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So once again you guys have the opportunity to get in my head of what I think the next HoO book RR blesses us with will look like.

Before I start you peoples off, I need to say something.
So shush and listen.

When I wrote "The Lost Hero, written by me", I had to guess who the parents were. Well now, I know. So I am following Rick Riordan's version of the characters. Piper has nothing to do with Persephone, Jason and Thalia are siblings and Camp Ceasar Salad is real. For my series of fanfics, I'm following my version of the characters, but here, Rick's versions rule. Get it?

Title: The Son of Neptune
Rating: C
Type: Adventure, friendship, hopefully humor, maybe a touch of romance
Characters: Add, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Drew, Leo, Jake, Nyssa
OC personalities: Reyna, Dakota, Hazel, Gwen, Bobby, Caleb
OC: The Gayle brothers, Karren
Synopsis: After discovering a new world, not so far from their own, Jason and his friends are sailing straight for it, unsure wheter they'll come out victorious or just start a civil war. But it doesn't take the arrival of a flying boat to get the citizens curious. They already sence something is wrong, way before the flying ship docks.

Disclaimer: The story base, character and settings base was created by Rick Riordan, who owns the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Heroes of Olympus rights.

A/N: Hopefully you guys will like it! I got some very nice comments on my random wall poll, so here it is guys! Love you all, you rock!

The Rebel Soldier's debut: link

The Honour in Death's debut: link

The Fire's Revenge's debut: link

Part Two's debut: link
So once again you guys have the opportunity to get in my head of what I think the next HoO book RR bl
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over a year ago myth-freak214 said…
i loved it! and your prophecy was AMAZING

keep on rocking!
over a year ago the-time-thief said…
Good chapter Hecate, can not wait for the next one! Good luck!
~Trust in thoose who beleive in you ~the-time-thief
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over a year ago daniela2mimi said…
big smile
over a year ago cocoufot said…
that was soo good! one question: what happened to mrs.o'leary?
over a year ago goalies_rules said…
big smile
over a year ago NicoDiAngelo4 said…
wow hon! that was so good! i loved the part with the honny, and im glad annabeths okay-ish. oh, and yeah, i think i would like to be part of the venus canin instead of aphrodite! and a nknow what u=you do when there is a fire....stop, drop, roll, and hope to god ur not gunna die:) thanks sooooo muh for those grreat chaoters! and the 5th book! ohemgee! wait, question....will this 5th book be finiished before the son book release? ahhhhh!!! if it is that would suck! thanks<3333
over a year ago GreekRULES515 said…
big smile
AWESOME i hav no more and thank goodness Annabeth woke up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOHOO
over a year ago bananafone111 said…
big smile
Awesome job!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED Kratos!!! His wings, his humor, the honey especially!! In some stories, even stories by well known authors, you can totally tell what will happen but your stories continually surprise me and it's awesome!!! The arrows and the Senate Building I definitely did not see coming! I also have some thoughts about who's gonna go on the trip because of the prophecy...
You shall need the two children to newly heal from Six ~~ Annabeth and Bobby that's pretty obvious I think
And she who in the right heart can solve conflicts ~~ Maybe Piper because "in the right heart" she can charmspeak and solve conflicts.
You shall bring the girl who to the dead has held out her hand ~~ Lark I think because she's helping Flint
And the one that will sing the song to help the heroes withstand ~~ Not sure but maybe Carmen? Because she can sing and stuff...?
One will die at the current’s might, after actions bold ~~ No idea but could current mean like wind or water currents? So maybe Jason or Percy kills someone...?
And love will blossom as the parques foretold ~~ I sure hope it's Leo and Hazel!!
over a year ago SeaweedBrain323 said…
Who dies by the "currents might, after actions bold?"
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over a year ago dragonsaphira said…
I love the prophecy- where do you come up with these????
So glad Annabeth is fine. And I just can't believe it The senate building is on fire??? Is Percy going to use his powers to douse it???
I sure hope so.
over a year ago mmdr10 said…
big smile
I love this chaps!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago djdjdj999 said…
I can't get enough
over a year ago hayaku14 said…
Hmmm, the senate building on fire. There better be more percy involvement here (seeing as water is great against fire :P) :)) I want to see my favorite character stealing the spotlight once in a while ya know :D
over a year ago Epimetheus said…
First off that was awesome
Second "One will die at the current’s might, after actions bold" sounds like percy might kill someone with water *gasp* hence
'die at the current’s might'
Edit: just realized I didn't get my muffin basket :*(
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over a year ago athenaparthenos said…
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I've been reading this for a while now, and I think you're a wonderful writer.
I have some name requests/suggestions:
Girls: Dominique, Monique, Beatriz
Boys: Mathues, Cam
Thanks, and keep it up and coming!
-Athena of the Parthenon
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over a year ago blakerose12 said…
big smile
Ooommmmmmggggggsss that was awsome can't wait for the next chapter !!!!:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and the senate buliding on fire this just keeps getting better and better!!:)
over a year ago Croxeth said…

Remember that vision of a dark haired girl falling off the Argo II...
over a year ago TheWineDude said…
Good job. You deserve a pat on the back for all your hard work.
over a year ago charlierw said…
big smile

charlierw SoN comrd out in less than seven months yay
over a year ago arobair said…
yyeeeepppp i just poped out a blue print drwing of said poison arrows becuse i gotst bored of drawing Reyna and J dog being mushy gushy, none of em came out the way i wanted, and Dakota is starting to look like Brittany Spear (EWW) i know u pretty much have the designs laid out but there is so much left up to the artist, putting a character down on paper youv never seen before sucks in an awome way! S!%$ its late! time to put down ur pencils and turn in your packets children.
over a year ago daughter-ofzeus said…
OMG Hellhounds, flips turns and spins, racked in the brain, Kratos, hunny, Hilry, Bobby, wine, ANNABETH, PERCY, arrow deigns, the senate building.....OH MY GOLLY GODS!! I cant wait till the next one!! question thoug... didnt Jason tell karen the Roman equivelant in the chapter when she got claimed??
over a year ago dementorskissox said…
amazing chapters as always! (:
happy writing!!
over a year ago redhawks said…
big smile
Wow!! That.Was.Amazing. Loved it!

Annabeth woke up!
The Senate building on fire?!?! I have a feeling it was Leo...Maybe Gaia forced him to again...?

@Everyone~ Please remember the rule...One post per chapter! If you have something more to say please edit it in or post it ont eh forum Son of Neptune (COMMENTS). Please! No Spam!! Don't forget!
over a year ago BILE69 said…
OMG your an amazing writer!!! i love how you came up with such an amazing prophecy. the thing that confuses me is "One will die at the current’s might". does that mean that percy will kill someone or is it that dream karen once had that someone fell ofthe ship?! i think the people going on the trip are:
idk if gwen would come though.

over a year ago annabeth24 said…
OMG!!! That chapter was amazing!!! There was soooooooo much I loved about it!!! The prophecy was sooooo good!! It's a little obvious who it's talking about in some of the lines but it was pure genious!!! I wonder if its Carmen who was part of the line that was about singing a song to help the the heroes withstand........ Really cool how it was annabeth who was the one who designed the arrows..... sooooo cool!!!! I half cried at the beginning when Percy saw Annabeth..... that was sooooooo sad but I could imagine Percy's face perfectly!!!! I was also relieved that more than 7 people could come on the journey to Greece...... Poor Karen but atleast her dad helped her with revenge... Muhahahahah:P......They're finally embarking on their journey!!!! YEA!!!!! One big mystery that hopefully you will reveal to us the solution is the whole nico and bianca thing........and the senate house on fire thing is soooooooooo sad.... there is a lot of bad luck in the City!!!

Anyway thanks for the awesome chappie!!!!! This was definetly the best yet (except for the one where the flying ship landed in the City and everyone was reunited again).

To sum up my comments on the whole chapter: ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

My overall feeling on the chapter: Thoughtful( which is what my emote represents)

over a year ago GreekRULES515 said…
im think ur phropecy was bout Camren since she sings and the girl who tlks to tht ghost from Civil War i forget her name sorry i hope im right
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over a year ago loony4luna said…
thats all i have to say
over a year ago thaliahuntress9 said…
Hey I´m new! I found this yesterday and I fell in love with ur writing!! It´s awesome!! Your Awesome HecateA!!! Here is a little bit about myself I´m 13, love percy jackson, I look a lot like Thalia if i were a demigod i would be the daughter of poseidon and a huntress!! <3 ur writing HecateA!!!
over a year ago Emily_is_COOl said…
There are sooo many things I loved in the chapter, I am not gping to waste your time saying every single 761 of them!
over a year ago charlierw said…
big smile
ok i gott a couple things to say
1 @tahilahectror you postes twice in a row please delete the second one and edit the first one to put it there
2tahila huntress welcome if you havent figured it out NO spam whatsoever u can go back through everyy page and look at comments alot have something about what spam is and what is or isnt spam
3 Hectate what is I am number four about ive heard about the book and seen the movie trailer and i might read it also another good book like that they changed into a movir isthis series called JUMPER you might want to read it not jst u Hecate but everybody in this fanfic

over a year ago bigbookworm said…
Amazing chapters! I love it. I was so captivated by the new chapters that I read it again and again all day long (almost gotten myself grounded because I was supposed to share the computer with my sister. You are amazing!And the Senate building is on FIRE! Oh! I did not see that coming. And the arrows too. Poor Annabeth.Anyway, I just hope that it's not Leo fault. He's 1 of my'fav characters

thilahector: Percy cannot heal Annabeth because the poison is so strong that even he can't do anything about it. Just like the time when he got bitten by a scorpions in the book: Percy Jackson the lightning thief.

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over a year ago arobair said…
I persent to yous guys Reyna Gayle and Jason Grace

Drawn to "Seize the Day" by Avenged Sevenfold
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I persent to yous guys Reyna Gayle and Jason Grace  

Drawn to "Seize the Day" by Avenged Sevenfold
over a year ago iloveposiedon said…
Im new and ive just read HecateA`s son of neptune and i am aurstruck it is great im crying with joy after reading it (not really but you know what i mean) its almost like reading RR`s version
over a year ago tracytracy2000 said…
Urgh... cliffhanger! Who stoled it I have a feeling more stuff are going to be stolen first the boat now Annabeth's design.
over a year ago Csk214 said…
I loved that chapter. Who set the senate building on fire. Anyways post soon.

over a year ago undeadwarrior89 said…
love this story! please please can the couple mentioned in the last line of prophecy be jason and piper!!! also is the rebel soldier considered the second or third book in series? i wont be commenting for a while because of computer limits but i will definetly be reading!love you soooo much!

i think the one who will sing a song is carmen and the ghost one is lark.I love the way you show percabeth, not all mushy and always sweet. sometimes i honestly wish they still were always the way you do it!
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over a year ago thaliahuntress9 said…
charlieW I promise I won't spam I really hate it!!!
over a year ago selene7 said…
Hi I'm new:) i read all of the percy jackson books in a month then i found your story and i just love it... Its amazing! I dont remember where i saw it but with the quotes there was something like "blah blah blah" more words." (not to be disrespectful i just don't know the words) but i'm pretty sure it should be like "words words words' more words" don't quote me(haha no pun intended) but i'm pretty sure that's how it goes(:

***Edit*** when i find out what the words are i'll change it...I'm almost positive that quotes within quotes have the one dash thingy not two
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over a year ago HecateA said…
Last chapter: link
@Jass55jar – In mythology he, Nike and their two other siblings have wings too.
@sylviakitty – No, he’s mine! Jk, jk, I love him, but not in that way :P
@Mythlover90 – Yeah, I couldn’t pick…
@thilahector – Don’t choke on that one!
@daniela2mimi – I’m on book 5, you are now reading book 3.
@coucoufot – She’s at camp.
@Nico – I’m planning on doing my best for that to happen. And I love the last step! Stop, drop, roll, hope you don’t die. :D
@bananafone – My lips are sealed!
@Seaweedbrain323- I’m not going to tell you!
@dragonsaphira – In bed when I’m supposed to be sleeping… Talk to my mom, she doesn’t think they’re so great for that reason.
@Hayaku14- Done.
@Croxeth – Oh god, I’m glad someone remembered!
@daughter-ofzeus- Jason told her about the roman goddess of strength Strenua, but she and Kratos have nothing to do with each other (I checked).
@Greekrules – You’re talking about Lark.
@Charlierw – ‘I am Number Four’ is the first book in the Lorien Legacy series. I suggest you read it IMMEDIATELY! It’s the story about 9 kids who come from a planet called Lorien, and who are –with their protectors- the only known survivors from an invasion on that planet. They must be killed by the enemy aliens or they will rise again, but they can only be killed in a specific order. 1, 2, 3, 4… It’s been turned into a movie and the book is so intense, I was scared to put it down just in case something happened to John on the following page! My friend called a guy an alien today and I’m just like ‘MOGADORIAN! Run!” and we burst out laughing. He called us aliens and we both went ‘We’re Lorics!’ Oh funny people, funny people…
@Bigbookworm- Thank you!
@undeadwarrior- This is the third book in my head. And I don’t like fanfictions where Percy and Annabeth are all mushy, I mean, sure they’re in love but they’re Percy and Annabeth! So your comment means a lot to me!

@Those who are wondering why Percy didn’t just heal Annabeth with water- He didn’t discover her, some children of Minerva did. And it’s like Gwen, Gwen still had to spend some time in the infirmary, remember? He could only slow down the poison.
@Everyone who’s begging for Leo/Hazel and/or Jason/Piper- You don’t even know if I’ll do either one.
@Everyone who is either wondering what the crew will be or is feeling smart because they guessed- This chapter is the answer!

OMG, why a chapter like that when it’s not Friday? Simple: since 8:54 last night the final book is 100 pages long. YES!
In other news all the random factoids on Ancient Greece were useful today in drama when we did a crossword on the origins of Theatre. So I finished and the teacher goes ‘look, someone’s already finished’ and then this was what the class sounded like except more noisy and there was some talk about Mr Bean and someone coughing:
“Anna I bet”
“Yeah but Anna’s too smart.”
“She probably didn’t even had to look in the notes”
“Her brain’s like 28 gigs and we’ve got, like, 4 gigabits.”
ps Anna's not my real name but I think its pretty
Other good news; I got my own club on fanpop and a die-hard medal on this spot! YEAY!!!!!! Thank you Tracy who created it and to the 11 peeps who joined, love you! So I’m in a good mood right now and I decided to give you some chapters.

June 27th (before the last chapter): The City
Dakota Ledécit
Here we go again
I headed back to Janus cabin at 2 in the morning.
After checking whether or not everything was okay with everyone, filling in with the praetors on what they’d come up with and going to the infirmary to check on Hilary, Bobby and Brad, I had offered to Jason to crash at Janus house again, like we always did when we were both out at ungodly hours, but he said he’d make it back to his place.
Deep down I was a little thankful he did because I felt like I was on fire.
I crashed on the couch in full battle armour. I had no energy to even open the girl’s room’s door, or will it open. I had my head in a pillow and I yelled out of frustration.
Again. He had to leave, again. I knew Jason well enough, it’d kill him to have stayed, I mean, he and Bobby were my best friends. But seriously? Every quest we’d done, we’d done together. The 3 of us knew each other inside out –the good and the bad- and even our legions were co-ordinated to fight as 1!
Bobby, Jason and I were the trio. That group of friends that you can’t separate no matter what you do. We just immediately drew back to each other like magnets, that was just how it was. Everything we’d been through we’d been through together.
When I grew up here, Jason was the other kid ridding on Lupa’s back and holding on with fistfuls of her fur. When my mother died of breast cancer, Jason had mourned from the City. In first and seventh grade, when we were forced to attend mortal school Jason and I had gone to the same one, and he’d stayed with Charro, Dael and me in the later one. He was the one who had helped me convince Lupa that Bobby was a son of Minerva that just hadn’t come around for the 5 year-old survival test. When Charro died, Jason and Bobby had held me and Dael’s hands still from shaking, so we could light the funeral pyre. When Jason had disappeared, Bobby had been the one who’d hugged me and told me it would be okay and that Grace was too stubborn to die...
And now both of them were going on a quest to save the earth and I wasn’t part of it. He knew it was killing me inside, but I’d waved him off. I’d ignored him, told him I’d be okay like I was some kind of wonder woman. After all, someone needed to stay and try to keep things sane. But me? Out of the pair of us, me? I couldn’t do this alone! This was a bigger job for better people… Not me. I…
I just yelled again. It was easier and way more rewarding, even though all I’d do was wake up Dael and the others.
I felt a bump in the couch. I took my face up and shook my braid down my back. I put my hand in between the cushions and took out a notebook. I flipped it open. What was this one? I looked in the inside of the cover, in the top left corner.
Burning alive
Right. I remembered that story. I hadn’t written a word since last June. It had been too hectic to even think about picking up a pen and writing something worth a darn. But wasn’t that when I’d been burning alive? And if that was burning, now was..?
I took a pen from my pocket, lit a candle and put the tip of my pen to the paper.
“Humans burn their people when they die. The Romans did it, the Greeks did it, and people still do; keeping the ashes in urns or lamps or jewelled boxes; trying to make black dust precious. But the most painful thing about burning is when you’re all in. When you can’t see the flames but you know they’re there, going after your skin, hair, clothes and eventually your head. When you know something’s killing you but you can’t get it off of you. When the agony’s there and it won’t either go away or let you drop dead or forget. In the very moment, I knew a part of me was burning away, but I couldn’t stop it from going, and I couldn’t stop the fire from destroying more of me. From the agony to persist. But I knew eventually I’d crack. Eventually I wouldn’t be able to contain the fire and bam, the whole world would realise how much pain, agony and weakness I was feeling. Fire was destructive. The foundations of burnt down houses or ugly burns on the skin of children were there to prove it. And I was just another thing that’d be destroyed by flames, but nobody would realise it until I completely lost it.”
Dael shook me awake early that morning, a now filled notebook opened at the last page on my knees. I don’t know if he read the last sentence of my story, he knows when he reads over my shoulder it aggravates me beyond belief. Which means he probably did it, even if the notebook was green; and green notebooks were only for the most personal and deep stories. It’s been like that since I’m 7, not Jason, not Bobby nor Charro have ever even dared to touch a green notebook.
But I think he knew the story ended with:
“The flames were going to keep taunting me to rip off my own skin and let myself wither and die. Joseph and Casey weren’t going to be there to put them out, like they always did. I was just going to have to breathe in the smoke and do my best to tough it up until somebody showed up with a fire extinguisher.”

June 29th: The Ruins of the Senate Building
I kicked a stone in the ruins. The fire was out; Percy had been amazing summoning all the water to extinguish it. Jason was right behind me. He put a hand on my arm.
“Kota?” He asked.
“Yeah Jay?”
“You okay?” He asked low enough for anybody else scavenging in the wreckage of the Senate building not to hear.
Kota and Jay, two nicknames that only 3 people on this planet were allowed to call us. Each other, Bobby, Lupa (she did); and previously mom and Charro. That was probably one of the reasons why it was such a small group of people, because Charro and mom had called us that…
“No. Are you?”
“No.” He said. I nodded and bit my lip.
I remembered whenever we’d chase each other in here when we were really little, when Lupa had to stay in there to talk to a god or something while she was supposed to watch us. How they’d watch us go from end to end and talk at the same time…
The meetings we’d sat in on, sitting at Lupa’s feet not daring to make a sound because we knew how quick Lupa could change from the mother to the leader. And all that, as well as the memories of millions of others and years of belonging were now black ashes.
I took his hand for reassurance, just for a second. It calmed me down. Poker faces never show what you’re feeling on the inside, and it was a good thing because the sight of the building was killing me. Not a good face for a consul to have.
I let go of his hand, stopped walking and turned to the people.
“Praetors, get to the meeting tent. Anybody of Greek origin as well, go, find the others. Percy, Leo, Gwen and Hazel; stay here. Anybody else, back to your business.”
“Reyna, form a guard perimeter, whoever stroke here may or may not come back and that’s a chance we’re not taking.” Jason said. Everybody scattered. Percy, Leo, Hazel and Gwen advanced. Gwen and Hazel’s faces were grim.
“We’re looking for 12 stone plates.” I said. Jason nodded.
“Da, they couldn’t have made it.” Gwen said.
“Try to see if you can find it, they’re the only things of value the senate had in it.” Jason said.
“Except for over 200 years of significance.” Someone muttered. I wasn’t sure if it was me, but it might’ve been.
“Just…” Jason didn’t even finish, he just walked off, kicking ashes.
Gwen’s face was paler then the white marble the senate floor had been. She was shivering and her expression was one of distress. It clicked in my mind why.
“Gwen get out of here.” I said. She looked at me thankfully, bowed, and ran faster than I’d ever seen her.
“Shouldn’t have asked her to stay even if she’s great at finding things.” I muttered.
“Memories are some of the most painful things someone can have.” Leo said. Leo shivered at his own words and walked off further in the wreckage.
“Nothing.” Hazel said. She bit her lip, like Leo was right, which of course he was.
After an hour of searching, we had to admit it was gone.
“No…” I muttered.
“Lupa is going to kill us.” Jason said.
“It’s worst then that, Jason. That was practically the anchor the consul had with Ancient Rome.” I said.
“What?” Percy asked.
“The plates that burnt… They’re incredibly old, and each one had one of the 12 basic rules of Roman government written on it in Latin, engraved by Romulus himself.”
Jason ran a hand through his hair at his last word.
“It’s the most important thing this City has. We lost it, so we’re screwed. The gods will be angered.” I said.
“It’s not you guys who caused the fire.” Leo said.
“We’re responsible for everything that happens in this City as long as Lupa’s away. It was part of our oath to be consul. Until we surrender or we’re replaced or turn 22; it is no matter who started it.” I said.
“That’s not fair.” Percy said.
“That’s life, Percy.” I said. He didn’t look too impressed with that.
“It might still be under the wreckage,” Leo pointed out. “The way the building burnt, the walls collapsed towards the inside. Depending on where it was.”
“I did a search spell. It would’ve zoomed right into my hand. The table’s gone, Valdez.” Hazel said knocking down that idea.
She was right. We’d manually looked because… Well, we just had. The 12 tables were the bases of the whole of Roman law and, way the go- we’d just lost it.
“Well, haven’t you got them memorised or written somewhere else?” Percy asked.
“Oh, heck yes. I have them memorised since I’m 4, but the problem here is that it was made my Romulus himself. It has value to it, if you look at the most well-known consuls -Augustus Peterson and Hélène Thomas, Teddy Roosevelt and Dolores Stone, Coco Channel and Maxime Olympe…”
I couldn’t finish because I had to bite my cheek to keep my face straight.
“The tables can’t be replaced maybe, but the senate will be rebuilt, right?” Leo asked.
“Of course. No choice. We’ll even keep it on the same site. But this is bad, bad news.” I said.
“It means Gaia can penetrate the City. And of course the moment she can do that, she’d go after the senate building and the tables. It’s like when she killed Reagan.” Jason said.
“Why didn’t you tell me about that? We could’ve set up a perimeter earlier.” I asked him.
“I’m sorry Kota, there’ve been too many things to tell or not to and- it’s just a mess we’re in. I’m sorry, it’s my fault.” He said taking the world on his shoulders like he always does. His eyes looked tired, as well as older, like whenever he’s tired of something or someone. For once I didn’t take his burden off his shoulders like we did to each other constantly.
“The others are waiting for the 5 of us in the tent. But tonight you are coming to my place and I want to know every single detail about Camp Half-Blood. You owe me that.” I told him, a little colder than I meant it.
“I owe you way more than that, Kota.” He said. We walked across the ruins.
The fire had gone through everything so quickly… It wasn’t possible that the fire was normal, not at the speed the building had burnt. At least burning quickly was better then slowly burning, I knew that. For a fact, actually.

