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universalpowa posted on Oct 06, 2012 at 04:01AM

Meh I figured we could use one. :D

Post spoilers here, theories for the next book, or maybe what the next prophecy will be like!


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over a year ago Wisdoms_Child said…
Let's see. I'm about 99.999999% certain that Percy and Annabeth won't die. Also when I first thought of Tartarus, I thought of their past friends that have died lik Beckendorf, Selina, and Luke giving them clues to help them, but then they aren't in Tartarus, so that won't happen, but maybe.
Then I thought of Kronos. You know, since Percy sent him back there? So maybe he'll make a deal with Percy. Like a trade, kinda like what Leo and Nemesis did. They'll probaby find Annabeth's sword again, and maybe her laptop.
They will meet the others at the Doors of Death. Nico and the others will probaby try contacting them, but won't get it through, or it'll be really hazy. The others will probaby try to get to Greece as fast as they can so they can hurry up and find Percabeth and defeat Gaea.
Well, that's my prediction. I really super duper want someone to write their ver of HOH. I would be estatic! Afterall, that's the best we could do, since we have to wait a whole yeaar for the book to come out... Please, please, please, write someone!!! Oh, and feel free to use some of what I think'll happen, but I would appreciate it if you gave me some credit.
Well that's about it!
over a year ago saffroney said…
well For those that have read the kane cronicals you know how set was the big baddy in the first book and then in the second they were almost like buddies because there was a bigger threat. I see that pattern in alot of books the whole enemies from preveous books arnt that bad anymore so yeeeeeea i think thats a possibility that kronos will help them and probablly joak around with percy about the first war :P i wonder if he still looks like luke.. O.o Gods! what if luke is down there as punishment for what he did! ha i can so imagen luke picking up annabeths dagger, the knife the killed him and then he'd give it back to her and it wound be all symbolic ^.^ also they probably need some form of comunication with the others to time it right, so annabeth would find (or build) a cellphone or something and then percy could crack a joak like "tarturus had cellphone reception!!??" lolz aww i hope percy doesn't lose his sence of humour when he's down there! :(
over a year ago Karaoke_Leo said…
Hmmm...I don't think Percy and Annabeth will die...
-In the they're going to like encounter a bunch of different monsters that have grudges against them
-For PoVs... I think it will be Jason, Frank, Hazel, and Annabeth. See cause MoA was the Greeks, so HoH will be Romans, and either Annabeth or Percy because we obviously need to know what happens to them.
-The House of Hades actually might be a real place I think... Idk I looked it up online and a bunch of stuff came up that made it seem like it was a place you can actually visit...
-Captivity...I bet Percy and Annabeth will be captured at one point by Gaea and her minions, cause she wants their blood to wake. Maybe that's how she actually wakes.
- Trapped...Either Nico, Hazel, or Percy and Annabeth might end up trapped in the Tartarus. Think about it. Someone has to close the doors from the Tartarus side and shut themselves in. One of these four people will be trapped inside unless Ricky pulls a wierd sceme that allows him to keep them all alive.
-Frazel/Heo?...I don't understand this at all. Leo, is not supposed to like Hazel in ma head. I don't like Riordan for writing a love triangle.
-Insanity...yah, Percabeth might go a little craaaazy
-Oooooh! Gaea's going to have minions capture Percy and Annabeth and then they'll be taken out of the Doors of Death (like Nico) and then they'll "spill their blood" (but not ya know, kill them) in like this really ancient place in Greece and then Percy, Annabeth, and all the oder epic demigods will pull an impossible stunt that none of us would ever be able to comprehend and cliff hanger and ba-bam! End of HoH!
-Yeah idk.
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over a year ago LeoNicoCrazaiii said…
well... they better not die but u never know
has it occurred to you tht someone has to be on the tartarus side to close the doors? maybe one of em' wont come back -sniffles-
as for pov's i think it'll be Jason.Hazel,Frank, et Nico

