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WARNING: don't read this if you haven't read the Mark of Athena!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the characters, or anything that has already been written about in PJO or HoO series. They all belong to Mr. Rick Riordan :)

Summary: so far this starts where Percy and Annabeth are falling. Still. I'm not sure how this is going to go yet. So I guess you'll just have to read to find out.

Chapter 1

Everything was foggy. Percy felt like his ears were stuffed with cotton. He vision was blurry at the edges, but became clearer as it got closer to the center. Was this a dream? He wasn't sure. He couldn't remember anything after finding Annabeth.
In his dream (or whatever it was), he was back in sixth grade. He was in his favorite class, Latin. It was almost over. Mr. Brunner (or rather Chiron) was sitting at the front desk, grading papers, the rest of the class was working on some kind of group project.
Mr. Brunner dismissed the class, and students began to leave. Percy just stood there aimlessly uncertain about what he should do. Mr. Brunner waved his hand, beckoning Percy forward. When Percy got to Mr. Brunner's desk, Mr. Brunner started talking. His voice was muffled, and hard to understand, but Percy could make out "Percy, you will have to try harder, I don't think you understand how this will-". Mr. Brunner stopped, time seemed to be frozen. Then Percy heard a voice, this voice was much higher than Mr. Brunner's, and very urgent. The strange thing was it wasn't muffled. "Percy!" the voice said "Percy wake up!"
Percy's eyes shot open. Everything was black, except for a dim light, though he wasn't sure where it was coming from. He realized he was falling. Annabeth was right next to him. Then everything came flooding back. The tartarus-parking lot, Nico's promise, falling INTO the Tartarus-parking lot, with Annabeth.
"Percy!" Annabeth shouted. "PERCY! I can see the bottom!". Sure enough, still very far away, Percy could see the shiny black rock far below him. It was far away, but they were falling fast, they would soon reach the bottom.
How long had they been falling? Percy had apparently blacked out, so he wasn't sure. He remembered reading Greek myths about a bronze anvil taking nine days to fall from the heavens to the earth, and nine more to get from there to tartarus. Had it really been nine days? he really didn't know.
Now they were, what? A hundred feet away from the bottom. Now seventy-five. Percy had a feeling it was going to be a hard, painful landing. Fifty. How was he going to land? Twenty-five. That's where Percy made a big mistake. He tried to land on his feet.
His first foot hit the hard rock. It was too much. The pain was immediate. He nearly collapsed to the floor, engulfed by it. His whole body felt like it was on fire. He could feel the sweat on his forehead. Percy's ears were ringing. His bones turned to jello-o as he swayed to the side, but caught himself. He tried hard not to black out, but it was too much. The pain was nauseating. He collapsed onto the rock, then it all went black.

I know I'm not a very good writer, but did you enjoy it? Please leave comments!
and if you have ideas please share! I'd like to try to put them into the story! And I'll need all the help I can get!

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over a year ago yumalicious said…
Only 4 different people commented, but whatever. I really want to post, so I will. Thank you to those who did (parras2, blue_waves, teamleo, seaistruth)! Enjoy!

Chapter 5

DING! DING! DING! Piper slowly began to wake, just opening one eye at a time.she heard foot steps running down the hall, and up the stairs, was it morning already? She sat in her bed, with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, her room was so cozy and warm, she didn't want to leave. Then Piper realized that the reason the she was awake was because she heard the EMERGENCY bell, so there must be and EMERGENCY. She got up and pushed the door open l nearly missing Jason.

"What's going on?" she asked

"I don't know. But it must be important, so let's get to the deck." Jason replied.

On deck, she saw everybody glaring at Leo. He had one of his signature, crazy-Leo-idea smiles on. For a guy who had just been super depressed, she wondered what had changed his mood so quickly. Like within a few hours quickly. Maybe he had been possessed by another Eidolon, a very daranged, happy Eidolon.

"Leo, is this some sort of joke?" Jason asked.

"No," Leo said, "I've figured out a way to save Percy and Annabeth."

That lightened Piper up a bit. Even though she barely knew either of them, she felt terrible about what had happened. And she wanted to do anything she could to save them. This whole quest, Piper felt like she hadn't helped at all. She was just a nuissance.