Bianca Di Angelo
“Nico” I asked the minute the meeting was discharged. He spun around to look at me.
“Yeah?” He asked.
“Do you know where Lark is?”
“Last time I saw her she said she was going to lie down”. Nico lowered his voice.
“She’s been getting more headaches.”
“Nothing worst then the one on the day you got here?” I asked.
“No, but I’m still wondering what that was about.”
“Me too, Nicky, but I’m a little scared to ask.” I said.
“Don’t call me Nicky, Bia.”
“Don’t call me Bia, Nicky.” Nico made a face at me.
“I’m going to go hang with Karen, I’ll see you later.” He told me. I grabbed his arm as he spun around.
“Don’t you two go anywhere near the Senate building.”
“It’s more of a ruin at this point, don’t you find?” Nico noticed.
“Alright, alright, we won’t.”
“Don’t joke about that.” I said. I lowered my voice when I added; “Dakota and Jason could be in serious trouble.”
“How? It wasn’t their fault.”
“Everything in the City is their responsibility right now, and an important artefact, well artefacts got destroyed in the fire.” I said. He opened his mouth to say something but he got called out.
“Nico, you coming or what?” Karen called.
“Kay, we’ll stay away.” He said before running off to join her. They left talking about the forest.
I didn’t bother letting him know about the creepy crawlies in there, he’d be fine. He’d been fine without me up until now…
“Caleb, are you okay?” Hazel asked walking up next to me, her hand on my arm.
“Yeah, I’m fine. And I think it’s her you should be worried about.” I told Hazel. I nodded my head towards Gwen who was walking quickly towards her house.
“Yeah, not talking to anyone, pale as Lark, at her house before 8:30 PM, definitely.” I added.
“It’s the fire, it just… Anything about fire upsets her.” Hazel said.
“Even candlelight, I know.” I said. Leo Valdez walked past us with Piper McLean. I noticed Hazel’s eyes following him.
“Speaking of fire…” I said. Hazel turned towards me quickly like I’d said something I shouldn’t know.
“What do you mean?” She asked a little defensively.
“Sparks fly?” I joked.
“What are you talking about?” She asked.
Styx, she was serious.
Wow… She didn’t even realise..? Gods, that was sort-of screwed up.
“Nothing, the stress is getting to my head,” I said.
“Still shocked you have a brother, hmm?”
I decided to go with that to explain the past moment, but I couldn’t deny it: that had gotten to me too.
“How could I forget that? I mean, really? And more importantly, how am I alive? He talked to the ghost of Bianca Di Angelo after Jason, Kota and Bobby found me. Yet I look like her, I think like her, I act nearly like her and I have her memories now.”
“Cal, it’s not a ‘her’, you’re you. I don’t know what happened with you, but you’re his sister, and he’s happy he found you.” Hazel said.
“I guess… Are you nervous about going? On the trip?”
“No. I have to go. It’s the only way I can avenge Gee. If I don’t do this then the rest of my life would be meaningless.” She said her voice determined.
“So you think you’re one of the 7?”
“Pluto no” Hazel said. “I just think I need to get on that ship. This is why I’ve been carrying the burden, to wait for the day where I would find a way to get rid of it. I’m nobody special, I’m just… I don’t know what I am, Cal. But I’m right for this quest.” Hazel said.
How she talked confused me. It wasn’t like Hazel, it wasn’t a Hazelish thing to say. It was just out of the blue, a whole new person. I wondered if she’d always been that person, covering it with a few jokes and a pretty smile… Maybe I didn’t know her that well…
“Kay.” I said pursing my lips.
“I better get going, I told Ben and the guys I would check on Jade. Something’s not right with her leg.” Hazel informed me.
“Awe, that’s too bad.” I sympathised.
Horses hated my guts, but I didn’t find them too bad. Especially babies.
“Yeah, well. What I’m worried about is the City not keeping a horse with problems like that.” She said, all worried again.
“Anyways, bye Cal.” She said.
“Mm-hmm.” She went off towards the stables.
I practically ran towards Mania’s house. I knocked on the door. Évangéline answered.
Hey Éva, where’s your sister?” I asked in Latin. Évangéline looked worried as she answered.
In our room. She’s getting headaches, more than Jasper or me. Even if she’s younger it’s bad, I think she’s even more sensitive than we are.”
“Can I come in? I really need to talk to her.
” I asked.
Sure.” Éva answered, stepping aside to let me come in. The house had that cold feel to it that sent an odd prickling sensation down my spine and meant there was a ghost. Flint Holton, probably, but there was something else about it… It was too cold for just one ghost, especially a nice guy like Flint. There had to be another one…
I went down the hallway and knocked on one of the doors.
“Éva?” Lark’s voice asked.
“No, it’s Caleb. Can I come in?” The door opened. Lark looked horrible. Her eyes were deep in her skull and looked even more distant than usual. She was paler than usual, which goes from unnatural to just creepy.
“I need to speak to you in private.” I said.
“Of course.” Lark said in her usual quiet matter. She turned to look where there was seemingly nothing.
“Flint, do you mind?” She requested. Flint Holton appeared.
“Of course not. Have a nice day, Caleb.” Flint said.
“You too.” I said as he passed through a wall and into Jasper’s room.
“What is it?” Lark asked. I closed the door behind me.
“Lark, I think you need to be on the Argo II.” I said.
“What?” She asked shocked.
“The prophecy specifically said: [/i]You shall bring the girl who to the dead has held out her hand.
“But… Caleb, why?”
“I’m a priestess Lark, not an oracle. I just think it’s right.”
“But… Why me? Why not Éva, Jasper or you or Hanna?”
“Because Lark, you recently decided to harbour the ghost of Flint Holton. You helped him. In a way, you’re his saviour.”
“Lark, I wouldn’t bug you with this unless I was absolutely sure.” She thought for a few seconds. This was possibly a life or death decision for her.
“I suppose I’m still not done helping Flint.”
“Have you talked to Annabeth? She seems to have seniority at Camp, probably your best shot.” I told her.
“No, she is with Percy a lot, and…”
“What’s wrong with Percy? Oh don’t tell me you’re anti-Greek too!” I warned.
“No! No, of course not Cal, you and Nico are Greek, and so is Flint. I just… No you are right, it is stupid. I shall talk to her later.” She said.
“Lark, what is it? What’s wrong with Percy?” I asked.
“Nothing!” She said defensively. I gave it up. I had my secrets, she could have hers.
“You know you can tell me anything, right Lark?” I said just to make sure.
“Caleb, you are like my sister. Of course I do.” She said.
“And you’re like mine. Are you still having headaches?”
“Yes. Not as bad as the one on the 22nd…” She said.
“That’s what Nico said.” I said.
“Yes.” She looked down at her shoes. “I am not sure what happened. But I just think someone else came back.”
“Well it’s a good thing another group is going out to the sacred land to check on the Wolf House, hmm?”
“Yes. I don’t like the wolf house. There are too many ghosts.” Lark said. “And some of them still want to be soldiers. I cannot help them.” Lark said.
“Hey, you weren’t sent on earth to comfort ghosts, Lark.” I said. She shrugged and then winced in pain. She rubbed her temples.
“Go get some sleep; I’ll talk to you later. They’re finalising the crew of the Argo II after supper, meet me at the mines.”
“You know about the mines?” She frowned.
“You’re not the only one who knows things, Lark. I’ve got to go now, but meet me there, around 7:30.” I said.
“I will.” She said. I walked out of the room, closing the door behind me. I slipped out of the cabin, saying goodbye to Évangéline who was polishing her sword in the living room.

Percy Jackson
“Add, are you still alive?” Gwen called.
“Yeah, I just can’t find Riptide.”
“It’s a magical sword that reappears in ballpoint pen form in your pocket every time, how can you lose it?” She asked.
“I don’t know, all my things have been moving around and getting lost. Guess I’m just that good.” I joked. She coughed.
“Shut up, Madison. Wait, found it!” I stretched my arm just a little further and grabbed Riptide from under a living room couch. I got up and dusted off my knees.
“About time, I’m starved.” Gwen said, leaning on the doorframe of Neptune’s house.
“You could’ve gone without me.” I said.
“Yeah, but I’m polite- no comments or I’m finding that Achilles spot. How can you lose Riptide?”
“I don’t know, I just did.” I said.
“It’s impossible.” Gwen said.
“Add that to the list of impossible things that have been done.”
“I think you deserve your own list for that. Seriously, your girlfriend gets here and after a 30 second talk I find out you’ve done about 20 of those.”
“It never came up, did it?” I asked. Gwen rolled her eyes. I pulled the curtain to close the door and we went to the cafeteria. To everyone’s surprise, Bobby was there.
“Hey, Bobby, when did they let you out?” I asked sitting down next to him.
“Fifteen minutes ago. They sort of just pushed my leg into a normal angle –very painful- about two hours ago with this metal thing that looked like a””
“No-o-o need for details.” Piper said.
“Anyways, they wanted to keep me for another night but between Annabeth and me arguing they had no chance.” Bobby said.
“I didn’t think either of you were evil enough to impose both of your arguments on one human at the same time.” Gwen said.
“Hey it worked. Anyways we didn’t even try with her, she’s still not well enough. And they’re making me walk around with these stupid crutches that I don’t need.”
“What? Where are they?” Lou Ellen asked.
“I gave them to Joel and Kyle.” Bobby said.
Gwen’s face went “uh oh” and she ran out of the cafeteria so fast it was hilarious. Bobby, Reyna and I laughed.
“They’re under the table, I’m not an idiot. Who gives long objects to Joel and Kyle while they’re not under supervision?” He said.
“She will kill you.” Reyna warned.
“You wouldn’t let her kill me, right Rey?” Bobby said.
“Depends how forgiving I’m feeling.” She said.
“That’s nice.” Bobby said.
“Hey, I just noticed, but where’s Valdez? Bianca asked.
“I don’t know. Probably at a forge or Vulcan’s house.” Piper said.
“Hopefully not dead.” Karen said.
“That would really suck, but not surprise me.” Piper said.
“Ehh…” Hazel said with distaste.
Lark walked up to the table. She looked tired and worried, and I followed her gaze to just a little above my shoulder, like every time she was near me. The only thing behind me was a bit of wall. That probably wasn’t the most interesting thing to look at.
“Caleb, can I talk to you?” She asked worried.
“Yeah, umm, sure Lark.” Caleb got up and followed Lark out.
“What’s that about?” Reyna asked. She turned at Nico.
“Nico do you know?” He shrugged.
“You know Lark. Cal’s like her sister. She found her, trained her in all-things-Underworld, and took her in her legion.” Hazel said.
“True.” Reyna said.
“Why does she keep starring over my shoulder?” I asked.
“She likes your shoulder?” Gwen suggested, walking back up to us. She slapped Bobby’s shoulder.
“Stupid.” She said.
“Hey, you fell for it, not me!” Bobby said.
Caleb and Lark came back. Caleb said something reassuring to Lark who nodded. She walked past our table to get to hers and she dropped something on the corner of the table, near my elbow. A folded up square of paper. I looked at her confused. She glanced over her shoulder and looked at me meaningfully. I unfolded the paper under the table and squinted to read.
“[i]You have a ghost

Percy Jackson
June 29th: The City
I have a ghost
I found Lark at Mania’s mine.
“Lark, what’s this about?” I asked showing her the paper. She looked over my shoulder.
“Hello. What’s your name?” She asked.
“Shh, Percy, not you.” She said very calmly. I looked over my shoulder. Was there a ghost there? Lark looked back at me.
“He ran away. He doesn’t like me; he will only talk to you.”
“I have a ghost tailing me?” I asked.
“Oh yes. I think he’s annoyed by you. Have your things been moving around a lot?” She asked.
“Umm, yes. Why..?”
“That’s him, trying to get you to notice him. Usually the living must make the first communication with the ghost, except I don’t think he wanted me involved, so you’ll have to do it on your own.” Lark said in that same calm voice.
“That’s… That’s crazy!”
“He’s wearing armour. Like the one you wear, Greek most likely. With a trident going up the right leg. His hair’s short, and dark, and he has a horrible scar going down the side of his face.” Lark described. That matched up with something in my head.
“Do you know who he is?” I asked her. Lark shook her head.
“No. As I said, he doesn’t want me involved. He was hoping Jasper, Évangéline and I wouldn’t notice him. He probably doesn’t know what children of Mania are capable of.” She replied.
“Where did he go?”
“I don’t know. I hear them, I don’t read their minds.” Lark said. I thought about it for a minute before smacking my forehead. Wow, I was an idiot.
“Thanks Lark. I’ll go see what’s up with him.”
“Be careful Percy, he’s angry. Ghosts full of rage can be dangerous.” Lark said.
“He’ll be fine with me; I think I’m his brother.” I said running off towards the one spot I’d go to if I were a ghost here.
The cave behind Fontus Falls.
“Hello?” I asked. Nothing.
“Look, I know you’re here, you’d just make it easier for both of us by showing up.” I said. Nothing but droplets of water dripping down from rocks on the ceiling. What were those? Stalag-somethings.
“Fine,” I replied a little frustrated, “if you won’t talk to me, then I don’t know what you want but stop following me.” I said.
A figure appeared.
“So you are the son of Poseidon?” He said.
“And you’re the guy in the picture.” I said.
“Definitely not Neptune.” He contemplated.
“Yeah, I’m Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, who the Hades are you?” I questioned.
“Henry Allard, son of Poseidon.” He introduced himself. “I fought the civil war here.”
“Oh, so you died here.” I said.
“Died? No, I didn’t die. Not here anyways. I came close, but I didn’t. I was part of a truce mission actually. My best friends and I were the Greek leaders in it. Lance Jenkins son of Kratos, Amelia Terranni daughter of Minerva and… The last was named Ruth Linters, daughter of Zeus.”
I got a feeling Ruth Linters wasn’t the last person. But I held my tongue.
“So is she, like, stalking Thalia?”
“Nothing, carry on.”
“If you’re talking about Ruth coming back, no. Ruth is too prideful to do it. She comes when, and if, she is called.” Henry said.
“So why are you back?”
“Because I’m not Ruth.” He said quite simply.
“Okay, then out of all things to do, why are you following me?”
“Because you trust the Romans way more than you should.” Henry said.
“That’s not true. I can trust them.”
“Is that so?” Henry sniggered.
“Yes. If that’s your purpose right now you can go away right away, I’m not changing that.” I said.
“How many times have you nearly died in the walls of this base? How many times have you been attacked? Is the girl that was half-dead only hours ago in the infirmary not your girlfriend?” He asked. I got mad.
“Keep Annabeth out of this.” I said.
“Percy, I know how you feel. My friends and I were forced to co-operate with Romans as well, I know what they are, think and stand for. Do yourself a favour, Percy and don’t trust them. Anything good, they kill it.” Henry said.
“That’s not true.”
“They conquer or they die,” he continued “that’s how it is. That’s how it’s always been.”
“Shut up, leave me alone.” I said.
“They’ve changed you Percy. You’re more obedient now, you’re neater too.”
“What’s that got to do with anything? I’m still myself.” I said annoyed with the ghost.
“No, you listen, I’m not buying it. I’m not going to stereotype all romans because of a few total idiots.” I said.
“That’s what I said,” he started, “but they’re stereotyping you, aren’t they?”
“Go away, I’m done talking to you.” I said, even though he had a point there.
“They are! It doesn’t matter what they’re like, they’re all the same inside. They’ve got the same roots.”
“They’re like us.”
“No, they aren’t. When the gods went to Rome, they changed more than any mortal or demigod realised. The demigods were confused by the change, didn’t realise the gods were morphing… The demigods from the alliances involving mortals and the new gods were born from the ashes of Troy. Did you know Romulus killed his own brother for power? His own twin brother, the only family member he had!” Henry taunted.
“No” I admitted, “but these guys are different. If you’re trying to tell me that Bobby, Gwen and Dakota are bubbling with evil-”
“You haven’t met enough of them to decide that.”
“I do not trust all of them, I trust the ones who stand against the Gayles, and that’s what they are like! Look, things have changed more than anyone expected. We aren’t that bad enemies and we don’t stereotype. When you ripped the picture with Ruth, was it your truce mission? Did you rip out the girl because she was Roman?”
I didn’t have time to catch his expression because Henry disappeared on me.
Ditched by a ghost. That could work for Gwen’s list of impossible-but-has-been-done. I took the drawing from my pocket and looked at the drawing. I studied the people in it more closely. The shape of Ruth’s eyes, the spark in Amelia’s’ and Henry. He didn’t have a scar on the side of his face, nor did he look sad. He looked happy. I looked back up at the place where he had vanished from.
He hadn’t died at war. So what’d happened?

