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So once again you guys have the opportunity to get in my head of what I think the next HoO book RR blesses us with will look like.

Before I start you peoples off, I need to say something.
So shush and listen.

When I wrote "The Lost Hero, written by me", I had to guess who the parents were. Well now, I know. So I am following Rick Riordan's version of the characters. Piper has nothing to do with Persephone, Jason and Thalia are siblings and Camp Ceasar Salad is real. For my series of fanfics, I'm following my version of the characters, but here, Rick's versions rule. Get it?

Title: The Son of Neptune
Rating: C
Type: Adventure, friendship, hopefully humor, maybe a touch of romance
Characters: Add, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Drew, Leo, Jake, Nyssa
OC personalities: Reyna, Dakota, Hazel, Gwen, Bobby, Caleb
OC: The Gayle brothers, Karren
Synopsis: After discovering a new world, not so far from their own, Jason and his friends are sailing straight for it, unsure wheter they'll come out victorious or just start a civil war. But it doesn't take the arrival of a flying boat to get the citizens curious. They already sence something is wrong, way before the flying ship docks.

Disclaimer: The story base, character and settings base was created by Rick Riordan, who owns the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Heroes of Olympus rights.

A/N: Hopefully you guys will like it! I got some very nice comments on my random wall poll, so here it is guys! Love you all, you rock!

The Rebel Soldier's debut: link

The Honour in Death's debut: link

The Fire's Revenge's debut: link

Part Two's debut: link
So once again you guys have the opportunity to get in my head of what I think the next HoO book RR bl
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over a year ago bookeater said…
WOW I ALMOST PAST OUT WHEN I READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS WAS SO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!! and by the way i think you might be rick riordain in disguise, your'e that good. if you write a book i would totally read it.
PS my nickname is Gabby.
over a year ago Nield444 said…
I do enjoy this, but I have to disagree, for reasons beyond my understanding, as is often the case, I feel that Rick will have Percy know full well who he is.
over a year ago bookeater said…
i think Nico should get a girlfriend in this book like maybe Dakota because Dakota is 15 and so is Nico. it would be more interesting to me to see that... BOOKEATER OUT PEACE!!!!!!
over a year ago partypony said…
big smile
i thought nico was 12? yeah im pretty sure hes 12. great fanfic, btw! he finally discovers riptide. been waiting for that forever.
over a year ago bookeater said…
no nico was 12 in the Titan's curse 3 years ago so he is 15
over a year ago Lightning98 said…
Guys we are spaming again...
over a year ago bookeater said…
srry i'll stop spaming...
over a year ago percyjackson51 said…
Love your story!!!
Your an amazing writer
I hope you write more soon!!!!

I thought nico was 10 in the titans curse
over a year ago RickJackson98 said…
wow great story sorry I read it awhile ago just never commented

guys in the Titan's Curse Nico was 10 we never figure out if he was 11 or still 10 in BL seening as it was only half a year later but I'm guessing he was 11 and in TLO he was 12 so her he is either 12 or 13 it is half a year later and this is based the same time TLH is based

sorry if this counts as spam but I under lined (or I tried to underline)it so anyone who doesn't care should know not to read it
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over a year ago losthero5 said…
what part of "no spamming" do you guys not understand. if you arent going to spam, then dont, because actions speak louder than words. basically, if you dont spam, then that means "i wont spam". kapeesh?
over a year ago lilsparky14 said…
Guys, if you want to talk about anything else besides thhe story go do it somewhere else. and by talking about spamming were spamming.
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
So what is talking about spam...
over a year ago HecateA said…
^Trying to reset order?
I appreciate it, its better this week then last!
@ auliaputrin I don't understand what you're saying
@ redhawks Okay, it was just too easy, so I change Katelyn's name to Katelynne. It was just too easy, I'll take other name requests if you guys want.
@ sonoboreas I have no twitter, and I'm not sure he would read it. But I like the idea of me writting Son of eptune at the same time as him! Makes me feel good :D By the way, he's started writting SoN
@bookeater I am not RR in disguise
@Nield Can I know why?
@bookeater I can tell you its not Dakota


