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So once again you guys have the opportunity to get in my head of what I think the next HoO book RR blesses us with will look like.

Before I start you peoples off, I need to say something.
So shush and listen.

When I wrote "The Lost Hero, written by me", I had to guess who the parents were. Well now, I know. So I am following Rick Riordan's version of the characters. Piper has nothing to do with Persephone, Jason and Thalia are siblings and Camp Ceasar Salad is real. For my series of fanfics, I'm following my version of the characters, but here, Rick's versions rule. Get it?

Title: The Son of Neptune
Rating: C
Type: Adventure, friendship, hopefully humor, maybe a touch of romance
Characters: Add, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Drew, Leo, Jake, Nyssa
OC personalities: Reyna, Dakota, Hazel, Gwen, Bobby, Caleb
OC: The Gayle brothers, Karren
Synopsis: After discovering a new world, not so far from their own, Jason and his friends are sailing straight for it, unsure wheter they'll come out victorious or just start a civil war. But it doesn't take the arrival of a flying boat to get the citizens curious. They already sence something is wrong, way before the flying ship docks.

Disclaimer: The story base, character and settings base was created by Rick Riordan, who owns the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Heroes of Olympus rights.

A/N: Hopefully you guys will like it! I got some very nice comments on my random wall poll, so here it is guys! Love you all, you rock!

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Part Two's debut: link
So once again you guys have the opportunity to get in my head of what I think the next HoO book RR bl
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Jason Grace
December 27th
And here we go again
-Jason… Jason… A soft voice whispered in my ear. I turned in my sleep.
-Jason… Jason… She repeated. And then I saw her again. A girl in bunker 1, the same one I’d seen a few days ago. She was wearing bronze armour. Her helmet on a table she was leaning on, one hand around the hilt of her sword. Her hair was curly and brown, blue almond-shaped eyes sparkled when she shook the hair out of them. They were fixed on a map, as 2 other kids, one with grey eyes and blond hair pinned up showing a tan neck and complexion, and another with sea green irises were talking to her, using their hands as they spoke.
-This is senseless, we are losing troops fast. Ruth muttered under her breath.
-Ruth. A deep voice said. She spun around. Through the entrance, the door pushed open, climbing down the steps where two boys dressed in bronze armour, just like hers, his eyes blue. They were pushing down a guy dressed in Roman armour, and I recognised the color of his toga: sky blue. And I went oh damn.
-Found a damned Roman in the forest. He said, as a second assembly marched down, bracing the girl who must’ve been his sister. She had an ugly cut across her face and her blond hair was sticking to her with sweat. They both had their hands tied behind their backs and everybody in the bunker stopped moving. Ruth straightened up and took out her sword. The two prisoners were pushed at her feet. She met the boy’s chin with her sword.
-And who might you be? She asked.
-I don’t need to answer to you, filthy Greek. One of his guards kicked him.
-Oscar, no. She said, as the boy did his best not to move.
-You are in my bunker under my command. I could kill you right away, Roman, I would watch it if I were you.
-I don’t believe you would.
-What is your name? She asked as she kneeled.
-Augustus. Augustus Peterson. Son of Jupiter, and leader of the Roman force. He snapped.
-Good. I am Ruth Linters, leader of the Greek force. What were you doing in the forest?
-Nothing. Ruth raised her hand before Oscar kicked the boy.
-I don’t believe that, and do you know why? Because it is a lie. I want the truth Augustus Peterson, and you will give me the truth, because your sister here could pay for it as much as you. Ruth said. The girl shot Augustus a “tell her and I zap you” look that I knew well. Mostly because I gave it.
-Memory blank? Ruth offered.
-I’ll go with that. Augustus smiled.
-Fine. She drew her sword back and did the same thing to the girl.
-And your name would be? She shouted something very rude in Latin.
-My sister speaks but Latin. Augustus said.
-That is a lie as well, and for your information, I speak your tongue too, and I will not be talked to that way. She has no advantage to avoiding directly speaking to me whether she speaks English, French, Ancient Greek or Latin. What is your name?
-Evelyn Blank. She said.
-Hello, Evelyn. Would you perhaps remember something your brother didn’t? About your whereabouts in the forest perhaps. Evelyn shouted another insult and the point of Ruth’s sword went nearer to her neck.
-I will not be spoken to like that Evelyn Blank. Now do you remember something your brother might not?
-He is your brother as well! Evelyn yelled. Oscar kicked her.
-Do not associate us with you!
-Do not kick my sister!
-Then answer mine, ignoble wretch!
-We came to negotiate for peace! Augustus finally said.
-We are not dupe, the second guard said. His eyes were sea green. A sign of truce is a white flag, you have none.
-We are not under orders, we came on our own, we could not bring one. Evelyn said.
-Even more ignoble then I thought. You aren’t even worth my sister’s sword.
Oscar spat.
-Oscar. Ruth said putting a hand up.
-We aren’t the only ones, some of the children of Minerva, your Athena, they want peace as well, this is mad, we are shedding blood for no reason! Evelyn said.
-Nobody knows we came. Not our leaders, not our seconds nor any members of a legion. Augustus said. Puzzled murmur went across the bunker.
-Amelia please explain what a legion is. Ruth said, eyes in Oscar’s.
-A legion is a group of 5, 000 foot soldiers and 700 cavalry men. If my information is correct, a legion from the City is 11 or 12 soldiers and 6 cavalrymen, not always including the horse of the Praetor, legion chief. The daughter of Athena said.
-Correct. Not so uneducated. Augustus said.
-Oh don’t you insult my intelligence, Roman. Amelia said menacingly.
-I would never dream of it, pulchra.
-And don’t you try charms on me either, it’s quite obvious you are in fact being whispered what to say form a charm speaker back at your camp. Amelia said. She went around the table and plucked something from Augustus’ ear, it looked exactly like a blue tooth when, at the touch of her fingertips, it became visible.
-This technology has been used by us for years; it is not quite innovative. Amelia said.
-You are a smart one, I will give you that. If you can spot a liar so well, can you tell that I’m telling the truth?
-Ruth, he is saying the truth.
-I know. I’m just deciding if we should negotiate. Amelia said something in Ancient Greek, then the son of Poseidon. Ruth said something that was probably approving, thought I had no idea.
-Yes. Henry, Amelia, take our friend Evelyn here to Chiron. Augustus, you are coming with me.

