The Heroes of Olympus "The Son of Neptune" by Calypso0

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"The Son of Neptune"

C, I guess

Adventure, Fantasy, humor -hopefully!!!

As the constraction of the Argo II continues and Jason slowly rises as a leader at Camp Half-Blood, Percy's side of the story in Urbs(that must be the City of Rome or something in Latin, hope i got it right!) unfolds. And when the Argo II sets sail to San Fransisco the Greek and Roman demigod's meeting will be judged by the acts of the seven who will be at last united.

Percy Jackson(son of Poseidon),
Jason Grace(son of Jupiter),
Piper McLean(daughter of Aphrodity),
Leo Valdez(son of Hepheastus),
Annabeth Chase(daughter of Athena),
Nico Di Angelo(son of Hades),
Dakota Sterling(daughter of Minerva),
Gwendolyn [Gwen] Hanagan(daughter of Trivia),
Hazel Sommerfield(daughter of Vulcan),
Robert [Bobby] Fisher(son of Mercury),
Reyna King(daughter of Mars)
Juliana de Beaumont(daughter of Nyx)OC
other campers of Camp Half-Blood
other soldiers of Urbs
and, of course, Greek and Roman gods and godesses -the whole lot of them!

Rick Riordan is the creator of the story, main characters and settings to whom "The Heroes of Olympus" belong. I'm just playing around a bit with these.

A/N:This is the first story I upload so guys, please be nice...

Oh, this is gonna be so much fun!!!
Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I will! :-D

P/S:I will really try to be right on schedule but i'm not all that good with such stuff-just so you know.


this is supposed to be one of europa's arrows. I worked really hard to make it look like this what with scanning disrupting the image quality and then my PC acting up and photoshop not working...
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grrr...heheh thats been the word ive been using lately...haha wieerrddd...but i have school 2 marrow!!! i wont be able to read it till l8r
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big smile
cant wait
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School starts tommorow for you guys? That must suck badly... Lucky me, I've got a weak left! :-P
Well, good luck tommorow!
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over a year ago Calypso0 said…
this is my shortest chapter, but, well...hope you like it!

Chapter IIX(8)

Clarisse was infuriated.
Who did Piper think she was, anyway, making such questions?
Ares, those daughters and sons of Aphrodite were so stupid. ‘Cause if they were not, they’d know to mind their own business.
Ugh, they were making her sick.
Sure, there were pretty dumb kids in her own cabin, she had to admit it, but at least her siblings knew how to fight.
While Aphrodite’s kids… All they knew were fashion, hair-styles, manicure and whatnot.
The only child from that cabin that was ever worth being a demigod was Silena Beauregard.
She had been a real hero.
With a yelp, Clarisse bumped onto Annabeth who was exiting the amphitheater.
Annabeth seemed worse than ever. Her hair was tangled and her eyes a little red, with dark shadows under them. She looked pretty messed up.
“Oh, hey, Annabeth.”
“Clarisse, I was just coming to find you.”
“Yeah, well, I found you. So, what’s up?”
“I need to talk to you. It’s about Percy.”
Clarisse couldn’t help feeling baffled by what Annabeth had just said. She had asked her help sometimes in the past, sure, and they were good with each other. But wanting to talk to her about Percy? This girl must have surely gone mad.
Clarisse blinked a couple of times at Annabeth, expecting her to start laughing and saying: “Gotcha! I’m joking. You really believed that?” or something like that but no such luck. Annabeth looked more serious than ever –which kinda scared her.
“Did you talk to Chiron?”
“Nope,” she said and started walking to the woods.
Clarisse followed her and asked: “Shouldn’t you talk to Chiron first?”
Annabeth shook her head saying: “No, not until later.”
“Um, o-kay. So, where are we going?”