Ho ho ho
When it snows in California the kids go absolutely nuts. There wasn’t a snowball-free minute for the whole day. I managed to nail Hazel for the stupid name she’s got me stuck with. My name had to be better than “Add”.
Mercury’s little surprise got figured out soon enough, when the snow started turning different colors. In no particular order or anything, it just started. Then the color crept onto the houses and the people. Kids were running around cursing in Latin. Gwen was beaming, without any of us realising why. Then Bobby got a nice-sized snowball in her face, but that’s besides the point.
Christmas was fun. Reyna even stopped looking at me like I was public enemy number one, and I’d figured she talked coldly to everyone, not just me. Looking at her now, I saw scaring on her face and the back of her hands. This girl had been into a lot of fights.
Hazel and Gwen got me to tag along with them; they even spoke English rather than Latin, considering I was the first half-blood in a century to not understand Latin.
Everyone had a couple of layers on and there was nobody inside.
A few of Vulcan’s children had built an army of snowmen and ice sculptures that were displayed here and there. They were really quite elaborated, joints, freckles and everything. There was everything, from Lady Gaga to Spock from Star trek.
That’s how I met the stupido-squad.
They were going around and destroying statues, hand picking the best ones. After Harry Potter and Merlin went down, Hazel got ticked. She headed straight for them and pushed one of the guys to the ground, falling face first onto the remains of Merlin.
-What the Pluto’s your problem? She yelled.
-What’s yours pixie? Hazel drew her wand from her sleeve in a swift movement and in the same speed yelled;
-Subvolo! , pointing the carefully cut and polished oak branch at him. Immediately he floated in the air, hanging by the foot.
-What the Pluto? The guy asked. The 4 other guys went for her with her bare hands, but Hazel ducked and jumped out of the way with the speed and swiftness of a cheetah.
Reyna ran and pushed Hazel out of the way, intercepting the guy’s sword with her own, pure silver with a red-leather wrapped hilt.
-Let it go Jake! Reyna yelled, pushing against the blade.
-Step out of the way midget! He pushed and her blade slipped back, but she managed to twist his blade so it went away from her and Jake went stumbling back.
-30 minutes! Reyna yelled. I realised Jake was her older brother. So the 2 other guys, who were identical, must’ve been Jack and Jace.
One of them grabbed Reyna from behind, an arm around her throat, chocking her. She jammed her sword in his eye, and he bounced back wailing, only for it to be swatted away and her last brother to resume the chocking.
-Oh damn. Bobby said. He took out his own sword. Gwen, Caleb, Dakota and I did the same, but Dakota put her arm in front of me to prevent me from going in.
-It’s not your fight; you only intervene if someone’s in mortal peril.
Hazel had kicked the last brother in the back and he’d let go of Reyna, falling on his back, but he fell against her legs and brought her down.
-Subvolo! She yelled. He went flying as well.
Reyna had gotten up and was fighting the last of her brother and a child of Mars at the same time. Hazel was duelling with another child of Trivia, a boy with shaggy black hair that was probably new to the squad, judging from the lack of scars and muscles. That or he was so good Hazel had no chance. Flashes of light shot out from the wands, setting fire to the snow for point three seconds, Harry Potter movie style. I looked back at Reyna.
-Dakota, they’ll overpower her!
-Don’t underestimate Reyna. But yes, they will. She said. Before we could move,
-EXCLUSA! He yelled. None of us could take a step forwards anymore, nor to help, nor to simply pass.
-Exclusion spells are SO unfair! Hazel yelled at him. He turned towards her but she was already behind him and brought down her gladus. He got knocked out and Hazel got knocked out from behind, when Reyna dodged and a brother’s sword came down. Reyna kicked his legs from underneath him and pinned him to the ground. The last guy standing lifted his sword above his head to crack open Reyna’s skull.
The spell faded and we ran in.
I managed to block his sword before he hit Reyna. She turned and lost her concentration, her brother flipped her and they wrestled a short distance away.
He fought strangely. Step, stab, step back, step, stab, step back. He’d try to stab, but I’d push his sword back. The pattern was easily learned, and if I could surprise him just when he was getting ready to step forwards, moving his shield I’d have a clear coast to stab.
So I did.
He fell to the ground, bent in two. The stab hadn’t made a deep gash, just big enough to give him trouble.
Everyone was staring at me. Hazel had woken up, so had everybody else, and she’d brought the 2 guys down and they were standing as far as they could from her, but still with the other 2.
-Add, where the heck did you learn to fight like that? Caleb asked.
-I… I don’t know.
-That was amazing! Reyna exclaimed.
-What? I asked.
-Add, that was amazing! Jace had no idea how to defend himself, you pulled something completely new! One, he underestimated a new kid and you weren’t thrusting your sword, you were stabbing, none of us ever do that, believe me, I’ve fought everybody here! Where did you learn that? Were you basing it on a hero or something?
-I have no idea. Probably.
-Can I see your sword? She asked. I handed it to her. She took it and examined its every detail like an art critic examines a masterpiece. She took a step back and slashed the air, with the power of someone way bigger and seemingly stronger then a 16-year-old girl: she passed her thumb against the metal and frowned.
-What type is it? I’ve never seen anything like it.
-Xiphos. I said.
Wait, what?
-Xiphos isn’t a type of sword we use. Nobody does, those things aren’t good for anything but museums. Reyna said.
-But it’s a Xiphos.
-What’s it made out of? Bobby asked.
-I… I don’t know.
-It’s not imperial gold, some kind of bronze. Bobby said, examining the blade (I’m not sure how well that went considering his hair was still in his eyes).
-I’ll ask Vulcan if they’ve ever seen anything like it. He determined.
-Add, show me again. Reyna asked.
This was so out of character. She was cold and strict, but know she looked as excited as a kid hyped on coffee on Christmas morning.
I showed her. She examined every move and then frowned.
-What’s your style? It’s not Roman. She said.
-I don’t know. Do you?
-… No. Oh stop whining Jace, the cut isn’t deep! She said. Bobby took something from his jean pocket and threw it at him. It hit him in the arm and dug itself into the snow. Jace picked it up and got to his feet. He threw it at Bobby, but he caught it.
-I don’t need pity. And you’ve made an enemy stranger. He said. He clutched his stomach and they all left.
-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have started anything! Hazel immediately said. She had a kind of barrette in her hair, three frost covered leaves stuck together and I don’t know if it was just me, but it seemed to glow.
-It’s fine Haze. I was bound to fight them sometime today anyways, and it’ll make for a pretty interesting evening. Reyna said. She brushed the snow off her legs.
-Are you okay? He hit you pretty hard. Gwen inquired.
-I’m fine, we’ve been at it before we could walk, you get used to it. Reyna said. I recapped Riptide and slipped her back in my pocket.
-Well, at least you met the stupido-squad, Add. Hazel offered.
-Wow, way the ruin a Christmas. Caleb said, covering her face with her hand.
-Could’ve been worst, Reyna shrugged. Could’ve been in a bad mood.
-That was them in a good mood? I said.
-Mm-hmm. But I think you ruined it, so they’ll be a pain at supper. Gwen said.
-Compared to the usual..?
-Point is, you’ve made an enemy, Bobby said.
-And the Grail brothers aren’t an enemy you want to have.
-Well, if you know how to use their strength against them…
-Bobby, no offence but we don’t care about military strategies right now, we’re on our day off.
-No Haze, it actually includes you. How you were dodging and junk. If you can do that until they tire, then they’ll be weaker when you switch from defence to offence. Bobby said.
-Could work. But direct attacks work best; I rather finish them while I can before another stupido comes in. Reyna said.
Reyna and Bobby talked strategy and Gwen decided it was too peaceful; hence I got a snowball in my face. We sort of auto-split into two teams. Caleb, Reyna, Dakota and I against Bobby, Gwen and Hazel.
When the other team finally surrendered, Gwen dragged us to the top of a hill. There was a house there, thought I wasn’t sure what it was for. Gwen made us climb to the top.
Looking down at the valley below, you could see that all the colors that were drifting across the snow everyday weren’t that pointless. They were painting a pattern on the snow.
A giant winged pole with two intertwined snakes, all different colors, making it look like pop-art and on different heights was spread across the valley.
-Wow! How the… How did you do that? Caleb asked Gwen.
-Paintballs, root bear and hydrogen, that’s all I’m saying. Anyways, we decided to cut you some slack this Christmas, so we did this instead of our other stunt. But expect a lot of hell next year. Gwen’s eyes sparkled.
-Wouldn’t have it any other way Gwendo. Bobby said. Supper was announced. We climbed down and sprinted for the cafeteria to avoid being late.
After my second piece of turkey did I remember Lupa’s instructions. I looked at Dakota. She crossed my eyes. She tapped her wrist and showed five fingers. I nodded.
5 minutes later we eclipsed ourselves, back to the forum.
Lupa was standing there, big, fluffy snowflakes accumulating on her shoulders, starring off into the woods. A branch creaked under our feet and she turned.
-Perfect. You remembered. She said.
We both bowed at the wolf goddess’ feet.
-I owe you an explanation about Jason Grace, do I not?
-Yes ma’am. I said.
-Follow me. She said.
Dakota and I followed her, and I realised she was heading to Jupiter’s house. She took a ring of keys from her belt and unlocked the cabin. She pushed the door open and held the door for Dakota, who walked inside like it was her own house. I hesitated.
-Hero, come in. Lupa said.
-I… I can’t. I said.
-Why would that be? She asked.
I couldn’t give her a reason, so I followed Gwen.
Lupa led us through the living room, which was all marble, with tiles shaped like interlocked lightning bolts and a temple-shaped fireplace. Wooden chairs here and there, some floating slightly off the ground, and into a room. It was the room I’d looked into yesterday. A rope ladder led up to a kind of floating patio, and if you’d climb higher you had access to the roof.
Lupa took a picture from the wall. Dakota, Reyna, Caleb, Bobby, Gwen, Hazel and the unknown boy all standing in front of the Golden gate bridge, their arms around each others shoulders, grinning and squinting at the sun.
-Is the blond guy Jason? I asked. Lupa nodded.
-He was a consul here. Praetor, or chief, of the first legion. Son of Jupiter, the only one. He went missing, 6 days before the Winter Solstice, when the gods have their meeting. Nobody knows what happened to him, we have been searching since, but there is no sign. Lupa said.
-Wait, why is he the only one? Zeus had a whole bunch of kids.
-Zeus doesn’t exist anymore Add. Dakota said.
-But still, why?
-Do you know who the elder gods are, boy?
-Yeah. Jupiter, Pluto and Poseidon, right?
-Neptune, but yes. And Mars is sometimes considered an elder god. The 3 elder gods do not have many children. There are only 2 in the army. Jason was one. A child of Jupiter.
-He still is one, he’s still alive. Dakota said fiercely. Lupa held up her hand, either in halt, in excuse, or both.
-Caleb Gelus is the other one. There`s a prophecy, that will happen when 3 elder god children will be assembled in this camp.
Dakota recited something in Latin. Thankfully she said it again in English.
-7 half-bloods shall answer the call
To storm or to fire the world must fall
An oath to keep with a final breath
And foes bear arms to the doors of dead
-That is the next prophecy that will threaten the world, and I fear Add, that you and Jason are two of the seven.
-But… if the first prophecy hasn’t happened…
-Add what first prophecy?
-You know, the great prophecy, happened sometime around World War II?
-Add, that doesn’t exist… Dakota said, eyeing me weird.
-What do you know about the elder god prophecy? She cut.
-I just know… I said.
-What elder god prophecy?
-A child of the 3 elder gods
Shall reach sixteen against all odds
And watch the world in endless sleep
The hero’s soul cursed blade shall reap
A final choice shall end his days
Olympus to preserve or raze
-You know your prophecies in English? Dakota asked. And what is the elder god prophecy anyways?
-A prophecy. During World War II. I said.
-What? Why do we not know about it? This seems something to mention even on a need-to-know bases! Dakota asked.
-Nobody but the included do. Ask Jason or Caleb, they’ll tell you. It’s plagued the world for decades, until it was revealed it would never happen.
-Excuse me? I asked.
-It will never happen.
-But it has happened! It’s why the second one’s going to!
-Add, what do you mean it has happened? This is the only demigod training facility in the world, we`d know if it had. We might not have known the prophecy, but if it… Wait, are you talking about the war last summer?
-The… I don’t know Dakota, I just know it has. It has to happen before the second can. I said.
-Well the two will mirror each other maybe. Lupa said, not convinced.
-For you guys, maybe that one will start the second.
-For us? Add, when a prophecy happens it concerns the whole world.
-But it’s happened for the whole world; you guys missed out on it! I said.
-Enough talk of prophecies. I don’t know what impression you are under but the elder god prophecy was the result of the misinterpretation of the oracle. Nor Caleb now Jason will ever be subject of that prophecy, as well as any other of my soldiers. Lupa said fiercely. I was scared she’d go wolf and destroy both of us if we kept arguing. As much as I knew I was right, not knowing why, I figured that would be a dumb way to die.
-How did he go missing? I asked.
-Jason? Nobody, not even the gods, know. Lupa said.
-Not that they’d tell us. Dakota muttered. Lupa shot her a deadly look.
-He was in the forest with Bobby and I, we were setting traps. We came back; Jason looked troubled when he left. Bobby walked me back to my place, we talked about the game out there for a while and then he left. The next day, he was gone. His chariot was there, so was his armour, and we have no idea. No sign of a struggle. It’s like he just left. Dakota said.
-Have you looked outside the city?
-Of course! We’ve had a quest party out travelling the country, Reyna, Bobby, Gwen, Hazel and I’ve been going out and looking, we’ve checked everywhere in this city and Frisco. He’s not in California.
-May I go look in the forest? I asked. Lupa raised an eyebrow.
-Of course, if Dakota comes with you. Do not go too deep, and be back before the moon is as its full height. The she-wolf instructed.
-Yes ma’am. I said.

