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What is wrong with these girls?  botry 0 1014 over a year ago
how to watch The Hills online?  jianbell 0 1367 over a year ago
HEIDI PARODY TO KE$HA SONG!  HillsandHills 0 1697 over a year ago
the hills  lolly_2010 0 1295 over a year ago
hiya  Evereen03 2 1244 over a year ago
hiya  Evereen03 0 466 over a year ago
Need help identifying song used... Season 2, episode 6 "You have Chosen"...  s0nginmyheart 0 1701 over a year ago
Sweet music on the hills!  hillsfanatic18 5 3188 over a year ago
HEIDI & SPENCER COME TO JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE 11/19/2009!! FREE TICKETS!!  yojimmy 0 557 over a year ago
Last Night's Episode featuring Vedera  MattyRums24 0 1050 over a year ago
Speidi on The Hills  LAlove 1 578 over a year ago
Heidi Montag "More is More"  LAlove 0 427 over a year ago
Spencer's new music video  LAlove 0 504 over a year ago
Brody Jenner: The Scoop on The Hills  Brendda 0 956 over a year ago
JORDAN'S ENGAGED!  lexigrl1982 1 13849 over a year ago
New HIlls gblog full of new gossip did lauren die her hait brown?  team_lc 0 994 over a year ago
Poor Jordan  lise88 3 987 over a year ago
Laurn Lo Interview  rampageedwin 0 514 over a year ago
Season 4 on dvd in Australia?  liissaaxx 2 3138 over a year ago
Meet Holly Montag of The Hills Saturday 4/18 at Medusa's  Jethaze 0 599 over a year ago
The Hills on MTV  leonaraisin 0 510 over a year ago
Hills Finale Party in NYC with the Cast!  harpere 2 2981 over a year ago
The Hills Dream Trip Sweepstakes  digitalvision 0 384 over a year ago
Why does Lauren have a 5 o clock shadow?  captainobvious 0 1043 over a year ago
Doing a sitcom?  celebjunkie 0 852 over a year ago
Halloween Madness @ the Vibiani  fsg123 0 411 over a year ago
Spencer  drHillsr 0 226 over a year ago
Season 4 ROCKS!  DeeSanchez 0 590 over a year ago
Series 4 this wkend in the UK!  jodaniels 3 422 over a year ago
y do u watch da hills?  koolhipboi92 3 349 over a year ago
laurens bracelet  coops 0 457 over a year ago
Season 4 Ep 2 ONLINE  Gsusfrex2k06 0 661 over a year ago
Lauren and Fame  aTVaddict 0 382 over a year ago
Stephanie Pratt & Young Hollywood!  younghollywood 1 367 over a year ago
Cool Vid on YouTube  cbstk 0 700 over a year ago
HILLS Tour  hillsfan 0 9977 over a year ago
LC's Apartment: Interior  Alsatia 0 1574 over a year ago
Carolina Liar on The Hills  shannlawhorne 1 592 over a year ago
Exclusive Videos from The Hills  SSmithNY 0 286 over a year ago
Spencer Pratt what a dick  kim1891 0 823 over a year ago
The inside scoop on LC’s, Audrina’s, and Whitney’s favorite ringtones!  NGT826 0 335 over a year ago
New MTV reality series "The Paper"  fanscape 0 467 over a year ago
Audrina Pics  StanTaylor 0 444 over a year ago
new season episode  mclimi 7 945 over a year ago
Lauren Needs New Freinds!  jenntime 1 986 over a year ago
confused  Bubble464646 2 350 over a year ago
Lo and Lauren  mclimi 2 3208 over a year ago
Missing Episodes  Rach07 1 713 over a year ago
Fans together in contact  milly19 0 393 over a year ago
Spencer  Jameson 2 799 over a year ago
Heidi's Ring  msgrits 1 5425 over a year ago
Lol  Lila856 0 529 over a year ago
Canadians...look no further!!  bubbles3000 0 429 over a year ago
please help!!  bec-18 1 518 over a year ago
Virtual The Hills  sabotage 3 841 over a year ago
The Hills Premiere: Lauren's White Dress  Starbaby145 0 730 over a year ago
Hills season 3  nicola_16 0 659 over a year ago
Stephen  Lila856 0 613 over a year ago
Virtual MTV!!!  shelana 1 377 over a year ago