Carmen Attwell
I looked at Jonno nervously, but he looked confident.
“You’re really going to go on the Argo II, Jonno?” I asked as we walked out of the house.
“Of course. They need archers, and this is my chance at a quest. Only the soldiers get to do that usually.” Jonno said casually.
Of course this would be his second…
“It’s dangerous.”
“I’ve done worst, Carm.” I bit my lip. Of course he had, Jonno had done everything twice over. I knew that, I heard about it.
“I want to come too.” I said. I wanted to smack my forehead. There was no way I’d actually said that out loud…
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I said. Now I wanted to hit myself in the mouth.
“I mean, I’m an archer. And… There’s this part of the prophecy. “And the one that will sing the song to help the heroes withstand”, it sort of got me thinking.” I improvised.
Well alright, that last part was true. I had thought about it, about which of my brothers and sisters would go.
“You are the best vocalist in the cabin.” Jonno said.
“I’m one of the only vocalists in the cabin.” I said.
“There’s Calla and Jaedyn.” Jonno said. “’Men, this is what you’re good at, singing. And you’re Pluto of a dancer.”
“Not really.”
“Okay fine, deny the fact you can dance; but singing you can. But do you really think you have what it takes to go on the trip?”
“Yeah.” I said determined.
“You sure ‘Men?” Jonno asked.
“Yes,” I said. “If you can go, why can’t I?”
“No reason, I’m just asking.” Jonno said. He bit the inside of his cheek, worried. Oh god… I wasn’t a baby! I was just his baby sister.
“You don’t look too sure.” Jonno said.
“I’m going to go. If they ask me to sing, I will, but I’m an archer too. I want to go with you.” I sustained.
“Carmen, it’s more than just going on a boat ride, it’s…”
“You don’t think I realise that? I do get what it is I… I’ve been having dreams about a previous quest. I think it was a quest…”
“How can you not know if it was a quest or not?” Jonno said teasingly.
“I… I don’t know, I just do.” I bit the inside of my lip. He was right, I was that clueless.
“I don’t want you to get hurt, ‘Men. Mom’d kill me and then I’d have to re-kill myself.” Jonno said. I stood there frozen as he kept walking. I snapped out of it and ran after him.
“What better way to look after me then if I’m following?” I said following him. He looked over at me.
“You really want this?”
“No-o-o!” I heard my head yell.
“Yes.” The dumber part of me, teamed up with the total ADHD and impulsive part of me replied.
“I’m not going to be able to do anything, but common if you want to try.” Jonno said.
Part of me felt like yelling out in victory. The other part was sobbing uncontrollably.
I quickened my pace to match Jonno’s and we penetrated in the Praetor tent. We bowed, and stood opposite of the Greeks, who stood in one corner. Percy was there this time.
The children of Bellona and Mars showed up, the Gayle girl’s lip was bloody and she looked in a bad mood.
She bowed to Jason and Dakota. Behind his poker face, I knew Jason was worried. Probably wondering where she’d gotten that, unless he somehow already knew.
“That’s everyone.” Dakota said.
“Good. Tonight we’re finalising the crew for the Argo II. The Senate burning down was just more proof that we need to get a move on with this.” Jason said.
“I talked to the healers; Annabeth is going to be able to come out of the infirmary the day after tomorrow. Bobby’s fine, but since both of legion 1’s officials are leaving, we need someone to merge with legion 1.” Dakota said with dryness to her tone. Nobody offered.
“We could separate the soldiers.” Jace said.
“No!” Jason and Bobby refused at once.
“They’re trained to fight together; none of them will be into it if they’re separated.” Jason said. Jace Gayle rolled his eyes.
“Gayle, every time I walk past legion 1 as a group I keep feeling this special tie. You can roll your little eyes all you want but Jason’s doing something right with them, and legion 1 is the best we offer the gods.” Hilary Shehan snapped. Jace’s eyes flared but he kept his sword sheeted.
“Perhaps legion 16 might show such a tie, hmm?” He tempted her.
Silentiurn! Every legion had its strength, and they all have their weaknesses but this isn’t tonight’s discussion unless you’d like to hand over the control to the seconds and we spend tomorrow’s day at it.” Dakota said.
Boy, did she know how to shut up the praetors.
“Hilary and Frederick’s training techniques are similar to Jason’s. It could be smoother for the soldiers.” Reyna said.
“I’m sorry but no. Until I nail things absolutely right with 16, I can’t take charge of more soldiers.” Hilary shook her head. “Sorry, Jason.”
“Don’t be.” Jason wove off her apology.
“Anybody else?” Dakota asked.
“What about Caleb?” Someone suggested.
“No. I’m sorry and I know it’s a little out of subject, but I’ll be spending some more time in the Underworld now, to try and see if I can help in any way, and Nico too. With the permission of the General, of course.” Caleb said. She starred at Reyna with her dark eyes.
“Is your second adequate?”
“Of course.”
“Then I grant you permission.” Reyna said.
“I refuse to let Mika alone with a larger group then we already are.” Caleb said. The girl standing behind her looked a little relieved.
“I’ll do it.” Someone said. It was Jace Gayle oddly enough.
“No.” Percy said. Jace turned to face him.
“Excuse me?” He asked.
“Jason, don’t trust him with legion 1. I’ve been in his legion; he hates everything that has the faintest to do with Greece.”
“That has nothing to do with it.” Jace said.
“So you won’t deny it?” Percy challenged.
“What is your point right now?” He asked dryly.
“I am just saying that it’d be best if legion 1 wouldn’t get brainwashed.” Percy said.
Jace’s eyes flared and I was sure he’d attack. Percy took a pen out of his pocket and uncapped it; it grew in a long sword. Jace jumped to his feet, drew his and raised it all in one second. Reyna Gayle was up the moment the first gleam of celestial bronze popped up.
“No.” Reyna said; so dryly and authoritatively I felt like agreeing out loud.
“Weapons away, both of you. You should know better than to draw a sword at a meeting.”
“I’m allowed to defend myself.” He snapped at his sister.
“If I was him I’d have drawn my own sword the look you had in your eyes and stabbed you 5 times over Jace Gayle; and you don’t talk back to me. Cap Riptide, and sheet your blade.” Reyna said to both of them.
She starred both of them down until they did and Jace sat back down. She did too.
“Carry on.” She told the consuls.
“Percy has a point.” Dakota said.
“Fine then.” Jace said. “I’m not sure what I could do with your soldiers anyways.” Jason locked his jaw but moved on.
“Anybody?” Dakota asked. Apparently not.
“Well then it’s settled,” she said. “Mike and I are taking it.”
“Dakota, are you sure?” He asked.
“If I’m not going on the boat, then I’m shipping you two off. No takers, I will.” She said.
“Alright, then.” Bobby said. Jason was just looking in Dakota’s eyes as if trying to decode her, like a lot of people were. There wasn’t anything to decode.
“I really do owe you, Kota.” He said.
“Yeah, well… Now that that’s settled, we have a prophecy decoding we were interrupted in.” Dakota said. Gwen coughed.
“So who’s the one that will sing the song to help the heroes withstand?” A son of Minerva asked.
“Carmen.” One of Jonno and I’s brothers, William, said. Eyes turned towards us.
“Who are you?” Jace Gayle asked.
“Carmen Attwell, daughter of Apollo. I’m a hunter.” I said.
Just ignore the swords and Pilum and armour and it’s just like you’re onstage, Carmen, you’ve done this before. I thought to myself.
“And why are you that demigod?” A girl I believed was called Caro asked.
“Carm’s the best vocalist in the house.” William blurted. I looked to the ground and bit my lip.
“No, Calla is.” His twin sister Billie said.
“Calla’s more experienced in general…” Somebody said.
“She’s more used to working with Jonno as well, and I imagine he’s here because someone wanted him to be archer for this?” A daughter of Minerva with serious features said.
“I’m his sister, I can do this just as much as anybody.” I said.
“Over here, that title gets awarded to you when you’ve done a lot. Calla has seniority; you’re the newest demigod this place has to offer.” Brent, son of Mars, said.
“I hunt with my mother when it’s the season. I’ve got experience with a bow. I’ve taken down bears and moose on my own.”
“None the less, Calla is more accomplished as a singer as well.”
“That’s not true! Carmen’s a great singer; she’s got more talent in her little finger then a lot of the kids at home!” Jonno said.
“Okay, what has she won? Has she been on any shows?” Caro asked.
“No.” I said feeling my stomach twisting.
“Exactly. Look, it’d just be better to have a more experienced Citizen to go; singer and archer.”
“Well Calla’s not here. She might not want to go.” Jonno said.
“Or maybe you just didn’t pass the message around do you and your little sister can go.” Jace Gayle said.
“So you do know what caring for your siblings’ means.” Thalia said from the Greek corner. Jace Gayle spun around and looked like he might’ve gotten up to attack had Thalia not drawn her knife.
“Thalia put it away, now.” Jason said strictly.
“You’re an insult, Gayle.” Thalia spat, putting her knife back in her belt.
“You’re filth, Greek.” He replied. There was protestation around the tent but Thalia downright walked up to him and put her blade under his chin before he could do anything.
“Do not ever insult the house of my father again.” She said threateningly.
“Thalia!” Jason called strictly. Her brother’s voice brought her back to reality. She looked up at him and lowered her knife.
“I’m sorry,” she quickly looked down, “not to you, to Jason and Dakota.” She clarified for Jace. She sheeted her sword as Percy tugged on her arm to bring her back.
“If I see another weapon, I’m burning it. I don’t care whose it is or who or where it’s from, I am giving it the bon-fire treatment.” Dakota threatened.
“Like the Senate building.” Someone sniggered.
“If you’re implying that was Dakota or Jason’s fault-” Someone said.
“Quiet! We’re destroying each other, like all the gods said we would. They didn’t underestimate us that time, did they?” The daughter of Aphrodite said.
The brilliance of that was that it was exactly the right thing to say because it was exactly what nobody wanted.
“Good. Let’s be civil here, and go back to the singing demigod line.” Hilary said.
“Thank you, Piper and Hilary.” Jason said.
“To answer to Jace’s question, yes, everybody does know we’re looking for an archer and a singer.” William said.
“I still don’t believe Carmen should go.” Jace said stubbornly.
“Carmen showed up for this meeting. She’s been designated by two children of Apollo in high importance of being a good vocalist, and she can hunt. Her brother is going on the second Argonautica, it’s like Zetes and Calais in the first one. Doesn’t it seem just, like, right?” The girl called Piper spoke up.
Yeah… It did make sense. Jonno was going, why shouldn’t I?
Stupid Carmen, Jonno’s experienced. The sane part of my brain reminded me. But everyone else seemed to be thinking “hmm, girl’s making sense. Yeah, she is, wow, that is a brilliant idea”.
“It’s true.” Pete said.
“Yeah, it does.”
“Plus Calla didn’t show up.”
“They are siblings…”
“Exactly what I was thinking…”
“Okay, people! Silentiurn![i/]” Dakota called.
“So who agrees with Piper, that Carmen should go?” She asked. Piper looking shocked and confused watched as all the praetors but 5 lifted their hands up.
“That settles that. What about; ‘You shall bring the girl who to the dead has held out her hand’?” Gwen asked.
“That’s why I invited Lark.” Caleb said. The pale girl standing behind Jonno, me and the other guy walked out of the shadows.
“Melaina Grey, isn’t it?” Caro asked.
“My usual name is Lark.” She said. Her tone was quiet and calm. It made me feel like she was talking at a funeral.
“Alright, why her, she’s 13? I still sustain that no matter the training age still comes into play.” Billie said.
“Oh quit it.” Hilary said.
“Just because you were claimed at age 13 doesn’t mean all 13 year olds were trained for a few years alone.” Dakota said. Billie frowned.
“Some people were already leading quests at age 13.” Lou Ellen said. Percy hit her in a ‘shut up now’ kind of way.
“I am a daughter of Mania. I see the dead. I hear them and can talk to them even if they do not bridge contact between the Underworld and ours fully enough for humans to,” Lark said. “I can sense ghosts too. Whenever a big wave of dead is unleashed by Terra, I feel it. I… I can act as a type of alarm. If I board the boat, the crew will know when someone of high importance is back. And by logic, the ones of high importance will come directly to the boat.”
“That’s not it.” Hazel mumbled.
“Lark, tell them about Flint.” The girl called Bianca or Caleb or something said emotionlessly.
“Who’s Flint?”
“Flint is a ghost. A Greek ghost. He died during the Civil war, and he… He appeared to me in late May.” She explained. That sent chills up my spine, I didn’t like ghost stories.
“All he wants is to find out what happened to his younger sister, Arianne Holton. I told him the Argo II was coming and he stayed in our house waiting for it. I thought maybe somebody from the Greek camp would know, but I haven’t had a chance to ask.”
“Is that legal?” Brent inquired.
“Hey, 5 people in this room are backing her up on this, so don’t even try that.” Caleb said defensively.
“Hold out her hand… You helped a ghost, it [i]is
you the prophecy mentions.” Pete said.
“Do you accept your place on board the Argo II?” Jason asked.
“Yes.” She said.
“Then welcome on my ship.” Leo said, holding out his hand. She shook it formally.
“There is one more thing, before this is over.” Dakota said.
“What?” Scarlett, daughter of Ceres, asked.
“There was talk of another child of Vulcan to accompany. To help Leo.” Dakota said. Mike cleared his throat.
“I asked around. Got one volunteer.” He said.
“Who?” Leo asked surprised.
“Me, stupid.” A guy said. He seemed to come out of nowhere. How had I missed him? He had light coffee coloured skin and black hair. He had a smile plastered on his face and his eyes were bright like coals, and as bright. He had a scar passing across his eyebrow, which just drew more attention to his brilliant eyes.
Leo smacked his forehead.
“Zane Attica.” He introduced himself.
“Zane’s a mechanic and weapon smith, but more importantly a mechanic. He knows engines like nobody else except for maybe Anna.” Mike said.
“Well sorry bro, Anna’s pretty bad off; she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.”
“Shut up.” Leo and Mike said at the exact same time.
“It’s the best I could do, take him or leave him.” Mike shrugged. Leo muttered something about where he’d like to leave Zane and Hazel sort-of giggled, but nobody noticed.
“Alright, guess you’re in.” Percy said.
“Yes!” He said pulling his fist towards him. Oh look, one person was excited about going on a quest about as dangerous as it was important to not-screw-up.
And I wasn’t going to be the second one.

Gwendolyn-Marie Madison

Here went nothing.
I threw an aureus in the rainbow.
“Insufficiant pay.” A pleasant female voice chided.
“Common!” I complained. I dug another aureus from my pocket.
“Insufficiant pay.” I threw in another one.
“Dig deeper.” The voice said.
“Gods, really?” I ended up having 5 in by the time an image appeared. My mom was in the living room of her house, reading a book she visibly didn’t have her head in.
“Mom.” I called. She looked up.
“Gwen?” She asked.
“No it’s Kyle. Of course it’s me! How’s Tatianna?”
“This isn’t a good time sweetie, Aimée has friends downstairs.” Mom said.
“I don’t care about your schedule I’ve got mine and this is the only time I have! How’s Tatianna?” I asked already annoyed with her.
“Good.” It was a horrible lie from a horrible liar. “She’s breathing. She just got a lung transplant and Aimée and I are home for the first time since.”
“Good, will she make it?”
“Yes. It’s a miracle recovery.” Mom said. “Is that why you called?” She asked, probably rushing the IM to disappear.
“No. I’m leaving the City if you give an aureus.” I said. Her face lit up.
“You’re coming back?”
“No, of course not. If you knew me half as well as a mom’s supposed to you’d realise I’d never.” I said. “I’m going on a quest if you care.”
“Oh… What’s it about?”
“I’m going to Greece and Rome.”
“Rome. A ship arrived from a base for the children of the Greek gods.”
“Greek gods?”
“A flip side of the Romans, it’s complicated. The ship’s an exact replica of the one Evan drew all the time so…” my voice dried up. “Yeah, I’m going.” I said.
I should have told her about the fact Leo drew the exact same ones…
“Alright.” She said her eyes suddenly empty like every time you mention Evan. “Alright, umm… When are you leaving?”
“July first.”
“For how long?”
“Nobody knows. It depends on the waves, the wind, and the boat I guess.”
“Do Kyle and Joel know?” She asked. How she guessed that surprised me.
“No.” I said, “I haven’t told any of the kids in here yet.”
“Please tell them. They should know.” Mom said.
“Well I was but I thought I’d tell you first. And I don’t know how for them.”
“I appreciate it.” She said, her tone bitter. Like ‘so you don’t know how you’ll break it to your brothers but with your mother it’s all okay?’
I know her by heart. I know she doesn’t like the fact she immigrated to America when she was 17. She doesn’t like the fact she’s different no matter how awesome her roots are. She doesn’t like the fact Mercury insisted for Kyle and I to have Welsh names (Gwendolyn and Kai, she just made Gwendolyn sound more common with Marie at the end and calling Kai Kyle). I know that’s part of why they broke up. I know she doesn’t like being second best, but to her I always will be.
No, not even second best, Tatianna would be first; and second best, well that’d be Aimée, then Evan, then Joel and Kyle then me.
“Don’t act like that.” I said.
“Like what?”
“Like it’s a problem that I’m more scared of telling Kyle and Joel about the quest then you. I guess it’s because I’m under the impression that they actually care.”
“Gwendolyn-Marie! I do care about you!”
“Then you wouldn’t have called me Gwendolyn-Marie, you’d have told me about Tatianna sooner, you’d have sent me and Evan to train sooner and we’d be having this conversation in Cymraeg!” I yelled. I bit my tongue.
“I’ve got to go. I’ll tell the twins tomorrow.”
“Be careful Gwen.”
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll watch my tongue.” I said.
“I meant… Watch yourself on the quest.”
“Watch Joel and Kyle’s messages, they still give a damn.” I said before cutting through the communication and falling to my knees and resting my head back. Oh what a mess.

Jason Grace
A branch cracked and the people up front turned around suddenly.
“Sh!” Ruth Linters said.
“Watch your step, Fallon.” Augustus added.
“Aye.” A girl replied.
“Why must we travel at night?” Someone moaned.
“Because during the day there is light and soldiers patrolling around. Care to explain why 12 boys and girls, underage, are roaming around the forest trying not to be seen, and with ‘guns’ none the less.” Amelia said sarcastically.
“You don’t need to be so mean with her.” Hélène Thomas protested.
“I am not, Thomas, I’m just telling her the truth.”
“Quite rudely might I say.”
“Hélène, Amelia, quit it.” Augustus said from the front of the group. Amelia shot Hélène one last look before quickening her pace to be besides Ruth.
“I cannot take her.” She said her voice low.
“Relax,” Ruth replied, her sword drawn and ready to move. “We’re nearly at the next safe house.”
“Good, I think we should get your shoulder checked, Henry.” Catherine said.
“I’m fine.” The son of Poseidon replied, hiding his smile.
“You were ‘fine’ when your knee got snapped, Henry. Forgive me for not trusting you.” Catherine said. She picked up the hem of her dress.
“For the love of Aphrodite, how do mortals wear these things?” She complained.
“Beats me. All I know is that I wildly miss sandals.”
“You might as well get used to it,” Ruth said, passing her sleeve on her damp forehead, “because there is no way either central will ever accept us again. We’re rebels now, traitors to our own kind.”
“One more title for Mr Consul.” Henry said.
“Shut up, Allard.” Augustus said.
“Well, look who should quit it now.” Amelia said.
“Amelia you aren’t helping.” Ruth said.
“Seriously Augustus, this is just like at the City.” A boy with scars on his strong arms said.
“James, you were having a go at Warren earlier today, don’t give Augustus any advice.” Henry said.
“Hey!” James protested.
“Quiet down! We are traveling in a forest in the middle of the night, any sound echoes in the silence. Don’t talk uselessly and do not yell out. Honestly…” Ruth said. She took bigger steps to get further up front. Augustus looked like he might try to catch up but Amelia grabbed his arm.
“Don’t.” She said. “She’s incredibly stressed and worried. Leave her some time alone, I’ll talk to her at the safe house.”
“Alright. She’s not looking too good nowadays.” Augustus said. Amelia bit her lip and I got a feeling she knew exactly why. Augustus got the same one.
“If it was that bad you’d tell me, right Amelia? I’m her brother.” Augustus said. Amelia turned her head and fell back to the second group of Half-bloods, leaving Augustus hanging. His face was emotionless as he kept walking.
After Ruth’s complaint everybody was quiet for the rest of the walk, until they reached her at the top of a hill. A nice little house in the center of a valley. Ruth took a step in the valley first. Immediately an explosion went off.
“RUTH!” Amelia, Augustus and Catherine yelled. When the smoke cleared, Catherine was shooting arrows. More bombs were showering down but Amelia ripped off her cloak and spread it, like a trampoline.
“Hélène, Augustus, James, Henry and Lance, help me. Everyone else; inside!” She said. As Catherine shot her arrows, and everybody obeyed, more cloaks were spread and the grenades would land harmlessly, the impact not being enough to set the grenades off. The muscular boy would throw them back hard and they’d exploded until the valley was silent. Immediately they ran towards Ruth, who’d rolled out of the way. The muscular boy -Lance I presumed- reached out to her.
“NO! No, don’t touch me!” Ruth yelled.
“Ruth, I know it hurts but””
“Don’t touch me.” She said. Her arm and left side of face were completely drenched in bright red blood, and more was coming.
“Ruth, we have got to help you, that’s bad.” Catherine said, looking weak in the knees.
“No, I’ll do it myself. Give me something to cover it.” She said.
“Ruth, you can’t…”
“Watch me. Give me something to cover it.” She said again, a fierce expression and dangerous tone to her voice, like she was about to zap somebody. Nobody wanted her to do that –for the sake of themselves and not draining her energy in the state she was in- so they didn’t contradict her.
Catherine took out a bandage and cloth from her bag and handed them to Ruth, who was keeping the bloody arm away from her friends at all costs. She cleaned the wound and bandaged it herself.
“Alright, common Ruth, we’ll get you inside.” Amelia said. Holding on to her good arm, Amelia steered her inside the house. A man was waiting for them at the door.
“The rebel demigods, eh?” He asked Augustus as he passed.
“Yes. What was that about?” Augustus answered.
“A trap set by children of Minerva. They shoot any incoming Greek Half-blood. I’ve heard of them, but I didn’t think the Minervans had put one up here. My apologies mate.” He said with a British accent.
“No problem, Ruth looks alright. I’m Augustus Peterson.” Augustus said, a fist on his heart. The controller put a fist to his.
“I’m Edmund Jones, son of Mercury. My house was turned into a station for the railroad. I’m no good for war, I limp y’see. I also think this is about as pointless of a battle as it gets. The demigod war at least. Hope you don’t mind, but there’s another family here right now. A slave family, 7 of them, from cotton plant in the South. You lot aren’t part of the regular flow.” Edmund said.
“Nah, that’s fine.” Augustus said. Edmund gave him a slap in the back and led him inside. Amelia and Catherine were trying to make Ruth lie down on a couch, a grown woman encouraging Ruth to go.
“Please Ruth, you need to rest, now.” Amelia said.
“No I don’t, why would I?” She asked.
“You know why.” Amelia said meaningfully.
“Oh, right.” Ruth said. She accepted a canteen of water as well under Catherine and Amelia’s watchful eye.
Edmund’s wife was tying her hair up, off of her sweaty neck, and passing a cloth on it, doing as best as she could to comfort her, as Ruth still refused anyone to touch her arm or the monstrous gash on her cheek. The crowd of half-bloods were standing near the wall.
“Sit down, make yourselves at home. It’ll be a little tight with so many of you here, but the next conductor will be here soon.” Edmund said.
“We aren’t staying long, sir. We’ll be gone by the night, we move without a conductor, and it’s not good to stay in one place for too long, with 14 of us.” Ruth said.
“How?” Edmund’s wife asked, looking up from her patient.
“Genevieve,” Edmund said “my love, this is a group of demigods.”
The woman didn’t even look surprised.
“Greek or Roman?” She asked.
“Both.” Hélène answered. The woman looked shocked.
“Ruth, Hélène, James, Henry, Amelia, Lance and I were all leader figures on our side of the fight.” Augustus said.
“But in the end, we got tired of fighting. Evelyn and Augustus ran away to try and discuss truce. They got captured but thankfully Ruth heard them out. We found out people on both sides were sick of it.” Hélène said. “Ruth helped Augustus and Evelyn escape, and he grouped 9 Half-bloods from the City up and we joined 6 Greeks at Camp Half-blood. We went to a son of Hermes’ safe house, then another, and now here.”
“My, my. How peculiar…” Genevieve mused. “My mother was a daughter of Venus.”
“Like Fallon.” Someone said. A girl raised her hand. She had brown hair put up behind her head, emerald green eyes and a graceful neck. Genevieve nodded and got up.
“Ruth, I’m sorry but that wound just looks atrocious. Let someone have a look at it, a child of Apollo, maybe?” She asked.
“That would be me.” Catherine said.
“No. I… I’m just tired.” Ruth said, with something that could maybe be fear in her voice.
“Normal.” Amelia said under her breath.
“Those were Ketchum grenades, weren’t they?” Hélène asked.
“Of course, I’ve seen them so much.” Amelia said.
“William F. Ketchum was a child of Athena; he’s fighting in the war right now on the demigod side of things. He invented them for our use, but he showed the design to a mortal. We’ve got the original blueprint in the cabin. We were supposed to start using them, but I’m not sure if they ever have.”
“Yawn, too much useless information.” Henry said. Amelia’s cheeks flushed red.
“Let it go, Amelia.” Catherine said, defending Henry. Henry bit back a smile of… Triumph? Whatever it was it was short lived.
“It’s cooler in the basement if you like.” Edmund offered.
“Yes please.” A few of them said. They were all sweaty and tired from the long walk
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Leo Valdez
June 29th: The City
Jade gallops, and Anna’s just reward
Now that world’s most violent meeting yet was over, I was back in the cabin forges, shaping a metal sheet. Hopefully this thing was going to work…
“What the Pluto are you doing?” Zane asked.
“A project. Leave me alone.” I said.
“Eesh, if you can’t stand me for a few minutes, how are you planning on toughing out a whole ship ride?” Zane asked.
“There’s this thing I like to call ‘over board’.” I grumbled dunking the prototype in water to cool the blazing metal. I took it out and dried it with a dirty cloth.
“Okay, what is it, I give up?”
“You should downright give up talking to me, Zane, I’m busy.” I said laying it down. I glanced again at the sketch I’d made for the skeleton of the prosthetic. Zane came over to look but I ripped it in two, didn’t need it anyways.
“None of your business.” I said.
“Okay, okay fine. I guess I do not have a right to know what’s going on in my own household.” He said.
“Yeah that’s right Zane, bye.”
“I was being sarcastic.”
“I was being literal.” I said.
“Hey, you were asking if any of us were sarcastic.” Mike said, as the curtain automatically pulled open for him to come into the house. I looked back down to my hands that were twisting wires and connecting them on their own.
“What’cha making?”
“Nothing! God, what’s up with all the question?”
“What’s up with the temper, dude?” Zane said. I ignored him and went back.
“Have you been annoying him Zane?” Mike asked.
“Yes.” I answered at the same time as him.
“Well then it’s your fault, get out of his way.” Mike said.
“Thank you, guy with power.” I sighed. As Zane passed he snatched up the ripped plan and studied it.
“Are you making a prophetic leg? For a… Horse?”
“It’s not exactly a prophetic.” I mumbled, attaching the wiring inside the metal frame.
“What’s this for?”
“There’s a horse that has a limp. The City won’t keep her unless he learns how to walk, but nothing’s working.”
“How in the world do you know, Valdez?” Mike asked surprised.
“I heard Hazel talking.” I said.
“Pff, you’re spying on Ducharme?” Mike asked.
“No I’m not; she was right behind Piper and me earlier today.” I said defensively.
“So you like Piper?” Zane said.
“Aw, ewe no, Zane.” I said.
“You do hang out with her a lot…” Zane said.
“She’s my best friend!”
“Still a lo-ot…” Zane mused.
“Zane Attica leave Leo alone!” A voice said from the corridor.
“Oh, what a burn.” Mike smiled. He looked happier than before. I guess it was Anna.
Her voice was restored to what I assumed was its normal, and I’d heard her laughing the other day, when Zane’d burnt himself (no it wasn’t me, it was entirely his fault). I guess she’d heard all the colourful language from the girl’s room.
Anyways it was a little stiff after a long time of no-use, but it sounded good. Everybody froze when they heard it and seemed to relax. When one laughs, people figure it means everything was going to be okay.
Of course I was living proof that that was a lie, but I wasn’t going to be the guy to break it to them. Nor was I going to be the one to tell them they were completely wrong on fire users being extinct. Especially after the Senate building burnt down.
I wasn’t too sure about that. Why had Gaia burnt down the Senate? Fire wasn’t in her domain, so she was just draining herself by doing it. Unless she was trying to frame me… And I did think she was right. Dakota and Bobby; and even Piper, Lou Ellen, Percy, Karen, Nico, Thalia, Phoebe and Annabeth had looked at me weird after that. Like I might’ve burnt down the building somehow even if I had been in the forges.
So far, they were 10 of the 12 people here who knew. But Hazel hadn’t given me looks or looked edgy when she saw me. I think she knew well enough that I wouldn’t burn down a building ever again, even if it was Roman. Sort-of like she would never try to lift anything with magic again, or change the weather.
Snap out of it, Valdez, this isn’t about you, it’s about her and the horse.
I snapped two pieces of metal together and wielded them in the case. Mike left off to go see Anna, and thankfully Zane had found someone else to bother in one of the other forges.
I never went in those.
It was like Beckendorf’s bed, but worst. It just had this unlucky feel to it, like a piano might drop from above and turn me into a pancake. And nobody was supposed to be there. Nobody was supposed to make stuff in the house, and every child of Vulcan could get killed if there was an official complaint about it. Then Jason and Dakota wouldn’t be able to ignore it like they were doing now. But the only people who were mean enough to do it were the Stupido Squad.
Anyways, I stayed in the living room’s forge, the room or the City forge (which sucked).