guess we'll have to wait and see
over a year ago JasmineValdez said…
For those who read the Kane Chronicles, remember the houses of the night? Sounds really similar here... Fingers crossed for possible crossover
PerlicoShipper commented…
There already has been a crossover. It has come out already. over a year ago
over a year ago percy4forever said…
I feel like if RR killed either Percy or Annabeth; it'd be a huge twist... And possibly another cliffhanger from him. I don't know; I feel like, if he let them BOTH stay alive, then it would be too predictable (but i really hope they both do). RR's all about the twists and the unexpected.
Also; about who would stay behind: I'm hoping it's Jason. He thinks he's the leader, nobody like him; it's a perfect plan! But truthfully, I (sadly) think it will Percy. Remember when that one god (can't remember who it was.... Bacchus?), said Percy's boyage would be harder than the rests? He didn't say Percy and ANNABETH. Besides, his fatal flaw is loyalty; so he'd want his friends to survive :(
over a year ago precious211 said…
Meh I didn't think alot of House of Hades, just the fact that i'll probably have to wait another year..Let me do some thinking right now. Umm I don't think its likely that Kronos will come and help Percy and Annabeth. And honestly, I don't think that either of them will die. You just don't kill characters that you took five books to build off of..Except if your J.K Rowling. I miss you Dumbledore<3
Call me optimistic but I believe that R.R would find a way to make sure that no one has to stay in Tartarus. I think that Percy would still be sane, cause he has Annabeth. Jason will obviously be the leader, no matter how much I oppose the matter. Maybe its just me, but I feel like Annabeth is going to die eventually..
over a year ago Karaoke_Leo said…
AHHHHH! No no no! Ppl stop saying someone's going to die! I mean heck yah it's probable but I'm more attatched to Percy and Annabeth than any other characters so I NEED to believe they live to keep my sanity. But truth be told I think all of the seven will stay alive until the last book. They are needed for the prophecy so Riordan doesn't have a choice but to keep them alive until at least the very end of the last book. So if someone dies it's going to be in the one coming out in two years.
over a year ago dwparker14 said…
So many things to chat about! I agree that Rick wont Kill Percy or Annabeth, primarily because I don't want to believe it. That is what PJO was centered around is those two after all :) I also like the idea that if you are with the one you love you can get through hell/Tartarus! And other reasons as well which have already been mentioned. Maybe Tartarus wont be that bad cause all the monsters are trying to escape and Percy and Annabeth can sneak out with them...(I doubt it but it's a thought) I do think someone/something will take that role of closing the doors on the inside, but who's says it going to be one of the seven in the prophecy? I don't think they will get help from a friend in the underworld even Luke, but I also don't think they will meet the Titans again. Titans are old news, LOL. I have many ideas which include one of the 7, Rheya, or even Briares (100-handed one who guarded Tartarus for the Gods anyway) but also maybe we will get lucky and Octavian will do it!
House of hades I think will not have a POV from Percy or Annabeth to my severe disappointment. I really enjoyed MOA because it was primarily Annabeth's POV and we pretty much all know Percy's POV after PJO. I feel it will be the Romans (Hazel, Frank, and Jason) and Niko. House of Hades is Greek after all, and Niko was charged with leading them by Percy.
Anyway this felt like a lot so please feel free to agree or disagree...I would love to talk more about this since I can't get the story out of my head even 12 days after finishing MOA!!
over a year ago spacebarthingy said…
Hazel is already dead so, I feel like she would be willing to go to Tartarus and close the doors from that side. But did anybody notice how Frank was told that he was going to die with the stick in his hand? So that means he doesnt die because the stick burnt out... because then there would be no more stick. Also I don't think we will get a POV from Percy OR Annabeth, it would make it more mysterious and thrilling. We might get glimpses into what is going on through dreams of Nico or Hazel. Thats what im just thinking though. But I think it would be so awesome (albeit sad) if Percy and Annabeth had to close the doors from the inside. Then you have a Kingdom Hearts 1 type of ending and it would be really beautiful and sad.
virtus commented…
I really hope your wrong about POV over a year ago
carlysuerose commented…
Rick said we would get either Percy or Annabeth povs over a year ago
over a year ago megon4ever said…
I kind of thought that the main character would be Nico. House of HADES. At the end, they will probably meet up with Percy and Annabeth. For the POV's, I don't think Percy and Annabeth would be included due to the fact that they're in Tartarus. Like spacebarthingy said, we may get glimpses of them from Nico or Hazel. Hera seems like a very important character that hasn't shown up a lot, so she will play a big role. They kept hinting that Jason was making promises. That is suppose to throw us off. Obviously he won't die, but someone will or may seem like it.
over a year ago seaistruth said…
Personally I don't think any of the 7 demigods will die, the books wouldn't be as good
1) Leo and Annabeth seem to have something happening
2) Jasen angers a new Titan and is being held there which will be the cliffhanger
3) Leo gets a Spanish girlfriend who is daughter of Athena / she becomes Annabeths best friend
4) Percabeth finds that Titan whose memory was wiped out in the demigod files and he makes some bargain with them letting them out of Tartarus
5) There end up being 7 books
over a year ago WatchYourBack said…
@seaistruth you mean Bob
okay I think that the pov's will be Jason, Hazel, Frank for sure than it will either be
nico- because quote at the end "the other side nico! we'll see you there. understand?" nico's eyes widened "but-" "LEAD THEM THERE! PROMISE ME" "I-I WILL."
or annabeth or percy cuz there down there
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PerlicoShipper commented…
We're getting a POV from Annabeth or Percy over a year ago
over a year ago Tyler61799 said…
So a oath to keep right? So I think there's two promises1)Gaia raising 2)annabeth and Percy being together. I think Gaia will capture annabeth and have Percy sacrifice himself but get the blood anyways OR after that and annabeth decides to stay in Tartarus but Percy will go with franks help. Remember the talk with Mars on Son of Neptune. And storm or fire the world must fall Peru and/or Jason will sacrifice themselves but Leo will save the day because he's the fire. Will post more theories soon
over a year ago WatchYourBack said…
2. percy
3. jason
4. jason
5. percy
6. hazel
7. chiron
hmmmmmmmm i like that theory but jason can go to H**l but hazel and frank might die "to storm or FIER the world must fall"
plus leo talking to himself about that prophycy line
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over a year ago SonOfNeptuneJay said…
i think that no one will die and there will be some traitors like in the PJO series. like drew and OCTAVIAN
PerlicoShipper commented…
I agree with you over a year ago
over a year ago craxnor said…
Ok this is how I think some of the story is going to go.

