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flabaloobalah posted on Jul 26, 2012 at 05:39PM
Ok. Lets pretend that this is the 33rd Annual Hunger Games.
If everyone could post a description and a pic of you the tribute that would be awesome. I will update with a list of all the tributes.
The arena is a jungle.


District 1 Male: Crake (19999jacko)
District 1 Female: Whit Loith (missracoon)
District 2 Male: Necare Drolocun (psychmacgyver)
District 2 Female: Draven (mrshutcherson13)
District 3 Male: Dennis Jones (kaboomgirl)
District 3 Female: Adira Anderson (hgfan5602)
District 4 Male: Jacob Hutchingson (A-347)
District 4 Female: Rain Maude (Phoenix_Tears)
District 5 Male: Jenks Ghast (missracoon)
District 5 Female: Araceli Holloway (flabaloobalah)
District 6 Male: Rayo (aysom)
District 6 Female: Echo Haverdine (squirrelpaw23)
District 7 Male: Samanae (Portzoyboy)
District 7 Female: Emerald (chillyneon)
District 8 Male: Danny Witter (Grrrrr)
District 8 Female: Lianna Amoran (Lady_Rebel)
District 9 Male: Garnet (BlondLionEzel)
District 9 Female: Jasmine Weasley (Face_of_Music)
District 10 Male: Fabian (blazeandrose)
District 10 Female: Holly Wood (morganaforever)
District 11 Male: Shailar Sookwhises (ssook78)
District 11 Female: Paisley (laactress)
District 12 Male: Tempest (juliet98)
District 12 Female: Karrae Hawkene (A-347)

Ok this is me:
Name: Araceli Halloway
District: 5
Age: 16
Hair: red
Eyes: blue
Tall, slender but strong. Best weapon is sword. Smart, resourceful.

Please post! Thank you!
Ok. Lets pretend that this is the 33rd Annual Hunger Games.
If everyone could post a description and
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over a year ago A-347 said…
(Omg, NOOO RUE!)
over a year ago flabaloobalah said…
((this. is. epic.))
over a year ago A-347 said…
(Yeah! It is! And also, Come on, boys, hurry up! Something tells me that this is all the boys we're going to get.)
over a year ago Lady_Rebel said…
(I'd be a boy as well, but this is the fourth active RP, I'm in and in all of the others I'm at least two characters. In onne I'm three. So. I'm sticking with one in this one. *goes back to writing*)
over a year ago A-347 said…
( I feel sorry for you. Don't you get mixed up with your characters?)
over a year ago Lady_Rebel said…
(No. In the one with threes, I have Lianna (the one I edited for this one) Aleskander (her BF), and Lia's sister, Starayana. Then the other two are both Black Butler RPs and I RP as Grell and Undertaker (the people in my icon))
over a year ago A-347 said…
(AH! I knew that I knew them from somewhere!!)
over a year ago missracoon said…
((Just two more guys...come on...))
over a year ago A-347 said…
(Yeah, hurry up!)
over a year ago missracoon said…
((I'll ask more friends...))
over a year ago BlondLionEzel said…
Name: Garnet
Gender: Male
District 9
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
over a year ago missracoon said…
((Al we need now is one more member...!))
over a year ago blazeandarose said…
((I would be a female, But it looks like all of the females are taken... So I'll take the males instead. XD))