I woke up the image of Ruth grasping Augustus’ shoulder with her sword-free hand and steering him out the door, pushing past the 4 guards in my head.
That had to be from the civil war. It was the last time the two sides ever encountered, and their names just seemed right to the era. I got up and got dressed. The sun was rising outside. Getting up so early was a habit I had to keep if I wanted a chance at maintaining it when I got back to the city.
I tried to think about the city. The memories I had of my friends and all the things we’d done were probably the only thing keeping me from going absolutely insane. Morning of December 27 and I was already getting impatient. The next 6 months were going to be Pluto… But I couldn’t help it. Here I always felt like the odd one out, using Roman names. And then I’d had to explain what’d happened the night Krios had been defeated. It wasn’t a story I was good as telling. Sure, I’d been the guy to do it, but Dakota and Bobby always told it. I think they understood the most part though.

I got up and paced the room, behind the freaky statue.
Was that really what it had been like? How demigods had actually acted? That hostile over people they knew so little about? Well, maybe not. The Romans had defeated the Greeks and ripped off a lot of their art, and Greece had done horrible things as well. Maybe the two civilisations did know a lot about each other, but the way, say, Oscar had kicked Evelyn? That was Stupido-squad antique, there was no need, she was already immobilised and Ruth was handling it well. And maybe it was just that part of me who’d lived with Thalia who thought that, but Augustus had a point. We were siblings. Annabeth and Bobby were sister and brother, Alex and Miranda Gardner were sisters, Gwen and the Stolls, etc. Why were we fighting? Gwen wouldn’t kill Kyle (on most days), why would she kill Connor? The logic of it worked everywhere.
-If logic worked young hero, the world would be flawless. A voice said. I turned around. Leaning on a walking stick, dressed in the kind of simple clothing a shepherdess would wear, a simple veil on her head was hiding her eyes, but not the glossy black hair falling on her shoulders. She couldn’t be more than 12 and she walked bare foot. The back door of the cabin was open and she stood in the doorframe. I froze.
-But it would not be the world then, would it?
-Hmm… Wise words. A smile touched her lips.
-I’m sorry, but who are you and what are you doing here? I asked.
-If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. She said.
-I’m at a camp for children of the Greek gods, out of all things, Terra is making a comeback and my new friend can burst into flames spontaneously. Try me. I said.
-A fighter too. You, Jason Grace could be very useful for this. The shepherdess smiled.
-I’m sorry, but who did you say you where?
-I never said. This camp is preparing for war, isn’t it?
-But you are missing one key factor. One factor that could cost you your victory, she said. Do you know what I am talking about?
-Find yourself a copy of the gigantes myth. Read it, you will find. The shepherdess said.
-Okay… Where can I find one?
-Ask and you will receive. She said.
-But I..?
I hadn’t even blinked and she was gone. I ran to the doorframe and looked outside. No sign of either her or her flock of sheep. Not even prints in the ground. Who the heck was she? The only mythological character that came to mind when I thought of sheep was Faunus, the god. I didn’t know about Greek. See, another thing that was annoying, the people here were all Greek, so half of the time I had to clue where the mythological oriented conversations were going, because the names get confusing as heck.
But I wouldn’t ask Annabeth about the shepherdess. For some reason that had to stay my secret. At least for now. But I would ask her about the book, I needed that much information.

