The Heroes of Olympus Rise of the Chosen Ones

megon4ever posted on Jul 31, 2012 at 03:47PM
10 years have past since Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, and Thalia Grace disappeared during/after the battle with Gaea. And 10 years have past since Chaos offered the seven a place in his army. The two camps are at hard work looking for any trace of these heroes.

Little do they know that Percy Jackson and Jason Grace are at a secret base training. And training what for? EVERYTHING. New monsters are stirring, stronger than the gods. Chaos has a secret, a secret that could either destroy the world or save it. And two demigods will rise to power and greatness.

This is the sequel to my Mark of Athena. I am not following RR's plot anymore. It would be better for you to read the my Mark of Athena first, but you don't have too as the summary fills you in on everything. Please don't say unkind things. I can respect your opinion, but word it in a way that doesn't insult myself or the story. I can take criticism and compliments though. :D No spam please too!

Note: Such characters like Zoe, Bianca, and Luke have come back to work for Chaos in his army. They fight for the greater good and go around the world recruiting. ALSO, the first chapter is posted on page three. My lovely readers do like commenting..

This story is now dedicated to those who have been constantly commenting on this story, and a few special people:
Love you all! Hope you enjoy my story!
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This Friday? :O So far away....
Darn... Too bad I don't have a time machine so I can travel to Nov. 2. You should post a chapter as a Halloween treat! (:
Imma JIPER fan (: Percabeth 1st, then Jiper 2nd ^^
We're waiting for your chapter!!!
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awwww. i was hoping it would be today. oh well, at least its soon.
btw, my friends bday is on thurs!!!!
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Did you know it's Saturday night? And you know... You said you would post on Friday... Why didn't you post? :'(
Anyways, I hope you post soon, cause I am dying to know how my character comes out :)
over a year ago megon4ever said…
Sorry, lost track of the time...
over a year ago megon4ever said…
My computer just erased it. -__-
I"ll have it typed up because i absolutely looooovvveee this chapter..
over a year ago rainbow_girl said…
awww. that sucks. but as long as u post soon!!
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over a year ago megon4ever said…
We were hiding in the shadows as the coliseum slowly began to fill up with people in purple and orange shirts. Why were we hiding? I haven't got the slightest clue, but it was pretty nerve wracking.

I heard a thump behind me and I quickly took out my bow and arrow, only to find that it was Nico. I gave him my best glare for scaring me, earning back a grin.

“When did you get here?” I whispered curiously.

“About 50 seconds ago. I just finished reporting back to Chaos' army. How's it going?” he replied.

“Pretty great, Percy had a fun time. And Chiron's yapping on about some junk. We're just about to be introduced.”

I felt Annabeth elbow me in the hip. I rubbed the sore spot and tuned back in the announcement.

“-Monsters are resurrecting themselves and they can kill the gods in only a blast. Chaos has been very generous and has sent some of his best... reinforcements. And-”

A girl shot up. She had raven black hair fixed into a long, sleek braid that undoubtedly belonged to Reyna. “With all due respect Chiron, you are mistaken. We would know if Chaos sent soldiers to help. After all, he discusses almost everything with his trusted soldiers.”

I noticed that a few other kids had stood up too. Leo, Frank, Piper, The Stolls, Clarisse- who was smirking and fully aware of the situation-, Will, Malcom, Lou Ellen, Katie Gardner, and a lot of our old friends.

“I know you all are very high up in ranking, however, this is a special case,” he continued with an amused twinkle in his eyes, “We have been searching for these young heroes for ten years. They disappeared during the quest of the Seven. Please welcome, Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, Jason Grace, son of Jupiter, Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, Thalia, daughter of Zeus, and Nico DiAngelo, son of Hades.”

We took that as our cue and emerged from our spots. Slowly in a single filed line, we made our way to the center.

The crowd stared at us shocked. Silence took over the room. We shifted uncomfortably under the stares.. We were waiting for Percy to give us instructions on what to do.

A rhythm of clapping was heard from the Ares Cabin. It echoed around. Slowly, everyone began to cheer and shot up from their seats.

The rest was a blur as I found myself trapped in a swarm of people. I looked at my companions and found them laughing joyfully with their family.

A girl who had blond hair and green eyes stared at me from afar. She wasn't included in the crowd and reminded me of Annabeth. I made sure to find out more about her.