I finally had it done. I picked it up and checked the movement. It would move fine, and it was short enough to support a small horse’s leg, but not to inconvenience it in any way whatsoever.
I double checked the movement, the circuits, made sure the wiring was protected from the horse’s leg, that the thing was waterproof, sturdy, that it wouldn’t hurt the horse but still hold on… I went through every possible test I could think of.
Common, dad, help me out here, I’m just trying to do something nice for a change. I thought. Mystical smoke? Thunder? Bright light? Voice saying “sure Leo, go for it”? Nope. But I had a confident feeling about this so I headed out to the stables.
Sure enough, she was there, with Jade too. She was wearing street clothes- jeans with grass stains on the knees and dirt on the hems and a cardigan over a tank top- and she was standing at the end of the alley, back to the door, brushing Gemma’s mane.
“Hey, Weasley?” I asked. She spun around. The torch on the wall lit up her face a little less than her eyes. There was something about them that I couldn’t quite pin down. It wasn’t just the fact nobody knew the color, there was some kind of glow or spark... Like magic.
“Oh, hey Leo.” She said. “What are you doing here? I mean, not that it’s a problem but…”
“Umm, nothing. I mean…”
“I heard you talking to Bianca earlier, about Jade having a limp.”
“Oh yeah,” she acknowledged. At least she wasn’t yelling out that I was a stalker like Mike and Zane. That would be awkward…
“It’s pretty bad, not sure I could fix it even with magic.” She said troubled.
“I might have a solution.” I said. I showed her the aid and made a bigger scene about it than it was worth.
“Cool. What is it?” She asked, with a look that meant either intrigued or uninterested (I didn’t know, everybody here had different facial expressions). I went with intrigued.
“It’s sort-of like a brace; it strengthens the leg and keeps it straight without doing any harm to it.” I said. She approached to get a better look.
“I tested it as much as I could, I’m pretty sure it’ll work.” I said.
Stupid, you’re supposed to say it fit regulations of the city’s official code or something to sound smart and confident. Why could I not get this right?
“It looks good. Stable, strong, durable… What do all the wires do?”
“Oh, those. Mostly they keep the thing vertical or out of a horizontal position so it doesn’t fold up on the horse.” I said. That was a horrible explanation. The heck was wrong with me?
“That sounds…”
Dangerous, stupid, useless?
Wow why had I even tried making it? Maybe I should’ve taken the no-bright-light-or-booming-thunder thing more seriously…
“Actually pretty good.” Hazel finished.
I wanted to hit myself.
She smiled.
“Yeah. I mean, if it stabilises the leg without doing all the work, the horse will have to do that part… Eventually Jade will adapt and she won’t need the prosthetic itself; that sounds really good!” She said. She sounded excited.
“Yeah, I guess. I don’t know much about animals.” I apologised. “All I know is that Zane eats a lot, so apes and donkeys can’t be that different.” Hazel laughed at perhaps the oldest joke told, but I was out of material! My brain was pulling a Festus and short-circuiting on me for no reason.
“Donkeys eat a lot actually. We have a pair here, for chariots now and then.”
“I bet apes are the same.”
“Humans are apes, Valdez.” Hazel said.
“Hey, I told you I wasn’t good with animals, Weasley!” I replied. She laughed.
“I’ll teach you,” she promised. “And we’ll both figure out how to heal a weak horse’s leg right now.” She said.
While she held Jade -an arm going around its neck with the hand resting on its flank and the other resting on the side- I fastened the cast. I worked carefully so I didn’t surprise Jade or get her hoof in my face.
It was long, but there was no better system to tie it on. Hazel said soothing things (I think… her tone was affectionate and soft, anyways) to Jade to keep her calm. I guess she didn’t want to deal with me getting a hoof in the face.
Finally it was on.
“’Kay” I said getting up. Hazel let go of Jade who stayed in one place.
“Oh common, Jady, let’s go.” She encouraged. Nothing. She raised her wand towards her bag. The flap of the messenger bag opened and a big, green apple followed out. She caught it in her hand, her wand’s handle now between two fingers.
“Valdez, catch!” She called throwing it at me. I caught it.
“Now tempt her, but don’t let her have it.” Hazel instructed.
“Umm… Come here? I asked lowering the apple. Jade locked eyes with it.
She looked like Jake with a power tool. She wanted it. In this case not for mass destruction, but she wanted it.
“Go get it, Jade.” Hazel encouraged. Gemma neighed as if to say ‘the heck are you and nasty-fire-boy doing to my baby?’
Silentiurn Gemma, or you won’t get yours either.” Hazel said. She pushed the fowl, foal, foe –whatever, baby horse- forwards.
Jade was tiny. Probably smaller than it should me. A dwarf horse.
“Common.” I encouraged. Jade turned towards me and neighed as if to say ‘oh common!’
“You leg’s fixed, you can come get it yourself.” I said. Jade looked at me angrily.
“What, you too small to get it?” I asked. I guess size was a touchy subject with horses too, because Jade looked genuinely offended. She took a step forwards. Her bad leg bucked, but the device straightened her up. She looked surprised for a minute.
“That’s right, you won’t fall,” I said feeling my insides happy-dancing at the success. “Now you have got no excuse.” Jade looked at me… resentfully? And she took another step.
And another.
I took one back for every one she took forwards. Eventually we hit the door and I couldn’t back up, but Jade was coming at me like ‘victory is mine!’
“Leo, pass!” Hazel said. I pitched her the apple and she caught it in her hand. Jade turned straight ahead, back towards her trainer, but she didn’t walk; she galloped.
I hope you get the chance to see someone have the look on Hazel’s face. It was priceless! Her mouth was shaped like something between an O and a smile.
“Wow, Jade…” Hazel said. Jade neighed.
“Alright, alright, you deserve it.” Hazel took a Swiss army knife (except in Celestial bronze with attachments that were definitely NOT human, or averagely demigod, on it) from her pocket and cut a piece off the apple. She fed it to Jade as I walked back. She looked at me and smiled, looking full of energy, alive and more importantly happy.
“Leo that was amazing! I’ve never seen a horse have a faster recovery from anything, or heal like that! It worked like a charm; even better than a charm!” She beamed. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.
“It was nothing.”
“You call that nothing or are you just being modest?” She interrogated, an eyebrow raised. The answer stalled as I tried to color her eyes.
“Just being modest, I guess.” I said.
“Good, or else I’d have locked you in Minerva cabin until those guys got some sense into you, and trust me; it can be painful.” She said. I thought of Athena’s kids.
“I believe you.” I said. Hazel smiled, extremely excited.
“And you said you weren’t good with animals! You were perfect with Jade! She listened to you automatically!” Hazel said. “Have you ever had a pet? Dog, bird, cat, hamster, gerbil, bat, anything?” I wondered where ‘bat’ came from.
“Nothing. Well… Last December I sort-of had a mechanical dragon.” I said.
“You sort-of had a mechanical dragon?” She asked checking her hearing wasn’t just wacko.
“Yeah. It wasn’t mine, but I fixed his wiring and called him Festus.”
“Festus? You do realise that that means…”
“Happy in Latin. I know, Happy the dragon, off to save the world.” I said. She frowned.
“I thought you said you sucked in Latin?”
“Yeah, well, that’s the exact same thing Jason said.”
“Oh gods, go figures.” Hazel rolled her eyes.
“Yeah… Anyways, on the quest, that’s how we got around.”
“Oh, so you’ll ride a mechanical dragon across the States but you won’t let me take you on an elephant?” She said.
“Never, Weasley.” I said. Hazel rolled her eyes and forced down a laugh.
“Well, I guess mechanical dragons and horses do have something in common.” Hazel said. Jade nudged her for more of the apple she was holding in her hand.
“No, it’s not happening Jade.” Hazel said.
“Why not, Weasley? Everybody likes a Granny Smith.” I asked.
“One, it’s a McIntosh. And two, she’s too young to even be supposed to eat this stuff, but somehow she got an apple and loves them since. I think it’s one of the stable guards, they’re total suckers for her.” Hazel said. She pushed a curl behind her ear as Jade nudged her hand.
“Nope, not your night Jade,” she said. “Speaking of which, it’s nearly curfew.” Hazel said.
“Oh really?”
“Yeah, Jade’s little walk took longer than I thought it did, look.” She pointed to the clock. The numbers were in Roman numbers (I, II, IV) and it was 10 to 9.
“Oh wow, really? I guess organic life forms aren’t that bad.”
“Excuse me?” Hazel asked.
“Nothing. Do you want me to take the cast off?”
“For sleep, yes.” Hazel said. She coaxed Jade towards her and held her again.
I unclipped the cast but my hand slipped and touched a sensible area, I guess, because I got kicked in the nose.
“Leo!” Hazel said in surprise. I put my left hand to cover my mouth and nose, and with the right I undid the last clip and Jade limped back into her mom’s cubicle.
“Oh my gods, are you okay?” She asked getting closer as I got back to my feet.
“Yeah.” I said ignoring the fact I had the uncomfortable feeling I was bleeding. She winced.
“You’re bleeding. Want me to fix it? I’m not much for healing but with the friends I have I sort-of had to learn how to deal with bleeding. You wouldn’t believe how accident prone Bobby is. I’ve never done a nose before, but I have done several toes.” She said.
“How different can they be?” I joked. She laughed.
“Sounds like Luna Lovegood, not Ginny Weasley.” She said.
“Oops, sorry.” I apologised. She laughed and put a hand under my chin, tilting it upwards. Her wand slipped into her other hand from her sleeve and she nearly touched my nose with it. She squinted with concentration.
“Planto blod abolesco!” She said. I felt like I was getting hit again, but I bit my tongue and the bleeding sensation stopped. Hazel studied my face.
“Pretty good. If I were you I’d wash your face, but pretty good.” She said.
“Thanks, Lovegood.” I said.
“Please still with Weasley.” Hazel said.
“You look more like a Luna.” I said. She rolled her eyes. But soon enough she was looking at me again.
“I think something’s different about your nose.”
“No, not like, literally. But from usual healing. More powerful this time, usually it’d take a day to get to that stage…” She looked at my face more closely and then our eyes met.
Okay, I was going to do this. I was going to figure out what color her eyes were. Were her eyes blue? It would’ve had to be a pretty pale blue. What about grey? Not either… I couldn’t fit any of the colors I knew to the color of her irises. Weird.
She tilted my head to the side and my hand spit another spark on its own. Stupid glitchy hand, what was up with that?
“Does it hurt when I do this?” She asked.
“No, its fine, Weasley.”
The door opened.
“Umm…” Some guy said. She took her hand off my cheek.
“Yes, Ben?” She asked. Ben was a son of Vulcan, who worked at fixing the saddles, hooves and stuff like that.
“I was going to close things up, but umm…” He said.
“No, we were about to do it for you. Where did you want to keep this Valdez?” She said delicately picking up the cast.
“Anywhere, really.” I said.
“Alright then. I’ll keep it at my place because anybody can come in and out of these stables. Besides, the jinx that I’d like to protect this with is illegal outside of the house.” Hazel said.
“Sure.” I said, feeling a little bad for the children of Trivia. We passed the stable hand who eyed me so weird I might actually have blushed.
“Thank you so much, again, for Jade. This gives me something to work with for her defence. Try again tomorrow?” Hazel asked.
“Sure.” I agreed.
“Are you free in the afternoon?”
“Yes, the forges are closing early.” I said.
“Great. Maybe we could go out to the woods. I mean, with Jade, you know.” Hazel said.
“Yeah, maybe.” I agreed. Even in the dark her eyes shone and her smile was bright.
“Well, bye Leo.”
“Yeah.” I said. Ben locked the door, tied the keys to his belt and he was right behind me as I walked back to Vulcan’s house.
“Dude, are you friggin serious?” He asked.
“No, usually I’m of sarcastic nature.” I retorqued. Ben made a face.
“I’m talking about her.” He said nodding his head towards the stables.
“What about Weasley?” I asked.
“Oh, so you have a nickname for her? How hard does she hit you when you call her that?” He asked as we went into the cabin.
“She doesn’t.” I answered, my eyes squinting because of the lights. Ben made a slight chocking sound.
“Doesn’t what?” Mike asked, looking up from a remote control he was adapting the wires for.
“Okay, so I was going into the stables, right? It was my turn to lock the door- just doing my job, right?” Ben said real excitedly, recounting it like he was some sort of Indiana Jones. “And then all I see is Valdez and Hazel Ducharme at the other end and she’s touching his face.”
“Oh god.” Mike said.
“Dude! Not cool!” Zane said.
“What?” I asked.
“Thou shall not date thee brother’s future prom date!” He snapped before stalking off.
“I got kicked in the nose by a horse, she fixed my face-” I started.
“It didn’t work.” Mike hinted.
“-Shut up- and she just wanted to make sure it was alright.”
“Mm-hmm.” Mike said.
“I’m serious!”
“Dude, she actually looked happy!” Ben said.
“So? She’s a cheerful person when you get her to.” I shrugged.
“She’s been on the verge of clinical depression since last December, after the quest!” Ben said.
“Why?” I asked thinking that these were the answers I’d been looking for since I got here.
“Nobody knows. We think it was just a disappointing quest.” Ben said.
“They didn’t find Grace.” Mike shrugged.
“Look man,” Mike said in a tone that made me think ‘uh oh, run’. “Hazel Ducharme is just one of those girls that’s at the top of everybody’s list.”
“Who the hell has a list?” I asked.
“It’s a figure of speech.”
“Not really.”
“Shut up. She’s one of those girls; you know what I’m talking about.” Mike said.
“Yeah.” I said.
“So the guys in Venus like her, some Minervans like her and a lot of other people. She could be with any guy in this base, but she doesn’t like anybody. Not the powerful guys, not the strong guys, nemo.”
“When did fish come into play? I’m confused.” I said.
“Well will you look at that.” Ben muttered.
“’Nemo’ means ‘nobody’, which is what you are to Hazel Ducharme.” Mike said.
“No I’m not, I mean, we’re not. She’s sort-of my friend.” I said.
Was she? Usually people declared being my friends first and I just went along with that. But really guys? Why were they all freaking out?
“Mm-hmm.” Ben said.
“Look Leo, you have no chances with her so don’t get your hopes up. Kay?”
“What are you guys talking about? I don’t like her!”
“We just don’t want you to get hurt.” Mike said.
“Well quit it with the advice because you’re too late on that one.” I said.
“I’m just going to go to bed. Goodnight.” I said. I turned my heels and I was about to go in the boy’s room when I heard someone call me from the girls’.
“Leo get over here!” Anna said. I turned around. I didn’t want to talk to anybody.
“Now.” Anna said again. I walked in. She was sitting up. The only bandages on her were around her torso, and she still had an eye infection, but I could see the Jade green in it.
“What?” I asked pretty rudely.
“Well, someone’s a little grumpy.”
“I’m sorry, blame your brother.” I said, plopping down on the foot of her bed feeling as heavy as the thing.
“He’s yours too.” Anna said. “So what’s wrong Leo? And don’t tell me nothing because Ben sounded pretty excited about what he was talking about back there.”
“Nothing.” I said.
“I am calling Ben in three, two…”
“Fine, it’s Hazel Ducharme, they think I like her.” I spilt out, knowing Anna was serious.
“Do you?” Anna asked after a few seconds.
“I said they think I like her.”
“So what do you think?” Anna said, nailing the million dollar question like she always did.
“I… I don’t know.” I said.
“Well maybe before getting all ticked off at them you should think a bit. Honestly, you do have a chance with her, Leo. You’re a funny guy and I knew her better when she was still herself. I’m the one who gave her the grand tour of the place when she got here, I’ve known her since. She likes to laugh. Her best friend is a child of Mercury for that matter. And who would you rather listen to? Mike and Ben, or me?” She asked.
“You,” I answered.
“Exactly. So figure out where you stand. If you don’t like her, fine. Keep it at a friend thing. But if you do like her, that’s fine too.”
“Until Ben and Mike opened their traps it was fine.” I grumbled.
“You’ve got to love family for that, Leo. Family’s the friends you don’t get to choose, that don’t go away, and that are unconditional. My mum was an only child, it was never a big family and after living in the City I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to that.” Anna said. I stayed quiet for a bit and Anna respected my silence.
“Say I do like her. Where do I go from here?” I asked.
“Just be nice to her. You’re flaming Valdez, she won’t stand a chance against you.” Anna said.
“Flaming Valdez? Wait, how do you?” Anna extended her hand and opened her palm. Flames trickled inside, and I straightened up, but they blew up immediately.
“It takes most of my vital energy to make that, but when I really focus…”
“So you’re a fire user? Do you have any tips on say, hair safety?”
“I’m not really a fire controller Valdez. Let’s just say… The gods owe me a lot of things. The gods took a lot from me, and they decided that every now and then, they should do me a favour. I know how to spot a real fire user, like you. But the stuff in my hands, it’s just for show. No fire. I guess it shows that in the end you do get your just reward for things.”
“Like what?” I asked.
“A boyfriend, Hugo. Friends, Juliette, Damon, Stephanie and Simone. Injuries such as these. Unfair punishments over the years. Let’s just say that fake fire-control covers it.” Anna said.
Yeah right, I wasn’t getting a just reward anytime soon…
But still, poor Anna…
“Do you have tips on hair safety anyway?”
“No, but now, you need to go think, and some form of medicine should knock me completely out in a matter of seconds, so we better leave it at that.”
“Sure, Anna. And thanks. You always know exactly what to say.” I said.
“I’m head of house, big sister, advice giver chief; I’ve heard it all.” She said.
“Well it does work.” I said. I turned to leave Anna and sure enough I heard a surprised little yelp and when I turned back she was knocked out.
I headed in the boys dorm. Some kids were already sleeping and I just crashed with my head in my pillow.
Did I, or did I not like Hazel Ducharme? She was funny, interesting, fun to be around when she smiled, pretty and I’d never felt like that… But she was so sad, she deserved someone who could make it better not just make her laugh for a minute or two. Not to mention too good for me… Did I or did I not? Gods, I’d never had this problem before.
Maybe Hazel is different, I thought.
It’s easier to fix things when you know where you’re going. I had no clue. No clue about Hazel, no clue about girls in general, no clue about the boat, my mom; no clue about anything.
“Any help would be really great, say now.” I requested. Nothing. Not even a gut feeling this time.
“Forget what I said about you not being such a jerk.” I muttered hoping Hephaestus was paying attention. Thunder boomed. Alright, he was just ignoring me. I settled down and fell asleep more confused than ever.
Karen Mallock
June 29th: The City
I got weird glares again as I stepped into Victoria’s cabin. I felt like kicking every single one of them at every pressure spot I knew the human body had, but I knew I had a better idea.
“I’ll make a bet with you all.” I said. ‘Bet’ was like going into the Minerva cabin and saying ‘diaphragm lever!’, except I didn’t know what that meant, and I didn’t think Nico did either even if he’d given me the tip.
“We’re listening.” Isabelle said.
“Great. I’m challenging the best 2 fighters you’ve got to a Greek fight. A Pankration it’s called.” I said.
“That’s not Greek, it’s Roman.” Nicholas called.
“It originated in Greece and like so many other things, Rome ripped it off. I’ll challenge two of you to it. If I win, you’ll have to admit that Greece isn’t as laid-back, weak and meaningless as you say it is. You’ll have to respect Ancient Greece and anybody from or descendant from it, including me. If you win, I shut up and sleep outside the house for the rest of the time I’m stuck here. Nothing with me but the clothes on my back.” I said.
“Deal.” Nicholas said shaking my hand. They were quick to bets. Hopefully this was what Kratos meant when he’d said ‘use your brain’.
It took them a while to figure out who was fighting me, they all wanted to and they all thought they were strongest (creepy cocky gits they were) but they settled on Nicholas and Jesse.
As they pushed the furniture to the sides of the room I took off my bulky hoody so my tank top showed my muscles, and I untied my sword from my side and put both against the wall. I stretched quickly. I looked at Nicholas and Jesse who were just standing there trying to look like Chuck Norris. Sure… 16 and 19, taller and wider than me and they were both even more competitive than the usual.
I got ready.
“First opponent to knock out the other/others wins, on the whistle.” Courtney (who’d gotten a whistle gods know where) said.
Wait knockouts? Uh oh. That wasn’t part of the plan…
She rose a hand and blew. Instantly they charged me, both from different directions.
I aimed a roundhouse kick at Nicholas- who wasn’t very fast. My heal got his mouth and the part where I directed all the pressure -which I’d managed to make the toes- got his forehead. He was knocked out right away.
People cheered Jesse on even louder.
I’d dodged his initial strike and we were circling, fists up and bobbing up and down like boxers.
He threw a punch and I blocked. I kicked my knee high, in his stomach, and he was breathless for seconds, but he used that to his advantage and toppled onto me. I was pinned between my cousin and the floor.
I pushed him off and kicked with my feet to back him up even more, then I got back to my feet.
I threw a punch that got him in the nose. He started bleeding and I got scared, but not scared enough to not kick him again.
He took a step to the right and missed, but grabbed my leg, kicked and stupid-me got hit. I fell to the floor, hit my head, and he was on me ASAP; but I had a better idea.
I started screaming in pain and shut my eyes. Alarmed he backed off and everybody quit.
“Karen are you..?” He asked. I jumped back up to my feet and roundhouse kicked him in the side. He fell to the ground and I threw a punch that got him in the head. He got knocked out.
“And this is when another Greek invention comes in handy,” I said. “Theatre.”

