The Heroes of Olympus The Son of Neptune

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So once again you guys have the opportunity to get in my head of what I think the next HoO book RR blesses us with will look like.

Before I start you peoples off, I need to say something.
So shush and listen.

When I wrote "The Lost Hero, written by me", I had to guess who the parents were. Well now, I know. So I am following Rick Riordan's version of the characters. Piper has nothing to do with Persephone, Jason and Thalia are siblings and Camp Ceasar Salad is real. For my series of fanfics, I'm following my version of the characters, but here, Rick's versions rule. Get it?

Title: The Son of Neptune
Rating: C
Type: Adventure, friendship, hopefully humor, maybe a touch of romance
Characters: Add, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Drew, Leo, Jake, Nyssa
OC personalities: Reyna, Dakota, Hazel, Gwen, Bobby, Caleb
OC: The Gayle brothers, Karren
Synopsis: After discovering a new world, not so far from their own, Jason and his friends are sailing straight for it, unsure wheter they'll come out victorious or just start a civil war. But it doesn't take the arrival of a flying boat to get the citizens curious. They already sence something is wrong, way before the flying ship docks.

Disclaimer: The story base, character and settings base was created by Rick Riordan, who owns the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Heroes of Olympus rights.

A/N: Hopefully you guys will like it! I got some very nice comments on my random wall poll, so here it is guys! Love you all, you rock!

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So once again you guys have the opportunity to get in my head of what I think the next HoO book RR bl
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over a year ago HecateA said…
The City
I woke up and had no idea where he was.
A cell. The walls were bricks carved out of grey stone. The floor was the same and there was only one door. The door was of iron bars, so close together he could only fit his arm through. More cells were out in the corridor, torches flaming, hanging on the wall. I rubbed my eyes and looked around. People were in the hallway, two at each side of his cell.
-Excuse me? I asked. The two of them swerved spears pointing at me, all at the exact same time. I raised his hands.
-I’m unarmed, I’m unarmed! Where am I? The two figures lowered their weapons. They were both wearing armour, their helmets silver with a red plume. One was a boy, the other a girl. The girl was African American, with eyes of an impressive cocoa and her features delicately carved. She was pretty, but she looked threatening and mean enough to kick a kitten. The boy had brown bangs falling in his eyes. They both looked well-built and stern.
-We know. We disarmed you the moment you got here.
-Where is here?
-Don’t play games stranger. Where is he? The girl asked, jerking her spear forwards.
-He? Who are you talking about?
-You can not be serious. If you think that I’ll…
-WOW wow, wow! Rey, its okay, its okay. I’ve got this covered. A girl said. She walked towards me. She wore a purple shirt covered by a breastplate and black jeans. A sword was at her side. Her eyes were thin and a color I couldn’t identify, and her hair, light brown curls, was pulled back.
-Hazel, what are you talking about?
-I’m on orders from Lupa; I am to show him camp. Hazel said.
-I am to keep him in the cell.

-Lupa wants to see him. He is harmless as far as she can tell. Do you perhaps doubt her? Hazel smoothly suggested. The girl jerked her sword back and attacked the lock with a key she turned.
-It’s your lucky day. Don’t think they’ll all be like this. She said. She pulled the door open.
-Common. Hazel said. She took his wrist and led him down the corridor, up a flight of stairs. She opened a wooden door and the sunshine nearly blinded him. He squinted.
-Common before Reyna gets ticked. Hazel whispered. I followed her out the door which she closed behind us.
There was a temple right in front of us, houses around them. There was a building that looked like the collleseum too. A creek passed straight in the middle, a log-like bridge right there. Two girls were kneeling collecting water in big vase-like pots. Other people were walking around, dressed in silver armour, but very few of them were. Most people had seemed to take shelter of the chocking heat.
-I’m sorry, Reyna isn’t usually like this. Well, she is. But, oh- never mind. I’m Hazel by the way. Hazel Ducharme.
-I’m… I’m…
-Let me guess: you don’t remember?
-Umm… I’m sorry, but yeah. How do you know?
-You’re what, 16? You’re 16 and you had weaponry on you, yet nobody at this camp has ever seen your face. You didn’t answer any questions when we found you and-
-You showed up floating face-in near the stream last week. Reyna nearly attacked you. Then Bobby stopped her, and they dragged you out. You were still alive, so Reyna asked you things. You had no idea where you came from or who you were, then you passed out. You were alive and unharmed, so we got you in the dungeon.
-Dungeon? What’s this, Camp Medieval spirit?
-What’s Camp Half-Blood?
-Camp Half-Blood? How should I know?

-For starters you’re wearing a T-shirt with that name on it. Hazel said. I starred down. The shirt I was wearing an orange shirt with something that looked like “Camp Half-Blood” written on it.
-I don’t remember that either.
-Okay, since I have no idea what your name is, I’ll just call you Bob.
-Umm, no.
-No way.
-Tyson..? The name seemed familiar. I knew someone named Tyson, and I should know who he was.
-Not Tyson either, hmm? Geez you’re picky. What about Add?
-Alright then, Add.
-Cool, and it suites you. Advena means stranger. Common, better get started on that tour before Reyna thinks I’m lying. She’s nice and all but you do not want to lie to her. Let’s go. She said.
Hazel was not giving me any processing time. I woke up in a dungeon guarded by a girl who wanted to kill me, then she’s given me a new name and now I was going for a tour of wherever-we-where.
-Where are we?
-The City. She said walking off.
-Wait, the city of what?
-The City isn’t OF something it’s completely dependant on its own. Eat form the forest, drink from the creek; the rest is given through the gods.
-The what?
-The gods. Aw, Romulus, you can’t be that clueless!