POV characters
Percy (He is the main character of the series and he is the only character in all actuality that i care about we just have to know what happens in tartaras)
Frank- because he is next
hazel- also because she is next
Nico- mainly because c'mon who doesn't want to know what goes on in that kids head

Ok the story is basically going to be the chosen minus the obvious going to Greece as fast as they can. they will be getting messages in and out for when the Romans (who are in fact the most idiotic and cowardly group of demigods I have ever scene and it is no wonder they lost the civil war I mean jeez Jason came back and Percy saved their camp and it took three seconds for them to act like animals) (sorry little rant). anyway while that is happening Percy and Annabeth are going to basiccally be going through tartarus and probably meet up with Nyx (who might be good because tartarus cheated on her with Gaia and she might help them to spite her) the primordial goddess of night. percy might also be wondering about Kronos since of the incident with the ghost who turned his and Jasons eyes gold. The demigods will all meet their fare share of trouble from monsters and immortals alike and it is mainly another race against time to in the end stop the greeks from completely destroying the romans ( ill explain later). Now this final thing is just me but I remember Nico saying the door has to be closed from both sides so, I think that if or when they reach the door Percy will push Annabeth out of the door to Tartarus and percy will close it from the inside saving her giving him the extremely super mega maybe he will die again do not get angry maybe he will die and finaly get his piece and go to elysium (should go to the isle of the blest in my opinion)

the greeks will beat the romans for three reasons
1. they know they are coming and Argus can see in every direction so they can't launch a surprise attack
2. The greeks are all demigods not quarter or a 16th demigod so they are several times more powerful
3. the greeks have a guardian dragon, several pegasus, and Tyson who is the LEADING GENERAL of the cyclops army which outmatches the romans in numbers heavily
4. You know I'm going to add a fourth they are fighting on the greeks turf
5. screw it a fifth the greeks have Chiron the trainer of heroes to aid them and Lupa will maybe attempt to stop them to

