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HumphryOmega posted on May 09, 2012 at 09:13PM
Basically an rp of the hunger games.
You can choose to be an existing character in the games or your own
Muscle build
Weapons skilled at
Bio ( if wanted to add)

district 1 male:zeebeem10
district i female:
district 2 male: aprilacne
district 2 female: aprilacne
district 3 male: darkling_menace
district 3 female:
district 4 male: HumphryOmega
district 4 female:HumphryOmega
district 5 male: Alvin2442
district 5 female: ZeroSpark
district 6 male:stevarino444
district 6 female:
district 7 male:HayOdair
district 7 female:HayOdair
district 8 male:
district 8 female: socialnerdz
district 9 male:
district 9 female:
district 10 male:
district 10 female:
district 11 male: Ares2002
district 11 female: pink-bokworm
district 12 male:
district 12 female:

only one, you can be killed in this rp

happy hunger games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!
oh and ill be joining >:)
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over a year ago HayOdair said…

Ronny:I sat with my mentor Johanna Mason and my fellow tribute Christine (random name)

Johanna:So Ronny wha-

Ronny:You can call me Ron.My name's Ron.I signed up my name for tesserea with a random name.

Johanna:You actually did that?


Johanna:So Ron,What abilities do you have?

Ron:Well, I'm pretty good with swords and axes.

Johanna:How about throwing knives?

Ron:Never tried
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:I looked at my token my sister gave-a wooden flute at morning when I woke up.I felt a tear escape my eye.I started o miss my sister.She was my only family after my parents died in a shooting.I went out and saw Llumber and Ben my mentor drinking coffee.I took a mug of coffee and looked at Ben.He had brown hair blue eyes and a kind smile..He was around 22.

Ben:"So Leo I have discussed with Llumber her strengths now it's your turn."


Ben:"So tell me what your'e good at"

Leo:I instantly said "I'm good at throwing knives and I am excellent with long range weapons like guns and bow and arrows."I said it so fast nobody could understand much.

Llumber:"And at saying fast"

Suddenly the train stopped and I saw the Capitol

(pinkbookworm you can write about you telling Ben about your abilities in a flashback or write like just before I came if you want)
over a year ago aprilacne said…
Azia:Cato is good with spears, swords and knives. And I saw him take down Twenty Two of the est PeaceKeepers.

Cato:Mega Low blow!
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
(i havent even been keeping up with my own rp, sorry lol. lets start from the games and at the cornucopia we kill off the other tributes, in this case the still open slots for people, and if they want to join in later, pretend they never died, ok?)

*me and my partner Taylor going over what to do in the games with our mentor Finnick*
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over a year ago aprilacne said…
Azia:Wow*looking at the swarm of people in the capitol and waves to them*Cato come look!
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
*looks at the capitol* its bigger in person than on tv....
over a year ago aprilacne said…
Cato:Looks alot bigger than I'd imagianed...

Azia:Hold my hand, it will give us alot more sponsers.

Cato:My pleasure.*holds her hand*
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:*Looks at Capitol with wide eyes*It's HUGE!!!

Ben:Wave and smile

Leo:*waved and smiled*

Leo:I saw 2 kids coming from the District 2 train holding hands.

Ben:"If you can try befriend the Careers.Otherwise you'll be killed in no time"

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over a year ago aprilacne said…
Felik:Azia, I want you to play the strong silant type card. Cato I want you to play the arrogant cocky strong card.

Cato and Azia:Got it.

Azia:Is there anything else?

Felik:I want both of to be in love. Sar cross lovers, got it?

Cato:Anything else before we go and do training?

Felik:Act like it. Around cammeras, tributes and other people besides me, your styleists and your escort.

Azia and Cato:Got it.*run out of the room to go to the training area but stop as they enter the hallway*

Cato:*holds Azia's hand*

Azia:*blushs*Stop it...I need to use my hands for the snairs and knots.

Cato:Even though I'm gonna hate it, I'm commin' with ya.

Azia:*smiles and leads him over*
over a year ago Ares2002 said…

I went to the training with Llumber.

" if you can try befriend the Careers.Otherwise you'll be killed in no time.

I remembered what Ben had said.

Leo:"I will never"I thought.

Llumber:I'm going to the sword area.

