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So once again you guys have the opportunity to get in my head of what I think the next HoO book RR blesses us with will look like.

Before I start you peoples off, I need to say something.
So shush and listen.

When I wrote "The Lost Hero, written by me", I had to guess who the parents were. Well now, I know. So I am following Rick Riordan's version of the characters. Piper has nothing to do with Persephone, Jason and Thalia are siblings and Camp Ceasar Salad is real. For my series of fanfics, I'm following my version of the characters, but here, Rick's versions rule. Get it?

Title: The Son of Neptune
Rating: C
Type: Adventure, friendship, hopefully humor, maybe a touch of romance
Characters: Add, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Drew, Leo, Jake, Nyssa
OC personalities: Reyna, Dakota, Hazel, Gwen, Bobby, Caleb
OC: The Gayle brothers, Karren
Synopsis: After discovering a new world, not so far from their own, Jason and his friends are sailing straight for it, unsure wheter they'll come out victorious or just start a civil war. But it doesn't take the arrival of a flying boat to get the citizens curious. They already sence something is wrong, way before the flying ship docks.

Disclaimer: The story base, character and settings base was created by Rick Riordan, who owns the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Heroes of Olympus rights.

A/N: Hopefully you guys will like it! I got some very nice comments on my random wall poll, so here it is guys! Love you all, you rock!

The Rebel Soldier's debut: link

The Honour in Death's debut: link

The Fire's Revenge's debut: link

Part Two's debut: link
So once again you guys have the opportunity to get in my head of what I think the next HoO book RR bl
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over a year ago jake-the-snake said…
what the hells is with the wands this isnt harry potter
over a year ago sisterofpercy said…
hey hecate, who is the immortal of gwen and hazel?
over a year ago Quadnipples said…
@sisterofpercy, Gwen's parent is Mercury (Hermes) and Hazel is Trivia or something (Hecate?), I'm not 100%, just the magic god (could be Demeter, I have no clue). Hope that helped :)
over a year ago TheWineDude said…
Great chapter srry i am so late reading but still realy good? Too bad for Jason getting hit, but every hero gets hurt i think. Anyways hope noone dies if you post today ill read it today
over a year ago athenafan123 said…
Hey Hecate,
Your Chapters r really good, I was like, OMG(S)!!!! Whats going to happen to Jason??!!!! Is it part of the proficy thingy??? Is Jason going to drown??!!! Panicing here! So yahh, I was wondering if you could do a PoV of Gwen, and when Bianca(Caleb) and Nico and Lou Ellen go to the underworld, can they.. go visit Silena and Beckendorf I really want to see them happily toghether in the afterlife!...yah so HAAPPYY WRRRITTING.. one last question..Are you going to keep on doing cliffhanders???!!!!(please don't please!! suspense kills me well no literally..but u noe what i mean)
over a year ago thilahector said…
sorry SPAM ALERT I thought i didn't get to send the first one sorry
plzforgive me
over a year ago NicoDiAngelo4 said…
sorry! i know this isnt my job, but that was spam thilahector. please dlete both of your comments, if you keep asking her that, she wont wanna post at all...which would suck, so please delete those...thank you! (sorry, i know its not my job)
over a year ago seashell7 said…
That was really awesome! You are so good at getting the reader's attention!
over a year ago HecateA said…
Last Chapter: link

@everyone – I meant 137 pages! 137 chapters, are you mad?????
@black Templar- The boat’s at the same altitude as the cruising altitude of a Boeing 737. 22600 feet is what I got on one site. I’m not sure if that’s totally valid, but I’m going with that.
@dman – That’s what this boat it.
@thaliahuntress- You’re welcome. I’ve read some fanfiction with that happening and eh… No.
@Persephone16 – Gwen hasn’t stopped to think that. And yeah, pissed off, depressed, broken hearted…
@bananafone – Oh, so you’ve all decided on Lazel now? Ha, you guys gave them a couple name :D And I’m glad you can see it from Lark’s PoV, because honestly, she doesn’t see things like we do.
@daughter-ofzeus – Seriously? WOO! I made a dead character so awesome that by his sister’s memories he is someone’s favourite! (I just felt like repeating that ‘cause it feels good)
@Em- Yup!
@Nico – Your average Athenian to Athenian talk! Yes you can call me Hec
@silvermoon123 – Percy is not, but he’s still smart. He’s not going to ruin things by getting himself involved while Jason’s got everything set up. Besides, he’s matured 
@annabeth24 – Maybe… (*cough*yes*cough*)
@beckondorf123 – I’ve already got it all written and I’m pretty happy with what I have; but yes, there is a Hazel PoV chapter. Not in the immediate future, but in the future.
@Lightning98- It’s more in the sense that Gwen is haunting herself with Evan’s death; but you’ll see that Lark’s really more then you first see.
@Kittycat – Yes I did!
@the-time-thief – Yeah, I know I am SO ANXIOUS! Have you read the sample chapters?
@selene7 – It was in their prophecy, there had to be more then 7. And no, Zane didn’t.
@jake-the-snake – I needed a difference between hand spells and something else because Hazel WON’T DO HANDSPELLS. Sceptres were commonly used (not in Ancient Greece but still) and wands are part of modern mythology, so I figured ‘why not?’
@Sister of Percy – Gwen’s parent is Mercury and Hazel’s mother is Trivia, and her father is dead.
@athenafan- I’ll take it into consideration. No need to panic, I’m nearly cutting to the Chase here. I will continue with cliff-hangers.
@thila hector- Taking care of younger siblings, getting back from school, reviewing 30 something pages for the post below, internet breaking down, responding to comments…

Okay guys, so I hope you had a good week; I had a PAINFULLY long one, which is why I’m trying to make you guys happy with mucho fan fiction.
I’m doing a book report on ‘The Lost Hero’ and it’s really hard because I’ve got to describe one setting (I gave her a list) and 1 character (I went with Leo)
Your update for the last book is 153 pages, working on chapter 16

Percy Jackson
July 7th: Off the Californian shore
The Argo II pulls a Princess Andromeda
“Jason!” Piper yelled. An arrow zoomed near her and she raised her knife to protect her chest just in time.
“Can he swim?” I asked.
“Where would he have learnt how to swim? Lupa’s forbidden him to be past ankle-deep water!” Gwen said, letting another arrow go.
“Percy do you trust me?” Bobby yelled over.
“Then take Leo and me to the ship, and pick up Grace before he drowns!”
“Common!” I said deciding not to question and just act. If Athena always has a plan, Minerva must too. And if not, I’d done a lot of improvising.
“What?” Leo asked confused (not so much improvising).
“You’ll see!” Bobby said. He and Leo ran forwards. I grabbed each of them by the wrists and we jumped in.
I pushed us through the water, realising I couldn’t go very deep with them. Great, that’s where Jason probably was.
I willed oxygen bubbles to form around them.
“Don’t move, I’ll find Grace!” I said to them. I’m not sure if they understood me seeing as they weren’t children of Poseidon or fish, but I swam deeper in.
Schools of fish were swimming away, disrupted by all the projectiles that ended up in the sea. I made out a gladus floating across the water. I grabbed it and went down deeper, where it was coming from. Jason was sinking like a rock, unconscient. I willed water to push him back towards me. I willed another oxygen bubble hoping I wouldn’t pass out.
Hey dad, know Jason’s not your favourite guy but please help me out here. I prayed.
It worked. The air bubble got bigger and probably magic since his eyes shot open. I handed him his gladus which calmed him down (the ‘I woke up in the enemy-god-element’ thing does that to a guy). Jason had woken up in a lot of weird places recently… I went back for Bobby and Leo; the last had eyes the size of drachmas. I willed the currents to take all of us to the ship. I could see the hull from underwater. It was slightly smaller than the Argo II, but that just gave it more speed and less water resistance.
Bobby pointed towards the top so we emerged just our heads. They gasped for air.
“Styx that was awesome!” Leo said, amazed by the water powers.
“Not the time Leo! If the boat has the same formation as the Argo II, it means that it has the same trap near the spur, right?” Bobby asked.
“You want us to get in that ship, Bobby?” Jason guessed.
“Exactly!” He said. “Leo, think you could open it?”
“Sabotaging enemy boats to further damage the inside; heck yes.” Leo agreed. I got us near the spur, where the trap would be. Jason lifted Leo and himself until Leo said ‘stop’ while I kept Bobby and me floating, ready for action if trouble came.
Leo pulled a screwdriver out of his tool belt (which surprisingly wasn’t wet) and he attacked specific spots that didn’t look like they had any screws with it. I was scared for a minute that I had taken them too deep in and this was the first side effect…
But apparently there were some screws; because a piece of the boat fell off and would’ve hit Bobby and I if I were half a second slower.
“Sorry.” Valdez apologised, climbing in. Jason pulled a rope from inside and threw it down for us. Bobby climbed first and after he was in, so did I.
“Thanks, Percy.” Jason said when I got onboard.
“No problem.” I said.
Bobby and Leo had already gone down to the final level; this was the storey where the engines and all the electrics were.
“Follow them?” I asked. Jason nodded and we climbed down the staircase (they had a staircase; we had ladders) to the bottom storey. Bobby was talking to Leo really quickly.
“Do you think you could do it?” Bobby concluded.
“Give me a screwdriver, a wrench and a toothpick.” Leo said. He pulled all that out of his tool belt and gave Bobby the toothpick and wrench to hold before hacking away at the main generator.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“I noticed their bastillas work on electricity, for turning all they need is the touch of a button, no man power. It’s actually pretty smart, but kill the electricity; kill the bastillas which is their main defence. Oh, and if I decided to block the second generator, it could blow the ship 90 seconds after.” Bobby said.
“Go for it.” I said.
“I was hoping for that.” Bobby grinned. He took the wrench and went off to another generator. Leo swore.
“Their generator works on solar energy! They probably have some more of the later features decided for the Argo II. That means these jerks have been spying on us.” Leo said.
“Quiet! I’m not in the mood to get caught down here. Jason, Percy; go keep them on the deck.” Bobby said.
“Jonno, Zane and the girls will keep them busy.” I said. But I drew Riptide. This reminded me painfully of the Princess Andromeda, but this time nobody was staying on the ship while it blew. We’d make those 90 seconds work.
Jason drew his gladus. We faced the stairs but no pirates came.
“I’m nearly done over here, Valdez?” Bobby asked.
“I finished hours ago, Peverell; I’m just trying to see… Yeah, the latest feature this thing has was added mid-April…” Leo said.
“Done!” Bobby said triumphantly.
“We need to get out of here!” I said. We ran back upstairs but Jason was slower. I noticed his jeans were ripped a little over the knee, on the side. It was bloody and looked abnormally painful.
“Common Grace, if you die after that I’ll kill you. Then Thalia’ll kill me.” I said.
“Don’t bring Thalia into this; I can fight my own battles.” Jason said.
I helped him and he flew us up the stairs, which I guessed was probably going to make him pass out. But he kept going until we were near the edge.
“Hey! HEY!” A pirate was right behind us. Leo spun around and he lifted his palm. A jet of fire flew out of his hand. The pirate ducked but the fire hit the wall and caught the wall was engulfed in seconds.
“Demigods,” he yelled, “DEMIGODS!”
“That are quicker than your brain capacities!” Bobby said as we all jumped.
I rushed us down, deep, deep and then I heard the boat explode.

Annabeth Chasse
No… No, they hadn’t been on board when it blew… They couldn’t… I turned back to the others. Piper was atrociously pale. I grabbed onto the railing; the force of the explosion had rattled the sea and the boat was shaking back and forth uneasily, as Zane tried to take control of the ship.
“Percy!” I yelled. “Leo! Jason! Bobby!”
Then they appeared; all of them, near the main piece of wreckage. Oh gods… Percy flashed a thumb up. They dove under and reappeared below the boat.
“Jason got hurt!” Leo yelled up.
“No Styx Sherlock!” Gwen said as Hazel summoned a rope in midair.
We tied it around the mast and tossed it down. Bobby and Leo climbed up. Percy was next and he was practically dragging Jason –who was sadly doing his best- behind him. They both landed on deck, Percy about ready to pass out. His hair and clothes were dripping wet like the 3 others. He didn’t have the energy or focus to be water proof.
“What happened?” I asked, kneeling next to him.
“Leo and Bobby blew up the second Argo II. Jason’s leg got hit by the arrow.”
“Where’s the arrow?” I asked.
“Fell off in the water, I think.” Jason said. Hazel took a look at the wound, just above his knee.
“How bad is it?” He asked, sitting up. Piper and Hazel pushed him so he had his back to the boat’s railing.
“Horrible. I’m betting the arrow was poisonous but seeing as it got lost…” Hazel said. “I’ll go get the first aid kit.” She said before disappearing down the stairs.
“Wow that was a stupid way to get hurt.” He said probably to himself.
“No, it wasn’t, you saved us from getting hit by lightning. It was really cool.” Piper said.
Aw Piper… I though.
“Still.” He said.
Hazel popped back up with a thick red cooler-like bag. She opened it and looked in it for 3 seconds before deciding the contents were unworthy and closing it back. She drew her wand back out from the beaded black pouch at her waist. She pointed her wand so it nearly touched the wound and muttered a spell. Jason’s whole body shook with either pain or shock or both. But the wound stopped bleeding and whatever was left dried.
“I have no clue how to bandage that.” Hazel said.
“Woos.” Jonno said, pushing her aside gently. He bandaged Jason’s wound and Jason looked frustrated with being taken care of.
“Just because you can fly doesn’t mean that you’re Superman, Grace.” I told him. He looked up at me and I thought he was even more frustrated.
“I think it’s poisoned. If I’m right you should pass out in a few minutes.” Jonno said.
“Oh great. Common Grace, we’ll get you back in the cabin.” Bobby said. He and Jonno helped him get back up and limp downstairs. Everybody scattered and Leo and Zane started arguing about who was driving.
Piper half-heartedly got up to go charmspeak it into going better.
“What about you, Seaweed brain?” I asked Percy.
“I’m fine.” He said.
“Mm-hmm.” I said.
“I’m serious, Annabeth.” He said.
“Alright,” I said, still not convinced. He sat down. I stretched out my legs and he lied down with his head on my knees. It was comfortable and quiet for a few seconds, like we weren’t sailing on a flying boat amongst the debris of another boat he’d just helped blow up.
Of course that was short lived.
I could see the tension in his eyes and doubt there too.
“It’s normal you’re drained, the curse doesn’t prevent that. So don’t start feeling like a curse-of-Achilles reject because of that; if that’s what you’re thinking.” I said.
“That’s not what I’m thinking.” Percy said.
“Alright, that’s what you thought after Jack Gayle gave you a black eye though.” I said.
“Well… Yeah, sure. It is weird though.”
“It’s not weird, it’s dangerous. I think they’ll be looking into that at the City.” I said. “It’s not normal, and I have a feeling he’s not normal.”
“Me too.” He said.
“No, I mean, there’s something not right with him, scientifically.”
“Maybe I only get hurt as long as it doesn’t hurt me vitally.” Percy suggested.
“Then you’d be able to get paper cuts seeing as there are no major arteries in the fingers, and it can’t lead to bleeding to death. Besides, getting punched in the head can lead to a concussion, so your head should be as protected as your torso. No, that’s not it.”
“Then what is? Think he has the curse too?”
“No, I managed to beat him up.”
“Shut up Seaweed brain, he deserved it, and Marie had cut my patience short. I think… Well, remember Antaeus?”
“How could I forget him?” He asked.
“Well exactly. Remember how you couldn’t hurt him as long as he was on the ground because his mom was Gaia?”
“I was wondering, maybe Gaia can give advantages like that but in reverse.” I said.
“Like being able to hurt anyone on the ground.” I said.
“So you think Jack Gayle’s working for Gaia?”
“Possibly.” I said.
“Have you told Dakota or anybody?”
“No, I didn’t really think about it until we left. Should I try to IM her?”

Dakota Ledécit
July 7th: The City
I sprang up straight in my bed after a creepy dream. Creepy but extremely awesome… I felt a smile work its way up my lips, and like butterflies had been let loose in my stomach.
I wasn’t there, but I saw it all happen… Was this going to last? Yes, no, maybe so? Hopefully they would… If I couldn’t be there and they couldn’t contact us…
“You don’t have to,” I whispered in answer to an Annabeth that wasn’t there.

Carmen Attwell
July 7th: Pacific Ocean

The woman I remembered being called Genevieve was talking to Augustus Peterson in a dimly lit hallway.
“I’m sorry but her arm’s infected. If she won’t let me treat it…” The station master’s wife trailed off. “I don’t know if she’ll make it.”
“So you want me to talk to her?” Augustus verified.
“You seem to have at least some control over her.”
“Control isn’t the right word,” Augustus said. “But why me? Catherine, Amelia, Henry and Lance know her better.”
“She won’t listen to the last 2 and Amelia and Catherine aren’t really telling it to her hard as they should. There’s something they’re not sharing. Ruth, she needs to understand that it could cost her her life.”
Genevieve pushed a strand of chocolate brown hair behind her ear.
“Fine I’ll talk to her. But don’t expect much, she’s Ruth Linters after all.” Augustus agreed.
“I’m just hoping for her to come to her senses. I think you’re all hoping she gets better; that has to count for something to her. She’s a leader, and leaders care about their people. But still, it’s incredible how one arm wound is ravaging her whole body, though.” Genevieve said.
“The arrows were poisoned.” Augustus said.
“Still, by this time if the poison didn’t kill her… It is only me, I reckon. I’ve seen too many injuries slip by untreated and heard too little good news of them. I’m thinking pessimist.”
“I understand. I’ll talk to her tonight.” Augustus said.

