The Heroes of Olympus Greeks meet Romans ! Percy meets annabeth and Jason meets reyna !!!

percyposeiedon3 posted on Jun 02, 2011 at 08:48AM
Ok people this is where the flying ship comes to the Romans camp !. Jason meets reyna and likes her .. But what will piper do ? Read further for the fight action between reyna and piper .. Also percabeth is damn cute !!
Special features - prom night and also introducing calypso !!

Read on !! Hope you like it !!

Disclaimer I am not rick riordan . This is my version of the son of Neptune !
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over a year ago vlad_todd_fan said…
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Also could u read my stories? Judging by your style of writing I'm predicting you'll like mine as well!!!!! Here's a link­oly­mpu­s/f­oru­...­nts
over a year ago percyposeiedon3 said…
Hey Vlad_Todd _fan !!!!! I'd love to !!!!
over a year ago percyposeiedon3 said…
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Jason's POV

Khione said " I'm going to tell you a short story before you go on my quest "
" you all know the god of the west wind Zephyrs ." we nodded .

So it once happened that Zephyrus had started liking Hyacinthus . She was a beautiful lady indeed and Apollo was in love with her . Apollo was teaching Hyacinths to throw a discus . This insanely angered Zephyrus and so he caught the discus in the air and hurled it at Hycinthus .
She was spot dead , and from her divine blood sprang the flower which is the Hyacinthus ."
We all looked at each other .
" so what do we do ? " Annabeth asked .
" too much arrogance , daughter of Athena ?" Khione asked .
Annabeth just made a face .

" so let me continue . After that Zephyr plucked the flower and kept it in his garden as his beloved . It is the ever gleaming Hyacinth , it smells as if you are standing in a garden full of flowers , it's petals are soft as ever and it's Blueish , purplish color , the most incredible thing you have ever seen " Khione said

We all were awestruck listening to Khione's description .
Calypso seemed to know all about this .

" so what I want you demigods is to pluck that flower and get it to me within two days , otherwise I will tell Gaia to kill Lupa and you kids too . " she said .
" hey ! Why can't you get the flower yourself ?" Percy asked .
" who wants to spoil her own image , we have our slaves that are you - young half bloods " Khione said and flicked hair snowy hair behind .

" we are not your slaves ! We are doing this to save Lupa ! And anyway what do you want with that flower ? " I said .

" Whatever , that Is none of your business , just remember The hyacinth has immense magic . So you will be traveling by land first and you will be caused no harm . Here are some fresh clothes and other supplies "
Khione snapped her fingers and 3 bags appeared in front if us . " Good luck !" she said and vanished

" Wow now we are going to anger the most Hot Tempered god after Ares ." Percy
said .
" Great !, let's get going " Calypso said .

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over a year ago percyposeiedon3 said…
Wow my chapters are pretty short nowadays : (
over a year ago valerie325 said…
it was good
over a year ago percyposeiedon3 said…
And the story about the Hyacinth is true ok , I had to do lot of research for it !
over a year ago dezzypoo said…
AMAZING sorry i didn't comment because i went camping so am sorry and love the chapter post soon!!! i LoVe it!!!
over a year ago percyposeiedon3 said…
Jason's POV

We had the night and next morning we would leave for Khione's quest . We landed from the rug and set camp somewhere near the woods . I slept and had the worst dream ever .
I was somewhere in a dark room , which had a foul stench of the earth . There was a rusty cage with some noise from inside . I couldn't understand who she was though . Then a cracked noise came from behind .
I turned and saw a lady with brown clothes and looked as if she was made up of the earth." Gaia" I said .

" Yes child " . " you and your friends will come and of course , you will save Lupa , but I still don't know how you are going to do that . " Gaia said .
" why have you kidnapped Lupa ? " what she got to do with you ?" I asked . Then I realized that the shadowy figure in the cage was Lupa , our mother wolf .
She was drained out of energy , seemed to have grown 5 years older , she looked dry , weak and fragile .
I felt like crying when I saw her . After all she was the one who had trained us to be powerful demigods , she nurtured us , taught us , took care of us , she was our mother .
Seeing her in this conditioned made me feel to remove my spear and drive it in Gaia's heart .
" haha , sad seeing your dog ?" Gaia asked.
She laughed hysterically .
" you know why we want her ? We want her blood . She is the wolf goddess , most powerfull than anyone else . She is as ancient as us . And her blood will help me rise . On the winter solstice , she will be the strongest . I will drain out of blood and then eventually she will fade . " Gaia said .
" NOOOOOO " I screamed .
Gaia laughed and the image started fading and fading . I parted my eyes and saw my friends looking worriedly at me .
" JASON ! " Calypso said and caught my hand . She did some silver magic sort of a thing and the buzz in my head went away .
" thanks. " I said . " guys I have to tell you all about the dream I had last night , it's about Lupa ."

