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Cato & Clove - Until We Bleed

► Automatic ;; josh hutcherson

► josh hutcherson ;; you make me feel

The Hunger Games - The Rooftop Scene (Katniss & Peeta)

Annie & Finnick {the Hunger Games Series} | holding a heart

finnick&annie if you be my boat

District 12 is my home.


The Hunger Games // Sail

The Hunger Games. SAIL.

The Hunger Games - Stay with me

Hunger Games || Taylor Swift's Eyes Open

we found LOVE in a hopeless place ❤

Peeta and Katniss- Stop Crying Your Heart

The Feast Scene - Katniss vs. Clove, Thresh Intervenes...

S.A.T.I.S.F.A.C.T.I.O.N ▌Josh H.

The Hunger Games || Crack Video (Music Mix) thg ♥

It's alright // Peeta & Katniss

Katniss & Peeta || A Thousand Years

The Hunger Games - Katniss & Rue

Rue's Lullaby - Sung by Katniss

Taylor Swift - Safe & Sound ft. The Civil Wars - The Hunger Games {Tribute

The Hunger Games - Katniss's Interview

The Hunger Games - Solute to Rue

The Hunger Games - Feast

The Hunger Games - Feast Scene

The Hunger Games - "Fox Face"'s obsession with Brussel Sprouts?

The Hunger Games - Isabelle Fuhrman's Knife-Throwing Skills

The Hunger Games - Rue: Little Prankster

The Hunger Games - Clips

►Josh Hutcherson║ Who's That Boy

The Hunger Games - Forest Fire Scene

The Hunger Games || This is war

The Hunger Games || Spectrum

little secrets [the hunger games]

The Hunger Games | Now is the time to show them everything.

THG | Katniss&Peeta - Everything's Made To Be Broken...

Katniss + Peeta / The time was wrong

Katniss & Peeta | Without You

After the madness [Peeta & Katniss]

Peeta & Katniss - Hallelujah

Beauty Through Broken Glass - Peeta and Katniss

Peeta & Katniss - Crash Into Me

Katniss + Peeta I stayed in the darkness with you

The Hunger Games, Taylor Swift - Eyes Open

Hunger Games Parody - Tik Tok

Peeta/Katniss. Stay.

Katniss/Peeta. Love Song Requiem.

Peeta/Katniss - "This could be the end..."

Katniss&Peeta my heart will go on

The Hunger Games || Lights

♥ Josh & Jennifer || Things I'll Never Say ♥

The Hunger Games-Stronger

The Hunger Games || Crack

Peeta Mellark ~ Breathing Space ~ "I still want to be me."

Katniss & Peeta // The Only I Care About is You

Katniss/Peeta. We Found Love.

Peeta & Katniss - ♥ Run without direction ...

♥ Katniss & Peeta // Tell me Why [She came here with me] ♥

Peeta & Katniss; I Won't Give Up

Peeta and Katniss~ Eyes Open

The Hunger Games - Safe & Sound **Spoilers*

The Hunger Games - Clove's Death

The Hunger Games - Training Center

Hunger Games - Cornucopia Bloodbath

The Hunger Games - Wasp Scene

The Hunger Games - Rue's Death Scene

► THG | A Spark Of Hope

✘ Katniss + Peeta || How long have I been in this storm? ✘

Peeta + Katniss | "Because she came here with me..."

katniss and peeta || let me out

Peeta+Katniss | "Together? Together!"

The Hunger Games | This is war

The Hunger Games || overwhelm me


Peeta & Katniss || Time

Peeta/Katniss. Blue Eyes.

Katniss & Peeta - Run

Peeta & Katniss | "i should have come to you,"

Peeta+Katniss||Angel with a shotgun❤

"You Dont Know Me" | Jenifer Lawrence

The Ruler and the Killer - Kid Cudi (Made By Me)

Dark Days - Punch Brothers Fan Made Music Video (Made By Me)

Overcoming the Darkness || Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Games||Soldiers Poem

The Hunger Games❤[Set Fire to the Rain]

Katniss and Peeta || Heavy in your arms

~Katniss and Peeta ~ All is lost, hope remains, and this war's not over.

Katniss & Peeta II Shattered

Peeta & Katniss - High Above Me

Hunger Games | We could go home

Katniss/Peeta. Give Me Love.

katniss everdeen // you're the fire

»cato&clove || "the future seemed so bright.."

Katniss & Peeta II Fix You


Josh talks excitement for new director

TV Spot "IMAX - Now Playing"

The Hunger Games || Mockingjay

Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark || We found love