The room was lined with sleeping people. One was pacing, I recognised Augustus’ thin figure. He knelt and shook one awake.
“What?” The girl whispered.
“Come with me.” He simple whispered. So she rose and I recognised Ruth’s curls. He led her to the living room, and I noticed that one arm was limp down her side.
“Genevieve –and all of us- is and are worried about your arm.” Augustus said quietly once they were alone.
“My arm is fine.” Ruth said.
“Ruth,” Augustus said very seriously, “it’s green. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that it is infected.”
“I don’t want it treated.” She said.
“Why not?”
“That’s none of your concern.”
“I’m your brother, yes it is! Ruth, look at it this way. If you won’t let your arm get healed for your sake, heal it for the quest party’s sake. We’re a big group of powerful and wanted Half-bloods, and we’ve been here for 3 days. We can’t stay here, we need to cross the borders, and soon.”
“I completely agree; we could travel again tomorrow.”
“No you couldn’t! You aren’t Hercules or Achilles Ruth; you’re still part human and you still have a health! At least let me look at it,” Augustus said holding out his hand. Ruth took a step back, a hand on the arm she’d hurt.
“No!” She said.
“Ruth you’re being unreasonable!”
“No I’m not. We can leave tomorrow at dawn if you like.” She said.
“No we can’t Ruth, your arm is poisoned.”
“No, I’m fine.”
“Ruth stop acting like such an idiot!”
“Don’t call me an idiot!”
“You sure are acting like one!”
“You have no idea what’s been happening at camp Augustus Peterson or what’s been happening to me so I suggest you bite your dammed tongue!” Ruth snapped.
She suddenly loosened up and walked backwards until she reached the wall before sliding down to sit, her knees pulled towards her. Augustus sat down next to her.
“I’ve been sick for the past 3 months, since we last parted.” Ruth said after a while.
“That’s horrible, I’m sorry. Have you spoken to medics?” Augustus asked.
“Of course.” She replied simply, licking her lips.
“And?” Augustus asked.
“They told me I was pregnant.” Ruth said. Shocked silence.
“Really?” Augustus asked.
“Yes. But I knew that wasn’t it. So two weeks before we left they told me I had a new disease that mortals don’t even know about yet. From touching the body of a soldier who carried it in their blood. People die from it, but the mortals don’t have an explanation. Well, the mortals that it. The demigods call it AIDS. ” Ruth said.
Augustus’ face went grim. The medics at the City had heard of it too, apparently.
“It’s lethal. Always…” Ruth starred up and passed her tongue over her teeth. “I’m due to drop dead in 2 months instead of 9, now.”
“I’m so sorry, Ruth.”
“Yeah, well.” She said.
“Do they..?”
“No. If you ask Amelia, she’s still buying the first story, and Catherine as well. Henry has no idea; Lance is just a little less clueless than Henry... Long story short; nobody does. It was me and one medic, but Chiron probably knows now. So he knows not to make too much effort to find me because I’m as good as Hades’ anyways.” She said.
“Ruth, I’m so sorry.”
“Thank you, but that means nothing.”
“So you came on this as a crippled soldier?” Augustus said, thought it was more of a statement then of a question.
“Yes.” Ruth answered. Augustus just looked at her.
“Ruth Linters, you are one of the bravest people I know.” He said.
“I’m not brave, Augustus. I’m scared, and tired, and dying.” Ruth shook her head, her jaw locked and her mouth a straight line.
“But you’re still fighting.” He said.
“I have no choice. Amelia, Henry, Lance, Catherine; if I stop fighting so do they. I’m not blind; I know what I am to their eyes. I know I’m a camp leader. I know I still am for the Greeks here.”
“Are you going to tell them you’re sick?”
“I don’t know. Catherine and Amelia are getting suspicious. I’m far too active; they’re starting to think I’m not really what I’m telling them, and if they talk to Lance and Henry… They’ll confront me for answers, and I don’t want them to find out like that.” Ruth said.
“Good point. Whatever you do, Ruth, just know that for what it’s worth; I’ve got your back.” Augustus said.
“Thank you.” Ruth said. Augustus gave her a hug.
“It’ll be okay.” He said.
“It won’t. If this truce plan works, I’ll be dead before the war ends probably. If my illness doesn’t, the journey will kill me.”
“Should we slow down?” Augustus asked.
“Anything but that!” Ruth said. “If I’m a cancer I’ll just no the sword work myself to get things over with.”
“Ruth! Don’t talk like that.” Augustus said.
“Well it’s true. In the end I’ll kill myself technically. I’m sorry but I’m not in an especially great frame of mind. Amelia and Catherine care so much they’re annoying and I’m feeling bad about lying. Anyways that’s why I don’t want anyone to touch my arm. It’s covered in blood and that’s one way the illness passes.”
“What if she wears protection on her hands?” Augustus asked.
“I don’t want her to know. I didn’t want anyone to know until we reached the North at the best, or until I died. I’ve been carrying this is my bag just in case I left fast.” Ruth said taking out a folded piece of paper. Augustus understood and took it from her. He didn’t look at it, he kept his eyes on his sister.
“I don’t know how or when we’re getting north, Ruth, but it starts with leaving this house. We can’t do that until your arm’s better. What if I tell Genevieve that you agree to have you treated but find a way to get her to cover her skin without telling her? Would that work?” Ruth looked torn.
“We’re not leaving without you, Ruth.” Augustus said shooting down the idea she hadn’t spoken.
“I suppose so then.” She said biting her lip.
“But you’ll have to tell someone at some point, and probably soon.” Augustus said.
“I don’t want them to know that I’m living on a deadline.” Ruth said.
“Would you rather they find out on a piece of paper or by you?” He asked. She sighed.
“Me.” She answered.
“Then talk to them. You won’t believe how incredibly much it’ll mean to them. I’ve been trying to figure out what was wrong with your health by talking to them, but nothing would slip. I never could have guessed. You can trust them, Ruth.”
“Of course I can! If I can’t trust Catherine and Amelia, I don’t know who I can!” He said.
“But you told me; a Roman. So why not your best friends?”
“Because that’s just it isn’t it? I can’t tell my best friends, ‘I’m dying’. Amelia and Catherine wouldn’t be as good fighters as they are now and that’d just get us killed.”
“They’re your friends Ruth, they’re strong.”
“If I can’t stand telling you why would I tell two girls I grew up with? You know Amelia; she’s very moody, and something that big could really mess it up for Catherine. She does good but when you shoot her down once it ruins it for a while.”
“I can’t force you to, but if it gets bad enough and you are really, really sick I will tell them.” Augustus warned them.
“Fair enough,” Ruth said picking her battles, “but I suppose I will have to tell them.”
“Yes you will.”
“Fine, I shall when the time fits. Now if you excuse me, I’m really tired; and I’m counting on us leaving after you all stop fussing on my idiot arm.” Ruth said.
“Probably,” Augustus said.
“Goodnight, and thank you.” She got up.
“To you too, and it was nothing.” Augustus said. Ruth walked back in the other room. Her dress was dirty and tattered at the bottom but I doubt she cared or noticed. Augustus unfolded the slip of paper and read Ruth’s round handwriting.
‘Dear Amelia, Catherine, Henry, Lance or Augustus,
If you’re reading this it’s because I died. I probably didn’t die in a fight because let’s face it, between my own skill and Amelia and Catherine acting like I am a child that has yet to train, I couldn’t if I tried.
It was probably very quick, you probably didn’t see it coming but I did. Before we left Camp, about 2 weeks before they told me I’d contacted an illness “unknown to mortals” called AIDS from a dead soldier’s blood. If you’d have known about the illness, which I doubt you do, you would know that it’s been why I’ve been tired all the time, sick at times and why I’ve began to look like nothing but skin and bone. I won’t go on and on; but I never carried a child so Amelia and Catherine can drop that idea.
The important thing for you is to get up North and see if you can maybe IM Chiron on the way for him to know what’s happened, and possibly tell my mother. I think he is on our side, he just can’t leave camp like we did; nor challenge what the Half-bloods want.
Don’t worry about me; I was ready for it whenever it did happen.
Ruth Linters”

Melaina Grey
July 9th: South Pacific Ocean
Another Rise
As soon as I walked through the doorframe of our cabin Karen and Carmen shut up. If that was not a sign of me being excluded, I did not know what was. But I had been through this routine already; I knew I was.
I climbed into my bunk and dropped my whizzing head to my pillow.
I felt like a fleet of birds were let loose in it, swarming around, their wings hitting at my head as they flapped wildly, and beaks pecking at my skull. The headaches were getting worst and chronic, something was happening. Something big. Just like at the City when the ship arrived; except I had yet to find out what that meant either.
I closed my eyes but that just seemed to concentrate the pain more. I pushed on either side, which didn’t work either. I moaned and swung my legs out of bed. I stumbled out of the room, I still heard Carmen whisper something to Karen. They didn’t get it; they didn’t get the birds…
Oh great, I was losing it too.
I knocked on the door of the other room. Annabeth opened.
“Lark what is it? You’re not looking too good. She said.
“My head hurts.” I muttered.
“What? I don’t understand, Lark. Here, come sit down.” She said. She steered me towards Piper’s bed and sat me down.
“What’s wrong?”
“My head…” I muttered.
“Your head?”
“Annabeth, I think I know what she’s talking about. When too many ghosts get, like, sugar rushes at once and get all hyped everything buzzes in her head. It’s getting to a real problem for children of Mania nowadays.” Hazel said.
“Ghosts don’t get sugar rushes.” Piper pointed out.
I tuned out on the conversation.
Literally, I could not hear a thing. I realised Annabeth was snapping her fingers under my nose and shaking me by the shoulder. Gwen jumped down from her bed and urged someone else down. Piper came towards me and mouthed something I couldn’t make out. I was about ready to pass out.

Jason Grace
“She’s unresponsive to charmspeak; I think she can’t hear us. You know her pretty well.” Annabeth said.
“Yeah, she was in the same legion as me once. So what’s happening is that she’s hearing too many ghosts?” I double checked what Annabeth was saying as she brought me to their room.
“According to Hazel. We just brought her above deck to see if getting some air would do any good, but no.” She said.
“Well what am I supposed to do?”
“I don’t know, did it ever happen before?”
“No, there has never been such a big stream of ghosts. For children of Mania usually it’s just a buzzing sound,” I said, floating Annabeth and I past the ladder and to the deck.
Lark was sitting at the mast’s foot with a blanket thrown across her shoulders, Hazel besides her, Valdez looking over his shoulder from the steering wheel. Lark had a panicked look on her face and her hands holding her face. A lantern lit the scene.
I knelt in front of Lark.
“Can you hear anything? Thumbs up or thumbs down.” I said. She didn’t respond, she just looked even more scared. Annabeth smacked her forehead and handed me a pad of paper and a pen. I wrote down trying to make my writing at least readable.
“Can you hear anything?” I handed her the pen.
“No, there is too much I cannot even make them out”
I figured ‘them’ meant ‘the ghosts’. I scribbled another question and hoped that Lark could read really bad penmanship.
“Can we help?”
“I do not know”
“What would Éva and Jasper do?”
“They do not have it as bad”
“What would they do?”
“I do not know; cannot think straight”
“Please try”
“They would try to sleep”
She wrote down after a few seconds of her squinted eyes staring at a sheet of paper.
“Can you do that?”
“I can’t it’s too bad”

“I can make her magically sleep.” Hazel spoke up, reading on the pad.
“Would you accept Hazel jinxing you?”
“Anything please”

“Go for it Hazel.” Annabeth said.
Hazel put her wand’s point to Lark’s head and she winced in pain and pulled back.
“I need physical contact for this one.” Hazel said.
“You’re not getting it, Hazel. Anything else you can do for her?” I asked.
Lark was good at enduring pain; I’d seen her with her arm forked on a sword and her not screaming. This was bad.
Hazel shook her head.
“Alright, try again.” Annabeth took the pad and wrote “Let her touch you for a couple of seconds only.” Lark wrote back.
“Sometimes I see things when I get touched.”
“She’s a touch telepathic too?” Annabeth asked.
“I don’t know and now’s not really the time to ask.” I said.
“She is, sort of like Raphael Semone was- oh sorry, that was random.” Hazel said.
Hazel scribbled something on the paper.
“I’ll be as gentle and quick as I can, just give me a chance to help.”
Lark bit her lip but flashed a thumb up. Hazel put a careful hand to her cheek. Lark dug her teeth in her lip and closed her eyes so tight she could’ve been trying to squish her features together. Hazel quickly put her wand to Lark’s temple and said:
“Bonus nox noctis!” She said quickly.
Lark’s head fell to her chest and she slouched forwards.
“Alright. Thanks Hazel.”
“No problem. Gods, I hope I didn’t hurt her…” Hazel said, biting one of her fingers.
“You were beyond careful Weasley, that’s probably the most comforting touch she’s ever gotten.” Leo said. Hazel blushed in the lantern light.
“Thanks.” She muttered.
“If she really reacts like that every now and then to everything happening…” I started.
“She’s a perfectly capable girl, I’ve seen her go. This is like an Achilles spot, she can’t control it but it happens.” Hazel said.
“Oh, I know, don’t get me wrong. If you think I’m even going to suggest we throw her over board… I just wish we had some way to help her permanently. We’ll have to find another solution if this is a repetitive thing; we can’t keep putting her to sleep like this.” I said.
“Well they were.” Hazel said.
“At the City; Éva, Jasper and Caleb. That’s what they did once a week, they’d try and figure things out; they’d pray to Mania, Caleb would go to the underworld in the middle of the night... Lark is… Well, I don’t want to say ‘weaker’, but more open to ghosts, and she even gets vibes from miles away. We’re thinking –Caleb, her siblings and a few others- that whenever Terra opens the door for someone she knows first.”
“So Lark’s like a what’s-what guide to Underworld rebirths?” Leo asked. Hazel sniggered.
“Nice wording Valdez. But that’s it, basically.” Hazel approved.
“That could be useful. Would it be even something in the future? Like this could be a reaction to something that’ll actually only show in a few days?”
“Maybe. I’m not sure. Stop asking me all the questions!” Hazel said.
“Why did you think she lost hearing this time?” Annabeth asked.
“No idea.” Hazel said.
“Me neither.” I said.
“I doubt even she knows.” Hazel said.
“Poor kid, that sucks.” Leo said. Hazel nodded.
“It’s just something to deal with she has, like some people are allergic to peanuts or can’t speak in crowds; but she can hear all the dead speak at once in a total mess.” Hazel said.
“Yeah, well, I’ll bring her back.” I picked her up like a fireman would and gently dropped down to the second storey where Gwen and Piper were standing.
“She’s okay right?” Piper asked worried. Her eyes sort-of lost their almond shape when she got worried, but the colors kept shifting.
“Yeah, Hazel put her to sleep.” I said. Piper opened the door of the third cabin as I dropped Lark off, wondering if she’d even remember this tomorrow, or if we’d have to deal with whatever caused the voices.

Piper McLean
July 10th: South Pacific Ocean
I smacked Zane on the cheek.
“Leave. Me. Alone.” I said so slowly his brain had no excuse for not grasping the very simple message.
“Good! Go do something productive.” I said.
“Well what are you doing productive?” Zane complained.
“Teaching you a lesson. Annabeth, Hazel and Gwen are backing me up.” I said.
“If you just did something mean to Zane- then yes!” Someone called from below deck.
“See?” I said.
“Piper don’t hit Zane,” Jason said, passing by us with a crate of metal junk for Leo who was on the bottom floor trying to make something faster.
“If he flirts with me one more time I will do meaner things then hitting him!” I said.
“She’s serious Zane, stop bugging all the girls. Go help Valdez or something.” Jason said.
“He won’t let me.” Zane said.
“What?” Jason asked.
“Leo doesn’t like someone as puny and pointless as Zane to be rummaging around in the mechanics of the Argo.” I explained.
“Can you please fix it?” He asked me. I couldn’t say no. Jason has this way of making a request –or even giving an order- that made you realise that it was important if he asked it. Besides, I couldn’t look him in the eye and say no that was madness. So I went off to talk Valdez into keeping Zane busy.
It took me a while; he was paying less attention to me than usual. I snapped my fingers under his nose.
“Leo!” I said to get his attention which had disappeared about as fast as the Aphrodite girls when you show them a bug or Connor Stoll.
“Hmm, sorry?”
“What is up with you today?” I asked. “It’s like you’re sleeping with your eyes open.”
“And my hands in the generator of the boat, yes Beauty queen.” He said sarcastically.
“Whatever. Can you just keep him busy?” I said pointing Zane with my thumb. “He’s driving me insane and I might kill him if he doesn’t shut up.”
“I might kill him too, so I’m not better off then you.” Leo said.
“I’ll keep him off your backs.” Carmen said. “Common Attica, you owe me one for keeping you alive.” She said dragging him away by the sleeve.
I felt like hugging her.
“I don’t think Zane was the right person to bring. We should have brought Ben or Kai or someone.” Leo said.
“He’ll pay off eventually.” I said.
“You can’t charmspeak yourself Beauty queen,” Leo said. I made a face and elbowed him. He stuck his tongue out.
“Very mature Valdez,” I observed.
“Yes, and you hitting Zane makes you maturity post child of the year.” I made another face.
“Zane is Zane.” I shrugged.
“And you are you, that’s why? I think he finds you hot. I also think he got hit by a bus as a child.”
“That’s not nice.”
“Whatever, you’re not charm-thinging me into liking Zane.”
“I wouldn’t do that to you, Valdez. I sort-of like having you around.”
“How very touching. Speaking of which, why is your charmspeak back?” Leo asked. I shrugged.
“I guess spending some time in Venus did it for me. The girls there were awesome.” I was expecting some comment on undeniable hotness but nope.
“And Aphrodite cabin..?” Leo started.
I shrugged.
“Too girly. Hills knows what it’s like to be the tomboy amongst the supermodels and pink clones. And even then, here they were all different and pleasant. It was not just, like, 4 of them that weren’t bad.” I said.
“If you say so.”
“You didn’t seem to get along with Vulcan’s kids a lot, though.”
“Yeah, well. They weren’t that much into creating. They aren’t building they’re like machines in a factory, the same part over and over and over and over. Except I think it’d be harder to re-program them. And the machines wouldn’t hate me.” He said, his fingers drumming on his knee.
“Well that’s sort-of the City, right? If you’re not like them you’re against them. I guess that’ll be present even more after the little fiasco with us.” I said.
“Too bad, they needed help to snap out of that phase.” Leo said.
Then I looked from the window. It got foggy around the boat.
Demigod +out at sea+ mysterious fog = uh oh.
Leo and I ran to the deck.
“Stay where you are!” Percy said loud enough for everyone to hear. We could barely see past our noses, but we all drew weapons and listened to Percy. This was his home territory here.
The headset on my head buzzed to life.
“Gwen?” I asked in it. Valdez made a face and I hit his arm. This wasn’t the time for crying out loud! There was buzzing and screeching like an off-tune radio.
“Gwen? Gwen?!” I asked. My tone got people paying attention.
“Gwen can you hear me?” I asked. She’d turned her headset on to say something, what was up with that?”
“Something-water-big” I heard the words unclearly. Then the head set at my shoulder sparked and I pulled it off right on time.
Leo was on it and he ripped out the solar batteries.
“Someone check on Gwen!” I said. Someone who had a figure with strong arms and long legs, reminding me of Jonno, climbed the mast up. We all waited, trying to see through the fog.
“She’s not here!” Jonno said.
“The hell you mean she’s not there?” Karen asked.
“Where would she have gone?” Hazel asked.
“She’s not on the boat, I can tell.” Percy said. I still couldn’t see anybody and I squinted to try and make things out.
“Well, did she fall out?” Annabeth asked.
“Gwen Madison falling out of something?”
“Maybe. Is she in the surrounding waters?” Annabeth asked.
“No, she isn’t.” Percy said.
“Well where the heck is she?”
“Umm, Bobby?” Jason asked sounding nervous.
“Yeah I hear you, Jason. But how could it..?” Bobby started.
“What are you talking about?” Annabeth asked Jason and her brother.
“Nothing, it’s not possible.” Bobby said.
“You realise you’re saying this while you’re on a flying boat filled with demigods.” Annabeth said.
“No I mean scientifically.” Bobby said.
“Let me redirect your attention to the use of the term ‘demigod’ then.” Annabeth said.
The fog cleared just as fast as it appeared and we immediately searched the deck for any trace of Gwen.
The people who were under deck came up.
“What was that?” Carmen asked.
“Lark’s passed out!” Zane said. I wacked my head with my palm. Great timing.
“What do you mean passed out?” I asked.
“As in- not conscient!” Zane yelled back.
“Thank you captain obvious. I mean why?”
“I’m not a medic!” Carmen said.
Annabeth and Jonno ran downstairs because they were as close to medics as we had.
“The last message I got on the headset was ‘something water big’.” I said.
“Percy, is there anything we should know about in the water?” Jason asked.
“Fish, plastic bags and a demigod boat. That’s all I can find.” He said.
“Alright, just to be on the safe side let’s take off,” Jason said.
His face just yelled out the fact he could sense something was wrong. That got me uneasy.
“What about Gwen?” I asked. “She’s not onboard so she has to be in the water.”
“I’ll go in.” Percy said.
“Let’s search the boat first.” Bobby said.
“Alright. Leo, get us out of the water, Carmen get in the crow’s nest but come back if the fog reappears, Piper come with me to see if there’s anything downstairs and Zane can do the bottom zone. Everybody else, keep your eyes peeled on board and in the water: Gwen’s a strong swimmer.” Jason said.
Everybody followed and I turned to go downstairs when there was this loud roar, like something from Jurassic park.
“No way.” Jason said his eyes wide.
“That’s not possible, it was a fresh kill.” Bobby said.
Fresh kill, fresh kill…
“What are you guys talking about?” Percy asked.
“Last year, a few months before the battles at Othrys and Manhattan, Kronos tried to destroy the City. But he sent in a sea monster, to attack us from the beach. Our oracle saw it coming though, and a small team was sent out to deal with it. Dakota, Reyna, Jason, Jonno and… I.” Bobby said, hesitating as he named the quest members. Was there another one who’d died? I didn’t stall to think, Jason carried on the story;
“We met it in the Pacific, not too far from the San Francisco harbour. To fight it we needed to be able to be in water, but it was huge, so someone needed to have the aerial advantage on it. My father’s the lord of the sky, so it was me. We went to Aeolus’ palace and he…”
“Blessed you with the winds like he did for Odysseus.” Annabeth said coming up, a pale Jonno behind her.
“Exactly, and the Trojan sea monster released fog from his nostrils to confuse his opponent; just like an octopus releases ink. We couldn’t see it until it stroked and it sounded just like-” the Jurassic park sound effects sounded again and Jason, Bobby and Jonno looked really edgy now.
“That’s it.” Jonno said.
With his bestiary knowledge we couldn’t deny it. I drew Katoptris and everyone was on deck
“Leo, get us out of here.” Jason said. The boat started lifting a bit as Leo’s hands got around the bar. “Zane, stay down with Lark, see if she’s breathing. Only do CPR if absolutely necessary. Carmen and Jonno, get high up so you can shoot if it turns out that…”
The sound of something huge erupting from water interrupted him and the whole boat jerked to the right. I would’ve fallen off if Jason hadn’t caught me.
When Leo levelled out the boat I stayed in his arms too shocked to move for a while longer, but not only the shock of nearly falling overboard, there also the giant snake.
Its scales were tarnished gold and dark blue, its head and part of its neck were breaking the surface. Even then it towered at least 50 feet over Festus’ head on the mast. It reminded me of a Chinese dragon, with horns like a ram, from which seaweed, fishing nets and the damn plastic bags clung on. It had a dinosaur like head, but empty eye sockets. It’s nostrils were big enough to fit a minivan through, and it had long white whiskers covered in some sort of jelly dangling down. It roared like a dinosaur and a paw that fit the Trojan sea monster came out.
“LOOK OUT!” Bobby yelled. Lightning met the beast and it jerked back.
“That’s it?” I yelled raising Katoptris.
“Ketos Troias; the Trojan Sea Monster!” Bobby yelled, though the last part was hard to make out over the screeching.
Oh god.
Suddenly I felt small, like a child with a butter knife. Leo turned the boat.
“Jason GO!” Percy yelled. Jason took a step back from me, got on to the railing of the ship and jumped. He was caught by a gust of wind and he easily soared up.
“Annabeth, Karen; get one ballista. Piper, go with Bobby; I’m jumping over!” Percy said. We got to the bastillas and pointed them at Ketos Troias as fast as we could.
Carmen and Jonno scrambled to high perches to shoot.
Percy jumped overboard with Riptide and disappear under the water’s surface.
We started shooting, as Karen drew her sword; Excalibur.
“Karen, get something to hit the monster with!” Annabeth said.
“Like what?!” She asked a slight panic to her voice.
The monster darted towards her, as fast and brusque as a striking cobra, and she found no better thing then her foot.
It was odd to see a 14 year old girl kick away a serpent, but the thing jerked its head back and wailed in pain.
Jason was swirling around it with a Pilum, yelling Latin taunts at it. It remembered its voice and it didn’t like it. Percy was standing on top of a massif wave, raising the rest of the water dangerously high. Leo was at it with his fire powers, Zane had come back up and was at the commands of the boat, Carmen and Jonno were still shooting, Hazel was casting spells that glowed in colors I didn’t know and Lark had come back up.
Luckily her footing was steady and she went to help at the bastillas, figuring that no one could take on Ketos Troias while they were onboard. Percy and Jason were the only ones who could do more than blast it with something. Everybody else did like Lark. I couldn’t see Annabeth, but I figured she was just invisible.
The beast looked at Jason and snarled. It spit venom at Jason, who (thank the gods) ducked. Bobby and I pushed the ballista and he shot a volley of arrows that the sea monster ducked- Percy and Jason were keeping him too busy for him to stop moving and offer a target. Jason called lightning down and it hit the dragon again as Karen threw a spear at it. It got impaled in its eye socket (a ridiculously long distance, but Karen has a good arm).
Jason grabbed the spear, pushed it further in and threw it back down. Even with all that, the beast stayed immune.
Ketos Troias wasn’t going to die.
Then I figured out what Percy was doing when the thing started shrieking out of nowhere. I’d lost sight of him; but he was under the beast with Riptide, trying to find a weak spot in the scaling. The serpent didn’t like that. It shrieked and went under. Karen threw a spear that went right through the tail, like some kind of earring.
The monster changed its mind on who it wanted to kill and it came back up.
Its tail appeared out and passed right through the surface of the boat, whipping us all out, except for Karen- whom I think jumped.
I yelped and found myself dangling overwater, holding onto the ripped railing for dear life. The waves were higher than usual because of all the movement, and they actually soaked my feet. It reminded me of hands trying to pull me down.
I had to hold on… I couldn’t let go…
But I did and yelled as I free-fell through the air.