Chiron was pretty surprised to see Annabeth and Clarisse in the Big House, both in full armor and carrying their weapons. But he was also worried seeing the shadowy look in Annabeth’s face.
He lowered his body, so his head was on the same height as the girls’. “Hello, ladies. I was just heading to the pavilion. Shouldn’t you be there already?”
He watched, his worry growing, as Annabeth and Clarisse shared a long meaningful look. Clarisse nodded encouragingly at the other girl and, so, Annabeth turned to him, expression grim, and said bluntly: “I have to go to Manhattan and Clarisse has agreed to come with me.”
Chiron looked at the two girls for a while, trying to understand what was going on.
“Could I know the reason of this…unexpected departure of yours?” he asked them carefully.
Annabeth looked down, fidgeting. “I-I’m not sure…It’s just something Rachel told me this morning.”
Chiron’s eyebrows shot up. “A prophesy?”
“No, no. Not a prophesy. I can’t explain it, and it might sound stupid, but-“Annabeth bit her lip, still not looking at him.
“Rachel told Annabeth in that spooky hoarse voice of hers,” Clarisse butted in, “that she must go in some town surrounded by water and find the entrance of darkness or end or something like that-“
“She said: ‘On the entrance of the dark end, at the city on water…’” Annabeth corrected in a small voice.
“Whatever,” Clarisse rolled her eyes, “and she concluded that she was talking about Manhattan.”
Chiron’s tail twitched as he heard that. “Alright, but, I’m afraid I don’t see where Clarisse fits here, though.”
Annabeth looked up with wide serious eyes. “Rachel also said,” she swallowed before continuing: “that, ‘ must not be alone, to help the one about whom you care about the most.”
Chiron thought about that, repeating the words to himself: ‘On the entrance of the dark end, at the city on water, you must not be alone, to help the one about whom you care the most.’ No, that was definitely not a prophesy, though it sounded a lot like one. It had cryptic messages, double meanings and musicality, but the words just didn’t rhyme.
“I see,” he said slowly.
“Are we allowed to go, or not?” Clarisse pushed him.
He stood in silence for a while, considering the girl’s request carefully before replying: “It sounds like a quest to me. But, Annabeth, we know the one these words are about is you. Are you sure about Clarisse?”
“Well, she was the first person that came onto mind and, after all, she is a great fighter. So, yeah, I think I’m sure.”
The following words were said halfheartedly by Chiron: “When are you leaving then?”
Annabeth’s grin was slow but real.
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over a year ago PJhero02 said…
AWESOME!!!!! can't wait unitl the next chapter when they go on the quest!!
over a year ago Percy_ said…
This is sooo good!!Can't wait for next chapter!!!!
over a year ago NicoDiAngelo4 said…
so ah-mazing!! luh-ved soon!!!
over a year ago Calypso0 said…
This chapter, I don’t really like… It’s a bit boring.
The next one is better…more action there…
Anyway…here you go…

Chapter IX(9)