Name: Fabian
District: 10
Age: 15

((Crap, What do people in District 10 look like again?))
over a year ago kaboomgirl said…
((One more member! :D Welcome!))
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over a year ago Phoenix_Tears said…
((Yay! And I'm almost done typing up my's sorta long...sorry))
over a year ago Lady_Rebel said…
(Mines short. Just an extesion from my background really.)
over a year ago kaboomgirl said…
((I'm working on my reaping... should I start from, like, when he wakes up in the morning, or when he gets to the reaping? o-o))
over a year ago Phoenix_Tears said…
((I started from when she was waiting in the town square. I'm not doing the train yet though.))
over a year ago A-347 said…
(Cool. YAY! I'm now typing up the reaping.)
over a year ago Phoenix_Tears said…
((I'm done with mine ^_^ And it's long))
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over a year ago 1999jacko said…
( cool)
over a year ago missracoon said…
((Yay we have enough people~!))
over a year ago A-347 said…
(Can we start now? I've finished my reaping and everything.)
over a year ago Lady_Rebel said…
(I've finished writing my reaping and I designed one of the dresses. The interview might take awhile though.)
over a year ago missracoon said…
((Is flabaloo online? Oh and i'll start on my reaping))
over a year ago A-347 said…
(I've done my reaping and interview but have no idea what to do about the train.)
over a year ago 1999jacko said…
(( I cant wait for it to start))
over a year ago A-347 said…
(Neither can I)
over a year ago missracoon said…
((For the train part maybe we should do something with our fellow tribute?))
over a year ago A-347 said…
(Yeah, but why talk about and not start it? Or are we waiting for Flabalooalah?)
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over a year ago 1999jacko said…
( yeah think so)
over a year ago psychmacgyver said…
Idon't know about you, but I'm starting with the reaping now, no matter what happens. Here goes nothing:

As we are coralled and divide up by age and gender, some notice Leonel Trunics pacing behind an ajar door, reciting lines to himself. He bangs through the door, startling everyone. He comes out falsely smiling, waving, blowing kisses to us, who are stonefaced. It is quiet. You can hear a pin drop. My eyes dart around to the others, as you can see the tenseness in every single human being entrapped in the white ropes. Then the machine that makes clapping noises shuts off, as the theme music, treating it like a game show, while one boy and girl will be participating in a much less fun game. Then he does his signature, famous, and yet unpopular saying,"Happy Hunger Games! Remember, if you are chosen, don't die!",as he chuckles to himself. That happens, along with other rituals. A twist? I hear him call out my name. "Neacare Drolocun? Do we have a 'Necare Drolocun' here? If so, step right up!" I grin, and am glad I am chosen. I have waited and trained my whole life for this. I am ready. But still. I am feeling the regular Hunger Games feelings. I am going to miss my family. But I promise myself I will return. I want to hide. I tense up, as my legs force me to go up the steps. The question wanders my head: Why???
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over a year ago A-347 said…
(Awesome. The reaping doesn't have to be in order does it? If not, here's mine. I'll do Jacob's first.)

I woke up in my bed and it took a while to realise that today was that fateful day again. The day that changed my family forever. The day that made me an only child...

My father called me from downstairs, I sigh and force myself up. I tell him that I'll be down in a while. He knew how upset I got on reaping day so he usually made a special effort to be kind. I took a nice, long wash in cold water as if to delay the inevitable then changed into my best jeans and t-shirt before trudging down the stairs and making my way to the town square with my father. When I finally arrived, the mayor was there between the two reaping bowls and welcomed us.

“Now then, who will lead us, the proud fishing district to victory?” He said with such confidence and I couldn't help but glare it him. It didn't go so well last time when my sister was hit with a spear. Still, as long as things were okay for him, he didn't care what happened to us children. Society is often like that. After what had happened the year before, I hated the Capitol and wished that if not now, somebody in the near future would bring them down! Snapping back to reality, I saw a young female step up to the stage but had no idea who it was.