-I don’t remember my name, I’m pretty sure I can.
-Okay, then I’m going to have to break this to you. I apologise, I’m no good at this. Here, come sit down with me. She said, gesturing to the edge of a fountain with some kind of cupid on it, shooting water from the tip of the arrow notched at its quiver. She sat down and so did I.
-Science sucks. She said.
-What? Hazel smacked her forehead.
-First sentence and I screw up. I mean science isn’t true. Lightning, the waves, seasons; it’s not science. It’s the Roman gods.
-Roman gods?
-Yup. Jupiter, Trivia, Juno, all of them.
-Aren’t the Romans just the Greek gods?
-No way, buddy. Greeks were too laid-back. Didn’t take fighting seriously. No discipline, why do you think Rome absolutely creamed those guys in the old days? The Greek gods, well… Sure, they did exist. But after Romans started believing in new, similar, gods, they faded away, and those gods went for power. They still are at power, because they’re immortal. They can’t die, nor can their power.
-That doesn’t make any sense.
-Add, when you’re a demigod, your whole freaking life doesn’t make any sense.
-Yup. When gods mingle with mortals, mingle and fall in love that is, a demigod is born. Some of us are born by thought, some by magic.
-Athena and Hecate’s children?
-Minerva and Trivia. But yeah. My mom is Trivia. Do you know who your immortal is? No eh? Hmm… We’ll find out. Lupa will at least.
-Who’s Lupa?

-You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Common. Each god’s children have their own cabin.
-They all look the same, except for the curtain at the door…
-Order and discipline. Two camp rules.
-But… The gods are all different.
-Yes. But we are united. We are one. Why does it matter to you anyways?
-Nothing. I said. Hazel looked at me oddly.
-There are too many gods, more gods then room the camps own, and some of them are maidens. No kids. Empty cabins. Some of the gods are paired up by houses. The wind gods, for example. Ceres and Proserpina too.
-Agriculture goddess, spring goddess. Ring a bell?
-Oh, Demeter and Persephone.
-Nobody uses the Greek names, Add. It’ll just make you look like a total loser. But anyways, that’s why we have so little houses. I’ll show you the arena, you will love it Add. She said. As she walked I noticed a tattoo on her arm. Except they didn’t look normal, more like burns. 7 bars, like a grocery-market code with the letters SPQR and a dog paw imprint above.
-What’s with the tattoo? I asked. Hazel looked up at me.
-This? Every summer, the day before everyone goes back to wherever they live and unity breaks, they mark us. SPQR; it’s the motto of the Roman Empire, and camp. Senatus Populusque Romanus. The lines represent each year I’ve been around. I’m 15, and I got here when I was 8. Basic math Add, 8+7=15. Every year I’ve survived. How old are you? Ooh, let me guess, you don’t remember do you? You look 16, so I’ll go with that. The paw…
-You like littlest pet shop?
-So you don’t know your name but you know all about littlest pet shop? So much sense, and realise my brothers and sisters would kill you for saying that. The dog is a symbol of Trivia. It changes depending on your parent. For example Rey would got a plumed helmet and Jason has this… She bit her lip.

-Jason? He the guy that was in the dungeon?
-No, that was Bobby. Anyways what was I saying? Oh yeah, the tattoo changed from person to person unless you have a twin. Well, even then, if there was a year where you did something to majorly disrespect the gods, the camp, Lupa or anything else really you get a red bar, the red color is from your…
-Who’s Jason? Hazel pursed her lips.
-I mustn’t speak of him to you. Not until… Not until we know where you came from. I answered your questions, you answer mine. What’s with the necklace and the beads? You’re not into jewellery are you? ‘Cause that could mean…
-No. No, I… I don’t remember.
-Dammit, how are you supposed to answer my questions if you don’t remember anything? And you’ve got some weird designs on there. Is that a tree? I stared down and rolled the bead she was talking about between my fingers.
-It looks like a tree, so I guess.
-Wow. Out of all things a stupid tree.
-It’s not a stupid tree, it’s an important tree! I replied. Then I frowned, surprised to see the anger in my voice.
-Okay, I’m sorry I insulted the important tree. How do you even know that?
-I… I just do. I said.
-Okay, so is that an important building? She asked pointing at the last one.
-I… Yeah. I think it is. I said. I racked my brains to figure out what the building had that made it important.
-We’ll figure it out Add. You know, I think we should forget the arena and I’ll just take you to see Lupa.
-Who’s Lupa?
-Lupa’s the talking she-wolf in charge of this camp. I blinked a few times.

-No seriously. Who’s Lupa?
-I said you wouldn’t believe me. You’ll see. In front of her, show no weakness. No fear, no confusion.
-Oh that’ll work well.
-You better prey it will. I need to get my armour if we’re going to see Lupa. Do you mind stopping at my place?
-Umm, no.
-Sweet, common. It’s by the creek, behind Neptune and Jupiter’s.
I followed Hazel.
-Just wait here. Don’t get in a fight, don' swear at anyone and don’t go too far away.
-Got it. Hazel disappeared through a thick black theatre-style curtain and into her house.

