Time for a rant.

A lot of people are convinced that Jared loves Wanda. We all know that Wanda loves Jared but she has an explanation for that. Anyway, I do not believe that Jared loves Wanda the way that he loves Melanie. I will provide a list of arguments against the 'Wanda/Jared evidence' in the book.

1. She asked him to lie. Near the end when Wanda's about to sacrifice herself, she asked Jared to lie to her, to tell her that he wanted her to stay. And he was VERY good at lying to her about that. So good, that people are convinced that he wasn't lying and was just pretending he was so Wanda wouldn't know how he 'felt'. But if he truly loved her, like Ian, he would've refused for her sacrifice and wouldn't take Melanie over her.

2. The kiss at the end. Yes, Jared kissed WANDA at the end of the book and it had absolutely nothing to do with Melanie. Here'w what I think. When Jared asked her if she wanted anything from him, he was expecting her to ask for a kiss since he was aware of her feelings for him. But we all know Wanda wouldn't ask for that. I strongly believe that Jared felt extremely guilty for letting her sacrifice herself for Melanie, especially that he didn't raise any arguments against it against it. So knowing how she felt about him, he wanted to give her a kiss that was for her and only her, which was why he said HER name during their kiss, to let her know it was for her. I don't think he was in love with her. I think he felt guilty, recognised her sacrifice and wanted to make her FEEL loved.

3. Yes, Jared told Wanda he loved her at the end. I reckon Jared does love Wanda. He realised she was selfless, kind, a real person with emotions and they were close. But he's not in love with her. It's different. Jared told Wanda he loved her after their last kiss when she pulled away. Wanda said "Enough.. I can't bear it." And Jared, realising that was their last moment told her he loved her for (in my eyes) three reasons. The first being that he appreciates her sacrifice for Mel. It;s like when someone gets you a present and you say: I love you. The second reason being, as I said before he does love her. Like Ian said, you can't not love Wanda after getting to know her properly but Jared loves Mel like a lover. The third reason was that he felt guilty and he told her what she wanted to here.

4. People say that what convinced them of Jared's love for Wanda was a quote at the end in Wanda's perspective that was somewhere along the lines of: "Occasionally, Jared l would catch my looks with his only searching gaze." A few things here. Everyone's convinced that Ian and Wanda fully love each other when they take this certain Wanda/Ian quote seriously. But that's hypocrisy. I believe that Wanda and Ian love each other but are sometimes confused about they feel because Mel and Wanda were in the same body for a whole year. I'm certain the same explanation applies to Mel and Jared. Also it says OCCASIONALLY catches my gaze. That doesn't scream love to me.

5. Last but definitely not least. This is actually the thing that convinces me the most. In the Bonus Chapter Mel reprimands Jared when she thinks he's killed Wanda, because Mel loves Wanda. At this, Jared says: "I love her, too. I wouldn't let anything happen to her...". I'm not sure about you, but if I loved someone other than my lover, I definitely wouldn't say I did at all. But Jared said that, because he loves Wanda in the same way as Mel does. Mel recognises this, as she doesn't get jealous but thanks him for it and this is what should make it apparent to the audience of the manner in which Jared loves Wanda.

Rant over.