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HecateA posted on Jul 16, 2010 at 03:22AM
There will obviously be new demigod children of the minor gods. I'm wondering what some of them'll be like. There have been some bits about how Eris' children must cause mayhem and Iris' kids must get free comunication, but what about Janus, Hebe, Hecate, Peitho and Persephone's kids?

My first guess: Janus' kids are good at chess. Chess is a game of decisions, one false move may cost you the game. Good choices, good game is a basic rule.

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over a year ago RoHeHa_6264995 said…
Well, Hecate's kids can certainly do magic. Btw, do you think Hecate is good or evil?
Peitho's children will be good at persuading people, and I think it's a very useful skill. Just imagine, you can make anybody do anything you want. I wish I could make my sister shut up, she's always so annoying!
Persephone's children may have the ability to control plants and animals, but not as good as Demeter kids. And since Persephone is the goddess of springtime, I think they can do things like make flowers grow and make people feel good. Also, I know this is not likely but maybe they can have a little power upon the dead because Persephone is the Queen of Underworld.
I don't know about Janus, but maybe they will be good at making choices and teasing people. And playing chess.
Hebe is the goddess of youth, young brides and the cupbearer of the gods. I don't know what her children will be like...
over a year ago HecateA said…
Why would Persephone control animals?
I think Janus' kids will have confusing appearances because Janus had two faces, so one eye could be green, the other brown and the hair could have different streeks is my guess.
I don't really know about Hecate. She supported the titans, then again so did all the other minor gods (but Hestia and the wind gods). She does annoy Hermes, he calls her "insufferable" (i can respect that). But she got respect so I guess she'll bee good. It depends what magic she uses to, (black magic for example). I think she's a little bit of both, like Hades.
Hebe's kids will probably grow up to be children at heart and know how to have fun. Maybe they'll mature slower.
over a year ago RoHeHa_6264995 said…
Persephone is the goddess of springtime. Doesn't spring affect animals?
And yeah, Janus kids will look really weird :D
over a year ago HecateA said…
I guess baby animals especially.
other minor god(des)s:
-Asclepius (god of medicine)
-Eris (there has been a mention on the misstress article that CHB will have major toilet paper raids if Eris and Hermes cabin team up)
-Nemesis (Ethan didn't have much of a personality after all)
-Hypnos (god of sleep, his son Morpheus is god of dreams)
-Iris (rainbow)
-Erebos (darkness and shadows) = shadow traveling
And personifications
-Gaia (Ancient Greek version of 'mother earth")
-Nyx (night)
-Nike (victory: count her as a god if you wish)
-Dysnomia (Δυσνομία), spirit of lawlessness and poor civil constitution
-Eirene (Εἰρήνη), goddess of peace

If you have more feel free to mention them

ps I understand your sister troubles, I have a brother, which is about 1000 times worst
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over a year ago Odssey said…
Wow HecateA yo do lot of reserch and i hope theres Erebos' demigods he sound awsome
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over a year ago HecateA said…
But you can find whole lists of names on the internet, I go on Wikipedia (except you might want to verify the info you get on it, seeing as anybody can change it. They have said horrible lies, as in "Poseidon is Athena's mom" and "The heroes of Olympus series is a book series... about a boy named Jason, who is a son of Zeus" which has not been confirmed)

Hypnos' kids (notice how it sounds like hypnosis) will either not need to sleep at all or sleep late. They'll bee good hypnotists (judging by the name)and they will probably sleep talk/sleepwalk if they do sleep or be able to make others do it.

Do you realize how many out-of-bed Hypnos campers the harpies will get to eat if they don't sleep?
over a year ago RoHeHa_6264995 said…
Actually, it said Poseidon was Athena's DAD, not mom. Anyway wikipedia stinks.
And btw you listed Nyx twice.