Thalia Grace
June 29th: The City
I walked out of the consul tent, planning on going back to Jupiter’s house and praying to Artemis to make Jace Gayle suffer. Instead, I saw him near Bellona’s house. He and Reyna were yelling at each other, and I decided to make him suffer once he took out his sword. I walked right up to him, grabbed his shoulder, and disarmed him with my hunting knife.
“Go away, Reyna.” I told her. She decided to listen to me and I dragged him away.
“Don’t touch me.” He said.
“Believe me; I’d love not to have to even see your stupid face.” I said.
I pushed him against the wall of a house.
“Do you have any idea why Jason Grace grew up here? Because I thought he was dead. D-e-a-d, dead. At age 2. I was 9 and until last December I thought my little brother, that the fates had given me to take care of, was dead. I was the one taking care of Jason and I had to live with myself every day knowing that because I’d turned my back on him, he’d gotten killed. Meanwhile, you are being a total jerk to Reyna, and you act as if she’s a punching bag that means and feels nothing.”
I shoved him against the wall not sure where the burst of random strength came from.
“You have a little sister. I don’t care what power she has, which weapon she took from you when you were all 8 or how many minutes younger she is, you have a little sister. Start acting like it.” I said finishing my rant.
“You have nerve if you think that…”
“Yes I have nerve, and it’s about time somebody does if you’re still acting like this!” I ranted.
“She hasn’t filed an official complaint yet.” Jace said like it was supposed to mean something.
“I don’t care about officialising it, with me this is as official as it gets. If you keep messing with your sister like that you will have to deal with me. It will be the worst ten minutes of your miserable life, Gayle; because that’s all it’ll take me to have you crying like the little girl you think Reyna is. Ten. Friggin. Minutes.” I ranted.
I let go of him and pushed him back, with a spark of electricity none-the-less.
“You think I’ll listen to a Greek?” He sniggered.
“I think you’ll listen to the lieutenant of Dianna, and my spear.” I said. He looked at me with hate before spitting in my face, uselessly pushing me a step back and stomping off. I whipped my face with my sleeve, bubbling with hate.
I headed back to Jupiter cabin full of absolute hate. In times like these I should’ve hunted, to take my mind off things. But it probably wasn’t legal, with all the rules.
I felt like breaking the rules.
Don’t, Thalia. You will do nobody favours and your brother has had a long enough day as it is.
A voice I knew as Artemis spoke in my mind. I locked my jaw and grinned my teeth. I didn’t have to listen to her now…
Thalia, yield. Your independence might get you killed one day.
“There’s nothing in those woods that can kill me.” I said my voice low.
Oh, yes there is. Get some sleep, and that’s an order.
I hated that particular 5 letter word. Order. Ugh. I’d listen, but forcing me just made me want to do the opposite more than I probably already did. Never the less, I did. Artemis’ orders were only orders if they had to be, and besides, she knew more about those woods then I did.
I dragged my feet over to Jupiter’s house. I changed into sweat pants and a tank top and didn’t even bother waiting for Argos: he was going to be out late again. Especially tonight after the fire…
I couldn’t help but wonder if Leo had set that fire. Leo was… “Nice”…
Well, not really but not mean enough to set fire to the Senate.
Setting fire to buildings was a little overboard compared to Valdez’ usual acts of stupidity. At least he’d stopped flirting with me (which was good for both me and him).
But if he was mad enough…
Could he? Would he do that to Jason? That building was obviously important to him. Why; I had no idea whatsoever, but it was. But Leo didn’t know that any more than I had, all we had been told was that it was important (information deluxe).
I slipped between the covers and went to sleep, hoping I just hadn’t made things worse for Reyna.
I knew she was important to Jason. Even I could tell that. But now I was stuck wondering how I felt about that. She was strong, no doubt. But the higher they are, the higher they fall, isn’t that the saying? If she got hurt… No… Jason wouldn’t do that to her. He was a good guy. He definitely wouldn’t, I could tell by the way he looked at her face.
But still… If.

Percy Jackson
Annabeth had kicked me out of the infirmary. She said I should be getting some proper sleep before we left. I’d asked what she could do to me with a bad shoulder but she’d given me a look and suddenly I was thinking Neptune’s cabin might not be a bad place to spend the night.
I was walking back and thinking of how stupid it would be to get caught and killed right now.
But as I cut across the path between Bellona’s house and a hill, something caught my eye on the hill. Someone. No, technically still something. It was the gleam of someone’s sword. The woman had hip-length black hair. She was slim and in her early twenties, with skin the color of coffee and cocoa eyes. She wore full battle armour and her helmet made her face extremely frightening. I looked at her; she crossed my glare and held it, but didn’t move or say a thing before she disappeared.
What the Hades was Bellona doing in the City?

Jacinth Reyna Gayle
I liked Jason’s sister.
First time anybody had done anything like that, for me anyways. Of course I did it, I had no choice, who else would? People usually didn’t try to defy my brothers, and my friends knew to let me fight my own fights. But I guess Thalia was like Jason, she had a mind of her own. Except for the fact Jason’s had been tamed. Somewhat.
I really liked Jason’s sister.
I sat on my bunk and sharpened my knife with a rock. The curtain was pulled and thrust back violently. One of them was back. Which idiot it was was revealed when Jace stalked in and stood in the doorframe of my room.
“You’re lucky you have a body guard.” He said.
“I didn’t ask anyone for anything, just not everybody looks up at you and your friends like you’re gods.” I said.
“Maybe we like it that way.” He said.
“Maybe.” I said, turning back to my knife. He left it at that and left.
From Jace that was like an “I love you”. Gods bless Thalia Grace. I thought as he left. I put the knife back on my mattress and took off my chest plate.
I studied a battle map Pete and I had been working on earlier in the day. It would be enough to contain 5 giants with 5 legions. Just in case… I should get praetors started on training their legion for that possibility. I’d planned on Hilary, Pete, Marie, Scarlett and Caleb, but that wasn’t working, if Caleb wasn’t going to be there… Her second was good, but for something so specific…
For a second I pondered on Jace. It’d mean legion 7 would have to mingle with the other 4 legions, and I didn’t trust what influence they would be. No, not Jace’s. Brent’s legion? He wouldn’t be as bad of an influence, and it would be better to have 1 legion with a War child praetor… Besides, Brent was 22, he was as experienced as it got…
I fixed my choice on Brent and started thinking about Jason.
That wasn’t like me, but it was the Argo II, and the prophecy. “One will die at the current’s might, after actions bold”. Actions bold: exactly Jason’s type. Current’s might: Neptune hated Jason as much as Jupiter hated Percy. Would he not be a target?
Neptune wouldn’t do that, I thought. You don’t get rid of your most powerful fighters before a fight, no matter who he is. Neptune knows that.
I really couldn’t sleep. When your parent’s a god of war you function on low everything. Low sleep, low water, low health, low food… It gets tough out on a battlefield and it’s in your blood. And when a fight breaks out –like Jace and I earlier- adrenaline gets in your blood stream.
Adrenaline’s this hormone that gets in your blood stream in high-stress situations (fight) and gets your heart beating, dilates air passages, etc. It helps you respond ASAP and think fast. Children of Mars and Bellona usually have more adrenaline because whether we like it or not, we’re in fights a lot. Especially if you’re me.
Bobby says it’s a wonder I can ever sleep with all the adrenaline I apparently have in me. He says it might be unhealthy. I figure there has to be someone out there that where in more fights then me and therefore I was alright. Bobby says the logic makes no sense, but why would he know? (About people worst off than me, not logic, that’s self-explanatory.)
Anyways the adrenaline kept me up. Gods, I got tired of being stuck in the cabin for an hour before I had to sleep. There was not enough room to do anything and anything that had to do with my brothers was out.
Ream… Was it too late to call her in LA? Not too late if she was home alone again… I got up, found an Aureus and went in the bathroom. I shut the door behind me.
“Oh Iris goddess of the rainbow, accept my offering.” I said in Latin. Was Iris still working? Hopefully. She always transmitted from Olympus though, so it didn’t really matter…
“Ream Karam, LA,” I said tossing in the coin. The mist shimmered. Yes! I only had 1 aureus, and I’d heard she’d been being more costly.
Ream was lying flat on her stomach on the floor of the room she shared with her sister scribbling in what was probably stalled homework. Due date was probably tomorrow if she was doing it.
“Ream.” I called. She looked up and smiled
“Rey! Hey, how are you doing? Wow, I haven’t talked to you in forever!” She said, sitting up.
“Good, Ream, how ‘bout you?”
“Finishing this history thing.” She took a serious face and a deep voice. “This is worth 50% of your final grade ladies and gentlemen.”
“History?” I asked. She smacked her forehead.
“God I’m dumb! I have to do a project on one of the followings; do you know anything about Persia?”
“Their war?”
“Greece?” She asked again.
“I know a lot more about Greece now.” I said grimly.
“Right, they’re sort of like the Romans, right?”
“Not really.”
“The other choices are Egypt and Rome.” Ream said.
“I can help you with Rome.” I said. She shrugged.
“He’ll dock points because it’s the same thing I did last month, but whatev, he’s lucky he’s getting a project.” Reem said.
“That’s great, Reem.”
“Speaking of Ancient Rome, how are things lining up with your little mother-earth dilemma?” Reem asked.
Yes, even she knew that. Last December I couldn’t take it and I had to complain to someone. Reem always was, and always will be, that someone.
“Not too great. And are you just trying to stall?”
“Yes.” Reem said shamelessly, sitting up with her legs tucked towards her and the end of her pen to her lips.
I ended up telling her everything about my stupid brothers and the uprising they were planning, Terra, my new job, the boat, everything. Reem sat with her legs crossed in front of her and a crooked posture like she did to aggravate me all the time. The power of Reem Karam.
“Hey, at least Jason’s back.” Reem said.
“They’re leaving again after-tomorrow and he’s going again. He has no choice.”
“But you aren’t, hmm?” Reem asked brushing a strand of hair behind her ear.
“No. I’m General. I can’t fail that job or they’ll never let me forget.”
“You couldn’t fail if you tried, Rey.” Reem said.
“Thanks. Plus I merged my legion with 4. The praetor and second are leaving.”
“Ouch. God, how did you decide this?”
“There’s a prophecy,”
“Ewe” Reem piped in (oh yeah, she knew).
“And volunteers… Anyways, that’s that. But you’ve stalled enough; I don’t want you to fail history.”
“I’m not stalling!” She protested, “I’m learning on how Rome contributes to the modern world! No seriously, there’s a question here I have to fill out.” She said showing the sheet.
“Yes, ‘demigod base that saves the earth every couple of summers’, so believable.”
“It is.” Reem said. Big purple hoops hung at her ears.
“Reem, not everyone sees through the mist like you. Just write down something about architecture and roads and catholic religion, throw in some fancy words and it’ll be fine.” I said. She wrote it down.
“Alright, food?”
“Pottage, wine, fine meats when you were rich or lucky, bread…”
“Slow down I’m only a person!” She said.
“Sorry. Oh wait until we get to warfare…”
“If my hand makes it until question 22.” Reem grumbled.
I kept dictating her the answers and she threw in punches about how things were going in LA, about her 2 year old sister, her 4 brothers (and I thought I was bad off) and jokes about Caesar Salad like she always managed to do around me. I heard the conch horn meaning it was curfew.
“Curfew, I got to go.” I said getting up.
“Great, so you spoke Latin, ate food, lived in houses and did gladiator fights?” Reem resumed.
“Yes Reem, you’ll have to google the rest.” I said.
“Aww…” She said. I drew my sword.
“Okay, okay I was kidding god!” Reem said, wide-eyed.
“I was just going to cut communication, calm down.” I said.
“Oh. Okay.” She said, still wide-eyes.
“I’ll talk to you sooner than the last time, kay? Good luck with the project.”
“Thanks, hopefully I get a 50%.” Reem said, rolling her eyes and hauling her binder back on her knees like it was heavy, the bracelets on her wrists jingling like bells.
“Hey, I gave you all the information about warfare Reem; you can’t fail if you try.”
“Want to bet? Okay, okay, not when you’re holding a sword, but…”
“Gods Reem… Miss you, bye.”
“Ditto Jacinth.” She said with a smile using the first name I was doing all I could to avoid. I cut communication.
Sometimes I missed Reem. Everything could be a joke with her. She could call me Jacinth, sit all crooked in front of me, crack jokes about oversized butter knives and do all the things that people usually got sent to the infirmary for when it came to me, but she was always the same. Always the same sense of humour too. Sometimes you needed somebody like that around.
I lied down on my bed and fell asleep nearly instantly.
My dream bugged me.
Jason was the first person I recognised, and he was at the Grand Canyon. He was in mid-air, holding the daughter of Aphrodite. What was her name again? Piper, right. Gods, I was horrible with names. Plus the fact she wasn’t even looking at me when I spoke, or never spoke when I was there contributed, but hey.
Anyways their noses were nearly touching. I felt my blood chill. What was happening?
“How did you-” Piper started.
“I didn’t, I think I would know if I could fly…” Jason replied. He looked like he was about to try something and when they shot up Piper yelped.
I shot up, awake.
Alright, assessing facts fast…
This had happened the day he’d woken up without knowing who he was. Without remembering anything about the City or its people or himself or us. Alright.
He’d just looked really close to kissing Piper. Had he ever kissed her? He’d gone 3 days without his memory. 3 days was more than enough time to… No. This was Jason. Jason was on that list of people that if I couldn’t trust, it was a sign of the apocalypse.
I ran my hand through my thick hair. Gods… He hadn’t told me. Would he have told me if something had happened? Or was that why I hadn’t heard of it…
Stop it. I was worrying for nothing while I had bigger problems. It was nothing right?
Even if it was nothing, I had bigger problems than my own personal life. I couldn’t worry about that more than I could worry about my brothers beating on me; there were bigger things that had to be done.
Well at some point…
Bigger things. I should sleep so I’d actually be functional tomorrow. I couldn’t let my brothers or Jason and Piper keep me up.
But was there something I should know?

July 1st: The City
Annabeth Chase
Out of here
“I can carry my own bag, Seaweed brain.” I said.
“You just busted your shoulder, I’ll do it.” He insisted. I rolled my eyes but smiled.
“Do you have anything in here? Or is it like, engineered to not weigh its full weight?” Percy asked.
“I left that one with Malcolm, remember? I didn’t need much. We found this whole new way to wash clothes or ourselves. It’s this balm, you put it on say your hand and it expands all over your skin. All you have to do is wash it off after an hour or so: we’ve got a ton.” I explained.
“That’s awesome, who came up with that?” Percy asked.
“Malcolm and Ree.” I said. I bit my lip at Reagan’s name.
“It’s okay ‘Beth. We’ll make sure nothing like that happens ever again.” Percy said.
“I hope you’re right, Seaweed brain.” I said.
We got to the main area. Bobby popped up.
“Won’t carry your own stuff Chasse?” He asked.
“More like he won’t let me, Peverell. Are you trying to call me lazy?”
“Heck no,” Bobby said defensively, “never.”
“Good. But seriously, give me my bag, Seaweed brain.” I said. He didn’t so I lunged to snatch it out of his hands but he ducked. I saw it coming and ended up with the bag anyways.
“That’s more likely to get to my shoulder then me carrying my own stuff.” I said. He made a face. The crowd of people around the boat was quite the variety. People just watching, the more helpful praetors trying to keep the crowd away, people loading it, the crew and their closest friend or siblings…
The Argo II itself been moved from Vulcan’s temple the night before, and Percy and Jason had gotten it in the beach with wind pushes, boat-controlling abilities, much godly help, the “you owe me one” reasoning and a fair bit of swearing (so I’d been told). You could get on by walking on a wooden plank that went from a small cliff near a sunken harbour to the boat.
The Vulcan kids, Valdez and some of my other siblings were checking systems. Valdez looked nervous about all these new people around his boat. Gods he was protective.
“So when did they discharge you?” Bobby asked.
“20 minutes ago. Think they’d have liked to keep me longer. Thankfully my stuff was still all packed so all Percy had to do was ask Timmy for my backpack and meet me there.”
“You’re okay though, right?” Bobby inquired.
“I’ll make it alright.” I said.
“No, Annabeth, seriously.”
“I’m fine; I’ve had a ‘wonderful recovery’ apparently.”
“They say that all the time. They discharged Hazel with a skull fracture and said that.” Bobby said unimpressed.
He wore a baggy hoody, jeans, skater shoes and a tuque. How he didn’t die from heat, I had no clue. I was wearing a camp T-shirt and I was incredibly hot.
“Where’s your stuff?” Percy asked.
“Already on board. I wouldn’t go there right now though.”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s total and utter chaos.” Bobby said. “They’re trying to find everybody, make sure you get discharged, load everything, check the systems, keep the random onlookers away…”
“Well I can help them with one thing. Common Percy, I’ll go tell them I’m fine.”
“Relatively.” He coughed.
“No, I am.” I said.
“That’s what the healer said. He told me to keep an eye on you.” Percy said.
“You’d do it anyways, you over-protective idiot.” I said smiling.
“I’m the overprotective idiot?”
“Mm-hmm. Common Seaweed brain, it could be worst.” I said. He rolled his eyes and we climbed onboard using the plank. We dropped our stuff below deck; in the cabins we’d been assigned.
I’d be bunking with Hazel, Gwen and Piper. Carmen, Lark and Karen would share another room. Percy, Jason, Jonathan, Bobby and Zane got the bigger one.
I took a step out of the room and nearly got hit by a wooden plank.
“What’s that for?” I asked the guys carrying it. They looked at me like I had a tattoo on my face or something.
“Reparations. Just in case.” One said.
“Careful with it, you’ll hit someone.” I warned.
“Mm no.” The same guy said as they walked off. Wow, jerk.
“Annabeth!” Someone called gleefully. I turned to see Piper jumping down the final steps of the rope ladder. She hugged me but only around one shoulder.
“Glad you’re okay!” She said.
“Thank you.” I said.
“You worry too much Pipes, its Annabeth. Crack her head like a nut and she’ll be back on her feet in a week.” Lou Ellen said, coming down.
“Let’s not exaggerate.”
“But I like exaggerating, it’s fun.” She said. I made a face.
“So you really are staying behind?”
“Oh yes. You get Hazel instead, and supposedly she can be very annoying.” Lou said.
“You mean she isn’t?” Piper asked.
“No, something happened to her on the psychological level and she’s still not over it. But she’s sane and all she’s just… I don’t know. Nobody really does.” Lou shrugged.
“Sad?” Piper asked.
“Yeah, I guess.” Lou shrugged. “Speaking of being over things, what was up with you at the meeting the other night?” She turned to Piper.
“What?” She asked.
“Oh common.” Lou lowered her voice.
“You charm spoke Carmen a spot in the crew.” Lou said.
“You did?” I asked.
“Not on purpose.” Piper blushed.
“What did you say?” I asked.
“I don’t really remember.” She said.
“And it worked?” I asked. She nodded. “Piper that’s great!” I said thinking that this was good news, since we were all going to be stuck on one boat for a long, long time.
“Yeah,” Piper said, finally smiling.
“What made it come back?” I asked. Piper shrugged.
“I guess it’s the Venus girls. I’ve had so much fun with them and they’re just great to be around. So positive and encouraging and fun.” Piper said smiling.
“Whatever it was it’s a good thing its back.” Lou said.
“Is it possible to completely lose charmspeak?” I asked.
“I don’t know, you’d have to ask Hills.” Piper shrugged.
“I will eventually,” I assured her. “We should get back on main land in case they need us.”
“Why would they need us?”
“I don’t know, but this is Roman land, maybe they will.” I said.
We walked on deck. Percy was talking to Timmy and she was showing him a fishing net.
“It electrocutes the fish. Anything under a certain weight and inside the net will get electrocuted. That way they won’t struggle and risk breaking it.”
“The current that electrocute them is controlled; it won’t spread across the water.” Timmy said.
“You sure?”
“I tested it 43 times in ocean water and 37 in fresh water. It’ll be fine, and I sort-of scented it with fish food. I couldn’t find anything better and it might help attract fish.” Timmy said.
“Alright, it makes sense.” Percy said.
“There’s a link here that’s broken. Tie the two together and the current will activate. Don’t forget to do it, if you don’t the electricity won’t work and you’ll probably lose it. And I only had time to make one.” She added staring him down with her huge grey eyes.
“Okay, I won’t.” He said. Timmy turned to him.
“You’ll make sure he’s careful, right Annabeth?” She asked.
“’Course I will, Timmy, story of my life.” I said. Percy made a face and Timmy gave me a hug.
“Be careful.” She said. She looked nervous, which made absolute sense. Bobby was going, and he was her favourite brother, and so was Lark who was her best friend. I hugged her.
“Oh course I will Timmy. I heard the good news, though.” I told her, releasing her from my arm’s grip.
“What good news?” Piper asked. Timmy’s face brightened up instantly.
“They’re letting me in a legion!” She beamed.
“Whoa, really?” Percy asked.
“Yeah! I passed the fighting tests and they need as many fighters as they can get, so even if I have a prosthetic I can fight!” She said.
“Wow, that’s great! Where you heading?” Lou Ellen said.
“With Hilary. But when Lupa gets back I’ll do the whole wolf-house thing.” She said.
“Mmm, you’ll do great at that too, Tims.” I said.
“I hope so, I really want this. Traps are fun but I get sick of sitting down. ADHD post child, I guess.”
“Nah, it’s the same for everybody.” Lou said. She had ADHD herself.
“I guess. Anyways I shouldn’t stay on board too long, we’re not allowed and I really need to find Lark. Good luck.” Timmy said.
“Thanks.” Piper said as Timmy ran off.
“Cute kid.” Lou commented.
“I love Timmy, she’s great.” I said.
“Percy!” Leo called. “Think you could help us get the boat ready?”
“Of course.” Percy said. He started helping the Vulcan kids adjust the sails.
“Hey party peoples!” Somebody said coming on. I recognised his voice. Styx, Zane Attica.
“Do not tell me Zane Attica is coming.” I whispered to Piper.
“He better not be there when I turn around.” I said.
“Hey you’re not busted anymore!” Someone said behind me.
Yeah, Zane…
I turned and he was beside me. I jumped.
“Nice,” he said giving me a friendly punch in the arm. It would’ve been friendly if he was actually my friend. Or better yet, it wasn’t my newly healed shoulder. I bit my tongue to keep a yelp in and Lou shoved him away.
“Zane leave her alone or I’m pulling out my sword!” Percy said, though I don’t think he’d realised Zane’s friendly-punch was in the arm.
“Stupid!” Lou snapped at him.
“Gods, chill! Are all Greek people like this?” He said.
“You’re talking to 3 Greek girls who already have a thing against you. Get lost Zane.” Piper said.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” he said before turning and going below deck.
“Why is he here?” I asked Piper.
“He’s a good mechanic apparently.” She said.
“He better be a damn good mechanic.” I grumbled. “I want to say goodbye to Thalia, if anyone asks.” I said.
“Sure.” Piper said. I made my way off the boat. I grabbed Dakota by the arm as she passed by.
“Hey, have you seen Thalia?” I asked.
“Yeah, somewhere around the kitchens, delivering fresh meat. Glad you’re out.” She said.
“Thank you.” I said. I walked back towards the paved grounds of the City’s main.
Today there was no legion training, no nothing going on in the City. Which was odd even to me; when I thought about how alive it usually was. I headed to the kitchen, that was buzzing with energy. The cooks were gossiping and chatting. I knocked on the door even if it was open.
“Excuse me?” Someone looked up at me.
“Yes?” She asked with an Italian accent.
“I’m looking for Thalia Grace.” I said.
“Oh, you just missed her! She was going back to the boat’s launch.”
“Of course, that’s where Jason would be.” I said basically to myself. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, and be careful on that trip!” She called.
“Thank you, enjoy the summer.”
“Oh, busiest time, busiest time; but you don’t want to get me started, sweetie, go find your friend!” She said.
“Alright.” I said. I turned my back.
“Oh, amazing girl, amazing girl. I can just pray that she gets her happily ever after!” She said.
“Shush Josie, of course. Everything will be alright.” A guy said. I ignored them.
It would all be alright I guessed, ignoring the pain in my shoulder.
I crossed Marie Finnegan on my way. She stopped to look at me like I was walking away from a bloody body. I sighed.
“Marie, look, I know you don’t like me, and frankly I’m not quite sure I like you either. But can you please stop treating every Greek person you see like that?” I asked. She frowned.
“You dare tell me how to act?”
“I asked. I’m not going to force you to anything, and I couldn’t if I tried because you’re probably stronger than me.”
“You’ve got that right.” She said distastefully.
“Marie, I’m your sister. Like it or not, and I’m betting on not, I am. Look at me. I look a lot like Miceala and I’ve got the exact same eyes as Bobby. Why am I different? Because I speak Ancient Greek? Because my shield’s circular and I’ve grown up in New York? Give me one good reason and I’ll leave it at that.”
“You’re stubborn.”
“I know I am.”
“Then there’s my good reason. You don’t know where you belong even after you get nailed; you’re not smart enough to shut your mouth every now and then.”
“Maybe it’s persistence.”
“Maybe you should leave me alone like I asked.”
“In my head, this is unfinished.”
“Yeah but in your head Jackson’s hot too.” Marie said.
“Don’t you go there, Marie; that has nothing to do with the present conversation. When you swerve away from the subject, it ends up looking like you’re going for last resorts.”
“I don’t care what you think, why would I?”
“Because your mother is the same as mine! If you hate me for who my mother is, then you’re hating a part of your own mother. Think Minerva will appreciate that?” I asked getting frustrated.
“Minerva isn’t Athene.”
“It’s Athena.”
“No it’s not whatever! Athena is the base of Minerva. She defeated Poseidon and got Athens as her city, by not going for the ‘wow’ effect but a smart, useful gift. She helped Odysseus sail the ocean, he would’ve died without her. Think about it, our mother is important in either side. If I can respect Minerva, you can respect Athena. I can respect Minerva’s kids; you can respect me as an Athenian.” I said.
That had to make sense to her. I was using logic and backing up my points with things she couldn’t deny. She was a child of Minerva. It had to appeal to her, right?
“It doesn’t matter.” Marie said. She shot me a deadly look and passed me to go deeper in the City. Should I give up on her? Yes. She wouldn’t listen to me and if it got to a fight… I rather not.
I kept going feeling pretty frustrated, which didn’t help when I got some more looks. I guess I must’ve looked pretty angry –therefore blowing the whole “no emotions” thing” when someone hooked my good arm.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” Someone asked. I turned around and realised it was Percy. I was about to tell him but I saw Justine near and I wasn’t going there with my sister around.
“I’ll tell you later.” I said.
“No, seriously ‘Beth, what..?”
“I said later, Seaweed brain. Have you seen Thalia?”
“Yeah, on the boat
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“Yeah that’s right Zane, bye.”
“I was being sarcastic.”
“I was being literal.” I said