Also spoiler alert if nobody knows Octavion betrays everyone and is probably working or is corrupted by Gaia (come on who doesn't want this guy to get stabbed or blown up)

that's all I have to say about the book
PerlicoShipper commented…
They don't have the dragon anymore. The dragon was Festus and Festus is only a head now. over a year ago
over a year ago erikisa10 said…
jeelc commented…
The seven are- Percy, annabeth, Leo, frank, hazel, piper and Jason. So why is annabeth not a part of the seven, again? over a year ago
PerlicoShipper commented…
NICO ISN'T PART OF THE SEVEN. He's only there to help the Seven! He's not one of them over a year ago
over a year ago erikisa10 said…
PerlicoShipper commented…
NO. ANNABETH HAS TO MAKE A CHOICE. Remeber in Battle of the Labyrinth, when the Roman god Janus appeared, and told Annabeth she would have to make a choice that she still hasn't made.... And that he'd come back when the time comes over a year ago
over a year ago virtus said…
It is Time....To wright my own version of this book!
over a year ago jeelc said…
Does anyone realise that when any of those people will kill a monster, they will be adding to the burden of percbeth. And what will happen when they try killing the residents of Tartarus? I am really confused.
over a year ago carlysuerose said…

Leo, with his awesome power over locks, that no one seems to notice, will lock the doors, but it will take so much energy out of him he will fall into a coma/die (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­O insert dying fangirl heart here)
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PerlicoShipper commented…
THAT WOULD BE WORSE THAN ONE OF THEM STAYING IN TARTARUS! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I think Hedge will close the Doors from the inside over a year ago
over a year ago StphnMach said…
ok so i think percy is going to sacrifice himself to close the doors of death... remember chiron said percys time would come...
PerlicoShipper commented…
Nope, no nope. He's one of the main characters, and we have one more book left. I think, it will be Coach Hedge, I mean he was beating himself up about Percy and Annabeth falling into Tartarus, I think he will sacrifice himself over a year ago
over a year ago goldenpoptart said…
First off The POV's will be

* Percy or Annabeth. I'm swinging with anabeth bc 1) With how romantic that last scene of Percabeth was with Percy sacrificing himself to be with her would mean we dont hear her thoughts abt that situation, and 2) It would give Annabeth a second POV. 3) She is a good story teller (that is different from how good of a character she is if you get what i mean.

* Jason. I think we need to see him develop into the second strongest male character on the team and watch him develop into a great and strong leader. I think he will not lead the team to HOH (Nico's Job) but he will still be the leader while going there.

* Leo/Frank. Maybe Leo for this one considering he is sort of next in line for leadership. He is the captain of the ship also so he is a leader in his own right. He took responsibility for the separation and even though he knows it was not his fault he would like to help the team go get them back.

* Hazel. Hazel's role is going to see a huge increase in this book especially if Nico dies. She is the daughter of Pluto and that holds weight in this particular mission there could be a surprise regarding her but i doubt she dies.