A long time later, Chiron managed to get everyone situated in their seats again. He gave the stage to us, and we all stared at Percy.

Using his natural leadership skills, he began to speak. "We disappeared ten years ago, during the fight with Gaea. The rest of the seven successfully defeated her and came back without us. We owe you all an explanation. See, Chaos had offered us a spot in his army, and actually proposed the idea of us training. Jason, Annabeth, Thalia, Nico, and I have been segregated from you all to constantly train and prepare for the upcoming battle. There hasn't been a prophecy as proof, but we ourselves have actually battled a portion of the growing army. We are here now to help fight for the gods."

“You will all have time to catch up with our long lost heroes. They will be here for a while teaching you all how to defend the camp. Meet in the cafeteria in 30 minutes. Right now, you all have free time. For those who haven't met our guests, please go out of your way and get to know them. Dismissed,” Chiron ended.

As my friends met up with the rest, I sneaked out unseen.

A sigh made it's way through my lips as I remembered that I was no longer part of the Hunt. I would have to stay in the Zeus cabin with the creepy statue of dad glaring at me. It was Percy's orders. During the day, we could gather in the Chaos cabin, (which is where all the soldiers are staying) then at night, we would stay in our godly parents' cabins. We all probably had new siblings to meet.

When I made the commitment to train with Percy and Jason, I knew that I would lose my place as the lieutenant. Although it was hard, I was willing to sacrifice that. A strong part in my heart tugged me in the direction of the Artemis cabin. I felt as if I had to pay my respects.

As my feet trudged through the dirt, I felt a strong presence in the room. Cautiously, I opened the door. I was met with brown eyes and auburn hair. The same ones I have served for a long period of my life.

“M-My lady Artemis.” I bowed quickly.

“Nay, it should be I who bows.” She did so. “Oh Thalia, how brave you've grown to be.”

A lone tear slid down my face. “I've missed you so much.”

She surprised me by pulling me into a hug. “I've got a gift for you.”

I watched as she reached behind her to grab her signature bow and arrow. “I'll be with you in every fight cheering you on.” Her eyes held so much emotion that I didn't have the heart to refuse her gift.

“Thank you.” I pulled her in another hug and squeezed her tight.

“I've got to head back now, but you'll see me soon.” she said after some time. “Do me proud, Thalia.” She disappeared after that.

Clutching my weapon tightly, I headed out the door.
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I posted!!!
Next up: Jason and Piper...
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Jason and Piper!!! :D
Please please PLEASE let them get back together!!! Pwease!!!
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I would like a character

now i know your thinking who the heck is this guy IVE NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE

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if you do want to give me a character then his name should be Slartibartfast Bettlebrox and he should be a tiny black guy(im not racist) with a huge white afro
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Amazing!! Please post soon!!
Dang, i forgot who my character was. i have one, right? And did u mention me yet? I tend to forget things easily.
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post soon and awesome story!!!!!
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Im back from lots of technology problems!! Great chapters and can i have a charector named Andy or Andrew
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Hey guys!! I'm super happy about all the reviews, first off. And second, the characters have not made appearances. The first one will be LORDCHAOS with Justin. I will fit every single character in my story, but please keep it more general as time passes so it'll fit. We also have a problem. I have about 4 people who want their character to be the son/daughter of Poseidon and be loyal. The loyal part I actually have no problem with, but I will add some other weaknesses. And for the Poseidon part, I have a problem. I originally wanted one Hades kid, one Zeus, two Poseidon, and a few from Titans of your choice. But obviously that did not work out. A raffle can be made, or I could just assign you guys your parts. I realize that certain people may have stopped reading this, so they have absolutely no say in the godly parent. :( SORRY!! It's just not fair. However, I will not delete their character since they have contributed encouragement at some point...

bigA02: I'm super glad you're back!! And good luck with your technology problems!

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LORDCHAOS: I hope you don't miss your character's appearance!

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Phrabow: I do remember you.. I like your description of your character! I'll do so..

Wisdoms_Child: I will try to do so! I'm still more of a Jeyna fan though... -__-
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over a year ago megon4ever said…
Guys, since it's project week for me, I'll have to work on my project. (Self explanatory) And finals week is coming up with a bunch of other tests, so! I'll work slower, but there will definately be a chapter by the time break for me starts. And when that comes, I'll have a whole lotta chappies! kay?
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