The Heroes of Olympus Greeks meet Romans ! Percy meets annabeth and Jason meets reyna !!!

percyposeiedon3 posted on Jun 02, 2011 at 08:48AM
Ok people this is where the flying ship comes to the Romans camp !. Jason meets reyna and likes her .. But what will piper do ? Read further for the fight action between reyna and piper .. Also percabeth is damn cute !!
Special features - prom night and also introducing calypso !!

Read on !! Hope you like it !!

Disclaimer I am not rick riordan . This is my version of the son of Neptune !
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Percy Pov

We walked through the woods for a long time. ‘The palace should be somewhere above ‘ . Jason said
We looked at him quizzically . ‘ what ? Zephyr is my uncle’. .’k’. I replied
‘ But , dude ! we’ll need to fly up there and the rug is not a good idea and Jason , I don’t think you’d be able to fly us all . ‘ I said .
‘ hmm , Right ‘ . he replied .
“ Guys ! There is no need to worry , I’ll be back !’ . Leo said and ran off somewhere .
We waited for a while and he returned with two medium sized bronze boats with wings . I was surprised to see he could carry them with such an ease . Hephaestus , I thought .
Leo winked and said . ‘ mini versions of the Argo II !!! . pretty cool eh ? “
“ Leo !! you are the best !” Annabeth said .
The moment I sat on the flying boat , I felt dizzy . ‘ Zeus still hates me , ugh !’ I said to Annabeth. Our two boats flew side by side … it was fun . Annabeth fell asleep on my back . Soon we saw a huge white and lavender tinted palace . It was like a remake of the White house , but more majestic and graceful. There were good storm spirits who floated around us. They were like the water nymphs . Cheerful and giggly .
Leo smiled at them . I could see Jason getting tensed. We neared the palace gates and ot down of the boats , Calypso was about to fall off when Leo caught her hand . ‘ Careful’ . I said .
One girl and one boy stood at Zephyr’s palace gates.
Jason introduced himself. He said ‘ I am the son of Jupiter and I here have come to meet thy father Zephyr’. The two removed their swords and mumbled something in Greek . We stood there flummoxed when those giggly – girly storm spirits turned at us ferociously and bared their fangs .
‘ Whoa girls ! take it easy ‘ Leo said . I uncapped riptide and saw others removing their weapons .
Jason seemed all powerful and energy glowed from him from within. Whereas I felt sleepy!
Anyway , we fought . Those Venti were quite powerful. Leo blasted them with fire and some of them melted away . ‘Yo !! That’s what you get when you be mean to my friends’ Leo exclaimed .
Annabeth and Calypso fought with their daggers . Soon those spirits were gone . But now that brother and the sister came forward .
The girl said ‘My name is Twyla and he is Sky. Well I seem to be recognizing you all ! Good demigods !. So may I know why you guys have come to meet Zephyr ? has Boreas sent you all ??? ‘
“ No , we want a favor from your dad and we cannot name who has sent us here. You might just know if we take her name she might kill you all this moment .’ Jason said bravely.
Twyla and Sky probably thought it was Gaia and got a bit freaked . But they did’nt know that it was Khione who sent us here . I chuckled from within.
‘What so funny Perseus Jackson ?’ Sky asked with a gruff voice . “ ugh … umm .. I remembered an old joke ?’ …
Annabeth pinched me . They pointed their swords at us . ‘Walk with us now ‘. Twyla said .
We walked along the thin icy palace floors there were beautiful , gardens outside and there were many pretty flowers there .’ which one will be the hyacinth ? ‘ I thought . Annabeth gave me an understanding look. I felt bad that we were wasting our time on getting a stupid flower for Khione instead of saving Lupa . Annabeth put an arm around me comfortingly . She always seemed to understand what I felt . I love her for that . I didn’t realize I was staring at her when she said ‘ What happened seaweed brain?’
I blushed . ‘ nothing’
Soon we reached the throne room . Twyla opened the door and a blast of cold air came from inside. It was hard for us to walk inside . A fat man with a long white beard sat on the throne. He looked like Dumbledore , only more fat and a mean face. He wore long white robes . We came in and bowed . As I had expected he knew or names .
‘ Hello Demigods ! looks like y’all have had a long , tough journey huh !?’ Zephyr said .
‘ Yes sir ‘ I said .
“hmm , so what do you want me to do for you ?’ he asked .
I was going to blurt out that we wanted the Hyacinth when Annabeth cut me and said , “Actually , Sir , Zeus has sent us here to rate your palace , I know it seems awkward but Zeus wanted to know how well you are doing your job. He said if he sees you are treating us well then you might get a promotion!’
Zephyr seemed puzzled . ‘ Yes Sir I am the son of Zeus . He has sent us here .’ Jason said .
I thought to myself , what a cool idea ! we were going to stay here as if we have come to rate the palace etc and then would sneak and rob the flower and run away ! If I had opened my mouth then Zephyr would have killed us right there. Ah ! Annabeth had saved us .
Zephyr then said , “ well if that is , then okay you guys can stay here but only for one night . ‘
“ but they said …’ Twyla wanted to say , but Zephyr cut her off and said “ its only one night ‘ he said it with a sly smile which made me shiver.
‘Take them to their rooms’ . he said and we were dragged by two strong soldiers.
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Percy POV

Me , Jason and Leo were kept in one room , while Annabeth and Calypso in the other.
Jason sighed. " Guys we have to look for the flower. Where the Hades are we going to get it here ?"