Leo explained his dream, about the mysterious lady in the cave, and all the mountains, and how she said she could help them save Percy and Annabeth. Everybody was thinking. Where could the mysterious lady be? Finally, Hazel spoke up,

"Lots of mountains." she wondered out loud.

"And snow." Frank added.

"Maybe the alps." Nico said.

Everyone nodded, like they had come to a silent agreement.

"So we're going to Switzerland." Piper said.

Jason replied, "Sounds sounds about right to me."

Soon Leo turned the ship north, and everyone left to get dressed. Soon only she, Jason, and Leo were left. Then suddenly Piper had an idea. She turned to Jason.

"I haven't looked in katroptris (sorry idk how to spell that, I just guessed) in a while, do you think it might" show us something about this mysterious lady. Maybe what mountain she lives on." Piper began.

"I don't know," Jason replied, "it might. I guess it's worth a try."

Piper ran back to her room, and brought katroptris back up. She and Jason looked into the bronze reflection, for a while, they only saw themselves. Then the image began to swirl, and it changed.

They were in a cozy little house-like cave. A young woman sat in a chair by the fire. She looked exactly how Leo had described her. Suddenly the image began to zoom out, and out, until they were standing, about a mile away from the mountain. Somehow, Piper recognized the mountain immediately. She guessed Jason did too because he gasped. It was the mont. Blanc, the tallest mountain in the alps. Then the image swirled back to their reflections.

"Leo," she called, "we're headed to mont. Blanc, set the ship's course for France!"

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oooh theyre lucky! i wanna go to France!!!! course without the danger.....or sadness of losing friends....or Dirt Face hahaha good story keep posting!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm going to post now! Thanks everyone! Don't forget to leave a comment! :D

Then out of the dark, on all sides of him, four Cyclopes stepped out. The one in the middle had was holding Annabeth. She was gagged, and unconscience, there was a big lump on her forehead. He uncapped Riptide, and slashed his sword through the Cyclopes to the right. As soon as he dissolved, he reformed. It had only taken him a few seconds. The Cyclopes just laughed cruelly. The one holding Annabeth looked amused. "foolish demigod!" he bellowed. "you cannot kill us! We are already in Tartarus! Now you will come with us! We have not eaten well in years!". Percy raised his sword, though he knew he couldn't fight them. The Cyclops behind him raised his club. But before Percy could react, THUMP! Percy's head throbbed with pain, then he collapsed, everything black.

Chapter 6

Annabeth sat propped up agaisnt a cavern wall. Her hands were tied behind her back, and her ankles were tied together. Even her mouth was gagged. Her whole body ached. Annabeth felt like all her bones had been taken out, and replaced by rubber ones. Her head throbbed from the blow with the Cyclops club.

She could see Percy next to her. He had his arms and legs tied up, and his mouth was gagged too, even though he was still unconscious. From the other side she heard one of e Cyclopes voices,

"Welcome demigods to our prison, Tartarus!"

As soon as he said that, a huge fire pit (she figured was about fifteen feet in diameter), about ten feet away from Annabeth, exploded with Greek fire. It reminded her of an olympic torch. The heat was intense, she screamed, which came out muffled. The whole cavern lit up. She could see the ceiling sixty feet above, was coated with sharp stalactites, that could easily impale you. The cavern was about the size of a football field,so that would make the fire pit about the same place as the goalpost.

Finally Percy woke up. He looked terrified. He squirmed, and kicked, and made muffled sounds. But he just couldn't break free. Annabeth had never seen Percy act like that before. He was panicky, his eyes were wide. It was clear he didn't want to be there. She had to figure a way to escape before Percy went insane. She searched herself for something to cut the ropes- or anything. Percy thrashed around. There had to be SOMETHING.

"Looking for these?", one of the Cyclopes said, holding up her dagger, her backpack and laptop, and Percy's sword (in pen form). He dumped them on the ground right next to the fire.

Percy rolled around on the ground, screaming through the cloth over his mouth. He really was going insane.

"If you don't behave, demigods, I'll throw all your little precious possessions into the fire." the Cyclops laughed.

That seemed to calm Percy a bit, but his eyes were still wide, and his breathing was heavy.

"Tonight," another Cyclops bellowed, "we shall feast like never before!"

All four Cyclopes laughed, it shook the cavern walls. Percy screamed and rolled around like crazy. Annabeth could only watch.