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Last part of the chapter: link

“Thanks.” I kissed him on the cheek quickly before reminding myself not to do that here.
“I love you too.” He said. I nodded and went back on the boat. My shoulder was stinging, that wasn’t good…
Carmen and Karen were onboard and talking. They seemed to get along pretty well but I wasn’t really paying attention. I climbed below deck and found Thalia in the main area, helping Jonno (oh my gods a boy!) stack weaponry.
“Thalia.” I called. She spun around.
“Annabeth! Oh good, you’re alright!” She said. She put down the quiver and came to give me a one-armed hug, careful not to touch my hurt one.
“How are you doing?” She asked.
“Fine.” I said.
“Of course,” I said.
“You’ll be alright. I trust you not to get killed on a boat. What I don’t trust it you not killing that Zane kid.”
“So he hasn’t flirted with you yet?” I questioned.
“No, and I’m pleasantly surprised. His brother’s stopped as well. I’m thinking I should have gotten here sooner.” She joked.
“Yeah... It is annoying. And if someone is going to kill Zane, it’s going to be Percy.” I said.
“He’s jealous?”
“Not too bad, but Zane Attica is that bad.” Thalia rolled her eyes.
“I’m glad you’re happy now.” She said.
“Yeah. That kind of happy that you’re probably delusional for feeling, but that’s there anyways.”
“Like when you were 7 and we’d all laugh even if we were in a sewer hiding out from a hellhound stampede?” Thalia asked
“A little bit more.” I said.
“That’s as close as I’m getting to that feeling. Be twice as happy then, the fates owe you that and I give you the romantic gush that everyone thought I’d go through.”
“Gee thanks.”
“Hey.” She shrugged. Jason jumped down from the top front. Thalia jumped.
“Gods Jason don’t do that!” She said.
“Sorry ‘Lia. We’re about ready to go.” He said.
“Oh gods, already?” Thalia asked.
“Yeah, we’re asking for everyone on board or at least around here. I don’t know if there’s anybody you need to say goodbye to or what…” Annabeth asked.
“No, I said bye to Miceala this morning.” I said.
Jason nodded and jumped back to the deck.
“Gods.” Thalia said, eyes shut, jaw locked.
“What’s your problem with him jumping up and down? He can fly at the worst.” I asked.
“That’s because maybe I remember when he jumped up and down and couldn’t fly.” She said.
We got onto the mainland and I found Dakota, Bianca, Lou and Nico all in one group.
“Annabeth!” Bianca said. She was the first to hug me, careful with the still bandaged shoulder (very much appreciated).
“Hey, glad you’re out.” Dakota said.
“Thanks. They’d have liked to keep me longer.”
“Oh I know. But at some point… Sorry if it’s a little rushed.” She apologised.
“I’ve done worst.” I said.
“Oh, I bet you have.” Bianca said.
“Is everybody here?” I asked.
“Yeah, or around. I know Gwen’s with Kyle and Joel.” Dakota said.
“Speaking of annoying brothers, where did Jason go?” Thalia asked.
“Over there with Reyna.” Dakota said.
“Never mind then.” Thalia said.
She’s an eternal maiden, but she’s an eternal maiden that can take a hint.
Dakota nodded. I noticed that she looked troubled.
“Dakota, I’ll make sure Jason and Bobby don’t get themselves killed.” I assured her. She smiled thankfully.
“I’d owe you one if you did. I don’t trust either of them on their own on a dangerous quest.” Dakota said. “You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to keep two boys alive.”
“Make one half-goat and trust me, I do.” I promised. Dakota smiled.
“I didn’t hear that one.” She said.
“You didn’t hear a lot of them, there wasn’t time. After all this is over, you get to rest a little when Lupa’s back and all, we’ll talk.” I said.
“Deal.” She said. We shook hands.
“It was great to meet you.” I said. “Jason talked about you a lot, he really missed you.”
“A pleasure; and I can say the exact same for you and then some.” Dakota agreed. Bianca gave me another hug.
“It was nice seeing you again.” I said.
“Last time was pretty –umm- special, hmm?” She said with a twisted smile.
“Worst school dance I’ve ever been to.” I said.
“I know, Grover has horrible musical taste.” Thalia said. We shot her looks.
“I was kidding.” She said. Reyna and Jason appeared, and they were holding hands. In public. Whoa…
“Hey guys.” Jason said. Dakota hugged him really tight. Reyna took a step back, keeping her fierce expression, and Jason hugged Dakota back.
“Hey, it’ll be alright, Kota, I swear on the Styx I’ll come back.” He said.
“And if you don’t, Styx won’t care. Nice oath Grace.” Dakota said sarcastically. Jason just hugged her tighter.
Bianca was next, and then Thalia told him that if he got hurt she’d do things so mean to him that Styx would consider the job done, and that was that.
I said goodbye to Reyna and Lou. Everybody else did. Bianca looked incredibly insecure as she watched Gwen and Hazel turn their backs on her and leave for the boat.
“They’ll be alright.” Piper said encouragingly.
She jogged back. Percy found me and we walked off towards the boat when I felt something was wrong.
I instantly pushed Percy down to the ground and kicked blindly to the right. My foot pushed someone back down and I drew my knife and held the blade to that person’s throat. My other hand was holding the front of his shirt and I was fuming.
“Don’t you ever attack Percy Jackson or anybody else like that when they’ve got their back turned, you coward.” I said, anger detaching every word from the next.
Jack Gayle looked back at me hatefully.
“You give yourself privileges you don’t deserve, that you don’t hate because your mom is a war goddess.” I put my blade closer to his throat.
“But guess what Gayle; my mother is a goddess of war too. And Athena won’t just attack you. She’ll find your weak spot, find a way for you to expose it yourself and she’ll hit you where it hurts with a poisoned blade. Just think about that, Gayle.” I said. I let go of him and pushed him down.
“You’ve got nerve Chasse.” He spat.
“Considering you just attacked a guy in public, I’d say it’s you.”
“I rate you people between animals and mortals.” Jack said. I turned back and raised my knife but Percy caught me from behind.
“See what I mean!” He yelled at me. He drew his sword but Reyna used a knife in her sleeve to wack it out of his hands and grabbed his arms from behind like a police officer would before he could do anything.
“I don’t know how you gave a guy with the curse of Achilles a black eye, Gayle, but I don’t trust you! And nobody should because you shouldn’t have that kind of power!” I said.
“Are you insulting my power Greek?”
“He’s not worth it, he just isn’t. Let’s just get out of here.” Percy insisted, dragging me back.
It’s not like me to attack someone like that, or for Percy to catch me like that.
It wasn’t a right situation so I let go, and I walked fast to get on board. I wasn’t myself, that wasn’t good. Leo was talking to me about the different emergency parts as we waited for the Stargo-Attwell siblings and Lark to board the ship when someone called out to him.
“Hey, Leo!” He turned around to look at the person calling him. It was a girl with curly hair the color of copper. She had an infection going in one eye, but the other was jade green. She looked absolutely exhausted, but satisfied. She was on crutches and she had Mike Smith besides her, ready to catch her if she fell. I could tell she had bandages under her shirt.
“Anna?” Leo asked. He smiled and jogged off board. Honestly, could we gather everyone?
“What are you doing here? You can walk?”
“Hey, I got myself better. I had to see the ship before it left, I guess that was motivation.” Anna said.
“Glad you did.” Leo said. Mike smiled as Anna wondered over the boat.
“I heard there was a secret compartment in the spur, is that true? Probably why the angle’s a few degrees more than your average trireme, but even at that this thing’s a little one…”
“We were short on time.” Leo said.
“Oh no, I get it, and the great part is that it’s thinner, so it cuts water better… Yeah, it’s a beauty.” Anna wowed.
“You want to get onboard?” Leo offered. Anna’s eyes lit up.
“Nah, I shouldn’t. You guys have to leave soon, and if I get on you’re not shacking me off ‘till lunch.” She said.
“I forgot to give you guys something,” Leo said. He took a blueprint out of his army jacket.
“It’s a blueprint of the boat. Exactly like we finished it, with all our adjustments; and the papers stapled on are motor designs, headset mechanics and all that; with the name and parent of the person who came up with it. In case you have any questions next time you see us.”
“Wow! Oh my gods, Leo thank you so much! You guys at cabin 9 and 6 did a great job; I wished we’d have been able to help.” Anna said.
“We came along fine, just shake off your curse and we’ll call it even.”
“Deal Valdez, Cabin nine’s lucky to have a decent leader like you.”
“I’m sure you’re good when you’re not all busted up.”
Anna laughed as Leo said bye to Mike and got onboard. Looking at the other kids from cabin 9, I thought maybe they would shake their curse off, just because of Anna laughing. She was obviously the life and soul of cabin 9.
After everyone got onboard, Hazel helped to levitate the board back onboard and Percy helped the boat get pushed forwards offshore and we were off. We watched until the shore disappeared.
I watched everybody’s faces. Jason, Gwen, Bobby and Hazel had poker faces on. Carmen looked really pale and hesitant, like she might try swimming back.
Lark didn’t seem to mind. I wondered if her ghost was onboard.
Percy looked relieved. In a “won’t miss this place but this’ll get worst” way. I laced my fingers around his. He squeezed my hand.
“Alright then. Next stop, Greece in one and a half months.” Gwen said.

Leo Valdez
June 30th: The City
I found Hazel in the stables again, except early in the morning. She was tending to Airborne.
“Hey Weasley.” I asked. She spun around and smiled.
“Hi Leo,” she smiled. Last night’s victory with Jade was still sticking onto her lips.
“How’s Airborne doing?” I asked.
“Fine.” She said looking nervous.
“How are you doing? You look nervous.” She bit her lip but put down the bucket or carrots peels (probably what was left from the kitchen) she was holding. She whipped one hand on her jeans and took out a paper of her pocket from the other. She unfolded it and handed it to me. It was a flyer for a circus.
“Circus Mirus?” I asked. She nodded.
“It’s where I grew up. I remember most of the people on the picture. After my… Well, when I was 9 I came to live here. I’ve kept in touch with my friends Nessie and Draco, but I haven’t spoken to any of them for years…” She said.
“They’re in ‘Frisco?”
“Yes, today and tomorrow.” She answered. She looked at the flyer somewhere between wishfully and fearfully.
“Did you want to go see them?” I asked.
“Yes. Well, no. Well… I don’t know. I miss them so much, but it’s just…”
“If I came with you so you weren’t alone, would you go?” I asked. She looked up at me.
“Really?” She asked.
“Sure.” I assured her even if ‘Frisco had come to mean ‘place where hellhounds are on steroids’.
“Thank you so much Leo!” She said.
“No problem.” She picked up her bucket.
“Common, I’ll put this away and we can go tell Dakota and Grace about it.” She said.

I saw the circus tent before we even landed. It alternated between yellow and orange. It looked like it was begging for someone to walk in. Trailers were parked around, where the performers stayed, I guessed. Hazel stiffened up the moment Airborne landed. I got off first and offered my hand to help her down. She would’ve been fine, but she was shaking so hard I didn’t trust her.
“Stay around here, Airborne, okay? No running after squirrels a million miles away, no going off with other people and no coming to find me. Clear?” Hazel said.
The horse neighed. She took an apple from her messenger bag and tossed it to her horse, who caught it in its mouth.
“You okay, Hazel?” I asked noticing how pale she was. Her face was a mask.
“Yeah. Just a little nervous.” She said.
“Don’t be. You said you recognised some of the people on the flyer, right? They’ll remember you too.”
“I know that, it’s just… A lot of the people I grew up with aren’t here. The kids might be off to boarding schools, the older performers retired, some of them swapped troops or quit…”
“Its fine, Haze.” I tried to be reassuring but it was probably the worst comforting-voice ever. I wasn’t Piper (thank gods), I couldn’t control my voice.
“Yeah. Common.” She said. I followed her to the grounds.
“That’s Master and Jewel’s trailer.” She said pointing to one. How she remembered, I had no idea, but she did.
She knocked on the door 4 times and it opened. The woman was tall and slim, with shaggy brown hair, kind eyes and a long smile. Her eyes widened.
“Oh no way…” She said. Hazel smiled.
“Way.” She said.
“Oh my god!” She said. She took a step out of the house and Hazel fell into her arms.
“Leza how’s it going!” She said. She said it lie leh-za.
“Good, and you?”
“Busy, busy, busy, you remember me! Oh Lord, you’ve grown! Who’s your friend?” She asked. Hazel took a step back.
“Valdez, this is Jewel the one who does the paperwork and ticket office; and Jewel, this is Leo Valdez.”
“Enchanted to meet you, Leo.” She smiled shaking my hand.
“Yeah.” I said.
“I can’t believe you’re back!” Jewel told Hazel, smiling bright.
“Who’s back?” Someone asked. I turned around.
A 16 year old girl with brown frizzy and thin hair and a good tan was walking on her hands behind us. She froze when she saw us and lowered her legs. She got up in one fluid movement.
“Oh you have got to be kidding.” She said. Hazel’s smile brightened and she ran towards the other girl, who was doing the same.
“God Leza!” The other girl said hugging her. They were both laughing.
“Hi Nessie!” They let go.
“I missed you! Where have you been? We were hoping we’d see you at some point!”
“Aw, I missed you guys too, and I would’ve come around sooner but I only got the permission this year.” Hazel replied.
“Cheap headmaster at your school! Oh, it doesn’t matter, how have been?”
“Good. And you?” She asked.
“Acrobat training with mom and Bling; trapeze with Sky and Morgue, you know; the usual.”
“They’re still here? Your mom’s still performing?” Hazel asked.
“Oh yeah, for sure. My mom’ll perform until her hair turns completely grey and she’s wrinkled like a prune.” Nessie said.
“Nessie you better watch those comments about my grey hair.” A woman said turning the corner. Her hair was raven black and she was tanned, lean and flexible looking. She saw Hazel and froze.
“Hi Neriah.” She said.
“Hi? You think ‘hi’ will cut it after 7 years of absence?” Uh oh… “Of course not, get over here, you!” Neriah said. Hazel found herself in Neriah’s arms as well.
“Gosh you’ve grown!”
“Like you said, you haven’t seen me in 7 years.” Hazel said. Neriah release her and took a step back to have a good look at her.
“No and it’s a little overwhelming to see you now! Gosh Leza, you’re a beautiful girl now! Not a skinny little kid like I remember!”
“I was a skinny little kid? Aw…” Hazel joked.
“You were a beautiful skinny little kid, how about that?” Neriah offered. Nessie and Hazel laughed.
“Oh Leo, sorry, this is Neriah, she was my dad’s best friend, and her daughter Nessie, my best friend.”
“Hello Leo.” Neriah said kindly.
“He’s your boyfriend?” Nessie asked jokingly.
“Nessie!” Hazel said, giving her friend a punch in the arm. “Leo’s just a really good friend.”
“Not the type of really good friend you make out with?”
“Nessie, stop it. You’ll scare Leo off.” Neriah said.
“No, it’s cool.” I said.
“You brave soul.” Neriah admired, “Leza, you have got to talk to Combat, she’s in the marquee right now.”
“Common, I’ll take you and your very good friend there.” Nessie said.
“Go talk to Master and Bud as well.” Jewel said.¸
“How about they just see who they find, Jewel?” Neriah offered.
“Where’s Bud?” Nessie asked.
“With Coin.” Jewel said.
“Where’s Coin?” Nessie asked again.
“With Bud.”
“Geez that clears it up.” Nessie said sarcastically. “Common guys.” Nessie said. Hazel motioned for me to follow her and I did.
I sort-of felt like a third wheel as Hazel and Nessie chattered away about everything and nothing. Hazel’s “school” (I figured she made it up as she went), the animals, the performers that Hazel knew that were still there, the afternoon show…
“Leo, where do you fit it?” Nessie said.
“Nowhere.” I said.
“Good answer! I meant how do you know Leza?”
“Oh, umm, school.” I said.
“Sweet, you’re 16 too, right?”
“Nice. Is school great?” She asked both of us. “I’ve never been to real school, but it sounds awesome or horrendous, depending.” Hazel turned at me like ‘help! I have no idea!’
“It depends on the teachers and the class.” I said.
“Makes sense. Here we get our high school degree with Alix, or we go to boarding.” She said.
“That sounds way better than regular school.” I said.
“Depends. There aren’t that many people our age here.” Nessie shrugged.
We penetrated in the tent. It looked like camp’s amphitheatre except I could tell this was transportable and you could bring it down.
No joke, I looked at the chairs or posts for trapezes and knew exactly how they put it up or down. The center ring was full of sand and for the moment there was a young woman with brown forked hair in it. She was dressed in a few long dark purple velvet cloak, and there was a dove perched on her raised hand.
“Ladies and gentlemen, another round of applause for our very own Combat!” A voice said. A man dressed in a blue shirt with a white tie, brown sustainers and a top hat said in a headset.
“Alright guys, that was great! Combat, very nice, even I can’t figure out where that bird came from, and Master, nice as well.” A guy said in a mic. Combat took a little bow and laughed, earning herself a slap in the hand from the guy called ‘Master’ (great name).
“Yo, Master!” Nessie called. They turned towards her.
“Nessie, we’re a little busy.” Master said.
“Sure, I guess you’ll just have to wait until next time Leza shows up.” Nessie said.
“Whoa, whoa whoa whoa! Leza? As in, Gee’s daughter?” Combat asked.
“Really? She’s here? Leza where’d you go?” The guy on the mic said.
“Hi,” Hazel said.
“Leza! Finally you’re back, get over here, you!” Combat said. Hazel ran past Nessie and I, hopped over the barrier between the center ring and audience seating and Combat locked her in a hug.
“Oh, it’s so good to see you! My you’ve grown!” Combat said.
“Tell me about it,” Master said giving Hazel a hug. “We were hopping you’d drop by at some point.”
“I’m sorry it took a while, but we had a day off so me and Valdez -who’s over there with Nessie- came over. We heard you were in town.”
“Ah, the magic of flyers. But they do work, sold out baby!” The guy with the mic said.
“Sold out? That’s great!” Hazel said, hitting Master in the hand.
“Oh yeah. This year we’re doing seriously well.” Nessie said.
“We always did, as long as we were all together.” Master said. It sounded like something he’d repeat a lot, but it didn’t sound sappy like you think it might, or how a Disney movie might make it.
Nessie took my wrist and dragged me forwards, into the ring.
“Hello. I’m Master, the ring master and this is Combat, our magician.” Master introduced, shaking my hand.
“Leo Valdez, sir.” I said.
Combat kissed me on the cheek.
“You go to Leza’s school?”
“Yeah.” I said.
“Great. I bet she’s shown you all her tricks.” Combat said. She winked at Hazel.
“I’ve seen a few.” A few.
“She’s great, isn’t she? I always thought she’d perform here, but hey, even the best of us are wrong.” Master said, faking majesty.
“PFFF!!!!!” Mic-guy said.
“Watch it Wire.” Master called.
“It’s Wire?” Hazel asked.
She turned towards the control desk, in the back row.
“Hi Wire!” She said to the address of the guy in the back.
“Yo Leza,” The guy called Wire said. He flicked a switch and lights turned on. I squinted as my eyes readjusted but everyone was used to it.
Combat had forked brown hair, mid-neck, and pale blue eyes. She was built strong with arched eyebrows. Master had long brown hair brought up in a low ponytail and happy brown eyes. Wire was an Asian man in his late twenties, dressed casually with rectangular glasses pushed high up on his nose.
“Hi!” Hazel called.
“And hello, Leo.” Wire said. I waved at him.
“So has she shown you tricks?” Combat asked.
“Yeah.” I said.
“It doesn’t count if she hasn’t shown you the ribbon trick.” Master said.
“Oh common.” Hazel said.
“Leza, it was your favourite! Common, you have got/i] to still remember how to do it.” Master said.
“Of course I do, when’s the last time I forgot a trick?” Hazel asked nearly offended.
“Then there you go. Show Valdez, Combat still can’t do it to this day.” Nessie pleaded.
Hazel sighed and took out a ribbon from her pocket. It was pretty thick and blood red.
“Pay attention, Leo.” She said. She stretched it out between both hands.
“Touch it; check it’s just a regular ribbon.” Hazel tempted. I did, and so did Combat.
“Alright.” She gathered up her hair and wrapper the ribbon around it. She snapped her fingers with her free hands, and pulled it back. Nearly all her hair followed.
“Whoa!” I said without thinking.
Hazel put the tip of the ponytail back, squeezed the ribbon and when she let go, it was as if nothing had happened.
“How the bloody hell do you do it?” Nessie asked.
“She’ll never tell you, Nessie.” Combat said. “A magician never does unless you’re his pupil.”
“You bet. If I didn’t blow it to Combat when I was eight, why would I tell you now?” Hazel wrapped the ribbon about her wrist.
“1, 2, 3.” She took it off and black lines were etched in her skin. Not drawed on, etched, like her tattoo. She did the same thing but when the ribbon came off her skin was just as clear as before.
“Oh god…” Nessie said her eyes as big as plates. Hazel put the ribbon back in her pocket.
I figured it was magic itself, because she didn’t have a wand on her, and the clip was in her hair (though it was doing a pretty bad job –at least as a clip- with the strands falling everywhere).
“You and your millions of tricks nobody can ever explain…” Master said.
“It’s the wow factor about my magic, Master.” She said. Her eyes shone. She was in her element, showing her tricks to her real family. Her real family period, actually.
People kept coming up seeing her and acting all offended she hadn’t come to see them. Half the performers she knew were there, 3 of the other 5 kids, and a few more. It was incredible how friendly they were. They treated me like I’d just come back from a 7 year absence too. It was actually really nice to joke around with a big group. I’d always had a small ‘family’ (hard when your only aunt hates you and your grandma lets you poke snakes with sticks) but this was probably better than a family.
Then I learnt most of them were cousins or nieces or whatnot. Successful family circus. Isn’t that one of the top 10 best places to grow up in? Looked like it, for Circus Mirus anyways.
For now everyone was in a spot amongst the trailers where.
“Tell you what Leza; we have a show in 3 hours. Shouldn’t take more than 2 hours so you’d be able to get back to your school by 5 if that’s what you need to. How about you perform with Combat?” Master asked. Hazel’s eyes lit up. She liked that idea.
“I’d love to! Leo that’s alright with you, right?”
“Yes. To be honest I’m not that thrilled about going back to school.”
“I feel your pain.” One of the kids attending boarding school (who came back during the summer) called Draco said.
“Draco it’s not that bad.” Wire tried to reason. Draco starred down his adoptive brother.
“Alright then, deal.” Hazel said looking incredibly excited.
“Fantastic!” Combat said. “Do you remember the trick with the sneakers?”
“Duh,” Hazel, said,
“Well it got a whole lot more epic in 7 years. Common.”
“Leo, you oaky here?” She asked.
“’Course I am, your family’s cool, Leza.” I said making an effort not to call her Hazel or Weasley. That brought a smile on her face like it’d made her day.
“Geez, thanks Valdez. You’re pretty decent too.” A platinum blonde girl (Master and Jewel’s daughter) called Monarch said. Her hair was thin and she had light green eyes.
“That’s the best thing anybody’s called me in a while, thanks.” Hazel laughed and followed Combat towards the circus. Her laugh sounded incredible…
“Okay, talk Valdez, we want to know everything about Leza.” Nessie said staring at me with big brown eyes once Hazel was out of hearing range.
“Guys, be nice to him. He called us decent, try to keep it that way.” Neriah said.
“Where you going Neriah?” Nessie asked.
“I’ve got a show in 3 hours. Some of us who aren’t 16 have to stretch before walking on our hands for 3 hours.” She said giving Nessie a significant look.
“Wow, that sucks.” She said. Neriah raised an eyebrow and she walked away with a few other adults.
“Kay, they’re gone, go.” Monarch said.
“Dish,” Nessie said.
“I met her not too long ago.” I said.
“It doesn’t matter, what is she like now? We haven’t seen her in ages. We’ve gotten letters, but never seen her even if we’ve been in ‘Frisco 12 times since she left.” Monarch said.
“Mo, her dad died on the camp grounds. Even if it was in Florida just seeing the marquee must hurt.” Nessie said.
“She’s busy. She’s in charge of a club and stuff.” I said.
“Such as?” Nessie asked.
“She really hasn’t told you anything?” I checked.
“No, and Nessie’s desperate.” Draco said. He had light brown hair and pale blue eyes. His features were relaxed and he looked like a pretty cool guy.
“Alright, there’s a stable…” I said.
“Oh…” They all went.
“She’s a sucker for animals, and horses are the worst. And elephants.” Nessie said.
Gods, her elephants…
“Yeah, she’s in charge of a riding club, which takes up most of her time.” I said.
“Okay, that makes sense… We love her to death and all, but we really miss her. She talks a lot in her letters, but she never says anything.” Draco said.
“What Draco means is that we don’t know if she’s ever dealt with the fact her dad died right in front of her eyes. It was horrible enough for us to see Gee die, so for Leza…”
I felt my fingers stinging. No not here stupid twitchy extremities!
“Leo, tell us the truth. That’s all we want to know.” Monarch said.
“No, she isn’t really over it. She never will truly be, nobody ever is.” I said.
“How do you..?”
Monarch elbowed Nessie so she’d just shut up.
“Similar reasons to her,” I said deciding to leave it at that. “Anyways she’s getting better.”
“Good. We wish we could do something and it really bugs us that we can’t do anything. We have regular contact and all, but we can never be besides her, and traveling circuses are sort-of hard to reach.” Monarch said.
“Usually she gets to me at my school.” Draco said.
“Regardless of how we manage to make it happen,” Nessie cut, “she’s still our friend. And we want the best for her. She’s had it hard.”
[i]You have no idea…