When the mayor walked over to the male bowl, I could see my father sweating a lot. It must have been hard for him. I lost mother when I was very young, then, last year, my sister was murdered (there's no other way to put it, no matter what the Capitol say) and what if I were to leave him too? So you could imagine his dispair when my name was called. I was in denial, I barely believed it! I slowly made my way through the crowd to the stage and for a moment I felt terrified. Then a smirk broke out on my face, which left the crowd confused. It dawned on me that I was lucky to be chosen. Now I'm more than just Jacob Hutchingson, more than a disposable face in the crowd. If I win this, I could get revenge on the Capitol somehow. Even if it cost me my life, I would be showing the world just what happens when you cross me. I'd die, knowing that my sister had been avenged and, knowing that many would follow my example. So, if the Capitol wanted to play like that then bring it on.
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over a year ago Phoenix_Tears said…
((Here's mine!))
I waited in the Town Square with the other girls my age, trying to keep my face as blank as possible. I looked around at the crowd, everyone looked sad and scared. Well of course they did, it was reaping day. I saw the strange Capitol person mount the stage. The mayor said his speech and played the video about the war. Even though it ended only 33 years ago, many things have changed. We were still battling though...but for the amusement of the Capitol.
The strangely dressed person came over the bowl with the girl’s names in it, I closed my eyes tight. “And the girl tribute is,” I took a deep breath, I could hear others around me do the same. “Rain Maude.” I opened my eyes in shock. My heart began to beat extremely fast. Wiping my face blank of emotion, I stepped onto the stage. I searched the crowd for my family. I saw my sisters, Brook and Beck, twins, both 18. They were looking straight past me, like I wasn’t their sister, like they didn’t care. I knew they were selfish and horrible but I didn’t know they were entirely heartless. Then I saw my parents, my mother was crying into my father’s arms. My father was staring at the ground with a sad expression. Finally I saw my brother, my parents were upset, but their emotions were nothing compared to his. He was crouching on the ground with his hands on his head, his shoulders shaking with sobs. Sobs, my 22 year old brother Kai was crying.
They called the boy tribute, Jacob Hutchingson. He was my age, I knew him from school. We weren’t friends but almost everyone in the whole district knew him. His sister died in the Games last year. I thought he would be sad but he did something unexpected, he smirked.
"Happy Hunger Games!" said the mayor, "And may the proud fishing district earn a victory!"
Jacob and I were led into the Town Hall building, so we could talk with our friends and family for one last time. They took me to a simple room with two chairs. I took a seat and closed my eyes again. I tried to cry, it wouldn’t come, I was still too shocked.
Soon my parents came in and hugged me without saying a word. My mother’s eyes were red from crying. My father said a few short words about how I’ll do great and everything would be fine. After one last hug they left and I sat back down.
There was another knock at the door and my brother entered the room. I got up out of the chair and went over to him. “I am so sorry.” Kai said before quickly pulling me into a hug. I could hear him crying and feel his tears on my dress. He didn’t usually cry. He always seemed happy, care free, and funny. “I am so sorry.” He repeated, hugging me tighter. “It’s not your fault.” I said.
“I know.” He said still holding me tight, “But you’re my sister, my baby sister.” Kai put his hand on my head. “I wish I could have done something...I would’ve done anything. I was lucky enough to not ever be called....I was hoping you would be too.” He was still hugging me when I said, “At least Brook and Beck are safe.” I stayed silent as he let go of me and put his hands on my shoulders. “I would rather have one of them go than you.” I stared at him with my mouth slightly open. Yes it was true, we both hated them. But we never talked openly about it. The twins really had no problem with Kai, but they despised me and that’s why Kai hated them, water began to fill his eyes again. “But you’ll be fine.” He said trying to compose himself, I stared into his tear-filled eyes. They were the same color of blue as mine. “It’s going to be okay.”
I forced myself to say what I was thinking, “No. It’s not.” Tears finally began to come and started to roll down my cheeks. Kai wiped my tears, “It will.” I could tell that he was lying, “You’ll do fine...You just have to remember to stay strong...And remember what I taught you, okay?” I looked up at him. “Okay.” He quickly hugged me again and the doors opened. “And don’t change.” The Peacekeepers started to get impatient. Kai unwillingly let go of me and slowly walked toward the door. “I love you sis.” I smiled weakly as more tears streamed down my face, “I love you too.”
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over a year ago 1999jacko said…
( I just realised r there going to be careers and alliances )
over a year ago A-347 said…
(@1999jacko Yes. Mine is going to be in the Careers. Now for Karrae's.)

I shuffled to the town square in what had to be the only classy clothes I owned. A grey skirt and a plain, white shirt with a grey waistcoat. My mother and younger brother were there too. He was only twelve, meaning this was his first year and my mother was crying. We came in our thousands and crowded around the stage where a woman in her forties with flamboyant make-up and a silly pink wig stood between the reaping bowls. Everyone, inculding me admittedly, stood there, terrified. Taking a few deep breaths I tried to calm myself and prepare for what was coming but nothing would let me. The mayor preformed his speech, then played the video, reminding us of the rebellion; the reason why we were all here. Suffering for the bravery of our ancestors.

