"Let's play truth or dare!"

Gale raised one of his eyebrows and looked at the excited looking Peeta with a disdainful look. "Truth or dare? What are you, a twelve year old girl?"

"Hey!" both Prim and Rue said, looking at Gale with death glares.

"Actually, I'd love to play truth or dare!" Katniss declared and sat down next to a shirtless Finnick, trying to form a circle.

"Oh... yeah, me too!" Gale agreed immediately, looking at Katniss with a soft, loving expression.

Peeta snorted at him. "Dude, you're so pathetic."

Peeta then turned to sit next to Katniss, shaking with excitement, and tried to make her to look at him.

He failed.

"Who'll go first?" Katniss asked.

"We need a bottle first," Finnick reminded her as he struck a ridiculously seductive pose. Annie, who was staring at him with wide eyes, clapped her hands enthusiastically, loving the sight.

She wasn't the only one watching.

"What a rockin' body you've got there, Finnick," President Snow said, nodding his head importantly.

Katniss stared at Snow for a minute, then turned away. "Okay, a bottle… Who do we know that always has a bottle with him…"

They all turned to look at a snoring Haymitch. There were five empty bottles next to him.

"That will do!" Peeta grabbed one of the bottles and put it in the middle of the circle, then returned to his seat next to Katniss.

They all looked at the bottle with anticipation.

"So… who'll go first?" Cato asked finally, raising an eyebrow.

"I want to go first! I want to go first! I want, I want, I WANT!"

"Fine, Peeta. You'll go first."


Peeta spun the empty bottle and looked at it with excited eyes. It spun and spun until it landed on…

"Ahh. Gale." Peeta clapped his hands together, looking suddenly very evil.

Gale swallowed.

"Truth… or dare?" Peeta whispered hoarsely, creating a dramatic effect.

"I- Truth," Gale said, not risking picking dare.

"Boo!" Katniss shouted.

"You're so lame, Hawthorne!" Cato agreed.

"Truth is lame! Truth is for LOSERS!" Prim screamed. She got an encouraging slap on her back from her approvingly smiling sister.

"If you were a girl… which boy in this room would you date?" Peeta asked, speaking very loudly and very clearly.

Gale looked suddenly very pale. "I…"

"Say it! SAY IT!" Prim screamed, getting rather into the game.

"I- I'll have to say- I- Thresh," Gale said finally, his cheeks flushed.

Katniss wolf-whistled. Thresh looked indifferent, not caring. Haymitch was still fast asleep.

Finnick, Cato, Peeta and President Snow all looked at Gale with insulted looks.

"But I'm a sexy killing machine!" Cato said, insulted.

"And I'm sweet!" Peeta said loudly, stamping his feet on the ground.

"I'm the PRESIDENT!" President Snow exclaimed.

"I'm a freaking SEX GOD!" Finnick yelled, feeling betrayed by his own people. Annie, Effie and Prim all nodded their heads, agreeing with the Sex God and shooting annoyed looks at Gale.

Gale just shrugged his shoulders and moved towards the bottle. He spun it.

And it landed on…