Getting out of his cabin, Percy noticed a group of young demigods rushing up and down, yelling and laughing. Looking down the broad path that run along the row of cabins, he saw some people standing out of cabin fourteen -most doubled over laughing or simply snickering and few shaking their heads disapprovingly at a couple of dripping-wet boys standing at the cabin’s doorway.
He slowly walked there, pretending to have absolutely no idea what was going on.
Passing cabin nine, he glanced once inside to see Herm-Mercury’s children pretending to be asleep on their beds and looking outside through half-closed eyelids. When Bobby smirked and winked at him, Percy couldn’t help grin back.
Reaching the crowd that had by that time grown bigger, he squeezed his way to the cabin’s stairs to take a closer look.
And there they were. James and Edmund, sons of Somnus, on their drenched cotton PJs, looking as angry, mad and awake as ever. They were yelling at those gathered out there, throwing their hands in the air, saying pretty rude things and occasionally pointing at their cabin. Inside there, it had literally been raining. There were thick dark storm clouds on the ceiling, dousing everything from the beds with heavy quilts to the grey tree that wound its branches all around the room.
The color of those rainy clouds suddenly made Percy feel hollow and alone inside. They reminded him so much of her eyes…
“Can you believe it?” Gwen said in his ear. “This is a full-on magical storm. I mean, where did they find a weather controller? And how did they move it all the way down here with no one taking notice?”
“I did,” he said as he turned around.
Gwen had been wearing her standard dark grey jeans, purple T-shirt and belt made of leather and gold where she had her sheathed gold dagger and sword. She had strangled her hair up in a tight ponytail with a few dark brown curls falling around her face, making her almond-shaped brown eyes seem bigger and darker.
She slapped his arm lightly. “And you didn’t tell me?”
“Why, what’d you do?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.
She shrugged lightly, “I’d put a waterproof spell on my cabin. One of the side walls was totally soaked. But it’s okay now. I got my brothers to dry it.” She wound an arm through his, “Anyway, it’s breakfast time. Shall we?”
“You won’t turn it off?” he asked her incredulously.
“No, but, don’t worry. It’s easy. Once these two guys stop yelling at everyone and look at the window,” she pointed at it, where a short silver cylinder with weird symbols and something like a switch on it poked from the light blue wet curtains, “I believe they are smart enough to find how it shuts off by themselves. Now come on, I have Latin first hour and you don’t want me to be late.”
“What are you doing anyways during those hours?” he inquired as they started walking away from Somnus’s cabin.”I thought you all could speak Latin perfectly.”
“Yes, we do. We just study ancient texts, inscriptions and stuff like that. You see, ancient Roman history is not as well-known as Greek so we have to keep studying to know about our roots. It’s a quite necessary lesson while confronting monsters but a boring one, mostly.”
“Thank Neptune, I’m exempted from that.”
“Yes, you are,” she said, rolling her eyes.
Gwen, of course, knew about Charlie and Jace’s difference and Jace had ‘accidentally’ told her that Percy didn’t know Latin but ancient Greek on a slip of the tongue.
They were passing Hes-Vesta’s all-white cabin when nine girls dressed in long white dresses came out. All smiled and said “Good morning” at Gwen and Percy.
“You see,” Gwen whispered at him slowing her pace down as the girls walked ahead of them, “that’s the difference between Huntresses and Vestal Virgins. Vestal Virgins don’t hate guys. Huntresses do.”
“No,” he told her, “I think I know Huntresses that were quite friendly to me.”
“Yeah, but you said they are, like, two, right? The dark-haired punk-rock princess and the one with the green cap.”
“Yeah,” he replied quietly, feeling guilty for not remembering anything particular about these girls. Like their names.
They reached the pavilion, an open-air area surrounded by ancient Roman columns and with marble picnic tables dotting the green grass here and there. There was, also, a pretty big stone-lined round fireplace with orange flames crackling in the hearth, the girls in white –the Vestal Virgins– in a circle around it chanting in Latin, and a young woman wearing a long gown in light gray and an intricate golden diadem on her dark blond wavy hair –Vesta- pocking the rich fire with a stick.
Vesta looked up at him with those warm eyes of hers; smiling broadly just like she did always from the very first time he had entered the Fortress’s mess hall.
Gwen had told him that she had never glanced at anyone but her priestesses, the Vestal Virgins, before, and –however weird that sounded- the other demigods had stopped suspecting him for being an enemy or responsible for a son of Jupiter’s, Jason, disappearance for that reason.
He had tried to talk to the goddess during the first days of his in Urbs, but, their conversation had not been all that enlightening.

Percy had approached the goddess after the Vestal Virgins had sat down and most demigods had gone, bowed and said: “Hello, my lady.”
She had smiled warmly, the flames in her eyes turning a cheerful red. Slowly, her form had changed until she was a young girl of eight years old with mousy brown hair and a simple brown dress. “Hello, Percy. I’m glad you come to talk to me, even though you can’t remember me.”
“Hestia,” he had said tentatively, not noticing the name with which he had called her until much later, “do you know anything about me?”
Her eyes had burned bright with amusement and pride. “I know everything about you, Percy Jackson. How couldn’t I?”
“Could you possibly tell me?” he had begged.
“Oh Percy,” she had replied sadly, “your lack of memories must be awful -I can only imagine-, but, it is essential for your security here in Urbs. Please don’t ask me anything else. You’re not supposed to know and I’m mostly sorrowed being unable to answer your questions. I believe the nymph Calypso has already informed you about several things.”
Worry had overwhelmed him. “Is she in trouble because of me?”
“Oh, no. She is not in trouble because of you. It was her choice after all. But, even with the gods angry for her doing so, your choice for not sharing that information with nobody but young Gwendolyn, who is a person of your trust, saved her from any punishment.”
A wave of relief had washed over him.
He was grateful to Calypso for her initiative to tell him some things about his past. He would have visited her again if it had not been for the danger she had gotten in for telling him and the pang of guilt he felt every time he even thought of doing so.
Vesta had sighed and returned to pocking the hearth saying: “You should go, now, Percy. You have sword practice, I believe.”
He had not tried to ask her about his memories again, but, often approached her to say good morning or ask her if there were any news about the gods since she was the only one who had not been shut in Olympus. She was sometimes cryptic but often told him, smiling mischievously, about Minerva’s attempts on persuading Jupiter to let her leave the Palace, or Apollo’s haiku poems that were the one worse than the other and all about his staying confined on Olympus, or Vulcan’s inventions going mad and destroying almost everything before being stopped, or Mars challenging everyone in a fight out of boredom or other gods getting in Jupiter’s nerves with their doings.
But what would every time draw Percy’s attention was that Vesta never called the gods with their Roman names, but their Greek ones: Zeus, Athena, Hephaestus, Hermes, Ares…
And Percy was never the ‘son of Neptune’ for her, but, always the ‘son of Poseidon’.
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over a year ago Percy_ said…
Aww poor perseus.... not knowing anything must suck.. :\
over a year ago PJhero02 said…
yes i agree....awwww