*Hazel (sort-of)
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                            [u]The City[/u]
I woke up and had
over a year ago redhawks said…
big smile
That was sooooooo good! OMG awesome theory on what the lines mean!!! I can so picture whoever that is acting like that. Just kidding I know who it is! I'm guessing PERCY!!!
over a year ago Lightning98 said…
omg that like made me cry I MISS PERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
I'm not going to lie I am definitely looking for to checking this site every 20 minutes hoping that a new chapter will be posted.

By the I can tell this is going to be an amazing story as usual Hecate.
over a year ago Odssey said…
yea that was awsome you got to make a chapter two.
over a year ago sillyA013 said…
write more..MORE!
over a year ago sillyA013 said…
over a year ago Lightning98 said…
i hope he does not stay at the roman camp and that when he sees annabeth he remembers her.... but is probobly not
jason said thatb he would stay at camp half blood for a while... do you think percy will make the same promise....
over a year ago partypony said…
Hey, I'm new.

Anyway, love ur story. Make some more! I'm really... intrigued. Is that how you spell it?

I'm guessing this is Percy's point of view. If it is, then why does he have a tree design on his bead. He never got a bead like that. Unless... this is another Greek guy's PoV. Like, someone who's senior enough to had to have a pine tree bead.
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over a year ago Lightning98 said…
ya just on question HecateA why did he have a bead with a tree on it the year that thaia came back the bead had a paintig of the golden fleace on it.
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over a year ago HecateA said…
^That, lightning, is called a mistake.

partpony, love your name, and welcome to the spot. I'm Hecate, the welcomign commity, and frm all of us I give you this welcome-to-our-spot muffin basket

The She Wolf's palace

I didn’t stay put.
I wandered off to the cabin next to Hazel’s. I stood on the tips of my toes and peeked through a window.
The room, which was obviously a bedroom, was nearly empty. The floor was light wood and there was one wall painted like a map of the world. Different grey and white clumps moved over countries, then disappearing, colors changing and miniature lightning flashing. The ultimate storm-watcher studio. There was a low cot in the corner of the cabin with white linen sheets neatly done. Under it a trunk was tucked. The other walls were painted sky blue, and the one near the bed was decorated with pictures.
The same faces kept popping up. Hazel, Bobby, Reyna and two other girls. I noticed that in the pictures with Reyna, often she was with another boy. Blond with eyes like the sky and a scar on his lip. They were always dressed in armour, often armed. In some pictures they were slightly injured. Black eyes, bloody lips, that kind of thing.