Leo:" Ok,I'm going to the axe area."

There was a boy I had seen at the reaping trying out axes.He seemed pretty good with them.Then I realized it was Ron from 7.He seemed kind

over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
* Vence gets to the training room and darts over to the tridents and knives*
over a year ago HayOdair said…
I boy from District 11 comes over and says "hey".I think we could become allies because he doesn't look like the vicious ones.

"Hey you don't seem the bad ones, I know we just met but wanna become allies in the games?"I said
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
*keeps throwing tridents each a kill shot* thank you finnick....
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
(Humphry he was asking me)

Leo:I'm not sure.
over a year ago aprilacne said…
Azia:Laugh like I said something funny.

Cato:*laughs*You wanna try the knives and long ranged stuff now?

Azia:*grabs Cato's hand and walks over to the spears and notices Lumber, but doesn't say anything*

Cato:*picks up a spear and inspects it before launching it at a dummy 5 yards away*

Azia:*kisses his cheek*That was for if I was being hurt by another tribute right?

Cato:You know it.*kisses her nose*
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
(i know he's talking to himself)
*sees the two kissing and thinking* i wonder if there into being in an alliance....
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over a year ago HayOdair said…
(??? I was asking Ares)

I went to the spears area and threw a spear.Unfortunately I hit Leo's hand.

I rushed over to him and said "Sorry"
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
( got it)
over a year ago Ares2002 said…

I saw almost all of the tributes looking at me.

Leo:I grabbed the item i was best at-a bow and arrow and was going to shoot until i remembered the Capitol would kill me if i did that.So i yelled at him "You are gonna be the first one dead!!!"
His face was sorry but I didn't care.
over a year ago aprilacne said…
Azia:*picks up a knife and chucks it at the same dummy, taking it head off*BOOM HEADSHOT!
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
*surprised expression and walks over to leo and helps him up with his good hand* you gonna be ok?
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:I looked over at my bleeding arm and realized a lot of blood was coming out.I quickly took some cloth and cleaned it and washed it.
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
i guess thats a yes....
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:Yeah I hope i do Vance.I really want to kill him.
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
hmmmm, look wanna be allies, im not gonna stab your hand *looks over at Ron* like some people...
over a year ago HayOdair said…
"I'm really really sorry.How can I make it up to you?"
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:Ummm...Okay.*reaches out hand*
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:You Can't Ron
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
*shakes his hand*
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:You know any other good alliances?"
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
hmmmm *points over to cato and the girl* they look strong
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:More Careers I don't think I can trust someone else
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over a year ago aprilacne said…
Cato:*walks over and snachs his wrist*You checkin' my girlfriend out now?!

Azia:Cato!*holds him back*

Cato:Hmp.*takes a spear and throws it is the crotch area of a dummy and walks to the camofloge area*

Azia:Sorry, what were you going on about anyway?
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
hey, im just as deadly as a career. im pretty sure you are too, so we can handle it if something happens. plus, they are very skilled, so what do you say? (to azia) were just talking about how we all could be an aliance (glares at cato) at least i hope we can....
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over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:Is he your boyfriend?
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:Ok Vance
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
over a year ago aprilacne said…
Azia:Yeah he's my boyfriend....

Azia:I'd be happy to join you but I don't know about Cato.
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:Ok,then but what about Llumber *glances at her* she's too young.And I don't think you would accept her.
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
*walks over to cato* hey
over a year ago aprilacne said…

Azia:Is she quick?
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:Well yeah...she's quick and she can climb trees.
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
what you thought it was, wasn't....and your girlfriend is up for the idea of us four being in an alliance
over a year ago aprilacne said…

Azia:We can let her join in the fun.*takes the spear out of the dummy*
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
great *walks back over to the tridents and throws it at a dummy hitting it right in the throat, taking its whole head off*
over a year ago aprilacne said…
Azia:*walks over to cato*Babe,

Cato:*hugs her and kisses her cheek*We're in an aliance?

Azia:Vance, Leo and Lumber.
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
*keeps throwing tridents*
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:*walks over to Llumber*hey i've got an alliance with the Careers u wanna join?
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Llumber: "Yeah why not".
over a year ago Ares2002 said…

*Walks To the Axe area*
I throw an axe and it goes through the dummy's chest