“Hello.” The woman's deep voice bellowed and filled the square. “I am Effie Trinket and welcome to the thirty-third annual Hunger Games. Ohh! Isn't it exciting?” She giggled. “Today, one brave young gentleman and one strong young lady will be chosen to compete for the chance of fame and fortune for district twelve!” She flashed a bright grin, but she was the only one. Stepping over to the female bowl she said “Without further ado, let me pick the lucky female contestant for this year!” She shoved her hand into the bowl and swirled it around, taking unecessarily long. It was an agonizing few seconds; my head pounded and I felt slightly dizzy but soon snapped out of it when she spoke the name “Karrae Hawkene.” barely able to pronounce it correctly. Mother went pale. My brother's face became confused, he didn't yet fully understand what the Hunger Games entailed. My heart skipped a beat and I was literally immobilized with fear. The crowd was muttering away to themselves until she called my name again, this time, louder and she grew more impatient. Slowly and shakily, I made my way through the crowds and to the stage next to Effie, who then went to the male bowl.
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over a year ago 1999jacko said…
( cool reaping and mine is in the careers as well)
over a year ago A-347 said…
(Thanks and awesome! :D)
over a year ago A-347 said…
(Ah. Cool. My character doesn't have a strategy.)
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over a year ago 1999jacko said…
I stood in a crowd with other boys my age my friends and I talking Bout how the academy have let me volunteer for the games this year and I'm so excited nothing could knock me down. That is until my best friend Whit Loith is called and the escort moves over to the male bowl congratulating her on her bein picked for the games and hoping she wins and all that bull they give every year. Then comes the boys.

All the boys stand rigid around me but I don't know why if I'm voulunteering for whoever is picked. " Good luck boys," the escort says as she takes about an hour pulling a name of of the bowl," Orion Smate," I see a little boy aged twelve who must onl be entered once and I can't hold it in when the boy starts crying on the spot and peacekeepers come and drag him to the stage so I shout," I VOLOUNTEER. My names Crake and shut up and don't give me any bull," and I take my place a smile on my face

Hope you like it and happy hunger games may the odds be ever in your favour
over a year ago Phoenix_Tears said…
((Almost everyone is so eager...))
over a year ago A-347 said…
(Umm... if Crake spoke to authority like that, he'd be punished. Just a heads up.)
over a year ago flabaloobalah said…
((argh. sorry i have been gone all day. i went scouting for a suitable district 12, then i went partying. lets go, fellow tributes!))
((is it ok if i do it in third person? just cuz its easier wen she dies.))
I buried my head in my pillow. Today was the reaping. The Reaping, where two children would be chosen to battle in the Hunger Games. She never much liked the Games, or the despicable Capitol, whose residents would be entertained by the slaughtering of 23 teenagers. I pulled myself out of bed and groaned.
My little sister and brother, Micah and Kelsea, were fooling around on the couch in the living room. My mother was making breakfast, and father was folding clothes and simultaneously opening letters, scanning them over, and throwing a select few away.
"Ara, sit," My mother sang as she cracked eggs and dropped bits of meat onto a pan. Micah and Kelsea ran to their older sister and talked with me.
"Are you afraid, Cellie?" Micah asked, tugging on the sleeve of my nightgown.
"Only a little. But I'm okay." I replied as Kelsea started fiddling with my messy red hair. Breakfast was served on fresh blue plates. The whole family sat, but not for long. Micah and I had to change into nice reaping clothes.
The blouse and skirt I was to wear hung up in the closet, black shoes laid out in front of my bed. I cleaned up, brushed my hair back, and changed, doing all but one of the small buttons adorning the white cotton blouse. The skirt was a soft and strange red, brick red maybe.
Once I was dressed, I met my 13 year old brother at the door. He seemed a little nervous. This was, after all, only his second reaping. This was to be my fifth, being 16.
The rest of the family stood by the creaky, leaning, front porch. The walk to the town square was silent, save for the crunch as their feet went over the gravel and dirt.
Selaria Flowers, the eccentric yet somewhat charming escort for District 5, stood on a stage, adjusting her microphone, fingering her hair, looking distastefully at the state of the town square.
Children between the ages of 12 and 18 were sent in lines to check in. I gave a drop of blood and pressed the red tip of my index finger to the small square reading "Halloway, Araceli, F, 16".
Micah was calm and cooperative as they took a little blood, then ran to me and gave me a hug. I returned the hug.
In a few minutes, once everyone participating was checked in and we were sorted into age groups, Selaria chirped, "Happy Hunger Games to all! Good luck to all!" wasting no time at all, she reached into a large glass ball. "Ladies first," she said, twisting her hand around and finding a suitable slip of paper.
Not one person in the crowd breathed, blinked, moved, even.
Slowly and clearly, she proclaimed, "Our female tribute is....Araceli Halloway."
At first, I shut down. There must have been a mistake. Not me! I started to take small stiff steps forward when I heard a squeal. A little girl squeal in agony. I knew it was my sweet little Kelsea.
Selaria took my hand and placed me on stage, facing my friends, my neighbors, enemies, family. My family. Even from here, thinking of them caused a lump in my throat. I loved them. But we had to say goodbye. The only thing was, was it going to be goodbye for good?
((good night.))
over a year ago missracoon said…
"Whiney Loith!""
I froze what did they say? Surley that wasn't me right but some other Whitney Lotih...
"Whitney Loith! Are you hard of hearing dear?"
I remember, i had fallen asleep during that huge speech...
And now...
"There you are dear no need to be shy now..." said the rep as she grabbed my shoulder violentley and pulled me forward.
district 1 is ment to be better than the other districts, here people have better living conditions and some even train to be
in the hunger games.
So at that moment i prayed that one of those "careers" would step up for me.
But they didn't