In the HOH i predict that Annabeth will live but maybe Percy stays after beating a lot of monsters and legendary evil characters mostly to gain rep and make Percy look a lot stronger. then i see him staying and somehow becoming a god and that could be the cliffhanger for the end or something, either way or anyway he turns into a god i would want it to be so 1) that would make it so where the 7 dont need any god's help and then Nico could actually be one of 7 and Percy was never one. So now they can kill any Giant and everyone and Gaea can raise and eventually they defeat her and throughout this process Nico's Status in the underworld grows any he get's more privaleges and gifts. Also Jason rises to be the strongest demigod there is bc Percy is technically a god. and that would stretch out the last 2 books. Idk abt any other predictions but it is confirmed Calypso is in the book. I also think Percy should defeat Hercules one one god v god or w/e even if percy wasnt a god idk, i just think he needs to beat him that would make him legend status.
PerlicoShipper commented…
Dude, stop being an idiot. Percy is not becoming a god. Go reread Percy Jackson and the Olympians! PERCY. DOES. WANT. TO. BE. A. GOD. He would rather stay with Annabeth than be a god. The Seven demigods have already been found out. Nico is NOT part of the Seven, but he is an important character in the books. THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SAID THAT THE SEVEN NEED NICO TO HELP THEM. Why do you keep saying Nico will rise to be the leader, but then saying he could die. No. Nico is the outsider, always has been, same with Leo. I think Leo will have influence in leading the group while Percy is in Tartarus, but in the end, Jason and Percy are the leaders. Nico is Nico, he has never really been a member of the group, but he has always been a major help to them. Sorry if you find my opinions rude, but I just thought I should share my theories, maybe we can help each other out and combine theories! Anyway, sorry if I seem rude. over a year ago
over a year ago PerlicoShipper said…
I have like a million theories as to what will happen.
1.We know somebody has to close the Doors from the inside. Everybody assumes it will be one of the Seven, but who else is there? Coach Hedge. I think he's going to be the one who closes the Doors(whenever they get closed). I mean, he was beating himself up over Annabeth and Percy falling into Tartarus, so I don't think he'll let one of the Seven, or Nico, close the Doors.
2.So, I've seen a ton of people saying "Oh no! Now Percy and Annabeth are down there with Kronos! They'll be killed for sure!". No, hell no. There is no way Rick will be able to kill one of them and live, plus they're two of the main characters. IF rick plans to kill them off, he can't do it till the last book. Plus, I think Kronos is smarter than that. I think he has gained some respect for Percy, seeing as he played a major role in defeating him, and he wouldn't dare hurt Annabeth. I think Kronos might actually help them out. Help them find the Doors, then try to make his escape through them and the rest of the Seven, plus Nico and Hedge, are on the other end and they stop him.
3.We are going to see our buddies at Camp. We might not see a lot of them, but think about it, we're going to hear something about them. Rick has said that Grover will make an appearance, my theory is he will come with news about Camp. Maybe even rally some help from Dryads and Nymphs to help Percy and company close the Doors.
4.RICK. WILL. KILL. OUR. FEELS. One way or another, something is gonna happen to one of the Seven that is gonna make us go sob in a corner and want to die. I don't think it'll be Percy, Annabeth, or Nico. I mean, they've gone through enough for now. But I sense something happening to Leo and/or Hazel that will hurt one(or more) of the rest of the Seven.
5.This one doesn't have to do so much with HoH as it does SoS. It has to do with both. PERCY. WILL. NOT. DIE. IN. HOUSE. OF. HADES. Rest assured, he won't die. If you haven't read Son of Sobek yet, read it. In it Percy meets Carter and they fight this giant alligator(or was it a crocodile), the Son of Sobek. Afterwards, neither one of them can figure out while this monster all of the sudden showed up. Both Carter and Percy are confused about one and another. Anyways, when you read it, you KNOW, there will be a combine series in which the main characters are Percy and Carter, so rest assured. He's not Going to die, yet.
I think I've said enough to get you guys thinkin up your own therioes, so ttfn, ta ta for now!
over a year ago PerlicoShipper said…
Oo, i forgot my theories on the prophecy!