Asclepius kids can heal people, and Apollo kids can too. Hmm no thank you, I don't think we'll have children of Asclepius in this series. I don't see the need.
Eris cabin will of course be a big chaos. Yeah, she has a lot of scary immortal children. If her demigod kids go to CHB, it will be a great disaster. Anyway, I don't think Hermes cabin will like them. Hermes kids like funny things, and Eris is not fun at all.
I'm not sure about Nemesis... Obviously she's not a very good mother, so their children will always be isolated, mad at everything and dangerous.
Hecate's kids, good or evil, can do magic. It's a very useful skill, but it will be a big disaster if they are on the bad side.
Nyx is the goddess of night. I don't know why, but she makes me think of black cats, you know, silent, mysterious and always full of surprises.
Hypnos' and Morpheus' children can be a great danger too. Remember the "endless sleep" in TLO?
Iris's children will get free communication, and they can be the messengers of CHB or the BBG. I hope they won't work for the BBG, I can't imagine what the campers would do without Iris messages.
I've never heard of Erebos before. According to Nico, only creatures of Underworld can shadow travel. Well, maybe Erebos' children will make it pretty much easier.
Nike's children will be almost like Athena kids.
Dysnomia is the goddess of lawlessness, Eris is the goddess of chaos. Yeah, their kids would get along pretty well. It's not so hard to say what would happen if they team up.
Eirene, goddess of peace. I don't think her children will help us much, well, unless Mount Olympus/CHB is going to negotiate with the BBG.
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over a year ago HecateA said…
I'm guessing chaos will increase by about 50% min.
over a year ago RoHeHa_6264995 said…
big smile
(Sorry for the short comment, I don't know what else to say)
P.S: Is here anybody else other than us?
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over a year ago Amphitrite said…
Ok, I'm finally checking in on everything, sorry I'm late!

I think Hypnos' kids will nap all the time.

Maybe Eirene's children will be sort of "hippy-ish", and if negotiations are involved they will probably be sent to keep the peace. I think they will calm whoever is around them almost immediately...could you imagine how many new campers could be saved from Clarisse if a child of Eirene was around?

I can see Peitho's children hanging out with the Aphrodite kids a lot because not only is Peitho goddes of Persuasion, she is also the goddess of seduction and she was a constant companion of Aphrodite.

Persephone's children would probably have power over flowers and spring time plants and they would probably be very good nurturers for baby animals. My prediction, they will all love pomegranate and hate cereal...just a guess.
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over a year ago sonoboreas said…
i think nemisis' kids would make pretty good judges...
over a year ago HecateA said…
LOL I like that cereal-bit.
Won't Persephone's kids be all mad at Nico? You know, his dad trapping their mom. Well, Persephone doesn't seem that miserable when she's entertained. Wow Nico has step-siblings! (sorry, I'm slow)

And maybe Nemesis' kids would make good judges... I think there's a goddess of law too. Her kids might be better judges. Nemesis' kids will be good strategists and keep grudges more then Nico and Bianca Di Angelo together!

I just realized, all the minor god cabins have leaders at meetings, so they will have to get a bigger ping-pong table. (I refuse for them to use a real table. Maybe they'll move on to air-hockey tables)
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over a year ago RoHeHa_6264995 said…
Wait are step-siblings allowed to date? Hmm Beckendorf dated Silena, now it would be cool if Nico goes out with a daughter of Persephone!
And I love that cereal and air-hockey ideas <333333
over a year ago HecateA said…
I don`t think so in a regular family. But let`s face it, this isn`t a normal family.
+ Silena and Beckendorf
isn`t that story so sad? According to me its the last Trojan-war-ressemblance bit. There were a few.
a) Clarrise dragging the drakon body (Achilles did that with a dead Trojan)
b) A fortress being defended (except the Trojans were doing good in the beggining)
c) Immortals involved
d) the true-love-being-seperated thign with Hellen and Paris (did she even like Paris more then her other husband?)
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over a year ago RoHeHa_6264995 said…
Yeah I wrote an article on my theories and they involve the Trojan War too!
Btw that dead Trojan is Hector and Helen's husband is Menelas (did I spell that right?) And I don't like Helen. I don't know why, but I think she was badly educated. I guess it's because of Asian culture, we have very strict rules about being faithful and things like that.
over a year ago goddessoflife said…
The goddess of dawn, Eos. (Just metionig her :P
over a year ago goddessoflife said…
Oh, yeah, and Styx. (Goddess of the river Styx...a little obviuos.) :P
And there's another one I can't remember.
How many gods are there? I've been trying for a long time to figure that out...
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over a year ago losthero5 said…
Roheha, ur asian?
over a year ago LostHero said…
so how many new cabins do u think the camp will have to build?

over a year ago RoHeHa_6264995 said…
Yes, losthero5, I'm Asian.
Well you can't actually count the gods, there are so many. Besides, since the myths have changed so much, there are some gods that are not counted as gods. For example, some myths say Iris had a twin sister named Arke, but in other myths she doesn't even exist.
Anyway, R.R promised we would see both the new versions of CHB and Mt. Olympus. Keep waiting!
over a year ago LostHero said…
that's probably one of the hardest things to do at this point
over a year ago HecateA said…
ditto. Can`t wait `till october.