At about 7 in the morning there was a knock on my door. It was Karen. Her clay eyes were wide.
-Hey Karen, what’s wrong?
-It’s Rachel, she just started twitching and she passed out. She asked for you. I got out of the cabin and followed her down to the cave. Rachel was lying outside the cave, as if she’d just walked out. Annabeth was kneeling next to her, holding her head still.
-This always happens when I’m around. She said as a greeting.
-I feel the same way. I said, kneeling next to Rachel. She froze.
-Child of lightning the job is not done
To prevent immunity at war, you and the force shall be the one
It will be a race against he who chant a different hymn
And until New Years is your time

She dropped back and Annabeth pushed her on her side, in the recovery position after CPR.
-Well… I said.
-Yup. Annabeth said.
-Confused. Karen said.
-It’s a prophecy. Jason has another job.
-Oh joy. I’ll go get Piper, Leo and whatever other cabin leaders I can find, you find Chiron and whoever else.
-Works with me. Karen, we’ll need you too. Annabeth said.
-Well that can’t be good. Karen said.
-Have you done this before? Because you are absolutely right. I said.

The Big Sister
Like all ishy chapters, this chapter is dedicated, dedicated to millions of girls I don’t know. This is dedicated to all the big sisters out there, because heck yes we all know it’s not easy, but we do it for the love of our siblings. If you’re a little sister, go give the older one a hug, she might seem evil, but she loves you deep down. I know because I am one.

Gaia observed the pasts of the girl she was looking for.
She was 2 years old again. 2 years old, running around her home with the Jason boy, playing with a sword. Either of them could barely lift it, but they were amused and content with dragging it around.
-Okay, Bloody hell no. Somebody said. It was a girl, coming in. She was about 18 years old with platinum blond hair that was done in braids. Her eyes were mismatched, one blue and one hazel- though that one was swelled up and closed and crooked. Her nose looked like it’d been broken a lot and every time her thin lips stretched to talk; a melodious voice with a British accent came out.
She picked up the sword single-handedly from the girl’s hand and the toddlers looked at her like she was a god.
-Do not play with swords. She said sternly.
-Ah, Joanna, let them live. The brother said coming in. He was 12, had black hair, rebelliously sprouting from everywhere. His skin had gold undertones and he spoke with a Spanish accent. His disproportioned eyes sparkled brown and he was missing an eyebrow, but for a son of Janus, overall pretty good features.
-Charro, they’re two!
-Yeah, they’ll be playing with swords for the rest of their lives; they might as well learn it hurts young.
-Honestly I can’t believe Dakota’s your sister!
-I do care about her! And Jason’s my dude!
-I’m your dude, I’m your dude! Jason said.
-Me too, me too! No, I’m Jo’s dude! Dakota peeped up. Charro laughed.
-So we each get a dude? She asked.
-Yeah! What’sa dude? Charro and Jo tried not to laugh at them.
-Canweave the glad us? The child, Dakota asked in that weird language only toddlers can speak. Gaia had to be wowed. It was the same for gods, titans and mortals.
-No, you can not have the gladus. The young woman put it on a high shelf.
-Kota and I strong enough. Jason said, frowning.
-Common, outside with you two. She said. The tots ran outside, walking bare feet on their toes like toddlers do. The she-wolf was outside, everybody bowing to her as she walked past the houses.
-Lupa’s dude! Both toddlers yelled. Lupa turned around as both Jason and Dakota ran towards her and buried their faces in her coat.
-Hello little ones. She said, eyeing the children’s usual sitters in a “what?” way. Jo and Charro didn’t even try to explain.
-Afternoon legion training starts in 10 minutes, I’d suggest you leave Dakota and Jason to the care of a citizen. Lupa said.
-Yes Ma’am. They both bowed and headed back in the cabin. Lupa kneeled and as they always did when they were little, the children hoped on her back.
-Where going? Jason asked.
-I’m bringing you to see Alexandria. Lupa said. Both cheered and she brought them outside the murals and to the wheat feels, cutting in front of the grape vines and olive trees. She spoke once.
-Alexandria Orge. A girl popped up from the maze of wheat. She had hair the exact same color, put in two braids and partially hidden by a bandana. Her eyes shone green like apple tree leaves and she was wearing a pair of overalls over a well-worn squared shirt.
-Alex! Dakota squealed as we jumped off.
-Oh, hey guys! Am I on?
-Charro and Joanna are at legion training. Lupa nodded.
-Oh sweet, you guys will love this. Alex smiled. They followed her into the wheat field.
Now the children were in a field of hay, Alex helping them climb on bales of hay piled high. And when we got to the top she put one of them on each knee and they slid down a slide. The Harvest traditions of Ceres cabin were always just as great, and the enormous hay slide was one of their favourites. Jason and his friend giggled the whole way down, and Alex laughed at them.
This was not the memory she was looking for. Over all those years of silence and slumber, had she forgotten how to find memories? But nonetheless, this was interesting. She opted to watch more of the girl’s memories, besides, wouldn’t the one she was looking for stroll into them as Dakota Ledécit got older?
The change of character from Gaia to Terra annoyed her, she shouldn’t be shifting too much. One of the disadvantages of her weakened state. But it was barely if she’s been able to understand the exchange, it was better that she was in her Latinised form.
Now the girl was at the gates of the city. Charro had his arm around a woman, who was kneeling, an arm wrapped around a 4 years old blond girl, who had the same gold undertones to her skin and kaki eyes as her mother, and an arm around Charro.
-Oh dear Dakota! Charro, you’re so strong now! I never thought you would have made it here, that it had been a lie… I thought honest to stone that drakon had taken you two away from me. She said in Spanish, through her tears. The boy Charro was getting wet eyes as well.
-Mamà I miss you. She said with all the innocence of a 2 year old.
That had to make her smile. Children were adorable, basing everything on you until they were old enough for their base to need no support. She nearly lost the image, trailing off to remember each one of her children; and for once the Giants didn’t even cross her mind.
-Oh Dakota, so did I, so did I. The mother said.
-Can we go home now, please? Charro asked.
-Of course. She said. She moved her arm to hold his head, her thumb on his cheek.
-Charro, I know you are probably a part of a legion, and if you want to stay here that’s fine, but I am taking Dakota back to Sacramento, this isn’t the place for a child who can avoid being here. But when she decides to come back, I don’t care how old she is, I’ll bring her back.
-Home! The tot clamoured.
-Me too. Lupa has given the approval that I am skilled enough to get away with a summer of legion training. Charro said. The mother smiled and gave Charro a hug and Dakota joined in.
-Can Jason come? She asked.
-Jason? Sweety, who’s Jason? The mother asked.
-My best friend! Dakota ran into the city and came out dragging him by the hand.
-Hello Jason. She kindly said.
-Can Jason come? Jason lost his mommy too, and he can share mine. Dakota said. Lupa intervened.
-My Child, Jason needs to stay in the city. He cannot go with you and your mother. Lupa said gently. The girl’s expression faded. She turned and gave Jason a hug.
-Don’t worry. You will find your mommy too.

