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The Hunger Games Videos

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Peeta & Katniss - 1,000 Years

Peeta & Katniss - Everything

Katniss & Peeta - Stop Crying Your Heart Out

THG | Katniss Everdeen | I'm Coming Home

The Hunger Games | it's like you're screaming. and no one can hear.

Katniss & Peeta - Good To You

The Hunger Games; Run For Your Life

► HUNGER GAMES_This is war

///Into the Fire/// K&P

Katniss&Peeta-[ And I'd do anything to make you stay]

Hunger Game ll All about the heart

Breath Of Life [The Hunger Games]

The Hunger Games||So Cold

THG ×•× W.A.R. - (Mockingjay fan made)

The Hunger Games|||Everybody Loves Me

Haymitch&Maysilee || Their Story

peeta + katniss; because she came here with me

Peeta&Katniss || You're always here

Hunger Games || Katniss&Peeta | Sing it out

Josh Hutcherson’s Pre-Award Show Interview

The Hunger Games; Clocks

Hunger Games Peeta+Katniss Cave


The Hunger Games • "my name is Katniss Everdeen"

The Hunger Games 2 Catching Fire in 2013 ~ Beyond The Trailer

Peeta Mellark ~ Quotes

The Hunger Games Trilogy || Peeta & Katniss ♠ The story of our lives

TICK TOCK | Catching Fire [thg] The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games; Welcome Home

The Hunger Games || Welcome, To The 74th Annual Hunger Games

Haymitch+Maysilee || Rubik's Cube

‘Hunger Games’ Cast to Attend MTV Movie Awards

My Name Is Katniss Everdeen (OVC)

The Hunger Games - "You Are The Night-Time Fear"

The Hunger Games - Youth

Birdy - Just a game - The Hunger Games.

THG || Hit it Again.

THG || Keep your eyes open..

The Hunger Games|| Katniss & Peeta- Shattered

'Catching Fire' Finnick Role Down To Final Three?

You Found Me - Katniss and Peeta

the hunger games: katniss & peeta clips

katniss + gale | everybody feels this way

keep your eyes open | hunger games

Peeta & Katniss • "I don't wanna lose the boy with the bread" ♥ (SPOILERS!)

The Hunger Games || Power

The Hunger Games | IN THE END

How would they change you? [katniss+peeta]

The Hunger Games||Another Code Against The Gone

The Hunger Games||Breath of Life


"In my mind, I hear your song... | The Hunger Games.

Uprising | The Hunger Games.

Katniss&Peeta {Just close your eyes}

Peeta & Katniss || Saving Me

katniss & peeta | just a kiss.

The Hunger Games ll Katniss ll We are all just pieces in their games

Katniss and Peeta//We're all just pieces in their games..

fanmade Caching fire trailer

Katniss+Peeta - This Love Is Not A Game To Me...

[ how could you be so heartless? ]

Gale/Katniss | A Drop in the Ocean

Katniss/Gale || Wherever You Will Go

The Hunger Games || HELP

Peeta & Katniss II Payphone

The Hunger Games || CRACK

Katniss and Peeta || I set fire to the rain (I do, I need you)

"The Hunger Games" Katniss & Peeta: You Love Me, Real Or Not? Real.

Hunger Games- What is F.U.N?

Haymitch+Maysilee | Dance with the devil

LOL Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Official DVD Trailer

{Finnick:||:Annie} // Cradled in Love

{Painting Flowers For you} // {Peeta :||: Katniss} {PREVIEW}

The Hunger Games - Irresistible

THG || The Arena

The Hunger Games||Blue Horizon

Katniss/Peeta. Iris.

THG Tributes. Illuminated.

The Hunger Games~Flowers For A Ghost

Katniss & Peeta - I Wish You Were Here

♥ Katniss & Peeta - Safe & Sound AMV ♥

Katniss & Peeta: Stay With Me

❤ The Hunger Games ☆ Katniss & Peeta

The hunger games || Heavy in your arms

The Hunger Games // Blink

The Hunger Games | All this devotion

Peeta/Katniss | A Hard Road To Travel

The Hunger Games II Apologize

Cato & Clove | If I Die Young

[ The Hunger Games] Katniss. It's like you're screaming, but no one can hear

josh hutcherson | in your arms

The Hunger Games - Iridescent

The Hunger Games - Numb

The Hunger Games - I Need A Hero

Cato & Clove - Children

We Want War [Hunger Games]

Katniss and Prim ll You and I'll be [Safe and Sound]

Peeta & Katniss || We found love in a hopeless place

Katniss + Peeta | put you somewhere you can't get hurt