“Well, that’s what she is. Before I got to –umm- school she used to laugh a lot apparently. Nobody knew a lot about her, and she never said a thing.”
“Makes sense I guess.” Nessie said.
“But now she’s sort-of…”
“Depressed?” Draco asked. I stared him in the eyes. He already knew. How did he already know?
“I managed to get in contact with one of her own friends, Gwendolyn Madison or whatever her name is.”
“Well, yeah that’s it. Not clinically or whatever but the way she acted…”
“That’s horrible!” Nessie said.
“Not Leza…” Monarch said.
“She’s fine now though, don’t worry.” I said.
“Yeah, you did make her laugh earlier.” Nessie said.
“No, not me, well, not just me…”
“Come off it, Valdez. We may not have seen her since we’re all 8, but the advantage to growing up in a circus is that you meet people. You learn to read whether the crowd thinks that a number is brilliant or not.”
“I don’t get your point.” I told Monarch confused.
“Mo, just let it go. He doesn’t get it.” Nessie rolled her eyes.
“What?” I asked confused.
“Nothing. So what do you do at school?” Nessie –still intrigued by the idea of school- asked.
I had to lie about metal shop and the conversation shifted to other things. Normal things like music artists, heat waves, the outcome of today and just plain messing around.
Like before the Argo II was built, when it was Piper and I (and in our memories Jason) at Wilderness. It felt good being part of that again. Being with people who didn’t know about Gaia or her messed up projects... Heck yes it was good.
“Guys, expect people in 20 minutes.” A girl with wavy blonde hair, an oval and pail face named Bud said. She wore grey sweat capris and a long-sleeved black shirt, along with black ballerina shoes.
“You want us to pack up the little ones in Karika’s trailer?” Draco asked.
“Yes please.” Bud said.
“Can I do stands outside?” Nessie asked.
“I don’t see why not but don’t get stuck with a toe in your ear this time.” Bud said before disappearing backstage.
“Stands?” I asked turning towards Nessie, deciding to ignore the stuck-with-a-toe-inside-her-ear part. Draco grabbed my arm and dragged me back, as Nessie fell back, legs straight up. She would have hit me if it weren’t for Draco.
“This, Valdez.” She said.
“Where are the kiddlings?” Draco asked.
“Probably near that big puddle.” Monarch replied.
They both swore and ran away. Nessie’s legs touched down and she stretched up.
“There are 4 little kids. Karika has Pokémon, Bud has Pebble and Bam-bam and Morgue –who’s the gothic ribbon acrobat- has Puckhead.
“He was 1 and he threw a puck at a squirrel and knocked it out cold.” Nessie said. I stared.
“You’re kidding” I said.
“Nope. That’s Puckhead.” I started laughing.
“That kid’s a genius!”
“Oh yeah, but we aren’t allowed to have hockey pucks now.” Nessie said. “He could knock out an audience member. That would suck.”
“But it’d be hilarious.” I said.
“Oh yeah, wouldn’t hurt Circus Mirus’ rep at all.” Nessie said.
“Yeah… But it’d be hilarious.” I repeated. She hit me in the arm.
“I’m going to go help Draco and Mo assess the damage the big puddle did. Kids are suckers for those. Are you coming?”
“I have got to meet this Puckhead kid.” I said. Nessie laughed and led me towards a trailer.
She opened the door. Draco and Monarch were trying to keep 2 little boys to sit down.
“Whoa, whoa kidlets!” Nessie called. They froze. They looked up at Nessie and I, and I saw that they were muddy.
“How do you do that Ness?” Draco muttered in amazement.
“I’m just good. Why did you guys go roll yourselves in a puddle?”
“Puddles are fun.” One little boy said.
“So is jumping off the top of trailers, do you do that?” Nessie scolded.
“Could we?” The second asked.
“NO you most definitely can not!” Nessie established quickly. “Don’t roll around in puddles either. The audience is coming soon too!”
“Who’s the dude?” One of them asked.
“This is Leo.” Monarch said.
“What’s his real name?” One of them asked.
“Leo.” I said. They frowned like that was a really confusing concept.
“Bam-bam’s just too used to people having stage names then their real names; he’s perhaps the only one that knows them all,” she told me quietly. She turned towards the boy called Bam-bam.
“Bam, where’s your sister?”
With Pokémon.” Bam-bam said.
“Where’s Pokémon?” Nessie asked.
“With Pebbles.”
“Must we go through this all the time?” She mumbled.
“I’ve got an idea. Leo and I’ll hunt down Pebbles and Pokémon, and you two settle these guys down with Jenga or Clue or whatever you can find.” Draco said.
“Deal,” Monarch agreed.
“Sweet, common Valdez.” Draco said, motioning for me to follow him. We climbed out of the trailer.
“Where do you look for a 6 year old girl?” Draco asked. I realised he was as clueless as me.
“Where there are shinny objects?” I suggested.
“Fair enough. Common, I know where.” Draco said. He led me to the marquee but behind. He pulled back a screen. The whole area was a costume room, with boxes of props and a few racks of long and silky dresses or colourful jackets. Half of them had to be unused.
“Remember, think shinny.” I said.
Draco sniggered and we split up to look through racks.
“Pebbles!” I heard someone said. I looked over my shoulder as Draco picked up a little girl with short orange hair.
“What are you doing here? Is Pokémon here too?” I felt something grab my foot and half expecting it to be some kind of godly snake I jumped.
“I got you!” A little boy said.
“Oh gods- found him!”
“I got you, I got you!” The little boy chanted.
“Yes you did. I’m guessing you’re Pokémon?”
“Yes, who are you?” He asked.
“Leo.” I said.
“Your name’s weird.”
Kid, your name is Pokémon, I wouldn’t talk. I felt like saying.
But he was a little kid and I shouldn’t get in trouble by being a smart-mouth with a little kid, so I kept my trap shut.
“Thank you. Common Pokémon.” I said.
“Yeah, Leo’s right. We’re going to Karika’s place, common,” Draco said. Pebbles was mounted on his back. Pokémon ran out of the room.
“Good call on the sparkles.” Draco muttered to me as we left.

The 4 kids got looking decent. Nessie was outside doing something that was either a pop-corn machine or a cotton-candy machine, and I could hear music coming from the marquee. Master, Jewel and a few of the non-Circus-people (husbands and wives of performers) that traveled with the troop were counting tickets and checking people in.
“Can we go watch?” Puckhead asked.
The kid had a huge head himself and a black eye. I was guessing it had something to do with a puck.
“Yes! Please Draco!” Pebbles pleaded.
“You just like the costumes, you.” Monarch said, picking the little girl up and plopping her on her own knees.
“I don’t see why not. Leo cannot miss this.”
“Yes!” The kids cheered.
“But remember the rules.” Draco said.
“Be quiet, don’t pick your nose, no fidgeting and don’t annoy the audience!” Pebbles said.
“Exactly. If anybody breaks them we’re dragging you back, understood?”
“Like last time!” Pokémon said.
“Oh yeah,” Monarch recalled. “That wasn’t pretty.”
“Which is why it won’t happen again, right guys?” Draco said meaningfully.
They all agreed to it. They started a game of Uno waiting for Nessie to come back.
“Are we watching this thing or what?” She asked, peeking through the door.
“Leo can’t miss this.” Monarch said. Draco joined Nessie outside and the 4 kids followed. Monarch turned towards me.
“Prepare to see the best circus you’ve ever seen.” She said.
“I’ve never seen a circus.”
“Then prepare to see the best circus that your eyes will ever see.” She said.
I followed everyone to the back of the room, near the tech booth. The woman there was blonde and she looked at us with a raised eyebrow.
“That’s Alix. She’s DJ and teacher.” Draco whispered in my ear. I nodded. The lights dimmed and Master appeared on the screen.
“Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and girls! Welcome, to Circus Mirus! I will be you ring master, Master, and I will accompany you on this thrilling journey of color, daredevil heights, acrobatics and magic! But what’s a journey without a long trip? With that, I bring you to lands far from here, with our International dancer and Acrobat, Karika!” He said making a big scene out of Karika’s name.
The crowd cheered and Master retreated to the side lines. The lights went dark. Music started and a funnel of light was projected onto a woman wearing a trench coat in the centre ring. She started dancing to the music, and even I had to say she was good, and the way she moved was captivating even if you hated dancing.
“And now my friends, away from Russian grounds and let’s go to Latin-America!” Master’s voice boomed. Some new music started and Karika slipped off her trench coat to reveal a bright orange shorter dress as her partner ran in the ring. Everybody cheered as they picked up Latin-dancing and then salsa and finally they bowed and we knew it was over.
“Give it up for our two dancers, Karika and Fabìo! If you liked that, more is on the way and if you didn’t, hold on because more is on the way!” Master said walking onstage again. Karika smacked his arm before following her partner out- which gave the crowd a few laughs and made Pokémon’s (her son) jaw drop.
The show went on. The acrobats and trapeze artists blew my mind, as well as they guy who juggled fire.
Everything did actually, simple as that. And you have no idea how weird it is to have seen Neriah before the show, then to see her folded up like a pretzel. Really weird.
Yet it didn’t seem to bother Pokémon that his parents were onstage, or Nessie that her dad was riding around on a BMX bike doing all sorts of flips, or that her mom could walk on one hand. I tried to picture Hazel sitting in the back as a happy an innocent child, watching her dad go up to random strangers and be all “pick a card any card!”
“And now ladies and gents, you are in for a treat! La crème de la crème if my French is worth a darn! This act will only be seen once, by you and only you! I’ll stop stalling and just introduce our segments, so dear audience, give it up for our two magicians, Combat and Leza!” Master said. His voice made me excited for what was coming even if I already knew what was coming. Like charm speak did, except I knew it wasn’t.
Hazel and Combat walked into the ring. They were dressed the same, entirely in black, with long cloaks dropping down, sweeping the ground and top hats. They both bowed gracefully.
“Everybody, gather ‘round if you wish to see what your eyes will deny and your mind will fail to rationalise!” Combat said, her vocabulary rich like a bank. That got even me excited, though I’d seen Hazel’s tricks quite a few times.
“Leza, would you care to show our guests what wonders I speak of?” Combat asked. Hazel took a step forwards and the spotlight zoomed on her. She took off her top hat. I saw a rabbit coming… But Hazel’s tricks were even better, and Combat’s too.
I noticed that Hazel’s wand was strapped to her arm, but you wouldn’t have seen it if you weren’t looking for it. The charm would point to wherever her hand was… Smart.
The tricks got more and more amazing, more and more elaborated- and Hazel was incredible.
“My, my, does time not pass quickly when it is populated of charms and jinxes?” Combat asked Hazel.
“Definitely, my friend. I take my hat off to you!” Hazel said. She lifted her hat and two doves flew out.
Hazel’s clothes also changed.
She was suddenly wearing a grey dress, with an open back. It went down to the ground and a sparkling ribbon went around her waist, then down. There was one strap going around her neck and the top and hem of the dress were lined with sparkles, as well as a few in the skirt. The lights really made it something; she shined like a star, or a goddess starting on her true form. Her cape fell to the ground and she spun for the crowd to show the dress off as they all cheered. Because not only was that heck of a trick; but Hazel was beautiful.
I was a little late to clap because it took me a while to get over it.
“How the heck did she do that?” Monarch asked.
“She impresses me every time.” Nessie murmured.
“Same here.” I said. I felt them looking at me but I was staring onstage as the two birds landed on her hair, like a kind of weird hat. She smiled and let out her hand. One bird perched on it, and the other flew straight up, towards us and landed on my head.
I was sure it was going to poo on my head because let’s face it, my luck sucks. Instead the four little kids were laughing hysterically, the 3 others confused as it just stayed there until Hazel whistled.
It came back down and the audience’s gaze followed the bird’s.
Both Hazel and Combat bowed and there was some heavy cheering as the left the ring.
“Wow,” Master said getting back in the centre of the ring. “When I said it was going to be good, I didn’t think it’d be that good, but I am not complaining. So while I go beg Leza to make her duo with Combat permanent, enjoy an act I am EXTREMELY glad that is permanent, our wonder-siblings, Coin and Bud!”
The show went on. In the end when all the performers came out to bow I had to admire all the varieties in their costumes and features. After 8 days of clone-city with all the City people dressed and acting the same way (not so great) it was amazing to be in a crowd of individuals. Repetition really was not my thing.
Hazel was still wearing her gown as well as her top hat, which was a touch to remind people she wasn’t a supermodel but a magician.
“Common guys, out of here before the audience.” Draco whispered. We were outside of the marquee by the time the lights flicked on.
“Who’s Leza?” Puckhead asked.
“She was the daughter of the magician before Combat.” Draco said patiently.
And of the original magician… I thought. But I held my tongue.
“Why isn’t he performing with her?” Pebbles asked.
“He retired.” Draco said.
Pebbles went with that.
“Oh, people!” Nessie said. She took off her flats and shoved them in Monarch’s hands.
“Can you keep these for me?” Before she could get an answer Nessie was out in the crowd, walking on her hands, bare toes pointed and her legs swaying across the air gracefully. People smiled and pointed as she walked amongst them, following the flow like she was looking for her car too.
Monarch threw the flats near the marquee.
“She can take care of her own shoes.” Monarch shrugged.
“I really need to talk to Leza. How could she even manage to do that? We don’t even have that dress in costume…” Draco asked.
“I have no idea.” I said.
“That’s part of magic, guys” Monarch complained, “Don’t question it that just ruins it. Common let’s get the kidlets inside.”
“Can we go back in the costumes?” Pebbles asked,
“So that’s where you were?” Monarch asked Pokémon and Pebbles.
“Note for the future, they like shinny things.” Draco said before walking off, with Puckhead.
“What..?” Monarch asked.
“You’re welcome.” I simply said before gently pushing Bam-bam after Puckhead and Draco.
Monarch didn’t ask questions.
“I’m going to go help Nessie entertain people.” Draco decided.
“How?” I asked wondering if this guy could swallow swords or spit fire or whatever.
“You’ve never seen Draco dance!” Monarch exclaimed. “I forgot! God, you go with him, you have got to see that!” Monarch said.
I melted into the crowd after Draco, where a lot of the performers were. Nessie was going around and getting fingers pointed at herself, Karika was dancing, the young acrobat called Bling was dancing on her hands (that was one of the top 10 coolest things I’d ever seen) and Hazel was letting a couple pet the doves perched on her arm. She was wearing her cloak and hat over her gown, and people seemed particularly fond of watching her.
Draco turned out to be heck of a break dancer. People slowly came forwards and watched him too. The flow of people getting off the grounds was still decent, though. I went to see Hazel, knelt in front of a little girl with pigtails. She was holding 5 cards in her hand and the little girl picked one. A man went up behind her.
“Very good job, Miss.” He said.
“Thank you sir; 5 of diamonds sweetie?” The little girl nodded with a huge smile on her face. She gave Hazel the card back and she smiled back as the little girl was steered away by her parents.
“Nice show, Miss.” I said.
“Thank you sir,” she realised it was me. “I mean, Valdez.”
“Hey, watch it Weasley.” I said.
“I’ve been thinking about that, why am I a Weasley if I don’t have red hair? It’s against the basic Weasley characteristics.” Hazel said.
“Would you rather be a Granger or a Potter?”
“No, I’m actually quite fond of ‘Weasley’ now,” she replied.
“Then you’re a Weasley, but if you feel that bad you can die your hair red.”
“Oh gods, I’d look dreadful!” She said.
“I don’t think you could if you tried.” I said.
I felt like hitting myself for saying that. Stupid! She blushed.
“Thanks, Leo.” She said. I looked at the ground. Awkward… Neriah saved me.
“Leza, Master wants you back inside, sweetie.”
“Does he think I’ll break the dress?” She asked.
“Hey, we remember you.” Neriah joked. It was well-meant, but it just reminded Hazel of back when her magic would flow out and cause chaos. She nodded and went back to the costume room.
Neriah looked at me meaningfully. I looked over my shoulder to see if somebody was doing bunny ears behind my head or something. Neriah just shook her head and walked away. Okay..?
After Hazel got changed we stuck on the grounds with Draco, Monarch and Nessie until night started falling.
“We should get back now,” Hazel noticed, not too happy about it.
“Do you two need a ride, Lez?” Neriah asked.
“No, we’re fine thanks.” I said.
“Do you really have to go? Can’t you spend the night? And what kind of school is open in the summer?” Nessie asked.
“Umm…” Hazel said.
“We’re part of a special program. We’re going on an educational trip to the Mediterranean for the next month or so.” I improvised.
“Yeah, we leave tomorrow.” Hazel said going with that. “I’m sorry I won’t get to see you guys again, but I’d come back if I could.”
“Well hey, anytime we’re in San Francisco, look us up.” Jewel said, giving her a pat on the back.
“I loved performing with you! The crowd’s raised their standards now!” Combat said, giving Hazel a hug.
“Me too, you’re really good Combat.” Hazel said.
“You’re the magic one, Lez. It’s in your blood.” Combat said.
“Thanks.” She thanked. Neriah hugged Hazel.
“Remember, you’ll always be a part of the family. We’re ready to take you anytime.” She said in her ear.
“Thanks Neriah. I missed you a lot.” Neriah pushed a strand of hair behind Hazel’s ear.
“And you too, Ness.” Hazel said turning towards Nessie. Nessie hugged her really tight.
“Next time, come sooner, kay? We come here like, twice a year.” Nessie said.
“I will. And I’ll keep at it with the letters when we come back from the –umm- field trip.” Hazel said. She hugged Draco, Master, Karika, Bling, Sky, Wrench, Monarch, Jewel, Arabesque, Alix and Morgue; all the performers she knew. She shook hands with the others, hugged the new kids and we were off back to where Airborne was.
“Hazel, are you okay?” I asked, sensing she was close to breaking.
“Yeah, I am. It’s just… They remember Gee so vividly and they keep saying I’m his daughter… I keep thinking that if they knew-”
“Don’t say that Hazel. If they knew they’d tell you the same thing everybody else has; it wasn’t you it was Gaia.”
“Leo,” she said, “why am I supposed to believe it if you don’t for yourself?”
“Because it… It’s different.”
“Not really.” She said.
I didn’t say anything so she whistled for Airborne to come and it was a long way back, Hazel’s smile and laughter and the thrill you could read in her face from performing; all of it a memory.

