The Heroes of Olympus The Ruins of Rome

LeosGirl posted on Jul 24, 2012 at 11:13PM
Authors: LeosGirl and Book-worm

Summary: The demigods are back! The Greeks are coming to meet the Romans but will they work together or fight against each other? Each demigod has their own problem:
Has Percy moved on from Annabeth?
Is Piper going to lose Jason to Reyna?
Is Reyna going to choose Jason, Percy, or neither?
Is Leo really Sammy?
Does Hazel still love Frank or is she going to fall in love with Leo?
And Gaea. The worst of all.
Is Rome going to prosper? Or is it going to crash and burn as we know it? Are we looking at the ruins of Rome?
There's only one way to find out:
Read on!

Characters: Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Jason, Piper, Leo, Reyna, Connor, Travis, Clarisse, Chris, Thalia, Octavian, Frank, Hazel, Rachel, the Camp Counselors, and more.

Disclaimer- Unfortunately for book-work and LeosGirl they don't own this story or the characters, Rick Riordan does): But we do own the plot and some ideas of the story and it makes up for it!


An hour. That's how long I have till I find out if he loves me or not. Even with ADHD the hour doesn't move fast enough. Part of me says he still loves me and can't wait to see him, but the other part of me says that he's forgotten you and you should just get off this mother-ship.
Shut up. I told it.
He loves me. He's gotta remember me...right?
Stop it, I told myself, Thinking like that will-will just break your heart.
Thankfully, Piper walked up.
"You okay?" she asked.
"Honestly, no. I'm about to find out if Percy even remembers me, let alone love me."
Piper nodded.
"I'm sure he-" she started, but she was cut-off by a metal-on-metal screech coming from the engine room.
Leo ran out of the room, that was pouring out smoke.
He was covered in oil and soot. His eyes were red from the smoke. He was coughing and cussing up a storm. To sum it up, he looked like crap.
"Hey, Repair Boy! Shouldn't you be doing your job?!" shouted Piper
"Shouldn't you shut up, Beauty Queen?!" he shouted back.
"What's wrong?" I asked, trying not to inhale smoke.
"Some-" started Leo
"Language!" shouted Rachel
"person," Leo said, glaring at Rachel, "threw a lug wrench in the engine! The lug wrench stopped some gears, the radiator is about to drop and-"
"English!" everyone yelled.
"We're gonna crash!" yelled Leo, "Is that clear enough for ya?!"
"Everyone, grab on to something!" shouted Grover
"Listen to the goat!" shouted Piper
"SSSAAATTTYYYRRR!!!" he shouted as the ship made a steep dive to the ground.
"What in the name of Hades is that?!" shouted Leo
"It's an-" started Jason
"AQUADUCT!" I yelled.
When I came to, I was sprawled on the ground and soaking wet.
Great, another thing to remind me of Percy! I thought
I looked around.
Everyone was the same way.
I tried to get up, but I immediately fell back down. A burning pain started in my ankle and went up my left leg.
Rachel saw.
"Medic!" she called.
Next thing I knew, I was on a stretcher.
"Yup, you sprained it, sweetheart." said an Apollo kid.
I kicked him. With my right leg, of course.
"Oow!" he shouted
"Sorry, sweetheart." I said through clenched teeth.
"Point taken." he grumbled.
"Well, welcome to Camp Jupiter!" said Jason
"Has anyone seen Grover?" I asked
"Found 'em!" said Travis as he threw Grover onto the ground.
"Food!" Grover bleated, coming to.
Piper handed me a set of crutches.
I got up, it hurt, but not as much as missing Percy.
Then I heard it.
A Hunter's horn.
A group of girls ran in. They were wearing white and silver hunting parkas and had their bows drawn. Multiple wolves ran beside them.
The Hunters of Artemis. Thank gods.
A punk rock-looking girl walked up to me with a beautiful white wolf beside her.
"What happened to you?" she asked
"Crashed. Aquaduct. Ankle. Pain." I tried to say while wincing from the pain.
She seemed to understand.
"Dang." was all she said.
"Come on," said Jason, "I wunna show you guys my home."
When I saw it, my heart stopped for a couple of seconds.
Oh man, the architecture was beautiful!
It took me a minute to see the thousands of Roman soldiers, waiting for the order to kill us or not.
A scrawny, white boy walked up, I knew him from Jason's stories.
He glared at me.
I gave it right back to him.
"Kill them while you can! There Greeks!" he shouted.
"No! They are friends, not enemies!"
I knew that voice.
And there he was.
He looked stronger. His black hair gleamed in the sun, his sea-green eyes sparkled, he flashed me his best 'I'm a trouble maker' smile.
Like the Wise Girl I am, I stood there, gaping like an idiot.
"Well, Wise Girl?" he said opening his arms.
I through down my crutches and ran for him.
I didn't even feel the pain.
All I felt was happiness to see his beautiful face again.
He wrapped his arms around me.
I sighed.
It was really Percy!
I didn't want to let go for fear of losing him again.
He pushed me away and then kissed me.
Oh, how I missed that.
I didn't want to, but we broke apart.
"Oh, Seaweed Brain! I missed you SO much! All I could think about was-what are you wearing?!" I said, just noticing his new clothes.
He blushed.
Adorable, I thought.
"Ummm, it's a toga." was all he said.
I laughed.
A girl with long black hair and a warrior-like quality cleared her throat.
She had a weird look in her eye.
Annoyed? No. It was more like- more like jealousy.
"Sorry," Percy said "Reyna, this is Annabeth. Annabeth, this is Reyna."
The girl, named Reyna, softened at Percy's words. She liked him, and I had no doubt that she wouldn't fight for him, but that's okay because if she wants a fight, I'll give her a fight.
I DON'T THINK SO!, I thought.
He's mine!
I held out my hand.
"Hi, Reyna. I'm Annabeth, Percy's girlfriend." I said
She tried to intimidate me by squeezing my hand, hard.
It didn't work.
"Hi, Annabeth, I am Reyna, praetor of Camp Jupiter and Percy's colleague."
She's going down, I thought.
She glared at me.
I glared right back.
"Okkaayy," said Percy breaking us apart, "Why don't you go see Jason, Reyna?"
Reyna softened, again.
Another guy she can't have.
She left to go find Jason.
"Let's go for a walk." said Percy.
We talked forever.
He told me about what had happened the 8 months he was gone.
How terrible. I thought.
I told him about everything that happened up till now.
He looked worried.
"What is it?" I asked.
"Nothing." he said.
He was so faking.
"Percy...?" I asked, sternly.
"It's would a lug wrench get in the engine?" he asked, suspicious.
"Somebody probably just dropped it." I said, trying to keep my voice from wavering.
I was worried now, too.
"I don't know, Annabeth. Sounds weird to me." he said, shaking his head.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
But I knew what he meant.
It wasn't just an accident.
The Argo II was sabotaged.