Piper McLean
June 10th: South Pacific Ocean
Troy; nobody likes it

I couldn’t make out anything from underwater, except for other bodies, and a few of them going around and grabbing onto those who were limp. But they didn’t look human, they looked sleek and legless. I didn’t care what they were right now; I was freaking plummeting! I couldn’t swim with heavy clothes and Katoptris! Could I get some help right now? The best I could do was cling on to the only weapon I had. At least I’d die armed. I guess that was a respectable death for my Roman sisters, and the others would just have to deal with it; honour or not.
I felt something grab me from behind and let it do so feeling relieved.
Until it dragged me down. Then I thought “wait, what?” and started thrashing around against it.
“Helping! Girl stop thrashing or cant helping!” A slightly babyish voice said. I stopped thrashing, noticing that’s what other figures were doing.
I got dragged down until I saw a palace of coral, towers lined with oversized and glowing pearls and rows of windows. I touched down on a balcony, passing through what looked like a giant bubble. I could breathe... Woo!
If I looked up I saw in the distance the hull of the Argo II and the snake’s body still thrashing. It’s tail circled the water like an egg beater, keeping the thrashing demon up. It only had the 2 front paws I’d seen earlier, the rest was as sleek as a seal covered with a Frankenstein mix of seaweed, bits of corals, plastic thrown into the ocean (sick, sick humans), what I assumed was underwater mould and bones.
I looked around. Everybody but Percy, Jason, Leo, Karen and Hazel were there, surrounded by a flock of huge grey friendly-looking dolphins, whose mouths looked like smirks and a group of Cyclops. Annabeth sent me a look like ‘these guys are cool lower the knife’.
But what about the others?

Leo Valdez
June 10th: South Pacific Ocean

After everyone disappeared the 5 of us remaining kept fighting, because our new friend wasn’t content with nearly drowning half the crew.
Percy was high up, standing on a wave, surrounded by droplets of water, and Jason swirling midair, the snake’s head following it.
Karen was wielding all kinds of weaponry and getting right in there with Percy and Jason. Yeah, she was one tough kid. She’d managed to hold on to the creepy whiskers gotten herself on the snake’s head. Hazel and I were pelting it with fire and spells. I had to keep running back to the bar or else the boat’d completely sink in all the mayhem. It was too bad we hadn’t had time to make auto-pilot happen.
Suddenly Jason, Karen and Percy froze mid-action and the snake started talking.
I recognised the voice and it made me raise the sword (yeah, I’d picked up on sword fighting- which was totally sweet and better than toilet seats and breath mints).
“Now, now Leo and Hazel… Would you really hurt the mother?” The snake spoke.
“Vehemens Dolore!” Hazel yelled nearly instantly. A ray of pure gold erupted from the tip of her wand and hit the snake who winced and wailed in pain before straightening up.
“Take that as a yes from both of us!” I yelled.
“Even your own mother, Leo?” Then one of the snake’s eyes wasn’t empty, it contained a glass sphere like a hamster ball, except there was no hamster, but a ghostly form of my mom.
“Mom!” I yelled.
In the other eye the same thing appeared except inside it was a man in his early thirties.
He had black hair, slightly spiky. His had a midday beard and black eyes, like onyx. I knew who he was, and Hazel knew who the woman was.
“Gee!” Hazel said. She put her hand to her mouth.
“Oh yes, Half-bloods. I brought back your bad; I can bring back your good. And I know exactly what.”
“Shut up, Lady, we owe you nothing!” Hazel yelled. That snapped me back.
Focus Valdez.
“Even if you could have it back for nothing?” Gaia asked through the snake.
Something caught my eye; it was my mom’s ghost, emotionless and motionless in the serpent’s eye. My mom was never like that when she was sleeping!
“Nothing is worth nothing. You have to lose a bolt if you want to build a machine.” I said.
“You are right, Leo. Bitter memories of little sayings against a life. A bolt worth losing,” Gaia said.
“You can’t create a new life! It’s gone and it’s not coming back, it’s a basic rule of magic!” Hazel said.
“So you give up on your father, young witch?” Hazel made a strangled sound and looked horrified.
“Then you can get it all back! I have my own brand of magic, the pathetic little rules your mother makes you go by don’t apply to me! If you really do care, if your parents mean one thing to you…”
“Don’t talk to her like that!” I yelled at Gaia.
“You know it is true. Pledge to my service and I’ll fix what you cannot, Leo. Even the best smith cannot fix everything; don’t be ashamed. You’ll see I know some things about fixing and making myself.” Gaia tempted.
I could get my mom back… It would be like I never set that building on fire. Like my mother had always been there. I looked over at Hazel. I was saying yes to this, and so was she. Wait, no.
Hazel couldn’t do this. She had no excuse for doing it; her father had been killed by Gaia. She couldn’t go to his service. No, not Hazel, she couldn’t… I crossed her eyes. I hoped my eyes said what I couldn’t say out loud. ‘I won’t do it if you don’t’. She understood somehow, I didn’t know how, but by the looks on how she bit her lip and became scary pale she did.
She nodded.
“Yeah Gaia, and breaking. Not happening!” I said.
“Me neither!” Hazel said.
“Ooh a team now, hmm?” Gaia slithered.
“Vehemens dolore!” Hazel yelled again. Another jet of light came flying out and hit the snake. I made a dash for a ballista and it spun on its own (go mechanical control!), all I had to do was trigger it and some heavy duty rocks hit the snake.
I let go of the ballista and just blasted the sea monster with a jet long-burning flames, as Hazel’s spells sustained, the light redeeming itself as it went.
Somehow I wasn’t getting drained. I kept it going and kept it at Gaia.
“I’ll be back, and this time, the prize will be even juicier.”
“Fat chance snake-face!” Hazel yelled.
I was downright insulted by this idiot. Monsters have so much nerve to stick around sometimes…
I blasted it with more fire then I’d ever used before, even with the Cyclops family last winter.
Jason, Karen and Percy unfroze as the serpent let out one last shrill and it fell. Karen went down with it, screaming a cuss word.
Percy dove after her as a huge wave –think tsunami- erupted; as the snake exploded really theatrically. We both fell back and got pushed underwater crazy fast. I swallowed a lot of salt water -FYI not a good idea- and struggled to catch anything.
Stupid you’ve got a tool belt around your waist.
Another figure plopped downwards besides me. I spun around and grabbed her hand- it was Hazel. Something about her fingers grasping mine acted like an ON switch for my brain.
I took something out of the pocket. It was a life jacket, the kind of thing you get on an airplane, from the pocket of the seat in front of you.
I pulled on the white string hoping I wouldn’t have to blow in it. Thankfully I didn’t have to, and the thing was probably blessed because instead of having to pass it to Hazel and wait for Percy, it dragged both of us up to the surface.
Hazel pointed her wand and wasted her breath saying something, but we went about 5 times faster. We broke through the surface in no time and gasped for air.
Percy and Jason were playing Search-and-rescue and helping everybody else on board.
“Hazel, are you alright?” I asked letting go of the life jacket like she did and holding on to her, kicking around. She nodded, but her eyes were threatening with tears and murder intentions on Gaia (at least I hoped it was Gaia).
I put my arm around her and she buried her face in my shoulder. I kept kicking so we wouldn’t sink. Percy spotted us but sort-of hesitated. I nodded to his intention and he picked us up. Hazel didn’t let go and I was glad she didn’t, as Percy willed the currents to take us near to where Jason was stationed, lifting people on board to where Zane was giving out blankets. The water was freezing.
“Are you two alright? What happened?” Jason asked.
It seemed like a dumb question. Hazel was nearly hyperventilating from trying to keep her emotions down and I was shaking like a phone on vibrate. Alright wasn’t exactly the right word.
“Not now.” I said low enough for Hazel not to hear. Percy suddenly smacked his forehead, swore and dove under.
“Where’s he going?” I asked.
“Why should I know?” Jason shrugged. He floated us to the top deck. I steered Hazel towards a lonely spot on the deck, near the spur. She wasn’t as panicked anymore, but I kept my arm around her. She breathed deeply trying to cover her emotions.
“Do you think I really just killed him again?” Hazel asked her voice low.
“You never killed him.”
“Yes I did, Leo.”
“No, you never killed.”
“If you’re implying that you ever did, Leo…”
With a racket Percy and Jason landed on deck, holding Gwen between them. She was unconscient, dripping wet and covered in green slime and cuts. Karen hauled herself overboard next, just as tired as them. How she climbed; I had no idea. I guess she’d climbed, but whatever the reason; if she could keep up with the big 3 kids…
“Gwen! Holly Styx, what happened?” Hazel asked straightening up. I followed her back to where most of the people were.
Percy and Jason both collapsed on the deck exhausted.
“The thing… Plucked her from… Up there…” Percy pointed in the wrong ‘up there’ as he spoke “And ate… Her… She sunk to the bottom when… It exploded.” Percy said breathless.
“Gods, Seaweed brain, thank the gods you figured that out, she might have drowned!” Annabeth said.
“You okay Jackson?” Jason asked, staring at the sky.
“Yeah. You Grace?” Percy asked, starring at the sky too.
“Yeah.” He said. Really they both looked too exhausted to even stay awake. My own knees buckled on me.
“You okay, Valdez?” Hazel asked, grabbing my arm as I caught the railing with my other.
“You’re just as horrible of a liar as Add and Grace.” Hazel told me.
There was a quiet silence waiting for someone to get up and get the will to do something. I was pretty sure Percy and Jason had passed out. Bobby got up and Annabeth did too.
“Why was it nearly drowning? What saved everyone who went down straight away?” Karen asked.
“Dolphins. My dad’s messengers.” Percy mumbled. Oh, I guess he was conscient.
“Delphin, the god of dolphins, he means. They were sent by Poseidon to help with our friend.” Annabeth said.
“I guess the gods really are getting tired of staying cooped up in Olympus, we’ve seen a lot of them haven’t we?” Carmen said.
“More than the gods usually interact.” Jonno said.
“More than the roman gods usually interact.” Annabeth corrected.
“Not as much as monsters, unfortunately.” Lark said.
“All the snake creatures are after me.” Percy complained, propping himself up with his elbow.
“Medusa, hydra, Kâmpa, Lamia, Ketos Troias… Nope, you’re missing a few.” Annabeth said.
“That’s really not the kind of thing one wants to hear while one is nearly passed out on the deck of a flying boat that’s going into his enemy domain.” Jason tipped.
His eyes rolled back in his head but he snapped back to consciousness.
“Kay, Zane, get us in the air and make it quick,” Bobby said.
“Go get the first aid kit; I’ll do primal checks on Gwen.” Annabeth said. Bobby went off downstairs.
Karen was up and about soon enough, inquiring on what she could do, followed by Piper, Percy, Jason (who had come around for good), Lark, Carmen and Jonno.
I assessed damage on the boat.
A sail was ripped, we’d lost a lot of weaponry and a few oars had snapped, one had just gone. A plank was creaky in the floor and one had a hole in it, right above the common area. We’d ripped the rope ladder to get to the second storey and part of the railing by which half of the crew had fallen off was ripped clear out. But most of those things could be fixed at least.
“I’m going to go check for leaks.” I said going downstairs.
The nightmarish scene and Gaia’s taunts echoed in my head even if it was over. We’d really been that close to saying yes. We’d really nearly betrayed the gods. I really just had killed my mom again…
No that was not mom. That couldn’t be mom. Mom wasn’t that lifeless if it really were her, she wouldn’t have been grey and dull. Mom was energetic; always.
Or at least she had been…
Gaia was tearing up old wounds right now, and she knew exactly where to put the salt.

Next up: link
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Ruth Linters"

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@Percyrulez- No, that wasn't the last chapter. Please delete that comment seeing as you could jusrt have edited it into your previous one.
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Last: link

@Per- I love the “I can’t believe that thing just ATE Gwen”. It made me laugh! And the headaches were when the Trojan Sea Monster came back to life, I forgot to include it in the chapter *facepalm* And I hated the Princess Andromeda because of Beckendorf dying! D:
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@thilahector – I won’t tell you that!
@Danieltomimi – I’m around the 198s…
@daughter-ofzeus – Ooh, character changes…
@jessie0147 – Hecate cabin!!!! And Dakota isn’t too relevant to the story right now; all you need to know is that she knows what’s going on via dream. She’ll be back later though, if that helps 
@athenafan123 – I am working on 2 books, 1 English, 1 French.
@Nico – Yup, I know what you mean ;)
@underwater – Fridays, Tuesdays, holidays, whenever I finish a book or reach 100 page milestones
@Greekrules – Janus, god of doors, choices. And if you think that that was intense, read ‘I am Number Four’, it’s amazing!
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@sylviakitty- Thanks, but I can’t… Me have no rights… Which is unfortunate because it’s one of the best things I’ve ever written.
@Percabeth2136 (hope I got the digits right)- I’m waiting to have an actual piece before talking to someone, because I’m young; so they should have at least something to base on.
@Percy___Jackson – It’s against spot rules to advertise a fanfiction on another forum, please delete it and like someone said, it hasn’t been upgraded since November- it might be abandoned.
@Biancadi- lucky! You get some big work!
@Lightning- What are you talking about, you and red are getting free copies! I’ll find some way to get them to you. And I like your long comments! I smile when I see your name and icon in the forum!
@EragonJackson – Why thank you!
@dragonsaphira – He had to rush himself to save a drowning person who was already at the bottom of the ocean, provide her with a bubble for oxygen and protection against the pressure, fight the biggest monster in a while, bring people up and down from the boat, he was stressed, when it was only Jason, Karen, Leo and Hazel and him on board he was fighting double because there were so little of them, and seeing as the Argo II isn’t luxury the meals aren’t that big (so less energy) and he takes shifts at night to watch over things along with Leo, Zane, Annabeth and Bobby (they don’t trust Jason alone on a boat in the night, Gwen has to nautical advantage or boat advantage, Carmen and Jonno neither, Lark too and Karen either, so…) Hope that answers your question!

There was this HUGE storm last night, so at 5:00 in the morning yours truly wakes up and looks at the light reflecting on the store thinking ‘ooh… pretty…’ and ‘WOW THAT’S SO COOL!’ at the same time.
Continue to vote and nominate for the fanfiction awards! : link

So this chapter is not only posted because it has to be; since the last one was such a giant that it meant that this one was next in line, but I’m at 200 pages. With all the editing I’m about to do, that’ll change; but that’s where the numbers stand this very second.


[b]June 10th: South Pacific ocean/b]
The just reward
Leo Valdez zipped up his coat and got to the deck, to take over steering. Since Zane had gone down nobody was at the wheel, a good 20 minutes of the boat going any way. He really couldn’t wait until his shifts were over, could he?
With great difficulty Leo managed to get on the deck without the ladder. He noticed someone else was on the deck, and he recognised her quick enough. Her elbows were propped on the railing and she was wearing a black hoody. Brown curls were sweeping in the wind and she could have been a statue. He forgot about steering and went next to her.
“Hey Weasley,” he said propping one of his elbows on the railing. She turned her head to look at him, suddenly aware she wasn’t alone.
“Oh, hi Leo.” She said.
“You’re not supposed to be on-deck alone in the middle of the night.” He said.
He only said it because he didn’t know what else he could. Because we both know Leo had problem whatsoever with the witch.
“Who said I listened?”
She turned her head back to stare at the sea. Moonlight illuminated her face, her eyes with that special something they had -magic he called it.
“Why are you up?” Leo asked.
“I can’t think straight when I’m under a roof.” Hazel told him.
“Technically this is a deck.” Leo said.
“Technically we aren’t supposed to care that we even exist, but at this point Leo I can’t deny it. I really do.” She said. He nodded, staring out at the churning waves. The only light was one of the specialised candles that she’d brought with her, and put down on the deck.
“You know,” he started, “I got really scared earlier.”
“Was it the nearly drowning part or the Trojan sea monster in general?” She asked sarcastically.
“It was Gaia’s offer, actually. I thought you’d take it… That I’d take it…” He admitted.
“Same here. I don’t know but sometimes I think that Gaia would take better care of her soldiers, because that’s what she is, really: a nurturer. She’s mother earth, maybe she’d be more of a mother then I’ve ever gotten. But then I keep thinking of how Gaia used me as a pawn. That’s a total violation of my person really, and then of the crevice she made especially for Gee to die…” Hazel chocked up, but quickly moved on like her routine had been since the day of the so-mentioned crevice.
“And then I know there’s no way I’ll ever be able to fight anywhere but against her.” Hazel said.
“You’re lucky,” Leo said “In that way. You have something that can make you remember that Gaia was in it. I don’t, it’s just me that made it.” Hazel looked out at the horizon, like she was seriously considering jumping out and swimming there. Maybe problems like this didn’t exist on the horizon. Leo couldn’t help himself and tucked a strand of rebellious hair behind her ear.
“You know Valdez; it’s not too late to create something. Smart guy like you, I thought you’d have figured it out.”
“Like what?” Leo asked.
“Well you’re the builder!” She said.
But she thought for a minute.
“What about an oath?” She asked.
“An oath?”
“Yeah. Swear an oath on the river Styx that you’ll never serve Gaia. Anytime she might tempt you, you’ll remember the oath, then your mom, and you’ll just go ‘screw this’.” She said.
“Alright, I guess. It can’t do any more harm, anyways. I’ve never done this before though.”
“I’ll do it with you, just swear.” Hazel said. He literally swore and she laughed, but stopped so the others wouldn’t wake up.
“Swear it, Valdez. Do I honestly need to go first?” She said.
“No, I’m good. So I swear never to serve or help Gaia in any way I or someone cleverer” -Hazel smiled- “can think of; for everyone Gaia… Everything Gaia did wrong.” He said.
“And I swear too, to never to help Gaia in any way imaginable for Gee and… And for you and your mom.” Hazel said. Their eyes met. They slowly leaned in on each other. She cupped her hand over his cheek, he put an arm around her and pulled her closer and they finally got the just reward for their suffering.