can't wait until he remembers more!
over a year ago Calypso0 said…

Chapter X(10)

As Percy sat at his table, no one glanced at him and he couldn’t help feeling relieved. He had been tired of the looks the other demigods would shoot him during his first months at Urbs and not being the center of attention and suspicion was something new to him that he absolutely welcomed.
Bobby passed by with his brothers and sisters, smirking at Percy as he said: “You slept well?”
A nod was Hazel Sommerfield’s only move of acknowledgement to Percy as she headed to the table of the children of Vulcan, but he still was happy because she had not given him the evil eye as she used to.
A sleepy Dakota Sterling run her way into the pavilion, her reddish hair falling from her high ponytail in waves, rubbing sleepily with one hand her gray eyes, and holding a thick book in the other. “Hey,” she smiled at him as she rushed to sit at the head of Minerva’s table.
Reyna King saluted him as she led the younger children of Mars at their seats.
Alex Lookgood strolled on the grassy field, winking sultry at him as the other daughters of Venus that followed her giggled insanely.
And other children slowly crowded the tables around the mess hall, some occasionally talking to Percy.
It felt very good to know that he had made some friends and –at the very least- acquaintances with almost everybody in the Fortress. And how could he not. These demigods were soldiers and the only thing Percy had to do to gain their trust and respect was show his abilities during battle.
Something he had done last Saturday at the arena.

