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May the odds be ever in your favor•THG ▌BY j.G

♥Katniss and Peeta- A Thousand Years♥

only a moment away (katniss/peeta)

THG || katniss & peeta {may i hold you...} *SPOILERS!*

Tornado / Katniss Everdeen

New 'The Hunger Games' Trailer Debuts

Kill 'Em All || The Hunger Games

Peeta & Katniss [The Hunger Games] || She Came Here With Me

The Hunger Games // the beast you've made of me//

Into the Fire {hunger games}

Katniss & Gale | thinking about you

Peeta and Katniss | Your Warm Whispers

:: may the odds be ever in your favor::

The Hunger Games // Shouldn't be a good in goodbye

Peeta and Katniss - Stay With Me

Peeta/Katniss {Girl On Fire} *SPOILERS*

Katniss and Peeta || Drop In the Ocean.

The Hunger Games | the fight never ends

A song about katniss

The Hunger Games || Katniss & Peeta

No Light, No Light | The Hunger Games

Rue's Death || Safe & Sound [THG]


The Hunger Games {Girl on Fire MV}

Hunger Games ~ The World Calling

The Hunger Games || POWER

The Hunger Games''I wanna still be me...''

Scars Will Remain [Katniss x Peeta]

Peeta and Katniss | Star crossed lovers

Peeta & Katniss [The Hunger Games] || She Came Here With Me

The Hunger Games Parody

Katniss & Peeta • "I Come To You In Pieces.."

Josh Hutcherson Thanks Fansites for Support and Love

Peeta & Katniss || "I don't want to forget..."

Katniss//Peeta "We saved each other...."

Peeta&Katniss - "I'm not going to leave you."

Run For Your Life (The Fray) - The Hunger Games

» Abraham's daughter raised her bow { THG }

katniss & peeta | i don't want to fall in love


✘ let me take care of you for awhile.

THG} Comes and Goes

Hunger Games || Hanging tree

Hunger Games || Echo

Katniss Everdeen | Abraham's Daughter

set fire to panem

The Hunger Games - Titanium

hunger games | 'roads and rivers'

Katniss Everdeen// Give me love (Peeta and Gale)

the hunger games. || can you feel my heart is beating ?

Katniss and Peeta [This Love Is Not A Game To Me]

The Hunger Games • If I'm Dying.

Rue's Lullaby - Sting

standing on the edge... | The Hunger Games [SPOILERS]

run for your life | peeta + katniss

Peeta/Katniss | Wonderwall

Katniss Everdeen // She's a rebel

Katniss Everdeen | Splitfire

Little Lion Girl || Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Games ll hope

Katniss-What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Katniss x Peeta [I Don't Want This Night To End]

Katniss Everdeen || Bulletproof

::Super Psycho Love::Peeta X Katniss

Peeta and Katniss

Goodbye-Rue and Katniss

Peeta+ Katniss - In the wake of devastation

Katniss Everdeen;- Run.

The Hunger Games • | Change |

Hunger Games - Peeta and Katniss ( Girl on Fire )

THG "Do you really want me dead"

"This war's not over" ~ The Hunger Games

Gale&Katniss|| 'This can't be how the story ends'

Death | | The Hunger Games

''I told her I'd try to win for her.''

Peeta & Katniss || Your Guardian Angel

The Hunger Games || Let The Games Begin

The Hunger Games || The Hanging Tree

The Hunger Games || Quicksand

Buried Beneath | Hunger Games

The Hunger Games || Show Your Strengths

The Hunger Games- Katniss & Peeta

"Hijacked" Mockingjay Pussycat Dolls Parody

"When It's Done" Hunger Games Rihanna Parody

Gym Teaches How to Survive the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games - #1 Movie in the World!

[The hunger games] Katniss/Peeta - Danger. Fear. Love

Caesar Flickerman's show - opening theme song-

The Beanie Baby Hunger Games

Jen, Josh, Liam, and Elizabeth Interviews

[katniss&peeta] all along; all I need is you...

The Hunger Games // It's getting late..It's getting dark

Katniss/Peeta~Kiss from a Rose

|If I could just hold you||Peeta♥Katniss|

we found love in a hopeless place || Peeta/Katniss

The Hunger Games Soundbites - Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games Workout Revealed

"War" - Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - The Hunger Games Score

"Wasp" - The Hunger Games Score

"Movement One" - Hunger Games Score