Would Nico and Persephone`s kids get along? He forced Persephone to live with him, and maybe like their step-sibligns they hold grudges, even for other people.
over a year ago Asmadasahater said…
These are all the minor gods I could find.
You may have already descused them.

Abeona Protector of children leaving the home.
Abudantia Goddess of luck, abundance and prosperity. She distributed food and money from a cornucopia.
Adeona Goddess who guides children back home.
Aequitas God of fair trade and honest merchants.
Aera Cura Goddess associated with the underworld.
Aeternitas Personification of eternity.
Africus God of the Southwest wind.
Alemonia Goddess who feeds unborn children.
Angerona Goddess of Secrecy and protector of Rome. Festival Divalia or Angeronalia December 21.
Angita Goddess of Healing and Witchcraft.
Anna Perenna Goddess of the New Year provider of food. Her festival is March 15.
Antevorte Goddess of the future.
Aquilo God of the North Wind.
Aurora Goddess of the dawn.
Auster God of the South Wind.
Bona Dea Goddess of fertility, healing, virginity and women. Festival May 1.
Camenae Goddesses of wells and springs.
Candelifera Goddess of childbirth.
Cardea Goddess of thresholds and door hinges.
Carmenta Goddess of childbirth and prophecy. Festiva Carmentalial January 11 and 15.
Carnea Goddess of the heart and other organs, and door handles. Festival June 1.
Cinxia Goddess of marriage.
Clementia Goddess of mercy and clemency.
Cloacina Goddess of the Cloaca Maxima, the system of sewers in Rome.
Coelus God of the sky.
Concordia Goddess of agreement and understanding.
Conditor God of the harvest.
Consus God of grain storage. Festivals Consualia August 21 and December 15.
Convector God of bringing in of the crops from the fields.
Copia Goddess of wealth and plenty.
Corus God of the North West wind.
Cunina Goddess of infants.
Dea Dia Goddess of growth. Festival in May.
Dea Tacita Goddess of the dead. Larentalia festival on December 23.
Decima Goddess of childbirth. With Nona and Morta she forms the Parcae (the three Fates).
Dia Lucrii Gods of profit.
Devera Goddess of brooms used for purification.
Deverra Goddess of women in labour and the patron of midwives
Disciplina Goddess of discipline.
Discordia Goddess of discord and strife.
Dius Fidus God of oaths.
Egestes Goddess of poverty.
Empanda Goddess of openness, friendliness and generosity.
Eventus Bonus God of success both in commerce and in agriculture.
Fabulinus God who taught children to speak.
Fama Goddess of fame and rumour.
Fauna (Bona Dea) Goddess of the Earth, Mother Goddess.
Faunus God of the wilds and fertility. He is the protector of cattle also referred to as Lupercus. Festivals are Lupercalia on February 15 and Faunalia on December 5.
Faustitas Goddess protection of herds of livestock
Favonius God of the West Wind.
Febris Goddess who protected people against fevers.
Felicitas Goddess of success.
Feronia Goddess of freedom and good harvest. She was often worshipped by slaves to achieve their freedom. Her festival is November 15.
Fides Goddess of faithfulness and good faith.
Flora Goddess of Spring and the blooming flowers. Her festival Floralia, was April 28 - May 1.
Fontus God of wells and springs. Festival October 13
Fornax Goddess of bread baking and ovens.
Fortuna Goddess of fate.
Fulgora Goddess of lightning.
Furina Goddess of thieves.
Honos God of chivalry, honour and military justice.
Indivia Goddess of jealousy.
Juturna Goddess of lakes, wells and springs. Her festivals are January 11 and August 23.
Juventas Goddess of youth.
Lactans God of agriculture.
Lares Guardian spirits of the house and fields.
Laverna Goddess of unlawful gain and trickery.
Liber God of fertility and nature. Festival March 17.
Libera Fertility Goddess.
Liberalitas God of generosity.
Libertas Goddess of freedom.
Libitina Goddess of funerals.
Lima Goddess of thresholds.
Lucifer God of the morning star.
Lucina Goddess of childbirth and midwifery.