But even with the pictures of happy friends tapped on the walls, the room seemed cold. Unused, lacking of owner. A set of armour was in one corner, and I wondered why the owner didn’t have it on. Then the room started smelling of ozone, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I had this urgent feeling in my stomach to back away and run somewhere safe.
But where the heck was somewhere safe? This whole place seemed wrong. From its military style, to its blandness, to the citizens walking on its grounds. It wasn’t a place for me, I knew that much.
The smell persisted and I had to run, so I ran towards the cabin next to it. My arm brushed the curtain and I knew I was safe. I risked peeking in.
This room looked like a living room. The walls were the color of the ocean. The waves seemed to move across them, refusing to stay painted on and still. But after everything else, the gods I had no trouble believing in and even the other cabin, I wasn’t scared or surprised. The floor was rock. No, not rock, coral, and light was emitted from silvery pearls, hanging on the walls. Benches made of driftwood were gathered in a corner. A fire was burning, except it seemed to be burning on water. Probably on oil. There was a part of the cabin that had no floor, but that seemed to be right above the creek, which was deeper then it seemed. In another corner there was a salt-water –don’t ask how I knew- fountain.
-Add! Hazel yanked me out of the cabin. I hadn’t even realised I’d started to walk in.
-Sorry, I, just…
-No, no, no, no, no don’t worry, I won’t tell, it’s cool. Neptune’s house ‘been empty for years anyways. Why did you look inside? Depending on which, it could have driven you mad. Hazel said.
-I don’t know. I looked in that one…
-Right, and then, I don’t know. I just had a gut feeling about this one. Hazel frowned.
-We really need to take you to see Lupa now. She turned and walked off.
Her purple shirts and jeans’ had disappeared, instead she wore a grey tunic, colors flashing every now and then (which would be very distracting for an opponent) underneath a metal jacket. She wore laced sandals and a helmet. Around her waist she had a kind of belt. In her hand she had a kind of spear, a rectangular shield in the other and at her side a sword. Except it didn’t look like a sword I’d use. Wait, why would I use a sword? This just kept getting better and better.
-The tunic is woollen and color changes from demigod to demigod, like the tattoo. This, she said showing her spear, is not a spear, it’s a Pilum. And the belt is a cinguium. I’m supposed to wear my armour most of the time nowadays, but I just got back from the neighbouring city – a human one- when I remembered it was Reyna’s shift at the dungeons. You’re welcome.
-Yeah, she looked about ready to gut me.
-She’s always looks like that. But she’s actually very sweet if you know how to be with her.
-Funny. But it’s the same thing with her mom, Bellona. Roman goddess of war.
-Who’s her Greek equivalent?
-No one. She’s an all Roman goddess.
-Well how did she come to existence then?
-The dreams of the people. Thoughts about her gathered up and BOOM, there she was. The only reason she was associated to have parents is that the Romans couldn’t understand how their own dreams created some gods. We’re here. Hazel said.
We were in front of a temple building, except this one had curtains, covering the columns and everything. Not exactly the place I’d think up for a she-wolf, but this place had already proven itself nothing like me.
-Remember, no weakness. If you show weakness, she’ll kill you.
-Harsh much?
-It’s practice for battle. If you show fear it gives the enemy energy and hope. I took deep breaths.
-You ready? Hazel asked.
-Yeah, I think. I said. Hazel nodded and walked up the steps, me at her heels.
-Until I call you stay here. Remember, no fear.
-‘Key. Hazel nodded and disappeared behind the curtain. I couldn’t hear her because of the heavy curtain, but when she yelled my name “Add” I heard. I took a deep breath and went to talk to a wolf.
It looked like a forest. Trees, moss and plants everywhere, I even spotted some poison ivy and milkweed. In the back there was a cave. Hazel was standing there, so straight she looked like plywood, Pilum at her side. She motioned for me to approach behind her back.
-You are the unknown stranger? A voice from the cave asked.
-Yes. I said.
-Do you have any idea where you come from?
-Do you have any idea where you are?
-Yes. The City.
-Excellent, Hazel has informed you. Do you know where the city is?
-Ah Hazel, your attention to detail is fine, but you forget… San Francisco.
-San Francisco! No, no I can’t, I can’t be here, I can’t be in San Francisco!
-Add, what are you talking about? You can’t go away, if you do monsters will find you and it’s all over.
-San Francisco isn’t safe. I insisted.
-It is, it is, calm down. You’re surrounded by trained soldiers Add, you’re probably trained too. I promise you are safe. Hazel said.
Then I remembered about the “no showing weakness” thing and I figured I was doomed.
I looked up at the cave. A huge white wolf walked out. I guess Hazel’d warned me, but I still think my eyes widened. And I don’t know if it was just me, but she looked troubled, maybe a little annoyed by me.
-Hazel, you may go. Inform Reyna and Bobby they may leave the dungeon, tell Gwendolyn to come here.
-Yes Lupa. She knelt and marched out the door, straight as plywood, but I was pretty sure the second she was outside she ran.
-Did Hazel tell you how we found you?
-How did you get in out creek?
-I don’t know. I don’t remember anything.
-Nothing… Then you probably don’t remember your name, your parents, your status?
-No ma’am. Lupa looked at me and if a wolf could smirk, she did.
-You speak Ancient Greek. You just did, and are this moment.
-I… I did? I said switching back to English.
-This is bad news. Very bad… What was he thinking? Crazy old horse…
-Do you remember any horse? I searched my brain.
-Do you remember one thing, any thing?
-The beads. On my necklace. They mean things. I don’t know what, I just know they do. I said.
-Hmm… Have you ever heard the name Jason?
-Yeah, Jason. The guy in the Argonautica.
-What about Grace?
Jason Grace
Jason Grace
Jason Grace

Did I know a Jason Grace? I didn’t know any Jason, but Grace was a surname I knew.
-I don't. I said, extremely frustrated with myself. And then it clicked.
Was Jason Grace the Jason Hazel didn’t want to tell me about? Lupa studied me and I was scared to ask.
-For now you will have to stay in Mercury’s house and prey their hospitality is good. I will not give you armour until you are claimed, and I will let you live, for you are not mine to kill. The moment you are claimed, you will have half a citizenship to this city. You may not vote, but you may fight and train.
-What do you mean not yours to kill? I asked.
-You are a strong, brave and powerful hero. Gwendolyn is probably waiting for you: go. She said, totally ignoring me.
But that was my cue to leave.
over a year ago partypony said…
big smile
^Luv it! Like the crazy old horse part. I`ve never heard of anyone calling Chiron that. CCS seems an awful lot like CHB, but thats cool.
over a year ago losthero5 said…
lol 'crazy horse'. talk about unfriendly with Chiron. i wonder how he is gonna explain his dip in the Styx powers
over a year ago redhawks said…
big smile
OH ya. I wonder how he would do that. ^

over a year ago Lightning98 said…
big smile
HecateA you are amazing as always
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
big smile
Wait Hecate can make mistakes?
over a year ago Odssey said…
She can make mistakes all right ( no offense) but she dosent make them often.
over a year ago sillyA013 said…
big smile
hah love it...................wen will u post more
over a year ago partypony said…
how bout now?
over a year ago sonoboreas said…
big smile
Ya I am definitely think Hecate should devote all her spare time to making stories for us.
over a year ago Wolfheart316 said…
hi i am in love with this story! thankyou so much! please wright again soon!
over a year ago partypony said…
Ok, guys dont rush her. stories have to be well thought out and it takes time to write a good one. So if u want a good story, patience people! So.... whens the next one!!!!??????
over a year ago HecateA said…
You guys are so... eh, ah, AWWWWW!!!! You guys... I love you all! Your comments are so... *is wordless*

So I decided to answer your plees and just give you chapter 3 nearly a week in advance. I'll add a picture as soon as I get to the other computer (I've got 3 pics of the 3 new girls on there)

@sonoboreas- Pff, heck yeah
@Oddsey - None taken
@sonoboreas - I'd die working
@Wolfheart - Glad you like it, and welcome to the spot! I'm the welcoming commity, Hecate, here's your muffin basket! *hands*
@partypony - I'm actually working on chapter 5. But I wanted to give myself a 1 chapter per Friday rule. I have a feeling that's not happening.
@everybody - AWWW!!!!!

