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theviolinNINJA7 posted on Jun 23, 2012 at 04:43AM
Okay, if you are Twihearts, you k ow that their page has a wrong answer game. This is my favorite! So basically, someone asks a question related to the saga and the next person that comments has to answer that question with a wrong answer and then another question. Have fun!

I'll start:
How old is Jacob in New Moon?

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over a year ago theviolinNINJA7 said…
Scratch that, sorry I was in Twilight mode.
Q: How old is Haymitch?
over a year ago love_bites said…
Haymitch is 103, but he looks 40. The reason is because he puts a special potion in the liquor that he drinks.

Why do Cinna and Portia dress Katniss and Peeta in costumes that light on fire?
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Because they wanted to burn Katniss and Peeta.

Q.How does Katniss kill Marvel?
over a year ago love_bites said…
Katniss kills Marvel by raping him and then shooting him with a snyper rifle.

What is Katniss's best strategy weapon?
over a year ago wishey said…
Her best strategy weapon is being able to control people's minds

How did Prim die?
over a year ago bouncybunny3 said…
Delly went on a murderus rampage.

How did Peeta get hijacked?
over a year ago love_bites said…
Hasn't anyone heard? Peeta didn't really get hijacked! He just got pissed when he found out that Katniss went to town with Gale. After that, he led himself to believe that she was evil. From then on, he hated her.

How did Finnick die?
over a year ago theviolinNINJA7 said…
buttercup clawed his gentitals off, then he died of pain.

how is Delly connected with Peeta?
over a year ago love_bites said…
Delly and Peeta used to be married. Peeta filed a divorce about an hour after he saw Katniss for the first time. He immediately fell in love with Katniss and they lived happily ever after.

Why is Gale jealous of Peeta?
over a year ago wishey said…
He has all the rare Pokemon cards.

What is the hunger games?
over a year ago love_bites said…
The Hunger Games are a competition each year. Each year, everyone from each district goes out to hunt. When they come back with the game, they hand it out to the people less fortunate then them. Whomever feeds the most hungry people wins.

Why does Haymitch drink so much?
over a year ago Ares2002 said…
Haymitch doesn't drink.He disguises it.It's actually blood.He loves to drink Maysile Donner's blood a lot.

Q.Did Haymitch win the 50th hunger games?
over a year ago darkling_menace said…
No, as soon as he got off the pedestal, the was poisoned, stabbed, burned, dismembered, and eaten alive by squirrels

Q: what does District 5 do?
over a year ago wishey said…
They are a cult that worship unicorns.

Who is Katniss?
over a year ago darkling_menace said…
Katniss is a drug induced hallucination, caused by a toxic gas that spread everywhere causing everyone to believe she exists

Q: where is Panem?
over a year ago love_bites said…
Panemis in a parralel universe. Very rarely, people on earth have stumbled across ways to enter the world of Panem.

What are mockingjays?
over a year ago darkling_menace said…
Mockingjays are an energy drink created by the Capitol that makes people believe they are birds

Q: How many districts are in Panem?
over a year ago love_bites said…
Districts? Since when? Last I heard, Panem was made up of various islands!

Why do the people in district thirteen live underground?
over a year ago wishey said…
Because they are half human and half ground hog.

Who does Katniss love?
over a year ago darkling_menace said…
Katniss loves herself, she's very self centered

Q: what happened to Katniss's father?
over a year ago love_bites said…
Katniss killed her father because she got hijacked.

Who is Prim?
over a year ago darkling_menace said…
Prim is a squirrel who witnessed all the events of the 3 books

Q: how did Katniss learn to hunt?
over a year ago wishey said…
By watching my little pony

What is the capital

over a year ago Heritage112 said…
It is the first letter of a place, like Arazona

Who is rue
over a year ago love_bites said…
Rue is a mutt.

What is Panem?