"Stop right there!" a very familiar voice yelled, "Those two demigods are the chosen sacrafices of Gaea herself!"

The Cyclopes seemed to know who it was because they cowered in fear. Suddenly Kampê came out and shouted,

"These are my prisoners now! I shall take them to mount. Olympus, where their blood shall awaken Gaea!"

Percy thrashed even more. With that she untied Anbabeth, and Percy's feet.

"Walk." she commanded, poking the tip of her spear into Annabeth's back.

Annabeth began to walk, with Percy right next to her. Wherever there were going, she knew they were staying together.

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Awsomeful post soon
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IT WAS REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would just like to say good job on the part with Kampe.It was short but not rushed. Well done, Young Grasshopper. XDAnways keep up the good work!
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I don't know if I will have time to post tomorrow, but I will try. So I know I say this all the time, but THANKS EVERYONE!!!!! XP
Chapter 7

Kampê poked him in the back with her spear,

"Keep moving!" she ordered.

His whole body shook. This place made him want to climb into a ball, and stay like that for all of eternity. He had never felt that way before. Percy wondered if he was going to go insane. Maybe this was some kind of Magic effect Tartarus had in people. He wondered of he already WAS insane. He shook even more. Percy looked to Annabeth for reassurance, she was calm, though her face was grim.

The only light came from Kampê torch, lit with Greek fire. It gave the tunnel they were walking down an even scarier appearance- if that was possible. All around Percy, warm light shone. It was very small, and dim. Like he was holding a small candle. This whole place reminded him of the labyrinth. The only thing he knew, was their final destination, mount Olympus. Where he and Annabeth would be used as sacrafices to wake Gaea.

Finally the tunnel led into a room about the size of a gymnasium, with old prison cells on every side. Percy could see the tunnel continued on the other side. Greek fire torches lined the walls. The room smelled like, things Percy didn't want to describe.

"We shall stay here for the night, and continue in the morning." Kampê announced.

She locked Percy in one cell, and Annabeth in another, several cells down. Percy huddled in the corner, he really was terrified. But he just had to get out. It was too much. He ran up to the celestial bronze bars, and rattled them like crazy.

"Let me out!" he shouted, "LET ME OUT!"

"just what do you think you are doing?" Kampê shouted, "Behave or else!" she snarled, holding the point of her spear at his neck.

Percy, terrified backed into the corner, and curled in a ball. How WAS he going to get out this time?
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DUDE , you and your story are amazingful! Keep going you are doing a great job! Hope you can post tomorrow!
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Really great!!! Percy is really like messed up right now though.
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Sorry I couldn't post yesterday! I was really busy! But I will post now! Yay!!!
Chapter 8

"UP! GET UP!" Kampê yelled.

She was hitting her spear against the bars of the cell. BANG! BANG! BANG! While Annabeth was sleeping, she had forgotten where she was. She wished she was still sleeping. She sat up, her back was so stiff from sleeping on the ground.

"Com here girl!" Kampê ordered through the bars.

Annabeth wasn't in the mood to become a demigod shishcabob, so she came forward.

"Turn around!" Kampê ordered again.

Annabeth was afraid Kampê was going to run her right through with her spear, but Annabeth turned around reluctantly. Kampê tied her hands behind her back, the she unlocked the cage door.

"Let's move it, girl!" Kampê shouted, poking Annabeth in the back with her spear.

Kampê steered Annabeth over To where Percy's cell was. He was huddled in the corner shaking. She'd never seen Percy like that before. It was so strange. She wanted to call out to him, and comfort him, but she didn't think Kampê would like that.

"Come here boy!" Kampê said.

Hesitantly, Percy advanced towards Kampê, where he turned around so she coul tie up his hands, just like she had done to Annabeth. Then once Kampê let Percy out, they began walking to the other side of the jail.

Tartarus basically WAS a labyrinth. It had twists, and turns, and dead ends, and other tunnels connecting to millions of other tunnels. Fortunatley (or maybe unfortunately) Kampê seemed to have memorized it. Kampê led the way, with her Greek fire torch, which didn't provide much light. Then there was the invisible candle, that seemed to follow Annabeth. She wondered if Percy could see it too.

Up ahead she heard what sounded like water, a river. Percy must have sensed it too, because he began to shake more.

Kampê muttered something like, "Almost there. Just a few days, almost there."