That was the day something bigger started. Something bigger then you can imagine right now, and something bigger then they ever expected on their shoulders. But for now they weren't imagining anything, they were just enjoying the beauty and absolute perfect of the moment.

Next up: link
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ο μ γ τηατ ωας αμαζινγ. ψου αρε τρυλψ αμαζινγ ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ
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Last chapter: link

Miss me?
These are easy comments to go through, and I LOVED reading them.
@the-time-thief- The Lost Hero, written by me, Jewels, The Last Song was Perfect, The Boy with the Onyx eyes, The Fighter, I will follow you into the dark- songfic, Silent and Deadly, When Talos was Brought Down, Overshadowed, When she…, a bunch on the Annabeth Chasse fanfiction spot and that’s about it for now…
@Quadnipples – If you mean Leo and Hazel together- it was meant to be blatant. Other things, maybe those are meant to be too :)
@red- Thanks! I wouldn’t forget you guys!
@Percysmile- Welcome! And that song is TOO good!
@those who are disappointed with the last line- I had a beautiful last line all typed up but I guess I didn’t save or whatever and you got what you had. I didn't think you would mind that much. Just this once because I'm still sorry for being late; It has been changed if you want to look ba

Also, take into consideration that I don’t revise twice, and as the human I am I miss things.

As the human I am I also have memory and memory farts. So I was locked out of my house, didn’t get to post until my mom came back and she was late, and then I had to go run errands (I got Harry Potter 7 part 1 on DVD though, so it was WORTH IT!)

And it would have posted sooner if my laptop would have worked  I am SO SORRY! And then the same thing again, and as I write this my Internet’s down, so for the first time –and hopefully last- I’ll have to post on a Saturday *eye twitch* I’m sorry guys! I hope this one’s worth it!

Anyways, here’s a big one!

Piper McLean
July 11th: South Pacific Ocean, nearing Costa Rica
Ocean air; definitely
The next morning breakfast was odd.
We were all sprawled out across the deck as usual. Jason was enduring Zane over by the spur and I knew that he would pay a million of his aureuses to be able to stop playing the nice consul and challenge him to a sword fight or whatever, Annabeth and Percy were sitting back to the left railing, and Karen and Carmen were laughing together- Carmen looking at Zane from the corner of her eyes. Oh Carmen, that better not mean…
Lark was starring in space, not touching her plate near the mast and Bobby was trying to teach me how to play chess. Gwen was still unconscious below-deck and Jonno was with her. That was normal (well, except for Gwen). What wasn’t normal was Leo and Hazel together near the bar. I have to admit, I’d seen it coming -I mean, who hadn’t except for both of them (stupid)- but actually seeing it was beyond weird. Hazel was smiling and laughing- I’m serious- laughing! At Leo’s cheesy jokes none-the-less!
“I saw it coming,” Bobby said. He was trying to teach me chess. Neither of us were really eating either. There’s something about coming real close to dying that cuts your appetite for a while.
“Me too, but it’s so weird…” I said.
“I know. I haven’t seen Hazel smile like that since December, and when she did smile it was because of sharp, deadly or/and magical things, horses or Leo.”
“Why did she..? I mean, was she..?”
“Depressed? I don’t know. And if she wasn’t she was pretty damn close to.”
“Why?” I asked. It wasn’t my business and I thought Bobby might get annoyed by my asking. Romans didn’t like questions; they liked to be obeyed to and to obey. What fun.
“It’s… Complicated.” Bobby said.
“Well it’s not like we’re short of free time, here.”
“You’re stubborn McLean.” He said.
I thought ‘uh oh, way the go’ but he didn’t sound angry (thank the gods).
Bobby explained Hazel’s story to me. My jaw dropped.
“But it’s not her fault! That’s horrible!”
“You try telling her that, Piper.” Bobby said.
“Not while she’s smiling like that, I’d have to be an idiot to ruin it!” I said. Bobby looked over his shoulder quickly.
“Yeah you would. What about Leo? What’s his story? He wasn’t looking too good after yesterday either.”
“He’s a fire user, right?”
“Well Gaia locked his mom in a workshop and somehow got him to set fire to the building. She didn’t make it out and I think he’s hated himself for using fire every time he does, especially now.” I said.
“That’s… Frankly a lot like Hazel’s story. And he was 8, right?”
“Oh yeah, which is the weirdest part.”
“Poor guy. I don’t reckon it’s a coincidence… Coincidences don’t happen, they’re usually there to camouflage something bigger. Either way, I guess the freak ‘coincidence’ is why they’re there.” Bobby said.
I shivered. He was probably right.
“They’re holding hands now.” I informed him.
“Dear gods.” He said.
“I think it was last night. I woke up in the middle of the night and she wasn’t there.
It was around midnight according to Annabeth’s watch, and that’s when Leo takes his shift.”
“Wow, where you spying?” Bobby said.
“No!” I protested.
“Sure.” He said completely not believing me.
“I’m not like my sisters!” I protested. He just moved a gladiator on the chessboard.
“Check,” he said. I was a little annoyed but I moved the king away from danger. Bobby smirked and moved another piece.
“Check mate, Piper.” He said.
“Well I’ve got no chance against you!” I protested.
“Hey, you’re still learning its fine, I’ve gotten years of practise. Amy and I…” He paused and bit his lip.
“Who’s Amy?” I asked.
“A friend.”
“Amy is a girl last time I was informed.”
“You can be so thick sometimes.” I muttered. He shrugged and brushed his bangs out of his eyes. He was wearing glasses- Annabeth and Jason won (Bobby would resent me for it later, if you know what I mean).
“Amy’s my best mortal friend; we know each other inside out.” He said his eyed studying the board. “Hey, you’re not completely screwed. If you moved Dianna…”
“Oh, this one?”
“That’s Artemis.” Bobby said. His tone was a little impatient; I’d done that every time he’d recommended a move. I wasn’t there that morning. I stared at the piece and then hand-eye coordination skills kicked in and I moved it.
“No, that’s how you move Neptune- sorry Poseidon, or Hades. Artemis and Apollo move like that.” Bobby reminded me, drawing a line in thin air with his fingers.
“Awe I give up.” I said tipping the king. The sky thundered as if in protest.
“I think Jupiter is mad that you tipped him.” Bobby said. I rolled my eyes even if he was probably right.
“Doesn’t matter. I didn’t get zapped when I accidentally lost the queen, so you know…”
“Accidentally?” Bobby asked an eyebrow rose. I put a finger in front of my lips and went ‘shh’ and he rolled his eyes.
“Sure.” He said. He moved a rook.
“Okay, now you’re done for.” He said.
“I’ll stick with checkers, but thanks anyways.”
“‘The Game of kings’!” He said smacking his forehead.
“What?” I said thinking this was some aftermath of the Trojan sea monster. Maybe he’d hit his head before Delphin, or the helpful Cyclops had gotten to him.
“That’s where I remember your name from! Your dad was in that movie, wasn’t he? ‘The Game of Kings’?” Bobby said.
“Ummm, yeah.”
“Cool. Sorry it’s been bugging me for ever. I mean, I’ve never actually seen ‘The King of Sparta’ so I had no idea where I knew your dad’s name from.” Bobby said.
“Alright…” I said unsure.
“Yes you did see it, Bobby. We all went on a day off. Remember, Gwendolyn pushed Caleb into the dock? Gwendolyn nearly died?” Jason said, escaping his conversation with Zane.
“Yeah, remember the hellhound who was after the guy’s popcorn?” Hazel added.
“I was with Amy and the others.” Bobby said.
“Oh right, you missed the hellhound.” Jason realised.
“I think he’s lucky that way.” Hazel said.
“Well don’t bother seeing the movie.” Annabeth called.
“What?” Bobby said.
“It sucks.” Percy said. “No offence Piper. Or Karen.”
“None taken, I couldn’t agree more.” I said.
“What?” Karen asked, tuning into the conversation.
She went back to talking with Carmen.
“Your dad played Jonathan right? The nerd?”
“Are you calling me a nerd, Peverell?” Jonathan said climbing up.
“No,” Bobby said.
“Good because the real nerd is NOT me.” He looked at Bobby and Annabeth meaningfully, “Even Carmen gets better grades then I do.”
“Hey!” Carmen protested.
“I wasn’t talking about you, Jonno, and besides that’s not who he plays is it?” Bobby asked.
How he changed from one subject to another was a little confusing and made him a little hard to keep up with. Constantly.
“No, he’s the world master whatever that guy’s name is. Jonno what are you even doing up here?” I said.
“Oh, Gwen’s starting to wake up, I think, did I not mention?” Jonno said stealing a piece of bread from Carmen’s left overs.
“No! You don’t leave a waking person alone especially not after an accident like that!” Hazel criticised.
She squeezed Leo’s hand and said something to him -that made him smile once her back was turned- and headed downstairs. We tried not to look at Leo meaningfully- well, those who didn’t get it anyways.
Percy asked Annabeth a question and he got hit for it. I could read ‘are you serious?’ on her lips and felt mine break into a smile.

“You think someone is regaining conscience?” I asked. Jonno shrugged. Wow…
“Valdez, you need someone in the crow’s nest?” He offered.
“Sure,” Leo said. Jonno grabbed his bow; put his quiver on his back.

He had short chestnut hair and a somewhat cocky smile. His eyes were brown like tree bark and he looked about as much as Carmen as I look like Annabeth. I couldn’t even tell he was a child of Apollo, which was weird. Anyways he climbed up as easily as a squirrel.

“Squirrel-man.” I overheard Percy say. Annabeth elbowed him.
“Don’t call him that.” She said.
“It’s true!” He defended. Annabeth laughed.
“No it’s not he’s just…”
“Squirrel-man.” Percy said.
“You’re impossible Seaweed brain.” Annabeth said.
“And that’s why you like me.”
“Wrong, that’s why I love you.” Annabeth said.
So Hera and Hestia had willingly separated them? That made both of them seem sort-of like hellhounds…
“By the way, they did kiss last night.” Zane said.
“How in the name of Hades would you have a clue?” Annabeth asked.
“Simple; it was still my shift. Leo heard me come down when I was looking for a crowbar –don’t ask- and he thought I was going back to sleep or something, so he went up, and when I did, well, yeah.”
“And you didn’t say something onoxious to ruin the moment?” Karen said.
“Geez, Zane, that’s super sweet of you.” Carmen said.
“There’s hope!” I said. But seriously? Maybe there was more to Zane then that… Sort of like there was to Leo, Gwen, Hazel… I wondered if he’d gone through some form of trauma. Maybe, maybe not. Either way; this proved there was hope and he wasn’t totally done for. He was just freaking close.
But Carmen still shouldn’t be giving him pretty eyes. That was just wrong.
I got up to go downstairs with Hazel and Gwen. I looked in the cabin where Hazel was kneeling next to Gwen.
“Hey Gwen, you feeling any better?” I asked.
“Oh for the gods’ sake, stop worrying about me, I’m fine!” Gwen said trying to sit up again. “And Hazel Jean Ducharme don’t you dare push me back down with that thing.” She said pointing to the wand.
“Gwendolyn-Marie Heather Madison, I will not dare!” She said sarcastically in a phony imitation of Gwen.
“Watch it with the full name.” Gwen said, getting back up.
“Are you hungry?” Hazel asked.
“I’m starved,” Gwen said. “Strangely seeing where all the food one eats goes hasn’t cut my appetite.”
“Oh how comforting. Now I don’t have to worry about getting eaten because I’ll be able to eat afterwards, joy, joy, joy. I’ll go get you a plate, come up soon.” Hazel said before disappearing back up. Gwen looked at me questioningly.
“What’s up with her?” Gwen asked. “She hasn’t been that sarcastic for months.”
“I don’t know for sure but I think-” I interrupted myself.
The answer was basically ‘your best friend and the guy that hates you and that you hate were eating together and holding hands this morning!’ Not exactly the kind of news I wanted to be the poor sucker telling her.
“I think it’s the sea air.” I said.
“The sea air?” Gwen questioned.
“Oh yeah! It’s good for the mind and soul, didn’t you hear?” I said feeling like a complete loser.
“No. Has anybody?”
“Oh yeah! Tss… It was a university study. In Russia. It cures arthritis and eating disorders too. Well enough talk on that, let’s go, you must be starved being knocked out since yesterday.” I said dragging her by the wrist out of there resisting the urge to smack my head against the wall repeatedly.
“Now that you mention it, not really. The inside of a sea monster’s stomach really cuts one’s appetite. There’s some sort of gland that releases acid and something that looks suspiciously like…”
“Gwen I just ate!” I protested. She laughed.
“I’m sorry McLean but you make it too easy!” She said. I climbed up the rope ladder Zane had improvised and she did so, perfectly capable.
“Hey Gwen.” Bobby said looking up from a book.
“Hello people of the Argo II.” She said. “Just to check, nobody died yesterday?”
“Surprisingly no.” Jason said. “Though you had us worried.”
“I’m too stubborn to die.” Gwen said, walking to join Hazel. They both sat down and we recounted the fight as she ate, but nobody knew what had happened once Jason, Percy and Karen froze.
Leo and Hazel both looked so uneasy when everyone expected them to spill that nobody pushed. I wondered if it had anything to do with… Why was I thinking about it like that? Stupid Aphrodite genes popping up… I wondered if there was some kind of pesticide, like “girly-away” or “lovey-dovey off”.
Anyways Gwen was okay, Hazel was laughing (which had a wonder effect on everybody else), Leo’s jokes were slightly less lame… Things were good.
I wondered when it’d blow all up.

Jason Grace
A few demigods penetrated inside a creaky and dark shack. More followed.
“Quickly!” Someone –the female consul Hélène, I thought- urged; her voice a whisper.
“Relax, we’re not being followed.” A girl complained.
“For all you know, Fallon.” Catherine’s voice said.
“For all I know? My senses are wicked sharp for your information, Catherine Murdoch, there’s nothing here!” Fallon replied.
“Don’t argue!” Augustus said.
“Amelia, Catherine, come with me we’ll go ask the stationmaster for something to light a fire with. Augustus and James, see if you can find those lanterns he told us about and everybody else, spread some blankets on the ground, it’s started to freeze and pneumonia is not another problem we need to have.” Ruth said.
Augustus shot her a meaningful look through the light.
“Umm, Ruth?” Amelia questioned.
“Do as I say.” Ruth said irritated. “I’m sorry, but please come.”
The two girls followed their friend outside. Ruth led them further off. By the looks of the forest, they had moved. Ruth was moving both arms as well, so she had healed. At least there; she looked very sick. Pale, so skinny her ribs would probably stick out, and tired. But she was climbing over fallen trees, navigating in the forest nicely, jumping over puddles and potholes.
“Ruth you should rest. You’re working too hard.” Amelia chided.
“It’s not good for you or the baby, you’re sick.” Catherine said. Ruth turned around.
“There is no baby.” She said.
“Why? What happened?” Amelia asked worried.
“Nothing, there never was. I’m not involved in a secret love affair.” Ruth said. Her voice was unusually cold for a Greek demigod.
“Well then what is wrong with you, if you’re trying to tell us you’re healthy…”
“No Catherine, I’m not. I am sick. But that’s not why. Remember the day where everybody seemed to die, a little after we let Augustus and Evelyn escape?”
“Of course, we were there.” Catherine said.
“Well remember when I stayed behind that day to help clear the battlefield of bodies?” Ruth asked.
“Remember how there was that one soldier, that the City had dumped in our fields after killing him back at their base? Flint Holton?”
The name struck a spark; it was Lark’s ghost wasn’t it?
“And how he was so mutilated it took us days to recognise him?”
“Of course, Arianne was devastated. Probably the only reason she’s here.”
“I was the one who decided to pick up his body, right?”
“Ruth, where is this going?”
“Right?” She insisted her face pained like I never thought I’d see a girl like that be.
“Yes, right, you were the only one who’d go anywhere near his body, Ruth what is it?”
“There was a cut…” she took a deep breath. “On my hand, from that son of Janus I ended up killing. And when I touched the body, some of his blood got into my bloodstream, via the cut. The City planted a rare disease mortals don’t know about in it.”
“It’s not… No way, Ruth…” Amelia started sounding really afraid as the theory formed in her head.
“It’s one called AIDS and…” Amelia made a squeaking sound and Catherine put her hand on her mouth.
“No way, Ruth. No… You don’t have that… You can’t.” She denied.
“Amelia, I’ve been having the direct syndromes of that illness and I feel it in the back of my mind.” Ruth said.
Catherine moaned.
“No!” She protested. “That’s not fair!”
“Not you, Ruth!” Amelia said. The two girls panicked.
“I didn’t want Genevieve to treat my arm at the last station because there was blood everywhere. I couldn’t get her sick like Flint Holton’s city-altered corpse got me.” Ruth said, her blue eyes shining with sadness.
“Ruth, I’m so sorry…” Amelia said. She gave Ruth a hug and Ruth winced.
“Oh come off it, we can still hug you.” Catherine said joining in.
“No, guys. Get a grip. I’ll be fine…”
“No you won’t Ruth Linters.” Amelia said.
“You’re right, I’ll die a horrible and young death, but you can’t just give everything up okay? Promise me that. Promise me you’ll follow Augustus’ lead once I…”
“Don’t say it! We’ll get to Upper Canada; there they might have a treatment…”
“They don’t, Catherine, nobody does. Just promise you’ll keep it together and encourage the others to follow Augustus and cooperate with Romans. Because right now none of them are doing it by choice, and I’m not stupid I know it. Well, maybe aside from Henry- but please make it work.” Ruth said. They said nothing. Ruth shook Amelia’s shoulder.
“Promise me!” She said.
“Okay, okay, I will!”
We will,” Catherine said looking about ready to cry.
“Don’t cry Catherine. I’ve still got time.” Ruth comforted her.
“How much did the medics at camp say?” Amelia asked.
“Only one knew.” Ruth said.
“Well what did he say?” Amelia said. Ruth ran her tongue on her lips.
“From today, exactly a month. But we’ll make it to Upper Canada by then.”
“So why are you telling us now?” Catherine asked.
“Just… In case.”
The three girls stood in the forest, Ruth waiting for a reaction other than shock. Just something. Then someone called out.
“Hey, guys! We found a flint stick to light fire.”
The caller, Henry, walked near them.
“Are you guys..?”
“Yes, we’re fine. And good, it spares us the walk.” Ruth cut.
She walked back towards the shack and Amelia followed after pulling two fingers across her lips looking at Catherine in a very clear ‘not a word’ way.
“What’s wrong?” Henry asked. “I’m feeling left out.”
“No reason to.” Catherine said. She stood on her toes and kissed him.
“Not now anyways.” She said softly. Henry looked at her in complete shock, but kissed her again. Their lips lingered for a moment longer.
“Good,” he said. “I don’t like seeing you unhappy.”
“Great sign seeing as you make me happy to even have come along on this.” She said.
“You’re not looking the part.” Henry said.
“I’ve had a bad night.” Catherine said. “Traveling isn’t really my thing.”
“I’ll make it better, then. Common.” Henry said. And they walked back to the shack, hand in hand.

Karen Mallock
July 11th: Entering the Panama Canal
Will my soul pass through the Southland?