Everything had started with the twins, Jace and Charlie, getting in Poseidon’s cabin and jumping all around trying to wake Percy up.
“It’s Saturday you guys… Let me sleep in,” he had pleaded in vain.
“Exactly! Today is Saturday! Today is Saturday!” they had sung, jumping up and down on two empty beds.
“You know what Saturday means?” Jace had asked as his brother had kept on singing.
Percy pulled his pillow over his head. “Chariot races, archery contests and sword fights at the arena…” he had answered, groaning sleepily. “Look, I’d much rather sleep. I had patrol duty yesterday and I stayed at the Gates till late…”
“But you can’t sleep during the sword fights. Not today.” Charlie had said, turning all serious.
Percy said annoyed: “And why not?”
“’Cause the soldiers will think you’re a coward.” Charlie had said in a low, guilty voice.
Percy had looked at him through narrowed eyes, “And why would they think that?” he had asked slowly.
Charlie had stayed silent, staring purposefully at the floor. “Lupa has allowed you to participate,” he had finally said.
Percy had sat up on his bed, running a hand through his black tangled hair and taking a deep breath. “Why do I not remember asking her?”
“Because you didn’t?” Charlie had replied as he sat on the bed.
“And how come she allowed me to?”
“Because I did?” Charlie had looked at him with huge puppy-dog pleading blue eyes.
“What did you exactly ask her?”
“If you could participate at the sword fights.”
“And she said yes,” Jace had continued, “and that she will be looking forward to Saturday –today.”
Percy stood up. Feeling suddenly wide awake. “You mean that…I now have to take part?”
They both nodded, bobbing their heads up and down in sync.
“Don’t worry,” Jace had tried to reassure him, “you’re the best fighter here. You will definitely kick ass out there.”
“Yeah, and since no one has seen you fight –well, except us and Gwen, that is,- because you only train with our cabin, they’ll probably underestimate you which will make things so much easier, right?” Charlie had added.
At that exact moment, Gwen had burst into the room.
“Is what Reyna told me true?” she had asked, not noticing that Percy had just his boxers on. “You’ll take part at sword fighting?”
“Ugh, great,” Percy had groaned, “How many know that?”
Jace had rubbed his neck pensively and shot Percy a sheepish smile. “I don’t think there is anyone who does not.”
And so Percy had found himself later that day in full golden armor, holding a heavy roman-style helmet on one hand and his bronze pen on the other, standing at an arched gate that led to the huge fighting arena they normally used for sword practice.
Thousands of stone seats set amphitheatrically were surrounding the Olympic-sized arena which was nothing but packed dirt, spotted here and there by small waterholes from last night’s storm. But it still looked a lot like what Percy had in mind as the inside of the Colosseum –which seemed only fair since the arena’s exterior reminded him of a whole and newer Colosseum.
He had braced himself as he entered the arena, holding his head up high and clutching his magic pen tightly.
From somewhere in the crowd he had heard laughs and snickers about his weapon of choice.
“A pen? Seriously, a pen? What are you gonna do, write your opponents off?” someone had yelled causing anger to flare inside Percy and he had uncapped Riptide.
If anyone had been about to give some other snide remark, they had choked the words and silence had fallen at the view of Percy’s three-feet-long wickedly sharp sword.
Looking around, he had just spotted Gwen, Jace and Charlie smiling encouragingly at him from their seats when a slim figure entered the arena from the entrance opposite him.
She had been tall and willowy with shiny blond hair falling all the way down her waistline in gentle waves and dark blue startling eyes. She looked beautiful and deadly at her golden armor that he had almost instantly recognized her as a daughter of Aphr-Venus.
She had been holding a golden sword on one hand and her helmet on the other, just like him. With a dazzling smile she had threw her helmet aside and said: ”Hi, I’m Alex, senior counsel of Venus’s cabin, one of the best warriors in Urbs and your opponent.”
He had felt baffled from her image, so he had replied brilliantly: “Um, I’m Percy.”
Alex had brought her free hand in front of her mouth as she giggled melodically. “I know who you are, son of Neptune. What I don’t know are your skills, but, that’s what we’re here for, now, aren’t we? To test your skills on battle.” She had readied her sword as she grinned dangerously and continued: “I heard you beat the Minotaur without any weapon. But that’s rumors, of course. This is the real thing. But don’t worry. Seeing as you’re that good-looking, I think I’ll even go easy on you.”
Percy had mere seconds to prepare himself before Alex, the daughter of Venus, charged, her long hair waving around her armor-clad figure and her blue eyes glinting.
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OK read all 3 chapters and LUVED THEM AWESOME none of them were boring all of them were great
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AWSOME! I'm wondering what's happening in Camp half-blood and Annabeth and the rest of the Greek demigods.
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go Percy, go Percy, go, go, go Percy yeah! go, go Percy go, go, go Percy!!!! can't wait to find out what happens next!
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POST SOON PLEASE!!!! i need to see percy kick her but!!!! ugh can't wait!! awesome chapter!!
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Guys, do not underestimate Alex just because she's a pretty girl...
*magicgirl123 are you new here? WELCOME!!!!!!! And I'm really happy you liked my fanfic
Everyone thnx a ton for your comments! <3

Sorry, no chapter today... I have to go to school on Monday which means I gotta do homework and read and will therefor not be posting as frequently as I used to but I'll try -and that's a promise.
So, um, see you around...

School sucks,
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^well yeah but in the previous chapter didn't percy say that he proved himself at the sword practice or whatever? plus no way would percy lose!
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Yeah but that doesn't mean it's gonna be easy...
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Yeah don't underestimate The sons and daughters of Venus or should I say Aphrodite... They are Roman Demigods after all... They show no fear!
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SCHOOL IS HORRIBLE NO FUN my workshop teacher wears a suit to class (and is a stalker)
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