At the door a girl was waiting for me. She had dark red hair braided in 2 braids, blue eyes and she was well tanned, a huge smile on her face making me wonder what she just slipped in someone’s pocket. Around her neck was a leather cord, with a tiny shark tooth hanging on it. She wore armour; her tunic was plain baby blue, a helmet under her arm.
-Are you Add? She asked.
-I’m Gwen Madison, daughter of Mercury.
-That’s Hermes?
-Hermes faded man, Mercury is still alive.
-But, I mean, he’s his Greek counterpart, right?
-In theory. Mercury is a bunch of Greek gods at once, he represents many. Anyways, yeah, I’m Gwen. ‘Heard you’re going to bunk in our house for a while, at least that’s what Hazel says. Common, I’ll show you our house before supper. She said. She led me towards a house near the edge of the city and pulled the baby blue curtain out of the way.
Inside a bunch of kids, headcount revealed 10; wearing purple shirts and various parts of armour were gathered in the corner of what looked like a living room, with a temple shaped fireplace.
There was a wrestling match in a corner and everyone seemed to be placing bets except for one kid who was pickpocketing.
-There’s a free cot in room 3. Gwen said.
As we passed the young thief, who couldn’t have been more then 7, Gwen took a roll of coins from his back pockets and motioned at me not to tell. Once we headed in a corridor and Gwen opened the door, pushing me inside, I spoke up.
-Dude, you just stole from that kid.
-Add, Mercury is a god of thieves, along with Furina, who also has some kids here. If you don’t keep a hand on it, you won’t re-find it. She said. Then she held up a ballpoint pen.
-See? She said handing it back to me.
-Is it mine?
-It was in your pocket.
-Oh. Umm, thanks?
-Yeah, just watch out, my siblings aren’t as generous.
-I’ll keep that in mind. I promised.
-Great. Anyways this is the guy room. There aren’t that many of them, but if they really want to they can make the sound of 3. I’m in charge of this house, so if there’s anything else you’d like to see or know…
-Yeah, actually, the creek.
-The creek? Hmm, true, wouldn’t mind going for a swim myself right now ‘cause dang it’s hot, except we’re not allowed, but sure, we can go see the creek. Oh, and Hazel. She’ll be happy to see you’re alive. Common. Before she walked out the door she yelled out;
-10 Aureus on Henry!
-What’s an Aureus? I asked as she folded the curtain to let as much air in the house as possible.
-Currency of Rome. We still use it here. Common. She said.
-Aren’t you hot in armour? I asked, feeling my skin burn under the sun already. How could it be so hot in winter?
-Boiling actually. It’s been hotter.
-And you still have to wear armour?
-If it’s that bad Lupa lets us not. Most people just stay in the houses where it’s not required if it’s that bad. But we replicate what the soldiers did. Intense training and all. Trust me, Mercury house is the only place where you are guaranteed to find people having fun and goofing off. Gwen promised. We crossed the bridge and Gwen walked towards a spot pretty far from the rest of camp.
-This is where they found you. She said. I knelt down and looked for any type of clue. Footprints, fabric, paper, anything. No such luck.
-What day is it?
-The council was 3 days ago. It’s Christmas Eve.
-Really? Why is it so warm? I know it doesn’t really snow in Frisco, but still.
-Add, the weather is messed up. But it is strange. Gwen admitted starring up.
-So it’s Christmas Eve?
-Yeah, but don’t get any ideas. We don’t really celebrate Christmas. Well, we get the day off of training and all, but nothing real special. Do you know if you had any plans for the holiday?
-I don’t know. I… I have the feeling I was just supposed to hang around with friends. But it’s fuzzy. Argh, this is so annoying!
-Hey, don’t worry. We’ll figure out why you have no memories. Until then you can hang out with Hazel, Bobby, Da, Rey and I.
-Dakota. She’s… I didn’t know what Dakota was because a conch bell blew.
-Supper. Common. She said. She brought me to the cafeteria. The tables were covered in different coloured shrouds over white cloths, name lists hanging on the wall besides them, golden goblets, plates and cutlery set. Lupa was sitting on a slightly elevated platform.
-You can stick with me tonight, over there. Gwen said.
-How do the tables work? I asked.
-By order of combat accomplishment. Best soldiers sit together, etc, etc. Recently my friends and I got upgraded; we have the whole table nearly to ourselves. The other praetors sit at another table; Common.
Hazel was already sitting at the table, shooting sparks from her fingers to the ceiling, looking bored.
-Yo, Haze. Gwen said. She turned around.
-Add, you made it! She said.
-Yeah. She said I wasn’t hers to kill or something encouraging like that.
-Not hers to… That’s weird. Anybody in the City is under her authority. Hazel said as Gwen sat in front of her.
-Did she talk about citizenship? Hazel asked.
-Half-citizenship if I get claimed.
-You probably will, you are older than 15, right? Gwen said.
-Here sit down Add, and yeah, you look about 16. Hazel said. I sat down besides her.
The boy that was guarding me in the cell showed up. He was holding a book under his arm. The letters of the title were like English, but the words made absolutely no sense, no matter how much I pushed my eyes to read them right.
-Hey Bobby.
-Hey Gwendo. What’s he doing here? He asked pointing at me.
-He’s lost.
-No kidding if he’s here. He said. Reyna strode right behind Bobby and sat near the wall. She shot me a murderous look.
-Well Haze and I were in charge of showing him around, so we figured he’d just eat with us. We have loads of room. Gwen said. Reyna’s face darkened.