"wish Piper was here ,she could have charmspoken and got to know where the flower is " . Leo said

" Lets go check out the gardens ..." I said." take your weapons and let the girls sleep".
So we walked out towards the gardens . No one seemed to notice us . There were thousand flowers around us .
“ Wanna check Zephyr’s cabin ?’ I asked . ‘ He should be asleep’
We went in his cabin. The hair on my back rose up. I felt kinda awkward .
‘whoa ! guys look at that !!!! - Leo exclaimed . WOW !
There was huge glass case and in that was a mini-pond. Inside was the most beautiful flower I’d ever seen. It was all tinted with purple, pink and white …
I was about to touch it when Jason slapped my hand . We were all mesmerized by the flower.
I took a deep breath in and whispered “ how will we remove it”?
Suddenly buzzers started buzzing all around , there was cold, icy wind blowing . I caught Leo and Jason’s hand to keep from falling. “ what the… “ Leo trailed off.
There was a blackout and suddenly white dim light appeared. It grew larger and we saw Zephyr standing there with eyes full of rage.
‘Umm…uh.. just checking this place out .. cool flower man’ . Leo said with a lopsided smile.
‘ Don’t give me that ! You think that I’m a FOOL ? !! Then face my wrath’!. Zephyr shouted. Then a cage fell over us and we were trapped. There was a blackout again . We tried to break the cage but it was ice cold and we got ice burn. Leo’s fire didn’t work at all except for keeping us warm.
“ what should we do” ? Jason asked . ‘We’re trapped . Calypso and Annabeth should come looking for us unless they’re captured too” he sighed .
We couldn’t do anything except for waiting for sunrise. I had to try hard to keep the nightmares at bay.
Then I hear someone whispering ‘Pssst.. Percy ! Wake up ! Its me … Annabeth..’

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Percy POV
I rubbed my eyes and got up . “ HEY ! Anna--- “shhhh Percy !!’ she cut me off.
‘ Ok I’m getting you out of here … last night I got a dream from Lupa .. a little hint on how to save you guys. C’mon wake up Leo and Jason.’ Annabeth said
‘ Ok Leo .. you have to use maximum of your fire and try to melt the cage here- at this point.” Annabeth pointed towards a little crack in the side of the cage.
“ Percy … Ice is made up of water .. will water to melt with Leo’s fire.. , Jason use your spear and enlarge this crack , Calypso will use her power and I will fight the Venti .’
“ Wow . Annabeth your in charge.. but how will you take care of the venti alone ?’ I said.
“ shutup seaweed brain’.
As soon as we started using our power on the cage the Venti started arriving . I had to keep my mind concentrated on water and not on Annabeth . I just prayed to the Gods that she would be fine. And a final prayer to Poseidon . ‘ dad … I need to break this cage .. uh .. Help ? please .. thanks .’
I concentrated hard. I looked at Leo and he glanced back. I could feel the water boiling and hear the saturation power of Calypso’s magic. It sounded like a thousand bees buzzing. Like a live electric wire.
I could hear Annabeth .. shit … she was hurt . I think I heard her knife fall down. Yes there was a clank.
I couldn’t bear it anymore . No one hurts my Annabeth . NO ONE TOUCHES HER !
There was a tug in my stomach and I could hear the waves clashing. A jolt of heat went up through my face. Then there was a huge clashing noise and I could hear everything burst. There was even a ghost-howling sound. I opened my eyes and I saw that the cage had burst open. Leo and Calypso were tired and they collapsed immediately . Jason ran towards them.
Annabeth was bruised and she was bleeding in many places. The Venti had vaporized because of the shards of ice . “ ANNABETH…. I told you not to take them alone !”
I shook her shoulders. “ wake up.” A tear rolled down my cheek. Have I lost her forever?
I put her head on my lap and hugged her tightly. I checked her breathing. Very faint. I looked at her face and remembered all the moments we had together. Tears came rolling down. I stroked her pretty hair and kissed her . “ I love you Annabeth’ I said and cried even more.
“ I love you too seaweed brain” . said a faint voice . I looked at her and hugged her even more tightly . She reached for my face and I leaned in . She stroked my hair while we kissed . Well she was crying too.
“ GUYS ! SERIOUSLY ! OMG PUKE !” said Leo with a grin.
‘ Ugh ! Leo … you just ruined it man”. I said and punched him on his arm. We had a hearty laugh. Calypso gave a piece of ambrosia to all of us making us feel better instantly.
“ C’mon guys lets get the flower and get the hell out of here.” Jason said and moved towards the Hyacinth room .
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how was it ? i got it over pretty fast ! i should have made it longer
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I think that it was amazing!!! I loved it!!
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That was good Leo is hilarious
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found this, i think its really good so far, but can you please stop saying cuss words and i think the drunk part in the beggening was SO NOT RR! and SO inapropyat! (sorry, one thing is im a really bad speller)
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that was REALLY good! i just found this and i love it! <3 but please try to minimize the cuss words like rock4ever said.... other than that, AMAZING!! please post soon!!! :D XD
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Hey I really love it!!!! But btw Percy has his full memory back at the end of son of Neptune . Didnt you read it ?
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Soorryy to be mean but all you guys who ship Reyna and Jason well


P.s hahahahaha
Sincerely Mark of Athena
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But its okay to use your imagination you did great on using it and I like percabeth thumbs up on that!
over a year ago percyposeiedon3 said… guesses were just wrong !! hahha im reading this and its like SO LAME hahhahhahahh reyna and jason = never gonna happen hahah