(Tunnel of mommy sarcophagus)
Nina: Have you guys seen the cross yet?
Fabian: nope.
Amber: not a thing.
(The Sibunas see a wall in front of them)
Patricia: great…
Joy: there's a wall.
Amber: Joy, we're not blind we can see it.
Eddie: what do we do now?
Nina: we go back. We'll go down in the tunnels tomorrow night.
Patricia: fine. (The Sibunas turn around)
Nina: wait guys look. (shows flashlight on a engraved amulet)
Fabian: it looks like an amulet. It's Anubis.
Amber: I don't remember there being an Anubis one.
Nina: that's because there isn't. Hmmmmm…
Patricia: well then. We're stuck.
Fabian: no. We need to find it. Tomorrow night. Sibuna?
Sibunas: Sibunas. (the girls go upstairs and the boy's go to their rooms)
(Mick is spying from the living room)
Mick: Sibuna?
(Nina's, Amber, and Victoria's room)
Nina's mom: Nina! Wake up.
Nina: mom?
Nina's mom: you need the Anubis amulet right?
Nina: y…yeah?
Nina's mom: Then listen to this; into the where bugs and fears lie, into the place where people cried, that is where Anubis hides. (Disappears)
Nina: huh?


(Amber and Patricia are sitting on the floor and Nina is siting on her bed when Joy, Eddie and Fabian)
Joy: I got them.
Eddie: what is this all about.
Nina: I had a dream last night. And-
Patricia: was Sarah in it?
Eddie: King Tut?
Amber: Senkhara?
Fabian: Senkhara's gone.
Amber: oh right.
Nina: my mom's ghost.
Eddie: again? What did she say?
Nina: she said into the where bugs and fears lie, into the place where people cried, that is where Anubis hides.
Fabian: Anubis. The Anubis amulet. Okay, so where do bugs and fears lie?
Amber: eww… every time someone mentions bugs, I remember that time in the tunnels inside that small tunnel full of bugs. Ewwww…!
Nina: wait. What if that's it's what if that's where it's hidden.
Joy: okay, so when do we go down?
Nina: tonight.
Amber: can I stay here?
Nina: Amber you know you don't-
Amber: I know. I just don't want to go in the tunnels. Plus, I need beauty sleep for my birthday party tomorrow.
Nina: fine.
Trudy (from down stairs): Amber!? Package! From your father!
Amber: Daddy's gift arrived?!!? Yay!!! (runs out)
(Alfie is sitting at the table by himself when Mara enters)
Mara: where's Mick?
(Alfie doesn't answer)
Mara: fine then, be that way. (exits)
(Victoria enters and sits down)
Victoria: hi.
Alfie: your sitting by me?
Victoria: yeah, why wouldn't I?
Alfie: no one likes me anymore.
Victoria: oh well… We can be friends right?
Alfie: sure. (smiles)
Mara: Mick? Mick?
(Meagan enters)
Mara: hello?
Meagan: Good day mate. Do you know where Mara is?
Mara: Im Mara. Your Meagan right?
Meagan: yep.
Mara: your earlier than you said.
Meagan: I caught an early flight. You look nothing like Mick. We're you adopted?
Mara: what do you mean?
Meagan: your Mick's sister right?
Mara: I thought you were Mick's sister.
Meagan: I'm his girlfriend.
Mara: I'm his girlfriend.
Mick: (enters) sorry I'm late I was sleeping on the couch and I needed to get some cl- Meagan? What are you doing?
Meagan: I think we need to ask you the same question.
(Drama studio)
(Nina and Fabian are on one couch together and Joy and Patricia and Eddie are on another couch)
Nina: so, what we need to think about right now is who needs to go in that small tunnel.
Eddie: I think Amber should, I mean she's not here.
Patricia: no way! If you were in Sibuna when we tried that, you would know that she's scares to go in there because of Bugs.
Eddie: oh.
Joy: then who went in there in the first place?
Fabian: Nina.
Nina: I guess I'll have to go.
Mara: (enters) Patricia can I talk to you?
Patricia: sure.
Mara: in privet?
Patrica: sure.
(Mara and Patricia exits)
(Amber enters wearing a blue dress)
Amber: look what my daddy got me.
Joy: wo!
Amber: I know right? Daddy said it cost-
Nina: let me guess. 252.80 pounds
Amber: good guess. You must be like psychic.
Joy: (walks up to Nina): that's the gift you got for Amber right?
Nina: yep. Now I don't have any gift. And her party's tomorrow.
Joy: (takes a shoe box from behind her back) here. You can have this.
Nina: what is this.
Joy: boots. They were going to be my gift but since you don't have one-
Nina: Joy. I can't.
Joy: no, you need to. She hates me anyways. I will be the one she'll least expect to get a gift for her.
Nina: thank you. (hugs Joy)
(Mick enters)
Mick: Fabian, can I talk to you?
Fabian: sure.
(Fabian follows Mick to his locker)
Mick: what's Sibina?
Fabian: what?!
Victoria: I hope this works.
Trudy: (enters with a basket of dirty cloths) Victoria! Why are you not at school?
Victoria: School's on Friday's too?
Trudy: yes. Monday thru Friday from 9 to 4.
Victoria: oh… well bye then. (exits)
Trudy: I wonder whose dumber. Amber or Victoria. (starts to go up stairs but trips) oh man! (starts picking up cloths when she sees something shinny under the 8th stair) What's this? (opens the 8th stair and takes out the cup of ankh) what a lovely cup. I wonder what it was doing under there.

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