Now the children were a memory far from the time of finding out their mother was still alive. Dakota Ledécit was in a dimly lit hospital waiting room, about 7 other adults spread across the room, couples leaning against one other or men pacing. One of the posters on the wall had a big pink ribbon printed on it and the slogan “We must fight” underneath. Her interest was 6 years old, sitting on a chair, toes barely touching the ground. She was covered by a heavy knitted beige blanket, her little toddler hands grasping to it like a man fallen in the sea to a life ring.
Charro came out of a door and knelt down in front of her, his face the mask of a stern expression.
-Is Mamà really with Pluto now Charro? She asked in Latin. The brother, who was wiser than to speak a dead language in public, answered in Spanish.
-Yes. She gasped and her eyes swelled up with tears. He put a hand on each shoulder and directed her to look him in the eyes, his voice shook trying to control tears.
-Look Kota, in two years I’ll be 18, and then I’m an adult, okay? I promise that when I’m an adult, you’ll come live with me, and Dael too. I’ll make enough money for a house, and a car and it will be okay. But until then, I need to go be a praetor at the city, do you understand? And for that, they can’t know where I am, because then they won’t let me go back and live there for more than a summer. So I have to run away and go to the City in secret. You can’t tell anyone. In the summer they will bring you to San Francisco and someone from the City- I’ll try and make sure it’s Alex- will pick you up. It will be hard, but in 2 years it will all be better, I promise. He said. She sobbed, clutching the blanket even harder.
The patients around her gave them looks of pity, even if the fact they were in that room meant they had troubles of their own. The sight of that crying toddler, and a big brother trying to comfort her really was enough to shatter the strongest hearts.
-Kota please, promise. He pleaded.
-Where will I go? Where will Dael go?
-They will find you a family to go be in. Just for a while, not permanently, not an adoption. He promised.
-I don’t want a new mommy and I don’t need another daddy! The tot yelled in Latin.
-No, no, you don’t need to have a new mommy, Kota, just promise. Take good care of Dael for me, okay? And be a good girl. Don’t tell anybody about the monsters or where I am. Can you promise that? Charro asked. She nodded. He kissed his sister on the forehead.
-I’ll see you in the summer and think about you every day. Keep your promise, Kota. And so will I. He promised, his eyes shimmering with tears.

Nest up Gaia saw her from the back, sitting on a bed, rocking a baby back and forth. Probably her brother, Dael.
-Shh, shh, it’s okay, it will be okay. Charro promised, and I promise.