Have you ever looked at a gossip magazine’s headlines? Sweep aside the news on stars joining rehab, breakups, divorces and babies: you get the newest couples. It’s my friend Gina’s favourite section.
Sometimes you look at it and think “Whoa where did that come from!” but sometimes it’s an “About time” thing. Well that’s how seeing Leo and Hazel holding hands yesterday was. Everybody and their brother, and their brother’s dog, and the dog’s fleas had seen it coming.
Except Leo and Hazel.
And I didn’t have a dog. So no fleas either technically. Well, Carrie sort-of reminded me of a dog…
Anyways Carmen was sitting on a crate put on the boat’s deck, strumming her guitar to a popular song. The sun was setting and everyone’s hair swayed in the wind. Percy and Annabeth were sitting together, Annabeth resting her head on Percy’s chest. He had an arm around her and everyone was so relaxed it was actually nice. Leo was standing at the bar, Hazel besides him. They were probably holding hands behind, but too chicken to actually show it. Especially with Gwen around.
Carmen finished and everyone clapped.
“Wow, you’re good Carmen!” Annabeth said.
“Are you kidding? She’s amazing!” Jonno said. Carmen blushed. “But she’s really being cheap if we don’t get the vocals.”
“Aww, Jonno.” Carmen said it like ‘go away’.
“No, seriously Carmen, can we hear you sing?” Hazel asked.
“Even I haven’t heard you sing Carmen, let’s go!” I said.
“Fine, what should I do?” She asked.
“Anything you know.” Percy said.
“You’ll have to be a little more specific.” I said.
“Fine then, do you know the song about the temple of Artemis?” Piper asked.
“What?” All the Romans asked at once.
“That’s in Ancient Greek, beauty queen.” Leo said. Piper made a face.
“The heel song?” I suggested.
“What heel song?” Carmen asked.
“Common, you guys have to have heard that song! It’s a campfire classic!” Percy said.
“Exactly, a campfire song Jackson. When would we ever have heard them?”
“Does nobody sing the normal songs at the City? Jason knew some.” I said.
“Jason and Dakota were raised at the City, they’ve dealt with Ancient stuff more than us and Lupa actually has sung to them and stuff.” Bobby said.
“Whoa there, Lupa sings?” Hazel asked.
“She’s actually pretty good.” Jason recalled.
“That’s… Sort of… Umm… Whoa I’m speechless right there.” Hazel said.
“Hallelujah,” Leo joked. Hazel elbowed him playfully.
“She’s different when she’s with little kids.” Jason said. “Gentler, caring, you know the mother wolf form.”
“We know about that about as much as we know about the Heel Song.” Gwen said.
“Okay, new resolution, you guys have to learn the Heel song.”
“Uh oh.” I said suddenly realising that was a horrible idea.
“You guys will think we’re total idiots and hate this with a passion.” Annabeth said.
“Uh oh.” I repeated.
“Seeing as miss I-jump-off-boats-and-fight-sea-monsters-wi­th-­the­-2-­big­-3-­kid­s is saying uh oh I’m genuinely worried.” Bobby said.
We started singing the song to see if they’d catch on but these people made even me look like Beethoven as far as musical talent went (except for Carmen, who was sort-of studying the song more than listening). Even Jason looked at us like ‘oh boy…’
“There was a boy long ago
When our parents were still young.
He took a swim where no hero goes
Or so the story told.

So heal boy, heal
I’ll tell the story of Achille’
He broke a bone and paid the price
Of battle ends in trice

If you’ll sit down, here go the bards
About his famous scene.
Of weakness since then, he stayed clean
Except for that damn heal.

So heal boy, heal
I’ll tell the story of Achille’
He broke a bone and paid the price
Of battle ends in trice

And when Paris let the arrow soar
Apollo just felt dull.
And in the heel, it hit poor Achille’
Stay seated I’m not done.

So heal boy, heal
I’ll tell the story of Achille’
He broke a bone and paid the price
Of battle ends in trice

And he dropped dead right there and then
Straight on the battlefield.
He dropped his sword and never healed,
I blame it on the heal.

So go on, boy, go on
There goes the story of Achilles
If you should draw one thing from here
Is that none cheats Hades.”

They looked so unimpressed that everybody Greek started laughing. It was hilarious!
“That’s the dumbest song I’ve ever heard.” Gwen said looking like she might laugh.
“Yes, but we have fun at campfires when everyone’s singing.” Piper said.
“Sure. You go with that.” Hazel said.
“Okay, the Heel song might be a little… ‘Special’, but there are some songs you have got to know.” Percy said.
“Yeah, like ‘Mounted soldier’. That one you have to know.” Piper said.
“Well of course, who doesn’t know ‘Mounted Soldier’?” Lark said.
“What we said about the Heel song!”
“‘Mounted Soldier’ is different though.”
“Well for starters it has a point.” Jonno said.
“The Heel song does too have a point! That’s how half of the kids at Camp learnt about Achilles, they’ll boycott any book I give them and ignore me when I teach, but when it’s something to do… That’s where the song comes from. The girl that taught Mythology and Ancient Greek at Camp maybe 100 years ago had trouble keeping the demigods still so she could teach, and her boyfriend was a son of Apollo, so…” Annabeth said.
“How the heck do you know that?” I asked.
“Annabeth knows everything about Camp.” Percy said.
“Well that’s sort-of rude.” Bobby said.
“Not really. Between everything that’s always going on at camp and the ADHD of ‘woo a book’ it’s normal.” Annabeth said, immediately picking up what Bobby was talking about (cough twins cough).
“At the City you control it and you do as you’re told or you’re, umm, ‘kicked out’.” Gwen said.
“Camp doesn’t have those restrictions.” Annabeth said her tone suddenly cold.
“Camp’s different then.” Bobby said. “At the City they’re open for anyone to fight. Mortals, various nature spirits, harpies, demigods of course, fauns, genies, the occasional centaur... If you’re not good enough then you’re not in.”
“Harsh.” I muttered.
“Well, how do you think we get the numbers from? The City takes the best, but everybody wants to be a part of it.” Jason said.
“I remember when Lupa tested me I was scared as Pluto. I didn’t do that bad.” Bobby said.
“You’re still alive Bobby, that’s what I call good,” Gwen said.
“I nearly died. I was crying at the beginning and she was sick of me.” Hazel said. She was uneasy at the memory.
“You probably did great. Lupa wouldn’t even think about killing you.” Leo told her. She looked at him and smiled; Gwen didn’t notice the least (and it was probably better off that way).
“I just threw a couple of knives and stole her dagger. I thought she might kill me for it but I guess she was either really happy or I was really good.” Gwen said.
“Or both.” Jonno said.
“When’s the last time Lupa’s been in a good mood the same day Gwen happens to be good?” Hazel joked. Gwen made a face at her.
“What about you Jason?” Piper asked. He shrugged.
“I don’t remember. I was two.” He said.
“Dang!” Leo said.
“Two?” I asked.
“She tested you straight away?” Annabeth asked.
“No, well, she was going to kill me but I did something so it counted.” Jason recounted, as if he was explaining a complicated homework assignment he had no idea about.
“Oh, she was about to kill you because you were Big 3, then you zapped her with lightning and she thought you had good potential.” Percy said. Jason turned his head to look at him questioningly.
“I’ve had some weird dreams,” Percy justified.
“Well I can see that.” Jason said. Everyone laughed.
“I think I know the song you guys are talking about though.” Carmen said. Oh right, that’s how the conversation had started! Wow we branched off to weird things…
Carmen starts pinching at chords until she seemed satisfied and started strumming.
She picked up on the song and everyone got quiet because this was one song we all knew. And that was one of those songs that makes us demigods feel warm and fuzzy inside (and puts me to sleep, but that’s besides the point).
I soaked in Carmen’s words, what they truly meant and what the picture was for the song.
“Listen, heroes, to a story
That was sung millennia ago,
'Bout a kingdom on a mountain
And the valley-folk below.

On the mountain was a treasure
Buried deep beneath the stone,
And the valley-people swore
They'd have it for their very own.

Go ahead and hate your brother,
Go ahead and cheat a coach.
Do it in the name of Olympus,
You can justify it in the end.
There won't be any conch horns blowing
Come the judgement day,
On the bloody morning after....
Mounted soldier rides away.

So the people of the valley
Sent an IM up the hill,
Asking for the buried treasure,
Tons of gold for which they'd kill.

Came an answer from the kingdom,
"With our brothers we will share
All the secrets of our mountain,
All the riches buried there."

So go ahead and hate your brother,
Go ahead and cheat a coach.
Do it in the name of Olympus,
You can justify it in the end.
There won't be any conch horns blowing
Come the judgement day,
On the bloody morning after....
Mounted soldier rides away.

Now the valley cried with anger,
"Mount your horses! Draw your sword!"
And they killed the mountain-people,
So they won their just reward.

Now they stood beside the treasure,
On the mountain, dark and red.
Turned the stone and looked beneath it...
"Peace on Earth" was all it said.

So go ahead and hate your brother,
Go ahead and cheat a coach.
Do it in the name of Olympus,
You can justify it in the end.
There won't be any conch horns blowing
Come the judgement day,
On the bloody morning after....
Mounted soldier rides away.

So go ahead and hate your brother,
Go ahead and cheat a coach.
Do it in the name of Olympus,
You can justify it in the end.
There won't be any conch horns blowing
Come the judgement day,
On the bloody morning after....
Mounted soldier rides away.”

I realised Percy was looking at a spot a few feet away from Carmen. I saw thin air, but I could tell he saw something else. I didn’t know about anything anymore really. I said something and somebody would stand up and say ‘well, actually…’ Hanging around demigods is harder than it looks because of that.
He looked away as Annabeth asked him something, looking worried like ‘he’s intrigued by thin air, uh oh’.
I clapped with everybody else. That was a really good song, but the older and more experienced demigods seemed more touched.
We stayed up until night fell, then Zane stayed up to drive while everybody else went to get ready for bed.

Carmen Attwell
July 11th: entering the Panama Canal

Catherine walked out of a tent, closing the flap behind her. Her eyebrows were tilted towards her nose and her eyes were incredibly deep and empty-looking. The group of demigods stopped talking.
“And?” Someone asked. It was Hélène.
“And she’s dead.” Catherine said. A few people gasped.
“What was wrong with her?” Someone asked.
“Nothing she was perfect!” Catherine said loudly, probably angrier then she’d have been before.
“Griffin means, ‘why did she die’, relax Catherine.” Fallon said. Her tone had that smoothness to it that I’d come to label as charmspeak.
“Ruth was sick.” Catherine said, walking out of a camp area. A guy Catherine’s age -16 to 18- stood up.
“Catherine!” He called.
“James, be quiet and don’t go after her; this isn’t our camp, we must stay together.” Hélène ordered. James completely ignored her and followed Catherine. Hélène clucked her tongue but she had to stay in place and watch the other half-bloods.

It looked like sunrise outside, with the sun rays just starting to touch down on everyone. James ploughed through bushes and moved branches out of his way, trying to find the daughter of Apollo. He stopped looking, discouraged in a meadow.
“Catherine Murdoch where are you?” He sighed.
“None of your business, McIntosh, go away.” Catherine said. James looked up. Catherine was perched in a tree.
“Catherine…” James started.
“Go away, can I be any clearer?”
“No, Catherine. Common, you can’t be alone to mourn it’s a bad idea.” James said.
“What would you know?” Catherine jumped down and landed on her feet gracefully. She stalked up to James and her finger nearly touched her chest.
“Don’t try to tell me you’ve ever felt anything for anybody because both of us know it isn’t true. I don’t know what Augustus –or anybody for that matter- sees in you but I see nothing but stone. Cold, empty and worthless stone.”
“I have felt something for somebody, Catherine.” He said. “And I still feel it, always have and will, I think.”
“Well miracles do happen then.” She snapped before turning away. I saw her eyes might start crying any second.
“Wait!” James grabbed her arm. “Don’t you want to know what?”
“Not particularly, and don’t touch me, creeper!” She said. James didn’t let go.
“I’ve loved you since I saw you, Catherine.” James said.
“Umm...?” James kissed her and Catherine’s eyes sprawled in alarm. She took her bow and slapped him in the side. She pushed him back so he fell.
“What the bloody hell is wrong with you!?!” She yelled at him, so angry I was scared. “My best friend just died and here you are stalking and now kissing me while you know I am with someone else!”
“You… You are?”
“It’s been nearly 1 month you disgusting little creature, 1 month! Don’t act innocent because you knew!” She yelled.
“Catherine he’s…”
“I don’t want to hear any of your pathetic excuses! If you ever touch me again I am not going to be as generous as to hit you with my bow and neither will Henry!” She yelled.
She kicked a branch over him and ran deeper in the woods, her face in her hands. Henry ran into the clearing about a minute later.
“Where’s Catherine?” Henry asked. He frowned. “Why are you on the ground?”
“I tripped.”
“Smooth. Now where’s Catherine?” Henry asked, offering James a hand.
“She’s dead.” He said sharply when he was on his feet.
“That’s not funny at all.” Henry said.
“I don’t know, I haven’t found her.”
“That’s weird; there’s no sign of activity in the treetops of the tree species she usually hides in. No way she’s on the ground. She never does when she’s sad.”
“You know her well?” James asked. Henry rose and eyebrow.
“You’re kidding?” He asked.
“No, not at all. What?” James asked. Henry rolled his eyes and left the clearing.
James pushed his teeth together so hard I was scared he’d bite one off. Catherine hadn’t been too polite about rejecting him; I could read the anger in his eyes.

A woman wearing a black cloak and a domino mask with glittery, silver lining appeared behind him. Her hair was black and messily packed up behind her head. I could see clear and pale blue eyes with long, full lashes in the eyeholes.
‘What will you do? What you were asked or what you want?’ Her voice was a whisper, soft and tempting. But not charmspeak, something darker. Well, not charmspeak like I’d heard Piper use it…
“I… She rejected me…” James murmured.
‘Rather harshly might I add. But what now? Revenge? That would be nice, now wouldn’t it? Revenge is always good.”
“I… I shouldn’t. It’s against the City’s code.” James said.
‘And so is straying a battle. What are you doing know, though? Not at the City, are you? Not fighting with the other children of Mars. Wimp. What a weak thing to do. That makes you a wimp.’
“But that’s different.”
‘Is it? Is it really? You’ve hated the boy and loved Catherine since you met.’
“I can’t, I owe too much to Augustus and Hélène; and Ruth Linters just died…”
‘A Greek girl died. Boo-hoo. You’ve hated everything about her too, from the shape of her eye to the color of her curls. Why should you mourn and suffer through the depression caused by one single Greek girl?’ The woman replied tauntingly, circling James.
She reminded me of the popular girls at my school; Dominique and Blenda. To sit at their table at lunch, they made you steal something at a store they liked. Some kids got caught, some kids like me just knew. But Dominique and Blenda themselves never got in trouble, a ton of other kids did.
And James was like all the new girls who ended up with criminal records; he bought what the goddess said.
“Yeah…” He said. The woman disappeared and James looked around. He sniggered.
“Probably off snogging in the woods.” He said to himself. But he shook his shaggy blond hair back and left the clearing and walked off. He was going to do like all the other girls who were desperate to be popular did.

Now the view was of a small, dimly lighted area, inside a tent. Augustus, Amelia and Lance were by a mattress where what was undeniably a body covered by a sheet lay. Someone attemptively pushed the flap out of the way and came in; Hélène. She silently glided down the floor towards Augustus and she slipped her arm around his shoulders.
“She knew her time was close, Augustus, it didn’t hurt.” She comforted.
“But why?” Lance asked. “I still don’t get it. She was fine until 3 days ago and then I practically carried her here since before-yesterday…”
“She was sick, Lance. She knew that it was going to take her life, she was living with a deadline.” Amelia said.
“And she came on the journey crippled?” Lance asked. At this point I was pretty sure Lance was a son of Kratos. He was muscled, and his eyes were the color of clay like Karen.
“Yes. She did.” Amelia snapped her tone dangerous.
“Calm down Amelia. Ruth wouldn’t want you to-” Hélène started.
“How would you know? You barely knew her and cared even less!” Amelia said.
“Amelia, no. Ruth was very clear in what she told you, she didn’t want fighting.” Augustus said.
“Ruth wanted a lot of things. She wanted to be the first woman president, she wanted peace and she wanted a happy life. None of that’s happening.” Amelia said her face pained.
“Well make one of her wishes true!” Hélène said.
“Hélène is right, Amelia. We can honour her with that.” Augustus said. Amelia looked at Hélène bitterly.
“Look Terranni, I’ve risked more than you’d believe to come on this stupid trip, and not just for me! I’m the first girl consul, and by betraying the City I could end up being the last: there were already some ifs about giving a girl power! I didn’t think it’d have such a toll on everyone but I’d suggest you respect what I’ve done and maybe I can start respecting you!” Hélène said.
“You are both right. I’m sorry but it’s just all…” Amelia said. Hélène put a hand on her shoulder.
“You’re thinking about too many things and your emotions are stirring it up into something uncontrollable and making you moody.” She said.
“Yes. Does the same happen for you?”
“Often.” Hélène said.
“Look, we might’ve started off on the wrong foot. But I don’t want to be your rival. Can we restart everything?” Amelia asked rising to her feet and holding out her hand. Hélène studied her face.
“Of course,” she agreed shaking her hand.
“That’s great.” Lance said, “But what now? We can’t… Well this is awkward to say, but we can’t give her the funeral rites, but we can’t stay here either.”
“I don’t know. But none of us are thinking straight.” Augustus said.
“I suggest we stay here for the day, we’ll eventually figure something out.” Hélène said.
“Yes. Should I go find Catherine and Henry?” Lance asked.
“No, Henry went to find her. They’re probably together, I’d let them go.” Amelia said.
“Honest, you have no tact.” Hélène told Lance.
“Well I’m sorry, but I’ve never had to have any tact before. As long as I showed up buff enough to hurt someone, it was all good.” Lance said.
“That’s not true, Lance, you know you’re our friend.” Amelia said. “Ruth always said it and so do we.”
“Sorry, you’re right.” Lance said. “I’m not thinking straight either.”
“Sleep would help you. You’ve gone through a lot of energy carrying Ruth, common. I’ll find you a blanket or something, and I cannot bear to stay in this room.” Amelia said. They both left the tent leaving Augustus and Hélène.
“And?” Augustus asked.
“James went out after Catherine. I don’t know what’s happening but I don’t like the sound of it.” Hélène said. Augustus froze.
“She was armed right?” He checked.
“She had a bow and a quiver full of arrows.” Hélène reported. Augustus bit his lip.
“A lot of Apollo’s children keep knives on them at all times for the final blows on prey. She’s probably no exception.” Hélène said.
“You’re right.” He said. Hélène elbowed him.
“Hey,” her tone had changed to something less formal, “I know you’re upset about your sister, you were undeniably close, but just know that she was a good person. She’ll make it to Elysium or even the Isles of the Blest if she chooses.”
“Yes, thank you. I suppose I just never expected anybody to fall to something else then battle.”
“She was fighting, Augustus.” Hélène said. “Get out of this tent, it holds too many bad memories and you haven’t slept. I’ll watch.”
“You haven’t slept much either.”
“Yes, but I’ve been more relaxed then you. Go, now.”
Hélène shooed him out of the room. She sat down on one side of the floor, her head tilted up so she was looking up and not at Ruth’s covered form. It must be horrible to be in the same room as a corpse…

I saw the crowd of demigods and where they were more clearly. I knew it instantly; they were in an old Civil War encampment, the mortal kind. I’d studied it a bit in school, but only because our teacher thought we should expand and learn more than just Canadian history.
Soldiers were walking amongst the tents. A fire was lit and it was evening. I quickly recognised Henry and Catherine. Catherine’s cheeks were wet but she had her head held high. They walked by the fire where a few men were singing.
“In a dreary Yankee prison
Where a rebel soldier lay
By his side there stood a preacher
Ere his soul should pass away
And he faintly whispered: Parson
As he clutched him by the hand
Oh, parson, tell me quickly
Will my soul pass through the Southland?

Will my soul pass through the Southland
Through the old Virginia grants
Will I see the hills of Georgia
And the green fields of Alabam?
Will I see there little church house
Where I pledged my heart and hand
Oh, parson, tell me quickly
Will my soul pass through the Southland?”