-Aww Rey, that’s not what I…
But Gwen had lost Reyna, she pressed her head on the wall and I couldn’t believe she was the same girl who’d nearly rammed a spear through me earlier. She looked like she’d given up on something important. Like an Olympian forced to pull out of the competition because of a paper cut. I barely knew her and I knew it looked wrong on her.
There was an awkward silence so Bobby pulled a magazine from the pages of his book.
-What are you reading? I asked in a desperate attempt at breaking the heavy silence.
-Science magazine. He said. Bobby wasn’t good at conversation and just went back to read about molecules.
A new girl walked up.
-I’m sorry I’m late, did I miss anything? She asked, in a Spanish accent, sitting next to Gwen. She had shoulder length blond hair and bangs brushed to the side. She had kaki green eyes and she seemed well fit and curvy. She wore low-waist jeans and a purple tank top.
-Umm, yeah. This is Add, Hazel said. Add, Dakota.
-Salve, you new here? She said.
Salve? Did that mean, like, hi or saliva? I’d have to find out.
-Umm, yeah.
-He’s the guy from the dungeon. Gwen said.
-Oh, that’s you? So you did remember your name?
-No. Hazel started calling me Add.
-Okay. Dakota said, her eyebrows frowned in a way meaning she obviously thought that wasn’t weird. Suddenly everything turned silent. A girl with olive skin and mid-neck curly black hair was standing besides Lupa. She had a white cloth draped around her. She started speaking in a language I didn’t know, hands raised. I understood 3 words. To the gods.
Then the plates started overflowing with food and everybody dug in.
It looked really good. Chicken, cabbage, radishes, bread, figs, apples, pears; there was a little bit of everything.
-Woe. I muttered.
-Mm-hmm. Oh, by the way, in your cup? That’s wine.
-Wine? Don’t you need to be like, 21 years old?
-Dude, you need to be 25 to join the Roman army, you need to be 16 to drive. We sort-of follow our own rules. It doesn’t hurt anybody; never hurt the Romans either as long as you don’t overdo it, which you will get eternally made fun for if you do. But if you really don’t want to, just think about water when you drink.
-It works?
-Every time. Gwen said. Then someone plopped a Santa hat on her head.
-What the heck? She asked, yanking it off.
-Christmas Eve people, look alive! A girl said sitting down beside me. It was the girl who’d done the speech up-front. She’d taken off the cloth to show a black tank top, white Pumas and dark skinny jeans. Up close I noticed her eyes were a mix of brown and black, lacking of any warmth, which was supplied by the smile her full lips were pulled into.
-Oh hi. She said noticing me.
-I’m Caleb Gelus. She said holding out her hand.
-I’m… Add I guess.
-You guess? Oh I get it; you’re the guy in the dungeons.
Super, I thought, I wake up with a rep.
-Yeah, that’s me.
-Cool, glad you woke up. I’m the priestess here. And a daughter of Pluto.
-Add; stop it with the Greek names already. Gwen reproached.
-But yeah, Hades. Caleb said.
Something else clicked.
-Ha-Pluto has children?
-Yeah. Well, there’s just me, but yeah. Why wouldn’t he?
-You’re in a camp filled with children of the gods, Add. Dakota said gently.
-I know but… The three elder gods. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, aren’t they supposed to have no children?
They looked at me odd.
-Well, they’re all married if that’s what you mean.
-No, just… Never mind. I said. Dakota started a conversation about the armoury with Reyna, who snapped out of the zombie/state and talked about the different weapons and which of them the Vulcan children should start making. I figured Vulcan was the god of forges and fire: Hephaestus. I just ate quietly.
-Where’s the stupido-squad? Hazel asked.
-Don’t call them that, they’ll just beat you up.
-I’d like to see them catch me. Hazel’s eyes sparkled.
-Fair enough. I don’t know. I think they’re out setting traps in the wood.
-Traps? Who the Pluto gets Jack, Jake and Jace out in the woods setting traps?! Reyna asked.
-Who are they? I asked.
-The stupido-squad. Hazel said at once.
-You’ll get beat up! Gwen said.
-They’re my brothers. 30, 17 and 5 minutes older than me. Reyna said.
-They’re at the same rank as us, but man are they a pain! Gwen said.
-And that’s before you add Mars’ 2 kids to the list. Caleb rolled her eyes.
Whoever the stupido-squad was they reminded me of someone. I wondered who, and sunk back into thoughts for a minute or so before giving up on concentration.
-Bobby, what are you reading now? Caleb asked. Bobby’s spoon froze half-way to his mouth and he looked up.
-Science magazine. Here. He handed her the magazine over the table and I peeked.
The cover had “THE ‘SCIST” written in big white letters. Different pictures and slogans were written everywhere, but the main picture was of a blond, curly-haired girl, her eyes grey as storm clouds. She was tall, athletic-looking, tanned, and pretty.
“THE ‘SCIST’ interviews 16 year old military and architecture genius Annabeth Chasse”
Was written above her head. She had a blueprint behind her and looked very pleased with herself for coming up with it.
But the name, the eyes, something clicked.
I knew Annabeth Chase.
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you have got to make a chapter 4 soon theses are awsome
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HecateA that was brilliant as always... i am crying right now because of your ending. You are such good writer and i think everyone could agree with that.
Also sorry about the tree comment it was just that i was confused so i just had to ask.
Again wonderful writer, made me cry