Now Dakota was 9, and was standing on a dock that’d sunken. A boy about her age was standing there too, kicking around in the water.
-You lost it here? Dakota asked.
-Yeah, I’m sure.
-Why did you drop it in the water, Jason?
-Well, I didn’t drop it, Jace Gayle threw it in.
-Wow, jerk.
-Yeah, I know. I guess I kind of deserved it. But it wasn’t my fault his eyebrows got fried off.
-Sure it wasn’t. Dakota smiled.
-I think I found it. Dakota said. She bent down and picked up a golden coin.
-Yes! Thanks Kota. Jason said. He extended his hand for her to drop it in, but she dropped it in the water. With a “CLUK!” sound it disappeared underwater again.
-Really? Jason sighed. They bent down to look for it but Dakota pushed him away.
-Nuh-uh, we’ve been in here for 20 minutes, that’s more than Neptune would forgive you for, get back on the shore, I’ll find it.
-Seriously Kota, I’m okay. Dakota splashed him.
-Get out. She said. Jason kicked some water at her and soon the two friends had forgotten about the coin and about Jason’s uncle, and were splashing around. Dakota disappeared under the flow. Jason’s eyebrows furrowed in worry but she emerged a short distance away, her hair straightened down her back, clutching something in her hand.
-I found it again. She said, getting to her feet.
-Thank gods, Jeremy would kill me if I didn’t have it for training tomorrow, everybody should be here by tomorrow.
-I can’t wait! Dakota said.
Jason’s watch beeped.
-Styx, Bobby should get here anytime!
-We better get changed, its supper time anyways. They both walked onto the shore and picked up abandoned towels before walking back towards the murals of the city.

The next memory was the eldest brother, standing in the hallway of an apartment complex. He held a 10 year-old girl by the hand and a now 3 year old Dael clung on to his leg. He unlocked the door of the apartment and the trio of siblings moved inside. He flicked on the lights to reveal a living room, no electronics in sight, painted a happy yellow shade, leading to a kitchen stocked with the essentials and 2 doors.
-Ta-dah! Charro said. Dakota ran inside and with toddler steps, so did Dael. They plunked down on the sofa. They smiled and laughed as they hopped back to their feet and went to discover their new home. Charro closed the door behind his siblings and him. His sister ran past him and he grabbed her by the shoulder.
-This is okay Kota? I know this is a little small, but…
-Charro it’s Perfect! She said giving him a hug.

And another painful memory hit away the good one.
She was 15 kneeling on the ground, Mount Othrys standing tall and gloomy behind me. The girl was cradling Charro’s head in my knees. He had a wound on his face, like his whole cheek had been blown off and his breath was raspy and full of pain. Her eyes were threatening to start spilling like a faucet.
-Common Charro, keep it going, Colin from Apollo will be here soon. She said ignoring the legions charging behind me, the screams of pain and rage, the lightning crackling down and fires starting behind her. From the looks of it, her side was painfully outnumbered.
-Kota your legion needs you and so does Jason. He said.
-Mike’s fine Charro, you just… just hold on.
-No Kota. My fight ends here, and yours needs to keep going, Da.
-Don’t you dare talk like that Charro Ledécit!
-I’ve been fighting for ever Kota; everything has a beginning and an ending. As child of Janus, you can see mine, can’t you? The door to my ending is creaking open.
-You can’t just choose to die Charro! Common, I need you! She said, her voice strangled.
-No Kota. You don’t. Everything you do is your choice, and things that will happen to you will be yours too. It’s your life, your decision. I love you and Dael, and this is mine. His eyelids slowly closed.

Next memory was the young brother’s Boy Scout promise. He was 8 years old and even from the bad angle the vision was giving her, Gaia could see him with all the other boys, his face looking like he ran into walls a lot. A son of Janus who’d inherited more from the father then his older siblings.
-Can the parents of Remy Led acre step forth? The leader said. A blond kid reminding Gaia of the toddler that had been Jason, and his two plump parents went forward. They exchanged a few words, their voice hushed so nobody could hear. Then the boy got a green and brown scarf put around his neck, and he went to join the other kids who’d promised to be scouts.
-Can Dael Ledécit’s parents come up please? Dael stood there. Dakota glanced at the door. She got up, and I could tell she was trying not to feel disappointed, and walked towards Dael. The leader looked up from a paper and frowned behind his bold glasses.
-And you would be?
-Dakota Ledécit sir.
-You are his sister?
-Yes, that’s me.
-Please go fetch your mother or father; I need a parent.
-I’m as good as it’s going to get, sir. Our parents are deceased. Please, Dael’s tutors really don’t care, and we barely get to see each other, this would mean so much to Dael. She begged. The man examined her with smart grey eyes.
-You’re one of the nicest sisters I think any boy here has, Dakota Ledécit. Do you give your brother permission to promise to be a boy scout?
Dakota was 16. At the height of her age, her life and power. She stood in the senate, looking through piles of paper.
-Hey. A black haired boy said coming in. He had strong arms and calluses covered his hands, his eye black. She looked up and smiled.
-Hey Mike. She smiled.
-I thought you might need help with whatever.
-I don’t think I’m allowed sadly. We try to do things like Rome here, but I’m pretty sure this paperwork doesn’t count. Dakota said. Mike laughed.
-What kind of paperwork?
-Requests for construction, cultivating, demolitions. She waved the paper she was holding to indicate that’s what it was. She put her gaze back on it and sighed.
-We don’t have any building we can knock down, so I really don’t see why I have to read them. She grimaced. They’re all sent from the stupido-squad, they are doing it on purpose. Jace is still ticked for not being on the quest.
-I have an easy solution for you. The boy said. He plucked the paper from her hands and folded it up with skill not associated with his big hands, until it had the shape of a cat.
-Origami cat?
-Origami cat. Much more pleasant than that. He said showing the pile.
-You’re right. She smiled. The Mike boy pulled a chair and sat besides her.
-I know empress alone is super hard on you, and with Jason missing and Reyna, Bobby, Hazel and the new guy gone to the sacred land, it’s even more stressful, but you’re strong enough to do anything.
-Thanks Mike, I don’t know what I’d do without you. She said, getting up and giving him a hug.
-Hey, I’ll always be your right arm, and you know it Da.
-I know. Sometimes I think there are better, more experienced people out there, though.
-No way in Pluto, Da! Who’s more experienced then you?
-Some have seen more battle.
-Yeah, because we’d so want Jace Gayle as a consul. Da, you’re beating yourself down, you do it all the time when you’re stressed.
-I’m sorry, I guess you’re right.
-Oh, heck yes I am. Well me and my origami cat have disturbed her majesty enough. Adihouse.
-Adios! She corrected his Spanish, blushing at the title he’d given her. He smiled, like he’d done it especially for the irritation factor, before turning his heals and leaving his friends with a folded cat and paperwork.
Those memories weren’t exactly what she’d been looking for, but she now held in her hand the whereabouts of her target.