Catherine paused and listened, taking in the words and ranges. Her foot tapped the ground. The group of soldiers might not be the best singers in the world, but she absorbed it all like a sponge. Henry stopped and just watched her. I don’t know if it was the faraway look she got since she was into the song, the reflection of the flames against her face of her bright eyes, but he smiled, even if it was weak.

“You like music, girl?” A soldier asked Catherine once the song was over.
“Yes, sir.” She said.
“No need to call me sir. ‘Name is George.” He said.
“I’m Catherine and this is Henry.”
“You two from the load of refugees that got taken in here?”
“Yes,” Catherine answered.
“Well you have got to be pretty lost to stumble on a battlefield.” George said. A few soldiers laughed.
“We are, our stationmaster abandoned us.” Henry said.
“But I don’t understand why you’re fleeing. None of you are slaves, so unless a few of you are runaway soldiers from the south…”
“That’s it.” Catherine said, jumping to the explanation.
“Like the song, hmm?” George asked. “Funny how music is exactly what’s happening.”
“Very.” Catherine said.
“So why did you girls follow these ‘rebel soldiers’?” A soldier asked.
“Maybe we fought too.” Catherine said, though I could hear the joke in her voice. A few soldiers laughed.
“Maybe, you never know nowadays, I always said.” George said.
“It’s a long story.” Catherine told him.
“Well you said you liked music, so common, join in.” A soldier urged. They restarted the same song and Catherine sang along. At some point the soldiers quieted down to hear her sing more clearly. She stopped too.
Her voice was soft and angelic. I half expected a stream of white light to shine down on her pretty face, or for some miracle to happen amongst the weary and tired soldiers.
“No, keep going young lady; we just want to hear you.” An older man said.
So Catherine kept going. The soldiers all applauded.
“It’s been a while since we’ve had some actual talent around here.” Someone said.
“I think it sounds better when a group of people sing. It’s more together and united.”
“Nothing’s united though.” The older man said.
“One day it will be.” Catherine defended.
“I hope you’re right but at this rate we’ll all kill each other and that’s how the war will end.” Someone said grimly.
“That’s not true, it will end. There’s light at the end of every tunnel, always.”
“Unless there’s a cave-in.” Someone muttered.
“Henry! Catherine!” Someone called. It was Augustus, urging them towards one tent.
“Let’s go see what he wants.” Henry said.
“Yes. Thank you for teaching me the song, gentlemen.” Catherine said.
“No, thank you. It’s been a while since we’ve had anybody that did some good.” George said.

Catherine took the arm Henry offered her, and they left towards the tent, Catherine still humming.

July 12th: Panama Canal

I woke up the next morning and sat up on the top bunk. I undid my braid and shook my hair loose. The sun had just rose which meant it was about dawn, so the others would be up soon. I jumped down from the bunk, put on a pair of black cargo shorts and a long-sleeved shirt before tip-toeing out of the room with my guitar.

I sat on a crate on the deck and started strumming and pinching chords, trying to nail the rebel soldier’s song. I concentrated long and hard until I realised Leo was getting ticked off. Nerves were not something to mess with in the morning, or ever.
I put the guitar back in the case and offered to get in the crow’s nest.

That day was one when we really talked to each other and said things. It felt somewhat safer now, like things were less edgy. It was what everybody needed. We were already nervous about the monsters and gods and giants- the last thing we needed to be looking over our shoulders for were each other. That’s when I got to know that Annabeth’s family was in ‘Frisco, that Bobby had been training since he was 7, that Gwen was a real klepto, etc. That’s when they figured out Jonno and I were Canadian too.

“Like Lou. It must be a pain to be far from camp- pardon, the City.” Annabeth said.
“When you’re awesome like that, the guys at the boarders don’t give you problems.” Jonno promised.
“Especially when you’re fast.”

July 13th: Panama Canal (halfway out)

I took a step on the deck for the first time today and froze. No pun intended.

A thin white coat had fallen overnight. I just looked at the dock.
“What the heck?” I asked.
“My thoughts exactly, Carmen.” Hazel said. She had a fair bit of snow accumulated on her shoulders and in her hair; she’d probably been up here for a while. Leo brushed her shoulders off, and I noticed he was snowy too.
“Khione is stalking us.” Leo said.
“Can she quit stalking us?” Percy asked. “This thing isn’t an icebreaker.”

Jason landed.
“It’s going to be a cold one.” He said.
“No Styx, Grace.” Annabeth said, sitting on a crate a little further away.
“I live in friggin California I’m no good with snow!” Hazel pouted.
“It’ll be alright.” Leo said. He bent down and concentrated. His hand started smoking and the snow in a 3 meter range started melting.
“If we mop or something before the water soaks into the panels it could work,” Leo said.
“Or we could shovel.” I said. The Romans and Leo starred at me weird.
“I’m used to shovelling. Where I’m from, the winters are long and cold and snow accumulates some years.”
“Canada?” Someone asked.
“Hey, there are other cold places!” I said spinning around. It was Zane and my stomach folded in itself like a turtle. Piper was behind him, holding a map. I hadn’t noticed it, but Lark was up, and Karen was stumbling along downstairs.
Everyone was up and about the boat apparently.
“But Canada, eh?” Zane said.
“Watch the stereotypes!” I said (Canadian stereotypes bug me). “And for your information, it doesn’t snow like mad everywhere and we don’t say ‘eh’ every two words.”
“It doesn’t matter.” Piper sighed.
“Yes it does! I do not say eh!” I protested.
“Zane, stop it with the stereotypes and Carmen- calm down. We need to get rid of the snow before it accumulates too much.” Piper said.
“Oh! I remember a spell!” Hazel said.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” Annabeth asked. Hazel made a face and slipped her wand out of her hoody sleeve and pointed at the snowy cover.
“Nivis Evanui!” She said. A jet of gold light erupted from her wand but evaporated the moment it touched the snow. Hazel looked deeply insulted.
“It’s spell-proof… Oh that’s personal.” Hazel said.
“Hazel it’s alright, the snow is fine. I guess we are going to have to find something to shovel with.” Jason said.
“Better idea.” Someone said. That minute Jason got whammed in the face but a snowball.
“Gwendolyn!” He said, immediately knowing it was her. He bent down and made a snowball that he threw at her.
“Don’t you ‘hey’!” Jason said.

Pretty soon snowballs were flying everywhere, and Jonno climbed down from the crow’s nest to join in. Everyone was laughing and snowballs were flying everywhere. Eventually some kind of unspoken truce passed amongst us and we quit it.

Of course that just gave me an opportunity to surprise Jonathan.

“Hey! Carmen!” He said.
“Have you forgotten the golden rules of snowball fights? Rule number 6, never show your back until 15 minutes after a fight is over!” I said.
“Rule number five, be careful who you throw at.” Jonathan said. He made his own snowball and hit me in the face. I whipped the snow off my cheek thinking ‘yeah okay you deserved that one’.
“Rule number twelve, if the person is shorter then you be nice.”
“You’re my sister, I’m not sure you count as a person.” He said, rolling another one.
“That’s mean!” I said.
“Tough.” Jonno said. Without taking my eyes off him I crouched and made a snowball. It was a showdown between who would throw first, and then if someone would duck or swerve and hit again… This is what Jonno and I did all the time with the neighbourhood kids, when he was around more, as a little kid. There was a park that always seemed to get more snow than anywhere else in Prince Albert. We’d crowd there and BAM. There was a set of golden rules even.

I faked to the right but Jonno saw it coming so he threw one at my right the moment I made a move to turn and throw at the left.
“Whoa that was intense!” Gwen said.
“You should see us back home with all the other kids. That can get ugly!” I said.
“Honestly? In a snowball fight?”
“Yes.” Jonno and I both said.
“Don’t you find that a bit overboard?”
“No! It gets ugly by itself!” Jonno said.
“I hate to say it, but he’s right! And have you ever gotten a snowball in the face?”
“Yes.” Jason said. Gwen sniggered.
“Then when there are 20 kids with very good arms throwing them in every direction, you get the picture.” I said.
“Oh… Yeah, okay.” People agreed
“See?” I said. “Don’t diss the minor things. It’ll just get you burnt.”
“Or frostbite technically.” Jonno said. And my brother got the crowd’s last laugh.

Lyrics for the Civil war song:link

Mounted Soldier was based off a popular scout and girlguide song I heard often, here is where I got the lyrics from:

NEXT: link
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I just finished the last book, I just finished the last book!!!
At 8:10 TODAY! I am thrilled right now, and I’ve had a stupid side/back/shoulder ache the whole weekend, so this makes up for it :D
It stands at 254 pages, 21 chapters, 2 parts and a WHOLE lot of words!
Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be nit-picking until I post the final page :D But I’m worried now that this’ll end way before the book comes out!

:D I’m very happy right now!
@Per – Nice resume of the civil war!
@red- yeah me too, but, meh…
@dementorskiss- Classic, but still good right? (just checking, I want to NAIL Percabeth!)
@PJrocks- Nicely put : ) Guess you’ll have to wait to find out what color the snow’ll be
@ascension- I’m Canadian :D Some of the stereotypes make me laugh, like the 2010 Olympics closing ceremony had me cracking up, but sometimes they’re annoying. But ask red; I do say ‘eh’ in chat :P
@Greekrules- You’ll have to see about Lazel marriage. And Jonno and Piper… Hmm…
@myth-freak 214- Yes, and it’ll most likely be the last chapter of RS too!
@percysmile- No thanks, it wouldn’t fit in with the climax, at least not right now; but thanks for offering :D
@Artemis_8 – There have been so many new people, muffin baskets have sort of been… Low…
@Nico – It’s Henry not Harry btw, Catherine’s just a loud person when you get her on your back. And I never actually say it, but it was for those who think about it enough to figure it out. And no! I wrote 4 books, one just finished tonight (WEEEEEEEEEEEE) and you’ve only seen 1 and the vast majority of 2, so…
@bananafone- Percy hasn’t had a dream yet, he’s only found a drawing of Amelia, Lance, Henry, Ruth with someone missing, and been visited by Henry. He’s sort of clueless. And yup, that’s right.
@daughter-ofzeus – Everyone has their flaws, and Carmen’s is inherited. Remember Annabeth’s: ‘show-offs with high projectile weapons’ or whatever it was? One of my favourite quotes…

Okay, for the songs:
-The Legend of the Rebel Soldier: it was actually sung during the Civil war time
-The Heel song (oh the heel song…): ME!
-Mounted Soldier: A remix of ‘one tin soldier’

For the general comment of ‘yeay Lazel!’ and ‘Leo and Gwen need to chill out!’- yup…


Percy Jackson
July 11: Out of the Panama Canal
Ghosts do cry

The whole day I carried around the nightmare I’d had. I didn’t really understand it. Well, only partially. And for once the explainer wasn’t following me around. Maybe he knew that I knew. Maybe he was scared of me. Maybe he was scared of it… I was scared anyways.

I was following a group of Half-bloods. I immediately recognised a few of them from the drawing. There was Henry of course –who I wasn’t too thrilled with seeing- and the two others that I miraculously remembered him calling Amelia and Lance. They stood with 4 other people. I immediately labelled 3 of them as Romans just by the way they stood and looked around. A son of Jupiter and a daughter of Minerva.

They both had purple around their scabbards so they were probably consuls. The last one was most likely a warling. The last girl held a bow that I knew was Greek in her hand.

Anyways they led a group of Half-bloods forwards.

“Common, we are almost there!” Amelia called.
“Past this field and we’re in Canada, it’s nearly over!” The girl with the bow said. They were trying to escape America. Why? That was the demigod homeland. And judging by the way all the girls wore long skirts and the other clothing, this wasn’t in the 21st century.
They ran across a field, looking over their shoulders as they ran. Suddenly there was an explosion.
“More of the Minervan traps! They made them to guard the borders- oh stupid how could I forget!” The daughter of Minerva said.
“Hélène’s right, run forwards to find and stop them Hélène, let us run on our own!” The son of Jupiter said.

Hélène took off particularly fast, faster then I’d seen anyone ever run.

Everybody else ran, but she didn’t look back; and I heard a thudding sound. Bow-girl looked over her shoulder and she saw a girl about 12 years old on the ground, trying to rise back up, her weight on her elbow. But she was too tired, too hungry and whatever else to go.

She ran back and knelt next to her.

“Hurry Arianne, get up.” She said gently helping the girl up. They ran after the group together when suddenly Bow-girl shrieked. Her foot was stuck in a hunting trap, the jaws latched around her ankle and digging through the flesh in a way that made me think ‘owe’.
“Run Arianne! Catch up with the others!” The older girl said.
“I can’t leave you!” Arianne drew her wand and pointed it at the trap.
“Eximo!” She yelled. The spell didn’t do anything.
“It’s spell proof. Arianne I know this trap, ketchum bombs are going to explode in a matter of seconds. You remember the ketchum bombs, they were the ones to hurt Ruth. Go, run away and send someone strong to try and pull the snare from the ground.” Arianne nodded and ran like the wind.

Soon the son of Mars came back.

“James! Help me, my foot is stuck and I can’t pull through the chain!” She said. His expression didn’t change. There was something dangerous about it, like it fit as a puzzle piece in the darkness around them.

“Why should I help you, Catherine Murdoch?”
“James, ketchum bombs will go off anytime now, please.” Catherine begged yanking at her foot. Even if she did get the snare off there was no way she’d be able to even walk away.
James lifted something and I was shocked to see it was a gun of some kind.

“James, no!” She said.
“This is my revenge.” He said coldly.
“James!” Catherine yelled. He pulled the trigger and hit her square in the chest. She yelled.
“CATHERINE!” Someone yelled. I looked back and saw it was Henry, on top of the hill while the rest of the group ran down at lightning speed. He drew his sword. He surprised James and kicked him down before stabbing him in the chest. James screamed but Henry pulled the sword out and kicked the dying Half-blood down. He fell to his knees next to Catherine.
“Catherine! Catherine, are you okay? Catherine!”
“Henry..?” She asked looking dazed.
“Yeah Cath, it’s me.” He said. His hands were shaking but he lifted her off the ground gently, holding her near him.
“James… Did he just?”
“Yes, he did. But he’ll never hurt anyone again, and nor will any Roman one I get my hands on them.” Henry said a dangerous edge to his voice at the last words.
“No!” Catherine said. “Henry, that wasn’t the whole of Rome, it was just James.” She added; “You’re better than that.”
“They let him carry a gun! They let him carry a gun Catherine and you’re paying for it!” Henry said, his voice strangled. Catherine raised her hand to touch his cheek and started singing.

“In a dreary Yankee prison
Where a rebel soldier lay
By his side there stood a preacher
Ere his soul should pass away
And he faintly whispered: Parson
As he clutched him by the hand
Oh, parson, tell me quickly
Will my soul pass through the Southland?

Will my soul pass through the Southland
Through the old Virginia grants
Will I see the hills of Georgia
And the green fields of Alabam?
Will I see there little church house
Where I pledged my heart and hand
Oh, parson, tell me quickly
Will my soul pass through the Southland?”

“Picture Alabam, the great green fields where your mother is waiting for you to come home one day. Would she want you to become a murderer for no reason?” Catherine asked. “And Georgia, that’s where my family is. You’ll Iris message them for me, right? You’ll tell them I loved them dearly? Tell David he is the best brother in the world, and tell my mother I couldn’t have wished for anyone better.”
“Catherine, no…”
“You will right?” She asked quickly.
“No, umm” he made a chocking sound as if swallowing back tears “yes.”
“Good. And when you think of the little church house think that’s where I’d have pledged my hand to you fearlessly, and where you’ll do the same with another lucky girl someday.”
“There won’t be another girl Catherine, there’s just you. That’s all there ever was, and that’s all there’ll ever be.” Henry said. Catherine looked him in the eyes, but they looked like a dying camp fire. Only sparks, no flame.
“You can’t die on me, Cath, please...”
“I wish I wouldn’t Henry. I really love you.” She winced in pain.
“Henry…” She moaned.
“No… No Catherine, NO!”
He didn’t say anything more, when her blue eyes rolled up in her skull and she died, leaving Henry kneeling in a field and holding a corpse.

It haunted me for the whole day, when finally a little before dinner the one who was really haunting me appeared. I saw him melt right through the deck and I followed him down alone, except I took the ladder. He was sitting on a crate, near Timmy’s fishing net.

“So that’s why?” I asked. He looked at me.
“I fell in love with Catherine Murdoch. And a Roman shot her. It was uncalled for. It was vial. It was weak… But it didn’t bring her back. I trusted James. And he shot the only girl I ever loved. You have to understand what I mean.”

Like Luke. Except he didn’t kill Annabeth and nothing ever will.

“Just be careful, Percy.” He begged to me.
“The picture I found in Fontus falls.” I said. I took it out of my pocket and showed him.
“The daughter of Venus, Fallon, could draw. I had just saved her life, and gave me the drawing. She made it once at a station while we were waiting and she’d gotten her hands on some spare paper.” He explained. He pointed to each person. “Ruth died of AIDS which she caught from the blood of a soldier, purposely infected by the City. 2 days before we got to Canada. I’m not sure about the two others because they lived longer than me. I believe Amelia died old. But I’m not sure, we’re in different places in Elysium. I don’t know about Lance at all, but children of Kratos tend to die young.” He said. He took something from his scabbard and unfolded it. It was the missing piece, the one he’d ripped off, and the girl was Catherine.
“And you know about Catherine.” He said holding it at its place. It fitted perfectly.
I saw tears form in the corners of his eyes. Even ghosts could cry. And this ghost was still haunted
“And you?” I asked, which probably wasn’t the brightest question.
“I died 2 years later, 19 years old.” He shrugged. “Heroes die young, what do you expect? Just be careful Percy, people are worst on the inside then they look.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.” I said shocked by the story. Henry nodded and disappeared in front of me.

*Her hair's pulled back, clothes changed but yeah, Catherine Murdoch

Next up: link
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I just finished the last book, I just finished the last book
over a year ago Persephone16 said…
big smile
Awwww, Catherine's sad!! Poor Henry, I feel really bad for him. At least now we know why he's stalking Percy. And is Arianne, Flint's sister, the one he's trying to find out what happened to?...I really liked that song too.
Good for you! You must be really happy! I bet it'll be really good!
over a year ago PersesJr said…
awesuome chapter.and i say that everytime
over a year ago dementorskissox said…
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Classic but yes still amazing! It made me smile gotta love Percabeth, and you are totally doing them justice!!! (:
Poor Henry and Catherine, nice little chapter to finally find out why he's following Percy. Congrats on finishing up the book, hope there is more to come!! :)
over a year ago sylviakitty348 said…
oh my god.. i am tearing up now. i never tear up. except in one of those rare moments like Dumbledore, Dobby, and Serius dying. i didnt even cry when Beckendorf and Silena died (no, im not hearless, i just dont cry that much!) i can understand Henry's hatred now, even though it shouldnt be directed at all Romans. OMG, i just thought of something! is Henry going to change Percy's mind slightly about the Romans? Will Percy somewhat distrust them? O.O
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*crying* WHY? i love cathrine and Henry they're kinda like Percabeth
in a way.... I fell so bad for Henry

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!YOU finished a series while R.R. is taking a whole year just to finish the second book you are good. haha....

THAT WAS SO GOOD but so short*crys some more* I have a giant qeustion.... ready?

How old are you? It's not like I'm trying to track you down it's just if your like 13 then i can be so amazed that a 13 year old is this AWESOME!!!! (you dont have to answer if you don't want to) I wish this chappie was longer but whtev...
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You're WAY under decent. The pain, the ag-o-knee-ee-ee-ee-e! (that's from Luny Toones :D)
Amazing as always! Congrats on finishing, now will you write another? Just kidding but fabulous as usual! Now we just have 6 months left, I hope it lasts that long. And then, after SoN, you can write a new, correft version! Right! Right? I nees motivation for waiting months on end!!!! :)
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Just had a thought! If Carmen and Jonno are from Canada and all the civil war demigods went to Canada… are Carmen and Jonno related to, like, Evelyn or Augustus or something? I don't remember really who Evelyn and Augustus's godly parents are but it seems feasible.
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@SonofArtemis~ But you see this is why she said it's un-kown to us humans. Simply because we say it did not exist doesn't mean it didn't. The demi-gods have it and have a name for it. The ragular mortals could just say that if someone truly died of AIDS that they died of a bad flu. They didn't know what AIDS was back then therefor there is no medical record of AIDS existing.

