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HecateA posted on Oct 28, 2010 at 12:36AM
So once again you guys have the opportunity to get in my head of what I think the next HoO book RR blesses us with will look like.

Before I start you peoples off, I need to say something.
So shush and listen.

When I wrote "The Lost Hero, written by me", I had to guess who the parents were. Well now, I know. So I am following Rick Riordan's version of the characters. Piper has nothing to do with Persephone, Jason and Thalia are siblings and Camp Ceasar Salad is real. For my series of fanfics, I'm following my version of the characters, but here, Rick's versions rule. Get it?

Title: The Son of Neptune
Rating: C
Type: Adventure, friendship, hopefully humor, maybe a touch of romance
Characters: Add, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Drew, Leo, Jake, Nyssa
OC personalities: Reyna, Dakota, Hazel, Gwen, Bobby, Caleb
OC: The Gayle brothers, Karren
Synopsis: After discovering a new world, not so far from their own, Jason and his friends are sailing straight for it, unsure wheter they'll come out victorious or just start a civil war. But it doesn't take the arrival of a flying boat to get the citizens curious. They already sence something is wrong, way before the flying ship docks.

Disclaimer: The story base, character and settings base was created by Rick Riordan, who owns the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Heroes of Olympus rights.

A/N: Hopefully you guys will like it! I got some very nice comments on my random wall poll, so here it is guys! Love you all, you rock!

The Rebel Soldier's debut:­oly­mpu­s/f­oru­...­nts

The Honour in Death's debut:­oly­mpu­s/f­oru­...­nts

The Fire's Revenge's debut:­oly­mpu­s/f­oru­...­une

Part Two's debut:­oly­mpu­s/f­oru­...­nts
So once again you guys have the opportunity to get in my head of what I think the next HoO book RR bl
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Hey I'm new like, I signed up today. Can you write another chapter? Please? I dying here.
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Hey I'm new also,please write more .So i can know whats crackin'
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write more please
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people please dont spam. hecateA comes out with a new chapter every friday and if you spam she will stop posting and will only send it to a few people. amazing chapters take time.
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Out of all the Son of Neptune/The Lost Hero(by Percy) fics I've read, this one is by far the best...
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Hermione-Fan361 just go to your profile page and click the icon that says upload pjoto or someting like that near your little person picture thing and check the box underneath while uploading, if you don't get it than the pproblem is me, but please no more spaming...!
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AMAZING CHAPTERS!!! Can't wait till FRIDAY!!!
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Thanks, Barogr! I got it!
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I love this forum so much I've been here at least twenty times today.
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fantastic story. cant wait............................
im gonna go crazy now.


ok im done being crazy. pretty soon, im gonna start my nervous breakdown.
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Now Wisegirl don't ask that. Just don't. You can ask her on private chat thing just don't post it on here. If she wanted us to know she would tell us.
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I liked your craziness thing partypony. I'm new by the way.
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Breaking my own rule here because I am proudly announcing I have typed up 100 pages of Son of Neptune! *takes a bow* and I am just a little bit overjoyed and proud!

And while I'm at it: Gu-u-u-uys!!!! Stop spamming please...

@Aphrodite123 Unless I'm missing something here, Dakota isn't going to camp Half-Blood. You might be confused with another 'fic.
@dipstick & Hermione, thanks, and welcome to you both! Here are your muffin baskets, take one each!
@dipstick: You have no idea how big of a compliment that is! I've read some myself, but then stopped so my story would stay the same, and some of it's pretty awesome!

*bows again overjoyed*
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im sorry hecate and redhawks,i have deleted my post..
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About to loose it again, oh Friday, Those 3 days seems like 3 years, we are having an exam week and this is where I come to relax, but now the craziness comes back...
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fantastic fanfic story and gratz on the 100 pgs
over a year ago HecateA said…
Thank you!

So remember how I talked about ishy chapters? Things that weren't necessarely important to the story but that I had to put down or the back stories of some characters? (this was all planned before publishement by the way, I figured out nearly all their backgrounds the same way I write 3 chapters ahead of the next to be published)

Well, I read barogr's post and I decided to edit the story and put this ishy earlier on in the story.


