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Fangirl521 said …
Anyone else notice that in catching fire more than half the time Katniss's hair looks like it's black, not brown? Posted 9 days ago
bouncybunny3 commented…
Well in the books her hair is black. 7 days ago
Flickerflame commented…
They probably heard feedback that her hair hadn't been coloured dark enough in the first film 6 days ago
lionkingartist commented…
I agree with that most definitely 2 days ago
lindakarer said …
just joined the Fanclub :) Posted 13 days ago
kornikopia said …
Saw the Mockingjay: part 1 premiere and loved it! The acting was amazing as always, Jen did great <3 Posted 21 days ago
webelieve commented…
I saw mocking jay part 1 and it was so good I hated the ending though I'm so ready for part 2 4 days ago