@Percysmile~ She will post Friday. Just wait.

@Everyone~ Please just wait until she posts.....I'm getting pretty tired of having to write this out every single time...She'll either post on Tuesday and if she doesn't then just wait until Friday...It's not that hard...
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...thank you! im a little better, and since i am, i will continue my extremly wierd (and most likely ahh-noyyyingg), lets talk about perce. so, he has this flashback...and then BAM! all these things start making sense...the picture...harry....the missing person....catherine....its wierd how everything works out that way, isnt it? well, i would also like to apoligize for commennting super duper uber late! i read it! i swear! but, i just didnt have enough time to sit down and right my i apoligize:/ and, im just so happy for you! you finished the book? thats like super awesome! i mean, like, i dunno, confused i just wanna say: CONGRATULATIONS HECATE!!! *throws confetti into air and blows on those thingas you blow on**
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@swimmer-grl Gwen didn't know Leo was fire user. I think the only romans that knew at the time are Jason and Hazel. The reason she was mad though is because she felt like Leo was irresponsible with fire by just lighting fire for no reason. And she I think she said something about how Leo didn't understand how dangerous it was or something and Leo is mad too now cuz he does know and is sorta mad at both Gwen and himself so yeah...
over a year ago HecateA said…
Last Chapter (I posted on Sunday, and you don’t want to miss that one): link

I took a lot of time to answer each comment very fully this week, so read if you have any questions!

@sylviakitty- I know, I’m the same as you. I didn’t cry when Beckendorf died, or when my top 3 in Harry Potter did, so yeah…
@GreekRules- RR has a lot more correction to go for, and he did finish SoN already. Plus his are longer and they’re better researched than this. And you’re not far at all from my age.
@Emily- Maybe, I don’t know if I’ll do this again… It was certainly fun!
@thaliahuntress- I wrote 4 books. You’re reading the second, I just finished the fourth. And yeay! I’m glad I nailed the last words. Those are some of the most important words that a character says.
@Artemis_8 – You’ll have to find out if Gwen kills Leo.
@bananafone- Yup, that’s right. And no, the Civil War demigods ended up where Western Ontario is, but Carmen and Jonno are from Saskatchewan which is at the far west of the country. Nice thinking, but they’ve got geographical differences. But Jonno and Carmen are descendants of an actual roman soldier. And no, Henry and Catherine died in different time frames and ways, so they’re not in the same corner of Elysium.
@thilahector- Catherine was 17, like Ruth.
@beckondorf- Can I know who you thought Hazel would end up with? Percy, probably, if you’re scared of saying it… And Catherine and James is complicated. Catherine –of course- shouldn’t have flared up on James (but it was a bad day; her best friend had just died, she doesn’t like traveling, and he kissed her totally against what she wanted) and James shouldn’t have killed Catherine (deep down I think that James is more at wrong here, but that’s just me)
@underwater- Yes I know what a beep test it, I suck at it, and thank you.
@Kittycat19 – Yeah, he had a clear shot at Catherine so he went for her instead.
@daughter-ofzeus - :O Oh my gosh, you’re kidding right? HA! That made my day! It made it again today. That’s too sick, say thank you to your friend for me, and wow…
@redhawks- Aww, thanks! For some reason that really touched me… And that got me thinking, yeah, I guess 100 people have commented on this… STYX! Oh my gosh…
@PJRocks- Not in the immediate future he wont. Grover’s at Camp, I’m not concentrating all that much on Camp.
@beckondorf12- So you think it was right for James to kill Catherine? And as I said, James went after Catherine because he had a clear shot at her whereas Henry would have been hard to beat. And the point wasn’t that all romans were bad, it was this one roman.
@1hades1 – Wishfully thinking: Hecate. Most likely: Hermes, he was the god of literature, so… Or Athena because I do well in school, but I’m not a demigod.
@tracytracy- Yeah, I noticed that too! I’m like ‘whoa, my gosh what have I done?’ I always think that. And you’ll have to see about Zane. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t.
@athena502- Hi and welcome! It’s a mixture of both, I do a lot of research but I’ve got good back knowledge. And smart parents :P They helped with the Civil war, except they’re clueless about mythology so… (I actually got a Jeopordy question right before my dad! ‘roman god of doors’. He calls me and ask and immediately I’m like ‘Janus’.)
@annabeth24 – Percy saw it in the chest, but it might not have touched her heart or lungs ASAP. Also, Catherine was a demigod- demigods are harder to kill.
@ascension- I didn’t expect that actually! To me the Civil war aspect only became important once I figured up what was up with the ‘Rebel Soldier’. And I don’t know enough about the civil war for it to be included in an actual book. Also, Toronto will be mentioned in this series of FF.
@Son of Artemis- It existed in the demigod world. Ruth said it herself when she told Augustus about it.
@percyfan568- For the first one that wont be necessary because I wont be famous or anything by then.
@brendon thenatos- To make it last until October 12th, to build anticipation with my readers, because I have other things to do then post FF daily, to give people a chance to keep up with the story as it happens…
@Nico- Your comments aren’t annoying, I love them! And I was wondering where you were, but no worries Nico, you’re still awesomely amazingly brilliant :D
@brendon thenatos – Redhawks has my permission to post as much as she thinks she needs to, I confirm what people have said after.
@swimmer girl- Pretty much what DontbeMax said. Gwen never got over her brother’s death (Evan died in a fire) and she thinks Leo doesn’t understand what he’s doing or the forced he’s using, and then it went downhill from there and they bicker about a million things- but that’s the root of the problem.
So I’ve been nit-picking at ‘The Last Book’ (not the actual title) all week, and it’s changed up a little bit. It now stands at 265 pages, and 2 parts.

Also, I posted a songfic about Leo, if you’re interested click here: link

Enjoy! This is the before-last chapter of 'The Rebel Soldier'

*Person who gets 2000 reply is allowed to make a fuss

Piper McLean
July 11: Out of the Panama Canal
The night it blew up in our faces

Already we were cold.
A cold wind was howling, like in a storm, but Khione had figured we liked snow and stopped it. Which really sucked because everyone was smiling when they were in damp clothes with snowflakes in their hair. Now; nothing. We were just cold and miserable, and going under deck was not an option because below-deck smelled like something had died wrapped un in a bundle of gym clothes and skunk pelt; from a meaningless serpent and telekhine attack earlier in the day.
It’d be a few hours before whatever Zane, Annabeth, Leo and Bobby had done (they’d tried to explain it but it just confused everyone more) got rid of the stench, and until then it made us all sick.

Hazel shivered, sitting near the railing, talking to Leo. He took off his hoody and wrapped it around her shoulders.

“No Leo, you take it.” She said.
“No, I’m fine keeping myself warm.” Leo said. She accepted and tightened it around her soldiers. Leo cupped his hand and they started smoking. There was no fire, but he just kept it warm enough so the heat would spread.

It would’ve been fine, and giving her his hoody was pretty romantic for Leo (no! Aphrodite get out of my head!). But Gwen saw it.

Don’t start a fire anywhere near her!” She told him.
“Gwen, it’s…” Hazel tried to solve it quickly but it was cut.
“I’m not going to catch the damn boat on fire or burn anybody Madison, relax!” Leo said closing his palm. “It’s just to keep warm!”
“If you’re cold wear a hoody just don’t start a fire.” Gwen said.
“He can’t, he gave it to Hazel.” Zane said. I smacked my forehead and Annabeth’s jaw tightened so tightly I thought she’d bite a tooth off. Carmen and Karen stopped talking, Lark started paying attention and Percy, Jonno, Bobby and Jason looked like ‘oh snap’.
“What?” Gwen asked suddenly not angry, and more confused. She turned towards Zane. I motioned for him very clearly to NOT talk behind her back.
“He gave it to Hazel, chicks love that. Want mine?”
“The hell?” Gwen asked. Hazel got up and let Leo’s hoody slip to the ground.
“Umm, Gwen. I should talk to you over there.” Hazel said awkwardly.
“No way. No effing way you and the fire user…”
“Gwen, he’s more than that...” Hazel said.
“So it’s true?” She checked.
“Wow where have you been, man?” Zane said.
“Zane shut the hell up!” I said. “Gwen…” I said sensing this would go downhill.
“You didn’t tell me?” Gwen asked.
“No because I was scared about how you would react, and…”
“Hazel, you know what he can do!”
“Yes, and he know what I can do.” She snapped back, stomping her foot.
“Fine, maybe that’s not so bad, but you should’ve told me!”
“Why; so you could yell at me sooner?”
“Whoa, guys, quit it, it’s not that important…” I said stepping forwards.
“What do you mean not important? My best friend’s dating the fire controller!”
“He has a name! And I thought you said you didn’t care about that! For the sake of the gods, let go of it! It wasn’t Leo! It wasn’t Leo, and there is no way in Pluto that it ever would be! It’s like I hated humans because one human hit me!” Hazel said.

Leo awkwardly stood there and looked so uncomfortable and confused; in other settings it might’ve been funny.

“You two are best friends don’t fight!” I said.
Wow I hadn’t figured I’d be breaking up fights between two Romans…
“I thought we were best friends, but since you can’t trust me…”
“Gwen!” Hazel protested. “You know you’re my best friend, but what am I supposed to do? Get yelled at for him or breaking someone else?” She said.
“Weasley, you never did anything wrong.” Leo said, reading between the lines like probably only he could.
“So you’ve got nicknames for each other?” Gwen asked.
“Don’t, Gwen. Look I get that you’re angry but Leo’s a good guy, he wouldn’t hurt her.” I said.
“You never gave him a chance!” Hazel said. I don’t think either of them even realised I’d talked. “You heard Piper he’s a good guy you don’t have to yell about it because I swear on my family’s heads that’s not changing any time soon!”
Oh, so they were just ignoring me.
“I might not be yelling now if you’d told me sooner! You really thought this would be the best way for me to find out? Because of Zane? Even friggin he knew!”
“Hey!” Zane said.
“You’re right; I forgot it was way better to get yelled at when everything’s finally going great then later.” Hazel snapped.
“GUYS! Calm down. Gwen, I know Leo since last September. He wouldn’t hurt a fly, and the way he looks at Hazel…” I started; but I was nervous.

They were yelling at each other: this wasn’t just convincing Kumiko to stop trying to force a chocker around my neck, or countering Drew. And this time I didn’t have the immediate motivation for doing it besides me, like say, my dad in chains over the creepy bonfire, or a giant.

And it was weak charm speak, they weren’t listening… I looked around panicked. Then I crossed Jason’s eyes. His face was so calm it calmed me down. His eyes were looking at me expectantly. Okay that was motivational.

“I don’t care about Valdez, she can kiss whichever idiot she likes but why didn’t you tell me?”
“Maybe because the daily fights were sending me bad vibes about what you thought of him.” Hazel suggested.
“So you don’t think I’d tone it down a bit at least for your sake? That I might accept it because you’ve been like my sister since we’re 9? Hazel, I’d do anything for you!”
“Then why are you yelling at me?”
“Because you don’t trust me! I thought you did, and now you don’t, so where does everything else stand now?”
“Speaking of bad vibes, I feel like I’m getting a lot.” Zane said.
“Dude, nobody’s really okay with you.” Leo said.
“Why not? You’re annoying too!”
“That’s because maybe he doesn’t flirts with every single taken girl older than him.” Annabeth said.
“Right, he flirts with Ducharme instead.”
“Zane just shut the Hades up!” Percy said.
“You’re such an idiot Zane, that’s where the bad vibes come from.” Karen said.
“You all know nothing about me! You know nothing about me so it makes it okay to just diss me! Well, I might as well give you something to be angry for if I’m going to have the whole damn world on my back anyways!” Zane yelled.
The air was thick. Between all the fighting everyone who was still calm was getting jumpy and irritated too, this could go very downhill very fast.

“Stop!” I said. Everyone froze mid-movement. Thank you charm speak…
“Thank you.” I said.
Nerves were too high for anyone to really listen to me; I wouldn’t be able to hold this long enough. Carmen suddenly picked up her guitar. She sat down on the railing and looked at her fingers on the chord in total concentration and strummed. What was she doing? I got a gut feeling to let her do her thing. She looked up at us with steely blue eyes and started singing.

“In a dreary Yankee prison
Where a rebel soldier lay
By his side there stood a preacher
Ere his soul should pass away
And he faintly whispered: Parson
As he clutched him by the hand
Oh, parson, tell me quickly
Will my soul pass through the Southland?

Will my soul pass through the Southland
Through the old Virginia grants
Will I see the hills of Georgia
And the green fields of Alabam?
Will I see there little church house
Where I pledged my heart and hand
Oh, parson, tell me quickly
Will my soul pass through the Southland?

Was for loving dear old Dixie
In this dreary cell I lie
Was for loving dear old Dixie
In this northern state I die
Will you see my little daughter
Will you make her understand
Oh, parson, tell me quickly
Will my soul pass through the Southland?

Then the rebel soldier died”

The song wasn’t exactly cheerful or spread joy, but I got it. Where Carmen had, I didn’t know but everybody looked calmer. Like they were collecting the words of the song and finding meaning to it. Even I felt like I’d just gone through intense yoga, and like I choked up a little.
Carmen studied her crowd and the effect, before singing the song again; and although my music talent sucks I sang too. I figured the charmspeak would make it sound good. Besides, Grandpa Tom had said that I’d be a singer one day. I wasn’t about to become a signer, but Grandpa Tom would have his one night of victory.

It was like everybody was being drained from all energy. I touched Carmen’s wrist and she stopped. She looked at me like ‘oh my gosh, what did I do, is this bad, am I in trouble, I don’t know where that came from…’ I gave her a look that I meant reassuring.

“We’re all in the same boat, literally. We’re all in trouble. We come from different places and different backgrounds. We have seen, do, have suffered and feel different things. And we might end up dead on enemy grounds. For all we know we could step on the shores of Greece and all die that very second. And if I’m going to die on enemy grounds, I don’t want to be alone. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t care about honour, I want to die with friends around me. But the way we’re fighting we’re all separated- and not only on the Greek and Roman lines. Can we please try to get along?
Zane, this isn’t the time. Gwen and Hazel; take deep breaths and calm down. You’re best friends! Why are you fighting? Gwen, you told me yourself, you haven’t seen Hazel happy like that in a long time. Does it really matter why she’s happy? Whether it’s because she found someone or because she’s out of the City? Even if that someone is Leo?”

“What are you hinting, beauty queen?” Leo mumbled. I kicked backwards where I knew he was and I did feel his knee under my heel.
“You’re right. Hazel, I’m sorry. I over-reacted majorly.” Gwen said. It hurt her pride, but she said it, and as far as I was concerned, that was it.
“Thank you. And I should’ve been honest from the start. Can we forget this fight?” Hazel said.
“I can’t stay mad at my best.” Gwen said. She and Hazel hugged and I felt a load off my chest.
“Okay, while everyone’s yelling is there something else to settle?” Jason asked.
“Can I stop getting looks?” Lark asked out of the blue. I hadn’t even realised she was paying attention to this
“What?” We asked turning towards her.
“I know underworld children scare people off when they are directly tied to the concept of death. Only a handful of people understand it, and it is always vague and unknown. It is a normal human reaction, and I have dealt with that, but can I stop getting looks?”
“Why are you looking at me, I didn’t do anything!” Karen said.
“Every time I walk into the room you and Carmen stop talking. And I know when someone is watching me.” Lark said.
“We’re not against you Lark!” Carmen said, “We’re really not, but you isolate yourself.”
“Do not try that. I know it is not true.”
“You haven’t made the best effort either, kay?” Karen started. “Don’t get all ticked off at us, you’ve never talked to us, you’ve barely looked us in the eye and we’ve just sat there every time you’d zero-out on us. We don’t know you and we never will because you’re never there!”

Lark yelled in pain. She dropped to her knees and Percy and Jason caught her.
Oh the irony of the timing…
They settled her down, her back to the railing as Annabeth took her pulse and temperature.

“You’re good Lark, what’s wrong?” Annabeth asked.
“My head…” She moaned, rubbings her eyes with her palms. She moanned in pain.
“Can you still hear us?” Jason asked.
He’d told me all about Lark, how she’d gotten her arm speared with a spear in the titan war, and all she’d said when she’d unlocked her jaw from holding in screams was; ‘that is painful and hard to look at’. Lark didn’t hurt easily, she didn’t show pain easily and she most definitely didn’t cry. So now, she was, and I was wondering just how worse than a spear in the arm it was.
“Yes.” She said. Lark took her hands off her eyes.
“I am sorry, but Terra is letting another wave of… dead, pass into the world. Not as bad as the time she let loose the Trojan sea monster but it’s big, like a crew…”
“You don’t need to apologise, it happens.” Hazel said kindly. She kneeled in front of Lark.
“Can you lift your head please?” She asked. Lark’s eyes sprawled in alarm and she was shaking oddly as if hiding pain.
“We lost her,” Percy said.
“Guys, give her room.” Bobby called. Annabeth, Percy and Jason backed up.
“I’ll get the notebook.” Annabeth said to make herself useful, taking the ladder to go down.
Hazel snapped her fingers under Lark’s nose but she just shook her head and looked panicked. Poor girl…

“Add’s right, we lost her.” Hazel said.
“Are you going to put her to sleep?” Percy asked. Hazel shook her head.
“She’s not under any pain, I don’t want to use more magic then I need on her.”
“That never stopped you with anybody else.” Jonno said.
“This is different, the pure effect it has on her system could give it an overload, and we’re not in a position where I even want to risk that. If that happens: I pass out, Lark passes out and you people –with all due respect- would have no idea what to do. The usual spells I’d cast on you or Bobby are meaningless and wouldn’t have effects like that.” Hazel said.
“Found it!” Annabeth said making her way up. I took the pen and paper from her and brought it to Lark, past Karen and Carmen’s worried eyes.

She reached her hand out the minute she saw the pad in my hand and I gave it to her. She scribbled something at the light of the torches we’d set up, and passed the notebook to me specifically. Watching her facial expressions change, her teeth sinking in and out of her lips, her eyes squint and unsquint… It troubled me, it made me guess in how much pain she was in. And I didn’t like it.
She passed me the paper. I read through it fast and looked back up at her. She nudged the notebook further towards me when she saw my hesitation. She stared me down with dark brown eyes.
I tried to take the charmspeak out of these words because they were Lark’s, not mine.

“Do you know what I dream about at night? I do not get visions or omens or messages; I get death scenes.” My mouth felt dry but I tried to smooth over it. “I know battlefields like the back of my hand, I have seen more cemeteries then you think exist and hospitals have started to all look the same. And when I wake up, I hear all those people from wherever they are haunting. After seeing their relatives cry over corpses and their bodies all dressed up for coffins, I hear them and feel their pain. I hear them as their human miseries stretch on, not even death ending the pain.” I choked up but Lark’s begging eyes kept me going.

“And I try to help them but I cannot because what they really want, I cannot give them. That is how it is for me, so excuse me if I do not tell you every single detail, because I remember every single detail like it was written in my mind. And I am sorry for not smiling every single second of everyday because between what I see and hear, sometimes I do not have a reason to smile. And that I never ever talk about my dreams or what I hear, because they would give many people nightmares like never before.”

Silence fell on the Argo II.

We knew she saw and heard them. We just never thought that it was that bad. We didn’t think she saw enough to make normal people depressed for weeks. We didn’t think the most basic demigod thing –dreams- could get worst for her. That was a lot of ‘we didn’t’. There was more to the people here than it looked.

And Lark probably didn’t only see old men and women who had come to term. Children, babies that died in birth, murder victims… The list went on and on, but it was like watching CSI, with only the murder scenes, no murderer in prison or relieved family member, and not just pretty crying the actors had practised, but real heart-broken sobs… But knowing it was all real.

“Can I get the, umm, paper?” Karen asked uncomfortably. I handed it to her and I could see it on her face how she struggled to write something readable and worth it down, in something other than Ancient Greek. But Karen bit her tongue and did it, with Carmen reading over her shoulder. I didn’t read her round and jumbled print, but I handed it to Lark. It didn’t take her long to read through Karen’s message and she wrote one of her own. I passed that too.

Karen handed out her hand for Lark. Lark shook it and then Karen lifted her to her feet without Lark expecting it –and thankfully without dislocating Lark’s shoulder. Carmen hugged her.

“Oh, sorry, you don’t like to be…”

Suddenly Lark’s face brightened up and she looked more awake, than usual. Also more sinked in with what was really happening right there right then.