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something clicked in percy's brain 10 times? -.-
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^Isn't that part of the mystery...

Anyway great/fantastic/most amazing story ever/most addicting story ever Hecate but you probably already heard.

Never stop writing I absolutely love everything you make.
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OMG that was awesome. Im probably exagerating right now but who cares rigth? I luv the ending. Now Annabeth's in the picture, even if its only a click in percy's brain, its gonna be interesting.

And yea, so excited wen hes gonna realize hes a son of Poseidon/Neptune. I think he's gonna soak some children of Mars who tries to engage him in a swordfight. Oh LOL..
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Hecate NEVER EVER stop writing. AT ALL. IT IS AMAZING!!
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i agree with wolfheart[:D]

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i love the part about annabeth
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... speechless......

i agree with wolfheart[:D] 

pleasse i am -wow- omg there
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Thank you!!!
And I'm a sucker for Percabeth, who is proudly the one couple or romantic thingy I have minor interest in. Which is why I added a PICTURE!!!!. I'm a sucker for that guy's pictures too.
@ losthero5, writting :) grammar and punctuation :(
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@everyone thta asked - I will be a writter and I never stop! Drives my friends nuts!

Don't forget to check out Jewels too, that's still happening!

The girl called Annabeth Chasse

-I know her! I said pointing at the girl.
-What, her? Caleb said.
-Annabeth, I know her, since I’m 12! I said excited.
-How do you..? Dakota asked. But I’d taken the magazine from Caleb and was looking for the article where she was featured. I found it and read it aloud, choppily trying to make the words have sense until Hazel took over.
“New York City has one of the best child military geniuses. Annabeth Chasse, 16 years old, who got interested in Military when she was 6 years old.
‘My dad is a military professor.’ She says, ‘that’s how I got started and since then, I’ve studied battle strategy of both Ancient civilisations and of world wars.’
‘I definitely like the war strategies of the Ancient civilisations better. Compared to back then, right now taking over a city is easy. The man power used is much more impressive.’ She confides.
But Annabeth Chasse’s genius doesn’t stop at Military strategy and history. Architecture is perhaps a bigger part of her life.
‘I have wanted to be an architect since I am very little.’
And Annabeth’s dreams are very close to realisation; the blueprint she entered for a Civil War memorial won first place.
‘The girl is a genius, how else can I put it?’ Janie Holls, architect laughs. ‘Her design is smart, the outside is beautiful, but it’s the inside that’s interesting. It’s hollow. You heard me, hollow. How she figured out how to make it as sturdy as it would’ve been if it wasn’t hollow, I’m still not quite sure, but it is. It’s not something many have thought about for monuments, but it works. And the money saved by doing that…’
As first prize, not only will Annabeth’s monument be built, but she will also receive a prize of 10 000$ US.
‘I really just wanted the monument to be built, money isn’t important to me.’
Annabeth has made the money a donation to a summer camp local to her present hometown- New York City.
‘I didn’t need the money; I’ve already got college-money covered.’
But she didn’t need that money either. She received a scholarship for the University of Ottawa at age 16 for all the classes she needs to become a licensed architect.
‘It’s a thrill to get a full scholarship so young.’ She says, ‘I didn’t expect it, but I’ve heard the University of Ottawa has an excellent program.’
‘Annabeth’s great; some of the things she’ll have drawn will just blow your mind away.’ A friend says.
‘When she told me she wanted to be an architect I didn’t buy it, I couldn’t see her do it, but now she’s going to have her monument built.’ Another tells.”
-You know this girl? Dakota asked.
-Annabeth, yeah, I remember her.
-Does that mean you remember who you are?
My energy dropped.
-No. I just remember her. I said.
-Only her? What does she call you?
-I… I don’t know.
-Does she have any brothers or sisters? Dakota asked.
-I don’t know.
-We should find her, she probably knows more about you. Hazel said.
-She’s where? New York? Caleb asked.
-Well we can’t go.
-What? What do you mean? I asked. If this girl was at New York, I was going to New York.
-We are forbidden to go to New York. Reyna said.
-Why? What’s wrong with the City?
-We don’t really know. But everybody that goes there ends up dying very painfully. Sometimes we get the body back, and it’s not pretty. Gwen said.
-We’re not sure, but Bobby has an idea. Hazel said.
-Dude, do you know everything about the fall of Rome?
-Crash course: Rome separated into 2 states, 2 emperors. The decision was taken in Rome. As strong as the capital is, that’s where things started breaking apart. New York City is the new Rome, we know that much. I think you need to be careful when you go to the city.
-But isn’t that were Olympus is? If it’s the capital, isn’t that where the Roman gods live?
-Yes. But you don’t go to Olympus for a weekend, Add. You barely go to Olympus, the only ones who really do have any contact with the gods are Dakota and… Gwen trailed off.
It was the only name who got caught in their throats and wouldn’t come out. An awkward atmosphere settled in.
