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The fans pick: Finnick and Johanna
Finnick and Johanna
Katniss and Finnick
The fans pick: liked it
liked it
it was ok
The fans pick: loved it
loved it
liked it
The fans pick: loved it
loved it
liked it
The fans pick: Clato [Cato and Clove]
Clato [ Cato and Clove]
Glato [ Cato and Glimmer]
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big smile
fandomgirl226 said …
I was flipping out and totally fangirling (is that a word) after I watched the official trailer and all of the teasers. I almost didn't watch because I didn't want to see any spoilers, but I already read the book so they can't be more brutal. Posted 1 day ago
big smile
nickfurious94 said …
Can't wait for mockingjay part 2!!! Posted 7 days ago
Rose_Star said …
HI! I am writing a dystopian novel and it's on Wattpad and is updated every day or two. If you like Hunger Games I would really appreciate the reads. Here is the link!­ite­rat­ion
Please read and share and leave comments to let me know what you think! c:
PLEASE NOTE: this story is copyrighted. if any part is copied or plagiarized you may be removed from Wattpad and credit will be given to me. not a threat just saying don't copy my work lel c: Posted 4 months ago