Jason Grace
December 26th
Use the Force
-The plan is very simple. Jason and Luke Skywallker go on a quest. Leo said.
-What the Hades?
-The force. They said the Force. If Vulcan exists, then so should the force.
Piper smacked her forehead and muttered something in French. I think I recognised some insults (French is a language that has Latin roots).
-Don’t try and diffuse the tension, Leo. Please don’t. Miranda Gardner said.
-I think it means Karen. She’s the strongest one here. Annabeth said, lost in thought. Clarisse and Karen immediately sprang into action and arm wrestled from across the table to check that fact. The conversation went on without them.
-Well Jason and 1 person. A duo. This is odd. Will Solace said.
-Never happened before. Annabeth said.
-Yes, because right now we are following the usual order of things. Pollux, son of Dionysus, said. A huge smacking indicated that someone had been beaten at arm wrestling.
-Point taken. Annabeth acknowledged.
-Okay, so Karen and Jason, but what does the rest mean?
-Annabeth, can I borrow a copy of the Giants myth? I asked. She looked at me. She slipped her hand in the bag swung across her shoulder.
-Do you want a translation in French, Latin or English? She asked.
-Latin would be great. Annabeth took an inch binder from her bag. She opened it, showing a page covered in her neat handwriting, checked to make sure it was the good myth, and handed it to me over the table.
-Why? She asked.
-Dream. It’s something to prevent the giants from reaching invulnerability. I said.
I started reading the myth quickly, my mind rejoicing at the familiar language and a smile reaching my lips. A name caught my eyes before I got there. “Zeus”
-This is the Greek version of the myth by the way. Annabeth said. I nodded.
Zeus knew that the giants were only undefeatable as long as the mysterious herbs grown by the wild were on their side. So one day he snuck out before the giants’ early rise and picked every single herb before the giants had even opened an eyelid. The surprise in store for them the morning they found nothing in their precious fields- the anger was much worst, and the festivities on Olympus even deeper.
-Annabeth, the herbs… I said.
-What? She took out the Greek copy and I showed her the paragraph. Her eyes widened.
-Oh, duh! She said.
-What? Connor asked.
-What made the giants so hard to beat, well one thing anyways, was a concoction of herbs they ate to stay undefeatable. Annabeth read out the myth, translating into English as she spoke.
-Well who better to go steal the herbs again then Zeus’ son? Butch said.
-Klepto people. Leo said. Piper hit him.
-I meant Connor and Travis, geez! He complained.
-Don’t break his arm; we need him to build Argo II. Lou Ellen said.
-Thank you Lou Ellen, I feel loved and appreciated.
-Would you rather I lie?
-It’d help my self-esteem.
-Yes Leo, because that’s a problem. I said sarcastically.
-The giants will be there earlier to grab the herbs for themselves. They will be there way before the solstice. Annabeth said, interrupting the discussion on Leo’s confidence.
-Which is why we should go in winter? Andra, daughter of Nike, said.
-So where in New York are they? Connor asked.
-Okay, agricultural genius speaking here, but everything in the state of New York is dead. Miranda said.
-Well, if it’s that important it has to be in New York. Butch said.
-Or San Francisco. I said defensively.
-Yeah, where are the herbs? All eyes turned to Miranda and Annabeth.
-I don’t know.
-Neither do I.
-Chiron? We turned to the centaur, who’d stayed silent the whole time.
-Even I don’t know. The gods have kept that information to themselves. “Like the City?” I felt like saying, but I bit my tongue. Insolence was not a habit I’d earn here. Well, perfect.
-I have an idea. Leo said.
-No we will not summon them with the force. Piper said.
-No, it’s even better than that. Nico goes talk to Hercules.
-Why? Nico asked.
-Well, Hercules was the mortal who helped the gods slay the giant the first time around, so he’d know right? Plus, Zeus might have told his son, right?
-Didn’t tell Jason or Thalia, I don’t see why he’d tell Hercules.
-Either way, it’s worth a shot.
-I’m willing. Nico said.
-Sweet. Jason?
-Don’t have a choice, do I?
-Unless you’re okay with the world being overrun by giants and taken control over by Gaia. Leo offered.
-I’m in.
-Karen? Piper asked. Karen looked pale. Her hair was brought up in a loose and casual braid. She looked afraid.
-Are you sure? Clarisse is more experiences and stronger.
-Look Pep squeak, we just arm wrestled. I’m the strongest kid at this camp, but it’s by the order of things that you beat me.
-But I can barely fight! Are you sure I’d be any good?
-Karen, let me remind you of your little friend Sherman DeCharge. Really? What kind of a question is that? Leo said.
-Okay. I’ll go with Jason. Karen said.
-Sweet, when do we leave? Nico said.
-As soon as possible if that’s alright with you two. I said.
-Fine by me. Nico said.
-Yeah. Karen said, her voice soft. I felt bad for her- she was scared to Pluto.
As everybody left, Leo making a run for the forge before Piper could catch him, I managed to get near Karen.
-You okay Karen? I asked. She nodded, still pale.
-Don’t worry about the quest, okay? This one is pretty straight forward; the only thing you have to worry about is the Underworld. After Nico takes us there the two of us go get the herbs and we’re back. I said trying to make my words reassuring.
-Yeah, I know, it’s just… What if something happens to you? I can’t defend either you or me.
-Karen, when its life or death, you’ll be able to do amazing things. My friend Dakota, her brother Charro- he told us that all the time, and heck yes he was right. I said. She looked up at me and nodded.
-It’s more about actually getting the herbs that I’m scared. I don’t want to be anywhere near LA. She said.
-Why not?
-That’s where my mom lives. I’m kind-of sick of it.
-Really? I thought you liked stunt-doubling.
-I do. But I do so much of it… My mom goes overboard. She signs me up for every single audition. Overboard, you know?
-A little. We’re probably not, don’t worry. I said.
-That’s the least of my worries. But, nothing that bad can happen, right?
-Because you’re trained.