-This is where our traps were set. Dakota said. We were standing in a small clearing, the skies open, moonlight touching down on us.
I looked around. Nothing much. And then something in the bush moved. I wasn’t conscious of drawing it, but my sword was in my hands.
-That wasn’t a deer. Dakota said. Her gladus was in her hand. Something galloped around us.
-Any monsters in here? I whispered.
-A few loners, yes. She whispered back. I heard hooves hitting the ground.
I walked right towards the noise.
-Add! Dakota hissed. But I brushed away a branch and out of the woods jumped a horse, made entirely of cloud, electricity crackling across his mane. It neighed and reared up on his back hooves. I grabbed the reins and tried to steady the horse.
-Calm down girl, calm down, it’s okay; sword’s down, not going to hurt you… I soothed as she bucked. I pulled down. The mane calmed down.
-Oh my gods! Dakota exclaimed, pretty loudly.
-What? What? I asked, stroking the horse’s neck. Dakota’s face was pale in the moonlight, her face frozen in shock.
-She… She disappeared with him… That’s Tempest, that’s his horse!
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over a year ago irismess said…
this story is soo good,, u are doing a great effort to keeping me dreaming about all this plot.. I dont know if that is good or not but still, I want to tank u..HECATE
over a year ago zips said…
big smile
You are an amazing writer and i love your story let me know if you ever write a book because i will buy it. you inspired me to start writing again. thank you for sharing your gift.
over a year ago RickJackson98 said…
well done Hecate another master piece chapter
over a year ago bookeater said…
wow i a just wowed i really like how he just remembered hid profey not that he was in it really nice job.
over a year ago partypony said…
omg that wuz amazing, like ever. cant wait for the next one! luv the fight scene btw. now he has enemies. and one question: who's Caleb's god parent again? can anyone answer this?
over a year ago redhawks said…

