This is written completely by me so don't you dare steal it! If you do use it, remember to credit me, or else! This was inspired by THG & My friend Nadia (Nahh-Deee-Aaahh)

I bust the windows out your shop
'cause you never gave me my chops
i asked for them a week ago
but you never delivered them, no

I bust the windows out your shop
when i figured you'd never deliver
Those mutton chops in that mutton pie
so because of you im blind in the eye

I must admit you didn't do it
but i aint forgiving you, not a bit
'cause i went to the games
and i got punched in the face

You see, i was quite hungry
and you didnt give me
That pie when i told you i needed it
But now you can see what you have done
My eye has gone, forever it has gone