They just gave me anxious looks . I narrated the whole thing to them .
" oh gods !" annabeth said .
" we have to inform Reyna and Piper about everything . We have to tell them to keep the camp safe " Percy said

" Right " Said Leo.
I sent an IM to camp . Reyna was sitting in the strawberry fields. I remembered the harsh words I told her . I had to apologize .
" Hey Rey !" I said .
Reyna turned , she saw my face and said " do I know you ? "
" yes Rey - you do - -... " I tried saying but she waved her hand through the IM and cut me off .
" she is angry " Annabeth said .
" Do you think I don't know that ? " I said .
" hey ! Dare you speak to Anna like that !... You may be angry , but don't show that on us !" Percy said .
" FINE " I said .
" FINE "

Great now we had a fight and we weren't talking to each other . We had a quest to go to and we were running short if time .Reyna was really angry on me . So I IMed Melissa and told her to tell Piper and Rey about my dream.
But first I went and said sorry to Percy and Anna .
" it's ok J . It happens " Annabeth said .
We had a group hug . " ok awkward !" Leo said .
We laughed hard .
So we set out on our quest . We took a bus heading southwards .
Everything was fine on the bus till they arrived . - ' they'

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over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
It was awesome wonder who they is can't wait for next chapter,
over a year ago vlad_todd_fan said…
big smile
over a year ago AmazingPercy said…
agree with pink bookworm plz post soon
over a year ago percyposeiedon3 said…
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Ok I'll post soon !!!!!!
over a year ago percyposeiedon3 said…
A short chappie !
Percy POV

A group of men arrived . They were big bulky and looked crazy . They seemed to have some problems in their legs while they walked .
But all of them looked crazy . They had wierd Tshirts on and funny quotes written on them . One of them had a boom box in their hand . They all seemed merry and joyful .
Some were even having beer . They all huddled and sat in a corner together and cracked jokes and laughed loudly .
" they are Chiron's family members , the Party ponies . " Annabeth said .
" oh ! But what are they doing here ? " Jason asked .
The centaurs didn't seem to notice us .
Then Leo walked up to them and said " Hi im Leo Valdez , son of Hephaestus , what are you guys doing here ?
One of them stood up and said " Oh , demigods on this bus ? " haha we are partying like always "
" ok"
" so on Khione's quest ? "
" yes , we have to find the Hycanith "
They raised eyebrows .
" we can help if you like ?" one of them said

over a year ago percyposeiedon3 said…
How was it ? I think it wS short and really lame , I'll delete it ?!!!!
over a year ago sweetbluesea said…
no dont delete it it's really good i really liked it
over a year ago percyposeiedon3 said…
Ok ok !
over a year ago percyposeiedon3 said…
" see kids we are party ponies , and know all clubs in this town , we know where Zephyr lives . And you are Chiron's students ! Anything for him !" one of them named Agtus said .
" okay it would be great if you'd take us there " Jason said .
" but you must know , its a great deal of danger and there'd are going to be monsters all the way ."
We were talking about the roads and about Zephyr when we heard a click shut noise .
I turned and saw that there was no one in the bus except for us and the Centaurs .
Then three old ladies boarded the bus ." Furies " Annabeth said .
I uncapped riptide , Jason flipped his coin and Leo got fireballs on his hands . Annabeth removed her dagger and Calypso removed her silver bow and arrow . The centaurs picked up whatever they could find .
Man we were an army in front of the Furies , but three were enough for us all .
" hi again Mrs Dodds " I said . They hissed .
" Where is Calypso ? We have to kill her !" one of the furies said .
Ok why Calypso ?" I asked .
" she is forbidden to leave the island of Ogygia , no one should leave , the Fates told us to put her back there "
" uh oh " Jason said .
" Kill them all , Hades will be happy " the Furies screamed .
They grew into winged , black monsters with hot coal on there talons . One slash and you'd be burned to death . Leo didn't get affected by fire , but his fire couldn't harm them either .
Calypso blasted them with silver magic . One was about to attack me from behind when Annabeth came and killed it .
" thanks " I said ." you owe me one seaweed brain " she said .
Jason tackled one with his spear . The centaurs hurled whatever they found .
The Furies had big sharp nails and was about to hurt Leo when I slashed at one throat with riptide .
There was yellow dust .
" you will pay for this , Son of Neptune " they said .
" ya but first , face the daughter of Minerva " annabeth said .
Their eyes grew red with anger . One of them slashed their tails and Annabeth fell to the ground .
" ANNABETH NO !" I swirled around and saw her lying unconscious .
There was a tug at my gut and my ears rang . There was a blast of water from the underground pipes and all the two Furies , and my friends were soaked to the skin . But except me . Not a drop of water .
Jason stabbed them with his spear and they melted into sulphur dust .

I carried Anna bridal style . " we have to get to somewhere safe " Leo said .
" Cmon , we know where " the Centaur said .
"Wherever it is please hurry , she is hurt " I said .
Right now I didn't care about anything in this world because Annabeth is almost dead and she means the world to me . If she would die , I would die too . I felt a tear down my cheek .
I got her face close to my chest and hugged her tight .

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over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Awesome. Agh thats so sad has Percy cried before cause I don't think he has.
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These are so awesome. Plse post more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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I am in awed silence ,
over a year ago thunderwolf233 said…
by the way promise me there will be bazzukas in the near future
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post soon i like it

^thunderwolf23 what's with the bazzukas everywhere?
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well there are a few reasons but chief among them is they are rocket propelled a...... errr I mean butt kickers, sorry I forgot about the little children who post.