Almost where? Annabeth thought, as the sound of rushing water got even louder. Almost where?
Sorry it's kind of short, but I have to go. I will post tomorrow! Thanks!
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Today in Connecticut, 26 innocent people were killed! They were teachers and children! Violence is truely terrible! This makes you realize just how fortunate we are, so tonight, don't forget to pray for them and their families. And for those of you who believe in heaven, they're there, they really deserve to be.
Im sorry, I did not have a picture to put here
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I am new to this forum, and i have to say that this is one of the best hoh ive ever read.
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over a year ago yumalicious said…
Hi everyone, thanks o much for reading! Could I please have sone suggestions? That would really help! Any suggestion (well it can't be too strange, it has to at least sorta go with the story)! Thanks!
Chapter 9

The sun told him it was about seven or eight in the morning. Suddenly, Leo's voice came on the speaker,

"Hey everyone, this is the um... Supreme Commander of the Argo 2 speaking. Our current destination is Mont Blanc, France! We will be arriving in a couple days. So, uh, yeah! Oh and thank you for flying air Leo!"

At least Leo was normal again.

Nico looked down, far below the Argo 2, he saw the sea. It reminded him of Percy. He wondered how Percy and Annabeth were doing. Nico was too far away to tell.
It was dinner, but Nico wasn't very hungry. He stood on the deck, staring at the setting sun, when right behind him, he heard, CLOMO, CLOMP, CLOMP! Then CRASH! Nico whirled around, sword in hand. Oh, but it was just Arion. But Arion looked nervous. He trotted around the deck, like he was being chased. Nico could see the whites if his eyes. Nico backed up, not wanting to be trampled.

"Hazel, Arion is here, but I think something's wrong with him!" he shouted

Just moments later, all the demigods came running up the stairs, Hazel was leading.

"Arion!" Hazel shouted, "Arion calm down!"

But Arion wouldn't. Suddenly, to their left, they heard nervous whinnying. It was Blackjack and Tempest, they looked nervous too. They flew around the ship, unyil they landed on the deck, and all the horses ran around, again, like they were being chased. And things only got weirder, and of course, worse.

Tempest sent an electric current through the dubstep soundboard. Leo looked like he wanted to scream. It turned into radio mode, and started playing We No Speak Americano. That tipped the Leo scale, because he shouted,


Tempest didn't seem satisfied either, because he electrocuted the siundboard again. This time it played Gangnam style.

"GANGNAM STYLE!" Frank and Jason yelled in unison, as their eyes glazed over.

Everyone turned around to see why they yelled. Then Jason and Frank fell over on their faces. Meanwhile, Blackjack had the wii remote in his mouth, he but it in half. A huge disco ball popped out of the ground, it rose fifteen feet in the air, then it blew confetti everywhere. A banner popped out that read PHSYCO HORSE-CREATURE ALERT! The disco ball began spinning, changing different colors. Arion had gotten a hold of some magic plates, and goblets, he was smashing them one by one.

"NO!" Leo shrieked.

Jason and Frank got up, and began to dance, Gangnam Style. They danced behind the horses, which scared them (the horses), like Jason and Frank were chasing them. Suddenly the door burst open, Coach Hedge appeared, he was very angry. Everyone backed away from him.


He ran over to the dubstep soundboard, and changed it to Party
Rock Anthem. He started shuffling over to Jason and Frank. They were still dancing Gangnam style. The coach wrapped his arms around their shoulders, and he began to do the Can Can.

Nico thought about all the Greek myths he had ever read. Then one came to his mind. It was about the Taraxippus, phantoms that scared horses (or in their case horse-creatures).

"Guys," Nico said, "I have a plan!"

Yeah, that was a pretty weird chapter! XP
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funniest thing i ever read over a year ago
over a year ago Blue_Waves said…
Ohh!! U should have that lady in Leo's dream be Hestia (is that the correct spelling??) and have the demigods have dreams of hints on how to save Percy and Annabeth that's my suggestion
over a year ago teamleo said…
I think you should have the lady in Leo's dream give them a prophecy to help them find Percy and annabeth and then everyone gets ticked caus they have a new puzzle to solve
over a year ago yumalicious said…
Whoa! That was a long chapter! If you're looking for chapter 9, I just edited the preview
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Awsome ! That was sooo crazy I love it
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