“No, that is fine,” she said. “Thank you.”
“No problem. You really should have told us sooner, though. Carmen’s entertaining and I’m… I’m very distracting when I want to be. We could’ve helped.” She said. Lark laughed. Her laugh was very shy and short. It reminded me of someone who walked in, looked around and left straight away.
“I apologise then. I am much too accustomed to locking myself in. And thank you.”
“It’s nothing.” Karen said.

I was about ready to drop. The charmspeak like this on people that could potentially toss it away –like Hazel being magic herself, Karen for being strong-headed… Well it really wore down on someone, and I wasn’t used to it. Only squabbles between Gwen and Leo, or Zane and the rest of the world.

“Piper, you should rest.” Jason said, putting a hand on my shoulder. He leaned in and whispered in my ear: “That was impressive.”
“Yeah…” I said feeling my chest tighten.
“You okay on your own?”

I was tempted no say ‘no’ but I nodded. I walked away from the hand on my shoulder, or the words whispered in my ear and stumbled downstairs.
I crashed the minute I was in the room (which is a good reason to have a bottom bunk).
Piper McLean
June 11th: Outside the Panama canal

Aphrodite was in my dream. She was wearing a yellow tank top under an unbuttoned white blouse as well as jean capris. A sword was tied to her side and I still couldn’t exactly pin down what she looked like. I looked around and I realised we were on a beach, with clear blue water and white sand.
“Hello, my sweet” she said.
“Hi.” I said looking around.
“Take a guess at where we are,” she said, “You’ll love it.”
Something about this place just felt right. Like I was just walking into home after a long bad day… The kind where the world’s on your shoulders, you flunked a test, got a pop quiz, had to do extra push-ups in gym, fought with your best friends…
“Greece.” I said.
“Correct!” Aphrodite said. “You should be here in about a month.”
“If we don’t all kill each other.” I grumbled.
“Oh? But you did it Piper! You managed to appease Gwendolyn’s fear of fire and you kept a very cute couple together. Common, admit it it’s a good one.”
“Well… Yeah, okay.” I said.
“Mm-hmm and you gave Lark Grey something to smile about. The worst for you is over; this was the storm’s eye you might say.” Aphrodite smiled like she’d just made a clever pun that I’d have to try and figure out (possibly). “This is as violent as a fight will get on board, at least for a while.”
“Oh, good to know. Can you tell me who the storm is then?”
“You don’t think it’s Jason Grace?”
“So far Jason… Well, he’s been more of leader. Is he really a prophecy child too? I don’t know I’m just…”
“Those are you instinct, Piper. They’ll save you in a fight one day, you’ll see. But I can’t tell you, I’m not even sure I’m right.” Aphrodite said.
“Do gods have instincts?”
“No, but we guess.”
“Then who’s the shepherdess who helped a lot before we left?”
Aphrodite sighed.
“This is exactly what she was hoping for. To be so under the radar nobody would think a great deal about her after she left. Some half-bloods forgot about her implication in this whole story. Even Annabeth and Bobby probably haven’t thought about it…”
“Hey, we’ve had some serious problems!” I said feeling a need to stick up for my best friend and her brother. “Who is she?”
“Oh, it’s not too hard to figure it out. But she did a good job this time. Anyhow, talk to Percy and Jason again; they’ll tell you about her again and that’s when the much-more-than-a-pretty-face will kick in for you.”
“I can’t.” I said without thinking.
“Why not? They’re right on board with you.”
“Yeah but… Never mind, it’s complicated.”
“And so is everything I stand for. Is it that oh… Hmm, I see…”
“Exactly!” I said.
“Piper, I thought your sisters had helped you. You should’ve stayed there longer, you would’ve seen it truly… It’s just a boy. I don’t care how amazing he is, he’s just a boy. His star just shines more obviously bright than others.” She said.
“I know but then he was holding hands with her and like… What am I supposed to do? I thought I could get over him, but he looked at me tonight like I was something special…”
“Piper McLean, don’t I hear you say that again! You are something special. You’re more than that, you’re unique. Have you ever met someone like you? Is anybody anything like you deep down?” Aphrodite said. “No. Hilary was as close as it got and even then… You are incredible. That’s what your sisters tried to tell you, but you just need time to mend that’s all.”
“Can you make it easier for me?” I asked feeling sheepish.
“Nope. I believe you’re on your own in the love domain whether you’re my child or not. You get no help from me in that area.”
“But getting random makeovers in quests doesn’t interfere with your beliefs?”
“Not at all, it’s quite fun.” She said.
“Please leave my snowboarding jacket alone this time.” I said. Aphrodite sighed.
“Alright,” She said. “I suppose I could make it work. Congratulations on making peace, and have a good trip. Remember; always keep Katoptris on you even if you think you’re out of the fight.”
“You’re echoing Dakota, here.” I said.
“Then Dakota Ledécit is a smarter fighter then I thought. Anyway, good night, I’ll let whatever other dreams come your way now.” Aphrodite said.
“Oh snap…” I moaned.

Aphrodite snapped her fingers and I was in a dark forest. A girl with black silky hair was kneeling in the Camp woods, it was dark outside and the only light was from a lantern that she’d brought.
“I am done helping you. I know you’re counting on hurting everyone I care about. If you aren’t keeping your promise of safety, how do I know the others won’t go down the drain?”
“You don’t.” A voice said. It seemed to be coming out of nowhere and everywhere at once. “But if you don’t do as I say, the death of your loved ones will come sooner.”
“Luke…” She whispered. “What’s happened to you? You’re not the same… I shouldn’t even be calling you Luke, but what happened to you? You used to be kind and keen on helping, now you’re twisted…”
“Luke is gone, child, I am Kronos. And if you don’t listen to me, you know what happens. Find out as much as you can about Percy Jackson’s whereabouts, and of what is going to happen on the Princess Andromeda cruise ship.”
“I… I can’t do that.” She said.
“You already know, perhaps? Would it be that that boy, the lame smith, Charles Beckendorf might be one going on the ship?”
“Leave me!” She ripped a charm bracelet with only one charm –a scythe, the scythe of Kronos- off her wrist and threw it in front. She got up and started backing up. Her eyes were warm brown and scared, she was incredibly beautiful.
“No!” She said. “I’m done! I don’t want to do this anymore, and I’ve already told you!” The bracelet lifted back up and wrapped itself around her wrist. Silena groaned in rage. She took a knife from a case at her side, cut it off and threw it as far as she could. And she had a good arm, it would’ve went far but it froze midair and wrapped around her wrist immediately.
“Do you wish your boyfriend to die sooner?”
“No! Don’t hurt Charlie!” She begged.
“Then you will keep the bracelet, execute your mission, and nobody will know about this little chat.” The voice ordered. Silena Beauregard –I figured it was Silena Beauregard- looked absolutely pained and torn in two but she put the knife away.
“If you tell one soul, ESPECIALLY Percy Jackson or Annabeth Chase; I’ll unleash an enemy you don’t even know about onto you and you’ll tear each other apart while my army takes Olympus.” The voice of Kronos said.
“What?” Silena asked.
“None of your business girl, at least not for now- do as you’re told, that’s all you’re good for.” Kronos said. Then there was a breeze and somehow I knew Silena was alone again. She collapsed on the ground, sitting with bent legs stretched out in front of her, pressure on her hands. She was wearing skinny jeans, converse sneakers, a Camp T-shirt and a copper bracelet, that looked like braids.
“He’s right. I’m a stupid spy. That is all I’m good for…” She said to herself sounding completely distressed. Her fingers traced the braid design.
“I can’t even protect Charlie.” She muttered, “And I’m going insane talking to myself in a forest.” She got off, dusted off her knees. She kicked the lantern down and the flame extinguished as she walked away. That was the only image I had of Silena Beauregard. Distressed, torn in two, in a mess bigger than herself, but in it for the love of the boy who’d made that copper bracelet.

Hazel Ducharme
July 11th: Out of the Panama Canal

I listened outside, half-awake as I was. I heard Zane creak down the ladder (not really creaking, he’s not very discreet and I feared he’d wake everybody up). He opened the door to a cabin and had the decency to ease it closed.
I waited.
The door opened again, much more gently and my heart started beating really fast, like a runner in the final sprint, as it closed.

Someone climbed above deck. I waited a few seconds before I got up, ducking my head so it wouldn’t hit Gwen’s bed; and swung my legs out of bed and put on my equestrian boots. I picked up Leo’s hoody from my pillow and gently opened the door. Even the sound of the knob turning sounded higher and I looked back to make sure Annabeth –or even worst Gwen- hadn’t heard. I eased it open some more thinking of how noisy the whole operation was and slipped out.
“Propinquus silens” I whispered. The door closed without a noise, and I took the ladder up. I took a step on deck and walked towards Leo without a sound from behind. He didn’t even hear me. This was too easy…
“Boo!” I said grabbing his arm. He jumped and turned around eyes sprawled.
“Gods Wealsey! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” He said once he realised it was me. I laughed.
“Are you trying to get pneumonia? It’s freezing up here.” I said.
“That’s different.” Leo said.
“You’re right, you can wear, say, this hoody to prevent the pneumonia but I’ll be sneaking up on you and going ‘boo!’ forever.” I said handing him his hoody. He made a face and slipped his arms in and pulled the zipper.
“Happy?” He asked. I kissed him on the cheek.
“Now yes.” I said. He laughed.
“I’m sorry for earlier, though.” I said.
“Why? I didn’t lose anything, I was just there. I was scared you were going to lose your best friend, though.” Leo said.
“Gwen’s fine, sometimes she’s just… Gwen doesn’t forgive. If you screw up with her you’re doomed, and the day she lost Evan was one of the biggest screw-ups ever. It’s too touchy of a subject, she can’t think about it straight. She’s still trying to find someone to blame and a way to get over it. Anyways I think she’s alright now. And if she’s not, then on this one I say ‘tough’.” I said. He pulled me into a hug.
“Don’t get in trouble with her, that would suck. I already know she doesn’t like me, so whatever.” He said.
“Yeah, and I know that too, but she’s going to calm down. And at long term, she’ll have to deal with it because I really, really like you Leo.”
“Me too.” He said. A shooting star passed across the sky, I saw it over Leo’s shoulder.
“Hey look,” I said pointing it out. Leo turned to look.
“This’ll sound really dumb, but I’ve never seen a shooting star before.” He admitted.
“Really? Oh my gods, haven’t you ever stargazed before?”
“Not really, I’ve always lived in cities with helicopters, street lights and other kinds of lights. Besides, stargazing isn’t really my thing.”
“Neither is horse-back riding, but I made you do that too. I think you might actually like it. It’s one of the ways Ancient people built up their mythologies and figured out the what and where and how.”
“I’m in, then.” He said. I smiled; the word ‘built’ worked miracles.
“Have you at least seen the big dipper?”
“Not on the internet?” I said.
“No. Well, not that I recognised it, maybe when I was little… I don’t know.”
“Wow Valdez, you’ve missed a lot. Look, there it is.” I said pointing it out for him.
“It does look like a pan.” He said.
“It’s a bear originally.” He squinted and turned his head trying to get my point.
“It looks nothing like a bear.”
“Squint your other eye.” I joked. He made a face and did it.
“It looks even less like a bear and more like an armadillo.”
“An armadillo? Seriously?”
“Yeah, armadillos roll up in balls, and that could be it.” Leo said.
“I don’t think there were armadillos in Greco-Roman mythology. The story is that a hunter of Diana- like Thalia and Phoebe- fell in love with Jupiter. Long story short; there was a kid, and when she found out, Dianna got ticked and turned the hunter, Callista or something, into a bear. Her son grew up, and he was a hunter like his mother was, except the mortal kind. One day he found a bear and shot it, but at the last minute Jupiter put the two of them in the stars, so that the hunter would realise it was his mother. And the kid was in bear form too. Not an armadillo.”
“When gods bother to put things in the stars they should make them clearer. Do they just figure ‘while we’re here, let’s incorporate the key value of making no sense whatsoever’ or what?” I laughed, probably because it was true. I imagined a giant rule sheet at the entrance of Olympus reading ‘Rule number 1: if you make any sense you are a failure to god-kind.’
“I don’t know. Apparently they used to be good with it. I mean, they gave presents to demigods and were very clear with the instructions.”
“Aw, what happened to that?”
“I wish I knew.” I said.

I wished I knew a lot of things. Like why Terra had decided to pick on me and Leo when we were both little. Like why Terra had to make Leo suffer like that. Like why Gee had been punished for his daughter. Like why Gwen’s brother had to die in a fire. Like why everything had to suck so much and why Terra wouldn’t just give up.

“You just missed a shooting star, though.” He said.
“Don’t go all Jiminy-cricket on me.”
“What?” He asked.
“You know the cricket in Pinocchio. ‘When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are…’” I hummed. He had no idea whatsoever.
“Well… You know, he’s Pinocchio’s conscience.” I said. His face said it all.
“You really have no idea, do you?”
“I was never allowed anywhere near TVs when I was little. I’ve barely seen any movies.” He said.
“Why not? That seems a little harsh.” I asked.
“I used to disassemble them.” He admitted after a few seconds of hesitation.
“Wow, go figure.” I sniggered.
“Shush, I would’ve been able to rebuild them if they would’ve let me.”
“Of course you would’ve, Leo.” I said.
“I would’ve!” He said.
“I’m not being sarcastic Leo,” I laughed.
“Oh. Anyways I think we could use a Jiminy Cricket if he serves as conscience and wise-companion. Where are animated characters when you need them?”
“Probably still in the TV you’re not allowed to mess with.” Leo made a face at me. The waves were crashing at the sides of the boat and it was peaceful. Super peaceful compared to any other time.
“Don’t you get paranoid being up here alone in the middle of the night?” I asked him.
“I’m not alone.” Leo said.
“Now you aren’t. But what about earlier?”
There was a roaring sound and I grabbed his arm in surprise, my wand in the other.
“Relax,” Leo said, “that’s just Festus.”
“Festus?” I asked. Wasn’t Festus a..?”
“Oh yeah. And he did crash and burn on the quest, but Hephaestus salvaged his head. My bro Jake and I worked hard at it in the bunker, it’s even awesomer than before, and it’s the… Well, I’ll show you. Common.” He took a few steps back and I followed, still holding onto his hand.
“Light up the top and you’ll see him,” Leo said.
“Lux!” I said pointing my wand to the top. My wand acted like a giant spotlight and lit up the masthead. It was the same bronze dragon as always, but now, huge metalical eyelids blinked and his head was moving.
“Oh my gods! I hadn’t realised that was the actual Festus!” I said. The dragon made short clicking sounds.
“What’s he doing?” I asked.
“Talking. He can communicate with Morse code. It’s actually pretty sick.” Leo said.
“Yeah!” I said thinking that was one of the coolest things ever. Festus started clicking.
“What’s he saying?” I asked.
“He thinks you’re pretty.”
“The huge mechanical dragon?” I asked thinking that wasn’t possible.
“Okay, the huge mechanical dragon and me.” Leo said. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.
“Too bad I don’t have a mechanical dragon to tell you you’re funny and handsome.” I said. “You’ll have to be satisfied with me saying it, and in English since sadly I don’t speak Morse code.”
“I think that’s the best.” Leo said.

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I am soooo happy people have excepted Lark... I always felt so bad for her and all of the preasure that was on her shoulders... like she was carring the sky (hahaha... i make my self laugh sometimes:))
But I still feel really bad for her... because no one will be al]le to fix what is happenig to her... she is stuck... whih really sucks...

You know... for some reason when I was reading the convo between Piper and Aphrodite when they were talking about Jason... because Iam personaly a Pason (or Jiper) fan and I was all like "WHY DID HE CHOOSE RENYA!!!!! WHY IS THE WORLD SO CRULE!!!!!" so yah... I dont like renya that much... so it would amke me happyif Jason breaks up with her and takes Piper (i sound realy crule when I say that)

*sobs* I miss Selena soooo much... STUPID KRONOS AND HIS EVIL...NESS?
I was really creeped out when Iwas reading that part too... I don't know why... but I kept on squeling and my brother was like "MOM! LIZ HAS GONE INSANE!!!"

HHHEEECCCKKK YYYAAAHHH!!!!... i am so hapy about Leo and Hazel that it is not even funny... but i was very mad at Gwen when she acted like that... she was not acting like a very good friend... but now it is ok... everything is better now
when I was reading the last part of the chapter i was jumping for joy and at that moment but brother walked into my room (again) and he just stood there... staring at me... like I was some sort of troll... but yah... i was so happy when they were talking I really did not care...
even the simplest kiss on the cheek made my day 10 times better!
I loved the Fetus part too... he is so cute... in a mechine sort of way... so yah
I have fianly given up my theory that you are J.K. Rowling... because you are better... and trust me... that is saying something :)
keep writing because you have a talent given from God for it
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I LOVED IT!!!!!!
sorry I did not comment on the atest 2 chapters... I did not k
over a year ago PersesJr said…
awesome chapter
over a year ago Persephone16 said…
I can't believe that it's the second to last post for 'The Rebel Soldier'!!!
I really liked it. I'm glad Gwen didn't kill Leo! And I feel really bad for Lark but at least people understand her now. And for Zane: there must be more than meets the eye. I mean I know he's annoying but there has to be more to him then that. Especially after his miniature speech.
Looking forward to the last chapter/post!! It's gonna be epic!
over a year ago Emily_is_COOl said…
-‘Rule number 1: if you make any sense you are a failure to god-kind.’
-“You’re right, you can wear, say, this hoody to prevent the pneumonia but I’ll be sneaking up on you and going ‘boo!’ forever.” I said handing him his hoody. He made a face and slipped his arms in and pulled the zipper.
-“Don’t go all Jiminy-cricket on me.”

OKAY!!! I really loved the Hazel! And, this is late, but I am SO glad there are no Percy/OC or Percy/Roman. I swear, he is like the most abused ship since Twilight and Harry Potter. I MEAN...IT IS REALLY BOTHERING ME. (I was born without that bodily feature)

Okay, back to the awesomeness that is this, can't wait for the next chapter. You should make a account, because they are so much easier to update, you know, if you are looking for a different audience. I would subscribe to you! Anyways, I can't wait for the 2nd to last chapter of The Rebel Soldier. NOW I KNOW WHY YOU cALLED IT THAT! Ah, the irony of my stupidity, I love it.
over a year ago redhawks said…
Aw.....That was cute!!! ANd I was wondering when Gwen was going to find out about Lazel...That was BERRY goood!! I'm glad my last commment touched you. But, that was 100% true and I still stick with what I said. :) Amazing story as always. XD
over a year ago the-time-thief said…
Amazing!!! I would say more but everyone else took what I was going to say. I disagree with Lightning I think that Jason should stay with Reyna because she makes him so happy. I feel really bad for Gwen and Zane. For Zane because he has the whole boat mad at him just because he's lonely. For Gwen because to have your bff not to trust you enough to tell you that you are dating a guy you dont like, is just sad. Also for Lark too. Not going to tell you why because you already know. Other than that Great story!!
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over a year ago swimmer-grl said…
that wuz so good. aw... lazel is so cute. LUV THE STORY!!!! hey, does hectate post fri. and tues. or just friday?
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over a year ago daughter-ofzeus said…
Amazing!! I had almost forgoten about Festus on the front of the ship!! Yay they {kinda} made up!! Good for piper!! and poor Lark... Im glad she isnt all alone now though!! Is it sad when i have to go look back at what I said when I see my name on the reply list-answer list thing?? cause almost every time i have to go look back... well anyways!! I cant wait till the next one!!
over a year ago 1hades1 said…
THAT WAS AWESOME. I want to find out what zane is hiding after his short little speech. If the doors of death are open could beckondorf come back from the dead that would be sweet just wondering could beckondorf be a fire user
over a year ago seashell7 said…
That was really good and awesome! I think you reallly describe things well.
over a year ago phippi2 said…
AMAZING AND SO SWEET!!! Hazel and Leo make such a cute couple.
over a year ago fman172 said…
I loved your story but i think its enough of everyone picking on zane hes just a kid and hes trying to get some attention thats what all kids do. It makes me start getting mad at the characters for dissing zane hes the only one on the boat who is actually left out. I hope they can start being friends with him. But overall GREAT STORY.
over a year ago dezzypoo said…
i loved your story,and fman172 ya but zane hit on girls but the girls don't like it at all.