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HumphryOmega posted on May 09, 2012 at 09:13PM
Basically an rp of the hunger games.
You can choose to be an existing character in the games or your own
Muscle build
Weapons skilled at
Bio ( if wanted to add)

district 1 male:zeebeem10
district i female:
district 2 male: aprilacne
district 2 female: aprilacne
district 3 male: darkling_menace
district 3 female:
district 4 male: HumphryOmega
district 4 female:HumphryOmega
district 5 male: Alvin2442
district 5 female: ZeroSpark
district 6 male:stevarino444
district 6 female:
district 7 male:HayOdair
district 7 female:HayOdair
district 8 male:
district 8 female: socialnerdz
district 9 male:
district 9 female:
district 10 male:
district 10 female:
district 11 male: Ares2002
district 11 female: pink-bokworm
district 12 male:
district 12 female:

only one, you can be killed in this rp

happy hunger games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!
oh and ill be joining >:)
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over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
(vote time: who wants to skip to the games?)
over a year ago aprilacne said…
(all in favor say Ay)

over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
(Humphry Omega you should write the people who have joined in the top now and when the games begin you should send a message to everyone who joined it because they don't come often)
over a year ago aprilacne said…
(On to the marryachi freakin Games)
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
(got it hold on)
over a year ago HayOdair said…
(can I also do the girl from my district?)

Ron:I sat on the roof looking at the stars thinking of the Games
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
(sure thing)

Vence thinks about how he wants things to go in the games. Strategizing on what to do in each situation.
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:I think about my alliance with the Careers and how i'm going to work with them.
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
(Um Humphry you have written HayOdair in District 6 female he is District 7)
over a year ago Snare24 said…
Hi!I'll be happy to join!

Name:Jimmy Mitch
Height: 5'8
Muscle Build:some in arms
Weapons Skilled at:knife throwing,swords
Apeareance: Jet black hair,brown eyes
over a year ago Snare24 said…
Jimmy:I was hopeful that the next day I would win
over a year ago Squarecake said…
Hi I'm new at Fanpop and i can sign up now right?If yes so :

Name:Holly Clark
Muscle Build:None
Weapons skilled:Knives
Appearence:Brown curly hair and blue eyes
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
(Can we start the games now?)
over a year ago aprilacne said…


Azia:*looks back at her stylist as she is on her plate*

Stylist:*taps his chin*

Azia:*holds her head high as she is lifted into the arena-
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
"The Games"
Leo:I look at my mentor Ben as he gives an encouraging nod.I go and stand on the metal plate.The metal plates lifts me up.I look at the arena which is a ......

(What's the Arena?)
over a year ago Squarecake said…
(Thank you)
Holly:I went on to the metal plate and got lifted up in the arena.
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
(how about some old Greek ruins?)

* lift into the arena and sees the scenery and thinks in his mind* aw man....there's more dirt than water....* starts restrategizing*

(clock starts counting down from 30)
over a year ago Snare24 said…
Jimmy:I was in the arena and all I saw was sand.I scanned the whole arena.There was the Cornucopia in the middle.I saw lots of stones and a destroyed temple.I had an idea in my mind to go to there for hiding only for a while.I saw the boy from 11 next to me and remembered he was the boy who got hit with the spear.On the other side was the boy from 1.The clock had only 14 seconds left. gong was heard...
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Lumber: as the gong went time slowed down and felt like everything was on a slow mo button. I scanned the arena looking for my Allies I had made oh we'll Leo anyway.
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
*takes of toward the corucopia as soon as the gong sounded calling over some of his allies to help with the blood bath*
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Leo:The gong sounded.I went to Vence to help him.I saw the boy from 10 going to a spear I wanted.I picked up a backpack and saw Llumber fighting with some girl.I opened the pack to see a cloth.I picked up some sand and threw it in the the boy from 10's eyes.He screamed and dropped the spear.I took my cloth and covered his mouth with it.He suffocated and died.I took the spear and threw it at the girl from 12 and she fell to the ground.
over a year ago HumphryOmega said…
*picks up two tridents and kills off the girl from 6 and the boy from 8 by spearing them in the troars with them and runs over and rips them out*