Seven halfblood shall answer the call
To storm of fire the world must fall
An oath to keep with a final breath
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death

We know the Seven half bloods.
We know that by foes it means Greeks and Romans.
To Storm or Fire the world must fall. Leo and Jason(or Percy) I have a feeling there will be fighting within the Seven, possibly because of the different romances between them. And either Leo and Percy or Leo and Jason will start fighting about it. Depending upon what happens in the fight, it will affect the world. This i believe ties in with the third line of the prophecy.
Everybody assumes this has to do with one of the Seven or Nico. But I think the promise wil be from Reyna or Hedge. Remember when Reyna was promising she would do everything she could to help Camp Half Blood? That's on theory, another is that Hedge will make a promise that the Seven and Nico will all get back home alive, and he dies ensuring it.
darange commented…
i totally agree with you with you on the oath to keep with finale breath part, that totaly akes sense- OH GOD. I JUST RELISED SOMETHING. REMEMBER AT THE END OF SON WHERE PERCY SWEARED ON HIS LIFE? WELL IM SORRY TO SAY THIS BUT.......IT COULD BE PERCY! over a year ago
darange commented…
*Makes* over a year ago
over a year ago darange said…
After reading the son of sobek I think carter Kane and others are going to be in house of Hades and (or) next book,

Ok so if you read the son of sobek, you remember that Carter Kane put the Hieroglyphic on his hand, and said like any time your in trouble or need help say my name and ill come, and in the very end it said he would wake up in the middle of the night hearing one word urgently in his mind. Carter.
when do you think he's gonna pop up? No better time then in house of Hades and (or) the next book. Right? Right!
primrpai commented…
Finally that's what I thought but no one seems to agree with me but Rick Riordan is a troll so maybe he wouldn't make it a crossover anyway. over a year ago
over a year ago primrpai said…
I don't understand something though. In the last line of the Son of Sobek Carter thought he would 'hear a voice in his head urgently saying /Carter/ ' or somthing along those lines so is House of Hades a crossover? And why are there not much fanfics about the son of sobek or the continuity of it at all. I expected with a book like that a day after it came out the internet would be flooded with it but there are next to none! And isn't Carter 3 years younger than Percy so if the Son of Sobek is after the Serpent's Shadow Carter is 15 so that makes percy 17? 18? Does that happen after the House of Hades? But I agree with the people who say that was before he got sent to the Roman Camp according to the state of his clothes.
over a year ago GhostKing500 said…
I want to see nico in action him an percy are my two fave character's and leo comes in a close second. I think annabeth and percy are going to survive and arachne is going to try to kill annabeth but percy is going to kill her,jason is going to still have distrust with nico and nico is going to think piper is gorgeous,jason is going to show out alot of jealousy because of percy's absence and the leadership falling on him hazel is going to choose frank and leo is going to upgrade ship, they are going to meet the titans and make a deal. This is going to be super awesome
over a year ago pjo123450 said…
Okay, here's my theory about Tartarus and closing the doors and such:

First, I don't think Rick would kill Percy or Annabeth, especially Percy though. Killing P & A would just be a terrible thing to do. You can't just kill 2 characters that you have spent 7 books developing and creating. That wouldn't make any sense. Also, killing them would almost be killing PJO. Rereading PJO would be painful if Percy and Annabeth died. And isn't Percy special to Rick? Killing him off wouldn't make sense. Personally, I don't think Rick would kill them off. The facts don't line up, but who knows, maybe he will surprise us, but I am PRAYING he won't.