Ohk people I know some people have already told you this but SHUT THE **** UP!! I mean seriously people stop freaking spamming. If you wanna spam and talk about something complely un related to this forum which btw is about HEACTE'S CHAPTER'S OF HER OWN VERSION and not someone else's anyway go to the club Random and make a forum for spamming. Just don't do it here. If you love her chapters so much then stop spamming so we can all get it. I know I prob. sound rude but IDC please people stop spamming so I don't have to go on another screaming thing again. Oh and telling us your not going to spam IS SPAMMING SO STOP DOING THAT!!
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over a year ago RickJackson98 said…
no one has spammed recently that I can see anyway but still yes I really love your chapters Hecate they're brilliant and so called Add has and enemy things just keep getting more and inteeresting
over a year ago Idunn said…
Love it!
over a year ago Lightning98 said…
big smile
Holy PLUTO hecate that was sooo good!!!!! oh my....... I just cant get over it!!!! He remembers the one and only prophocy and he remembers how to sword fight and he could talk to hourses and *eeepppp*
I just cant hold it in any more
OMG's!!! I hope you could write more!!!
Hecate you are the most amazing author on the face of the earth, keep writing becaue i am sure that you inspire everyone else on this site to keep trying
Love always Lightning98

P.S. My mom thinks I am going crazy again ;)
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over a year ago bookeater said…
why does your mom think your'e crazy???? rofl...
over a year ago TheHero_AC said…
big smile
Another one soon please I cant wait much longer
over a year ago bookeater said…
me neither... *ammpphhf* i just died of boredness
over a year ago bookeater said…
by the way they on they posted another chapter of son of neptune chapter 21 to be exact and its by crazyreader2196 so i think you guys and girls should check it out but this one by hecate is so much better!!!!!!! lOVE YOUR WRITING <3 it is snowing at my house and i am so happy
over a year ago barogr said…
Hecate, you are really talented!!!
(I've been reeading your version of "The Son of Neptune" for one and a half weeks now but I didn't have an account here so I didn't write a comment, but your story got so good that I thought that I owed you a thanks! :))
Since you don't want simple comments that are almost like spaming, I'm gonna try to give an idea;
I got bored and started to read The Lightning Theif again, and I realised that Kheiron was Percy's "Latin" teacher, so they probably do teach Latin in Camp Half Blood (of course with the ancient greek alphabet, awkward idea), Percy should (probably) understand half of what they are talking in CCS.
over a year ago barogr said…
Hey, me again... Sorry for bothering you guys with my stupid ideas but I am not brave enough to write my own story so I just am giving the ideas to someone who is brave and more fit for the job, not that you need to use them, even I think they are kinda silly...
What ever, here are some new ideas;
-Since every olympian god and godess had their own children or heros who works under their comand as major characters except for Apollo and Hestia(who isn't fully Olympian) I think that we should have a strong archer, a girl in my opion would be better, to be able to cause conflict with Artemis but I've got no problem with boys (even though there are more than enough boys in R.Riordan's story you've got many girls, easier to relate with your own gender I guess) This character could even have a magical ability about light (I mean his/her father will be the sun after all) and a tragic history and talent with music... Just a thought
-I've really missed Black Jack and we even get to see Jason's horse Tempest and his father isn't the god who created horses.
(I hope you don't see this as spam, but waiting makes my imagination run wild, especially with vivid stories like yours. If you think this is spam, just tell me and I will delete it-yes I am paranoyed, or not?-)
over a year ago HecateA said…
OKAY, breaking my own rule here, but I want to tell you barogr before anybody else does that your message does not fit as spam in my opinion, because I take name requests (seriously people, help me out, I always like my characters having the perfect name and sometimes my brain got kaput) and everything. I think you're cidekick, because Hestia is a goddess I'm planning to use, in the meantime, head over to my other fanfic. Read the Lost Hero written by me, then the sequel Jewels and a daughter of Apollo is indeed coming your way. She's one of the most complicated characters of that series, perhaps rivalering with Lee.

And welcome to the spot! I double as fanfic writter and welcoming commity, here is your WELCOME muffin basket! *hands muffin basket* (just take it)
over a year ago emiehs96 said…
D: I never got a muffin basket.…
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over a year ago barogr said…
emiehs96 I think I can share mine with you :)
over a year ago yolmo_boi said…
hecateA absolutely love ur work !
I just didnt understand the part where percy finds tempest cuzz wen i read lost hero it didnt seem like jason knew tempest from before..
just wondering..
over a year ago bcquinn109 said…
HectateA u f fricking amazing I feel like I am reading rick riordan rite now its the same style and everything
over a year ago redhawks said…
Yolmo_boi, Jason lost his memory so how could he seem like he knew Tempest.

People please stop spamming. Our great writer Hecate does not appriciate it and if you do spam she may decide to just give the stories to people who did not spam. (I have consulted with her and I know she will do this.)I'm not saying all of you are just a few. But enough to make her stop writing and posting ON HERE.
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Man,I really hope she doesn't. These stories are amazing! Good job,HecateA!
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Hello hecateA i have read your story and i think it is amazing, and i have an idea. Your story is awesome ,but (don't hate me) i think you are missing something. in C.H.B. the greeks play capture the flag to improve their battling skills and because it was fun. Well in rome if they wanted fun they would have went to the coliseum where they would watched gladiators fight. i think you need a coliseum where opponents can battle monsters or other half-bloods. i hope you think about this, and i'll still love your story even if there is no coliseum.
your fan,
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Well Zips has a point there especially because Hecate herself was talking/joking about the roman campers trowing percy right in to a collesium fight with some deathly moster, it would make sense and be fun to read, plus I don't think she's the type to hate people for their ideas, I know that one first hand. :) (I am not sure if it was some other person who joked about that, might be so please forgive me if it is)
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So I got a message from irismess (sorry if I screwed your name) asking that for a Thanksgiving special I put up 2 chapters. Happy Thanksgiving to y'all Americans and others who are celebrating Thanksgiving. But the next few chapters are too important to be revealed in pairs of twoes, so I'm sorry irismess and everybuggy else. BUT maybe I'll post the next one earlier.