-Point is, New York: bad place.
-That can’t be right. New York can’t be bad.
-Add, people DIE. PAINFULLY. I think it can be, is, bad.
-No, I mean… Never mind. I said.
-We should talk to Lupa. Caleb said.
-For sure, let’s go. Gwen said, pushing her chair back.
-Wait, what?
-This is urgent. Well, it could be for all we know.
-I’ll soften things up. Dakota said.
-Take this. Bobby said handing me the magazine. I said thanks and followed them out of the cafeteria and further into the city. Night fell and torches appeared on each side of doorways, and some seemed to float in mid-air.
-She’ll be at the forum. Dakota said.
-The forum?
-It’s like the town square. Gwen said.
-The centre U. I said, just like that.
-I don’t know. Never mind, ignore me. I said.
This was so confusing. Annabeth Chasse, I had just enough memory to remember her. I remembered the blade of her dagger, the sound of her voice, and the touch of her lips. I remembered her presence in battle, her shrines up above and the gaze of her eyes.
And then I’d keep blabbing about the Greek names, random places I knew about and having these random gut feelings, that this place was as unsafe as unsafe gets. It seemed so wrong. The drills, the statuses, the rules. There had to be something about that that hinted where the heck I came from. A breeze drifted across the village.
-Add, you okay? Gwen asked softly, peaking over her shoulder. I nodded, even if the answer was No, absolutely and undeniably NO.
Could you be homesick for a place you didn’t remember? Was it normal I wanted to see a girl I’d remembered about 2 minutes ago? That I wanted to hold her?
-Don’t worry Add, we’ll figure things out, Gwen said. You’re not the first demigod to wander around here. Your case is just… umm… Unforgettable.
Dakota smacked her forehead looking downright ashamed of being near Gwen, as she waited for a response.
-Okay, okay, bad joke, I’m sorry. But we will figure things out. Gwen said.
We turned a corner.
The person wasn’t Lupa, but a woman with hair, white as snow falling unequally between her two shoulder blades. When she turned I saw her eyes were still those of a she-wolf. She wore grey battle armour and the plume of her helmet was white as her hair. She had a short sword- a gladus Reyna had said- in her hand, pointing down at the ground.
-Lupa? Dakota asked. She turned slowly and looked at us.
In her human form, the wolf goddess looked equally as threatening and intelligent, but she was beautiful, in a cold harsh way.
-Add, he remembered something. During supper.
-What? Lupa asked. I opened the magazine at the page with the article on Annabeth. I figured she could see pretty well in the dark, so handed the magazine to her. She read through the article.
-Do you remember how you met her? Lupa asked.
-Do you remember how you knew her?
-A friend. I blushed.
-Anything else? She asked, thought I could tell she was seeing right through my lie.
-No ma’am.
-Lupa, she lives in New York. Dakota piped up. The wolf goddess glared at me.
-How important is she?
-Important enough to go to New York?
-I… I don’t know. It can’t be that bad, can it?
-Ah, but it is, hero. Do you really think that if you find this girl, it will fix the problem at hand?
-Problem? Lupa, what problem? Lupa’s face darkened.
-Not something one should speak of in the night, hero.
-Does this have to do with Jason Grace? I asked. The night suddenly became colder and the silence was absolute.
-Do you know who Jason Grace is, boy? Lupa asked.
-No. I said.
-Then that too must be discussed in other times. Come back to find me, tomorrow at supper. Just you and Dakota. I will… Explain. Lupa said.
-Common, Add. Dakota said. She took my arm and led me away from Lupa. We were nearly at the other side in the city when words seemed to explode form Gwen’s mouth.
-She knows who Add’s talking about, doesn’t she? Gwen said.
-I think she does. Or at least she has an idea. Dakota confirmed.
-Who is Jason Grace?
-If Lupa does not tell you, nor shall we. It is forbidden. I’m sorry. Gwen said.
-He’s important, isn’t he? I asked again.
-Our lips are sealed Add. You’ll just have to wait.

*This picture is Caleb, or as close to Caleb as I could find
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Thank you!!!
And I'm a sucker for Percabeth, who is proudly the one couple or romantic thingy I have
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ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!! I keep saying that because I have know idea what to say. I mean your chapters just leave me speechless. I think you are Rick who has 2 story lines and wants to share both so you have this one and another one. You really need to contact an agency bout your writing to get it published.
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When I read that they die in NYC, i thought for a second that Chiron would hunt for them and kill them ... Boy do i have a dark sense of humor -.-
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HecateA you have done it again... you hae made me cry. My mom thinks i am going crazy because in the middle of the night i just start crying.
What are the reasons for me crying..... you are the most amizing witer on the face of the earth almos equal to Rick!!!!!!! You add so much emotion into your work it is just so amazing.
Agreeing with redhawks you should talk to a publisher to get this ... published.
Please write more or else I will be crrying in a sad way... you know what I mean<3

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-yull just have to wait

its just as bad as rick riordan leaving us with
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