-If you get hurt I’ll kill you. Piper said, giving me a hug.
-I’ll try. I said, feeling guilty as she gave my shoulders a squeeze.
-If you get hurt I’ll burn your remains after she kills you. Leo said.
-I believe you. I said. Leo grinned and his hair burst into flames.
-Oh, damn it. He said as the flame died.
-Nice Leo, nice. Piper said. Annabeth gave me a friendly punch in the shoulder.
-If you get hurt I’ll hide you from them. She smiled.
-Thanks. I smirked. Karen was saying goodbye to her cousin, Victor, son of Nike. Nico talked to Annabeth.
-Remember, you come back straight after, not your quest Di Angelo. You stay out there you will most likely die. She said.
-Dear gods, you’ve told me a million times! I will. He said, but he looked secretly glad that someone was fussing over him.
-You two ready?
-I am. Karen? Karen spun around.
-Yeah, I’m good. Victor pulled her back in a hug and sent her up the hill. I looked at Thalia’s tree one more time, as Nico took my wrist, and a thought occurred to me.
-Hey Annabeth, tell Thalia…
But we engulfed by shadows and next thing I knew we were all lying in a garden of bejewelled pants. Karen sprung to her feet, eyes opened wide as aureuses.
-Oh my God that was cool! She exclaimed, a smile stretching her lips.
-Yeah, awesome. Nico said. He looked pale and tired.
-Can I get a hand? He asked, sitting up. Karen extended hers but before their fingers could touched I said:
-Woe, Karen, maybe not. I said.
-Oh, right. Sorry. She said. I hauled Nico back to his feet.
-So, where are we? I asked my eyes looking from the castle in the distance to the barbed wire fence surrounding what I suspected were the fields of punishment.
-Persephone’s garden. He said. I looked down at the squished plants.
-Oops. I said.
-Nah, don’t worry about it, she won’t know. Hades and Persephone are still barricaded in the palace. Zeus’ orders. He explained. Speaking of which. He stomped on a very pretty diamond plantation.
-She won’t know. He explained. Karen was looking at a silver tree; the branches crooked reminding me of fingers.
-Don’t eat or drink anything here. Well- drink I’m not too worried. You’re got the Styx or the Lethe, neither which I recommend.
-Thank you captain obvious. I said.
-Follow me. He said. We followed him down a gravel path that led to 2 lines, EZ death and ETERNAL OR URE was another. I imagined it was ETERNAL TORTURE, but the T’s had been ripped off and replaced with a splash of scarlet. Nico led us straight for it.
-I didn’t think Hercules would be here. Karen said.
-Why not?
-Well, didn’t he go to Olympus and marry Hebe or something?
-Karen, you’re right! I said.
-Relax. He’s off of Olympus for a century. He’s a judge here for eternal damnation. Follow me. Nico said.
The Underworld looked odd. I’d never been before, but just the way the rocky walls and structures seemed to be peeling, the fact that there were less tortured soul cries then I expected… I guessed Midas, Medea and Lycaon’s escapes hadn’t been minimal.
-If you’re wondering, it’s more then those 3. Nico told me.
-More souls are going on the loose now. Regular humans too. Melinoe and Hecate are on the verge of a nervous breakdown trying to get them back down here, and of course Sisy’s escaped.
-Sisyphus. Nico said. With a wave of his hand he showed a hill, where at the bottom a bolder was laying.
-The-have-to-roll-a-boulder-up-a-hill-for­-et­ern­ity­-bu­t-a­s-s­oon­-as­-he­’d-­get­-cl­ose­-it­’d-­rol­l-b­ack­-do­wn guy? Karen asked.
-Yeah, how did you know that?
-Mom made me do research for “The King of Sparta”. She said.
-Yes, well he managed to escape again. A voice said. We turned around.