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The new kid
-Yo, Valdez! Somebody yelled.
-Busy! I yelled back as I tugged on a rope. The boat’d been perfectly stable until for some reason it’d tipped over. We’d all moved quick enough but Harley.
-Harder! I yelled. We tugged on the rope harder, 10 of us altogether, and even with the triple-pulley system we couldn’t move it back up.
-Holy Styx! Somebody yelled. I felt extra hands pulling on the rope and that seemed to do it, as it raised just enough for Jake to pull Harley out. The boat got lowered back down and everyone gathered up to see Harley as Jake started chest compressions. Soon he was breathing.
-He’s alive, but I think I broke a rib doing CPR and the rest of his injuries won’t do him any good. Jake said.
-Bring him to the infirmary. I said. Nyssa and Olivia were already back with a stretcher and really carefully lifted Harley on. I turned around to thank whoever had come. It was Piper and a girl, about 14, her complexion Mediterranean, with muscled arms and legs and eyes the color of dried clay, that were displayed, her jet black hair pulled completely out of her face in a high ponytail.
-Umm, hi. I said.
-Hey Valdez. This is Karen Mallock. Karen, this is Leo, the guy I was telling you about. She got here this morning and I’m in charge of her tour.
-Well hi, I’m Leo. I said. I stretched out my hand but it was dripping with oil and rope-burnt from having pulled the boat up.
-Umm, the thought’s there. I said.
-Ditto. She said.
-So, who’s your mom? Or dad.
-It’s my dad. And I don’t know. She said.
-It’ll come soon enough. And if not the geniuses here’ll figure it out.
-Well, what are you good at? I asked.
-Okay… What do you like doing? Karen looked at us like we were scary.
-You won’t laugh will you?
-No, not at all. We both promised.
-I’m a stunt double.
-You’re a stunt double? In, like movies? Piper asked.
-Yeah. They pay me to fall and swing on ropes and junk.
-Why would we laugh at you, that’s really cool! I said. She shrugged.
-Not the kind of thing people expect from me.
-Kid, I’ve seen that be a daughter of Aphrodite, I’m not that surprised anything anymore. I said pointing Piper. Piper smacked me.
-Owe, owe, OWE! No but seriously Karen, it’s really cool. I do that all the time except I don’t get paid. I said. Karen chuckled.
-Not exactly the kind of thing people expect from the girl who throws punches that can kill baby cats.
-You’ve killed baby cats?!
-No! I like cats! Well, no, but I wouldn’t kill them!
-Okay, thank Zeus! You had me going for a moment.
-I’ve been in fake fights too. Spy kid, Suite life of Zach and Cody, I do stuff like that.
-That’s really cool. Piper said.
-Yeah, but unless there’s a god of stunt-doubling I doubt it can help.
-Not that I know of. We could go ask Jason, he knows demigods. Piper said.
-Great, tell me when you get news, I have to help my peeps put the boat back in place.
-No, Leo, common.
-Why? We’re overly busy here.
-Leo, when’s the last time you took a shower? You’re a freaking mess.
-Thank you, beauty queen. You know, we don’t all get magic hairdos from our immortals.
-That’s not what I mean.
-She’s right Leo. Look, there’s an hour ‘till lunch, why don’t you go and get some rest? You’ve been here for 2 days straight, go rest. You’ll be more productive after anyways, I can keep an eye here for a while. Jake said, walking up to us, rubbing oil off his hands with an oil-stained and singed piece of fabric. He eyed Karen and held out his hand.
-Jake Masson, nice to meet you.
-Karen Mallock. She said shaking it. He patted my shoulder and walked back to the boat, where they were trying to put the boat back by installing another pulley.
It was only a frame, but the width of even one bar was larger than Chiron’s wheelchair. It was longer than the forge, so we’d had to tear down a wall and install shelter tents outside. We’d rebuild it. And if it didn’t it meant the boat’d sunk and the world was doomed, so either way, really. It was also a smidge higher than the forge. We were planning to expand the ceiling too, but then we woke up and the forge had grown taller by some not-god-related-at-all piece of magic. We’d thrown in extra BBQ for Hephaestus anyways.
The bunker would’ve been the perfect place to build it, it was big enough. But then there was the problem of bringing the boat out. Besides, more important things were going on in there.
-Leo don’t make me use a bunch of words to confuse you and just come on. Piper said.
-Whatever beauty queen. Common Karen, let’s go find Jason.
-The forum’s a too direct place to dock, I said crossing it out on the whiteboard. The hills are unoccupied; they have no fixed weaponry on them if they decide to attack, and it’s far from the senate, which is where any enemy would strike. I recapped the marker. The map wasn’t much. I hadn’t named the buildings and I’d flipped the property so North pointed South and East pointed West. The concept stayed the same, at least.
-Question, we’re docking in broad daylight, right? Annabeth asked.
-Yes. No enemy would do it, it’s too stupid, they’ll know we’re on truce for sure, add the flag and we’ll be fine. I said. Annabeth nodded. She bit her lip.
-Is there enough room in the hills?
-More than enough, we’ll be able to land just fine. I assured her.
-Do you remember where it is at least? She asked.
-Umm… Kind-of.
-What do you mean, kind-of?
-Well, the camp was settled in a titan-prone area. There are loads of security measures taken, I know that much. For example there is only one way in the camp, and that’s from the air to let the Pegasus in.
-Then we have no problem. Somebody said. It was Leo, coming in with Piper and a new girl.
-Hi. He added.
-Umm, hi. I told them both, trying to think of the nicest way to tell them to go away.
-Jason we sort-of need your help is you can spare a minute.
-I have to go. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, key? Annabeth said closing her notebook.
-Sure. Annabeth nodded at Piper, Leo and the new girl, wished us a merry Christmas and left the bunker.
-Hi, I’m Jason. I told the new girl.
-Karen Mallock. She said.
-She got here today and she’s undetermined. Think you could help us out? She’s a stunt double in a lot of movies.
-God of theatre?
-I can act about as well as a potato with a face. Karen said.
-Okay. Can you elaborate on yourself?
-I’m kind of the tough kid at school. The strong buff kid who doesn’t talk to anybody.
-Well apart from Valdez they’re all buff in Hephaestus. Leo hit me in the arm.
-I’m not that bad!
-Sure Valdez. Can you work with tools? Piper asked Karen.
-I can’t change a light bulb without breaking it.
-Dang, no. Leo said. A memory was bugging me.
-You’re like Beth Howlers. I said.
-Beth what-lers? Leo asked.
-Howlers. Beth… Kid in Caleb’s legion. Beth, Beth, oh common, who was her mom?
-Umm, me it’s my dad.
-Strenua! Her mom was Strenua. Goddess of strength.
-My mom’s mortal. Karen said.
-I know, but Strenua’s one of the only immortals to have, to be, the equivalent of an immortal the opposite gender.
-So who’s her equivalent?
-Beats me, that’s all the Greek trivia you’ll get out of me. I shrugged.
-That’s convenient. Leo mumbled.
-Lets test your knowledge of the opposite mythology, see how that goes.
-Umm… Vulcan and Jupiter and salve? Okay, I’m sorry I insulted your Greek mythological knowledge.
-We can just go ask Annabeth or Malcolm or whoever. Piper said.
-You think my dad’s the god of strength?
-Karen, Beth Howlers is known to break fragile objects just by holding them without paying attention to her grip. She’s broken 3 of my fingers on various occasions, completely by accident. If you’re as strong as you say, yeah, your dad’s god of strength. Doesn’t stunt doubling require strength?
-Well, yeah, you have to be able to climb and jump and be tough in case things go wrong.
-Hey, that could really be it. Piper said.
-Who’s the god of strength beauty queen? Leo asked.
-I don’t know.
-All the research from your dad’s movie all disappeared now that you need it. Leo said.
-Your dad’s in movies? Karen asked.
-Yeah, Tristan McLean.
-As in “The King of Sparta”? Karen asked. Piper nodded and having that “Okay, how many posters does she have in her room” look.
-That was fun! She exclaimed.
-You were in King of Sparta?
-Yeah, stunt double for the little girl. Clio, her name was. God, the posters were horrible for that!
-Ugg, yes! We laughed so hard at that one…
-So did my mom and me. They had to take the Clio pictures with me because the actress was too stuck up to do it or something, and I look exactly like her with a little make-up on.
-Those weren’t nearly as bad. Piper smiled. She seemed relieved Karen wasn’t an “OMG TRISTAN MCLEAN!!!1!!!” fan girl. She nearly slapped one of them the other day. On the contrary, Karen seemed cool with it. I guess when you worked in movies you couldn’t afford to be a fan girl.
-Want to bet? Did you see them?
-Yes I did. You’re not that bad.
-I look like an Ancient Greek supermodel! I’m pretty sure the chitons didn’t end here. She said pointing mid-thigh.
-No, it goes to your ankles, trust me, been there, not going there again.
-Thank gods. I found myself muttering. Piper looked at me and blushed, and I think so did I thinking “oops, outside voice”.
-Let’s go, we shouldn’t stay here too long, this place kind of gives me the creeps. Jason says. Like every other building devoted to my father in the history of man, it was uselessly big and empty and cold. It didn’t have much color to it. A war bunker. There was a whiteboard and a desk in one corner but the most place was a training area, dummies with 7-inches of dust on them, some had their heads unattached and on the ground. Then I saw a girl in the corner. She was wearing bronze armour. Her helmet was under one arm, the other dangling at her side, her hand grasped around the hilt of a sword. Her hair was curly and brown, blue almond-shaped eyes sparkled when she shook the hair out of them.
I opened my mouth to ask who the heck she was but she disappeared.
-Jason, are you okay?
-Umm, yes. I think I’ve stayed down here too long. Common Karen, let’s go find someone who knows Greek mythology.

