
“Uh oh.” Hazel said. She pointed up in the sky to a blonde guy with his hands wrapped around a dark haired girl.
“That’s Jason, What about him?” Annabeth asked
“Jason was Reyna’s boyfriend.”
“Boyfriend? Jason never said anything about being in a relationship. Should we...?” Annabeth asked pointing to wear Reyna had gone.
“Nah. We should let her work it out, she’s not the open kind.”
“Yeah.” Percy said rubbing his forearm
“Wait,” Annabeth said, rolling up his sleeve. “What are these?”
“It’s a thing they do here like a tattoo or something like that”
“Oh gods, did it hurt?”
“Yeah, I’ll tell you everything later.”
“Oh, No!” Hazel said. “Frank and I will just leave you guys alone. Right Frank?”
Frank sighed. “Sure yeah.”
Frank and Hazel walked away from them and Hazel scans the Greeks for that guy—Leo Valdez. When she spots him they’re eyes meet. He gets a confused look on his face and starts wading through the crowd toward her.
No, Hazel thought. She wasn’t ready to face Sammy again. She had to do something, “Hey,” she told Frank, “race you to the barracks!”
“Wait—what?” Frank asked but she was already gone.
over a year ago fangirl-dianne said…
*About 60 more kids come sliding down*
(Sorry about that)
over a year ago Magic1799 said…
What does this part mean?
She kissed Percy full on the lips then she collapsed, Annabeth behind her.
over a year ago Magic1799 said…
I Iove the part where Reyna gasped and ran to the Principia
over a year ago Blackjack-Arion said…
big smile
i loved it:) great story!!!! pls posr again soon :)
over a year ago book-worm said…
Love it!! Your a great writer post soon!!!
over a year ago Magic1799 said…
Post soon!
over a year ago fangirl-dianne said…
>Drew kissed Percy and Annabeth knocked her out (She is his girlfriend)<

Here's Chapter 3
Chapter 3 – Jason
Jason wasn’t surprised with Reyna. He hadn’t told anyone at camp—especially Piper—that he had a girlfriend back at Camp Jupiter. He didn’t know what he would do. He spent eight months with Piper and more than two years with Reyna but he still doesn’t know what he feels and who he feels for. It’s like Aphrodite was messing with his mind just to have a good show.
He knows he should be with Reyna, because Piper was just a fake relationship that Hera made up for her plan. But the thing was, He didn’t remember any feelings for Reyna, and he’d grown to like Piper over that short period of time. He couldn’t just dump Reyna. Hey! Guess what! I fell in love with another girl while you were desperately searching for me every day for the past 8 months so this is the end. Bye!
He decided to just fly Piper down there and see what would happen. Honestly, he was relieved when Reyna ran into the principia—that would at least mean he wouldn’t have to talk to her in front of his campmates. He just dropped Piper off and ran into the mob of cheering Romans.
He tried to act happy and like he missed these guys alot but all he could think of was Piper and Reyna. The mob carried him to his old house on the Via Principalis and dumped him there. He could tell by that they were also disappointed at his entrance with another girl.
He looked at his surroundings and remembered the last day he was here. He remembered just getting out of bed changing into his purple shirt and jeans and putting on his preators cape. It was Reyna’s birthday that day and he had to hurry to the bakers shop. He put on his shoes—well shoe. He didn’t really need shoes to fly, did he? His watch alarm had gone off, he had set it to 10 am. That was when Reyna’s cake would be ready.
This was a special cake, a gift from Reyna’s mother. Bellona had said that the cake would be in the bakery at 10:15 am sharp, at 10:30, it would disappear. It was a cake that would give Reyna an unending supply of Jelly Beans. Jason knew his girlfriend seriously loved Jelly Beans. He remembered flying over Terminus who was screaming his name Jason Grace you come back here! I’ll have your preators cape for this! He remembered coming back and dropping off his coin/sword Sorry, in a hurry. Rushing into the bakery and having to wait in line for 10 minutes for a 3 foot wide cake. He swiped his coin/sword off Julia’s weapon tray then setting up the principalis with streamers and confetti and party hats just for the two of them. He flew over to Reyna’s house to pick her up (literally). He knocked on the door then... well, that was all he could remember.
Nobody had touched his stuff at all. His bed was still messy and his shoes and socks were scattered on the floor. His pictures of him and Reyna on Olympus had a fine layer of dust on them. He wondered what happened to the cake and the streamers.
Jason realized he was tired. This whole Piper and Reyna problem has had him up for the past two days. He hasn’t gotten a decent night’s sleep. He just took the beddings off (because they were dusty too) and collapsed onto the bed.
over a year ago book-worm said…
Nice chappie I loved it post soon!!
over a year ago fangirl-dianne said…
No one likes it anymore?
over a year ago book-worm said…
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over a year ago book-worm said…
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over a year ago book-worm said…
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over a year ago fangirl-dianne said…
big smile
Oh, OK. well, here it is, hope you like it!!