Second, I have a hunch that the person staying behind to close the Doors of Death is either Nico or Leo. I love them both, but I have a feeling that it's gonna be one of them. My reasoning for Leo is that he is always being called the odd one out and it just seems like something he would do. And for Nico, I have no idea why, but I have a feeling that it's gonna be him. I love both characters and reeeeeeally hope that they will live.
over a year ago HalfWinged said…
Well... I'm not 100% certain of my theories, but really, anything could happen- 
First of all, POVs. From the preview, we know for sure Hazel is one of them. Also, someone from Camp Half Blood during the battle, and maybe from Camp Jupiter?
   -Jason. It's kind of obvious, yeah, but I think he will have a pretty important role in this book- keeping the group together. None of the other demigods on the ship have experience leading a group; yeah, Frank was the quest leader in SoN, but I felt that he wouldn't want to be the person in charge.
   -Speaking of Frank, Frank. There's not much to say here, besides "the Romans will have POVs." Although, it would be nice to see how the quest changed his views (I'm sure it did) It might have built up his confidence or something of the sort.
   -Lastly, either Annabeth or Percy. I'm not sure which though XD Rick Riordan (the king of cliffhangers and trolling) has stated that there will be scenes in Tartarus. The other option people are considering, Nico, although sure, he's a son of HADES, yadayadayada, isn't... In the best shape mentally at the moment. (and not one of the seven...) I don't think anyone wants a Nico POV. We haven't seen his thoughts before- It'll hopefully stay that way. 
   Now about the prophecy- there are two parts that aren't very clear-
1- foes bear arms to the Doors of Death. Take notice of the "foes" part. Who are these foes who will fight there? It can't be the Greeks and Romans, they're still in North America. Maybe the 7 against a few giants... However, I think it's not that simple. What if the group, fragile as it is since the beginning, fights each other? Piper has been told she is the "peacemaker" of the group, but she fulfilled that role, if you think about it. The only logical conclusion is that she does fulfill that role- maybe in HoH? This is the more "iffy" part of my theory, being that I'm basing a lot of it on Hazel's musings in the preview. This also goes with 'to storm or fire the world must fall'... You know what I'm getting at.
2- an oath to keep with a final breath. There have been lots of oaths in this series... But some we can rule out. Always staying together? No, it would be breaking that oath if one of them died. That sort of promise. It's a famous kinda theory, but I do believe Nico will be that person. He was permanently scarred in Tartarus. And what he promised Percy- to lead the others to the Doors of Death on the mortal side, is something he can keep- with his final breath.
Or Coach Hedge, like someone else said. 
The whole point of closing the doors is to get acknowledged by the gods so they can work together to kill the giants. I think there will be a new prophecy, one last quest; with Gaia perhaps awakening and the giants roaming the Earth.
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over a year ago magickeet said…
It has been confirmed that not all of the seven will survive. Annabeth or Frank. Rick Riordan is a TROLL and trolls bring back things from long ago. I was re-reading SoM..
"I swear on the River Styx to protect Percy".
And then I closed the book and looked this stuff up. Also, Mars says that Percy needs Frank's sense of duty to guide him. Annabeth is captured by Gaea, Percy wants to save her, but they can't. Annabeth dies.
Frank just because of all the stuff with his burned stick. But honestly, that'd be way too predictable.
over a year ago willoffire123 said…
Someone's gonna die. My money is sadly on Nico.
over a year ago KimiJay said…
What about Piper? She saved Jason in The Lost Hero. Just a thought.
over a year ago Sniper_swat said…
Does no one remember the sword of hades story rick did a while ago. They said that the sword was the keys to the doors of death the Furies in the cover means that hades gives them the sword to open the doors. He might give it to Nico cause that is his son and all or hazel. Another thing i thought about was that if percy or annabeth die, then hazel can give her live to save the one who died. Remember the part in book 4 were Nico tried to bring back his sister with the soul for a soul thing Nico is going to use it on the person who dies. So dont get mad if one of them dies cause they have a back up plan. But if its Frank or hedge well that sucks if he dies then hazel cant give up her live anyway cause if she does frank is going to die anyway right when he comes back cause of the stick. This wouldnt have happen if Jason didnt take his jolly ass time dropping piper of in the ship Cause he said he be right back. I dont hate him its just that in mark of athena you can always count on jason to get knocked out.
over a year ago AmaryllisBloom said…
I have a sneaking suspicion that someone will have to help close the Doors from the inside and that it won't be Percy or Annabeth; it will either be Leo or Nico and they won't be able to escape.
over a year ago elderpknight said…
house of hades is probably gonna go like this:
at the end of the book, Percy and Annabeth are at the doors of death. the doors have to be closed from both sides. Percy isn't gonna leave Annabeth alone in Tartarus, and vice versa, so they stay together. but just when they are about to close the doors, Nico goes into Tartarus and convinces or forces them to go through the doors so that he can close it. Percy and Annabeth goes through, the doors are closed, and Nico dies. then at the end of the 5th book, when the war is over, Percy and the others find out that Nico chose to be reborn as Bianca's new brother, who was reborn before the 2nd book.
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