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Last Chapter: link

EWE!!!!!! Ewe, ewe, ewe how did I not catch ‘Beth’ in revision??? *shivers* I’m sorry about that!

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@thaliahuntress9 – My respect for you is than grown…
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@thilahector- You can call me whatever you like (as long as it applies to the spot’s rules on ethic), to post a story create a forum and go, just make sure your story fits the fanfiction rules the spot has (the real article is names ‘fanfiction rules- a must read’). If you want to join my club write HecateA in the searchbar of fanpop and join there, I will post in just a moment and you could still have voted for Hufflepuff  (we lost by the way)
@arobair – That was a cute pic! Reyna’s character is basically laid out; she’s tough, she won’t take nothing from nobody except her brothers, who compensate for everything else, she’s always been on the wrong side of numbers and she refuses to let herself have weakness because that’s what she gets hit for; but deep down she’s a good person with a heart. And I couldn’t stop writing if you’d try!
@Emily – I’d be scared of Annabeth too!
@hayaku – As I said I AM SO SORRY YOU GUYS GOT STUCK HEARING ‘BETH’! List of nicknames I will use: Haze, Weasley, Gwen (it’s not her real name, so…), Da, Rey, Jonno (his real name is Jonathan), Cam, ‘Men, Kary and that’s basically it. And as for Kota, I think I said it in her last chapter, but Kota’s the pet name her mom and brother called her, which is why she won’t let anybody but Lupa, Jason and Bobby call her that.
@bananafone –I’m glad you all like Reyna’s POV because there are more coming (later)
@Epimethus – I’ve sort of stopped giving them…
@daughter-ofzeus – Zane IS new, and so far nobody knows why everybody in the book hates him (except for me and a few people who asked) but he’s going to really pop as a character soon and you’ll see why.
Happy birthday, daughter-ofzeus,
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@jessie0147 – I have, and they’ll come when they come.
@sylviakitty- I couldn’t sit through a mushy moment without having to run to the bathroom and throw up. I’m not a very romantic-loving person, so writing this was a challenge and a newy for me, but I LOVED IT!
@Nico – I love your comments 
@bookreader0909 – Yeah, they wont come back, it was a one-time thing where Leo gets to see a bit of what Hazel grew up with. Things will calm down now.
@ilovehunters – No, it was Gaia trying to frame him, but nobody at the City who knew was going to rat him out, so...
@dezzypoo – I can’t tell you that!
@Lightning98 – AH!!!!!! I love your comments! Welcome back! I will write a book, I’m writing it now and once I finish book 5 here, I can focus more on that. Yup. So yes Annabeth is better, as for Jace you’ll have to wait to see if Thalia made a lasting impact, and tell your friends I apologise.
@loony4luna – I don’t know… I thought Hazel’s dad should be a magician and I figured he should be part of a circus and about how awesome it would be to grow up in one.
@Croxeth- You have no idea how much your comment made me laugh, thanks!
@thaliahuntress9- True, true… Zoe would beat up Thalia in the Underworld.
@Greekrules – Puckhead was in the chapter, I have NO INTENTIONS OF PLAYING THE SAX
@charliew – No it’s fine, I like hearing it 
@beckondorf12 – Who do you suggest?

Okay, so first important thing to deal with, let’s forget about Thalia and Jace Gayle EVER going out. Okay? I’m telling you RIGHT now it’s not happening! With all the Styx Jace gave Reyna and Jason, Thalia’s too much of a big sister to go out with him, and 2, like many of you mentioned there’s the detail that she’s a hunter. So forget about it, sorry guys.
Two, Your last book update: I’m getting a move on on chapter 15, 137 chapters (which means it’s a short one compared to the others) and yeah… I can’t tell you anything more about it, SORRY!
Three, daughter-ofzeus is helping red out this week, and this week only, so BE GOOD!

Leo Valdez[/i]
July 1st: Off the Californian shore
This is the part where things start going downhill

First 5 hours on board, and all was good. I took it as a good sign because I was in a reasonably good mood, and I didn’t feel like ruining it just yet.
Anna’s recovery was a miracle. She was actually walking and laughing and... She’d be back in the forges in no time; was that enough to shake of Vulcan’s curse? I was sympathetic towards them on that point. I’d gotten to camp and my siblings had been incredibly dull. Here, it was just as bad, except they didn’t have big important project to build to shake it off, like bronze dragons or flying boat. But Anna was the life and soul of the house, so hopefully that did the trick. The boat had helped her mend, was that what Hephaestus had told me to fix in the dream? Hopefully. People were hard to fix so if it got worst then that, I didn’t know what I’d do.
Annabeth and Bobby were playing chess, except every piece was a god. Jupiter and Juno were the kind and queen, the ones that were supposed to be pointy –bishops or something- were Neptune and Pluto, the knights were Mars and Bellona, the ones that were supposed to be tours were now Apollo and Dianna and the pawns were gladiators.
They were entirely focused on it. Annabeth moved one piece and plucked one of Bobby’s off the board.
“Oh, not the queen!” Bobby went.
“It doesn’t matter; you’re in check mate anyways.” Annabeth told him.
“No, look,” he moved a one of the dudes that were supposed to be tours, “now you’re in check.”
“Dang it, Peverell.” Annabeth muttered before moving a piece.
Hazel flicked her wand and suddenly the two Jupiter’s started whacking at each other.
“What the heck?”
“Hazel!” Bobby complained. Hazel flicked her wand again.
“That’s what I call chess.” She said.
“Well then…” Annabeth said.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Hazel asked, not offended in the least.
“It’s her polite way of saying ‘holly Styx that’s messed up’.” Bobby said.
Carmen and Karen were sitting near the end of the boat and talking actively. Carmen had her guitar posed like she might start playing just like that, but she seemed way happier talking to Karen. Lark, who was their age too, was sitting at the other side of the ship staring at the greys and blues and greens of the water. She looked lonely. Was it just me?
Zane was just stalking Percy and Jason who had interrupted their conversation because of him. Jonno and Gwen were talking long-range weapon near the bastillas.
Gwen had the spear she apparently used as gladiator -the one with the strap- on her, and she was mimicking a throw. Jonno had his bow clipped onto his quiver. I could tell it was made of olive wood and wrapped in leather for grip. Pretty old too, but still working like a charm.
“Bobby, can you even see a thing?” Jason asked out of the blue when Bobby got another piece taken from him on the game.
“Sure I can!” Bobby said defensively.
“What piece is Annabeth touching?” Jason asked.
“Dianna, duh.”
“It’s actually Apollo.” Jason said.
“Expect to die by two o’clock for that.” Percy joked.
“Bobby, do you only see the outline of shapes?” Annabeth asked.
“Umm…” Bobby said.
“You’re stuck, Bobby.” Hazel sniggered.
“Well, yeah. I have long distance vision problems.” He admitted.
“The piece is right in front of you though! Do you wear contacts or anything?”
“I’m just tired that’s all. And I don’t have contacts.”
“But instead…” Gwen called.
“Stop teasing me!” Bobby told her. He turned back to Annabeth. “I’m supposed to wear these.” He said.
He took a case out of his pocket, opened it, brushed his bangs out of his eyes and put on black rectangular glasses.
“Whoa, since when?” Percy asked.
“4 years.” Bobby said sarcastically.
“How do you manage legion training if you can barely see a thing?” Annabeth said.
“Sometimes I wear them, but I can fight shapes and blurs.”
“Have you even touched them since I last told you to wear them?” Jason asked.
“Yes.” Bobby said.
“Peverell you liar!” Hazel said. She turned to Jason, “Timmy’s been using them to try and make a magnifying glass or whatever her word was. He’s been disobeying your direct orders, you can do mean things to him now like I told him you could.” Hazel said meaningfully to Bobby like ‘Told’ja, now you see?’
“Shut up Hazel.” He said.
“Bobby you’ll go blind and I’ll be stuck making sure you don’t get eaten, then.” Jason said.
“I won’t.” Bobby said.
“Jason’s right.” Annabeth said.
“They suck!” He complained.
“No they don’t Bobby they make you look smart.” Annabeth said.
“No they don’t.”
“If I were to sneak up on you and you couldn’t see that I was holding a sword, because I was melting it in the blur you see, as a part of my body I could kill you without you even realising that I was armed. And even better, I fight with a knife which is always easier to conceal, so if you think about the strategical…”
As the argument about Bobby’s glasses went on, I just stood at the wheel, not paying too much attention to steering but mostly fidgeting with wires. So far so good… Unless you were Bobby.
[b]Melaina Grey

Carmen and Karen started laughing again. I wondered what about. I wasn’t used to being alone on a boatful of people. I wasn’t used being on a boat period, but usually I was with Évangéline and Jasper –who were just as isolated as me mostly- or Timmy. Without them here, and everybody else in groups, I was wondering whether I should try to fit in somewhere.
Carmen looked nice. Not hyper, nor calm, yet still alive. But Karen looked too twitchy and energetic. She made Carmen laugh every couple seconds, and the way her shoulders were bare sort-of yelled out “I am super muscular and strong, come check me out!” A little too show-off in my taste, but who was I to complain?
I stared at the ocean.
“I’ve never really been on a boat,” Flint said standing next to me and looking down at the churning waves. “Ever.”
“Have you?”
“My father had a book convention on a boat, for a Titanic ghost story.” I said.
“That’s nice.” Flint said looking bad.
“I am sorry I am being slow about asking for information on Arianne.” I said.
“No, its fine, she just got out of the infirmary and all. Plus it might not be the best idea to do it straight away.” Flint said, waving off any apologies.
“I shall do it as soon as I can, but I have a feeling it shall get hellish here.” I said. But it was quiet. Out at sea it was quiet. The voices in my head were just as loud, but there were less of them.
I got in trouble in school a lot because of them. I could not concentrate, regardless of how much I tried. I could barely do any additions or subtractions by the time I was in fourth grade and I was not able to memorise any poems or oral presentations or whatever. They thought I should be put in a school for the mentally retarded. That just got me more upset and brought more voices. At the City Éva and Jasper had taught me how to shut the voices out a little, which had helped so incredibly much. If I went back to school my grades would probably be higher, even in history (in which I exceled anyways).
But I was not planning on going back. Not where people made fun of my pale skin, silent attitude and concentration problems. People were such jerks, whether they were dead or alive. Making fun of things they do not know the littlest information about. Did they know I had a million voices in my head while I tried to multiply 56, 87 by 6, 4? No. If they were to try it, they would see it’s a miracle I even passed the first grade. Did they know all the things I knew from ghosts? All the unrequited lovers, sob stories and downright tragedies? No. They had no idea this happened to anybody but the ‘pretty girl on ghost whisper’, and I swear on my family’s life, that that girl has it easy.
They had no business laughing at me. But they did. So no, I wasn’t going back.
“What are you thinking about, Lark?” Flint asked.
“Nothing,” I said.
“Lark I know you better than that.”
“Alright then, I am thinking about the ghosts I hear without seeing.”
“You hear ghosts without seeing them?” He asked.
See? Even Flint had no idea, and he’d been my friend since May, and an underworld demigod himself (granted, children of Trivia never really counted up until now, they are usually associated more towards magic- stupid demigod stereotypes).
“Yes. A lot. I got horrible grades at school because of it, and I never was a reader. Except for the books my father writes. I think the ghosts in his books scare away those in my head.” I said.
“Possibly.” Flint said with a grin. “I’ll read one and tell you.” He offered.
“I have brought one; you might think it was a joke but beware Flint Holton, you shall get the scare of your afterlife.” I said.
I looked back to the people on the boat. I don’t know if it was just me, but I thought Carmen was looking at me. I’d just been whispering to what to her was thin air. That might not have been normal… But it was! They had no business judging me.
But they did.
But they did not have to.
And then I remembered something my dad had said to cheer me up one day. “It’s humanity’s basic weakness to judge. But you’re something bigger than humanity Lark, so you don’t judge. It makes you stronger.”
Well Karen and Carmen were only half-human too, and they had definitely been whispering about me. Therefore my father had been wrong and everybody ended up judging everybody. What a twisted way.
I looked back onboard, away from Carmen and Karen because I had found out the hard way that when people think they are being stared at they get edgy.
Gwen got up.
“Valdez,” she called. “We’re in open water; do you need someone in the crow’s nest?”
“Yeah, good idea. You want to go?” He asked.
“With pleasure.” She said.
“Alright, take this,” he said handing her a headset. “If you see anything weird or that’s not supposed to be in water, you just have to push on the button over here, and speak in the mouthpiece. If I want you to come down without the airwaves getting intercepted, I’ll… I don’t know, some signal.”
“Like what?” Gwen asked. Leo thought for a minute.
“How about this.” He said. He lifted his hand and it lit up with orange flames. Gwen jumped back and backed away from Leo, her eyes flaring at the sight of the flame.
The same moment a ghost appeared behind her, a boy her age with light hair and a jacket that showed his belonging to a hockey team. I understood.
Oh no…

Jason Grace
July 1st: Off the Californian shore
Gwendolyn starred at the flames in Leo’s hand like they were a rat he’d just pulled from the sewer. Her jaw was locked.
“You use fire? You use fire?” She asked an angry edge to her voice.
Uh oh, I knew where this was going.
“Yeah, it’s like this gift.” Leo said.
“Fire is not a gift! You just use it like that? Make a flame appear for the heck of it?” Gwen said.
“Not for the heck of it, but in fights that’s how I kill monsters.” Leo explained confused. Gwen got angry.
“Never mind.” She said before going back under the deck. Hazel smacked her forehead, mumbled something in Latin and went after her. Bobby and Annabeth looked up questioningly just figuring out something had happened. Bobby has the shortest attention span in the history of attention spans, but a game of chess really sucks him in. That’s probably the only reason Dakota learned how to play.
“What was that about?” Jonathan asked.
“Umm…” I hesitated.
“Her brother died in a fire, did he not?” Lark asked. I frowned. How did she know that?
“Um, yeah, his name was Evan. Lark, how did you?”
“A figure appeared behind her. Not a ghost, more like a memory.” She said simply like it was no big deal.
Karen and Carmen had eyes like aureuses.
That’s how he died?” Leo asked.
“Yeah. A bunch of Cyclops chained them to bed posts in a burning house. Gwen got out but Evan fell through the floor. They didn’t even get a body, I think.” Bobby said.
“Didn’t need to know that last part, that’s horrible!” Piper said.
“Dreadful even!” Carmen said.
“Can someone tell her I’m all in for killing Cyclops too?” Leo asked.
“I think it’s worse than that.” I said.
“I agree. Dear gods…” Bobby said. “I hadn’t thought she’d take it like that.”
“Bro, you have bad luck with the ladies.” Zane told Leo.
“Shut up, Zane, you’re not doing so hot yourself, and it’s Gwen. Not… Anyways.”
I was hoping he wasn’t about to end that sentence with ‘Khione’. Or even worse ‘Thalia’ because then I might have to hit him. That seemed like the brotherly thing to do to defend my eternally maiden sister.
“Alright, Leo, keep fire controlling low for now.” I said, “Gwendolyn doesn’t forget, and this is something she’d remember even if she was dipped in the Lethe.”
“Good plan.” Leo agreed ASAP.
“Do you still need someone in the crow’s nest?” I asked.
“Go for it, Jason.” Annabeth said.
As she and Bobby turned back to their game of chess, I took the headset from Leo and willed the winds to carry me up. I landed in the basket.
The view was nothing but water, which felt me a little lost and on our own. But we’d been on our own since the gods were called back. That was why Jack had attacked Percy before us leaving and Annabeth had flared up in a way I thought she never would.
But she had a point.
Why was Percy walking around with the last traces of a black eye if he bore the curse of Achilles? That wasn’t normal.
He hadn’t gotten a single scratch from even Kronos, so why the heck had Jack Gayle, an ordinary demigod (because demigods are so ordinary)- gotten to him? Was he worse than Kronos in a way? How could he be?
Annabeth had pointed that out for a reason. She knew she couldn’t stay on the mainland after attacking him back so she’d laid it out for children of Minerva, Reyna or Dakota to figure it out.
And then out of all things, the only reason Gwen was here was to avenge a brother that died in a fire; and Valdez was a fire user. Really? The parques were probably all huddled up and having a conversation sort-of like;
“We should really cause even more trouble on the Argo II…”
“I know, how?”
“Well, how about we make these two destined-personality-clashes have to work on board?”
“Oh my gods, great idea!”

This was the beginning of something that was going to get way, way worst…

July 7th: North Pacific Ocean
Week one: no deaths. This was being taken as a very good sign although I thought Zane should start thinking up of his testimony. If he was going to keep flirting with girls way older and stronger than he was…
Anyways we hadn’t quite figured how to live with each other, but we’d figured out how to live.
For example Percy or I would take turns keeping Zane busy at meals so Annabeth, Gwen, Piper and Hazel wouldn’t kill him (I’m not exaggerating, it would’ve happened). Or we’d get him to go talk to Lark- who wasn’t really paying attention to him, but as long as he thought she did it was fine.
Hazel would keep Gwen busy and I’d distract Leo so they wouldn’t fight with each other (when they did it hadn’t been pretty).
Even the meaningless things; like Karen liked the ends of the bread loaf, Annabeth didn’t like people touching her stuff and if it got too quiet Carmen got nervous- those things that just kept the nerves down were being nailed. Being as in not really dealt with yet but we were trying.
Sadly I was right on one thing; Leo and Gwendolyn. They hated each other at this point. Even Leo was mad at Gwen, he took the fact that she thought he was a mad pyrokinesic personally. It just seemed to open up old wounds. For the gods’ sake, when would he get it wasn’t him but that it was Gaia?
And Hazel- I had no clue what her problem was but she wouldn’t crack jokes anymore. She was sad looking all the time. Piper was just a bit better and I had no clue to why either. It was really a big mess that just looked clean- like a stain of juice. You already know it’s dirty because it’s a stain, but it’s only when you touch it that you figure out its sticky too.

Percy and Annabeth were standing at the hull of the ship, looking overboard looking for things in the distance. Of course they knew we were too far from land for anything to pop up, but when you’re a demigod, you learn to expect mystical islands. Especially when you’re Annabeth and Percy from what I understood.
That was another thing: Percy and I. Whenever we’d travel by air, Percy was restless and paced around; and he had short patience with Zane (who was really asking for it- you don’t flirt with a guy’s girlfriend). But when we traveled by sea I could barely stand up at first, because to me the waves were 5 times as violent as they were, which made the ship more like a rollercoaster then a boat. Besides, I didn’t like boats, he didn’t like planes, and by a horrible irony; the Argo II was both.
We usually alternated between air and sea day after day, so it wasn’t too bad.

It was a normal afternoon until I heard Gwendolyn in the headset (Leo and Gwen never had the headset at the same time).
“There’s another trip, a trireme like ours!” She said.
“Are you sure?” I asked thinking ‘uh oh’.
“Oh no sorry it’s a rock. What do you think Grace?” She said sarcastically.
“Gwendolyn, get back down here, now.” I told her.
“The pirate boat’s back!” I said louder for the others to hear.
“Pirate boat?” Hazel asked.
“We got stalked on our way to the City, did nobody mention?” Karen asked.
“No, actually.” Bobby said. Gwen climbed down from the top.
“Where’s the flag?” She asked.
“Ancient Greek pirates didn’t have flags, Madison.” Leo said.
“I was being sarcastic fautus.” She snapped back.
“Don’t call him that!” Hazel said. “Not the time.” She added.
“Get to the bastillas. Karen and Annabeth get one, Valdez go to the other with Piper. Carmen, Gwendolyn and Jonno, get your bows. Zane, get ready to move this thing, maybe take off. Everybody else, whatever you’ve got.” I said.
Weapons were drawn and arrows notched. The moment we saw them appear, the bastillas were turned and loaded.
“We might be able to scare them off from here.” Bobby said from my right.
“Hold,” I said drawing my gladus.
Everybody did. Zane got the boat moving away but the other one was catching up.
“Go, now!” I said.
Hazel let spells fly, arrows and rocks from the bastillas and archers got going.
I shut my eyes and pictured lightning bolts coming down on the ship. The sky thundered. Thank you, Jupiter.
I opened my eyes and lightning crackled down from thick clouds. It touched down on the opposite boat. But it hit the mast and then followed down a metal pole towards us. Styx, they were expecting it… It was heading for the hull.
If it hit the whole ship would end up sinking.
I ran towards it and jumped overboard thinking “I’ll probably die.” A wind caught under my feet as I fell and I met the electricity. It hit me square in the chest but went across me -which felt like my muscles were doing the wave- and out by my gladus.
I pointed it towards the ship, where the pole couldn’t reach. It got encased back in the hull. The pirates on board started panicking and started shooting again. I got hit in the leg by an arrow and totally lost concentration. Oh gosh what a stupid way to get hit...
I fell for real, without being able to catch myself and broke the water surface. The waves were high and I couldn’t manage to get back to the surface. I’d never learnt how to swim, not sure how I would’ve anyways. I couldn’t count on any help from the ocean gods so I figured I was doomed.

Jason dies, maybe he doesn't, maybe he does, you'll just have to read: link
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