The woman standing there was tall and frail looking. Her hair was frizzy and black, in no real order, falling straight on her shoulders. She wore a simple heavy black hooded dress, with a rope tied around her waist and a talisman that looked like a dream catcher with scraps of metal tied on. Her eyes were thin and of an un-identifiable color. Her skin was pale, her lips stretched and her bangs square. She held a long branch in her hand, that looked a little like a walking stick.
-Hello Hecate. Nico said casually. The goddess nodded her head.
-Welcome back, young Prince. She said.
-Trivia? I guessed.
She changed forms, into a sleeveless toga with black ink running across it, twisting and turning and disappearing (which was the worst thing to wear if you wanted to keep ADHD children’s attention) and her hair became glossy, flowing down her back.
-Indeed. And son of Jupiter, you are at a place far from your father’s realm, aren’t you?
-I am serving my city, there is no better place. I said thinking of about fifty million.
-The words of a true consul. She smiled. Trivia turned back to Hecate.
-May I be of assistance, kako xorki? She asked.
-Actually yes. These 2 need to speak to Hercules. I can get them in and out, but after they speak to him they will need transportation to a location unknown.
-Of course I can manage that. Hecate said. Suddenly there was a sound like an alarm and the goddess sighed. She ran a short distance away when a silvery shape zoomed past her, like a storm spirit making a WHEEEEE!!!!!sound. Hecate pointed her staff and a strike of lightning sparked out and hit the spirit as her hair flew back. It fell to the ground and immediately a squad of 4 skeletons, bearing half of Greek armour, came and swept the frozen thing into a toxic waste basket before carrying it away. Hecate strolled back and smoothed her robes.
-Terribly sorry, she said. But I believe Kako xorki had already informed you we’ve had, umm, regulation problems. She said. There was a cry of desperation and shock.
-You better take your friends to the judges tables, Kako xorki, I think they have just condemned a spirit, they should be clear. The magic goddess said.
-Yes, thanks Hecate.
-I will wait for your friends outside. Hecate said.
-Why are you wearing Hogwarts robes? Karen suddenly asked.
-Well, she looks like the people from the Harry Potter movies. Karen said.
-No she doesn’t, Karen, what do you mean? A smile drew itself on the witch goddess’ lips.
-What does magic mean to you, daughter of Kratos?
-Spells. Spells and books, like Witch or Harry Potter.
-And you, son of Jupiter?
-Potions and charm speak.
-Well to you my voice must be very soft and persuasive, and I perhaps look like Hazel, but to you, daughter of Kratos, my voice must sound like one of the actors in that movie. Magic has changed so much over the years, from worship, to a fear, to books, to a religion too: it depends how you look at it. If you see magic as Satan, then Satan I’ll be like to you. But if you see magic as wonderful, then that’s what you see me as. It also changes what my children can do; the more they believe, the more they hold power. Except for perhaps one case… It also helps decide how they cast spells. If they do wild-spells, or believe in wand lore, or no charms at all. And did you really think I had nothing to do in that? The Golden trio of the Harry Potter series hold a characteristic from me. Hermione Granger has frizzy hair, Harry’s is black and Ron has blue eyes.
So that was the color of Hazel’s eyes… hmm…
-No it is not, Jason Grace, she’ll tell you eventually. Trivia smiled.
-Is the lady who wrote Harry Potter, JK Rowling, your daughter?
-No, she is an unidentified daughter of the muse Calliope, of epic poetry.
-Harry Potter isn’t a poem. I said.
-No, but it is epic. But enough about me or British books: go meet the hero who was probably your idol: go meet Heracles.
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