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The Host| Radioactive

Wanda & Ian (The Host) -Kiss me

The Host - Kyle O'Shea and Sunny/Jodi

The Host: Goodbye to a Body (Deleted scene; Blu-ray extra)

The Host: What Am I Dying For? (Deleted scene; Blu-ray extra)

The Host: Seeker PSA (Blu-ray extra)

The Host: Danger from Us (Deleted scene; Blu-ray extra)

The Host: I Found Him (Deleted scene; Blu-ray extra)

Bringing The Host to Life (Blu-ray extra)

OST.The Host - Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

The Host: Deleted Scenes

The Host Featurette - Choose To Believe Part 2

The Host Featurette - Choose To Fight

The Host Featurette - The Men Of The Host

Jared and Melanie - "You're My Heaven"

melanie + jared | stay

melanie & jared - never let me go (the host)

The Host - Jared & Melanie - Loving Her Was Red

Melanie & Jared |The Host| - Bring Me To Life

Jared & Melanie - Heartbreaker | The Host

The Host✗ I built a home for you, for me [MELANIE;JARED]

The Host II Melanie and Jared II Every Night

Melanie & Jared - Titanium [THE HOST]

Wherever you will go - Melanie & Jared {THE HOST}

Jared and Melanie - The Host ("Radioactive" Imagine Dragons)

Jared & Melanie ♥ | Here without you || The Host

The Host II Melanie + Jared II Never Let Me Go

Melanie & Jared | The Host - Young and beautiful

The Host - Impossible - Jared and Melanie

The Host parody

The Host 'I'm Coming Home

The Host | All I Need

Jared + Melanie | don't you worry child

Jared & Melanie || Breathe

Acceptable in the 80s | The Host cast (behind the scenes footage)

[ Sᴛᴀʏ Wɪᴛʜ Mᴇ ] Wᴀɴᴅᴀ ᴀɴᴅ Iᴀɴ

ian and wanda → touch

Soul Mates | Ian and Wanderer - The Host (the story of O'Wanda♥)

wanda/ian "thinking how happy i am"

The Host ╢ Ian & Wanda ╟ I am all you... All you I am

The Host Complete B-Roll (2013) - Stephenie Meyer, Saoirse Ronan Movie

Wanda&Ian | Nitesky

Wanda + Ian II "Strange World - the strangest"

Ian + Wanda | shouldn't be a good in {goodbye ♥}

Ian & Wanda | Learning to fall

●Ian&Wanda | Somebody to die for

Ian and Wanda | Go Your Own Way

Jake & Saoirse - Good Life

Ian + Wanda || "You are not leaving me"

ian & wanda | a message

ian & wanda - time

Ian & Wanda | If I

Ian+Wanda | It's just a medicine

◄ Strange World; Ian & Wanda [the Host]

'Opened up my eyes...' (Ian/Wanda)

► IAN & WANDA: Be still

Ian and Wanda Illuminated

IAN/ WANDA- The Host.

ian & wanda | STAY WITH ME

Ian & Wanda | Myth

Ian & Wanda - Echo [The Host]

ian & wanda || help, i'm alive.

ian&wanda | ships in the night

Wanda & Ian | Strange World

Ian & Wanda - Look After You

Melanie/Jared and Ian/Wanda | If I Lose Myself

ian&wanda + jared&melanie | what faith can do

Jared+Melanie / Ian+Wanda | A Thousand Years

[The Host] Ian/Wanda & Melanie/Jared || Bittersweet

ian & wanda | find a way

Ian&Wanda | The Host

Ian & Wanda - ► Behind Your Bright Blue Eyes

» if our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy? (ian x wanda)

Ian & Wanda - Endlessly

Ian & Wanda | "I Won't Give Up"

Ian + Wanda [Kiss Me Slowly] The Host

ian & wanda - I want you to stay (the host)

Ian & Wanda - "Sun Inside" [The Host]

Medicine - O'Wanda (Ian & Wanda | The Host)

Ian & Wanda - Shouldn't be a good in goodbye

wanda + ian || the h o s t

Wanda [Melanie] + Ian || The Host || Give Me Love

wanda + ian | soul out side.

wanda & ian | the host | my love.

[Life Without You] The Host // Ian & Wanda

Ian & Wanda || Try

♥ Ian & Wanda || "What's a soulmate?" (TheHost)

Ian&Wanda | A drop in the ocean

[ian+wanda] you'll be the last one; standing up strong...

Ian & Wanda - Foreground

Cosmic Love: Ian and Wanda

You Are Not Leaving Me full scene

Ian & Wanda - Stay

Ian and Wanderer - Wherever will go


Melanie and Jared | Radioactive [ THE HOST ]

The Host ╢ Jared & Melanie ╟ Runaway {for Jess}

Radioactive (Cover) Imagine Dragons- Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix

The Host Soundtrack: "Soul Outside"

THE HOST - "Love Never Dies" Trailer