"So whats your name sweetheart?" asked the woman, although she had already called out my name twice.
"Whit Loith" i answered, doing my best not to cry or let my studder show.

Everything else was just a blur, my sister glacing at me unable to volenter being oler than 18.
A bunch of careers sningering.
My friend Crake looking at me with a sad face.
And everything else just didn't register apart from the rep yelling at the top of her voice.

"Happy hunger games and may the odds be EVER in you favour!"
over a year ago missracoon said…
((Great reapings by the way guys))
over a year ago A-347 said…
over a year ago missracoon said…
I went to the reaping in my best clothes, listning to that ten hour long rant they make us go through...
I mean its painful enough that two kids have to freaking DIE let along have to listen to the capital's screwed up version of justice.
After the rant is over, The rep shoves her hands into the girl's glass ball "Ladies first~!"
The rep yelled out the name of some girl i've never heard before, a little girl shreiks, most likely her sister or something, my hate for the capital increases.
The girl took the stage, she did her best to be tough but i could tell she was scared, everyone is scared.
The rep then strolled over to the guy's glass ball and grabbed a piece of paper and yelled out the name "Jenks Ghast!"

My name.
I did my best to control my breathing, no i was known to the people in this district for being tough, even when my parents died i was still tough, even when
Mike was killed...
That's right, i have no one left to hold onto, if i remember that, there is nothing to fear.
"That's me!" i yelled in that chippy voice i used to use when i woke Mike up in the morning "The one and only Jenks Ghast!" i made a gun with my right hand
and made a "bang" noise at the girl tribute before facing the rep and ignoring her reaction.
"Well you're a tad more...uh bright then the other tributes we've had..." Said the rep as if she thought something was wrong with me.
"Aw shucks!" I cooed while making my hands smother my face "If you were thrity years younger you would be just my type babe!"
The rep fell to the floor in shock, i took this time to grab the mike and yell at the top of my voice.

"Happy hunger games! And may the odds be EVER in you favour!" before blowing a kiss towards the camera, this is my chance to make the capital pay.
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over a year ago kaboomgirl said…
((I'll post mine tomorrow, guys. I'm sorry D:))
over a year ago flabaloobalah said…
((thats okeh, me batman. >:D))
over a year ago flabaloobalah said…
we dont need any more tributes. see? all the spots are filled.
good day. *climbs into batmobile with kaboomgirl/batman and speeds away*