Chapter 4 – Percy

Percy really missed Annabeth. He couldn’t believe it when they had that minute long kiss. Maybe Percy’s memories were still incomplete but that was the longest kiss they ever had—as far as Percy could remember. As soon as Hazel and Frank had left them alone they kissed for 30 more seconds.
Annabeth stumbled herself when she saw Hannibal the elephant.
“This camp has an elephant?” she asked
“Well, we have a hell hound.” Percy pointed out.
Horns blew from the barracks. “What does that mean?” Annabeth asked.
“I don’t know, it’s a bit early for dinner. Let’s go check it out.”
They ran over to the Via Preatoria. Hazel and Frank were waiting there.
“What’s up?” Percy asked.
“Reyna called another senate meeting to decide who the Seven are.”
“You should be there,” Hazel told Annabeth. “And probably, Jason too. Where is he?”
Annabeth shrugged and grabbed Percy’s hand, “Come on, I’ve got to do something first.”
She pulled Percy, along toward the Greeks, “Piper! Leo!”
A girl with choppy uneven hair and an elfish-looking boy came out of the crowd.
“Percy, this is Piper Mclean, daughter of Aphrodite and Leo Valdez son of Hepheastus. Piper , Leo... this is Percy Jackson.”
Percy remembered the way Hazel had jumped when she saw Leo, like she’d seen a ghost. He shook their hands. Leo’s hand burst into flames and Percy’s instincts took over. Before he knew it Leo and Piper were soaked.
“Hey, man!” Leo said. “That was just a joke!”
“Sorry, reflex.” Percy willed the water to flow out of their clothes until they were dry again.
“Cool!” Leo smiled. “Heard alot about you... controlling water and whatever.”
“Yeah,” Piper said. “Nice to meet you.”
Piper’s smile made Percy warm all over. He hoped it was just because she was the daughter of Aphrodite.
“Come on,” Annabeth said. “They deciding who the seven are!”
They walked to the Via Preatoria and Hazel was still standing there.
“Where’s Frank?” Annabeth asked
“He had to hurry to the Senate house. A centurion can’t be late,” she looked at Percy. “Nor can the Preator.”
“Oh, yeah.” Percy said, “We gotta hurry!”
He raced to the Pomeranian Line. Luckily, Reyna and the others were still there with Terminus.
“—and I want a new statue!” he said. “This whole armless thing is so 3000 years ago!”
“Terminus,” Reyna said. “We have to get in now.”
“Oh, fine. But remember this conversation is not yet over!”
He let her pass through. Annabeth was just about to pass Terminus when it screamed, “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!”
Annabeth blinked. Percy smiled, “Annabeth, this is the Roman god of boundaries—“
“Wait!” she said. “I know this...Terminus! It’s Terminus right?”
“Ah!” Terminus said, obviously pleased to hear his name. “And who is this young woman Percy Jackson?”
“Well, I am Annabeth—“
“Oh! You are Annabeth? Percy talks about you alot!”
“How did you know that?” Percy asked
“Pfft! I am a god! Did you think I just sit around all day waiting for intruders? Hmm?”
“So you eavesdrop?”
“That is not important! What is is that Annabeth over here knew who I was! Which is a lot more than I can say for you.”
“Well, Terminus we have to get in so if you don’t mind—“
“Weapons! Bring them out! Out!”
Annabeth looked at Percy. He nodded. Annabeth hesitated then brought out her knife.
“Celestial Bronze!” Terminus examined Annabeth’s knife. “Very nice weapon, hmm. Julia? Where’s Julia?”
A little girl around 6 years old ran up from behind the statue with a tray. So far, the tray was empty except for a pocket knife. Percy put her knife on the tray along with his sword. “Percy,” Annabeth said. “What are you—“
Percy steered her into the city, “Sorry Terminus, we’re kind of in a hurry. Months and months of catching up to do.”
“That was... different.” Annabeth said.
“Yeah, he’s obsessive/compulsive so... yeah.” Percy said.
Hazel and Frank caught up with them. They followed the trail of Senators into the senate house. Reyna was already seated in the Preators chair. “Glad you could join us Percy.”
Her eyes were puffy like she’d been crying, but her tone was angry. Percy knew for a fact that you did not want to have a daughter of Bellona angry. Jason wasn’t anywhere in the room. Percy wondered where he was or what Reyna had done to him.
Annabeth kissed Percy and the cheek and sat down with the others. Percy, being Praetor, had to sit in front with Reyna. Percy didn’t like being Praetor, all the attention and responsibility. He had only accepted the job because he knew Reyna needed help leading the camp.
“You okay?” Percy whispered to Reyna.
She didn’t answer him, instead she said, “We are her today, to decide who will be the seven in the Prophecy. Let’s begin at this: those who wish to go may volunteer at dinner in front of the whole camp.”
Annabeth raised her hand, “Um, excuse me? Uh, Hera already made it clear that Leo, Jason and Piper will be part of the seven.” She pointed to a girl and a guy in front of her.
Reyna’s jaw tightened at the mention of Jason’s name, “All right then since Juno has chosen three from the Greeks, four will be from the Romans. Any objections?”
That was weird. Reyna said three Greeks. She knew Jason was a Roman, just like her. Then again, she could have meant Percy, although that’s not likely...
Annabeth frowned. “Wait a minute. I want to go too.”
“Objection!” screamed a ghost. “Why do the Greeks get more on this quest! Unfair!”
“Hey!” Annabeth said. “It will be just as unfair if the Romans get more!”
“Quiet!” Piper said. Her voice contained so much power, Percy wanted to personally shut his own girlfriend up. Horns blew.
Reyna cleared her throat. “We’ll resolve this matter at evening muster. This Senate meeting is adjourned. “
Percy sat down beside Annabeth. “Stupid Blasius.” She mumbled.
“Blasius?” Percy asked.
“Yeah, that’s the ghost’s name.”
“How could you have possibly known his name?”
“You don’t? Well, I suppose you wouldn’t—“
“No, all I meant was his name was mentioned in a Hercules story. He wasn’t that important but the story described him enough that a child of Athena would recognize him: short, fat and bald-headed, would you have recognized him?”
“Yes!... Maybe,... No.”
Annabeth laughed and kissed him on the cheek. “One of the things I love about you. Come on, I want to experience this evening muster of yours.”
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over a year ago fangirl-dianne said…
Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it.

P.S. I made a mistake back there 'Annabeth kissed Percy ON the cheek' not AND.

More chappie's coming soon!
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Anyone who reads this and likes it is officially awesome
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