We never got to finding someone who knew about myths, because Sherman DeCharge found us.
This guy is buff. He wore a sleeveless shirt to show off his muscles, which could’ve been transplants from Chuck Norris. His eyes were brown and mean, like Clarisse’s. His hair was platinum blond and stood up like he stuck his fingers in electrical sockets.
-Yo, pep squeaks. He called. We turned. He was walking towards us with his brothers Mark and Dale.
-What do you want? I snapped.
-Ooh, chick’s got an attitude.
-Yes, yes I do. Go away. But Sherman didn’t. Perhaps the idea of a fight was stronger than charm speak, perhaps he didn’t have the brain cells to comprehend what I was saying.
-You found a new kid. Have you welcomed her yet?
-Yes we have thank you, we somehow managed without your eternal wisdom. Please go back to beating small children to pulp now. Leo said. He pushed Leo to the ground.
-You giving me any...?
-Woe, woe, woe, no need to fight here. Jason said, putting himself between Leo and Sherman. Sherman turned away.
-Who’s the new kid?
-Karen Mallock. Karen this is Sherman, son of Mar-Ares. Jason caught himself.
-Unclaimed are yah, pep squeak?
-I don’t appreciate being called pep-squeak. Karen said.
-You don’t talk back to me kid, and I don’t care how new you are, I don’t take nothin’ from no one. He said showing her his fist.
-I just did freak face.
Sherman raised his fist to throw a punch but before we could do anything, Karen grabbed his fist and threw one back. She hit Sherman in the stomach and he stumbled backwards.
-Oh you did not just throw a punch at me. Sherman said, his eyes calling for blood.
-Oh I did just throw a punch at you, freak face.
-You want to fight?
-Bring it on!
-Karen, don’t… I said desperately, but it was too late.
I watched; dumbfound as Karen the 14-year-old fist-fought Sherman the 17 year old tank.
And she wasn’t doing so bad.
She was quick and her punches were strong. When she’d get punched she seemed practically untouched. Jason, Leo, Dale, Mark and I were just staring at the fight in disbelief.
Clarisse grabbed Sherman from behind, holding him back from charging at Karen.
-Stop it, stop it! What good’s a fight if it’s that unadvataged man and- Sherman, I said stop it! Karen punched Sherman in the nose before I grabbed her arm and dragged her back.
-Don’t start anything with me, DeCharge! She yelled. I steered her away. She was panting heavily.
-What the Hades was that Karen? Leo asked.
-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have started anything but he threw me a punch and...
-Quit yapping Karen that was amazing! Leo said.
-It… it was?
-Heck yes! You’re so strong! Jason, I think you’re right. Honestly, Karen that was amazing! Karen blushed.
-I don’t know. I’ve just been in a lot of fake fistfights and those aren’t that different from the real thing. She shrugged. Then a holographic symbol appeared over her head. A club.
-There it is. I said, feeling myself grin. Karen looked up.
-It’s a club. She said.
-Yes. It’s a message from your dad, claiming you as his daughter. Common, we have to tell Chiron. I said.
The big house was decorated for Christmas, with tinsel hanging on the porch railing.
-Wait a minute. Jason said.
He ran up Half-Blood hill and took red objects off the branches of Thalia’s pine tree, Christmas ornament. He threw them as far away as he could, which was pretty far, one by one, before running back down.
-Sorry, the Stolls have a sense of humour I don’t understand. He said.
-Well, while it’s there… Leo said.
-Dude, that was my sister.
-Your sister’s a tree?
-Was a tree. Maybe I should’ve let you throw them do, you seem to have the better arm. He said. She blushed as we climbed the steps to the door. We knocked.
-Its open. Somebody yelled. We let ourselves in. Chiron was kneeling next to Seyamour the leopard, who seemed to have fallen off the wall, stroking the leopard’s head and pouring liquid in its maw.
-Jason, Leo, Piper and Karen, how can I help you? He asked not even looking up.
-Karen got claimed. He looked up.
-By whom?
-We don’t know. Floating club. She was fist-fighting with Sherman DeCharge too, she was really good. I said. Chiron frowned.
-A club you say? How uncommon, and very surprising…
-Because the club is an attribute of Kratos, god of strength.
-So that’s Strenua’s equivalent! Jason said.
-Yes, Kratos or Crotus. Brother of Nike, Bia and Zelos. He is a very little known god, and there are barely any myths about him out there. You only know him if you see him, but he rarely leaves Olympus. He and his brother and sisters are the enforcers of Zeus. Chiron said.
-Hey, after what I saw what she can do, I can understand why Zeus picked that guy! Leo said. Karen blushed even more.
-Karen, you’ll have to stay in cabin 18, with Nike’s children. Children of Kratos are so rare, we didn’t think any would show up straight away, the cabin was stalled until this winter, and now Hephaestus campers are a little busy.
-Oh, heck yes. Speaking of which, can I go back?
-No. Piper said.
-What? Jason asked.
-I practically had to drag Valdez from the forge. I informed Jason.
-Yeah, I was wondering what he was doing in the sunlight. I figured he’d have mutated into a creature of the dark by now.
-Well, now that we’re done with the stand-up comedy…
-Shut up Valdez. Common Karen, I’ll come help you move your stuff. I said. Karen nodded and we both left.
-Jason keep Zuko busy. I said over my shoulder.