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It was a drawing
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Scratch what I said! Cool post the drawing
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@corrected: I gave you props and here it is, I hope this works. Lol!
@corrected: I gave you props and here it is, I hope this works. Lol!
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Awesome! Have some cake (note:the cake was made with unknown radioactive material)
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The paper's bent from the scanner.
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nice !
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@corrected: Thanks! I added in more details when I was drawing it. Lol! So that's why the description isn't very good in the chappie.
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Have cake!
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I thought you said it was radioactive....
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Eh! It's still edible...I think. This is a new cake by the way
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@puggyluv: Need any favors? Lol!
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...and AWSHUM chapter!! :P



...I feel like calling Book-worm, "Alice". Then the two of you could be "Alice and the Mad Hatter"!! XD


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P.S. Please post soon!! :D
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@Phoenix: You have awesome timing man, cuz I was just reading your epic forum! And I have amazing artwork?! That eye you drew was FREAKING AMAZING!!!!! I think that's like the best drawing I've seen! EVA!
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I forgot about that!! :P


..but seriously, your dagger was AWSHUMNESS!!! :D

~ Phoenix
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@Phoenix: Lol!!! Thank you. Looks like a stick figure compaired to your EPIC eye!!!!!!!
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:O Nooo!! :O
That dagger is AWSHUM!! :D
I really liked it!!! :D
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@Phoenix: Lol!!! Thanks, but it's true.
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Let's make them equal drawings!! :D
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@Phoenix: Lol!! Okay.

*cough*Yours is better!*cough*
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I agree with @PS!
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*Sigh* xD

Thank you @kkw!!! :D

See!! @kkw agrees with me!! ^.^

Lol :P

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@Phoenix and kkw: Fine. Fine. No need to gang up on me. Lol!!!! I'm just gonna say they're equal, even though I do not agree with it.
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i agree with leosgirl
her drawing was good
but phoenix_stone's drawing of an eye was awesome
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@corrected: Thank you! Somebody agrees!
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@Phoenix: Lol!! He was just being honest. And he's right.
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Plz post soon this story is great!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡­¡¡!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!¡¡­¡¡¡­¡¡¡­¡¡¡­¡¡¡­¡¡¡­¡¡¡­¡!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!¡¡­¡¡¡­¡¡¡­¡ cant wait to see what happens next
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@tristian: Thank you!!!! I'll be posting tomorrow.
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@Phoenix: It totally does! I always get weird looks when I say orange is my favorite color. It makes me angry that just because I'm a girl people think I should like the color pink. But I don't. I can't stand the color pink.
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