Nina : *yawns* Huh! Hey Amber!
Amber : *sits up* Oh hey Nina.
Nina : *sits up* Amber.. we need to find the tears of silver quick!
Amber : Why?
Nina : Before Sankara curses one of us!
Amber : Oh.
Nina : Well.. I'll use the bathroom first since I'm the one who wakes up first!
Amber : Fine! Go! Go!
Nina : Very well. *walks to the bathroom and opens the door and enters it*
Amber : *yawns and covers mouth* Huh! I'm super tired! I feel like I don't want to go to school!
Sankara : *appears* Amber...
Amber : Huh? *turns around and sees Sankara* Senkara?
Sankara : Wrong! Sankara!
Amber : Whoa! *Sankara holds her wrist and arm*
Sankara : No one can stop me! *disappears*
Nina : *opens the door wearing pajamas* Hey Amber! Your turn!
Amber : Uh.. *looks at her wrist and arm*
Nina : Huh! Amber! *surprised seeing the mark of Anubis*
Amber : Sankara! She cursed me.
Nina : Oh no! We need to find the tears of silver!
Amber : And also the mask!

Nina : Fabes, this is serious! Amber's been cursed by Sankara!
Fabian : This really is serious but who released her? I heard she only comes out if someone release her!
Nina : *takes a deep breathe* I once released Senkara so does this means that--
Fabian : I got it!
Nina : What?
Fabian : Maybe.. what if.. both of them are in the same body?
Nina : Well before we left our room Amber did say Sankara looks like Senkara!
Fabian : Yeah! They're in the same body!
Nina : *winks* You're a genius, Fabian! *kisses him on the lips*
Fabian : *feeling embarrassed* Thanks!
Amber : *enters the class* Sorry I'm late, Mr.Sweet!
Mr.Sweet : That's okay, take your seat.
Nina : *holds Amber's wrist* Why are you late?
Amber : *turns to Nina and Fabian* I searched in the library and found this! *holds a picture of Senkara and Sankara together*
Fabian : They're like..
Nina : Twins! Amber! Tell all our Sibuna members of a meeting tonight!
Amber : You got it!

Jerome : Wow! Sankara!
Alfie : Amber! How could she done this to you?
Amber : Well.. I don't know!
Patricia : We need to find someone brokenhearted!
Alfie : I'm brokenhearted!
Patricia : But did you cried?
Alfie : Yes! After Amber dumped me!
Nina : Do you get silver tears?
Alfie : No.. ordinary tears!
Joy : I never cry.
Fabian : What is very important.. we need Sara!
Sara : *appears* Someone called my name?
Joy : Sara!
Sara : Only the power of tears of silver can stop this! Amber! *looks at Amber's wrist* What happened?
Amber : The curse.
Sara : This is what I was talking about!
Jerome : Nina! I went to your room! *smiles*
Nina : What? Why?
Jerome : *holds the mask of Anubis* And I found this!
Nina : Wait! I didn't keep that!
Jerome : It was on Amber's bed!
Amber : Maybe Sankara put it on my bed! Bingo! *smiles*
Nina : Aah! *points to Sankara who appears suddenly*
Sara : Sankara!
Sankara : Sara!
Alfie : You two know each other?
Fabian : Yes I guess they do know each other!
Joy : We've got the mask!
Sankara : I'm not afraid of it!
Sara : Admit it!
Nina : Grr!