-Chiron what’s wrong? I asked.
-What do you mean, Jason?
-You looked at Karen when we told you her father was Kratos strange. Why?
-Children of Kratos are just rare.
-So are children of Hecate, you don’t look at Lou Ellen like that. Leo said. Chiron sighed like we were impossible. Of course we were.
-Okay, it’s a prophecy.
-Of course it is. Leo rolled his eyes.
-A child of Kratos is meant to grow herself to the power of big 3. We don’t know what happens after that, sometimes uncompleted prophecies happen like that.
-Oracle farts. You know, like brain fart? Leo said.
-You probably haven’t gotten to remembering them yet. Leo muttered.
-That’s low.
-It might be nothing. Most of the time those things don’t even happen, but still, one must wonder… Chiron sighed.
-Strange things have been happening. He said, looking at me. I knew why. I wasn’t one of his campers. I wasn’t a camper, I was a soldier. I didn’t belong here, and if the camp and the city really did jump at each other’s throats… Partially it’d be my fault.
Jason, has Lupa communicated with you since the solstice?
-No. Have you communicated with Percy?
-No, I am not a god. I cannot do such prodigies. But something tells me Percy will not be alone any more then you. Chiron said.
-What makes you think that? Chiron’s eyes twinkled.
-He’s Percy Jackson. Nobody will ever leave him alone.
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wow that was so good especially the fact yyou turned things back from The City to Camp Half-Blood that prophecy sounds queit interesting
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Hecate my god you have done it again!!!!! I...o I have no idea what to say!!! It was just so good!!! I love your writing!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to Americans!!!! Like me!!!

Thanks, for putting up some chapters for us Americans.

I love how you made it go back to Jason,Leo,and Piper. Honestly I kinda like their POV better.
over a year ago HecateA said…
big smile
Ah, what the heck guys, happy Thanksgiving

Magic creek
-I still don’t understand how he tamed Tempest. Brent, son of Mars, said.
The praetors were all gathered in the meeting tent, all in armour, sitting at a round table. I stood behind Lupa, who had turned into the human form she hated so.
-Yeah Add, how’d you pull that one off? Gwen asked.
-I don’t know. Latin whispering went around the table. I managed to catch one word, which I translated to either “salmon” or “fake”.
-Maybe it has something to do with your immortal parent. Hilary, the only child of Venus in power, said.
-There is no god of horses. The daughter of Iris, said.
-Look, who is this guy? He comes here, “doesn’t know his name”-Jace made air quotes with his fingers- and we just accept him? Give him a place in Mercury’s house, don’t even question him? What’s this camp whatnot anyways? How do we know he isn’t a spy? We don’t, that’s what! Why are we letting him in the city?
-It’s called hospitality, stupid. Reyna snapped from the other side of the table.
-He appeared when Jason disappeared, what if he’s in the scheme to kidnap Jason?
By everybody’s faces, I saw Jace’d touched a touchy subject. I got some weird glares and people spoke in Latin. Then I wondered if Jace was right. For all I knew, Camp Half-Blood was a place of evil and I’d just gotten shipped here to contribute to it.
-I don’t know where I’m from or why I’m here. I wouldn’t do anything to purposely hurt this city, especially after the hospitality you showed. I said, which sounded like a pathetic defence. I looked Jace in the eyes. He sunk back in his seat.
-So what where you saying Caro?
-No god of horses.
-Yeah, but gods get associated with horses all the time. Like when they got created out of sea foam.
-Well, that’s what happens isn’t it?
-Add, that myth’s Greek. Neptune created horses but not out of sea foam. A child of Minerva, Paris, said.
-Never mind, Add, we get the point. Bobby said.
-You keep using the old names, what’s that about? Somebody else asked.
-Camp Half-Blood. Hilary said.
-None of us have ever heard of the place, Hilary. Does it even really exist?
-Well it has to. That’s were Add comes from. Maybe they use the old names so the gods aren’t offended or whatever.
-We don’t know what they are and why they exist. What if it’s an enemy army?
-Stop it, Brent; you’re still paranoid from last summer. Caro said.
-Lupa, what is camp Half-Blood? Dakota asked before I could question last summer. Lupa got up.
-Soldiers, I fear I know what is happening but I am sworn from my superiors to secrecy. It is not of my nature to help you in your quests. You need to walk your walks. I may have been more of a staff lately, but now you need to walk alone. She turned to Dakota.
-I know you are the only consul now, but I need to ask you to care for the city on your own.
-What? But… Lupa? Dakota said, the blood draining from her face.
-My fellow gods are on Olympus. I ignored Jupiter when he called me back, but my Lord will not hold for ever. I shall go on Olympus, try to do what I can to talk sense into them all. I trust you all. She said. Every one of you to take care of the city. Train as you do now, legion training is more important than ever, now. She turned to Dakota and put a hand on her shoulder. And she didn’t looked that threatening, like Dakota was softening her up.
-With Jason gone I know this is extraordinary pressure on you. Lupa said. Dakota looked pale.
-Lead as I would lead. Lupa said. And then she was gone. A shocked silence took her place. Then in the distance wolves started howling from the forest. There was a stunned silent and a few seconds after the wolves silences, Dakota got over her shock and got up.
-We need to find out what camp Half-Blood is. She said.
-Agreed. Bobby said.
-So we need to find it. Gwen said. They turned to me.
-I don’t know where it is. I shook my head.
-We know, but anything else you can tell us about it? Reyna asked.
-No. I’m sorry. I said.
-Well until he figures something out, we have no purpose here. Jace said.
The meeting dissipated. Gwen came to find me.
-I want to go check on Tempest, but she’d kill me if I went alone. Do you want to come?
We walked out of the tent. The other consuls left back to their houses.
-What’s your legion again? I asked her.
-4. Hazel’s my second, like Bobby is for Jason. They were both offered to be praetors but… Bobby and Jason are a team since Bobby joined the army, he didn’t want to separate and get paired up with someone else. And Hazel, well… She’s Hazel. She’s not ready to grow up and be a consul yet. Gwen said.
-Wait, they did tell you about Jason? She asked after a pause.
-Yes. I nodded.
-Umm, were Reyna and him-
-Yes. Since September. It didn’t show really, but if you paid attention and saw how they looked at each other… I’m a thief; I look around my surrounding before even taking a step in. I practically smell booby traps, I get gut feelings about people, which might be why I noticed, but Reyna hasn’t been herself since he disappeared. If she was you’d be dead by now. I think the fact she hasn’t either killed or injured you yet is why everyone else is letting you be. They all think you’re a spy, a fake, but they won’t face you or attack because of the people you’re with. I answered your question, is Annabeth your girlfriend?
-… Yes. But I can’t remember her parents, where she lives, what she likes, when we met. I just know her, her face and… She used to call me Seaweed brain.
-Seaweed brain? Did you ever eat Seaweed, because when we’re ticked with Jason we call him Stapler-face. It’s an old joke, but if you ever ate seaweed in a non-sushi form, it would be a similar concept for the nickname.
-Umm… I don’t think I ever ate seaweed, but I can’t remember my name so really… Gwen laughed and held the door of the stable for me.
Each stable held 20 horses. The camp had 70 horses, and 70 Pegasi –winged horses- so there were 7 stables. Each horse’s stall had a tag with the horse’s name, its legion, owner and breed on the door, sometimes honours and signs or stickers the owner would stick on. I paused in front of one. A Pegasus with black spots, nearly covering her entire fur.
Legion 15, Lily Hallow
-Tempest’s in the back. Gwen said.
She was standing still in her stall, and I could swear she was waiting for me.
-Hey Tempest. I said, holding my hand out. She accepted for me to pat her head. She was solid where I put my hand which was odd, but if Jason did ride her, I guess she did.
I read the sign as Gwen petted her.
Legion 1, Jason Grace
Storm spirit

