The Heroes of Olympus "The Son of Neptune" by Calypso0

Calypso0 posted on Dec 25, 2010 at 06:28PM
"The Son of Neptune"

C, I guess

Adventure, Fantasy, humor -hopefully!!!

As the constraction of the Argo II continues and Jason slowly rises as a leader at Camp Half-Blood, Percy's side of the story in Urbs(that must be the City of Rome or something in Latin, hope i got it right!) unfolds. And when the Argo II sets sail to San Fransisco the Greek and Roman demigod's meeting will be judged by the acts of the seven who will be at last united.

Percy Jackson(son of Poseidon),
Jason Grace(son of Jupiter),
Piper McLean(daughter of Aphrodity),
Leo Valdez(son of Hepheastus),
Annabeth Chase(daughter of Athena),
Nico Di Angelo(son of Hades),
Dakota Sterling(daughter of Minerva),
Gwendolyn [Gwen] Hanagan(daughter of Trivia),
Hazel Sommerfield(daughter of Vulcan),
Robert [Bobby] Fisher(son of Mercury),
Reyna King(daughter of Mars)
Juliana de Beaumont(daughter of Nyx)OC
other campers of Camp Half-Blood
other soldiers of Urbs
and, of course, Greek and Roman gods and godesses -the whole lot of them!

Rick Riordan is the creator of the story, main characters and settings to whom "The Heroes of Olympus" belong. I'm just playing around a bit with these.

A/N:This is the first story I upload so guys, please be nice...

Oh, this is gonna be so much fun!!!
Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I will! :-D

P/S:I will really try to be right on schedule but i'm not all that good with such stuff-just so you know.


this is supposed to be one of europa's arrows. I worked really hard to make it look like this what with scanning disrupting the image quality and then my PC acting up and photoshop not working...
[b]"The Son of Neptune"[/b]

[b]C[/b], I guess

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