*check out the new picture on chapter 4

This chapter is dedicated to my siblings, in their eternal state of annoying and loud and deconcentrating
As if my dreams weren’t wacko enough as it is, the fever made them nothing but worst.
This time I got away with having to look back at memories. I rather go back to the last set of dreams then face those, though.
We were in the family living room. The plastic Christmas tree was propped up in a corner and my mom was reading instructions on the back of a box of Christmas lights. I was about 12 walking around the room, bobbing the newborn baby that was Tatianna up and down. Joel and Kyle had a game of arm-wrestling going on, which would become a full-wrestling game in about point five seconds- and Aimée was probably off doing her homework or some other activity that yelled out “I’m so perfect I barf rainbow and spit gummy bears”.
-Gwen, stop messing around with your sister and come help me here please. Mom said. I plopped Tatianna into a baby car seat waiting for her in a corner. She giggled as I took a strand of lights from my mom’s hands and started going around the tree. Then Joel tripped Kyle and punched him.
-Joel Madison! Mom scolded. Kyle fought back and I rushed to separate them. I ripped them apart, sent Kyle in a corner so violently he wasn’t coming back, and pinned Joel.
-You do not trip people in wrestling. I said.
-It’s Pankration! Joel complained.
-Oh, well in that case, carry on. I said, getting up.
-No, do not! Gwen, don’t encourage them! Mom said.
-What? It’s a sport! We do it at the city all the time! Strength training! I can’t tell them not to train, that could just get us all in a lot of…
-Language, Gwen.
-Trouble. I improvised the word. Mom sighed.
-Why can’t you all at least act…? The 3 of us froze and mom shut up. She turned back to the Christmas tree.
-Act what? I asked. Mom ignored me, which flared me up even more.
-Act normal? That’s what you were going to say, weren’t you? You want us to stop acting like the freaks we are, and stop doing the freakish things we do to keep ourselves alive? I snapped.
-I didn’t say that. She said.
-No, worst, you think it. I said. She stayed silent, didn’t even look at me. So I flared up, grabbed my coat from a coat hanger by the door and stormed out.
-Kyle, Joel, I’m really sorry; you know that’s not what I meant.
-We’re walking back with our freak sister to go be freakish with the other freaks. Forced walks are one of the things we freaks do. Kyle snapped as the twins left, leaving Tatianna, Aimée, Mom and Grant for the third Christmas in a row in a freak-free home.
And then the second one nearly made me regret the first.
I came down the stairs. I must’ve been about 14. And with a chill I realised what was about to happen and I did my best to wake myself up. But I’m so stubborn I don’t listen to myself.
I was wearing a brown dress, which went to my knees and the sleeves full length. I wore black pants under. My hair was done up into one of the simple braid designs we did all the time at the city. Mom was waiting for me.
-Gwen, there you are sweet, oh your dress is very pretty. Why don’t you let your hair fall loose, Gran always liked your hair. She said, posing her fingers on the side of my head.
-Hazel and I always do this for special occasions. I said.
-Alright then, are you ready to go, then? Mom said handing me my winter coat.
-I’ve been ready for 3 and a half hours. I said slipping my arms in the coat.
-Well then common. And sweet, take the necklace off. She said pointing to the shark tooth.
-No. I said.
-Gwen, it really isn’t appropriate.
-This is the tooth of the first monster I ever took.
-Yes, but you aren’t going to Gran’s to show your fighting skills, remember some of the people there don’t know you even go to the City.
-You mean that I live there.¸ Mom got annoyed at the reference of me not living under her roof.
-Take it off, Gwen.
-It’s the best thing I own! I protested. Mom snatched the necklace from my throat and threw it on the nearby coffee table.
-Just listen for once Gwen, we will be late!
-No, you will be late. I said, tears of rage burning in my eyes. I snatched up the necklace and marched out the back door.
Now Jason and I were sitting behind the veil of water at Fontus falls. I’d thrown a few pieces of armour over the dress and my hair was pulled back in a ponytail.
-She’s not the same. She only talks English now, she doesn’t care that I’m not fluent anymore. I complained in Latin.
-Well, she’s under a lot of stress. He tried to defend.
-She ripped Evan’s necklace from my neck! Stress or not, it’s not right!
-I never said it was Gwen, I just said she was. Try to think it from her point of view. I mean, Evan’s death didn’t only upset you. Jason said.
-I doubt she ever really cares about us anymore. We’re freaks to her. I was stupid to think that’d changed; I shouldn’t have even tried to go back. I said miserable.
-Don’t say that, she’s your mom! She does care, Gwen.
-No. When Aimée butted in and Tatianna was born, she realised it wasn’t normal for kids to be as hyper as a squirrel hyped on caffeine, and for her being called to deal with some school problem every week or two, or to have the principal accuse us of stealing the key to the school vault. That’s when she realised we were freaks, the whole lot of us. Joel, Kyle me and… and Evan. I said. Tears of rage and miserability stinged my eyes (no miserability is not a word but it fits the context, let me be). Jason put his arm around me and I buried my face in his shoulder.
-Hey, Gwen… Your mom doesn’t think you’re a freak, Joel, Kyle, Evan and you are the best things that ever happened to her and you were right to go back. You got to see your little sister right? See, that’s good. And you probably put something in Aimée’s sock drawer, which is great too. You tried Gwen, everybody did this year.
-So where’d you go? I asked out of bitterness. Immediately I knew I’d been somewhere where nobody had before.
-Jason, I’m sorry, I should just shut up sometimes. I said.
-No, it’s cool. My mom’s dead. Lupa told me, and she’s my only family alive. I stuck around. He said.
-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have brought it up, it’s not fair for me to ruin your Christmas just because mine royally sucked. I said.
-Nah, it’s cool. Nobody’s ever asked before. Everybody freaks out about my dad, but other athat people don’t care about the rest of my family.
-After your immortal and direct siblings, nobody cares about the rest of your family, I said. My fingers were playing with my necklace.
-Where did you even get it anyways? I mean, I know it was from Evan, but…
-He used to where this thing all the time, no matter what he was doing. He ‘got’ it at some museum boutique when we were 5. Then when we were 7 and we got our first hellhound- it wasn’t pretty- but when it tried to eat me I pulled its tooth out, he dropped me and Evan picked it up and stabbed him. So he added it on. We spent a whole afternoon trying to figure out how to make a hole through it. It… That day I got a super bad grade in math, so before I showed mom he gave it to me. We thought hard as core it was a good luck charm. So I had it, after, and I kept it. It’s all I have and I’ll always keep it, even if mom won’t.
-Nobody wants to forget Gwen. But your mom always knew how shaky it’d be for you 4, and remember, she needs to look strong for Kyle, Joel, Aimée and you. He said.
-Thanks Jason, you really are a great guy.
-Nah, I’m just a friend. Now common, there should still be some enkythoi left. Jason said.
-Yeah… Been a while I haven’t had a good sponge cake.
-Let’s go. He smiled, the scar above his lip turning to a crescent moon shape.
I woke up at 7 in the morning, Boxing Day, wrapped in bandages, scared as hell and missing Jason Grace even more.

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So remember how I talked about ishy chapters?  Things that weren't necessar