Besides was one of those “Danger high voltage” signs, that Jason had probably hung up.
-Umm, Gwen? Aren’t storm spirits monsters?
-Hmm? Oh yeah, but she’s tamed. We found her in the woods one day, like, 8 years ago. They were about to bring her down but Jason convinced Lupa to give him a chance to tame her. She’ll still most certainly kill any of us if we upset her and Jason’s not there, but what a horse… You should see her in battle. As much destructive power as Peanut or any other elephant!
-Oh yeah, we keep elephants here. Part of the cavalry. Same concept as a tank. Hazel has one, calls it Peanut. She started training with Peanut practically the day she got here. Gwen looked back at Tempest. Electricity crackled down her mane.
-You miss Jason don’t you?
-Yes. Jason’s a great soldier, an even better guy and a better than-that friend. Just wish we knew where he was… She said stroking the horse, as if it had all the answers.
But I do, Lord.
I jumped back.
-Add, are you..?
-She can talk.
-She can’t talk.
I can talk.
-She can talk!
-Add, horses don’t talk, doesn’t matter if you’re half-god.
Half of what god, that’s the question. Tempest said.
-You mean, you know who my parent is?
-Add, the horse doesn’t…
-Yes she does, let me listen.
He’s the father of my ancestors too. You can talk to other horses too. Think hard, think of him. Black coat, winged.
I had no idea who she was talking about.
Talks a lot. She offered.
-Oh my gods, Blackjack!
-Blackjack’s not a god.
-No, not a god, my horse, my Pegasus. I said. How do you know?
I met him. He was searching the country for you, as I was searching for my master. His rider stopped to let him graze. He found me in the forest. We talked. He told me his owner was a hero like no other. The only of his kind, presently. He’d accomplished great deeds, he was brave with no limits, a leader in war and he was generous in sugar cubes.
-Yeah, that’s Blackjack. I said, remembering him.
He asked me about my owner. You and my master are much alike. Both of you are leaders. Both of you answered to the same call
-What call? I asked Tempest.
A voice in your head. It told you to go to the doors of Olympus. To say to nobody where you were going, but to go to the doors of Olympus. It was the first sign from the heavens in weeks. You didn’t trust the voice, Blackjack knew that much. You didn’t listen. Then a sweater voice asked. A voice you trusted more. You obeyed her rather than her sister. You told Blackjack where you were going, and took him to lead you. But you made the same mistake as my master, who rode me down the main road to Olympus: you both sent us back home, with instructions to come back in a few hours. We both came back, but neither of you were there. I went looking, knowing if my master wasn’t there I wouldn’t be accepted in the city, because I was a threat. I found him, on a mountain. He did not remember me, but he rode me in battle. Then Juno unleashed her rage and I had to run or be consumed by her spirit. When I came back, he wasn’t there. But then Dakota’s Pegasus, Katima, she told me an amnesiac, powerful hero was in the city. She could see his thoughts, and he could talk to us. I came back, hopping I could hide until I found you and explain.
-Add, what..?
-I know where Jason Grace is. I said, my voice low.
-What? Add, how do you..? And then an arrow head sprouted from under her arm, and then another in the chest.
-Gwen! I caught her and supported her.
-Gwen, stay awake, stay, oh gods… I was on the verge of hysteria, but that wouldn’t help Gwen in any way. I supported her out. Her eyes were abnormally wide and she looked pale and paralysed. Okay, how to treat arrow piercings? No clue.
How to treat bleeding? RED, rest and reassure, elevate, direct pressure, CPR course you’d get in like fifth grade. Reassure I could do, but as I dragged her outside, what was I supposed to say? “It’ll be okay, just ignore the arrows rammed through you”. As soon as we were outside I yelled:
-Help! Help, medic! Nobody came, and Gwen lost conscience. The arrows might be poisonous. I looked around. My eyes zeroed in on a creek. I brought Gwen down to the creek and lowered her in. She lay still, probably freezing water washing over her face before she took a huge breath, like someone that had stayed underwater too long.
Reyna and Bobby, who’d probably walked back to their houses together, ran towards us with what I assumed was a medic, since he ran and knelt beside Gwen and started putting weird pastes on Gwen’s injuries and pulling the arrows out. Reyna and Bobby stood behind him.
-We were in the stables and the arrows came out of nowhere, I… They both looked up and froze.
-Add, how did you know to bring her to the creek?
-I don’t know, gut-feeling, why? Is it magic? I asked figuring a magic creek wouldn’t have been the weirdest thing I’d seen this week.
-No. It’s just that children of Neptune can cure nearly anything with water.
I looked up and catched the last signs of a holographic trident…
Ah, what the heck guys, happy Thanksgiving

Magic creek
-I still don’t understand how he tame
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