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Legal Custodians

Cat trainer

J.D. Stares While Janitor Is Eating

Scrubs - The janitor reveals his name

YouTube - Scrubs - s08e06 - The Janitor

The Janitor Sneak Peek 8.06

The janitors Trained Shark

How The Janitor Became a Janitor

[Janitor- 5x19-6x01] music video

janitor messes with kelso

breaks broom in half

janitor snake face

Janitors mind control

Dr. Cox Ft. The Janitor - The 'I Hate JD' Rant Song

The Janitor Plays The Chief Of Medicine.

Dr Acula

Janitor Haunts the Pediatric Ward

janitor best moments

the janitor

a janitor tribute song

Insane janitor

a knife wrench clip

janitor talks about vowels

Scrubs Clip - JD as the Janitor

janitor is human?

the janitor gets turk

janitors mind is so controling

makes me feel so mop

janitors name?

all by myself

janitor vs jd

music video

The Janitor's Squirrel Army

Janitor Trick

Janitor has a girlfriend

janitor role play

janitor vs dr cox

Scrubs- Janitor suspects Jd is gay

dr cox and janitor sing about jd

jd and janitor clowns

The Janitors Band Hibbleton Best Ever

janitor- jd gay stories

chiropractor janitor

another story

penis talk

fugative 2

Janitor Slow-Down

janitor in the fugative

janitor music video

Eliiot and The Janitor Married Fantasy

janitor inventions

the janitor and elliott

omcent the janitor outtakes

omnuscient the janitor, being the janitor

Both of the evil eye scenes

janitors paintball

The Janitor Tribute

Scrubs: The Janitor's True Name- i recon its dubed

Janirtprs "son"

janitors twin brother

janitors moments 2

janitor moments

The Janitor Ghost

Janitor and Dr.Cox bonding

Janitor bothering JD

Janitor Evils

knife wrench

new divice!!

best of the janitor