Luna Goddess of the moon.
Maia Goddess of fertility and Spring.
Maiesta Goddess of honor and reverence.
Mania Goddess of the dead.
Manes Similar to the Lares, Genii and Di Penates. They were the souls of deceased loved ones. They were honored during the Parentalia and Feralia in February.
Matuta Goddess of the dawn, harbors and the Sea. Patron of newborn babies. Her festival day is June 11.
Meditrina Goddess of wine and health. Her festival is the Meditrinalia on October 11.
Mefitas Goddess of poisonous vapors from the earth.
Mellona Goddess and protector of bees.
Mena Goddess of menstruation.
Mens Goddess of the mind and consciousness. Her festival is May 8.
Messor God of agriculture and mowing.
Moneta Goddess of prosperity.
Mors God of death.
Morta Goddess of death and one of the three Parcae.
Muta Goddess of silence.
Mutinus Mutunus God of fertility.
Naenia Goddess of funerals.
Necessitas Goddess of destiny.
Nemestrinus God of the woods.
Nona Goddess of pregnancy. One of the Parcae with the Goddesses Morta and Decima, the Roman Fates.
Nox Personification of the night.
Nundina Goddess of the ninth day, on which the newborn child was given a name.
Obarator God of ploughing.
Occator God of harrowing.
Orbona Goddess of parents who lost their children.
Orcus God of death and the underworld. Also a god of oaths and punisher of perjurers.
Pales Goddess of shepherds and flocks.Her festival was the Palilia, on April 21.
Parcae Goddesses of fate. The Goddesses Nona, Morta and Decima make up the group. The three Parcae are also called Tria Fata.
Pax Goddess of peace. Her festivals are January 3 and 30 and July 4.
Penates Gods of the storeroom and the household.
Picus God of agriculture.
Pietas Goddess of piety.
Poena Goddess of punishment.
Pomona Goddess of fruit trees and orchards.
Portunes God of ports and harbors. He is the guardian of storehouses and locked doors. The Portunalia were observed on August 17
Porus God of plenty.
Postverta Goddess of the past.
Potina Goddess of children's drinks.
Priapus God of gardens, viniculture, sailors and fishermen.
Prorsa Postverta Goddess of women in labour.
Providentia Goddess of forethought.
Pudicitia Goddess of modesty and chastity.
Puta Goddess of the pruning of vines and trees.
Quirinus Old Sabine god with mysterious origins. Became very important as a figure of the state. His festival, the Quirinalia, was celebrated on February 17.
Quiritis Goddess of motherhood.
Robigo Goddess of corn.
Robigus God who protected corn from diseases.
Roma Personified Goddess of the City of Rome.
Rumina Goddess of nursing mothers.
Sancus God of oaths and good faith.
Saritor God of weeding and hoeing.
Securitas Goddess of security and stability.
Semonia Goddess of sowing.
Sors God of luck.
Spes Goddess of hope.
Stata Mater Goddess who guards against fires.
Stimula Goddess who incites passion in women.
Strenua Goddess of strength and vigor.
Suadela Goddess of persuasion, especially in matters of love.
Subrincinator God of weeding.
Summanus God of night thunder. His festival is June 20.
Tempestes Goddesses of storms.
Terminus Terminus was the god of boundaries. Festival February 23.
Terra Mater (Mother Earth) Goddess of fertility and growth. She was worshipped on April 15 in the Fordicia.
Trivia Goddess of the crossroads.
Vacuna Goddess of agriculture.
Veritas Goddess of truth.
Vertumnus God of the changing seasons and the ripening of fruits and grains.
Viduus God who separated the soul and the body after death.
Viriplacaa Goddess of marital strife.
Virtus God of courage and military prowess.
Vitumnus God who gave life to children in the womb.
Volturnus God of the waters. His festival was the Volturnalia on August 27.
Volumna Goddess who protects the nursery.
Vulturnus God of the East Wind.
over a year ago HecateA said…
Noe, we stuck a lot with Greek gods...
over a year ago percyposeiedon3 said…
Ok that's a lot !!,
over a year ago Idunn said…
What about Abundantia, isn't she roman?