I stood beside a cluster of other sixteen year old girls like me. I smiled nervously and began to wonder what I, Maevys Horonett, would do if the crazy Effie Trinket grabbed one of the five slips that has my name on it.
Effie blathered on about what an honor it was to be in District Twelve. But I knew that she was crossing her fingers to be anywhere but there.
Everyone went dead silent as she reached into the glass ball for the ladies. I closed my eyes. She chirped, "Primrose Everdeen!" I let my breath out. Yet I watched as another sixteen year old girl pushed the girl I suppose was Prim and took her place. I was distracted by the two girls as a tall, dark, and attractive boy held Prim and encouragd the older girl, Katniss. I knew Katniss but she was from the Seam and we didn't overlap much. I felt lucky that I was not picked to go die violently on live television. I felt bad for Katniss; she was fairly nice but very quiet and polite.
Effie moved on to the boy tribute selection. I felt nervous. "Our District Twelve boy tribute is...Peeta Mellark!" Effie sang. I stopped breathing and tried and locate Peeta through that sea of children. He became easier to see as he trudged up to the podium. My heart dropped to my stomach, seeing him up there like he was some twisted offering to the Capitol. Peeta and I were best friends, as our parents' businesses are next door. I would have risked my own life to spare his, but once a boy is selected only a boy can take his place, and a girl can take another girl's spot. The reaping ended as soon as the two onstage shook hands. After, they were allowed visitors for a short time. I was let in the Justice Building after Peeta's family said their goodbyes. The large doors swung open and I rushed to him. We smiled painfully at each other.
"Peeta, you have to promise me you'll win." I begged.
"I do. And Maevys, you have to promise me you'll cheer for me." he replied. I nodded.
"They let you wear one thing into the arena that's from home. A token. Will you take this?" I ask. I held out my hand and he looked like his heart shattered. It was a single piece of white yarn. It was very old and looked like nothing important at all, but when we started to play together we would pretend we were getting married, so he would tie that very same white piece of yarn around my ring finger.
"I will." he said. There were tears in his eyes and I let him lean on my shoulder and sob into my shirt. We stood in silence until the Peacekeepers told me my time was up. I looked at him for a while one last time. He smiled painfully. I did too.