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HumphryOmega posted on May 09, 2012 at 09:13PM
Basically an rp of the hunger games.
You can choose to be an existing character in the games or your own
Muscle build
Weapons skilled at
Bio ( if wanted to add)

district 1 male:zeebeem10
district i female:
district 2 male: aprilacne
district 2 female: aprilacne
district 3 male: darkling_menace
district 3 female:
district 4 male: HumphryOmega
district 4 female:HumphryOmega
district 5 male: Alvin2442
district 5 female: ZeroSpark
district 6 male:stevarino444
district 6 female:
district 7 male:HayOdair
district 7 female:HayOdair
district 8 male:
district 8 female: socialnerdz
district 9 male:
district 9 female:
district 10 male:
district 10 female:
district 11 male: Ares2002
district 11 female: pink-bokworm
district 12 male:
district 12 female:

only one, you can be killed in this rp

happy hunger games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!
oh and ill be joining >:)
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